Season 4 Episode 1

The Beginning of the End

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2008 on ABC

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  • Great start to the season!

    A great start to season i thought! not many questions answered though, as i hoped there would be some, and gain more questions for is to rack our brains over! =)

    Now we know Hurley gets off the Island along with Jack and Kate, and 3 other as of yet unknown people, and they call themselves or the media calls them "The Oceanic 6"! we find out that Hurley is being haunted by the island, well more by visions of Charlie, as they seem to all be keeping a secret that Charlie wants Hurley to tell the world, and keeps saying that "They need you", so i am thinking that there must be more survivors still on the island after the 6 escape, but they do not want to go back and rescue them incase they never get to leave again, but Hurley wants to go back or it will drive him crazy!

    Good stuff! looking forward to epside 2 "Confirmed Dead", which i am guessing means the survivors of oceanic 815 have been confirmed dead! should be good! i just hope some burning questions get answered during this season and not just a lot more new questions! iwant to see some closure on certain things!
  • Truly "the beginning of the end" in many different ways. An excellent one at that.

    The flash forwards bring an interesting new aspect to story-telling on LOST. Whereas before, we could enjoy the journey of Hurley and others on the island toward possible redemption. Now we are able to see that at least Hurley and Jack did not find redemption on the island. This definitely puts a damper on any character developments that occur between now and when the Oceanic 6 leave the island. But it also brings a lot more to the show. I think the flash forward in "Through the Looking Glass" was meant to be an end point to a chronological flash forward story with Hurley's story in this episode being the beginning, hence the title. Here, the flash forward occurs much more recenntly after the "rescue." Jack is somewhat shaven and does not entertain Hurley's notions that they made a mistake. But Hurley's comments bring me to another interesting aspect of this episode. There are dichotomies galore that set up great mysteries. Why does Hurley say he's sorry for going with Locke yet also say they made a mistake? Why does Desmond not tag along with Hurley and Claire and "listen to Charlie" when he was the one who was actually with Charlie when he set these events in motion and then later came screaming to shore warning Sayid and crew? How does Hurley become one of Jack and Kate's Oceanic 6 after choosing to go with Locke? Was Hurley led to the cabin and then happened upon Locke or was leading Hurley to Locke the island's ultimate plan? On this last question, I tend to agree with the latter theory. The island seems to have an affinity to Hurley much as it does to Locke and no doubt wants Hurley to stay. One final dichotomy: How does Rose intend to stay with Jack and stay on the island? Other than Bernard, she was closest to Charlie, Locke and Jack. She had faith in Charlie's honesty. She and Locke had a shared kinship and understandng. For Jack she was more of a muse. She inspired him to be a leader but the relationship was never personal. So it is interesting that after watching Locke kill Naomi she immediately dumps Locke and Charlie and sides with Jack. This one I can't figure out.

    The scene with Abbadon was among the most creepy on this show since Claire's visit with the psychic back in season 1. "Are they still alive?" must refer to those in Locke's camp who stayed on the island. If Abbadon is a member of Dharma I wonder why they seemingly can't find the island.

    Other than Desmond and Rose, everyone else's motivations in the camp division make sense. Sawyer is beginning to recognize that he is much more on the island than he will ever be off of it. Kate is always a Jack tag-a-long and is too short-sighted to see that she is really in the same situation as Sawyer. Sayid has distrusted Locke since season 1. Claire and Hurley go with Locke because of Charlie. It will be interesting to see how the tribes function. Overall, a very entertaining episode. There was real heart that hadn't been seen much since season one. It was not the kind of heart that was brought on by intense circumstances ("I Do") or the kind that seems irrelevant to the larger plot ("S.O.S."). It gave meaning to a death for the first time since Boone died. Even Shannon dying did not seem as profound or compelling to the survivors (then they seemed more infatuated with the "taillies" who turned out to be a big waste of time). The episode also gives some great commentary in the form of the whispers outside the cabin and Charlie's return to Hurley in the future. I would like to observe a couple of quotations from "The X-Files" that I found relevant to the theme of LOST:
    "The dead speak to us from beyond the grave, that that what's conscience is."
    "[T]he dead are not lost to us. [T]hey speak to us as part of something greater than us...and if you and I are powerless now, I want to believe that if we listen to what's speaking, it can give us the power to save ourselves."
  • Thank God it's back!

    What a fantastic episode, it was completely worth the long and painful wait. So where to start? Well, I particularly loved Ben in this episode, he may have been on a leesh, but he still had the greatest sense of humour, and cracking the best of jokes. I loved it when he asked Jack if he could go with Locke during the "confrontation." Kudos to Michael Emerson. I also enjoyed the "She's not your daughter" thing between Danielle and Ben, way to go Rousseau!

    Hurley pissed me off, as his centric episodes usually do, but some great twists and turns during his flash-forwards which did keep me fascinated.

    Oh my... we saw Jacob's eye.. Judging from the eye, I thought it looked a lot like Sun's father, but I am probably wrong, but it would make a lot of sense if it was. And I am so certain Jack and Claire's father was in the chair. And last but certainly not least, Claire's reaction to Charlie's death. Emilie De Raven was awesome in that scene, but you really shouldn't expect any less from an Aussie.
  • Oh Wow ... Finally I'm Lost Again

    Wow ... this was a terrific season opener. I love the way they jumped right in with everyone. In addition it didn't take long for the survivors to be on two sides of a line. It'll certainly be interesting now to see who does or does not get off the island. It seems to me that Jack is getting really desperate. However besides his obsession for getting rescued. It was really nice to see the beach people and the others re-unite, even in the tragedy of Charlie's death. I'm really looking forward to see where Lost takes us this season, it looks like it's going to be the most exciting season yet. Thumbs up!!!
  • Good Episode

    I thought that this episode was good, but I was a little disappointed. I think that I was disappointed because I was really looking forward to this episode and it wasn't how I thought it would be. But this episode did have some very good things in it. I liked the flashforward with Hugo and seeing that he got off the island. Alot of questions were raised during this episode including who are all of the Oceanic 6, and who else was in Jacob's cabin after Hugo saw the eye look up at him. I also wonder how did Hurley get off of the island even though he went with Locke and not with Jack and Kate. Overall this was a good episode and I can't wait until the next episode of this show.
  • Great premiere, major turning point for the series.

