Season 2 Episode 10

The 23rd Psalm

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 11, 2006 on ABC

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  • Mr. Eko

    Lost's 2016 premiere brings the writers' astounding skills (back) to the forefront, making great flashback connections with Mr. Eko in a particularly powerful episode, as well as some revelations concerning the Monster.
  • Awesome.

    Charlie takes Mr. Eko to the drug smuggler's plane. Mr. Eko finds the body of his brother in the plane. Charlie takes some of the plane's statues, filled with heroin, and Claire loses trust in Charlie. In flashbacks, Mr. Eko is a drug warlord in Nigeria, and accidentally gets his brother killed and onto the plane. Wow - I love this episode, I loved Mr Eko's back story so amazing. I love Claire and Eko's scenes so amazing. I love the way Charlie is singing "The Kinks" so funny - I love him! I love yhr scene where the smoke monster is just looking at Eko while Charlie is int he tree. I love the scene where Kate is cutting Sawyer's hair. Michael is awesome too - love his storyline. The ending and when Eko and Charlie are praying together is awesome.
  • We have Mr Eko getting very violent towards a statue of a virgin mary, Claire getting really upset regarding the heroin, Charlie lying about what was in there and Mr Eko having alot of flashbacks.

    This episode really deals mainly with two things, Charlie and his addiction and also that of Mr Eko's history and story. We get a flashback for Charlie and how he overcame his addiction to heroin, by not having any, but also the help of Mr Locke when they discovered that the plane where Boone died, was in fact a drug smugglers plane.

    We have Mr Eko's first flashback, where he and a group of other children are playing football when they get interupted by militia, who round up the boys and get the youngest one to shoot the local priest, but he is so small that he can't pull the trigger. His brother grabs the gun and shoots the priest without hesitation, leading the head of the militia to call him Mr Eko, then rips off his chain and loads him back into the truck. His brother picks up his chain and cross.

    Then we are back on the island, Mr Eko is talking serenly to Claire, then his demeanour changes when we get to the subject of the virgin mary statues. He goes to see Charlie and demands he sees the plane where he got the statue, Charlie tries to say tomorrow, but Mr Eko insists today. Then we have another flashback of Mr Eko, older now, and two men going into a drug deal for their own benefit.

    Locke teaches Michael on how to shoot properly, whilst Charlie leads Mr Eko through the jungle to the plane, but he tries to lie to Mr Eko, who gets him to climb up a tree to get his bearings. At this point, Charlie spots a black smoke cloud heading towards Mr Eko, he shouts a warning to him but Mr Eko just stands his ground, leaving the smoke to look into Me Eko and then disappear. When quizzed, Mr Eko says he has nothing to fear.

    Another flashback sees a nigerian woman outside the church selling virgin mary statues,then we see Mr Eko going to meet his brother, who is now the priest of the same church, he goes to ask for his brothers help in using the church's place to use a plane to leave the country for his mercendise.

    Sawyer and Kate gets closer, as she gives him a haircut, thus allowing their bond to grow.

    Me Eko. and his boys go back to see his brother and this time it is to get his signature on a document, which will then make his men official priests, it is pointed out that he wouldn't do anything to him or his church but that his men would. He signs the sheet, Mr Eko gives him the money from the drug deal as payment for all 300 statues.

    Charlie and Mr Eko find the parachuting priest corpse, Mr Eko prays for him and then then go on further to the plane, where he locates his brothers corpse, retrieves the necklace and then they slow burn the plane, giving the heroin and the dead a funeral.

    Back on the beach Claire says she doesn't want Charlie around her or the baby, so she has packed his stuff and he sets off to find his own new spot on the beech, but not before we see that he has a cache of statues hidden in the nest of a tree.
  • American people are better...

    Something to think about (I love Lost but I´m not happy with this):

    Characters from the United States are so good and nice:

    Jack: Our heroe.
    John: Jesus Crhist himself.
    Sawyer: Problem guy but beautiful and kinda funny.
    Michael: Nice guy, worker.
    Hurley: Funny guy.
    Walt: Nice, innocence boy.
    Libby: Cool girl.
    Boone: Beautiful guy.
    Shannon: Beautiful girl.

    Characters foreigners are bad people:

    Sayid: The torturer.
    Jin: Maffia guy.
    Ana Lucía: Bad police, killer.
    Mr. Eko: Drug traffic, killer.
    Kate: Trouble girl, killer, although she is beautiful and nice (she´s Canadian).

    Is it because the Americans are the best? Does it have to be with American Politics? I´m not happy with this at all. Just think about this for a second, please.
  • We are led into one path of one of the great moments of this series

    Much like Locke before we learned the truth about him in his first flashbacks, Eko has been a mysterious character. We have seen him act out in violent rages, and we have also seen him times of religious introspection. He's a bit scary at times, but he also seems very gentle. In 'The 23rd Psalm, we finally learn who he is, what has he become, and in the process we solve at least one island mystery.

