Season 6 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

Flash-sideways timeline (2004) Sayid is sitting nervously in a cab in Los Angeles. He pays the cab-driver and gets out, carrying a bouquet of yellow roses. He walks up to the front door of a house and rings the doorbell. Nadia greets him warmly, as do Nadia's two children. It is revealed that Nadia is now married to Omer, Sayid's brother, who confronts Sayid about bringing the roses for his wife. Sayid sends the children to get gifts from Australia in his bag. Sayid's brother receives a phone call and declares that dinner is over because the call is business. Nadia asks whether Sayid got her letters and asks why he didn't write back. The children find their presents and also discover Sayid's photo of Nadia. When they bring it to Sayid, his brother is watching. There is a lot of tension between him and Sayid. Sayid is sleeping on the couch in the middle of the night , when Omer wakes Sayid up and explains he is in trouble. He tells Sayid that he borrowed money from a man and paid it back, but the man said he still had to keep paying him. Sayid offers to help with money but not to "convince these people to leave (his brother) alone. Omer says he "knows what kind of man" Sayid is and pleads for his help because he knows Sayid cares about Nadia and the children. Sayid refuses to help, saying that he is sorry but he is "not that man anymore". The next morning, Sayid takes the children to the bus, and after he sends them off, Nadia frantically rushes out of the house yelling to Sayid that Omer is in the hospital seriously injured. The two arrive at the hospital, passing by Jack reviewing a medical chart. A doctor says Omer has a punctured lung and says he was mugged. Sayid tells Nadia to wait at the hospital but She realizes that he may be going to revenge Omer and begs him not to but to return to the house and look after the children. Sayid is brought to a commercial kitchen in where Keamy is cooking eggs. Keamy offers Sayid some eggs which he says he can prepare fried, scrambled, or even poached. In his opinion he can make some very good eggs indeed. Sayid declines and before the man sits to enjoy his eggs he introduces himself as Martin Keamy. Keamy asks Sayid how his brother is doing because he knows he was mugged right in front of his own store. Martin says that it is good that Omer is still around to take care of his family and asks if Sayid also wants to take care of Omer's family. Martin explains that Sayid's brother borrowed money from him and that payments must be made to service that debt. When Sayid tell Martin that his brother says he has already paid him everything that he owes Martin tells Sayid that that is a lie. Sayid asks Keamy if he put his brother in the hospital which Martin denies. Sayid then grabs Omar and his gun and uses him as a human shield. The other henchman fires his gun at Sayid hitting Sayid's captive. Sayid shoots the second the man. Keamy offers to forgive the debt. Sayid says he cannot forget about it and he shoots Keamy. Sayid hears banging noises coming from a walk-in freezer and finds Jin, gagged and held hostage. Sayid pulls off tape on Jin's mouth and a beaten Jin says something in Korean. When asked who he is Jin says "No English". Original timeline (2007) Sayid barges into Dogen's chambers while Dogen calmly reads a book. Sayid confronts Dogen about the machine Sayid was hooked up to. Dogen tells him that for every man there is a scale and on one side of the scale there is good and on the other side evil. The machine tells them how the scale is balanced and Sayid's scale tipped "the wrong way". Dogen admits he tried to poison Sayid because he thinks it would be best if Sayid were dead. Sayid tells Dogen that he does not know him and that he is a good man. Dogen then attacks Sayid and a vicious fight ensues which leaves the room in disarray. Dogen's fighting skills are considerable and he is about to stab Sayid in the throat but is distracted by his baseball which has fallen to the floor and has a moment to reflect. With restrained anger he tells Sayid to leave and never return. Dogen picks the baseball off of the floor. The Man in Black, standing outside the circle of ash, sends Claire into the temple with a message for Dogen. She shows some unwillingness but is clear that he is only asking her because he cannot do it himself. Claire wants a guarantee that she will have her son back and the Man in Black says that he always does what he says. As she leaves for the Temple she asks whether he will hurt the Temple dwellers. The Man in Black says "only the ones that won't listen" Sayid picks up his bag ready to leave the Temple. Miles asks what he is doing. When Sayid explains Miles asks why he has been banished. Sayid reflects that the people who now want him dead are the same people who saved his life. Miles corrects him, making it clear to Sayid that he was dead, dead for several hours and that whoever brought Sayid back it wasn't the Temple Others. Just then Claire arrives and tells Dogen that "he wants to see" Dogen; when he refuses, remarking that he is "not a fool" and that if he steps outside the Temple he would kill him. Claire suggests he instead send someone that the Man in Black won't kill. Dogen tells Lennon to have Claire thrown into a pit and to have Shephard and Reyes brought to him. Lennon explains that they can't be found so Dogen turns to Sayid and asks him to come with him. Sayid says "I thought you wanted