    With the writer’s strike leaving prime time a barren wasteland of reality TV and scripted shows running out of their completed episodes, “Lost” couldn’t have come sooner. Even with the abridged season (eight episodes were completed before, but that may change with the rumors of a resolution coming), this premiere was just what we needed to cure the strike “Blahs”. Of course, this episode had some heavy expectations going with it. Most critics and fans praised the season three finale, and the twist of the flash-forward had fans guessing the show’s next move ever since. This device could’ve been a major disaster after the first attempt. However, the series has done a great job so far using the flash forward to add a new layer to the series.

    Unlike the previous two premieres, this episode features the whole cast, whereas previous season would’ve likely had an episode on the beach, another by the radio tower, Looking Glass, etc. The Pilot did something similar. Considering the major reveals of flash forwards along with the inevitable departure of several major characters from the island, it made sense to go this route again. Perhaps because of their agreement for 48 episodes, they don’t have the need to stretch it out into three episodes. It certainly helps the episode. Jorge Garcia is the most underrated actor on “Lost”. Hurley could’ve easily been nothing more than “the fat guy”, bumbling around the island with tuba accompaniment. However, this is far from Garcia’s and the writers’ portrayal of the character, especially in this episode, where he really gets to shine. Like Jack in the finale, Hurley has a lot of range in this episode, going from that euphoric cannonball to tearfully informing Claire of Charlie’s fate. He’s absolutely fantastic.

    Chronologically, the flash-forward takes place sometime before Jack’s flash-forward in the third season finale. Jack is starting to dabble in alcoholism, mixing vodka with his morning orange juice, but he’s hasn’t been popping painkillers like they’re M&Ms. He later has a throwaway line about growing a beard. His attitude is approaching the nadir in “Through the Looking Glass”. Jack seems willing to accept, or keep to himself, whatever deal they made (much like Kate still was in the finale), whereas Hurley is plagued with guilt over his apparent betrayal of Charlie’s memory. An apparent vision of him at a convenience store causes him to embark on a major car chase (in the vehicle he wanted to build with his dad, no less) another image (with Charlie’s hand saying “They need you”) results in his recommitment to the institution.

    This episode has the first mentioning of the Oceanic Six, the nickname of those who got off the island. Considering their snappy nickname, the six have become celebrities for surviving what the rest of the world thought was a doomed flight of no survivors. Jack, Kate (assuming her record was expunged) and now Hurley are among those “saved”. Who the other three are is anyone’s guess, since it wasn’t just the people who stayed with Jack.

    The next phase of discussion is what this means for those not on the plane like Juliet, Ben or Desmond. Despite that, I wouldn’t discount any of them not being one of the Oceanic Six. Of those three, it seems most likely to be Juliet. One interesting theory I’ve read involves Juliet taking Libby’s identity (assuming Libby had no one who cared about her). That could finally explain who Libby was, a promise the producers have been making since the beginning of last season.

    The Oceanic Six immediately dashes the idea that the person in the coffin was one of them. Considering the culture’s obsession with celebrity and their demises, there would be at least a lot of paparazzi hanging around any funeral arrangements.

    The scene in the interrogation room offers some more insight to elements Jack alluded to in the last season finale. When questioned by Ana-Lucia’s old partner, a nice call back, Hurley denies ever knowing her. Obviously the writers picked Ana-Lucia as someone to deny because she died long before Jack made contact with the freighter. Whoever brought the Oceanic Six back to the main land must’ve bargained with them that they had to stick to a script where only those six survived. The big question for that is why?

    It appears some people back home know. Hurley’s visitor, Matthew Abbadon (anagram = what bad boat men) has rightfully been the subject of a lot of speculation. His initial creepiness could point towards him being involved with the people on the freighter, checking in on Hurley to make sure he isn’t talking. That’s a reasonable move considering Hurley’s institutionalization. He also could be someone tied to Penny’s operation, trying to find the island through the six. Whatever it is, I want to see more of Abbadon, if only because I’ve enjoyed Lance Reddick on “The Wire”.

    This story plays along Hurley following the promise of rescue ruined by the loss of Charlie, who warned them of their new arrivals. Hurley’s triumphant cannonball is a microcosm of the episode, as this is the last bit of true happiness he’s going to get for a long time. Most of the cast is having fun and smiling more than they have up to this point, but that is eventually destroyed (their “cannonball” moment is when the beach crew rejoins the main group just before Hurley tells Claire Charlie died). The episode serves to dash all the hope or good feelings the castaways had going in as things are about to be plunged into darkness. It’s reminiscent of Ben wanting to give Kate something nice to hang on to before their imprisonment officially began (which feels awfully anticlimactic now).

    Hurley’s encounter with Jacob’s cabin may be setting up elements for his story or explaining elements we’ve already seen. Hurley apparently sees Jacob, which is a big deal. Previously it’s been believed that it would take some deep communion with the island to do that. However, Hurley’s at best been avoiding the mysteries of the island as they connect to the numbers (initially I thought that’s what Hurley was running from seeing the numbers on a lotto ticket, the source of his wealth in the first place). His use of the numbers could be why Jacob chose to reach him on the island. Perhaps Jacob manifested off the island as Charlie to convince him that return to the island is necessary. Ben’s implied that Jacob can leave the island, as he claims that Jacob cured Rachel’s cancer.

    The image of Christian sitting in the cabin with Jacob recalls the final mobisode “So It Begins”. In it, Christian (or something resembling Christian) encounters Vincent in the jungle after the crash. “Christian” then convinces the dog to find Jack and set him on his way, as he has “work to do”. Christian’s body has been a major loose end from the fifth episode, so perhaps reintroducing it in this episode and mobisode may be setting us up for an answer in the near future.

    Back at the radio tower, Jack is triumphant, albeit still fixated on Locke following his stabbing of Naomi. Some theorized this action is what turns the freight crew against the castaways, but that may not be the case. That’s certainly the way she sees it shortly before attacking Kate and dying.

    Naomi pulls a Mikhail-esque comeback, rising from her knife wound to hide in the jungle. Some have wondered why would she die after surviving a machete blow in the back if she survived (and fully recover within days) a punctured lung back in “Catch-22”. One can look to the producers’ explanation that what kind of person you are determines how you are healed. It’s similar to how Eko stared down the smoke monster one episode, but is killed by it in the next season. The machete, much like the hatch explosion triggered her darker side and that prevented the wound from healing in time.

