Season 4 Episode 1

The Beginning of the End

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2008 on ABC

Episode Recap

On the Island

Hurley stands beside the DHARMA van, radioing Jack to find out the situation regarding the call to the freighter. Jack confirms that he has talked to people on the boat, and that Naomi's people are on their way to pick them up. Jack winks at Ben after informing an ecstatic Hurley that they're going to meet them by the beach, and Hurley should pack his bags. Hurley runs off to the others at the beach to tell them the good news. Jin and Sayid finish collecting guns from the dead Others who attacked them, while Juliet is digging graves for them.

Later, while standing by the shore with Bernard, Hurley admits that he won the lottery, but believes it to be a curse, much to Bernard's disbelief. However, he figures that since he's been presumed dead in the crash, his money will be all gone and he will be "free." He decides he wants to do a cannonball dive into the ocean, reveling in his sense of freedom. Bernard agrees and encourages Hurley. When Hurley surfaces from his jump into the ocean, he sees Desmond returning to the beach in the outrigger. He immediately notices that Charlie is not with him and heads over to investigate.

Desmond informs everyone on the beach about Charlie's death and his final message. They begin arguing over what to do. Sawyer wants to use the Walkie-talkie to warn Jack, but Sayid cautions against it, warning that the freighter people must be monitoring all communications. When Sawyer starts to argue, Hurley grabs the walkie-talkie out of his hand and throws it into the ocean, insisting Desmond divulge what happened to Charlie. They grab their guns and head out to rendezvous with Jack and the rest of the survivors.

At the radio tower, Jack and the rest of the survivors are preparing to be rescued. Sun expresses her relief at being able to deliver her baby in a hospital, Claire jokes about rubbing it in. Rose joins the two, where Claire tells Rose that her husband seemed "quite the hero." Rose tells her that everyone knew Charlie was the real hero and told Claire to treat him "real good" when he got back, to which Claire was shocked at, but excited for too. Ben asks Rousseau to take Alex and flee as far away as possible, because he believes that everyone who is with Jack's group will die. When Ben refers to Alex as his daughter, Rousseau strikes him viciously, saying "She's not your daughter."

Jack and Kate discuss their imminent rescue. Jack says that if he sees Locke he will kill him. They receive an incoming call on the sat phone from Minkowski, who informs them their signal is weak and wants them to readjust it. Jack offers to do so, but Minkowski asks for Naomi. Not wanting to reveal Naomi is dead, Jack tells Minkowski that she is looking for firewood. He tells Minkowski he will try to find her. He turns around to look at her body, only to find that it is gone. Rousseau finds a trail of blood which she, Jack and a captive Ben prepare to follow. Before they go, Kate informs Jack that she found a separate trail and thinks Naomi may be trying to trick them. Jack says that since Naomi is injured she isn't thinking about creating dummy trails. Kate agrees, and hugs Jack goodbye.

Jack, Rousseau, and Ben reach the end of what they realize is a dummy trail, and Jack realizes the phone is missing. Ben admits he saw Kate take the phone while hugging him, but decided not to say anything until now. He remarks that at least Kate knows what she is doing.

Meanwhile, Kate heads into the jungle to find Naomi. She receives a call on the satellite phone and the caller asks again to speak to Naomi, Kate says they're looking for her, then abruptly hangs up the phone. She notices blood dripping on her from above and looks up to see Naomi dropping onto her from an overhanging tree limb. Naomi holds a knife to Kate's throat and accuses the survivors of trying to kill her. She demands the phone. Kate tries to convince her the attack was Locke's doing alone. The phone rings and Naomi speaks to George, telling him she has been injured, but lies and says she sustained her injuries when she parachuted onto the Island (an injury which she did actually sustain, but had healed from). She reconfigures the phone to allow the freighter to reacquire her signal, then apologizes to George and asks him to tell her sister she loves her. Naomi then dies from her stab wound.

As the group from the beach trek through the jungle, Hurley begins to fall behind. As he loses sight of the other survivors, Jacob's cabin appears in a nearby clearing. Hurley hears whispers, and suddenly a light appears in the cabin's window. Approaching carefully, Hurley looks through a broken window and sees Christian Shephard in the rocking chair. He then sees a painting of a dog, baring a striking similarity to Vincent, on the right wall of the cabin. A figure suddenly moves in front of the window and an eye appears, looking back at Hurley. Frightened, Hurley runs from the cabin. However, as he does so, he finds himself running towards the cabin again, yet it is in a different spot. He closes his eyes and tries to convince himself that the cabin is just an hallucination. When he opens his eyes, the cabin is gone. Amazed, Hurley takes a step back and trips backwards. As he is laying on the ground, Locke appears and greets him.

Hurley and Locke discuss Charlie's death and the general situation. Locke argues that if they can't convince Jack not to contact the people on the boat, Charlie will have died for nothing. They head off into the jungle and eventually catch up with Sayid and the others from the beach group, who have arrived at the cockpit.

