Season 4 Episode 1

The Beginning of the End

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2008 on ABC

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  • The return of Lost was like the SuperBowl of science fiction for me. I was really excited. I watched the pre-game show (Lost: Past, Present and Future). I didn't throw a big party or paint my face. The best part about it is that everyone came out a winner

    Instead of flashbacks we are getting flash forwards. Hurley goes mad and ends up in an insane asylum. After the writers killed off Charlie, this is the only way to keep him on the roster. I also want to add that the summer break was really good to Charlie. His look worked for me. He had a really nice rugged, handsome thing going on.

    Hurley. *sighs* Not that the insane thing is boring, I just don't want to see my favorite character going through this. On a brighter note, he got his very own creepy Haitian ala Heroes. Hurley also makes a curious comment that he wished that he'd have gone with Jack instead of staying on the island with that crazy assed Locke. To his credit, his logic was sound at the time. Charlie said it was a bad idea, listen to Charlie so that Charlie wouldn't have died for nothing. Hurley also mentioned "The Oceanic Six". If this means that only six people survived, I sense some traumatic TV viewing in our future.

    The way people get killed but don't die right away annoys me on this show. Naomi gets knifed in the back by crazy man Locke. She slinks away like she's Sylar. She leaves a fake blood trail, gets on another trail, manages to climb a tree, attack Freckles, put a knife to Freckles' throat, have a change a heart, fumble around with a sat. phone then die a great and dramatic kung fu death.

    I like how Jack was actually going to shoot Locke. If that gun wasn't loaded John would have been a dead man. I didn't think Jack had the stones. Way to go Jack but next time use your own loaded gun.

    Lost had a good return. I wasn't disappointed and I hope they keep up the good work.
  • Almost perfect return, got to love the flash forwards.Now please end the strike so this doesnt take a break after episode 8!!!

    What a fantastic start to season 4 of Lost. Everything in this episode was spot on: the mystery surrounding the so called "rescuers", the shock and confusion with Hurley's flashforwards, the increasing tension with Lock and Jack and so much more. Great credit to the writers by coming up with the flashforwards, they were the highlight for me in this episode and with typical lost fashion they raise alot more questions and refuse to answer anything, however thats the great thing with lost you want more crazy mysteries and the satisfying thing is you know the answers will come sooner or later. Great start to the season and hopefully this season will be the best yet.
  • Extraordinary as always!!

    Lost has been my favorite from the beginning, not only because of its extraordinary mysterious storyline, but mainly because of its thematic richness, and its astounding character development.

    The characters all seem to be transforming rapidly. I couldn't help but notice Hurley's new take on things. From the moment he heard of Charlie's death he became deeper and darker. His expression when he told the others he will tell claire of charlie's death, and his eloquent speech was just incredible. Also, he is becoming wiser. He asked for the business card to that man who claimed to be an oceanic representative, and instantly new why Jack came to visit him.

    I have also been noticing a major shift in Sawyer's character. Even though his selfish attitude takes on when he says to Kate that he will do what he has always done "survivin" he still feels compassionate towards Hurley, and tells him to tell him if he needs anything. He is now becoming a vital member of the group. The story was again exciting full of surprising moments. The Jack-Locke fight for leadership, Naomi's death, Hurley's flashforward, the boatpeople, and most of all Hurley's vision of Jacob or sheperd. It was also emotional when Hurley gave the bad news to Claire, and the way he delivered his speech. But mysteries do not stop, they are multiplying.

    All in all, an extraordinary continuation of the greatest series I have seen on TV. I just hope that the writers will continue to develop the characters and themes the same way they always did. Apart from the general plot, it is what makes Lost unique.
  • A good, and interesting Hurley centric episode. Worth to watch it more than 3 times!

    Finally the LOST season 4 premiere is here, and i gotta say: IT RULES! When the season 3 finale ended i was like "Whoa I'm gonna need to wait 9 months to see the next episode?" so The Beginning of the End was like a rousing from the deep dream! In this awesome episode we are set in the future of our favorite entertainer Hurley. We all know what happened to Charlie, and i guess we all knew what was gonna happen after his dead to Hurley and Claire. They were sad. Really sad! Anyway after the shocking revelation from Des, Hurley throws the walkie in the sea. After this, Sawyer, Desmond, Hurley, Bernard, Jin and Sayid decide to meet Jack and the other castaways with him. On the path to the group Hurley gets lost...or maybe summoned by the "mighty" leader of the Other - Jacob! No. It wasn't Jacob, it was Christian Shepherd that called him and yes i really believe that Jack's father is actually Jacob. While Hurley's freaking out Locke comes to him and they both have a conversation when they agree that Jack made a mistake for calling Naomi's boat - after knowing Charlie's final message. Meanwhile Naomi walks out from the group but she's found later by Kate. Kate tells here that they didn't want to hurt her. After telling the truth Naomi finally realizes that they never meant to kill her. She calls her boat, and there you go...rescuers will come. But was everything really good for the Losties? No! Locke changes the mind of the most castaways and some of them join him (including Sawyer, Rousseau, Hurley and Claire) in the mission to "stay alive". The other Losties are still with Jack. After this, Jack and Kate hear some strange noises. First they think it's the storm but not for long...it was a helicopter! Yup - the rescue really come to the Island. "Are you Jack?"....can't wait for the second episode!

