Season 1 Episode 3

Tabula Rasa

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 2004 on ABC

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  • Kate

    This episode gives us a bit more insight into the fearless Kate, along with a high-tension atmosphere throughout and a bittersweet ending.
  • What did Kate do?

    In this episode we learn a lot about Kate before the plane crashed and how she was a fugitive but what we don't know is what she did When I first saw her I never would've imagined that she would be revealed to be a fugitive Jack just believes that now on the island everyone deserves a second chance I do feel that Locke is a shady character and I think he is up to something but hopefully everything will be revealed soon.
  • 103

    A Kate-centric episode, and we definitely get a lot of character development. Kate is a fugitive, this plot really showed us how much characters can be explored and how their past affects them on the island. This was the format that Lost used for the rest of the series, and like all, this episode was really good.

    My favorite part of the episode was definitely when Locke found the boy's dog, that was such a nice scene. Kate's flashbacks were a little slow paced at the start there, but I like how things fell in to place with the dying man.

    I love all these characters, and it's a wonder how all these characters can get so much three dimensional development in one episode. None of them are toned down to stereotypes, their just all different in their own way. I loved the irony in Sawyer shooting the dying man in the chest which actually made his death much more painful (no second bullet). Also the title was very suitable for this episode. Overall, a good installment.
  • Awesome.

    Jack learns about Kate's past as a fugitive. The signal party returns, but decides not to tell the others about the transmission. Sawyer shoots the marshal, thinking that it will relieve him of his misery. However, this only punctures his lung, so Jack euthanizes him. Flashbacks show Kate's life on an Australian farm, until she is captured by the marshal. You just got to love Lost, it's too amazing seriously! The episode are so enjoyable to watch, and it's never boring...even after watching them about five times! So - everyone has secrets, and there will be more of them, as we all know. I love the way Hurley acts towards Kate in this episode, it's so funny!
  • No more bullets to save them from Polar Bears and Monsters...

    Ilike this episode it is slower than the Pilot but I think that is because it is meant to be calmer, people are starting too settle down and come to terms with being on the island for longer than they originally thought. There is a lot of character development in this one and it continues like this throughout the first three seasons, we see a lot more of Hurley in this episode and Locke who had smaller parts in the prevous episode. Locke was still mysterious e didn't know anything about him. Hurley's scene were my favourites here most notable the one with Kate which is always hilarious. I also liked his reaction to the gunfire very funny. We learn about how Kate was caught which was great timing by the writers because they could have dragged it out a bit but it was good to see straight after learning she was the fugitibe in the Pilot. I really enjoy the scene with Jack and Sawyer in the fuselage and the final scene with the portable CD player, a great and uplofting montage of the surviours but also a cool final shot of Locke.
  • Good follow-up

    The follow-up to the pilot of Lost proves to continue introducing the storyline at a pace that will soon become known as a Lost standard: have the episode revolve around one character, have a flashback of their life and slowly (sometimes painfully slow) let us learn more about the island. Coming into this season with prior knowledge about what will be happening, it's fun to watch how these characters used to be. This wasn't the best episode of the show by a mile, but it started off the way Lost would run for many seasons after.

    Kate's plots never interested me all that much, and this episode is no exception. However, it did leave us intrigued.. what exactly did Kate do? This is something that would be held over our heads for at least a couple seasons until we finally find out.

    One of the more interesting things is how we're subtly lead towards things. The way the episode ends, with a long focus on Locke's face with ominous music surrounding him.. well, let's just say it's heavy foreshadowing, even if the showrunners had no idea how Locke would turn out. It was just a strange scene and really makes me think that the writers have had this show completely planned out from day one.. sometimes, the connections are too much to pin it on coincidence.

