Season 3 Episode 9

Stranger in a Strange Land

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on ABC

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  • This was a joke. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who's not laughing. Worst episode ever!

    First of all excuse my English. It's not good. Like every tv series, Lost has it's highlights/classic episodes and week ones, with a lot of good/ok episodes in between.

    The thing is, even not so good episodes ("Whatever the Case may be and "Fire + Water" the 2 weakest until this one) had something to say. But "Stranger..." reaches another level. This episode can be resumed in 1 simple word: NOTHING.

    That's what we had for an entire hour. A boring episode, with an over exposed character (9 episodes so far, 2 of them Jack-centered). The flashback was no good either. Even Cindy's return along with the children of the tail section was ridiculous. Why Jack like, you know, didn't ask her simple straight questions instead of just yell like an retard That sums it up pretty fine. A lot of talking that added nothing to the plot. I like the mysteries, I don't want all answers at once, nothing like that. I just want something. New mysteries, character development, whatever. But here we have nothing. I'm pretty sure that, who skips this episode won't loose a thing and will keep in track with the plot just fine. In fact, I recommend that.
  • This is the end of this series for me. I can't take it anymore.

    I have been watching this series from day one. I loved the first season and told all my friends to go and watch it. The second season started to dissapoint me. It seemed that they don't really want to tell us anything but not important stories. And then the third season arrived. I watched the first seven episodes and almost gave up. 7 episodes, nothing happens. No answers. Nothing. Just more charecters. So I decided to stop watching this series, you can't fool me for so long. But then they aired a promo for episode 9 (I didn't watched episode 8), a promo that said: "at least 3 big questions will be answered". So.... I watched the episode, I wanted to know the answers. And guess what? No answers. Nothing. Sawer and Kate are talking about nothing, Jake do some stuff that aren't that intersting... and this is the end. This is where this series ends for me. You can't make fun of people and lie to them with huge promos.

    One thing I did like in this episode is the scene where Jake shouts at a woman (while he is held in a cage outside). I liked it because I also wanted to shout.
  • Absolutely terrible...

    During this episode, we find out the origin of Jack's tattoos while suffering thru half an hour of unbelivably annoying flashbacks. Kate and Sawyer argue about the exact same thing over and over again, and the "others"...actually I can't say I know what they did. But, I think that this is one of the only bad episodes that LOST has ever produced. This season, while not the best, has been pretty good so far. To those of you that are considering not watching the show anymore, please, stay tuned. While most shows don't, LOST has a way of pulling off some of the most amazing comebacks I've ever seen. After 2 great seasons, I can't believe that LOST could have gone permanently bad.
  • Definitely the worst episode so far.

    It's not that there are boring moments in this episode. We've had some dull moments before. But the whole episode is utterly meaningless for the story as a whole (if there is an over arching storyline here). You could sum up the whole episode into five (5) minutes: the meaning of Jack's tattoo is revealed, Kate and Sawyer reach the main island, and the Others and Jack leave the smaller island. That's it! This could have been a great 'start' for an episode but now it's just stretched over the whole length of an episode with Jack's meaningless flashbacks and Kate and Sawyer arguing about nothing.

    A real disappointment. If the next episode is anything similar, I'm done with Lost.
  • Trash!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To start with my real rating for this episode is 0.0. The reason I gave this episode the same rating as John Belushi's grade point average in Animal House is because this show is officially dead to me. This episode which was probably the worst one of the entire series summed up this entire season. "Garbage” Why has it taken them 9 episodes to tell us, Kate and Sawyer escaped and Mr. Echo died? Because that is all that's happened this season. I have never seen a show do a 180 like this before. It use to be the best show on TV and now it's the worst. The only enjoyment I will get from this show now, is if it get's cancelled mid season and nothing get's answered. R.I.P. Lost, the first two seasons was some of the best television ever produced.
  • jack's tattoo means nothing to anyone with a brain