    Eko grew up in Nigeria, apparently alone save for his younger brother Yemi. At an early age, soldiers invaded his village to gather children for their army. In order to keep Yemi from become one of them, he sacrificed his soul to keep his brother pure. From then on, their lives were radically divergent--- Yemi became a priest and cared for the people in the village, while Mr. Eko--- a name that was given the moment he committed his first murder--- became a murderous criminal with no soul. Furthermore, his brother, rather hypocritically, never offered forgiveness for what he had been forced to become. In an effort to get heroin out of the country, he arranged for his men and he to impersonate priests, using his brothers name. His brother tried to save him from the authorities, but as an indirect result of his actions, Yemi was killed.

    This is a compelling enough flashback on its own. What makes it vital to this episode is that Eko was going to used statues of the Virgin Mary to smuggle the drugs. When he learns that Charlie has one of those statues, he makes the connection, and forces Charlie to take him to the plane--- for it was the Beechcraft that eventually led to Boone's death in season 1. The smugglers were Eko's compatriots, and his brother's body is still on the plane.

    Of course the minute Claire finds out about this, she gets angry . Charlie tries to do damage control but is forced on to the journey by Eko. Even though Charlie has known Eko for all of two days, he still tries to defend his actions with all the denial that junkies always do. He is feeling alone, and isolated from the rest of the survivors. Jack and Sayid don't take him seriously enough to use him for the important tasks. Locke was helpful to him, but it's becoming clear that he's starting to have doubts, Hurley is Charlie's friend, but it's clear he thinks that he doesn't believe Hurley's story about being a millionaire, which facilitates distrust. He was a good man, but now he's seems to be falling, and the statues on the plane offer solace from this..

    On the other extreme, Eko uses the plane to find redemption. He has been impersonating a priest for now, and he clearly knows scripture (various Bible verses are carved on the stick he has been carrying since we met him), but it has just been an act. By placing the cross from his brothers body back around his neck, he has reclaimed the good ness that was once part of him, and become a disciple of the island. From now on, his actions will be that of a holy man (though it will turn out, he can't leave his past behind)

    But by far the most shocking part of the episode comes when we get our first full look at the monster--- or at least one form of it. It does seem to take the form of a giant cloud of smoke that brings destruction. But this time, it gets right in Eko's face--- and he doesn't blink. A series of images flash, and if you watch this episode on tape, and freeze frame at the appropriate times, you can see segments of Eko's life flashing before him. The monster would seem to embody fear, and he makes it very clear to Charlie that he was not afraid. Perhaps this faith is what makes him and Lock different than the survivors. Though the majority of the episode is centered around Eko and Charlie, we do get glimpses of a couple of characters. Michael, for one, is still trying to utilize the computer to get in touch with Walt. We understand the man's desperation; what we don't get is why he hasn't yet reached the point where he can trust anyone else with. Both Jack and Locke make offers to lend assistance-- Locke's is more practical, showing him how to shoot, but he doesn't tell either of them about what he saw on the computer. I'm still not sure why. He always had issues trusting Locke, so maybe that's not a fair example, but Jack's been nothing but supportive to him the whole time they've been on the island. Nevertheless, he plunges ahead, on a collision course that will eventually lead to his own destruction.

    And Sawyer appears to have recovered enough from the infection for Kate to cut his hair on the beach (something that we saw Claire do to Charlie. During that time, he continues to act belligerent, but it's clear now that the other survivors seem to have a little more fond of him than they were before he sailed off. I believe that the fact that Sawyer was starting to feel appreciated and respected that will cause him to do some pretty rotten things in just a few days.

    'The 23rd Psalm' is one of the high points of season 2.Eko is such a fascinating character, and his arrival manages to solve at least one mystery (though it still doesn't explain how a single engine plane could make it all the way to an island in the Pacific) Eko seems to have walked through the valley of the shadow of death, and has become the good man he had the potential of being. However, we will learn, that the islands takes away as much as it gives
    My score:10
  • Back to Season 1 Impressive, Twist and Dramas!!!

    From the Writers/Producers Perspective:

    Lost Producers said that all the mysteries are planned, and not something that they did and didn´t have any idea how to explain Things.

    This is exactly what happened in this season, when we learn more about the Hatch and what happened to the Tailplane People. Also, because the Island was subject of experiences, it makes logical sense that Polar Bears are on the Island.

    Now is time to know what is the plane that is on the Island come from. Not Only that, but even the unexpected happened.

    This show that the writers are saving the Best Materials. My Point of View:

    What make this episode to be the best of this season so far, is the fact we are back from season 1 territory.

    Impressive Drama and Twist are that King of thing that make a episode be on another level. Very Impressive.

    Expect the appearance of the Smoke Monster, simply great.