    Despite being beaten, tied up, humiliated and losing all his status within his group, Ben’s spirit is unbroken. His one-liners, including asking permission to go with Locke, are terrific. He has some experience with this as we saw in season two: no matter what his position is, he’s always trying to figure out how to exploit his situation for his advantage. One has to wonder if his status will change with the castaways when the agenda of the people on the freighter becomes clear.

    Those heading to The Barracks all have easily explainable motives. Locke’s motives have been clear for some time. Hurley’s are the centerpiece of the episode. It’ll be interesting to see what he meant when he apologized to Jack for siding with Locke (originally Hurley told off both Jack and Locke, but the Locke part was cut). Claire was going to side with Charlie as Hurley did. Rousseau wasn’t going back even if the warnings were wrong, so Alex and Karl would be reasonable accessories for her. I could imagine Sawyer going either way, because he is in the mindset of every man for himself rather than live together, die alone. He’s probably the likeliest to bail when things go bad, which likely considering the sonic fence isn’t helpful when you have helicopters.

    While it may be expected that those on the beach who heard Desmond’s warning would want to side with staying away from those on the freighter, it’s understandable why some stay behind. We know that the new arrivals are bad news, but the “Not Penny’s Boat” message is vague enough to allow interpretation. For all we know, most of the castaways don’t know who Penny is, at least judging by Charlie not knowing her in “Catch-22”. Also, they’ve been on the island long enough to accept any rescue boat, and they don’t have reason to believe it besides objections from the duplicitous Ben.

    It may be hard to believe, but this is the first time Juliet and Locke have had a scene together. Considering her history with Jack, Locke’s reputation and her desire to get off the island at all costs, she’d side with Jack.

    Sayid has had at best a contentious relationship with Locke and considering Locke’s behavior Sayid has swung towards Jack. I’m prone to believing Sayid is one of the Six, but that is more a hunch.

    Of course, Bernard will only go where Rose goes. Considering Rose and Locke’s bond over being healed and their reluctance to leave, that they went such different directions hopefully will be explored.

    I’m a bit surprised that Desmond would stay with Jack considering he was with Charlie in his final moments and bonded with him throughout the third season, but maybe there’s residual resentment over the hatch or it’s another element of his cowardice.

    For the rest besides Jack, Sun’s a no-brainer, as is Jin: Sun doesn’t want to die during the pregnancy as nine of the Others have and Jin will side with his wife. However, Sun could always stay, have her baby and not die as the women in The Others have.

    Probably the one that is slightly off is Kate. Perhaps this is due to errors in developing her character, but she has a history of running and avoiding settling down. She also seems to ignore the fact that she’s still wanted for murder and will have to either face that fact or run. Siding with Jack explains her motivation, but not enough is given to the consequences of her rescue.

    Regardless, the split between Team Locke and Team Jack was intense. It’s been building up for some time and it boils over in this episode. The fact that Jack pulled the trigger on Locke is more telling than anything. Jack didn’t expect anyone to go with Locke, much less several prominent members. With the castaways divided, the conflict is rife not even taking into account Daniel, the parachutist at the end of the episode.

    This was the second best season premiere to date (behind “The Pilot” which is saying something). The episode manages to take the lead of the flash-forward and run with it for maximum effect, establishing a new layer of mysteries for the characters (where will they go) and island. The agreement the producers made seems to have tightened their pacing and resolve. Things are about to get really ugly.
  • Lost returns with a bang!

    They left us with a bing and return with yet another bang! Love it. 10 months of waiting, 10 months of hype,it`s not easy to live up to such hype but Lost did it. The so-called rescuers are coming but part of the losties belie they are nor tomming to help after Charlie`s warning. The flash forward is intriguing and reveals 6 of the Losties are going back to civilization, but it also seems something terrible will happen. I did not rate it higher because of too much of Hurley and Jate (I`m a skater). Jacob`s appearance is the peak of the episode. Christian Shepard is in there, but does this mean he is Jacob? I think he was with Jacob who is someone/something else.
    Anyway great return, next episode is multi centric, should be even better.
  • Lost is back :D

    After months and months of waiting for Lost to return, it finally comes back.

    I am not a big fan on the flashforwards, I really don't want to see what happens after, I liked it when it was a mystery, as strange as that sounds. It kills me to know that while 6 people were rescues, there is some big secret restraing them from getting the others who are still on the same old island!

    For the first time in 3 years i supported John but when Hurley said, in the flashforward that he should have gone with Jack, I was shocked.

    Lost is back! Hopefully better than ever before!
  • Not the best season premiere, but still a very solid episode.

    In terms of structure, "The Beggining of the End" is very similar to "Man of Science..." and "A Tale..." the S2 and S3 premieres of Lost. Just like them, TBOTE starts exactly where the previous season ended and it's almost an epilogue of the previous season finale.

    Witch means that, more than revelations, what we saw was the repercution of things that happened in TTLG: the survivors learning about Charlie's death, the face-to-face between Locke and Jack, the group splitting into 2 and so on. It was a very good episode, it's interesting how, using the flash-foward format, the people behind the show can add even more questions and mistery without spoil what's happening in the island. Most of the things we saw on Hurley's FF can't be considered "facts". For example, Hurley says to Jack that he "shouldn't go with Locke". So it's a fact that Jack was right and Locke was wrong? No way. That's Hurley's POV, and let's not forget the shape Jack is in his flash-foward. What made him change his mind some time after that conversation with Hurley?

    Jorge Garcia finally delivers a decent dramatic performance. Considering his limitations as an actor, it was a good job.

    One big flaw in this episode was Naomi. WTF was that? If they had kept her alive could be interesting and generate some theories (like, the island ressurected her or something?), but there was no point in doing that. That was just a waste of time.

    Even though it's not an "instant classic" episode, it was good enough to make me believe that S4 will be awsome.
  • Intruiging, Interesting and Infuriating

    This is a great episode and starts off the new series with exactly the right tone and pace. Also, if you are willing to look beneath the surface of this episode there is a lot of interesting things so be found. A rewatch of this episode and perhaps a closer look at some of the episode's shots is a must. If I had to find a fault (and it will be by no means the first time this has been said about an episode of Lost) it would be that this episode raises so many more questions than it answers - but would we have it any other way?!
  • Awesome!