    this season is really just crashing and burning. probably the only good episode of the season the week before is followed by possibly the worst episode the series has had yet. the preview for this episode made it seem like this episode would actually reveal something important. nothing remotely important was revealed. wow they live on the other side of the island that the survivors live on. everyone already knew that! who cares about the lady with her kids. we already know the others do a lot of weird crap to people. and jack's tattoo mystery? not a mystery. no one cares. the flashbacks just sucked and were completely pointless. LOST can't say their gonna actually reaveal something for once and then not reveal anything and expect people to stick around. its like their determined to milk this cow until there's nothing left. there's NO WAY they'll be able to explain every question they've created. LOST's quality ended at the end of season 2. You can really see the writers don't know where they're going with this. I also think its hilarious how some people are still blindly praising the way things are going.
  • I actually fell asleep during this episode - who cares about Jack's tattoos - hardly a big mystery - truly depressing to see a show go so downhill

    Afte the brilliance of last week's episode, nad the way the trailers said that three of the biggest mysteries would be unveilied, I was really looking forward to this.

    But no - all Jackbacks are boring, but these have to be the worst yet - they spent half the episode explaining his tattoos. Was this one of the threee answers we were going to get? Three of the biggest mysteries... and we get Jack's tattoos explained - hardly a big mystery, Cindy and the kids are still alive... which we knew already from previews, and that the Others live on the Losties Island... which we already kenw from Tale of Two Cities. This really was painful to watch, and I am just praying that next weeks is a drastic improvement... or Lost may be losing another viewer
  • Slow Pacing and Unanswered Questions make me lose interest!

    I've been watching Lost since the very first season and I agree with a few of the other posts on this forum...
    Lost has officially lost it for me.

    The pacing of most episodes is terribly snail-like. When the previews that air on the telly promise "answers to viewer's questions" we end up getting duped into watching another "snail's crawl" of an episode that still hasn't answered the BIG questions about this show. What is the monster? How did the Polar bears end up on the island? Are Jack, Kate and Sawyer really on another island or did the Others just tell them that to make them feel hopeless? Is the island really some sort of freaky magnetic sink hole? Are they in some sort of alternate universe or what? Why hasn't the black box on the plane brought rescue teams? Who and where are the Dharma gang? And that's only a few of the ??? that I have. There are so many others. And we don't seem to be getting many answers. Though I did sort of like the episode that fills in some blanks about Desmond.

    I just cannot bear to sit thru another dragged out episode just to be disappointed when what the previews promises the viewer never comes to fruition. Its getting painful to watch this show.

    So I think I am just about done with Lost.
    Stick a fork in me.

    Anyone else agree?
  • A review from a true Lost viewer who will give true facts and opinions.

    PIVOTAL in stopping me from watching this show. I've been a fan since episode one season one and I'm becoming very tired of being given the run around. How anyone could possibly say this was a good episode is beyond me. The only ones who would like this are the Jack/Lost groupies who think they could never do wrong. The flashback was completely boring, unrevealing, and a waste of my time. I blame the writers (for writing this crap), ABC for lying about 3 mysteries being solved, and the fans (myself included) for watching this quickly declining piece of crap show. The funny thing is now I read Lost fans writing: It was character development, PLEASE that is such crap.

    It's episodes like this that I finally understand why the ratings are declining. I haven't liked a single episode in season 3.

    Besides that LOST ROCKS!!!!
  • This episode is just one of the numerous ones why I hate being addicted to LOST. I am going to try and seriously quit the show this time, I went to bed sooooo angry last night. Hopefully this time I can stick to quitting...

    It was such CRAP. There were supposed to be 3 big questions answered. The only things everyone here at work could think were 1) Jack's tatoo (even if that was a question... who the hell cares) 2) the others dont live on the smaller island the only work there (I pretty much assumed that, and even if you didnt, once again who the hell cares) and 3) the people kidnapped are still alive and "watching something" (also assumed and once again, if not... who the hell cares!!!!!)

    When Ben's daughter came to jack to ask why he saved Ben, and Jack was like, "I have a question for you first", I definitly got excited thinking here we go, let's reveal something awesome. And he asks "what is going to happen to Julia?" That moment is when I was done. I told my friend, who is blindly obsessed with this show, I hope they cancel it after this season so it never gets to finish and EVERYONE ends pissed off with nothing answered. It would be so appropriate.