    Overall, the writers bring a very great writing, since twists and impressive drama make this episode the Best episode to date of this Season.

    Great Deja Vu From Season 1.
  • This is the second of three consecutive weeks of awesome Lost. This episode on the other hand, was revealing.

    I loved this episode. The storylines were great to the plot along with the action.
    This episode shed light on Mr. Eko and more about his past life. We also learn more on why Micheal wanted shooting lessons.
    The flashbacks of Eko were revealing, and just interesting. His brother Yemi his a good man, but I'm not sure which one of the two is right in this case. Other than Charlie lying to Claire all this time about his possession of drugs, Kate gave Sawyer a much needed haircut. Michael on the other hand, wanted shooting lessons. He claims he will not go after his son again but we all know he will, come on. I reckon if he does, he's making a big mistake. Walt cannot use a computer typing at speeds that fast! If you saw the previous episode. Back to Eko's story, the smoke monster returned but did not kill Eko because of his ability to stay calm during the horrific event. Charlie was just sitting up in the tree watching, it was funny.
    The whole plot of reaching the Nigerian plane in the jungle and then reaching the flashback remembering the yellow plane leaving the airstrip, wow... Eko has sinned, but I agree, he's only done what he needed to do to survive____.
    This episode was awesome, interesting, revealing, but a little sad you know. The end became worse when Claire kicked Charlie out and told him that he was basically a liar. Because of this, Charlie went to his secret stash of drugs and that was the end.

    One last thing, I'm a christian, so the whole plot of 'The 23rd Psalm' and the reading of it brought something entirely new to the show. Overall, a revealing, exciting but emotional episode. Loving this second season...
  • "What are you going to do? Beat me with your Jesus Stick?" Eko doesn't beat Charlie with the stick but it does give Season 2 of Lost, a much needed wake-up call.

