Season 3 Episode 9

Stranger in a Strange Land

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on ABC

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  • The writers once again assume we're so desperate for Jack-backs that we'll like any episode that has them. And once again their assumption is wrong.

    Listen up, writers - Nobody really cares about Jack. His life pre-island is even more messed up than it is on island. We get the picture by now. His dad was a drunk, his wife ran off with another guy, poor Jack nobody loves him back home. His backstory was pretty much fully covered in White Rabbit and A Tale of Two Cities. What else is there to say about this guy in flashbacks anymore?

    Oh, he had a holiday fling with some foreign stranger who gave him his tattoos. Wow. So are we meant to be impressed by that? A whole episode dedicated to the mystery of Jack's tattoos and his flings with random women? Please.

    The Kate/Sawyer story was terribly written this time. I thought they'd have got back to their island by now - they hadn't. Instead they're spending time arguing over whether the real reason Kate wants to go back for Jack is that she's feeling guilty for sleeping with Sawyer. CONTINUITY, writers, please. I thought it was shown that she wanted to sleep with Sawyer because she loved him. Are these other writers even looking back to previous episodes when they write new ones? Sometimes I wonder.

    Oh and Sawyer is giving relationship advice to a younger member of the Others. Now I've seen everything.
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