    A good episode.. not a great one, but it got the show jumpstarted.
  • Appearances Are Deceptive

    Kate is not the good girl who we all thought she was being forced down our throats as. Or is she? Because she may be a fugitive, but her heart is large and shiny. Plus, she's falling for Jack. And Jack cannot be deceived. Never. -

    So, the traditional format of LOST is introduced. Overall, this isn't a memorable episode, just a decent one, with interesting flashbacks that, however, don't reveal much while minimum action takes place on the Island. It is a good episode, but not a great one and an interesting setup for Kate's backstory which is going to unfold fully in the seasons to come.
  • It's hard to match the fantastic Pilot but this does a great job in pleasing the audience

    This was the first centric episode and based around how Kate got caaught in Australia. The flashbacks were good, loved the car crash scene were she got caught. The on island scene were very intresting, there was huge developments with the characters Jack, Kate and Sawyer the main ones. This was not as good as the Pilot but it kept the feel of the Pilot it was great seeing the characters adjust to there new home and the scene with Jack and Sawyer in the wreckage it was awesome. Overal episode 3 maintained the high standard the Pilot created but used a lot more drama than twists.
  • The tradicional format of Lost

    This episode is more weaker, when is compared with the previous episode.

    This episode starts with is core format that is to focus in one character while an event occurs in the island, and with this we have flashbacks about the character focused, this way we have mmore information on the characters and some chocking revelations.

    Starting with kate was not a good choice, since we know she is a criminal, what we don´t know is what she did, and of course, the writers decided to keep it a secret, only to show us how she was caught.

    Still, you can enjoy this episode.
  • Third Episode.

    In the last episode they tried to get the transmitter working. They heard a french women saying that she is alone, everyones dead, it killed them all and it has been playing for 16 years.

    They all decided that when they got back to the beach they were not going to tell everyone else about what they heard because they do not want people to worry because everyone still thinks that they will be rescued soon. Micheal doesn't like that Walt is hanging out with Locke. Kate's backstory is explored through the moments of before the plane crash.

    Another great episode.

    Oh and in my previous review on Pilot(2) I metioned someone who I forgot their name and I said her name was Shane. It's Shannon. lol. Boone called her Shan and I thought it was Shane. lol. I cleared that up.

    I really love this show.
  • Now the story really begins

    The title for this episode translates to 'blank slate', which at the end of the episode Jack more or less says that all the survivors of the crash now have. It also refers to how the series is going to proceed- for the first three seasons -- as the action on the island takes place, we will flash back to one of the characters life when they were off the island, in this case Kate.
    And boy, does she have a story. We don't know exactly what crime Kate has committed to become a fugitive, though considering the marshal's pursuit and his attitude even as he lays dying, it's gotta be something horrible. Which is strange because we haven't seen anything really dangerous about Kate. Unlike her fellow explorers on the trek up the island, she seems trustworthy, and none of them seem to object to her holding the gun. Then again, considering what they learned in the last episode, maybe they've got weightier matters on their mind.
    Naturally, Kate is concerned about the life of the marshal, who spends the episode deteriorating. But her concern isn't one of the prisoner – she seems to compassionate. We see that in her flashbacks, this time in Australia. It's clear hat she trusts this man, and even after he ends up betraying her for the reward, her escape is foiled, not when she crashes the car, but when she tries to go back for him. And that favor she asked of the Marshal just before the crash, was going to be that the rancher got the reward money. Furthermore, even though she has the guns she can't pull the trigger. But more on that later.

    Even the episode is focused on Kate, several other characters begin to emerge. The most obvious is Sawyer. He's never seemed trustworthy before he pulled the gun; now, when we see him looting the fuselage for alcohol, smokes and God knows what else. It's kind of disgusting, but is it any less of a violation of the dead than Jack goes through the bodies in order to find medicine? Perhaps the difference between Jack and Sawyer is that Jack is playing by society's rules, while Sawyer knows we're in survival of the fittest territory. He seems to know this when he tries to convince Jack that it isn't worth wasting all that medicine trying to save a dead man, and when the Marshall is in extremis, he's the one who finally shoots him. Ah, but watch his reaction when he fails. He tries to maintain his bravado, but he can't hold his lighter steady to light his cigarette. This guy seems tough, but murder, even couched like this, seems beyond him, at least now.

