Season 1 Episode 3

Tabula Rasa

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 2004 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The farmer tells Kate that he saw her photo in the post office and that her capture would result in a $23,000 reward. However, Australian wanted posters are usually shown in police stations. Post offices never have them and they normally do not specify rewards.

    • Jack tells Kate that the US Marshal may survive "2, 3, or 4 days." 4 is one of "The Numbers."

    • Charlie retapes the finger that had the letter 'F' and writes the letter 'L', now spelling - L A T E.

    • In numerology, you assign numbers to each letter of the alphabet: a=1, b=2, c=3 ... z=26, to find hidden meanings in text. Applying this to LATE (what Charlie writes on his bandages):
      12x1x20x5=1200. 1200 can be divided by 4, 8, 15 and 16, which are almost all The Numbers. Plus, those are 4 numbers. Once again, 4 is one of The Numbers.

    • Numbers:

      Kate's mug shot number is 961136, which not only contains a reversed 16, but is perfectly divisible by 4, 8 and 16. also if you add 961136 you get 26 and 2+6 is 8

    • Numbers: 8

      Ray mentions that his wife had died 8 months earlier.

    • Numbers: 15

      Ray tells Kate that the closest town is 15 kilometers away.

    • Island events from this episode take place on September 25th and September 26th 2004.
      9+2+5 is 16 and 9+2+6+2004 is 23

    • Numbers: 23
      The reward for Kate's capture was $23,000.

    • Al Jazeera is not only the name of a network, but in arabic it translates to "the island".

    • Near the beginning of the episode after returning from the hike, Sayid has someone collect electronic equipment so he can try to boost the signal of the transmitter. However, near the end of the episode, Hurley has a cassette/CD player complete with headphones. Surely that would have been taken as well, especially the headphones.

    • Kate (under the alias Annie) tells the Australian farmer Ray that she's Canadian. In real life, Evangeline Lilly (who plays Kate) is Canadian.

    • When Locke comes to tell Michael that he's got Walt's dog for him and that he thinks he should give him to Walt, in one frame Walt is clearly facing away from them, towards the camera and then in the next frame you can see the top of his head in the corner of the screen facing them.

    • Truck Damage Goof:

      When the truck is flipping down the hill, you can clearly see the back of the utility tray fly off into the air - breaking away from the truck - but in the following camera shots, the back of the tray is intact.

    • A Hawaiian license plate (reversed by the way) is visible on the Marshal's car for a brief second.

    • More of a stupid action than a goof; but why shoot someone in the heart with only one bullet left? A more obvious, and safe bet, would be the head.

    • At the end of the episode, when Claire (Emilie de Ravin) is sitting on the beach, you can clearly see that her pregnant stomach bulge is fake and made of padding.

    • Looking at the inverted plane wreckage, you see a cargo area above the inverted passenger deck. In all models of commercial jets I'm aware of, the center section on the plane has no cargo hold as it is a structural continuation of the wings, often holding fuel. In addition, anything these passengers checked as luggage, would likely be in the jungle with the nose section, or scattered in the debris field, so keep an eye on the type of luggage they locate on the beach site.

    • In the car Kate and the farmer are in, the driver seat is on the right as it should be in Australia. However, they are driving on the right lane, whereas in Australia you should be driving on the left lane.

    • During the Australian driving sequence, once Kate is aware that they are being followed she looks in her door rearview mirror. The rear view shows a driver's perspective rather than the passenger. ie. She should be seeing the side of the road rather than the middle which of course is the driver's view, in Australia at least.

  • Quotes

    • Ray: Melbourne's a hundred kilometers from here.
      Kate: I like walking.
      Ray: And you just happened to wander onto my farm?
      Kate: I like farms, too.

    • Jack: What's in the bag?
      Sawyer: Booze, smokes, a couple Playboys. What's in yours?
      Jack: Medicine.
      Sawyer: Well that about sums it up, don't it?