    Since "Orientation", Season 2 has struggled to find some magic. Some of the episodes have been reasonable but the spark that marked many of Season 1's classics seem to be absent. It seemed the momentum had been lost and there have been so many episodes of late that have felt that they could have moved along a bit quicker and had a bit more pace to them. Also, annoying, is the reactions of the survivors to everything that is going on around them. Everyone seems too busy flirting with each other or playing golf to give a damm about anything that is going on. The aftermath of Shannon's murder has not been half as tense as one would assume or hope. Everyone was going crazy when Boone died and Jack, Sayid, Locke and Shannon herself were all out to do harm to each other over the matter.
    People may not have cared much for Shannon when she was alive and they certainly aren't now. Aside from Sayid, no one else has been affected by not only Shannon's death but the way she died.
    In this episode this reaction continues and now it seems that everyone has forgiven Ana-Lucia for her crime, without probably understanding what they are forgiving her for, such is the lack of communication between the survivors. But minor gripes aside this episode is a welcome improvement on recent episodes. It is still not the best Lost can offer, and I will admit it did take me a couple of viewings to really enjoy it. Alot of that struggle to initially like this episode had to do with the ongoing trend of slowing the momentum of the show down.
    In Season 1 the momentum was kept up, with so many great explosive moments and mysteries thrown at us in abandon.
    Now things are getting sluggish.
    But, momentum issues, aside, this episode is a step in the right direction. It is well written and well acted by "Triple A".
    The story is compelling both in the flashbacks and the present. For the first time this season a Lost episode feels like a Season 1 episode again.
    The unquestionable highlight for me was the long-awaited appearance of the mysterious island monster. It's strange because I forgot that this was the first time that the Monster had really been seen clearly in the show, having read the spoilers months earlier and thus knowing what to expect.
    Its appearance is shocking but not nearly as shocking as what can be seen within itself.
    The images in the monster were amazing and bring up some interesting questions. Were the images produced by the smoke monster to present to Eko for him to see? Or was the Monster scanning the mind of Eko and pulling out the information on his life contained within to process it in whatever intelligent membrane it holds? I do like this latter theory better, as it also ties nicely with Danielle's description of it being a security system.
    To access secure buildings or departments/rooms in top level security buildings, a person would have to place their hand over scanners, or perhaps futuristically be scanned all over to determine identity and to authorize access.
    It seems plausible that the Monster was using a type of scanning system to authenticate Eko, as a worthy candidate for the island's challenges. In its scanning process it pulls out the mainly dormant memories of a person, processes the information, and based on its reaction (it kills or it doesn't) authorizes that person to stay, and stay alive, on the island and continue to use its resources and its magical properties which heal and redeem.
    It is also plausible that Locke was subject to this same security measure in "Walkabout" and in "Exodus Part 2". It is likely that Locke saw something akin to what Eko saw. Locke told Jack that what he saw was "beautiful". Judging by the views of the Monster we had in this episode it was hardly beautiful but awe-inspiring, maybe. Also, it is not clear as to whether both Eko, and indeed Locke, saw the flashes of their past life in the monster, as it processes them. The way Eko stares into the monster would suggest that he did but it could be that Eko is held in some kind of trance by the Monster while it carries out its memory surgery. But it seems likely that saw a slightly different form of the Monster. Alot of people up to now have commented that there could be two monsters but I think there is only one, one that is able to shapeshift into different forms, while still carrying out its operations on its potential victims.
    Monster aside this episode was largely another character-plotline driven episode. Mysteries are in evidence but are coming slowly at the moment, allowing for people to keep reflecting on the barrage of possibilities raised by the opening trilogy.
    Eko is becoming a great character, the most interesting of them all so far, and there aren't that many of the taillies involved. Charlie is rather annoying in this episode and has been largely since Season 2 began. Because he played a part in saving Claire's baby from the hands of Danielle, he feels that he should be given a fresh helping of respect from everyone. Charlie may have a point but he has been pushing that point a little too much in the faces of his fellow survivors. And when he lies, like he does in this episode, that respect, is never going to come and seems harder to be justified. Charlie feels like a stalker, at least a stalker with very little ground to cover on the island to stalk her. He has assumed the responsibility of Claire's baby and I can't think of a time when she came out and said to Charlie, "Can I ask you to help me look after the baby". It has always been Charlie who has said, "I can help you, I will take care of you" and has pushed this hard on her as well. Claire, doesn't really like to say no, probably because she needs someone to help her, anyone, and because she knew back in Season 1 that most of the others tended to ignore her. But that was before she gave birth. Now that she has things should be different and more people could chip in. Surprisingly, Locke has really been the first outside influence to have concern for Claire and her baby's welfares. This could cause a problem as Charlie did not like it, as the one bit of responsibility Charlie thought he had to show was being taken away from him. Now that Charlie has been kicked out of the island flat by Claire, John Locke may play a bigger role in the raising of Claire's baby. From what we have seen already Claire has seen Locke as Aaron's godfather in a way, and probably realizes, that Locke has more wisdom, knowledge and experience to know how to handle the situation. Where Locke gets his experience and knowledge of babies is unknown but he knows how to swaddle a baby and why.
    If this changing of the guards occurs in the Aaron and Claire camp then this could lead to problems what with Charlie on breaking point to returning to his addiction. Charlie is in a dark place at the moment, and if he doesn't start playing his cards right, the monster or perhaps the Others will kill him off. The Others appear to be killing the "bad" people of the island and kidnapping the "good" people, to maybe protect them from the bad influences of the rest of the survivors, which could explain why they are taking kids to bring them up in more idyllic and controlled conditions.
    We know that most of the Fuselage survivors are "bad" or at least have done "bad" things. Claire and the fuselage kids (Walt and Aaron) maybe the only innocent people in the camp and so they were taken to keep them away from the bad influences of the rest of the camp. Charlie could have led Claire and Aaron down a bad path but Claire turfed him out. Let us not forget that in Season 1 the Others attempted to kill off Charlie. So back then we had a clue that Charlie was a "Bad" person.
    This was a great episode that retains the spirit of Lost, if not the momentum. Now that the spirit is back and we are back to telling stories in the traditional Lost format the time for a momentum shift should be begin to be put into operation. And by the sounds of the next episode's title, "The Hunting Party" that may happen right now. So far this season only 2 episodes have been outstanding in my opinion - "Man of Science, Man of Faith" and "Orientation" - mixing both string character back-story with gripping and well-paced island events and tons of mysteries and revelations.
    The time is now to get that type of episode back in the mix. But this episode is a good start to getting back on track.
  • A Mr. Eko-centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that as a whole, I really liked this episode, but as weird as this may sound, I didn't really care for the part of the episode focused on flashing back to Mr. Eko's life before he was stranded on the island with everyone else, but I liked everything else about this episode, especially Charlie's whole storyline with helping Mr. Eko find the Virgin Mary statues since Charlie is my one of my most favorite characters on the show. I also loved the whole thing about Kate giving Sawyer a haircut. That was great. All in all, while I'm still not a very big fan of the character Mr. Eko at this point in time, his back story just doesn't interest me very much, I still thought that this was a very well written, well acted, well made episode of Lost, and I look forward to continuing to watch my Lost: season two DVD set.
  • Charlie: (looking for the Nigerian plane) Uh, I'm lost. It was dark. I was following Sayid. Right afterwards a big bag of rocks fell on my head so I'm sorry if I'm a bit spotty with the geography.