    Jack spends the better part of the episode tending to the marshal, which fits his caregiver image, but he still doesn't seem to be able to see the big picture. Even though it's a futile effort he goes to extremes to keep the man alive. He seems to have some kind of savior complex – which is ironic, as he is the one who has to end the dying man's suffering. It's clear that he's becoming an authority figure--- Sayed instructs the others not to tell what they heard on the broadcast, but Kate goes right to him as soon as they return. Jack seems to becoming the de facto leader, and it's clearly weighing on him.
    By comparison, we only see the remaining characters in snapshots. But here's what the observer picks up. Sayid also seems to be taking a leadership role, and it's clear Jack and a lot of the others trust him, but people do not gravitate to him to same way they do to Jack. Perhaps even a million miles from civilization, old prejudices die hard. Hurley still seems like a decent enough guy--- he knows standing watch over a man who's dying can't be fun, but he doesn't beg off. However, he doesn't have the stomach to go searching through the bodies for medicine, meaning his bravery has a limit. Michael clearly has a labored relationship with Walt, which is made clear when he tells him doesn't like that he's become friends with Locke. There's also the issue of Vincent, who Michael agrees to look for even though he doesn't think he has a chance of finding him. Locke watches this drama play out in silence, carving some wood--- until we realize he's made a dog whistle. It says a lot for him that his first action is to go to Michael and tell him that he should bring Walt's dog back the rest of the way. Then there's the fact that he told Walt "a miracle happened" We're pretty sure that he doesn't just mean they survived this crash. He has something very specific in mind.

    The Korean couple still seem to be detached. The man treats this woman--- who's name is Sun, we learn--- a lot like a servant. Go get the bag, clean yourself up. Yet there is some kind of passion in his eyes--- the 'I love you' he tells Sun doesn't seem to be by rote. Boone and Shannon barely register on the radar this episode, save to have a silly argument over the gun, and Charlie barely registers at all, except for a scene where he helps Claire carry some of her bags. He seems a little roguish so far-he seemed to flirt with Kate and Shannon in the previous episodes--- but he seems a little more attached to Claire then the others.

    None of the bigger mysteries--- that thing in the woods, the radio signal, whatever Kate did to get herself arrested--- are answered in this episode, yet I was satisfied with 'Tabula Rasa', structurally and technically. Traditionally, the second episode after the Pilot has a much harder job than that of the premier-expectations are now high, and the formula of the story has to work However, thanks to the fine work of Evangeline Lilly--- we begin to get a look inside one of the more complicated characters on the show, and how there are really two sets of mysteries going on-the ones on the island, and the ones off it. Jack says that they should all be able to start over, and while this may be true for some of them, it's going to be a lot more difficult than they think. Kate's not a fugitive on the island. Question is, does she know that?

    My score:9.1
  • Una nueva vida

    Decía el gran Arthur Schopenhauer acerca de la virtud de las mujeres para mentir:

    "Pienso que ceteris paribus (en igualdad de condiciones) el testimonio de una mujer ante un tribunal debería tener menos peso que el de un varón, de manera que, por ejemplo, dos testigos masculinos valiesen lo que tres o incluso cuatro femeninos. Pues creo que el sexo femenino, tomado en su conjunto, lanza al aire todos los días tres veces más mentiras que el masculino, y encima con una apariencia de veracidad y sinceridad que el masculino nunca logra."

    No comparto en gran parte su opinión, pero...

    Tabula Rasa: Never trust a woman.
  • We have the people returning from their hike experience. We have the marshall explain somethings, more personal flashbacks and of course more questions that need answering as well as the answers to some of the obvious questions from the 2 pilot episodes.