    What can I say about this episode. It was amazing. I cried all the way though it nearly. I loved it. Hurley's flashforward was awesome. The best scene in the whole episode was when Hurley and Charlie where talking to eachother in the metal home. I hope I will we will be seeing more of Charlie, beacuse I really miss him and he did an awesome job. I really liked seeing Jack and Hurley together too, Jack looked so sexy. I also cant believe that Jack tried to kill John Locke. I couldn't believe that he tried to kill him. I really cant wait until the next episode. I would have given this episode 10 out of 10 but I wanted to see alot more. I really love it though. I have to say this Jack Shepherd is so hot! All in all an awesome start to LOST.
  • Amazing episode...loaded with story, and new perspective on how we'll learn more about our favorite characters, and good character exposition, especially...

    Like all the great episodes, this one answered many questions, and of course introduced many more. Anyone who tuned in to have all their questions answered in this episode doesn't really understand what Lost is about. In fact, this was probably the most eventful and revealing season premiere yet (with the exception of the pilot episode). Some episodes are more story driven, and some are more character driven, and this was clearly a "story" episode...still some character revelations, as well.

    Some Reveals: there's an "Oceanic 6": seemingly only 6 castaways who get off the island; there appears to be other castaways who were left behind on the island; the Oceanic 6 appear to be lying about themselves being the only survivors.

    New questions: who are the other three of the Oceanic 6? What could the "rescuers" (whoever they are, it's not yet 100% clear it's even the freighter people) have said/done to convince the 6 to leave behind their friends and lie about it? Could people's lives be at stake if they reveal the truth? And what happens with whoever is left on the island - do they join the others, or some new Locke "tribe"? And whose eye did Hurley see in Jacob's cabin? I've read that a couple people said they saw Christian Shephard in Jacob's cabin, but having watched it in slow motion a couple times, I have not seen anything even remotely resembling that? By the way, what's up with that picture of the dog in the cabin - that's twice they went out of the way to focus on it, even just briefly. Also, who visited the mental institution to see Hurley - he knows something about the poeple on the island, but has questions (so not with freighter people), and isn't with Oceanic?

    Character exposition: Hurley and Jack. The Hurley character exposition was straight-forward, as Hurley's character tends to be. For whatever reason, he agreed to lie about what happened on the island, and the guilt is getting to him, hence his Charlie visions. Back on the island, he had gotten more serious when finding out his good friend died. Several characters have lost friends on the island, but Hurley (arguably) has had the toughest losses - his love interest (Libby) and his best freind (Charlie), and within Lost's timeline, just a matter of weeks apart. But nothing shocking about Hurley's emotions/actions.

    Jack's evolution is interesting, though. Certainly, in the ff, it's interesting to see him trying to protect the secret, knowing he will eventually become so obsessed with unravelling it. But the on-island transitions are revealing. Jack is becoming more obsessive, and more absolute - both traits of Locke and Ben, perhaps moreso Ben. His willingness to shoot Locke in cold blood exposes a darker side, one even Sayid and Sawyer are uncomfrotable with (telling, considering their lack of credentials as "moral police"). But it appears more of Jack exposing his true self, less him changing. We've seen an obsessed Jack in the past, if not one committed to absolutism. Since the journey of the survivors has been so much about the opportunity for redemption, and either embracing it or rejecting it, Jack seems more and more in the category of someone not changing, not learning from the mistakes of his past. Sure, he learns tactical lessons about surviving on the island, but as a person, has he really changed for the better. He's been the one to make the tough decisions, perhaps eothers to explore their own evolution, but disallowing himself from true introspection. He was so obsessed with being the fixer and finding rescue that he just ignored Charlie's warning, and his unwillingness to "let it go", as his father would advise, fed his obsessive anger to want to kill Locke in cold blood. I am as intrigued as ever to see the journey of Jack's character - and what convices him to go from keeping the island secret in the future to being obsessed with getting back (could it be that he eventually finds out that one of the poeple he left behind was his sister Claire, perhaps the breaking point of his guilt?).

    Lost is back in a big way. With a patchwork of puzzle pieces from the present and future (and likely a spattering of the past still) being filled in piece by piece, the mystery of the island will probably unravel a good deal this season, and this episode was an exciting sign of things to come.
  • Spoilforwards have destroyed this show. The blatant attempt to pander to L&O fans that need to have everything spoon fed to them, has ruined what was once a great show.

    The best example of my point is when Naomi put a knife to Kate's throat. Before flash forwards we would have been concerned. This show has killed major characters before (Boone, Shannon, Mr. Eko, Ana Lucia, Abbey, etc) but thanks to the spoilfowards we know that she leaves the island, so there was ZERO suspense in that scene. In fact, putting Kate, Jack or Hurley in peril will be extremely boring from now on, as we know they leave the island unharmed. Just as I predicted, the show is now about how they catch up to the awful spoilfowards & the action on the island is now boring.

    I can't understand how anyone could complain about flashbacks. They told us about the characters' life before arriving on the island & how their actions on the island were influenced by their past decisions. More importantly, flashbacks reinforced the concept of life on the island being a new start for them. A new opportunity for living the kind of life they've always wanted (see: Kate, Jin, Michael, Walt). Instead we have stupid spoilforwards. All we need now is the stupid thunk thunk sound between scenes.

    I'm all for a Hurley episode but it made no sense that Desmond did not tell Jack & the Losties that Charlie knew it wasn't penny's boat. That was unrealistic, so was Hurley throwing the walkie-talkie in the ocean, which was another stupid bit of writing. There were many more realistic methods of having the Losties split in two. Hurley's speech was not one of them.

    The point of this show was always about character development & human interaction. People connecting & surviving on an island. That is why some people still are affected emotionally by what happens on the show. Charlie's death & Claire's knowledge of it was upsetting. The shot to the people connected to Charlie (Locke, sawyer, Desmond) added to the scene. The other good part was watching Jack pull the trigger on Locke, something that he would never have done before arriving on the island. He has truly become a leader (a shepherd) & it has been a slow process. People do not suddenly change over night. The realistic progression of all the characters becoming new people makes this show so engaging. That is what the show is about. Making the island mysterious was just so that there would be conflicts that further each character's personal journey.