    I was originally annoyed it was moved to a later time slot and it ran same time as South Park, so this is the straw that broke the cammels back. Lost is like a drug, you know it isnt good for you and you should stop, but you watch every week. Well that's it, I am done, NO MORE LOST!!!! And I seriously loved the show, but I have found myself leaving frustrated more times than fulfilled. It has lost one very big fan....

    ... then again I've said that before.
  • What happened to Lost's ingenuity??

    While in the big picture I am a solid follower and supporter of Lost, I must admit that this was the absolute worst episode of the show that has ever aired. Period. The quality of writing was shockingly low in this episode (Achara: There will be consequences, Jack. Jack: There always are.) The characters were acting significantly out-of-character. Heroic leader Jack would NEVER force someone to tatoo his arm against their will - and more importantly, Jack is known as the quintessential "Man of Reason" who wouldn't buy the idea that a random, overly-sexual, bangs-sporting Thai woman could "know" him on a soul level and transform this knowledge into body art. Smart, quick-thinking Sawyer and Kate would have forced any and all knowledge possible about the Others and the island from Karl, rather than idly chat with him about backyards and "The Brady Bunch". And the awful closing montage with the cheesiest music ever heard in the history of the show was completely out of place and sadly begged the viewers to care about two characters they barely know: Karl and Alex. And why introduce new, mysterious characters like Isabel when even more mysterious, older characters (Ben, Juliet, Tom, Alex, etc...) have even greater mysteries that haven't even been scratched yet?

    What were they thinking? Lost has included many episodes which were pioneering and grand and of which the producers should be quite proud. But "Stranger in a Strange Land" was simply Bad TV. That's all there is to say.
  • Jack is leaving the island while Kate and Sawyer are on their way to their camp.

    Well, nothing much happened in this episode. Jack's flashback did not reveal anything linked to what is going on on the island. Do not get me wrong : the shots of Phuket's beach were beautiful but I think that knowing about Jack's tattoos was pointless. Meanwhile, Sawyer and Kate are headed to their camp and make a stop for the night.
    They argue a little about Jack and their relationship.
    This is not what I would call exciting... At the end, we see the Other's boat that we saw the Others abducted Walt and also when Mickael and his son got away from the island. This time, it is Jack's turn to go onboard. Who knows where they are taking him to... "home"?
    As a whole, I had the feeling of wasting my time and I was not far from dozing... At that pace, do not worry : Lost is going to air long enough, but I guess that year after year, the viewers' interest might be lost too...
  • One of the worst episodes of the series.

    I will try to keep this brief and without spoilers. This episode was awful. Nothing interesting happened. We learned what Jack's tattoos mean. Ok. Now what? The episode looked like it would take a turn for the better when Cindy showed up, but she left as abruptly as she arrived. I could have watched the two minute preview and seen as much as I did having watched the entire episode. It was just poor. The flashbacks were boring. The plot was boring(as alot of Jack's episodes are). I expected THREE major secrets to be revealed, but I only counted one, and I don't consider Jack's tattoos a major secret to begin with. Good Luck next time Lost.
  • Not one redeeming feature.

    There was nothing to this episode whatsoever. No character development, no suspense, no drama, not one good laugh, no revelations, no gripping plot, flashback was pointless, the 'revealer' at the end was pointless, badly played with Carl, badly played with Sawyer and Kate, badly played with Juliette's court case, badly played with 'the sheriff', very badly played with the reappearance of those who were taken...

    They had a lot of potential to turn all these little happenings into something gripping - wow, look, our captured plane mates are alive! Wow, look, they're going to kill Juliette! But no - this was the worst... episode... ever.
  • Going worse and worse. show is cancelled for me. they'll have to pay people to watch the next episodes

    Lost is now too far from the main plot, that it has lost its interest.

    too many unanswered questions, uninteresting situations, made the mainstream so boring that even if they gave the best answers, it will never be enough to maintain the first interest they gathered in the previous seasons.

    But worst of all, since the discovery of a civilization in the next iland, the whole plot has burned out. What was making this show interesting was first of all "the deserted iland" plot. So who ever came up with the idea of "others living in an iland next door", crushed the show worst than the plain in the first episode.

