Season 3 Episode 9

Stranger in a Strange Land

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on ABC

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  • This episode is divided by a line--the good and the bad. The island part is great and the flashback was just plain bad.

    This episode is divided by a line--the good and the bad. The island part is great and the flashback was just plain bad. I saw little to no chemistry between Matthew Fox and Bai Ling which made it hard to care about the flashback considering she was in almost every scene.

    The good was that we got 3 answers this week: the meaning of Jack's tattoos, where the others live, and a quick answer to what happened to the people the others took.

    As a whole the episode was okay. Sadly, it was probably the worst of the season so far and nowhere near as good as the last 2 episodes. As a matter of fact I think I'm going to go watch "Flashes Before Your Eyes" again.
  • We learn the story behind Jack's tattoos. Kate and Sawyer continue their escape with Karl. Juliet must face the consequences for her actions.

    Some might be underwhelmed or disappointed by this episode but I really enjoyed it. It dropped several easter eggs and gave us some good insight into some questions and brought new development. Turns out the Others dont live in the same place where they have held Kate, Sawyer and Jack captive. We also learn they take the children in order to in their opinions provide a better life for them. We see Juliet is in trouble with her people following her actions of killing Pickett. She is going to be tried for what she did. The "Sheriff" of the others Isabella talks with Jack about the irony of his tattoos which say he walks among us but he is not one of us. She also asks if Juliet really did want him to kill Ben however Jack lies for her. In his mind they have each been promised a ticket home and they need to work together. Sawyer and Kate make camp along their way home and disagree about whether or not to go back for Jack. Sawyer has a heart to heart with Karl about his relationship with "Sally Slingshot" aka Alex and that she is worth the risk of his life. We also get an appearance by Cindy and the children who claim they are there to watch Jack. It also clear the film is having it's desired effect on Karl or it at least is beginning to. The flashbacks are even actually pretty interesting and filled with some pretty good acting. All in all a good episode that hopefully leads to even more answers to come as we move along.
  • Review

    In my mind there were two primary parts to this episode, good and bad. First lets start off with the random parts of the episode I didnt think needed to be there. I dont think the scenes between Kate, Sawyer, and Karl were needed. They seemed to random to me and the only thing that I thought got mentioned in there scenes was that they may not have the connection that they thought they might have had. I think the scenes between Sawyer and Kate coould have waited for a little time, I would have been really satisfied had Jacks backstory gotten a little more descriptive. Jacks backstorys have always been the best ones for me - but I just feel that this backstory was missing a little something. I enjoyed the beginning of the flashbacks when were wernet sure what the womans motives were with Jack, but once we learned that she was the one to apply Jack the tattoes I was a little dissatisfied. What was the big deal with Jack asking her to brand him? Why couldnt she do it like she does to everyone else? I would have loved to see a little more to the story - the question about what his tats mean was answered, I just would have liked a little more of an explaination. I thought the scenes on the island were great and I think a lot of that can be contributed to Matthew Fox being an amazing actor. I think there might be something between Jack and Juliet, however Ben says that that might not be the case. Why Cindy and the kids were in this episode opened up a lot of questions to. Why were they there, whats there purpose? For every answer more questions and I love not knowing whats going on sometimes. I thought that the Jack Island story was really good, the Jack backstory okay, and Kate-Sawyer-Karl random and not needed. Good Lost Episode.
  • Jack attempts to save Juliet while Kate, Sawyer, & Carl make their way back to their camp.

    Nothing much happened here. It wasn't the best episode & I find that the preview from last week was a little deceptive. It says that 3 of Lost's biggest mysteries will finally be revealed. I actually only seemed to see the answer given to one unanswered question, What happened to the people who were taken? And even that wasn't given a clear answer. The only other one I can think of is Jack's tattoo. I never gave it much thought. It was a tattoo. And the revelation of it wasn't that major. It didn't really move the story along, didn't reveal something that's been brewing since the beginning of the series. I have no idea what the third mystery could be. That the Others' don't live on that island? Wow! Quite disappointing. Hopefully next week, it will improve.
  • This episode was just great and exactly what I expect from this series. Many questions are answered, and they lead to more questions. It was pretty cool to get all those informations and to see that lost actually moves forward again.