    Too many fans started watching the show when they heard about the mysteries & unanswered questions. Those people don't understand the show & are still complaining that they haven't gotten any answers, despite the spoilforwards. I'm guessing these people only read the 1st & last chapters of books they buy. Thanks to these people we have "The Oceanic 6," a lack of suspense & a new kind of show that panders to the intellectually small who want answers not story.
  • This was yet another great Lost episode I can tell this season is starting out stronger than last season. (contains spoilers)

    Last season started a little weak but finished with what was one of the best ever episode of Lost. This season has already started pretty good. We have a very Hurley centered episoded which was cool because we see him running from the cops in the flashfoward and later find out the reason was because he saw Charlie who is dead. The intersting thing was when he mentioned the "Oceanic 6" in the flash foward. We have seen Kate, Hurley, & Jack in the flash fowards so who will be the other 3 that live if that is the case. We also saw alot with Jacob and how Hurley can hear him like Locke, and some people said that they saw (Jack's Dad) Christan Shepard in the house with Locke and Jacob. Someone brought it to my attention that they mentioned ho-ho's when Hurley "saw" Charlie, and then when Jack was playing basketball Hurley said Jack had H-O the numbers correlating to them in the alphabet are 8 and 15 like as in Oceanic flight 815. I was told that I didn't catch it myself. It was a great episode and I can't wait to see were this season takes us and who will make it through.
  • The new season is here, the long wait is over, and the time to choose has come.

    Man of Science or Man of Faith, Jack or Locke. In the moment of indecision Hurley makes a speech which convinces a good number of the group, Claire, Danielle and Ben among them to follow Locke. They leave the other survivors to their chosen fate, save Desmond and Sayid who stay with full knowledge of the newcomer's deceit. This is without a doubt my favorite Hurley-centric episode. He can always be counted upon to step up in the group, but only if no one else will. Hurley's encounter with Smokey/Jacob/island (or whatever you call it) was one of the best, next to Locke and Boone in my opinion. Kate and Danielle getting back in their element is worthy of mention. Following trails, getting ready for a fight. They have always seemed like kindred spirits to me. Jack behaved very Jack-like, no surprises there. Lastly, even though his appearance in this episode was very, very short, I got the feeling I am going to like the new guy. After many years and three seasons we have reached the beginning of the end. For me that idea is both sad and exciting, like this episode.
  • This episode sets up one very important piece of information...

    There are still people on the island, and their safety is in the hands of those who made it off. As long as they can keep quiet.

    So yeah, it's been a long wait. All I wanted was to be sucked right back in. The first episode of this new season did that. There were no lulls and the hour flew. Sometimes when the wait is so long delusions of granduer can occur upon watching, just because it's feels good to finally get that fix. Well I taped it and watched it twice. I'm absolutely positive it was genuinely gratifying, warranting a sincere 10 rating. It was actually better than I thought it would be, and I certainly was sucked in from the get go.

    Now that this 34 year old man is done gushing like a 14 year old girl, let's review...

    Post-island Hurley's a pretty popular nutjob. He has lots of visitors. The creepy "attorney" who worked for Oceanic Airlines visits Hurley for one reason. He demands to know "are they still alive?".

    Hurley's next visitor reminds him of something seemingly very important. "You know that they need you Hurley!" insists an imaginary Charlie.

    In the end we see Jack checking up on Hugo after learning that he had been in trouble. Hurley sniffs out why Jack is really there. He's checking to see if Hurley "was gonna tell".

    So okay, it's important that he keeps a tight lip.

    The "rescuers" are bad people, involved in some high level conspiracy. Something must happen that gives the "Oceanic Six" leverage. They have the means to condemn this group of baddies, so an agreement is reached and their lives are spared.

    Hurley is on the verge of breaching this agreement by drawing to much attention to himself. In the flash forward we see two sides intervene (Abadon {the Attorney} and Jack), both acting in their own best interest. Two sides in the flashforward and two sides on the island, a subtle forshadowing worth noting.

    Locke tribe is still on the island, and they are in danger. Hurley is the first to realize this, and as we saw in last season's finale, Jack will come to realize this soon. Remember Jack's exclamation "We have to go back!", well as it turns out it was he who echoes Hurley sentiment.

    Some afterthoughts...

    I've always been a big supporter of Jack, but the scene where he tries to kill Locke left a sour taste in my mouth. It was actually nice to see Jack humbled in that scene after learning about Charlie.

    Jack did pay his respects in his own way though. It was a nice moment when he and Kate leaned and stared into the cockpit. She asks "You thinking about Charlie?". He responds "Feels like a hundred years ago that we came out here together". As happenstance would have it, being there caused them to reflect on their fallen comrade. Nice scene.

    Can't wait till next week.
  • ...

    Although I had waited for months to see this episode, it didn't quite manage to live up to my expectations, but then I had very high ones.
    The episode was decent overall, but not spectactular. I think the downside of having continuing flashforwards, is that the element of mystery is removed from the show; yes, I know the Freighters are bad guys and the island doesn't like them but at the same time I know that Jack, Kate, Hurley and three other unidentified Losties do manage to return to civilisation, alive, and so I don't see great danger in the new arrivals on the island.
    I liked the idea of having the season premiere as a Hurley episode; he was so under-used last season, being as how his backstory had run out, that it's a good decision of the writers to have him as one of the 'Oceanic 6'.
    I didn't like seeing Charlie as a ghost initially (and since when do ghosts get haircuts??), but his appearance seemed to fit in more as the episode went on.
    I liked Locke's return and did Hurley 'see' Jacob?? He was led to the lair by the island after all.
    It seems that the main division in the group now is between those who want to survive, as their main priority, and those who want to be saved.
    Didn't quite buy Jack's reasons for his neglection to follow the true trail of Naomi.
    Basically, with the situation we were left with at the end of season 3, this episode could have been much better than it was. However I did enjoy it and it was still great. Yet I do think it was below the very high standards of most of season 3.
  • Very interesting

    SO pleased to have Lost back, the greatest show on earth. Slightly disappointed with the way it started, perhaps they wanted to go in a new direction but I've loved the eye shots in the previous premieres. Hurely was fantastic and the OCEANIC SIX! line was great. Not sure I like Charlie instantly being back in it, even if he is dead, as I don't like the idea that alot of this is in Hurley's mind. Whilst it is interesting to think that some of it may not actually be going on, that would be a real disappointment if at the end of it they say "and it was all a dream!!"