    New Characters are a nice try, but they will not save the show. So the best they can do now, is ending the whole think this season, and learn from the mistakes for perhaps much better shows.
  • What were they thinking? Since when does Thai babes write Chinese? Why spend half the episode explaining the origins of the tattoo?

    Now now, I seriously think the Lost writers are getting quite Lost themselves. Imagine if the Prison Break writers write 3 whole seasons of the guys trying to break out of jail. Who would still watch it in Season 3? Maybe i still would but i'd become WAY too frustrated, like i am now, watching LOST! Seriously, this episode was very close to an episode in season 2 where Hurley and Sawyer spent the whole episode searching for a frog. It leaves you wondering how it contributes to the show. Is the frog maybe a mutant from the experiments the Others are conducting? Is the frog actually a symbol of Sawyer's alter ego? It leaves you puzzled for half a day only to realise, it has totally NOTHING to do with the whole Lost plot! Same as the Thai tattoo babe story... So for those of you who are still scratching your heads wondering what "He who walks amongts us but is not one of us" really means, please don't kill yourself over it.. Come on, Lost writers. Even though it's difficult to write when there's no proper end season plan carved on stone, you can do better than this. Season 1 was great! Solve some mysteries (if you can) and let the poor Lost characters do something new... Again, Season 1 was fantastic!!
  • What a pretentious peice of crap!! It had potential but the music at the end was so bogus, I was waiting for Celene Dion to appear.

    The episode had the smallest original cast ever. Let's get back to the island and see if Hurley will ever lose weight.

    Does Jack ever shave? Does his stubble ever grow? Does he smell?

    Anyway, the medical view of the operation wound was disgusting as was the "mark". The eposiode plodded along to a silly ending. If they are going back to their "backyards" don't the lost people already know where they are?

    Why would Sawyer and Kate beach instead of going back to the camp by water? Let't walk throgh the woods so we can argue and leave the canoe which would be useful behind.

    Since when should anyone listen to Sawyer? What a loser besides bein the bigget A-hole on TV.

    Oh well might as well keep watching to suffer along with the Castaways. Where's Giiligan when we need him?
  • This episode is an example of the current direction of the show, downhill.

    Lost is getting worse. A lot worse. This episode was an example of very poor storytelling. The whole flashback with Jack was very ho-hum. The point of his tatoo, so what? Kate and Sawyer dynamic was painfull at best. Sawyer was good, though. His sarcastic one liners were the highlight of the episode. The people from the plane observing Jack. Very strange. What did they expect that Jack was going to be happy go lucky about being in a cage. Idiots. The Others going back to their "other" home seems a little intriguing. Overall, I thought most of the episode was PAINFULLY slow. Introducing more confusion and questions, while resolving very little.

    Very disappointing episode. 3rd season overall is heading downhill. Seems like they're trying to stretch out the show too much.

    By the way, btcan made this crack about the Jack flashback, "Maybe Hurley has a wart with a tale to tell?" LOL!!!!!!!!!!! That kind of sums up the episode.
  • yet another jack-centric episode i know i'm not the only one sick of them.

    omg i am so bored of jack and his meaningful past, blah blah blah... the only thing that i thought made his flashbacks interesting was the connection of his dad but this episode was just a load of dribble about some tatoos- who cares? so what if his girlfriend has a gift, doesnt everybody. it wasnt even clear when this flashback was. thats the problem with having flashbacks, you never know how long ago it was. i found that for once the best part of the episode was kate and sawyers scenes. i still miss the people on the beach, its not like they just dissapeared thats at least ten good characters there just wasting. all that kept me from going to bed was the pure hope that somthing improtant would happen but no.i am happy that next week will hopefully be mainly island centered- i do want to learn about the others but all we're getting from theere camp is jacks story and, well to be honest we know it al already.

    Also- what on earth was with the whole "we're here to watch"? absolute nonsence.

    i really loved lost and all my favorite shows seem to be ending so i dont want this to just go completely off track and make me loose hope. maybe my expectations are too high, but i keep failing to see a reason for any of this.

    sorry to moan and i know lost of people will disagree so please if you have some sort of insight or would just like a debate message me on my profile or comment on the blog post i am about to write. x
  • in the words of hurley: "dude, that episode sucked"

    in the words of hurley: "dude, that episode sucked"

    I was so excited about this one because of the great Desmond episode and I wanted to know what the big surprise was...wow...the surprise is a vague start at uncovering the mystery of jack's tattoo which no one cares about...the only good parts were in the lost preview moments...you don't even need to watch the episode...