    The hiking party decide to set up camp for the night half way back down from the higher ground, then its decided that they talk about the other message and that it is agreed that it is probably not in the best interest to tell the others of the message on the repeat loop, for that will take their hope away. They blagg the experience to the rest of the group on the beach the following morning.

    Kate explains the truth to Jack, but Jack is reluctant to explain what he has found on Kate via the way of the Marshall. Kate's flashback concentrates on being discovered by a widowed sheep farmer, sleeping rough on his farm in Australia, him feeding her and offering to provide for her doing chores and work.

    Then we concentrate on the Marshall and his condition and how it is worsening, Jack goes through the overhead lockers in the main part of the plane, in order to find some better drugs, to ease his pain, but he is not successful. As that is happening Kate introduces herself to Hurley, who shows his worry and more so when he spots the gun in the back of her denims.

    The Marshall is passing away slowly, but asks to see Kate for one last time, he wants to discover what the favour she was going to ask him was, but the plane crashed. The Marshall is shot in the chest in order to prevent his prolonged slow death, but the person missed his heart, Jack has to do the decent thing, so as to prevent the long agonising slow fate of bleeding to death.

    Mr Locke finds the lads dog, Vincent, but allows his father to get it back to the boy, in order for some bonding to occur.
  • A very interesting episode with more suspense!

    The first two episodes of this show were absolutely stunning! and this one was a great example of the first two!

    After having picked up a transmission of a French woman who had been lost on the island for 16 years!, the six survivors who heard it were in terrible shock knowing that they may never get off the island. So I suppose that is a good reason for not telling the others the truth. This time was really exciting for me also after discovering that Kate was 'the prisoner' and that Jack now knows the shocking truth about her!
    I think that the survivors will find rescue soon but it will be hard. I also enjoyed the flashbacks of Kate when she was in Australia ( which happened just before she got on the plane) running from the marshal. but the old man she was staying with soon found out that she was a fugitive on the loose and the reward was $23,000 and his mortgage was in bad shape. But she finally got caught after all her running! Like what Hurley said "I wonder what she did"?

    I thought it was funny how Michael who was looking Walt's dog came across a boar and ran straight into Sun who was half naked and washing up. I think Michael and Jin may have a problem with each other because of what happens every time they meet each other. It was a real emotional moment when the marshal told Kate that he was gonna die. Honestly the guy was in so much pain that he'd have to be shot is what Sawyer did but hit in the lung instead! It was a sad time for the survivors because two of them are dead now. But the end was great how another passenger 'Locke' who was recently spending time with Walt found the dog for him and Sayid threw Sawyer an apple even though they were worst enemies. But obviously the next episode focuses on Locke because of the end how the camera showed him from all angles.
    Overall another superb episode with a great conclusion! Again I'll say this: I can't wait for next week's episode!!
  • Kate's back story is explored.

    Let me just start out by saying that as a whole, I really liked this episode, and after seeing it, I'm really starting to like the character Kate. I have to say that I find her back story very interesting, and I thought that all of the flash backs of what her life was like before everyone was stranded on the island were the best thing about this episode as a whole. I also l really liked the character development that this episode featured for Michael, Walt and Locke. I think that they are very interesting characters, and the more I watch the show, the more like them as well as the rest of the characters on the show. All in all, I thought that this episode was pretty good. The character development was great, and I can't wait to see more of the show.
  • the drama continues to thrill!

    The third episode of lost allows us to to take a breather from the roller coaster ride so far and learn a little more about the people trapped on this mysterious island. The chacaracter that is focused on is kate, as we learn how she came to be arrested by the FBI agent (the YED from Supernatural, fans may have already realised). As he speaks to her face to face, whilst struggling to stay alive and eventually comes to terms with the fact that he's going to die. However he still isn't allowed the sweet realese of death as he is shot in the wrong place putting him in a lot of pain for a long time, more work for Jack i take it. Jack takes a back seat as do some other characters but this allows for some others to have a little more screen time. The episode is all about character and i understand the rest of the series is to be more like this which is certainly not a bad thing. There are no speacial effects or real action scenes and only slight moments of suspense, but as characters evolve you actually start to care about them more, say if one of them were to die in the future its actually going to mean something. Although it is a slower episode and not as compelling as the pilots it is still succesful and strong overall. The more i watch the more i'm getting into it, and from here on in i'm sure it can only get better!
  • "Tabula Rasa" is the 3rd episode of Lost. It is the third episode of the show's first season. The episode was directed by Jack Bender and written by Damon Lindelof. It first aired on October 6, 2004 on ABC.