    Very sad when Hurley told Claire about Charlie but even that I thought perhaps could have been done better. I think I would have preferred it to have been done in a different way, i'm not sure how but that part really felt like it was in a studio somewhere. Anyway, good stuff and so excited for the rest of the show....
  • Great episode

    "The Beginning of the End" was a solid season premiere, probably the best since the series began. Although it lacked a huge "WOW" moment comparable to the season 2 and 3 premieres, it was a fast-paced continuation of the events of last year's finale. Perhaps the biggest surprise was the decision to make this premiere a Hurley-centric episode, but it was a great gamble. Finally, anyone worried about the decision to introduce "flash-forwards" into the show's formula should be able to put their minds at ease, as that part of the show was at least as interesting, if not more so, than the on-Island action.

    In true LOST fashion, the action picked up right where it left off in the Island part of the story. A noticeable difference, however, is in the rapid pace at which the narrative began to move. Even in this first episode, it is obvious that the writers are using the freedom of a set end date to the show's advantage. There is no more need to stall or drag sub-plots out longer than need be. In stark contrast to this premiere, I remember when it took a full three episodes before all of the characters were accounted for in season 2, and six of the first nine episodes of season 3 focused entirely on Jack, Kate and Sawyer. This time, all of the players and simultaneous events are addressed in one hour.

    As Jack prepares to lead the survivors back to the beach camp to await rescue, Desmond returns to the people on the beach with news of Charlie's death and his final warning that the people on the "rescue" freighter aren't who they say they are. Both groups move to meet in the jungle, but a distraught Hurley becomes separated from the group and has a brief encounter with Jacob's cabin before meeting Locke. Both men, convinced that they need to stay away from the supposed "rescuers," make a plea to the other survivors, and ultimately two camps form-- Team Jack, which will go make contact with the Freighties in the hopes of being rescued, and Team Locke, which will go to the Barracks to hide from, and possibly defend themselves against this approaching party.

    Several events in the Island storyline deserve some analysis. First, Hurley's encounter with Jacob was an unexpected turn for a typically lighthearted character. Galvanized by the death of his friend, Hurley is no longer a beachside B-Teamer but an important player in the story. Ben said last season that Jacob is a man who "summons you," and by putting his magical moving cabin in Hurley's path more than once, it's clear that Jacob wanted to contact Hurley for some reason. Inside the cabin, Hurley sees not one but TWO figures (interesting, since Locke couldn't see ANYONE). The first is Christian Shephard (as shown in this picture from Sledgeweb's LOST Stuff), whose presence should come as less of a surprise to those who have been watching the LOST: Missing Pieces mobisodes. The second is a familiar eye, which was shown only briefly. Some believe it to be Locke's, but I am not convinced.

    Another question the encounter raises is this: if Jacob's cabin can move, how did Ben know exactly where to go to meet Jacob last season? Some speculation is that until just recently, Ben had confined Jacob with the circle of ash glimpsed briefly in "The Man Behind the Curtain," thus keeping the cabin in the same place. The theory is that between the time Locke saw a vision of Walt and his first appearance this season, he scattered the ash around the cabin, thus responding to Jacob's plea for help and "freeing" him to move again.

    To the character side of things, the rivalry between Jack and Locke reached a new level this episode when the survivors met at the wreckage of the front section of the plane. Things have been building for some time, with Jack doing everything in his power to find some form of rescue for the survivors and Locke desperately trying to prevent them from leaving. What I wasn't ready for was that Jack actually attempted to murder Locke with a gun that turned out to be unloaded. With that act, I feel a line has been crossed between the two now that will make any reconciliation nearly impossible.

    The climax of the episode was the split of the survivors into two camps. This split had been rumored since the middle of season 3 and speculation began on who would side with Jack or Locke. Charlie's death added another factor into this decision, and his warning about the Freighties was what ultimately led Hurley and Claire to side with Locke. Desmond probably had the most difficult choice to make, having been there when Charlie warned him about the Freighties but also knowing that he was somehow connected to them, since they had his picture; ultimately, he decided to stay with Jack.

    It looks like the Island story will become a dual narrative for the next couple episodes, as Team Jack meets the Freighties and Team Locke returns to the barracks with Ben in tow. I believe that ultimately Locke will decide to have Ben lead them to the Temple, where the Others have gone. Thus, while Jack's storyline will give us some clues as to who these new people are, and what their real purpose on the Island is, Locke's storyline will hopefully cast some more light on the history of the Island and its mysteries.

    Concurrent with all these Island happenings, we see a flash-forward in which Hurley returns to the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute after visions of Charlie cause him to get in some trouble with the law. The final appearance of Dominic Monaghan as a vision of Charlie does a good job of wrapping up the character. In fact, I have to say that, on-Island and off, the death of Charlie was handled very well. Hurley and Claire are given time to express an appropriate amount of grief. I can't speak highly enough of Jorge Garcia's performance in this episode, showing grief, determination, fear and joviality with such range in an hour-long time span.

    The flash-forwards appear to be just the breath of fresh air that LOST needed to rejuvenate itself halfway through the series. The flashbacks were always a crapshoot; after the first round that introduced each of the original characters in season 1, fans began to either anticipate or dread the flashbacks based on whose they were. The term "Jackback," for example, was coined to belittle the disproportionate number of Jack flashbacks that all but the most ardent of Matthew Fox groupies began to find tiresome. By the time we reached season 3, some of the flashbacks became as much of a chore to labor through as the commercials. Forget Cassidy and Kate's mom! Let's see the smoke monster again!

    The flash-forwards, however, are brilliantly designed to reveal not just more about the characters, whom we all know pretty well by now, but an entirely new storyline to run concurrently with the Island action. The remainder of the season, and perhaps the series, now appears to be a puzzle in which pieces of the chronology will slowly go into place. By the end of the series we will be able to connect the dots and understand Hurley's fear of the man named Abbadon who asks him, "Are they still alive?" We'll know what Charlie meant when he said "They still need you."