    Brilliant episode that reveals many answeres. While the story writers strengenth the bond between Juliette and Jack(Which we all feeled in the last episodes I guess), we see some old characters again, that we might nearly have forgotten. We can learn somethings about the islands and the relationship of the others. ALso some of their punishment methods are shown and it is clear that everything they do has consequences for them. Also the riddle of Jack's tatoo is kind of solved. Just amazing!!!
  • Great one

    This episode was really good. It focuses once again on Jack, the others, Kate, and Sawyer. I thought Sawyer's lines were hilarious! I loved how he called Karl "Bobby", it cracked me up! What was up with all the Sawyer and Kate fights? Also, Why did Juliet get "marked"? I'm so confused by that. Jack's flashbacks weren't as good as I was expecting, but they still weren't BAD. So we see Cindy and the kids again... I'm not sure even what to think about that. lol. I'm really freaked out with this Isabel lady... She has an annoying voice! haha I wonder who she is 'supposed' to be. I thought she was in charge at first, but I guess that Ben still is. Really good episode, although it didn't answer much like it said it would in the previews.
  • Jack's flashback is about the origin of his tattoos. Meanwhile, Kate and Sawyer let Karl go and head back to camp, while Jack sticks up for Juliet. A new character, Isabelle, is seen in control of Juliets fate. Ben let's Juliet go.

    Overall this episode was a bit dissapointing but by no means dull. Jack's flashbacks, which are consitently pointless, made a bit of headway in this episode. Although the flashback was at some parts dull, it was a good developmental flashback for Jack. On the island, the appearance of Cindy and the kids was clutch, it's going to be intersting to see what they have been up too. Isabelle, or whoever she might be, is yet another "other" we have yet to see, and I sense a power conflict between her and Ben. It's still impossible to read Juliet, I can't tell who is telling the truth and who is the traitor. This episode wasn't exactly action-packed, but it did answer some key questions like "Where the others live" and "What Jack's tatoos mean". Most importantly we saw the children again and that is the focal point of this episode. Good episode, pumped for next week's Hurley episode. Looks good from the previews
  • One of the worst episodes of the series.

    I will try to keep this brief and without spoilers. This episode was awful. Nothing interesting happened. We learned what Jack's tattoos mean. Ok. Now what? The episode looked like it would take a turn for the better when Cindy showed up, but she left as abruptly as she arrived. I could have watched the two minute preview and seen as much as I did having watched the entire episode. It was just poor. The flashbacks were boring. The plot was boring(as alot of Jack's episodes are). I expected THREE major secrets to be revealed, but I only counted one, and I don't consider Jack's tattoos a major secret to begin with. Good Luck next time Lost.
  • Jack talks to the Others, Kate and Sawyer talk to each other. Juliet gets marked. And it all goes very slowly.

    This episode gave us some new information, but I still feel like it dragged a bit for me. Again with the days of traveling back to the beach to get back with the rest of the survivors. I hope it doesn't take as long as it did for the tail-section people. Jack does meet up with some of the people that were taken, and gets a little miffed that they seem to trust the Others. A little girl asks about Anna Lucia, and Jack just shouts that they should go about there business. I would really like to have seen him tell them that Anna Lucia was dead because the Others put Michael up to it. We find out that Jack got his tattoo by practically forcing the girl he was seeing to do it. She tells him he is a leader, and his tattoo says "He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us." I wonder, does it mean he's not one of the Other's, or not one of the survivors. Sawyer confronts Kate about sleeping with him, because she thought he was going to die, and she doesn't deny it. And why doesn’t anyone mention to Alex that they think she may not actually be Ben's daughter. Maybe at least someone will tell Russo that her daughter is ok. I think I would give this episode a B+.
  • i wouldn't quite say cleverly ploted, more like good transitional episode

    it was a good episode. it was a bit underwhelming, and i was expecting that, but i was expecting something more. i'm assuming that the 3 'mysteries' were

    1) jacks tatoos

    2) the children/ why they others kidnap people (sort of)

    3) the consequenses of juliet's actions and/or a little more info about the others/ juliet really wanted to kill jack, and it wasn't just a mind game/ karl is an other

    my biggest problem with this episode was the cindy scene. did that make any sense to anybody? seriously. that explained absolutly nothing other than they are safe and they are wearing nice clothes. but tell me, why were they outside jack's cage? what were they watching?