    The group tends to the marshal, and in the process, Jack learns about Kate's past.

    The signal party returns down the mountain, but decides not to tell the others about the French transmission. When a fight breaks out over who should keep the gun, they agree to give it to Kate. When they get back Kate secretly tells Jack about the French transmission.

    In flashbacks, Kate is in Australia and is awakened by a farmer, Ray, who wants to know why she is sleeping in his barn. Using the alias Annie, Kate is offered a job on the farm. When she later leaves the farm, she accepts a ride from Ray to the train station, but learns that he is planning on turning her in to the authorities for reward money. When she sees the marshal driving behind them, she jerks the wheel and causes the vehicle to crash off the road. When trying to save Ray, though, she loses her chance to escape.

    Walt finds Locke playing backgammon, which he explains the history of. Locke then reveals to Walt a secret about the island. Michael asks Walt about Locke, and instructs his son to stay away from the man. Walt says that Locke's secret is that a miracle happened to him. Michael looks for the dog Vincent in the jungle and stumbles upon a topless Sun washing herself. Locke eventually finds the dog by using a dog whistle that he made, but he gives the dog to Michael, saying that he thinks Walt's father should be the one to find the dog.

    The marshal's loud moans of pain take a toll on the group. He tells Jack he wants to speak to Kate alone. While she is in the tent, Hurley tells Jack that Kate has a gun. Jack sees Kate leave the tent, and they hear the gun being fired. Sawyer walks out of the tent and says he did what had to be done. However, the cries continue, and Sawyer reveals that he shot him in the chest, not in the head. He was aiming for his heart but missed. The bullet pierced the Marshall's lung thereby prolonging his death. Jack throws an extremely shaken Sawyer out of the tent and then euthanized the Marshall. He then walks out of the tent in cold sweat.

    Kate offers to tell Jack what she did, but he declines grimly stating that their past lives aren't really important seeing as how everyone aboard the plane is evidently dead to the world.
  • The First Traditional Lost Episode!

    After the high-octane adventures that filled the two-part Pilot episode, which saw exploding plane engines, a rampaging Polar Bear, a terrifying Distress signal and an unseen but blood-thirsty monster, Lost comes down to Earth and settles into the future traditional format, focusing on one character per episode through flashbacks, as well as present day drama.What made the Pilot episodes so effective is that they stood out from the rest of the series content. Much of the first season focused on character much more than of island mysteries and threats and to that end the show traveled at a slow but measured pace, which alienated some who enjoyed the premiere's roller-coaster ride and horror show, but held far more, who loved a good character drama. The events of the Pilot, especially the threat of the Monster and the nature of the Polar Bear, is largely forgotten in this episode, to allow for a more character-based storyline to unfold, but the fear and danger of the events are strongly felt throughout. Our first flashback character is Kate Austin, the fugitive, whose island existence makes it hard for her to run. I get the feeling, even in this episode, that despite her criminal status that she is a "good" person, and unusually humane. What criminal would tell their captor to give the farmer that grassed her out his reward?
    The writers could have easily made Kate to be a nasty piece of work, and in this episode, that threat is made clear, adding to the unease amongest the survivors. Not only do they have to put up with island creatures with no hope of immediate rescue but a fugitive on the loose, with no Marshall to watch over her.
    When the Marshall tells Jack that Kate will do anything to get away, we eventually learn that he was right in "Born to Run", when she tries everything to get a seat on the raft, even to reveal her secret to the others.
    The flashbacks of this episode are okay, but I've never been a huge fan of the flashbacks. The two Locke-centric stories have great flashbacks. Jack's flashbacks are also thoroughly engrossing, as for Sawyer's, especially Outlaws, later this season. The ensemble flashbacks of Exodus Parts 1 and 2 are brilliant also. But not all of them work for me. In this episode the flashbacks aren't overdone, which is a good thing and the flashbacks have alot of forward momentum.
    I like this episode a great deal and the shooting of the marshall is shocking and tense.
    A bonus for me is the ending montage with Wash Away by Joe Purdy playing on Hurley's CD player. Loved the song, and as I play the Mandolin, it is great to play this myself. Also, it is nice to see the portable CD player getting some airtime, especially in the new age of ipods, iphones and MP3 players. I still buy and listen to CD's on a portable CD player. Call me old fashioned!!
    Anyway, great episode, which introduces us to a fine character.
  • The first traditional episode.

