Season 3 Episode 9

Stranger in a Strange Land

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on ABC

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  • Why did we have to get an episode like this?

    Even though many people thought that this episode was the worst, I'd have to agree. Firstly, the flashbacks were not ideal and there was just no story to It. The episode itself was just Ok. Kate and Sawyer heading back to the original island with Karl while Jack spends his time in Sawyer's cage until they finally let him out. While Ben is in critical condition, there isn't much he can do. But seriously, those cursed flashbacks were awful! I just didn't get it, Obviously they took place after Jack and Sarah divorced and probably just before him and Christian had the argument over a young girl who died because his dad was drunk or something. Any other thing I could say is that I was glad to see Cindy and the kids but when Ana-Lucia's name came up, It was obvious that Jack was going to comment in a nasty way. Currently, the others were deciding whether or not to execute Juliet and when Ben heard this, he seemed to be annoyed so he ordered for Juliet to be marked. Jack also met the sheriff who asked him about his silly tatoos which to me is irrelevant. In conclusion, Jack seems to be allowed to do anything now instead of being cage the rage behind bars! lol. Ben, Jack and the others leave that island and set sail for the main island.

    Karl, Kate and Sawyer eventually arrived back on the main island and had a little gathering. But seriously, the island events for this episode was ok but the flashbacks sucked, I'm annoyed. After it was getting better so rapidly, we have to get this crap episode. Overall: Not bad but definatly not good either... Poor, poor, poor