    well, that was my only real problem with that episode. i enjoyed the growth of the juliet and jack relationship. finally, no more jack and kate. i really like the chemistry between the two, so i really like that relationship-- my problem was that there wasn't any action so to speak. c'mon. they could have kissed there at the end or something, but hey.

    i really enjoyed the sawyer and karl scene-- it was nice to see that from sawyer. i also liked the whole pop-culture brady bunch reference, but karl didn't get it. that was pretty funny. i do need someone to explain the whole sawyer/kate thing-- was that her chosing sawyer at the end, or was that her telling him that she likes jack? some clarification would be great.

    i really enjoyed seeing some more stuff with the others-- we probably learned the most about them this episode, and that was good. it was nice to see tom back to his a**hole self-- i had sort of been confused with his whole nice thing after all the crap we've seen him do over the past to season. i'm really looking forward to seeing some stuff with isabelle-- i'm trying to figure out whether i like her or not. if i didn't know that they wouldn't kill juliet, that whole execution thing was pretty intense-- shows the brutality of the others 'eye for an eye'. i'm still trying to understand the whole 'marking' thing-- what does that mean, that she's got a mark on her? okay.

    the flashback was pretty good. bai ling was kind of slut, but whatever. i'm still trying to understand the big deal about her giving him a tatoo, and why they freaked out about it. the most surprising thing of this episode-- karl. i would have never thought that he was an Other-- maybe that was a mystery 'who is karl'? but that begs the question-- what did karl do to get sent to the cages? and then to the brainwashing room (we know the reason for that)-- looks like if he crosses them again, just like he said-- they'll kill him

    i think that the title was perfect for this episode-- jacks was a stranger in tailand, jacks a stranger among the others. the question is if juliet's just gonna leave jack like achara did. hope not.
  • Jack stays behind to live up to his part of the bargin, while Kate and Swayer make it back to their island. Meanwhile Juilet is taken prisoner by the Others for the death of one of their own.

    This episode tonight of Lost was average. There really wasn't anything special about this episode that made me go oh wow or anything like that. To me the Chinese chick, hooker, tattoo artist, didn't serve any purpose to me at all. It seems like she was just put in there because Jack couldn't find some one to love (sorry for the referrence to the Queen song). I did think an interesting part to the show though was Juilet got branded by the Others as an outcast, kind of adding a little dynamic to them. Also once again I can't stress this enough where is my man Locke?!
  • A transitional episode!!

    ABC completely over exaggerated with the 3 mysteries being revealed, but Damon and Carlton(Producer and writers), said what ABC said was wrong in there podcast a couple of days ago. To the episode though. I liked the episode alot, I mean it was a transitional episode, but those arn't bad either. We're finally off of the "alcatraz" island, and now it looks like we'll be on the main island for now on, until Locke, Sayid, and Kate go to "alcatraz" island to get Jack back, only to find out that "The Others" have left. So overall the episode was good. The next episode doesn't look like it'll be a pivetal episode except for the fact we'll get a heart-warmful reunion. In two weeks it looks like that'll be the episode to watch, Sayids flashback episode "Enter 77".
  • Episode is boring! I seen the commercial say something including "very revealing", and got excited. After watching the episode and finding out that the only revelation was "walks among us, but is an outsider" for Jack's tattoo, I got pissed off. Mediocre!

    Episode is boring! I seen the commercial say something including "very revealing", and got excited. After watching the episode and finding out that the only revelation was "walks among us, but is an outsider" for Jack's tattoo, I got pissed off. Mediocre!

    Don't get me wrong, I love this show, but the last few episodes have been weak, and why write off two of the black main characters???

    Let's start a letter-writing campaign to bring back Eko!!!
    It's not fair, he had so much more of his tale to be told.
    I guess it'll be a never-answered mystery. This show's writers needs to cut half of the filler out, and only write it to last as long as the plot needs it to be, no longer!

    STOP DILUTING the quality of this show down. It has great potential to be one of the greats.
  • We learn about Jack's tattoos and, although the flashbacks seem out of place and forced, the island scenes made up for it.