    • Charlie: What are you making?
      Locke: A whistle.
      Charlie: I once played some tribal flutes in a recording studio ... I'm in a band.

    • Jack: What are you doing in here?
      Sawyer: Trick-or-Treat. Same as you.
      Jack: You're looting!
      Sawyer: Ah! You say potato...

    • Sayid: The others are getting upset. They want to know what's going on inside the tent.
      Jack: I'm trying to save his life.

    • Locke: I found your son's dog.
      Michael: What?
      Locke: Vincent. I tied him to a tree just over there. I know Walt lost his mom. I thought that you should be the one to bring his dog back to him.

    • Sawyer: I came by to thank you. You gonna ask what for?
      Kate: What for?
      Sawyer: For takin' that gun away from me.
      Kate: I didn't take it away from you.
      Sawyer: It's stickin' outta your denims, ain't it? (the Marshal is in the background moaning and screaming) I sure wouldn't wanna be the one with that gun right now. Everyone is sittin' out there listenin' to that poor boy scream all night, knows what's gotta be done and the only one that can do it, is the one with that gun. Don't act so surprised. I heard you tell the hero the same thing. Hell, there's only bullet left, it'd be damn near poetic.

    • Hurley: Yo, so, where's the fugitive?
      Jack: In the tent.
      Hurley: You let her in there alone?
      Jack: What's she going to do? She's 120 pounds soaking wet.

    • Ray: (to Kate) I get it, you know. Everyone deserves a fresh start.

    • Boone: (takes the gun) I'm standing guard. You heard what they said's out there.
      Sawyer: You took my gun off me, boy?
      Shannon: Please, you've never even held a gun. He doesn't believe in guns. He goes on marches.
      Boone: I don't go on marches.
      Sayid: Give it back to me.
      Sawyer: Oh, yeah, give it to Al-Jazeera. He'll protect us.
      Charlie: Al-Jazeera's a network.

    • Sawyer: Okay, really enjoyed the puppet show. Fantastic. So we're stuck in the middle of damn nowhere. How about we talk about that other thing? You know, the transmission Abdul picked up on his little radio. The French chick that said "They're all dead." The transmission's been on a loop for ... how long was it, Freckles?
      Kate: Sixteen years.
      Sawyer: Right. Let's talk about that.

    • Sayid: This is Australia. (He's standing and holding up a stick burning on one end.) This is us.
      Sawyer: Nice stick.

    • Kate: I want to tell you what I did... Why he was after me.
      Jack: I don't want to know. It doesn't matter Kate. Who we were, what we did before this, before the crash. It doesn't really. Three days ago we all died, we should be able to start over.

    • Shannon: I wish he would just die already.
      Boone: Real humane, Shan.

    • Kate: I've got one favor to ask?
      Marshal: Really? This ought to be good?
      Kate: I wanted to make sure Ray Mullen got his twenty-three grand.
      Marshal: Who? The guy who ratted you out?
      Kate: He had a hell of a mortgage.
      Marshal: You are really one of a kind. You know, you would have gotten away if you hadn't saved him.
      Kate: In case you hadn't noticed, I did get away.
      Marshal: You don't look free to me.

    • (After Sawyer shot the marshal)
      Jack: You shot him in the chest.
      Sawyer: I was aiming for his heart.
      Jack: You missed. You perforated his lung. It'll take hours to bleed out.

    • (sound of a gunshot)
      Jack: What did you do?
      Sawyer: What you couldn't. Look, I get where you're coming from being a Doctor and all, but he wanted it, hell, he asked me. So, I don't like it any more than you do, but something had to be done.

    • Walt: Mr. Locke said a miracle happened to him.
      Micheal: Yeah, well, a miracle happened to all of us, Walt. We survived a plane crash.

    • Ray: The bank would have given you a heck of a toaster if you had kept that in a savings account.
      Kate: What do I need a toaster for?
      Ray: You're hiding your wages in a tin can Annie, I mean, I would have held onto it for you.
      Kate: I've got trust issues.

