Season 3 Episode 9

Stranger in a Strange Land

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on ABC

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  • Another great review brought to you by "The Painful Review Team"! One mystery is revealed... how Jack got his tattoos.

    This episode of LOST is very special indeed. The previews the week before told us that we were going get three answers that we have been waiting to hear from since last season. We got one: how Jack got his tattoos. They attempted to tell us what happened to Cindy and the kids, but it just confused us even more.

    In the beginning we see Jack flying a kite on a beach in Thailand. A young boy offers Jack some soda which he buys. A woman named Achara comes up to Jack and helps him fly the kite. Later on Jack and the woman go to a resturant owned her Achara's brother. They talk about who they are until her brother gives her a package that he says "has to deal with her gift". In what appears to be several weeks later we see Jack and Achara sleeping together. Jack complains about how he hardly knows her and what her gift is. The next day Jack follows her to a tattoo parlor. Achara says that her gift is to see into people and give them tattoos that define them. Jack forces her to read him. She says he is a leader and a great man, and gives him that tattoo. The next day at the beach the young boy then runs away from Jack, and Achara's brother's gang beats Jack up and forces him to leave.

    Jack is moved from the aquarium cell to the bear cages. On the way he sees Juliet imprisoned and and Tom speaking with a mysterious woman. Outside Tom tells Jack that she is the sheriff. Juliet visits Jack about an infection Ben has after his surgery, but Jack says that he will not help her or Ben. At night the sheriff speaks to Jack. They take him to a room where the discuss Juliet's fate. In the morning Jack is visited by some others who say they are "here to watch". Among them is the flight attendant Cindy. Jack eventually ends up treating Ben's wound to save Juliet. The others leave for the Hydra island with Jack. The fight between Kate and Sawyer continues. Karl ends up leaving the two.

    The island story wasn't that bad if you ask me. I'm just not that interested in Jack. And heaven forbid if we ever get another useless flashback like that I will probably shoot myself.

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