Season 3 Episode 9

Stranger in a Strange Land

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on ABC

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  • Perhaps a good advertisement for Thailand but a second-rate episode.

    I used to believe that any Jack - centric episode like this one would be informative and exiting and any episode where Sawyer is prominent like this one would be entertaining. Not so much for either of them. On the island; Juliet is being tried for the murder of Danny Pickett and Jack uses his favour with Ben to save her from execution. Meanwhile, after escaping from the cages of the Others; Sawyer and Kate with the weary Karl make a daring journey back to their main camp. We see flashbacks to when Jack was in Phucket, Thailand and enters in a relationship with Achara (an impossibly seductive Bai Ling) who gives him a mysterious tattoo which forces him to get beat up and banished from Phucket forever. Basically nothing happens in this episode; what i've written is pretty much how it's played out only with lacklustre acting and more lagging. Isabel, the Other's "sherrif" is given her only appearence as the woman who decides on Juliet's fate, whether it's because she speaks so slowely or because her chracter is superfluous, i'm glad this was her only appearence on the series. If you're looking for an exiting or funny episode, look away as there's a fight scene or rather a scene showing Jack getting pummelled by some Asian guys but as it's filmed with the choppiest, hand - held camera imaginable the only person you want beat up is the Director and not even Sawyer can manage to attract much laughs. Aside from Bai Ling for the guys and a few scenes with Jack topless for the girls this episode is simply unwatchable.