    Although this wasn't a killer episode it was a transitional episode that needed to be shown. Yes, this episode wasn't awesome but it I think that next weeks episode will redeem this one and show that it was necessary. Myt only major complaint is that the flashbacks seemed forced and were a little dissapointing. The writing wasn't as good as LOST usually is during the flashback scenes and Bai Ling completely ruined what could've been a very cool story. She is a terrible actress and I really hope they don't make another casting mistake like that. The flashbacks told of Jack's "soul-search" in Thailand and how he got his tattoos. The story about Achara's gift was a little shaky and not very compelling but I think it was very cool of the producers to tie in Matthew Fox's actual tattoos. Either way, the on-island scenes made up where the flashbacks lacked. There are a number of minor questions that need to be cleared up later in the season--Whats up with the marking? Who, specifically, is Isabl? Why did Jack make the deal? What have the kidnapped people been doing all this time? etc. The scenes with Kate and Sawyer were full of great acting and writing and the final scene with Giacchino's new score wass beautiful. I can't wait for the season 3 soundtrack. In every series there needs to be transitional episodes during the season and I think this episode moved the story forward a great deal and will payoff over the next few episodes. Next week looks great! Hurley! Overall, this was an enjoyable episode that should not be remembered for it's flashbacks.
  • This episode was about Jack coming into his own again. First season he was "reluctant hero", second season he was "tragic/frustrated hero" and after this episode he seems to accept the idea of a leadership hero role. I loved this episode. Good for Jack

    This episdoe was given a huge lead in by the advertisers that said that three huge things were to be revealed. When that didn't happen, many people were disappointed. However, this episode, when examined alone, was a great character development for Jack Shepard, and for a few other characters. The spark of first season was seeing these apparent strangers overcome some of their past mistakes and insecurities by opening up in this strange new location they were forced to make a home on. Everyone released a smile thinking Charlie gave up drugs or John Locke could magically walk. Jack proving he could be a leader when his father always said he couldn't, Kate getting a new shot at freedom, etc. A lot of second season lost that spark when some of the flashbacks got too serious and complicated and when the island became confusing and highly hostile. Tonights episode showed a character flashback in a positive and inspiring light again, giving it some magic of first season. Jack can do this. He can be the leader he chooses to be. He made some great decisions and compromises this episode. Kate and Sawyer showed some of their true colors and character definitions again AND we got a deeper look at the society of the Others. Okay, so they didn't give us all the answers we were looking for. But they gave us something. They should stop talking the show up. First season was popular because the audience talked the show up. Stop talking up the commercials and delivering little. That way, we can enjoy the episodes for what they are instead of condemning them for what they turn out not to be.
  • uncharacteristically average

    After last weeks brilliant episode "Flashes Before Your Eyes," I was more excited for LOST than I had been in a very long while. I was hoping that this episode would keep the momentum going, but I ended up being quite disappointed.
    The episode was by no means bad, and yes a few questions were answered, but the usually stellar writing seemed to be missing. The story in and of itself was very uninteresting and seemed to wander from sub plot to sub plot, and the flashback did very little to further our understanding of Jack. They should have at least mentioned why he was in Thailand to begin with. At least everyone is heading to the big island, so we can see what the rest of the cast is up to.

    All in all, just an average episode that only seems worse because of how brilliant last week's was.
  • This episode was bad. If you caught the preview trailer for this episode then not only the scenes in it but the promoting commentary were hugely deceptive. Also all the major sequences were in that preview promo. Nothing else of importance happened.

    First of all, I don't like what they have done with Jack's character at all. He used to be one of my favorite LOST characters back at the days of season 1, and then he went downhill. This episode is yet another proof of it.
    You get the feeling that he is constantly frustrated about something but when he gets the chance to actually DO something about it, he just yells at people and messes it all up.

    The flashback was almost out of place. Boring. That beautiful girl in it, somewhat helped, but then you realise that you are not watching LOST because of beautiful girls...

    The rest of the story moves slowly and awkwardly. Kate and Sawyer talk, and it's a mess. They end it with an idiotic "good. let's go".
    The Alex's boyfriend substory is neither here or there. On the others' camp basically two or three minor things happen. One of them is actually how the episode ends. But no cliffhanger.

    On the bright side, the camera work seemed at least in one or two occasions really good. But of course that won't help save the mess of this episode.

    Oh and we don't get any answers to the biggest mysteries.
  • It's about time. I almost thought Lost might become a good show again after the last two weeks, thankfully this piece of rubbish removed any of those feelings.