me to leave" and Dogen says that things have changed. In Dogen's chambers Dogen reveals a box which he cleans and opens. He explains that Claire is a confused girl under the influence of an angry man, that man has been trapped for years but that now that Jacob is gone he is free and that he will not stop until he has destroyed every living thing on the Island. He concludes by saying that the man is "evil incarnate" Dogen gives Sayid the dagger and sends him off to to kill the Man. He explains that the Man will come to Sayid as someone Sayid knows, but who has died. He says that he should stab him in the chest before he speaks otherwise it will be too late. Dogen explains that Sayid should do this to prove that he is still good. As Sayid leaves the Temple to find The Man in Black, he runs into Kate, who asks Sayid what happened at the Temple. Sayid says that she should ask someone else. Kate, looking hot as hell, comes to the Temple, where Miles who is playing Solitaire checks with Kate that Sawyer sent her packing. He also says that Claire has returned. Kate wants to know where she is. Sayid tries to kill the Man in Black but the Man in Black greets him, and when Sayid stabs him, the dagger doesn't wound him. The man in black offers Sayid anything he wants - he says that he could have anything in the entire world. Sayid replies that the only thing he ever wanted died in his arms and that he will never see it again and the man in black asks him what if he could. Sayid returns to the temple and tells everybody they can meet with the Man in Black before sundown and be saved, or stay and die. A large number of Temple inhabitants including Cindy decide to flee, despite the objections of Lennon, who shouts that the Temple is still safe and the Man in Black can't get in. Miles meets up with Sayid and asks whether they should escape, but Sayid says he first needs to return Dogen's dagger to him. In the Temple pool room, Sayid confronts Dogen over why he wants him dead. Dogen reveals his history, saying that he had been a banker in Osaka with a twelve-year-old son who enjoyed playing baseball. After his promotion at the bank, Dogen's coworkers took him to celebratory drinks, and Dogen had too much to drink. Dogen explained that he went to pick up his son thereafter, and the two of them got into a car accident, in which his son died. After the death of his son, Dogen was approached by Jacob, who offered him a bargain: Dogen's son could be saved, but only if Dogen would come to the Island and work for Jacob. Dogen would not be able to see his son again. Sayid replies that Jacob offered him a very difficult bargain. Noting that it's sundown, Dogen asks Sayid whether the man outside offered a similar bargain and what Sayid's decision is. Sayid states that he would like to stay, then tackles Dogen into the pool and holds him underwater, drowning him. Lennon rushes in, saying that Dogen was the only thing keeping out the Man in Black. Sayid says he knows, and slits Lennon's throat with the dagger, then throws his body into the water. The Man in Black then invades the temple in Smoke Monster form. Lennon finds Kate looking for Claire and attempts to stop her, but after Kate forcefully demands that she be allowed to see her, he allows Kate two minutes to speak with her. Lennon leads Kate to the pit in which Claire is being kept, Claire seated at the bottom of the pit muttering and rambling incoherently. Kate is emotionally relieved to see Claire, and reveals to her that she has been raising Aaron off of the island, thinking that Claire will be relieved and grateful, when in fact she is shocked and outraged. When Kate says that she returned to the island to "rescue" Claire, Claire ominously responds that she is "not the one who needs rescuing." Kate goes to get Claire while Miles tries to find a way out of the Temple. Kate returns to the pit where Claire is being kept, telling Claire that she intends to get her out, but Claire rejects Kate's offer. Kate hears the Monster rushing up from behind, and she quickly jumps into the pit, hanging onto the ledge, and narrowly avoiding the Monster as it barrels past her. While hanging on the edge, Kate watches the Monster rushing by, seeking and destroying other Temple inhabitants. Kate seems to be terrified yet entranced by the Monster. Meanwhile, Miles tries to barricade himself in a store room. Despite his best efforts to block the door, it is broken down, and Miles is greeted by Ilana, who he meets for the first time. She takes Miles and her group, consisting of Lapidus, Sun and Ben, to the secret passage. Ben announces that he will find Sayid, eventually finds Sayid sitting near the pool, contemplating the bodies in the water. Ben tells him there's still time to escape, to which Sayid calmly replies, "Not for me." Ben backs away in fear. Meanwhile, Miles asks Sun where Jin is, and Sun is stunned to learn that Jin is alive and nearby. Before she can celebrate, Ilana opens the passage, and the group enters just before the Monster thunders down the hallway. Sayid and Claire emerge into the ruined courtyard of the Temple, which is strewn with bodies of slain Temple Others. Kate follows them, picking up a rifle from one of the dead. Rain falls as Sayid and Claire join the Man in Black, who stands outside the Temple, surrounded by over a dozen of the Others who have joined his side. The Man in Black glances at Kate who has followed them out of the Temple, then he turns and leads his group away.