    Charlie takes Mr. Eko to the drug smuggler's plane after Mr Eko discovers Charlie's virgin Mary statue. Mr. Eko finds the body of his brother in the drug smugglers plane. Charlie takes some of the plane's statues, filled with heroin Claire loses trust in Charlie after she discovers his addiction. Mr. Eko remembers his time as a drug warlord in Nigeria.
    Mr Eko alawys seemed a bit edgey to me and after this episode he became my favourite character of the second season with his great past and his quiet personality.
    This episode was great we see the Monster after a long absence and the relationship between Charlie and Eko was so comical.
  • Absolutely great. * tears rolling down cheeks *

    so many things happened in this episode. Lots and lots of things and I have to say all of them were done perfectly. The whole episode revolves around Eko and his past. His past really made me cry. I mean when he killed that old man in his village to stop his brother from killing him instead my heart went BANG !!! and my eyes watered instantly. Eko tried to get drugs out of the country by forcing his brother to sign a paper which says Eko can be priest therefore Eko can take a churche's plane and get these drugs out of Nigeria. His brother tries to stop him and then his brother is shot when he tried to protect his brother from the army. Wow unbelievable,exciting, amazing, all of it ! Great stuff. Also in this episdoe Micheal is communicating with someone who he beleieves is his son on the hatch's computer. Kate cuts Sawyer's hair....AWWWWW. I liked how the whole cast were in this episode instead of having only half or three quarters of the cast. I hated that Charlie was going to go back to his heroince addiction and I was happy Claire decided to stay away from him for a while. The ending was very heartwarming, we see sparks flying between Hurley and Libby ! Sun and Jin give Ana a fish and all is good and well. Plus we see a black type of smoke creature attacking Eko but it seems that Eko scared it away, I guess Lost is taking a supernatural spin :) Awesome episode. Everything about it. The writing, the acting, the storyline. Fantastic. I love Lost !!!!
  • I feel like watching season 1.

    This episode definitely gave me the season 1 feeling. Learning about Mr Eko was about as shocking as learning about Locke.

    I didn't see any of the twists coming. Him being a priest. Wait. He wasn't until his brother was killed. He was a drug lord. What?

    His flashbacks are absolutely amazing, because it's just really original and is full of twists. Showing Mr Eko as a brutal killing machine and then showing him as a sensitive priest mourning his brother was a really nice contrast right there.

    My other favourite thing about this episode is that the writers explained the plane from Season 1. The writers seemed to have planned this for a long time, and this just calms me down: they do have a gameplan afterall.

    Some may say that learning that Eko's brother(at least his corpse) is on the island is far fetched, but I thought it was a good twist, and nicely connected with Charlie who took some of the drug filled statues which Eko recognized.

    Claire breaking up with Charlie beacuse of this sets up future storylines nicely, but this isn't the focus of the episode. We also get to finally see the monster, and oh boy, it was great. Overall, a very strong episode, very strongly written, acted, directed. The only thing I thought could've been better is the ending. Charlie reveals his hidden stash of drug-statues... oookay. Now that's just annoying. Really out of character. And I thought an episode like this would have a more intriguing ending.
  • I loved it!

    Mr. Eko has flashbacks of when he was taken as a child to commit crimes. He grows up as a brutal killer and a drug dealer. His brother, a priest, doesn't like what he's doing, but Eko uses him to get drugs out of the country. His brother reluctantly agrees after being threatened and at takeoff, he stops Eko from going on the plane, but he is shot and another man and the brother go on the plane.

    Eko finds out about Charlie's virgin Mary and the drugs inside. He makes Charlie take him to the plane. It turns out that that was his brother's plane. He finds his brother and burns the plane with him. Eko and Charlie meet up with the smoke monster, but like Locke, Eko has no fear of it. Charlie has a stash of the drugs. Kate cuts Sawyer's hair. Claire makes Charlie leave her and Aaron after finding out about the drugs. Michael is still trying to contact Walt.

    This episode was so great! I loved the flashbacks! They were intense! I hope Charlie doesn't take the drugs. I want to know what "Walt" said to Michael. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • Eko's flashback

    Poor Charlie and his fight with the Heroin is kinda making me mad. He had a good thing going with Claire and her baby Aaron. The fact that he couldn't let go of his addiction caused him to possibly loose Claire forever. We learn from Eko's flashbacks that the Virgin Mary statues came from a plane that Eko's brother was on. Eko was trying to smuggle the Heroin out of Nigeria disguised as a priest but his brother ended up on the plane instead. Eko demands that Charlie take him to the place where he found the statues. Charlie led him to the plane where inside Eko find his dead brother Yemi.
  • Mr Eko is the coolest character on Lost.

    Charlie takes Mr. Eko to the drug smuggler's plane after Mr Eko discovers Charlie's virgin Mary statue. Mr. Eko finds the body of his brother in the drug smugglers plane. Charlie takes some of the plane's statues, filled with heroin Claire loses trust in Charlie after she discovers his addiction. Mr. Eko remembers his time as a drug warlord in Nigeria.
    Mr Eko alawys seemed a bit edgey to me and after this episode he became my favourite character of the second season with his great past and his quiet personality.
    This episode was great we see the Monster after a long absence and the relationship between Charlie and Eko was so comical.
  • Review

    This episode will shed more light on why Eko took a mysterious 40-day vow of silence, and possibly information on his stick. Also, Claire begins to lose faith in Charlie after Eko begins to question him about the Virgin Mary statue, and Kate gives the recovering Sawyer a much-needed haircut.