    Ok, maybe calling this a piece of rubbish is a bit harsh, it wasn't that bad. The main problem with this episode wasn't actually the episode itself, but the trailers for it.

    We were promised three of the biggest mysteries to be solved. No. Unless "Cindy's still alive" and "The others belive in capital punishment" were two of the biggest ones. The third was obviously how Jack got his tattoos. Gotta say that's the worst mystery of them all. It's insulting that it's classed as a mystery.

    Besides the very hot Bai Ling that story was really dull. The backstory felt forced and just an excuse to show some half naked women. The way it jumped was done really badly too. The first scene they meet, the next it's a month later, it just seemed a really bad way to have some time pass. A bit more reasoning for Jack getting beaten to a pulp for getting a tattoo wouldn't have gone a miss either. Was it meant to be a cultural thing or what? Maybe it was because Jack came across as a bit of a wifebeater in the previous scene.

    On top of that Kate and Sawyer were meant to get back to camp in this episode. But no. We just got some funnyish lines from Sawyer and a bit of a story from the relationship between Alex and Carl, who we aren't really interested in. Almost halfway throught the season and the main cliffhanger from last year still hasn't been resolved. That's just bad storytelling.

    I'd like to say the only way is up, but I think season 3 is now definately a lost cause now. We'll just have to wait it out and stay in denial that season 4 will be better.
  • A review from a true Lost viewer who will give true facts and opinions.

    PIVOTAL in stopping me from watching this show. I've been a fan since episode one season one and I'm becoming very tired of being given the run around. How anyone could possibly say this was a good episode is beyond me. The only ones who would like this are the Jack/Lost groupies who think they could never do wrong. The flashback was completely boring, unrevealing, and a waste of my time. I blame the writers (for writing this crap), ABC for lying about 3 mysteries being solved, and the fans (myself included) for watching this quickly declining piece of crap show. The funny thing is now I read Lost fans writing: It was character development, PLEASE that is such crap.

    It's episodes like this that I finally understand why the ratings are declining. I haven't liked a single episode in season 3.

    Besides that LOST ROCKS!!!!
  • "Eagles high up, cleaving the space."

    Again we see a quasi-filler episode in Lost. And I'm starting to get angry with that because almost everything I saw so far from my favorite shows since their return are either weak episodes or episodes who are visibly trying to prolong the thrill - you can read the season - not answearing some questions or simplying postponing them as far as they can go.

    For example we have the fact that the last episode and this one are concomital and do not add to one another, being in my opinion much better if they were plotted as one single episode.

    Jack's tattoo explanation even if interesting and long waited weren't used correctly thanks to all that Others' scenes that made them more dumb and dull than ever before.

    I'm tired to say stay tuned, but let's hope that next week episode will be a good one following the order of bad-good-bad.
  • A total waste of time

    This episode was one of the worst ever. Nothing happened, it was worthless, boring, slow, and almost pathetic. Those flashbacks about Jack made no point and were painful to watch. Great, we know what his tattoo means... Yeahhh, what a scoop !

    Seriously, what are the writers doing since the end of season 1 ? It's like they write bad episodes on purpose. This show had some much potential. OK, there are some great episodes in between (e.g. the one about Desmond in season 3), but that doesn't save the show.

    If they put out another boring episode like this, I will definitely stop watching. I'm fed up of those mysteries, those unanswered questions, and basically the series itself.
  • Overally, a strong transitional episode, which could've been executed a bit better if it was not Lost's poorest writer-duo writing the episode... But, nonetheless: it was very enjoyable, and wrapped up the alcatraz storyline beautifully.

    After last's week only-beach episode, we're now back to the alcatraz...

    ...And this might be the very last episode of this story arc taking place on that island.

    The episode's teaser is mediocre at best. After Jack's successful surgery, he's taken back to the Hydra. However, not for long, as Tom asks Jack to 'move', he's being taken somewhere else.

    This might not be so great for an opener, but here's the twist: Juliet is heading the direction Jack came from - with handcuffs. Uh-oh, Juliet is in trouble.

    But what kind of trouble? You might think: this is 'just' an island: the others think otherwise.

    They have actual laws. And... they have a sheriff too. As odd as it sounds, it's pretty much logical. There are bad boys and girls in every civilization.