    This episode introduces the "formula" of a regular Lost episode. This introduces the flashback device which may turn off some viewers, but dont' worry. It works wonderful. It not only helps us understand the characters' motivation but also has a nice paralell to the island story. For example, in this episode we learn about Kate.

    It was a fun story, finding out she was the one being escorted by the marshall - who eventually dies in a dramatic way. This was the first time I realized Lost is REALLY not like any other show on television. It's just... realistic. The characters. Amazing.

    There's no mythology in this episode, but that's not neccesserely bad. Character development comes first. Overall, enjoyable, but there wasn't really anything outstanding apart from the marshall's death.
  • The Criminal

    Jack is still tending to marshall's horrible wounds and once he is concious he tells Jack to take the paper out from his jacket. That is the mugshot of Kate and he tells him that she is dangerous. His dying is hard for all of the camp because of his screams and Sawyer decides to put him out of his mysery. He missed the heart leaving Jack to put him out of his mysery. Kate asks Jack if he wants to know what actaully happend and Jack tells her that they all died 3 days ago and that they all have a chance to start again.
    We see her on the farm somewhere in Austraila helping the widower Ray. She stayed there for a while and when she decides to go he offers her a ride. He in the car confesses to her that he reported her because the award is 23 000 $. They have a car crash and Kate saves Ray but ends up being caught by the marshall. This is the first traditional LOST episode.
  • Lost

    I thought this was a great episode. I loved how they got more in detail about Kate's life as a fugitive. I would have never guessed it was her. Hurley is such a sweetie. I loved him in this episode. Bless his heart when he fainted. I was so happy they found that kids dog. I felt bad for the marshal, if it wasn't bad enough he had a piece of metal sticking out of him, he get shot in the lungs and bleeds out. Not a real good way to go out. Overall I though this was a nice episode.
  • 8

    The mysterious past of Kate Austen is partially disclosed through flashbacks, when she was betrayed in Australia and delivered to Marshal Edward Mars (Fredric Lane). However, what she did to be chased is not presented. Meanwhile, Michael Dawson (Harold Perrineau) is preoccupied with the friendship of his son Walt Lloyd (Malcolm David Kelley) and the weird John Locke (Terry O'Quinn) and promises to find his dog Vincent to get his attention.

    "Tabula Rasa" is a good episode of "Lost", where the intriguing past of Kate is partially disclosed. The story is more dramatic than the pilot, and the lead characters are being very well developed
  • Great!

    Sayid and others decide to keep what they know to themselves, in order to keep the others calm. Kate tells Jack. Jack struggles to save the marshal's life, but he is in a lot of pain. Flashbacks show how Kate got arrested. Walt really wants his dog back. Michael doesn't think that Walt should hang out with John anymore. John gets Vincent back, but lets Michael take the credit. Sawyer shoots the marshall in the chest, hoping to stop his misery. He misses, so the marshal is still alive and in even more pain.