Sayid begins to argue with Locke, especially about why he blew up the submarine. Just as Locke is about to respond, they hear faint whispers. The group from the radio tower has arrived. Hurley tells Claire that Charlie is dead and they console each other. Jack sneaks up on Locke, knocks him to the ground, grabs the gun, points it at Locke's head and releases the safety. Locke says, "You're not gonna shoot me, Jack. Any more than I was gonna shoot...", and Jack pulls the trigger, only to a click on an empty chamber. Jack begins to beat Locke and gets pulled off him by the other survivors.

Locke says that all he's ever done has been in the best interest of the group. He tells everyone that they need to trust him that the freighter people are dangerous, and that he intends to go back to the Others' barracks since it's the most defensible place on the Island. He asks them to join him, saying, "If you want to live, you need to come with me." Jack says that Locke is insane, that only crazy people would follow him and that Locke always attempted to prevent their rescue. Hurley speaks up to say that Locke isn't crazy. He says Charlie's message has to be listened to, and joins Locke. Jack is left speechless. Next, Claire joins. Then two unnamed survivors, Rousseau, Ben (after asking permission from Jack), then Karl and Alex. To Kate's surprise, Sawyer also goes with Locke. Bernard asks Rose if she wants to go with Locke and stay on the Island, since she had expressed her wish to do so before. She tells him, "I'm not going anywhere with that man." Locke and his group leave.

Later, Jack and Kate are looking into the nose of the plane, reminiscing about Charlie and their trip to the cockpit. They hear a noise, which Kate initially mistakes for thunder, but which becomes clearer as the sound of a helicopter. They move into a clearing as a spotlight begins to stab down at them. They see a helicopter above, flying somewhat erratically. Something drops from the helicopter. They run towards it and see a parachutist. The parachutist removes his helmet and on seeing them asks, "Are you Jack?"



A giant pile of papaya fruit explodes when a speeding car drives through it. Jack is seen in his Los Angeles kitchen mixing a morning cocktail when his eye falls on TV coverage of police in hot pursuit of a speeding motorist in a Camaro, which Jack seems to recognize. We watch the chase from an omniscient perspective as it comes to an end. The police command the driver out of his car, and it's none other than Hurley who resists arrest while yelling, "I'm one of the Oceanic 6!"


Hurley is in a police interrogation room where he is shown a video of himself in a convenience store paying at the cash register, then "freaking out" and running out of the store. He races out of the store and ends up in a police chase in which he crashes his Camaro. The cop interrogating him reveals that he knew Ana Lucia Cortez, but Hurley denies knowing her. While Mike is out getting a donut, Hurley sees a vision of Charlie in his hoodie swimming up to a window in the interrogation room, which is suddenly underwater, and touching his hand to the window, causing it to break and allowing water to rush in. On Charlie's hand is written, "THEY NEED YOU." The cop enters the room when Hurley begins screaming and threatens him with incarceration in a mental institution. Hurley, however, looks relieved to hear this, and thanks the cop and hugs him.

Hurley is now back at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute and apparently happy. He is playing Connect Four when the orderly gives him his medicine and tells him he has a visitor. The man introduces himself as Matthew Abaddon and claims that he is an attorney for Oceanic Airlines. He tells Hurley that he wants to upgrade him to a nicer institute; one that's in better condition, where he will have his own bathroom and where he can see the ocean. This frightens Hurley as he doesn't want to see the ocean at all. Abaddon replies that is, "No problem." When Hurley grows suspicious of Abaddon's question and asks for a business card, the latter states that he must have left them at home. Hurley declines the offer, causing Abaddon to turn much more serious and ask, "Are they still alive?" Hurley looks startled and doesn't know what to say, and Abaddon continues to try and provoke him about what he knows. Thinking the man is after him, Hurley has a fit and starts to yell for a nurse. As the orderlies restrain him, he glimpses back and sees Abaddon leave.

Hurley is sitting on the grounds of the Hospital when Lewis comes over and says that a man is staring at him, he looks over to see Charlie. Hurley is shocked and starts to run away as Charlie tries to calm him down. Hurley states that he freaked out at the store because he saw him there, and that he can't really be there since he's dead. Charlie slaps him, telling him that he really is there, and that he is indeed dead. After they talk about Charlie's death, Charlie says Hurley has to do "something" that Hurley has been avoiding, and he claims the reason Hurley ran from him was because he knew he was there to "tell him." Hurley says he doesn't want to hear any more and closes his eyes and counts to five, while he does, Charlie tells him "don't do this," and then "You know they need you." When Hurley opens his eyes, Charlie is gone.

Jack visits Hurley and plays a game of horse (basketball) with him. The two begin the game talking about being noticed frequently. Jack says the reporters are leaving him alone and only gets asked for autographs while buying coffee. He also mentions to Hurley that he's thinking of growing a beard. Hurley is glad to see him but wonders why he came. Jack, after losing a few shots to Hurley, asks if he is "going to tell." Hurley doesn't respond. Jack decides to leave and grabs his coat. Hurley says he's sorry he went with Locke, and that he should have gone with Jack instead, but Jack says that it's not an issue. Hurley wonders if they should go back to the Island and says "it" will do whatever it takes to bring them back. Jack says he will never go back to the Island, to which Hurley replies, "Never say never, dude," as Jack exits the room.
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