    And I was really happy when Jack got to ask a question only to be slapped in the face with "where's juliet?"

    Come on!

    She's the enemy! Who cares? Ask where you are and what's going on!

    I hate wasting my time with this crap...but then again I'm wasting my time typing this...

    Did anyone notice that everyone on the island talks like this:
    "Where are they? The Others, where are they?
    "How old is he? Walt, how old is he?
    "Does it hurt? Your tumor, does it hurt?
    Just say what you want to know and leave more room for action!!
  • A total waste of time

    This episode was one of the worst ever. Nothing happened, it was worthless, boring, slow, and almost pathetic. Those flashbacks about Jack made no point and were painful to watch. Great, we know what his tattoo means... Yeahhh, what a scoop !

    Seriously, what are the writers doing since the end of season 1 ? It's like they write bad episodes on purpose. This show had some much potential. OK, there are some great episodes in between (e.g. the one about Desmond in season 3), but that doesn't save the show.

    If they put out another boring episode like this, I will definitely stop watching. I'm fed up of those mysteries, those unanswered questions, and basically the series itself.
  • One of the worst episodes, if not, the WORST episode of LOST.

    By the time this episode aired, i was not excited to learn more about Jack, for about the 3rd time this season. Enough Jack backstories. The backstory wasn't even that good, actually it wasnt good at all. Luckily the episodes after have been spectacular, lets hope this episode was the last of season 3's slump. The only reason why I gave this episode a 3.5 was because of Kate and Saywer finally getting off of the Hydra. By now, we will finally get some episodes that are not Jater (Jack-Saywer-Kate) related, at least for a while. I love these characters and all, but there are so many more backstories to explore about the other survivors and I would hope we learn them before any experience a fate similar to that of Boone, Shannon, Libby, or Ana-Lucia.
    This episode is just a bridge into the good part of season 3, which begins to build in Tricia Tanaka is dead.
  • And I thought the past quality of Lost is back...Ah, sweet naivity!

    After the last week's episode, I was extremely happy and enthousiastic to see that Season 3 can bring excelent episodes again. I truly believed the quality would not falter again...and I couldn't be more wrong.

    Ok, so we can see what Jack and company are doing. We even get introduced to MORE new characters and get absolutely no answers. Is that surprising anymore? No. Jack's ''I was in Thailand and slept with a local girl who looks like a prostitute'' flashback was one of the worst in the existence of Lost. It was not only boring, but absolutely unnecessary, stupid and meaningless (I'll be glad if Jack's tatoo proves to be SOMETHING more, but I'm pretty sure it won't).

    Kate and Sawyer's attemps to actually have a serious conversation didn't turn out well as Sawyer's one-liners are quickly becoming tiring and Kate's feelings for Jack and Sawyer can't interest anyone but hardcore fans of love triangles. I wish they reached the camp quickly so we can see good old Locke, Sayid, etc.

    There were, however, some positive aspects of the episode: Alex is becoming more and more interesting character and I'd love to see her escape the Others and join the 815 survivors, which is in my opinion not likely to happen. The end was also quite promising, but I'm losing faith in this series again. Let's see how it continues.
  • *No Spoilers* Overall this episode was extremely lacklustre, hollow to the centre and pointless (for the time being)

    Overall this episode was extremely lacklustre, hollow to the centre and pointless (for the time being) The discontorted nature of season 3, in which a section is cut from one island with the others, to the island with the hobbit, Iraq and the rest of the fellowship of the ring, seems to, while admittedly different, hamper this season, the others, there island and there characters, just seem uninteresting, the others have been, I feel, humanized too fast, the ambiguous mystery surrounding them has been deduced down to paper cut out’s, more fodder to fill the schedule.