    I thought this was one of the strongest episodes as far as character devolpment goes since the very first two episodes of the season. Getting Ekos backstory tied in very well as the mystery of how the plane flying from Nigeria ends up in this mysterious jungle. The backstory moved very quickly, which makes me think we wont get too many Eko backstories from here on out, I think I got the main idea of it from this episode. Island stuff was all good - the only filler part being the haircut, which was kind of dumb.
  • My Favorite Episode Yet

    This episode sheds a lot of light on Eko's character, we learn a lot about why he didn't speak for 40 days and why he wrote all those words on that piece of wood. I was suprised in the beggining how Eko grabbed the gun from his brother and shot the old man, but I think it was a good decision. He knew that his little brother could never let go of the fear of taking someones life and Eko didn't want him to life with that. Eko is one of my favorites after watching this eppie. Charlie is being really stupid, he alreadly let go and stop doing heroin and now he is back where he started. I hope he does realize he is going to lose Claire and I don't think that he realizes that he is making a mistake. I see Kate and Sawyer are getting really close. I do like them together, but I wanted Jack and Kate. This episode was great aside from the fact we didn't see Sayid at all. We still haven't learned about Libby, I hope we see flashbacks of her next episode.
  • "The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want."

    This episode is one of the best to come out of Season 2. It's excellently written, all the actors do an admirable job, and the emotional moments are very moving. If only all the episodes could be this good.

    Eko's flashbacks are definitely the best so far this season. Not only are they very well done, but they answer an island mystery and are thrilling from the beginning to the end. The cinematography is one of the first things that strike me. The contrast between the lush, green island and the dirty, brown villages of Nigeria is terrific. There are a number of other shots that I just love, including Eko slicing the throats of both Moroccans in one swift motion, and the shot of Eko slamming through the doors of the church with his cronies in tow. AAA is a wonder in this episode, and there is not a single complaint I have with his performance. The relationship between his character and Yemi's, which is not fully developed, is still completely believable, and the full circle aspect of the flashbacks is excellent. Eko saved Yemi's life in the first flashback, and Yemi ends up saving Eko's at the very end. The casting of the young Eko and Yemi is scary, because both kids look so much like their older counterparts. The flashbacks, in summary, are amazing, and one of the highlights of not just this episode but, in my opinion, the whole season.

    Eko's journey on the island is also excellent. Once again, AAA is terrific, and is completely believable in all of his scenes. His anger at Charlie, and later his sadness at finding his brother, are both played perfectly. The story centers around Eko trying to make Charlie take him to the drug plane in the jungle. Eko, as I said, is great at only saying as much as he has to, and nothing more. The one thing his character can't do is comedy. Notice how uncomfortable he seems during the lighthearted scene with Claire. It's nothing against the character; it's just that Eko is not really a funny person. Charlie, meanwhile, is a very comic character, as evidenced by his scene with Jin (what's funniest about this scene is what Jin says in Korean-"Because of you all the fish are swimming away!"). Eko's determination and impatience immediately amps up the tension in the storyline, and the scene with Claire is really annoyingly placed, because we want to get on with the journey.

    The scenes between Charlie and Claire are important to their relationship, obviously, but they just seem to drag. Maybe that's because Charlie is such a slimy jerk in this episode, but that's just me. Ever since last season's finale his character has been going downhill-he's becoming more spiteful, and very defensive, as evidenced by his many scenes with Eko. He mocks Eko while the latter is praying, and immediately blames his drug problem on his brother. He also flares up every time Eko says something about the plane or about the heroin. As annoying as Charlie's character is, though, you have to give credit to Dom Monaghan, as he does play the character perfectly in this episode, despite the fact that the Charlie is very quickly losing all respect he gained by giving up his drugs.

    One of the most memorable scenes from this episode is Eko's confrontation with the monster. We finally see the monster in full, and it's nothing but black smoke. But wait, how can black smoke eat airplane pilots? That we don't know, but we do see some of the monster's inner operations. In a terrific shot, the camera goes through the black smoke, and we see a lot of images from Eko's past. This seems to indicate that the monster has some ability to scan the thoughts of the people it looks at, and reminds them of their past. It makes the monster a lot creepier, and adds much more depth to what could become a 2-dimensional monster if it had simply continued being a dinosaur type thing.