    Juliet's case is not looking too good. Not only she persuaded Jack to kill Ben, she also shot Danny - one of their own. Before continuing the main arc, I have to drop a few lines about the subplot of the episode. Sawyer and Kate and Karl. Kate wants to turn around to go back for Jack, but Sawyer stops her from doing that - for obvious reasons. Meanwhile, they try to get ANSWERS from Karl, and all they get is a clue. Nothing more. Unfortunately, they even let Karl go-without answers! That was the evidence of how piss poor writing Elizabeth Sarnoff and Christina M Kim is capable of at times. Surely. Love is an important thing. But... 'bros before 'hos. Also: Sawyer! Damn it. It's about YOUR survival. Stop being nice when you shouldn't be!

    You may think the others are civilized people... as they have clean clothes, modern houses, electricity, gas, whatsoever. Well, not really. They still believe the 'eye-for-eye' "concept".

    Juliet is most likely heading towards execution. Meanwhile Jack is moved to the cage where Sawyer was kept. And he has some really interesting visitors. The kidnapped 'tail-section' survivors alias the tailies. The kids... and Cindy. The mysteriously disappeared Cindy. They are just standing infront of Jack, and looking at him. But why? So of course Jack asks them: but all he gets is a 'We are here to watch'. No, we do not find out what are they watching. But nonetheless it was a creepy scene, and we got confirmation on the fate of the tailies. Later on, Juliet asks Jack to fix Ben - again -as his stitched up wound has some kind of infection - nothing biggy, but, only Jack is capable of handling the situation. He rejects the 'offer' -as he believes he would get nothing in return- however, later, as he finds out Juliet's life is at stake, he changes his mind.

    He helps Ben, and he makes Ben promise Jack not only that he would get off the island, but also that JULIET would get away.

    Basically, Jack saved Juliet's life. Now all this sounds good. And it is! I enjoyed every bit of the island scenes.

    However, the flashbacks... Bai Ling's performance was miserable, and the flashback story was going nowhere. It was forced: VERY forced. Basically, Jack goes to Bangkok for a 'holiday'. He meets Achara. They sleep together, and Achara tells Jack that she has a 'gift' for him. 1 month later, we find out that this gift is a tattoo, but she doesn't want to put it on Jack. So Jack forces Achara to put the tattoo on him.

    Sounds cheesy? And you didn't see the ending yet! The tattoo means 'Walks among us, but doesn't belong to us' - or something like that. As Achara's brother and his friends find about this, he gets beaten up. For the tattoo...

    As forced it was in the flashback - it works great on the island: Jack is definitely part of the other community now: but he doesn't really belong there.

    The episode's ending is beautiful. The others got and done what they wanted on the alcatraz island. They are also forced to leave as Sawyer and Kate knows the location.

    They're heading back to the other-ville we saw in Season 3 Episode 1. They're going... home. With Jack.

    The ending montage with the music was really beautiful, Michael Giacchino's best season 3 score so far.

    Overally, VERY STRONG transitional episode, with some really great scenes. However, the dialogues were sometimes forced and weak - same applies for the flashback. Clearly, the writing was flawed as the episode was written by the weakest writer-duo on Lost. Despite that, the directing was fabolous, and the episode was highly enjoyable.

    L O S T

    sidenote: ABC hyped up the episode by saying Lost's 3 biggest mysteries will be solved. It's ABC's promo-team creating nonsense promos like that, not the Lost crew. You should blame them, not Lost!
  • I once gave this show a 2, then explained it on the forums. The only reason this doesn't get another 2 is because I actually liked the flashback better than what happened on the island.

    Ok, after all that happened previously, THIS was supposed to be the episode that finally revealed something significant about the others. The only thing it revealed about them is they have a sherif. It seems the "big" revelation what Jack tatoo, which I could really care less about. For some reason I can't explain, I found the flashback more interesting; the lady, her gift, and how Jack bullied her into tatooing him, complete with concequences. It was interesting to see how everyone turned on him. He went fromm "Dr. Jack" to "Leave this country." However, knowing the translation of the tatoo was not even a burning desire.

    On the island, we again, are left with nothing. No answers, no reasons and worse we find more survivors and no explainations. Very little happened in this wasted episode, which is worthy of another 2. Another episode proving why fans are upset and begging for better stuff.
  • Not the shocker we expected, but interesting nonetheless.