    In general, as a lead character, Jack seems, quite dislikible in my opinion, very obnoxious, the back-story that accompany him, have a tendency to be somewhat lacklustre in comparison with other characters e.g. Locke, even John Lockes first backdrop story for season 3 felt random and rushed in comparison to his excellent season 1 and 2 backdrop storys.

    If like myself, you find the love triangle scenario, somewhat, tedious, in a whimsical Jane Austin sense, then you probably will find the more predominant story of Jack, sawyer and kate, increasingly cringe inducing.

    Well, I have no doubt, there will be fans of the show (especially females) who will be blind to the lack of quality of this episode, the episode itself isn’t especially bad for a television show standard, it just, for lost standards, and the high values you may have come to expect, disappointing, and you can somewhat, by watching this episode, empathise why so many people are turning away from it.

    To sum up, this episode, feels pointless, like a train going at a steady speed from start to finish as opposed to a rollercoaster, you could quite happily skip this episode.
  • Every Season of Lost so far I have seen has had at least one real dud and this is one for Season 3. And the timing couldn't have been worse!!!!

    As if things for Lost wern't bad enough with rapidly declining viewing figures and disparaging fan comments, the writers turn in this added salt to the wound. I'm not sure if it is the worst of the series to date but it is pretty close. Up to now I have always enjoyed Jack flashback episodes and could never agree with fans negative remarks about them. How could you not love episodes like All the Best Cowboys... and Do No Harm from Season 1 or Man of Science, Man of Faith from Season 2. Most fans criticisms are targeted at the flashbacks themselves rather than the island action. I personally enjoy the Jack flashbacks - they are always copelling, emotional and full to the brim with tension and they never harm the momentum of the island action, which Kate flashbacks or Jin and Sun flashbacks tend to do.
    Post-Man of Science, Man of Faith, however, I would agree that his episodes haven't had the same punch as is expected. The Hunting Party fell a little flat come the end, A Tale of Two Cities offered some exciting moments but the scope was limited to a few characters and locations and did harm the dynamic of The Others somewhat. And that brings us to this one which hurts the dynamic of the show. Some people complained about the lack of answers again but that is not something I grumble at. I let the writers tell the story the way they want and hope that they tie up everything come the end. I don't try to hasten all this to happen overnight. Others complained about the flashback itself, which I would agree is the weakest flashback yet. The island action is not that much better, however, as not much happens to carry the episode along. There have been few episodes where my attention has been averted to something else whilst watching. Boring is a harsh word to use but it is the best way to describe what happens. So the writers try to answer some more questions but none of those answers are important enough to really move the plotline along. But as I have said before, I don't mind that too much. After all people should not complain, as the last three episodes have all given us answers, even if they're not the answers we were looking for.
    The thing that is sorely missing from this episode and indeed much of the 3rd season so far is the sense of the adventure that we had in past seasons. As soon as the season began the narrative and visual landscape changed. The Others' true colors had been revealed which harmed the mystery and creepiness of the show and focus on the Hydra station limited the freedom to move the characters from point A to B with an adventure. The show needs to get back the Missions, the treks that was key to teh show's success in the earlier days.
    Seeing characters communicating is good for the character drama, if it is really gripping and compelling but you can have too much of it and this season has seen too much of it so far.
    This is my only complaint but Season 2 started off a little slow too only for it to fire on all cylinders in the second half. I can only imagine that that will be the case with this season and as the ratings improved considerably from here on in that is sure to be the case.
    This would be Lost's lowest point before the revival. From this point on Lost would regroup, reinvent and restore itself to its former glories. But as more fans drifted by the wayside it could have been too late to prove it to the masses!
  • Perhaps a good advertisement for Thailand but a second-rate episode.