    This episode was great! I'm glad they found the dog! I would really hate to be the marshal right now. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • So Kate is a fugitive. Didn't see that one coming!

    Tabula Rasa is in my opinion a great episode of LOST. I must say I was very shocked to find out that Kate was a fugitive. I never would have guessed that. I thought Kate's flashbacks in this episode were pretty good. I also think this was an episode with a lot of funny things in it. Some of the quotes just make me laugh everytime! Here are some good examples of that:

    Kate: Put the gun back in your pants Sawyer.

    Sawyer: Yeah give it to Al Jazeera here he'll protect us!
    Charlie: Al Jazeera's a network.
    Jack: What's in the bag?
    Sawyer: Booze, smokes, couple of Playboys. What's in yours?
    Jack: Medicine.
    Sawyer: Well that just about sums it up, don't it.
    Charlie: Well who needs men right? Bloody useless.
    Michael: I'm gonna get your dog back as soon as it stops raining. (the rain stops)

    Plus I liked how Hurley was afraid of Kate. That was really funny. And I thought it was funny towards the beginning when Sayid was demonstrating the plane ride and Sawyer says, "Nice stick."

    And the ending of this episode I absolutely love! When "Wash Away" is playing and we see all the survivors. It was just great. That's a really great scene. And that song is one of my favorites that has been featured on LOST.

    Overall I think this episode was a really good one!
  • Surprise surprise!

    This episode is so revealing; we find out that Kate is a fugitive!!!! I was like oh my god, they're joking right?! Anyway the whole fugitive thing only made Kate more fun and interesting also got to admit that having a butt kicking girl is awesome! Apparently the man Jack is trying to fix was after Kate and says that she is dangerous. Poor Hurley gets scared of Kate when he also finds out that she is a fugitive. Sawyer shoots the injured/ dying man to free him from his pain, which would've been great if Sawyer didn't suck at shoot for this so close distance! Looked hot trying to kill him though! This episode was great and funny, here are some funny quotes form the episode: Sawyer: Yeah give it to Al Jazeera here he'll protect us!
    Charlie: Al Jazeera's a network.
    Jack: What's in the bag?
    Sawyer: Booze, smokes, couple of Playboys. What's in yours?
    Jack: Medicine.
    Sawyer: Well that just about sums it up, don't it.
    Michael: I'm gonna get your dog back as soon as it stops raining. (the rain stops)
  • Good Follow up to the pilot

    In this episode of lost we find out that the man who has been saying "shes dangerous" is talking about kate the women jack has been getting close to.
    hurley finds out about kate and jack decides not to tell kate that he knows her secret.
    in a flashback we find out how kate got arrested in australia.
    meanwhile micheal questions his son walt about a man he has been talking to (john locke).micheal goes to search for walts dog in the jungle.
    jack tells kate that he knows her secret.
    sawyer shoots the man in the chest but he doesnt die and jack must finnish the job.
  • A really great episode!

    Who wouldve thought that you could feel sympathy for a woman who probably has done some really awful things in her past? Well, I have come to like Kate, and if the show can make me side with a character that I have absolutely nothing in common with and that maybe from another perspective I would hate, then the writers are doing a darn good job! Overall the episode was superb! The actors really displayed the emotional distress they were going through, to make you wonder how much Jack really wants to kill Sawyer after he missed the marshall's heart. The storyline is so gripping, I can not wait for more!
  • Not as good as the premiere, but still good.

    This is the first episode to follow Lost's formula: the events on the island are juxtaposed with flashbacks revolving around a particular point in one survivors life. These flashbacks help us understand why the character does what he/she does, and shows us how they got to the point they were at before the plane crash. For this episode, the focus is Kate. Kate, as revealed in the previous episode, is a fugitive. What did she do? We'll find that out much, much later. But that's not what's important here. The point is that on this island, everyone gets a fresh start. This episode wasn't quite as intriguing or as action-packed as the previous ones, but it was still very good.
  • "In case you haven't noticed, I did get away."