    The last scene around the plane is very moving. Eko finds his brother's body, and begins to cry over it. The emotion is extremely touching, and it really sucks you in. That's attributed almost entirely to Adewale's acting, and in part to the music score by Michael Giacchino. Eko puts on the cross that he once wore, and it allows him to say that he is a priest. Eko's cross, and his righteousness, was taken from him the day he killed that old man. Now, he's come full circle, and has regained his faith, along with the cross. The montage that follows, while Charlie and Eko recite the 23rd psalm, is kept quite short and succinct so it doesn't become irritating, like the one in Everybody Hates Hugo. Michael Giacchino's score during that sequence is excellent once again. It shows Jin introducing Sun to Ana-Lucia, and Hurley helping Libby with her tent. That's a nice scene, and the relationship between the two will become important.

    There are a couple other character moments in this episode. Kate gives Sawyer a haircut, just like Claire cut Charlie's. A bunch of people also say they're happy to see Sawyer back. This gives him the opportunity to spout off a new nickname (Pillsbury), and an excuse to appear in the episode. The more important subplot is Michael's. He has Locke teach him how to shoot, and then is seen at the computer, talking to Walt. The camera cuts away just as the poor boy is about to say where he is, but Michael saw everything. Jack reassures him that everything will be okay, but something tells me Michael didn't take it in.

    To sum everything up, this is one of my favorite episodes. I love the main story, and I think the flashbacks are some of the best of all time. The characters are all very human in this episode-we see Eko's mistakes, and the result of Charlie's bad decision. Claire kicking him out of her tent is pretty sad, and as bad as Charlie was, the audience didn't feel he deserved this-until the last scene of the episode. His stash influences character decisions in the future, and provides for a number of storylines.
  • I saw the monster

    I liked this ep tooo

    Charlie: (looking for the Nigerian plane) Uh, I'm lost. It was dark. I was following Sayid. Right afterwards a big bag of rocks fell on my head so I'm sorry if I'm a bit spotty with the geography. Kate: You know, you don't have to be belligerent just for belligerent's sake. Everyone loves you now. Sawyer: Bull puckey. Charlie: (to Eko) How'd you know about the plane? It's old, you know. It's been out in the jungle for years. Of course, you would know that, you know everything. Charlie: Hi, Claire. What happened to the statue?
    Claire: Don't play stupid, Charlie.
    Charlie: What?
    Claire (pulling baggies of heroin out of her pocket): What's this? Because this was in your little statue. And, unless I'm mistaken I seem to remember you saying you're a drug addict.
    Charlie: I didn't know. Look, it's sealed up inside a statue, how would I know? Claire, I'm not using. (Charlie starts breaking open the baggies and dumping the heroin in the sand) Look, you believe me now? I don't care. (edit)
  • Hands-down the best episode of Lost ever aired.

    Ah... how I wish that Lost would go back in time. Go back in time and bring back the single best TV character ever: Ecko. Granted, I love the third season, it's overall the best season yet, and has already shown 3 or 4 episodes that put up a fight for best episode ever. But they are just going to have to settle with second place. This episode is not only the best episode of Lost yet, it is the best episode of television ever. It was probably the deepest and most moving episodes of television ever aired, and I will never forget it. Ever since this episode Ecko has been and will always be my favorite Lost character. He is so complex and so mysterious, or should I say was. The biggest mistake Lost has ever made was to kill Ecko. While it might be the only way to truly end the show and wrap up all the loose ends that have resulted with countless mysteries, Lost would be even better today if Ecko was there. R.I.P. Ecko, you will always be my favorite, and you will always be an inspiration to many.
  • great episode

    We learn more about Eko, who he is and how he ended up on this island. The stick that he is carrying has some kind of mystery. Claire deals with Charlie as she finds out from Eko that he has a stash of drugs on the island. It turns out that the plane crash that Boone and Locke discovered is connected with Mr. Eko's life. It's a really interesting episode, I really liked this one. It's amazing how the writers tied up the stories from this episode to the events of the first season. It's well written, I really enjoyed this episode.
  • An intimate look at Mr. Eko and his troubled past.

    This particular episode was fantastic. The show centered around my favorite character. Mr. Eko is one of my favorite characters because he is one who has a desire to be redeemed. He is one of those people on the island who desires to make his life better and to try to make amends for any wrong doing that he may have done at some point in his earlier life.

    This show also advanced the story line of the island well with a close look at the smoke monster who haunts the island. The smoke monster is one of the greatest mysteries of the island which continues to intrigue people.

    Also, the back story of Mr. Eko was fascinating and showed the atrocities that he committed and also his commitment to try to make reparations for those failings.

    Great episode.
  • What about the Charlie?

    I'm a bit worried aout Charlie. The last scene indicates that he is back on drugs or just keeps them.
    I really hope he is not back on drugs but I guess I'll see when I look further on my DVD.
    It's a little sad that Claire kicked him out just like that. Yeah he lied to her and since he is/was an addict I can understand it and would probably acted like her myself but as a shipper of Pb&J I feel sorry becuase this couple is so sweet that I hate them to break up. Also since Charlie is a nice father for Aaron
  • One of the best Lost episodes ever.