    I used to believe that any Jack - centric episode like this one would be informative and exiting and any episode where Sawyer is prominent like this one would be entertaining. Not so much for either of them. On the island; Juliet is being tried for the murder of Danny Pickett and Jack uses his favour with Ben to save her from execution. Meanwhile, after escaping from the cages of the Others; Sawyer and Kate with the weary Karl make a daring journey back to their main camp. We see flashbacks to when Jack was in Phucket, Thailand and enters in a relationship with Achara (an impossibly seductive Bai Ling) who gives him a mysterious tattoo which forces him to get beat up and banished from Phucket forever. Basically nothing happens in this episode; what i've written is pretty much how it's played out only with lacklustre acting and more lagging. Isabel, the Other's "sherrif" is given her only appearence as the woman who decides on Juliet's fate, whether it's because she speaks so slowely or because her chracter is superfluous, i'm glad this was her only appearence on the series. If you're looking for an exiting or funny episode, look away as there's a fight scene or rather a scene showing Jack getting pummelled by some Asian guys but as it's filmed with the choppiest, hand - held camera imaginable the only person you want beat up is the Director and not even Sawyer can manage to attract much laughs. Aside from Bai Ling for the guys and a few scenes with Jack topless for the girls this episode is simply unwatchable.
  • Jack gets kinky.

    For a disclaimer: I really like Jack and I do believe he’s the great man and the leader his lover once saw in him. That being said, the stupid j**k that demanded total honesty from her as if truth itself were nothing but another form of domination is simply not the man I’m used to see and part of me can’t help but wonder if that’s the reason why things never work out for him and Kate; because he can’t help but to control every situation, including his love life, just as he does when he spares Juliet from punishment because of what she did to Danny by trading medical care for her life, which puts him in control over her now as he’s entitled to demand total honesty from her as well.

    His mysterious tattoo, however, is read without an effort by the new other introduced in the episode, the sheriff, whose search for the truth deeply contrasts with Jack’s as it’s shown not as a form of domination but as a real quest for answers about what happened to Danny Pickett and Juliet’s involvement in his demise, meanwhile the price for that shooting is already sailing away, as we see Kate, Carl and Sawyer dealing with the aftermath of their decision to leave Jack behind, which keeps them conflicted, belligerent but above all things: alive.
  • An answer to a question we're not really bothered knowing

    OK I like lost, but any episode that doesn't have Locke, Desmond or any other interesting character for at least 10 minutes is just wrong.

    Jack's flashback story's always instantly bore me to death and this one wasn't any different, the "big" mystery of Jack's tattoos was revealed but now thats out of the way, we're just a week closer to finding out how Locke ended up on a wheelchair and when (or if) Charlie will die.

    If your gullible enough to be hyped up about any future episodes of lost cause of the preview trailers, your bound to be disappointed somewhere along the line. Let's just hope Hurley's flashback story next week won't be as half arsed as Jack's this week.
  • No magic at all

    I most say I had much higher expectations for this episode. What it gave us? What new we did learned? That Jack struggle to help Julie... it was weird and not very logical and did not get much attention.. the storyline just did not worked out at all. Those flashbacks - were they so interesting? I most say not for me. I had no interest about how Jack got those tattoos. And lately it feels like most of the flashbacks are.. everyone had some relationship and somehow it ends and all. That one was exactly like this and when those flashback usually have something else too, then that.. it did not have. Quite pointless, I most say.

    And Kate and Sawyer. I am not sure what even went on there as that storyline got less airtime and they did not made no sense at all. Terrible episode. They could have done it so much better...
  • The writers once again assume we're so desperate for Jack-backs that we'll like any episode that has them. And once again their assumption is wrong.

    Listen up, writers - Nobody really cares about Jack. His life pre-island is even more messed up than it is on island. We get the picture by now. His dad was a drunk, his wife ran off with another guy, poor Jack nobody loves him back home. His backstory was pretty much fully covered in White Rabbit and A Tale of Two Cities. What else is there to say about this guy in flashbacks anymore?

    Oh, he had a holiday fling with some foreign stranger who gave him his tattoos. Wow. So are we meant to be impressed by that? A whole episode dedicated to the mystery of Jack's tattoos and his flings with random women? Please.

    The Kate/Sawyer story was terribly written this time. I thought they'd have got back to their island by now - they hadn't. Instead they're spending time arguing over whether the real reason Kate wants to go back for Jack is that she's feeling guilty for sleeping with Sawyer. CONTINUITY, writers, please. I thought it was shown that she wanted to sleep with Sawyer because she loved him. Are these other writers even looking back to previous episodes when they write new ones? Sometimes I wonder.

    Oh and Sawyer is giving relationship advice to a younger member of the Others. Now I've seen everything.
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