    Here's my take--yes, the ABC promotional department misled us, but Damon and Carlton admitted this in the most recent podcast. I realize that not everyone has time (or care) to listen, but that's why some of us are here to fill you in.

    I think Jack's tats have some sort of mythological/religious meaning. After all, we know that the story is based in mythology. Does it mean that Jack is a sort of "Jesus" character? If so, Jack may make the ultimate sacrifice at some point (probably the last season) and die for the other Losties. As for the "Others," we learned that Ben was, at least, the "leader" as he essentially overturned Juliet's verdict. Also, and no one has mentioned this yet, we learned that Ethan was a surgeon. Not a big reveal, but it was pretty cool to learn that they actually had a surgeon for some purpose. What that purpose is, we do not know. Overall, SIASL was not as fun/exciting/interesting/good as FBYE. And for those of you who thought that "the story did not move forward in FBYE," I have to disagree. Just because time did not pass on the island does not mean that the story did not progress. In fact, I think it did, a lot. I've said it for a while now, but I believe Desmond and Penny's love saga is the true key to the whole story.
  • This episode is an example of the current direction of the show, downhill.

    Lost is getting worse. A lot worse. This episode was an example of very poor storytelling. The whole flashback with Jack was very ho-hum. The point of his tatoo, so what? Kate and Sawyer dynamic was painfull at best. Sawyer was good, though. His sarcastic one liners were the highlight of the episode. The people from the plane observing Jack. Very strange. What did they expect that Jack was going to be happy go lucky about being in a cage. Idiots. The Others going back to their "other" home seems a little intriguing. Overall, I thought most of the episode was PAINFULLY slow. Introducing more confusion and questions, while resolving very little.

    Very disappointing episode. 3rd season overall is heading downhill. Seems like they're trying to stretch out the show too much.

    By the way, btcan made this crack about the Jack flashback, "Maybe Hurley has a wart with a tale to tell?" LOL!!!!!!!!!!! That kind of sums up the episode.
  • An answer to a question we're not really bothered knowing

    OK I like lost, but any episode that doesn't have Locke, Desmond or any other interesting character for at least 10 minutes is just wrong.

    Jack's flashback story's always instantly bore me to death and this one wasn't any different, the "big" mystery of Jack's tattoos was revealed but now thats out of the way, we're just a week closer to finding out how Locke ended up on a wheelchair and when (or if) Charlie will die.

    If your gullible enough to be hyped up about any future episodes of lost cause of the preview trailers, your bound to be disappointed somewhere along the line. Let's just hope Hurley's flashback story next week won't be as half arsed as Jack's this week.
  • Jack is leaving the island while Kate and Sawyer are on their way to their camp.

    Well, nothing much happened in this episode. Jack's flashback did not reveal anything linked to what is going on on the island. Do not get me wrong : the shots of Phuket's beach were beautiful but I think that knowing about Jack's tattoos was pointless. Meanwhile, Sawyer and Kate are headed to their camp and make a stop for the night.
    They argue a little about Jack and their relationship.
    This is not what I would call exciting... At the end, we see the Other's boat that we saw the Others abducted Walt and also when Mickael and his son got away from the island. This time, it is Jack's turn to go onboard. Who knows where they are taking him to... "home"?
    As a whole, I had the feeling of wasting my time and I was not far from dozing... At that pace, do not worry : Lost is going to air long enough, but I guess that year after year, the viewers' interest might be lost too...
  • It was a good way to fill the plot before the reunion. i wasn't to crazy about the fb.