    Even bigger, we'll come to learn just what Jack, Hurley and the other flash-forward characters are so afraid of, and what they've been lying about. Jack made a special trip to see Hurley just to make sure he wouldn't tell anyone what he knows. That combined with his fierce rebuttal of Hurley's cryptic warning, "It wants us to come back," is a stark contrast to the shattered man in last year's finale who would come to acknowledge that "we have to go back." It seems that eventually, even the most stubborn "man of science" will have to admit that the Island is special and calls for their return, to finish whatever secretive business was started there.

    As in previous season premieres, the seeds have now been sown for the narratives that will drive this chapter of LOST. On the Island, we will see a meeting and confrontation with the Freighties, and as Team Jack and Team Locke go their seperate ways they will each forge new paths into the larger mythology of the series. In the flash-forwards, we will likely learn who the Oceanic 6 are, and perhaps begin to uncover just what has got them so afraid. What are they lying about, and why do they eventually become convinced that they need to return to the Island? We probably won't know in just seven more episodes, but if the season proceeds at the pace of this premiere, they should still be a filling dose of LOST.
  • Charlie: (To Hurley) I am here, you're being a baby.

    As usual with my reviews I will start with a little recap. After learning Charlie's final message, part of the survivors start wondering if they should trust Naomi's associates or not and end up dividing from the other half. This episode of Lost passed my expectations t was absolutly brillint it gave us lots of new questions, Ben was really funny in the episode, Kate was great and up to her old tricks again, we see Charlie again which was great because I did not expect him to be back so soon, Locke and Jack fighting just like the old days, I was shocked when Jack pulled the trigger. Glad to see Niomi die again, and it was pretty sad the aftermath of Charlie's death. I liked this episode so much I watched it twice, cant wait to see next weeks episode. The Begining Of The End get 10 out of 10 in my opinion a great return. This episode proves why Lost is the best show on TV.
  • i cried, i gasped...i watched it 3 times..

    ..because i needed to get it right about a few things. first i have to say i actually did cry 3 TIMES!!! yeah ok i am a big softie, poor Hurley and Claire and did you see sawyer and Desmond bow there heads when Claire was told, gut wrenching. Hurley first saw charlie when he was in the police room and the mirror turned into a view of the sea and charlie came swimming towards the glass and put his hand on it then it smashed.
    what amazed me was the bit in Jacobs cabin, the eye definitely was NOT Locke's. it was someone way younger and a very thin/withdrawn face, and the eye was brown. i thought it looked like jin at first but on replay it was not...so who is it? also, as Hurley was running away from the cabin and bumped into Locke, how did Locke already know charlie's fate? he certainly had not been to the beach at that point or bumped into anyone else after leaving jack etc.
    at the end did the man parachute in? the helicopter was to low for that to happen, maybe he was winched down.
    and who is the oceanic6? who knows at this time. they divided and Hurley went with Locke so how did that change and he got home? we will wait and see.
    on the whole i was totally gobbed smacked when first watching it after waiting so long....really cant wait to see the rest of the season......if the writers strike ever ends, hopefully while they have been on strike they will have written the rest of the season and we wont have to wait too long before the episodes air.
  • Well Slap My Ass and call me Sally That was brilliant :D

    I honestly cannot think of anything that i could fault that with
    I was going to give it 9.8 but im changing it to 10 beacsue i wouldnt want it any other way... oh alright 9.9 beacuse Niomi didnt get noticed by a hill full of people but thats the only possible fault

    Me & my friend were argueing about the 1st scene... i had my money on "in the boat" , my friend had "in Pennys house"
    BUT it was only a ****ing flashforward
    I loved them
    And then the mysetry of who wsa in the car, firstly it had to be Jack... Then kate... Then, no, surely not Hurley :O
    I loved iot beacuse i had heard about the Oceanic 6, and never even thought of Hurley beinng in it...
    So theres Hurley Jack Kate ? ? ?
    and i think that those three spaces will be filled with a selection from the five .... Sayid Claire Desmond Micheal & Juliet
    So right here im going 2 state for the record that.... the other three are Micheal, Sayid & Claire

    Anyway... back on track
    I almost cryed when Hurley broke it to Claire.. INCREDABLE acting from Hurley
    I mad a manly little scream noise when we were in Jacobs cabin
    and shouted some more when Charley turned up in the hospital
    Bloody hell
    that was brilliant!!
    SO thank you Mr Writers
    Will someone given them their money so they can come home

    I thik this episode has to go in my top 10.. it was brilliant
    10 points to my fave characetr Hurley
    Rose & Bernard Benjamin Linus & Poor Old Claire

    wow :D
    Bring on the next 7 weeks
  • i m a big fan of lost and of jj, i was very disappointed with this episode. The future flashbacks are not cool, this episode doesnt answer anything, no trace of the black smoke or of the invisible monster, where are the others who are about to be invaded?

    this is the worst episode i have ever watched. The future fhaslbacks are not really good, they spoil every mistery about their future. You also understand that some people are able to leave the island while others remain there waiting for some help. You are led to believe that something is up with "not penny's boat" however in one scene there's someone saying " i am sorry jack we didnt come all with you" (away from the island). Many answers are not given: we dont know what happens to the black smoke or to the invisible monster. We dont know where the others are, we dont see anyone from the dharma centre. This episode has no thrills, maybe jj 's departure from the show has ruined it for good. I hope not.
  • Are you serious? Nothing happened in this episode!

    Naomi was dead at the end of last season, but turns out she's still alive, and dies again. Jack's pissed a Locke, and he's still pissed now. Charlie died in the last episode, and now everyone knows. BORING! The flashfowards were okay. They didn't reaveal anything, only compounded the questions and mysteries. The only reveal was that Jack's father was Jacob, or sitting in Jacob's chair. He's supposed to be dead, so maybe he has a twin, he's ghost, who knows, it seems very contrived and silly, plus I'm sick of his character, enough with Jack's Dad, sheesh. It's ridiculous that Ben hasn't been killed by Locke, Jack, or Sawyer, c'mon!
    I didn't think the show had any real drama or depth. It wasn't smart, funny, or suspenseful. Totally dissapointed and bored by it.
  • This episode was Amazing!

