Season 3 Episode 9

Stranger in a Strange Land

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on ABC

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  • This was a joke. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who's not laughing. Worst episode ever!

    First of all excuse my English. It's not good. Like every tv series, Lost has it's highlights/classic episodes and week ones, with a lot of good/ok episodes in between.

    The thing is, even not so good episodes ("Whatever the Case may be and "Fire + Water" the 2 weakest until this one) had something to say. But "Stranger..." reaches another level. This episode can be resumed in 1 simple word: NOTHING.

    That's what we had for an entire hour. A boring episode, with an over exposed character (9 episodes so far, 2 of them Jack-centered). The flashback was no good either. Even Cindy's return along with the children of the tail section was ridiculous. Why Jack like, you know, didn't ask her simple straight questions instead of just yell like an retard That sums it up pretty fine. A lot of talking that added nothing to the plot. I like the mysteries, I don't want all answers at once, nothing like that. I just want something. New mysteries, character development, whatever. But here we have nothing. I'm pretty sure that, who skips this episode won't loose a thing and will keep in track with the plot just fine. In fact, I recommend that.
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