    Ok so tonights eppy was Jack centric. I am not a huge fan of the Jack fb or of Jack, but throughout this season he has been getting better and better. The fb were kind of there just to fill in the time. i mean yeah it was interesting to learn about Jack's tattoos, but it wasn't imperitive that the audience knows. i wish there had been more revealed. i knew though that this was going to be a filler eppy because next weeks and Enter 77 will be the one where questions get answered. a lot of people are complaining that there isn't enough of the beach, well this episode needed to happen so that it could show Sawyer and Kate gettiong back to camp, otherwise people would complain that they made it back to camp to fast. I thought the stuff that happened on alcatraz was interesting. there were a couple more things revealed about how the Others live, and their legal system. I also liked the spark between Jack and Juliet. I think they both did an excellent job in this episode. I can't wait for Ben to be out of that bed, i want more of him and his story. The stuff between Sawyer and Kate was really sad. i mean it was good acting by both Josh and Evi, but it was bad conclusion to their relatioship, i hope the writers either end it better or do soemthing that keeps it still alive. it was also necessary to have that so that when they reunited with the beach dwellers they wouldn't have this relationship, and also it makes for good dramatic tv.
    all in all i liked the eppy and can't wit for next week.
  • My TV told me I would learn the answer to 3 important secrets...My TV mislead me by using a very loose definition of "important." Backyards, Body-art, Burns and Boredom.

    The episode mirrors the hottish Thai girl they've been flashing on promos for weeks. At first glace, it appears much will be revealed and it will be exciting, but upon closer inspection - it's kind of icky and disappointing. (Seriously - at the wrong angle that girl is 45-50, but that's just me being overly superficial.)

    It's been an episode or so since Kate was in love so of course she's out of love now and back to hating and enjoying her inner turmoil. Sawyer tries to develop his character more with the nuances of a brick to the head. You can almost hear the writers saying, "We can't have that relationship developing so they'll have to misunderstand each other until Jack's back to be the source of awkwardness"...ENOUGH!

    Alex reveals they have backyards, which we already surmised from the book club episode. P.S. He should have left the goggles on.

    The fearsome sheriff is introduced and has some promise, but by the end of the show has done nothing but make a few extras seem nervous. She'll be back...but her set up wasn't very intimidating.

    Juliet gets a mark (like Jack) and it will surely carry some type of ostracism...Good thing they put it where no one can see it, eh?

    Jack has a tattoo and it symbolizes the traits the show has been pounding at since episode 1. A quick season update: Jack will not cooperate with the others. Yes, he will. No he won't. Oh, Ok. NO, he definitely won't. Yes. No. ZZZZZZZZZZ

    The whole backstory for this episode was really poorly written, and I don't usually pay attention to episode writing - I've been forgiving in the past for "Transitional" shows..but transitional shouldn't mean garbage.

    Example of bad writing (aside from my own): Every attempt is made to imply Jack's new friend is a prostitute. He wants to know and so he follows her. Did anyone think she was? I doubt it. The show has trained its audience to expect unexpected things- a good thing. Why the hamfisted plot "twist"? Maybe the weak reveal would be less disappointing if it hadn't been so lame and hard to believe.
    She can't tell him what she sees (unless he shouts) and she is forbidden to do it (unless he takes his shirt off)... What world is this in? They just seemed to be trying to hard..it didn't work. In short, my attentions are beginning to flag. I've loved the show, but I'm still waiting for a solid episode this winter. It makes it much harder to put up with the 15 minutes of car commercials.
  • Misleading promos and too many unfinished plot points deadened the impact of this episode.

    The promos for the last week claimed that three of the biggest questions will finally be answered: What happened to the kidnappend people, what is the meaning of jack's tattoos and where exactly do the others live.

    This was a little misleading, it seems that the others live on the main island and most probably in the exact location that was shown in the season 3 premiere. They also revealed that "alcatraz" island was a place for projects and experiments. This question was satisfactorally answered and I am guessing that they will get into the exact experiments answer later. The jack's tatoos for one, I wouldn't consider as lost's biggest questions and infact people who are fans and haven't visited forum boards like tv.com probably didn't even notice that tattooo. The answers were given but in a very questionable and confusing scenario. The entire reason behind jack getting attacked, why did jack want the tatoo and why was bai ling afraid to put it on was never really answered. I also have the feeling that the show which has so many questions to answer will probably never answer the reason behind these flashbacks.

    The children getting kidnapped was interesting but I dont see how they were willing to accept this better life when they realize that there were people on the island who were blaming themselves for losing the children. Cindy seems to be able to leave the island anytime, and I find it hard to believe that she refuses to do so. The Carl, Kate and Sawyer scenes could have waited and they could have cramped it in the next episodes along with the reunion. Jack and Juliet interaction was good and it will be interesting to see where that goes.

    All in all, a step down from the last two weeks but definitely a step up from all episodes in the season 3 fall arc.
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