    I had to wait 8 months for this episode. And it was Awesome!
    It was well worth the wait! :D I am so excited for the episodes to come.
    I don't think the writers could have done a better job.

    It was and an interesting, exciting start to this new season. In true LOST fashion it created even more questions while answering very few, if any. But that's why I love this show. It's not for the simpleminded.
    The story was gripping, there were hardly any moments were the pace was slow. Not like before, Lost has been renewed and is looking to be better than ever.!
  • There were high expectations for the follow up to the perfect lost episode, This delivers everything you could ask for: fast pace, emotion, some already classic scenes and mostly more revelations.

    I had been waiting for this episode of Lost to come up for what seemed like an eternity!
    Months of waiting created much speculation amongst fans about what could possibly happen next?

    This episode ends the drought miraculously delivering what I feel is all we could ever want and more.

    The opening scene was fantastic, a car chase which looks in its self very "Movie like" and expensive! the almost instant reveal of Jack watching it all unfold on TV and the immediate suggestion that it is a flash forward because he is drinking alcohol in what is probably first thing in the morning! This is the start of the "wreck" we see in Through the looking glass.

    "I'm one of the Oceanic Six", so we immediately know 6 people make it off the Island, we know 3 of them already!

    There are several reoccuring themes in this episode, Hurley denies all knowledge of knowing Ana Lucia, even though we know and he knows he very much knew her...
    Hurley was being pursued by a barage of Police cars for knocking over a stack of snacks in a store? He and the other 5 are obviously under tight and close watch, perhaps because they don't want them to reveal the islands secrets to the public?
    "I'm sick of lying" Jack said in the season 3 finale, clearly there is an immediate cover up involved.

    The events on the Island happen wonderfully, lots of pace means that events arent drawn out and stretched over many episodes.
    The first 10 minutes involving Hurley were great, he goes from pure happiness at the thought of going home to utter dispair when he learns of Charlie's fate within the space of one minute.

    "Abbadul" in the mental institution who came to visit Hurley, I believe was not real... maybe it was the smoke monster or Jacob himself...

    Speaking of Jacob, he is revealed fully in this episode to Hurley and is none other than Christian Shepherd who almost everyone suspected it was from the brief glimpse we saw in season 3 of him. The fact is this confirms he isn't manifested as who you want him to be, he is Christian because Locke and Hurley both saw him after never having met Jack's father.

    My Theory: I now believe that there are 2 "Monsters", the smoke monster who manifests itself as evil people who try to break or even kill characters and are wholy negative.
    And, a second monster that shows itself to bring up peoples spirits and show them the way in which they have to go (Charlie in Hurleys flash forward for example and Walt in season 3). Maybe these 2 monsters also made it off the Island, because I believe they both appear in this episode in some shape or form.

    The camp splitting up into two groups could prove very interesting, it will be nice to see how this pans out.

    The final Flash Forward scene involving Jack visiting Hurley was a broad image of thinks to come:
    "I've been thinking about growing a beard" - This gives us indication that the episode takes place a few months before Through the looking glass as Jack is just going to grow his beard!
    Jack missing at basketball seems a bit odd, perhaps he was so affected by the alcohol that he couldnt even aim, he's on the path to the dark side already!
    "I'm sorry I went with Locke, I should have stayed with you" - this shows us immediately that Jack is both right and wrong, we know the people are not there to rescue them but somehow Locke's decision ended up being wrong, I'm sure there will be a more complicated turn of events leading to this.

    "It wants us to go back, It's going to do everything it can..." - It? The monster? Jacob? I'm thinking Jacob, because "it" doing "Everything it can" was obviously Charlie or the manifestation of Charlie trying to pursuade that his friends need him on the Island.

    What could possibly happen to make Jack change his mind so suddenly and want to go back after this episode? Who knows!

    I'm looking forward to what is coming, not just for Season 4 but for 5 & 6 as well, I believe that the flash forwards and the events on the Island will eventually collide to form some sort of "Island Return" to retrieve those they left behind... We'll find out in a few months or years I guess.
  • Hurley is still seeing things. We know that these people coming are not good still. We know that the Losties are split . The only thing new is Hurley sees Jacob.

    Outside of Hurley seeing Jacob we find very little out. That he gets off the island, I guess. Everything else we knew 8 months ago. Lots of drawn out recognition of what we already knew. I love the mystery of the show, but sometimes things can be so long developing. I might be biased, but I had waited so long for Charlie to be off the show that I didn't want a half of the show being devoted to hugging about Charlie and walking in the woods. One positive was that they returned Kate to the realm of being a kick arse.
  • What a comeback:D

    LOST is finally back and what a way to start, with Hurley as the center character!!!

    I think this episode was very well done, because once again it allows us to speculate even more of what will happen next. Emotions on the island are heating up, sides are formed and people separated. We discover Hurley will leave the island, but how will he do it? He sided with Locke, does that mean he will think things over and return to Jack? Who knows...

    And once again we see that crazy eye appearing out of nowhere, i hate that...because it always catches me off guard.

    The one thing that i can say i did not really enjoy about this episode was the fact that Naomi who apparently was injured to the point where she seemed to have died, is able to escape, create a dumby trail and still have the streght to climb a tree and ambush Kate. I mean talk about unrealistic, but i have seen people recovering from worst on the island so who knows...

    Overall a great start to the new season, and we will just have to tune in again to see what happens next.

    Thanks for reading!
  • Great return for LOST. Can't wait for more.

    I have been anticipating this episode for a very long time. I was so worried the entire time I waited, though. I was worried that this new season wouldn't measure up. Worried that this new flash forward technique wouldn't be as good as the flashbacks were. Well it turns out I had nothing to worry about.

    This was one of my favorite episodes to date, and an interesting, exciting start to this new season. In true LOST fashion it created even more questions while answering very few, if any. But that's why I love this show. It's not for the simpleminded. Great Episode here.
  • Another season opener that makes me want more.

    LOST is great, LOST is good. Let me thank the writers for creating this episode, before going on strike to get what they had coming to them. Once again, right from the start, I can not wait for the next episode. What other show makes you wish time would just move a little faster so that you don't have to wait a week for the next dose of TV goodness. And as usual there are answers, but also more questions. Who gets off the island? Why all the secrets for the people who get off. Who gets off? Questions, questions, question.... I love this show!
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