    • Hurley: (looking at the marshal) So what's his story....he looks kind of dying?
      Jack: He's not going to die.
      Hurley: He's yellow, man.

    • Charlie: They'll find us. They have satellites in space that can take pictures of your license plate.
      Sayid: If we were only wearing license plates.

    • Sawyer: I'm not stopping. You all have a nice cookout.
      Sayid: Excellent! Walk through the jungle in the dark.
      Sawyer: Ooo afraid the trees are gonna get us?
      Sayid: No, what is knocking down the trees will get you.
      Sawyer: Well, you're so worried about me, how about you give me the clip back? (Sawyer takes out the unloaded gun and shows it to them)
      Kate: Put your gun back in your pants, Sawyer. Sayid's right. You keep walking, you're not gonna make it to the beach.

    • Sayid: If we tell them what we know, we take away their hope...and hope is a very dangerous thing to lose.
      Kate: So we lie.

    • Sawyer: Brother, you've got wake up and smell the gull crap here, rescue ain't comin'. You're just wasting your time. You're trying to save a guy who last time I checked had a piece of metal the size of my head sticking out of his bread basket. Let me ask you something? How many of those pills are you going to use to fix him up?
      Jack: As many as it takes.
      Sawyer: Yeah? How many you got? You're just not looking at the big picture, Doc. You're still back in civilization.
      Jack: Yeah? And where are you?
      Sawyer: Me? I'm in the wild.

    • Marshal: (to Jack) Listen to me. No matter what she does, no matter how she makes you feel, just don't ... trust a word that she says. She will do anything to get away.

    • Hurley: Was it a dinosaur?
      Jack: It wasn't a dinosaur.
      Hurley: If you didn't see it, how do you know it wasn't a dinosaur?
      Jack: Dinosaurs are extinct.
      Hurley: Right.

    • Charlie: So, your, uh. . . your husband, was he on the flight?
      Claire: Oh, no, I'm not married.
      Charlie: Oh.
      Claire: I know. How modern of me.
      Charlie: Well, who needs men, right? Bloody useless.

  • Notes

    • Music:

      1. Leavin' On Your Mind by Patsy Cline.
      2. Wash Away by Joe Purdy.

    • In Latin America, this episode was known as "Borron Y Cuenta Nueva", which is an expression used for making a fresh start in life.

    • International Airdates:
      Denmark: January 21, 2005 on Kanal 5
      Greece: August 6, 2008 at 23.00 on ANT1

    • Aired in Sweden on February 16th, 2005.

    • This episode features two songs: "Leavin' On Your Mind" by Patsy Cline featured on the album "Greatest Hits" played while Kate and Ray are driving to the train station and "Washed Away" by Joe Purdy featured on the album "Julie Blue" played during the closing scenes.

    • A Kate-centric episode.

    • Production on this episode of Lost (and the series after the pilot) began on Thursday, July 15, 2004 in Hawaii.

  • Allusions


      It is revealed that the farmer that temporarily hires fugitive Kate to help around the farm has a prosthetic arm. This is a possible to allusion to the 1960's television series The Fugitive where Dr. Richard Kimble (played by David Janssen) spends the entire run of the series outrunning the authorities and hunting the real killer, the "one-armed man."

      The show was made into a feature film in 1993 starring Harrison Ford as Dr. Kimble.

    • Charlie: Al-Jazeera is a network.

      Is in reference to the Arabic television channel based in Qatar. It is the largest and most controversial Arabic news channel in the Middle East. It was established in 1996.

    • Episode name: Tabula rasa (Latin: "scraped tablet", though often translated "blank slate") is the notion that individual human beings are born "blank" (with no built-in mental content), and that their identity is defined entirely by events after birth. Coincidentally, this was thought up by the philosopher John Locke, who shares his name with a character.

      Tabula Rasa is a fitting name for this episode. At the end, Jack tells Kate that they all died on the plane crash and they are all new people portrayed by their activities on the island and not their past.

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