Season 1 Episode 3

Tabula Rasa

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 2004 on ABC

Episode Recap

Flashbacks Kate is awakened by a farmer who has discovered her sleeping in his sheep pen. She tells him that her name is "Annie" and that she is a recent college graduate visiting Australia to "see the world." The farmer, Ray Mullen offers to let her stay for a while and do some work around the farm for which he will pay her, and Kate accepts. When Kate is in the pantry of the farmhouse one night, retrieving her earnings from a tin can behind a piece of weak molding, Ray enters the room and turns on the light. Kate seems upset that he knew where she had been hiding her money. Ray asks her to stay one more night and in the morning he will give her a ride to the train station. Kate agrees. Kate and Ray ride silently to the train station in Ray's beat-up truck. Ray asks if she's hungry as he nervously looks in the rear view mirror at the black SUV behind him; Kate notices this and asks him what's going on. He reveals that he had known she was a fugitive for a few days, since he saw her mug shot in the post office. He expresses his sincere apology for turning her in and claims it was a hard decision, but he needs the reward of 23,000 dollars to pay his mortgage. The black SUV pulls up beside them, the window rolls down, and behind the wheel is Edward Mars, the marshal. As the two cars roll down the dusty old highway, a passing car honks its horn because the SUV is in its lane. The marshal slows down and pulls behind Ray's pickup. When the marshal's SUV pulls next to them again, Kate grabs the wheel away from Ray and makes a sharp turn in front the SUV. The pickup swerves and goes into a series of rolls, landing off the road. The truck comes to a stop and the engine catches fire. Ray is unconscious and appears to be injured from the accident. Kate climbs out of the truck and pulls Ray out with her. As she pulls him up a hill by his arms, his prosthetic arm comes free, further slowing her progress. Ray regains consciousness as they get to the top. Safety is short-lived, however, when the marshal, armed with a gun, confronts Kate. On the Island In a makeshift medical tent, Jack is tending to the critically wounded marshal, who muttered the same thing over and over through his pain: "Don't trust her. She's dangerous." When Jack asks him who "she" is, the marshal tells him to look in his jacket pocket. Reaching into his pocket, Jack pulls out a mug shot of Kate. The signal party (comprised of Sayid, Kate, Sawyer, Boone, Shannon, and Charlie) are working their way back down the mountain. It's getting dark and some of the group wants to make camp for the night. Sawyer wants to continue through the jungle at night but others in the party convince him otherwise. Sitting around the fire, they discuss what they should tell the base camp about the distress signal they heard on the transceiver. They decide as a whole to not reveal what they heard, merely to keep the group's morale up. Back in the medical tent, Jack is trying with all his skill to keep the marshal alive. Hurley enters, asking if he can help. He then stumbles across Kate's mug shot and asks, disturbed, "What do you think she did?" At the signal party's camp, Boone lifts the gun from Sawyer and the magazine from Sayid as they sleep. They wake and an argument ensues over who should have the gun, but they cannot agree on a trustworthy candidate-until they arrive at Kate. She reluctantly agrees to keep it. The next day, Hurley comes to the medical tent to tell Jack that the signal party has returned. Before Jack can get to the group, Kate pulls him aside and says that she had something to say to him; she explains what was heard on the transceiver. He asks if there is anything else she would like to tell him. Kate then asks if the marshal had regained consciousness while she was gone with the signal party. Jack lets her know that he did, but only briefly. Kate asks if he had said anything to Jack; Jack tells her he didn't say anything. While they talk, the marshal's condition takes a turn for the worse. Jack knows that without proper tools and stronger antibiotics, the marshal will not make it through the night. Hurley tells Jack that he's searched everywhere for more medicine, except the fuselage, but he'd rather not go in there. Jack enters the fuselage and picks his way around the corpses inside it. He hears some rustling behind him; it's Sawyer. He's going through the fuselage for things he could use including, but not limited to, liquor and Playboy magazines. Jack berates him for disrespecting the dead and being self-absorbed; Sawyer replies that they're no longer in civilization-they're in the wild. Hurley comes bolting out of the medical tent to get more water. In the process he runs into Kate