    Kate’s words echo very true not only to her, but to every one of the survivors of the plane crash. We don’t know all of their histories just now, but they will all soon be brought to light. Kate gets the first full flashback episode, and it gives the audience more information on her, although not everything. We still don’t know her original crime, and that starts the style of subsequent flashbacks for the same character. By introducing a mystery element in a flashback, the character can have another without it being redundant. At least, not yet.

    More of the characters start to show their true colors. As I said in a previous review, the first thing most people would do in the event of a tragedy like this would be to put aside any personal problems and contribute to the group. Now that rescue is out of the picture for the immediate future, who these people really are starts to come out. Michael shows his true suspicious, easily frustrated colors. He tells Walt he’ll find Vincent, yet doesn’t ever mean it. He also is against the idea of Walt spending time with Locke, even though Locke finds Vincent, and is kind enough to let Michael return him to Walt. The audience’s fears about Locke are assuaged until the very last shot of the episode. The camera going full circle around Locke’s head reminds us that we don’t know this man, and Kate’s flashbacks have already taught us the mistake of making assumptions about characters.

    Jack is another person who drops the outwardly friendly cloak he’s been wearing for the last two episodes. He tells Kate about her mug shot quite maliciously, and always assumes the worst of her this episode. He thinks she attacked the marshal, and then is about to run into the tent when Hurley tells her about the gun. Jack’s conflictions will be brought more into light in the next couple of episodes. As a side note, Jorge Garcia is once again absolutely stellar as Hurley. His interaction with Kate is priceless, and the way he looks over his shoulder as he runs away, as if he expects her to be chasing him, is hilarious.

    Sawyer is the only character who never puts up an act. He’s a racist jerk right from the get go, yet the scene in which he talks to Jack in the fuselage of the plane is crucial. He makes the point that everyone’s been too afraid to say aloud, yet knows in the back of their heads. Rescue isn’t coming, so we need to start finding a way to survive here. Sayid tries to organize groups to get food, water, and electronic equipment for the transceiver, but nothing has occurred by the next episode, showing that while he has all the right stuff to be a leader, people don’t listen to him. Why? Because he’s Iraqi, and Americans have been “trained” not to accept people from the Mid East?

    Sawyer is also the only character to do what needs to be done to help the marshal. The man is beyond help, and is suffering a great deal. No one is comfortable on the beach hearing his dying groans, and so Sawyer decides to put the man out of his misery. What he does is what everyone knows has to be done, and, as Sawyer says to Kate, the other survivors are glad they’re not in possession of the gun.

    Tabula Rasa is really a transition episode, bridging the gap between the pilot and what comes afterwards. It is a very good transition episode, however, and is certainly important for character development. As Jack says to Kate at the end, everyone has a tabula rasa, or blank slate, and that they can all start over on the island. This is going to happen to nearly every character throughout Season 1.
  • Lot to learn

    So this was a great follow up to the premier episode(s). We continue to get a little more understanding of many of the Losties... Obviously we find the most about Kate. We still don't know at this point what she has done, but we see she obviously has a dark past. However we are able to see a glimpse of hope that she is not completely "bad", when she saves the farmer and disregards the fact that it will certainly lead to her capture. It's also fun to see Hurley squirm, as he meets Kate for the first time and can't get away fast enough. Jack shows his feelings for Kate, that he seems to have already fallen for her, she's "got to him" as the Marshall states. We see Michael's attempts to be a friend or dad to Walt, and his frustration or fear of Locke - especially with him taking any interest in Walt. And my favorite moment of the episode...the very last... where Michael brings Vincent back to Walt (after Locke finds him but allows Michael the credit) and we see Locke sitting in the sand, staring it seems at Walt and Michael, with a cold almost evil look on his face. The beginning of what will continue to be many mysteries and one of the most important and interesting characters in this series.
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