    Eko's first flashback episode was an instant hit: Eko's past is more interesting that we thought.

    He was a druglord. Sounds odd.... because he's now a priest. What's even odder that he's responsible for his brother's death. So yes, we can say, Eko's past is really dark.

    The plot of the episode was incredible: by now, I think everyone's convinced that the Lost writers are clever.

    The drug-shipping plane Locke found with Boone in season 1 is nothing more or less than the plane Eko was meant to be on, but instead, his death brother and two more drug dealers were on it. With crapload of drugs.

    Eko decides to find his brother, and bury him. However, on his way to his brother, he was an encounter with the mysterious smoke monster.

    Very intense episode, with great character moments, on Eko's and Charlie's side: It seems that Charlie's and Claire's relationship is doomed after Claire found out what's really inside those Holy Mary stattues...
  • great episode! showed more of the monster on the island.

    When Eko was looking into the black smoke, which seems to be the monster of the island, if you looked closly, the falshes of light are images of people he knew from Nigeria like his brother and the other drug dealers. Maybe the monster reveals the past lives of the people on the island or has something to do with why they are all connected with each other. We also learned that the others have technology that micheal and his son could talk. This could mean that there is another bunker on the island. Maybe its not even his son he is talking to.
  • Possibly the best of Season 2 and Mr Ekos story is Incredible.

    Mr Ekos story is possibly one of the best flashbacks ever.
    It is so realistic as children in Africa do deal with these problems and the story is told so well, you actually want to just look at the story part and not what is going on on the island.
    This episode also answers one of the many mysteries that had been left unsolved,the jet.
    yes the very same place where Boone got killed,in this episode it is revealed that it was really Mr Ekos.
    Yes, as you see, before he became religious he was a drug dealer and as you find out, as his story progresses, how he changed his ways.
    This episode will keep you on youre seat as it tells you a story,worthy of a films plot, and the uncovered secret of the island.
  • This episode shows some of ekos past and he turns out to be a very deep and cool character.

    This was one of my favorite episodes so far. You get to see the past of eko. He turns out to be a really cool character and is also very deep once you learn about his past with his old friend. You learn why he is so spiratual. The episode was good overall because it went back to an old part of the story with the plane and charlie. You thought that charlie was using again but he wasn\'t and eko gave him back his statue. this ranks as one of my favorite episodes of lost and that concludes my review.
  • Eko forces Charlie to take him to the drug plane. A extreamly special epasode, this being the first time we meet everybody's favorite mobster gone man of God--Mr. Eko

    What could you exspect from Damin Linderoff and Caralton Cuse? As the two best writers on LOST\, and unargueibly the most importent, Cuse and Linderoff pull it off again.

    Eko is a brillently crafted character. Despite the fact that Charlie and Eko are basicly walking accross the island, is not the point. It is the conversation they share, and the relationship they hold, that makes it so brillent.

    We look into the flashback of Mr. Eko, and it is one of the best flashbacks of the series. The viewer is thrown for a worldwind when young Eko kills a man so his brother would not. He is taken away by evil gangsters. They call him "Mr. Eko", and tell him "you are natural born killer".

    But its just not the writers, its the actor, tripple AAA (to lazy to look up name). The way he goes from being such a man of peace and confort, to being a violent man, his range his amazing. The actor, thus the character, carrys about such a gravity about him, as Emerson (Henry Gale) told Comic News Insider "He's a man of few words," so the viewer hangs onto each and every last one.

    It might not be the most plot changing epasode, but its one of the best in the second season. So, check it out. Its full of that character revalations, that you fall in love with.

    By the way, look for one heck of a scare wheb Eko encounters the smoke monster...that shoul get a award for being one of the best done scenes in season two.
  • eko and charlie set off to find the beechcraft in the jungle and we discover a link between ekos past and the island.

    we finally got to see some of mr ekos backstory. and it was a great story. the best parts of this episode where: mr eko discovering the plane was the same one yemi was in when they were doing the drug smuggling, the part where mr eko looks in the black smoke and mr ekos memorys where we see hw he was a criminal in nigeria. ekos backstory was something we didnt expect because he is a priest on the island and doesnt look like he would ever kill anyone, but we are shown how bad he was...this show gets better and better
  • One of my favorite episodes!

    I loved the Eko flashbacks, and learning is amazing back story. This was one of the best episodes in season 2, probably because the hatch story is just not working for me. I dont like some of the new charachters like ana maria.. but Eko is pretty cool. I hope the episodes don't start getting crappy or the characters annoying. There is definately a religious undertone developing in the show, and i want to see how it drags out. If you've seen the next couple episodes it grows even more. I cant wait until season three starts again. I cant wait till october!!
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