and she introduces herself, saying they haven't met yet. When she asks where Jack is, Hurley points behind her at the fuselage. When she turns around to look, Hurley spots the gun tucked into her belt and becomes visibly uncomfortable. He stammers for a moment and then runs off to fetch some water. As Kate leans over his body, the marshal regains consciousness and grabs Kate by the throat. Jack returns and pushes the marshal back to the ground. While Kate gasps for air, the marshal goes into shock. Jack gives the man water as Kate denies provoking him in any way. Jack leaves the tent saying that the marshal needs water. Kate wants him to euthanize the marshal but Jack refuses, saying that he saw her mug shot and he "is not a murderer." As another rainstorm ensues, Michael approaches Walt and asks whom the "bald guy" was that Walt was seen with. Michael is concerned about his son's safety while spending time with Locke, but Walt insists that he is a friend. Michael sits closer to Walt and reminds him that he's his friend too. Walt disagrees, because a true friend would find his dog Vincent. Michael says that he will look for the dog when it stops raining. No sooner did Michael finish saying this than the rain ceased. Michael heads into the forest, angrily mumbling about what he had said to Walt. There is a loud rustling sound from the bushes near him and Michael stops cautiously. He calls for Vincent, but all he hears is the sound growing louder, and then a distinctly non-canine roar. He runs through the jungle in fear, and comes across Sun, topless, bathing in the jungle. Michael walks away with both of them uncomfortable. In the tent, the marshal is screaming in anguish and the sound has many of the survivors on edge. Charlie sits next to Locke as he whittles a type of whistle. Charlie takes this opportunity to once again mention that, in the real world, he was in a band. Across camp, Shannon wishes out loud that the marshal would just die so there would be silence, to the reproach of Boone. Sayid approaches Jack, offering any assistance. Sayid reports that the rest of the camp wants to know what is happening in the tent and Jack tells him that they're trying to save the man's life. Kate is attempting to start a fire down by the beach but she is out of matches. Sawyer appears with a lighter and thanks Kate for taking the gun away from him. He says he'd hate to be the one with the gun at the moment because everyone in camp knows what has to be done to the dying marshal. While Jack tries to treat the Marshal in the tent, he tells Jack not to trust Kate, saying that she'll do anything to get away, and tells Jack he wants to talk to Kate alone. Jack responds by asking what Kate did, but the marshal refuses to tell him. When Kate enters the tent, the marshal asks Kate what the favor she asked him for on the plane was. Kate tells him she wants to make sure Ray gets his $23,000. The marshal laughs and tells Kate that she is one of a kind. He then asks if he is going to die. Kate nods, and he asks if she is going to do it. Hurley shows up behind Jack, asking where the "fugitive" is. Jack says that she's in the medical tent. Hurley is confused as to why Jack would leave Kate alone in the tent with the marshal while she has a gun on her. Jack sprints to the tent and witnesses Kate leaving out the back. He starts to ask what she had done but suddenly there's a loud gunshot. Sawyer exits the tent, gun in hand. Jack becomes angry but Sawyer claims that the marshal asked to be killed. Muffled coughs come from the tent again, to the horror of Sawyer. He had aimed for the marshal's heart but instead just punctured one of his lungs; it would now take several hours for the marshal to die. Jack yells at Sawyer to leave. Appearing quite shaken, Sawyer attempts to light a cigarette as the marshal's screams grow louder. The screaming finally stops and Jack leaves the tent in a cold sweat. Locke sits on the beach blowing his newly whittled dog whistle, and Vincent soon comes running out of the jungle. Locke heads back to camp without the dog. He quietly approaches the sleeping Michael and wakes him. Locke tells Michael that he found the dog and has him tied to a nearby tree. Locke thinks it would be best if Michael were the one to bring the dog back to his son. Michael thanks him. Jack is sitting silently, staring at the surf alone as Kate sits down next to him. She wants to tell him how she became a fugitive but Jack says that he doesn't want to know. Now that they're on this island, far away from home, he believes that everyone should be allowed to start over. The final moments of the episode are a montage of different characters interacting with each other on the beach, concluding with Michael bringing Vincent to an overjoyed Walt-and Locke looking on with a furtive expression.