    In the Hurley's flashforward we can see that he's obsessed by the death of his favorite mate Charlie. Also he's chased by some unknown man called Matthew Abbadon. Just like Jack in the season 3 finale and Hurley wants to come back to the Island. Who is the mysterious HE that wants them back?

    LOST S4E02 Confirmed Dead comes in 5 days!...and counting.
  • Best premiere so far...

    Its been a long wait since the end of the fantastic season 3 finale "Through the Looking Glass" but Lost is finally back and its better than ever. At first I couldn't believe it. I found myself sitting down ready to watch the premiere of my all time favorite show and I didn't feel excited. Its like id gotten so happy for the shows return that I simply couldn't comprehend how good it felt. Anyway, onto the episode. It started off with a neat trick by the writers, showing a pile of mango's (or some other type of tropical fruit) been smashed everywhere by a red and white Camero. This was a nice start because the viewer was led to believe that this scene was taking place on the island, whereas it was actually taking place in the real world, as we soon see when the scene changes to show the Camero in a high speed chase by 4 (Lost number) Police cars. I knew I recognized the car from "Tricia Tanaka is Dead" but I wasn't completely sure it was the actual car, after all anything can happen in this show. So next we see someone watching this chase on TV, which turns out to be Jack. He seems to know who the driver is from the car as he says "Dammit" as he watches. The car then crashes in a parking lot and the driver is ordered to get out at gun point. It is Hurley. Very interesting. Hurley makes a run for it as none other than his old boss Randy Nations video tapes the whole scene. Will he become more important in future or was he just put in the scene as a easter egg? I would go for the latter. The fantastic opening scene comes to an end with a chilling comment by Hurley. He shouts several times "I'm one of the oceanic six!"

    Unfortunately, I already knew about this due to a message in a youtube video, but despite that I still knew how great that part of the episode must have been for viewers who didn't know. I can only imagine. So after this comment the Lost opening tune comes on, perfectly timed, and the next scene is a continuation of the flashforward. Hurley is interrogated by Ana Lucias old partner (Another nice connection). For some reason Hurley didn't tell him that he knew Ana-Lucia. The cop, called Mike, shows Hurley a video of him running from someone or something in a store. This immediately poses the question "Who was Hurley running from?" Unfortunately for the viewers and Mike Hurley doesn't tell. This is where Mike leaves to get donuts. During this time Hurley hallucinates what appears to be Charlie smashing through a glass window, of which on the other side is the ocean. Hurley gets scared and starts to scream, until Mike returns. He threatens to institutionalize Hurley which to his surprise Hurley thanks him and appears relieved. I found myself pondering whether Hurley had genuinely gone insane or not. So the next scene starts with Hurley using the radio to contact the radio tower. Jack picks up and tells Hurley that the call has been made to the boat people and that they are on there way. I especially like the cool tone of voice in which Jack says all this. Hurley cheers and goes to tell Sayid and co the good news, as Jack and Kate talk about Locke. Jack says that Locke killed Naomi because he is crazy and that he is going to kill him if he comes back. How many times have we heard Jack say something like this? We have heard it alot, so we don't think much of it. After all, we all know Jack isn't a killer. Although in a future part of the episode we are quite surprised. The next scene is a conversation between Rose, Sun and Claire. It is these kind of conversations and these kind of characters who were often absent throughout the third season, so it was nice so see them getting more screentime, an indication of much better writing ahead. Claire says that Bernard is a hero to which Rose replies that Charlie is the real hero as he made rescue possible. She also says "you better treat him real good" when he gets back. As we the viewer know, Charlie is dead, so this comment, despite been a happy one, is actually a sad one. Next, Ben desperately tries to persuade Danielle to take Alex and get far away from where they are. Ben is clearly genuinely worried about the people on the boat. He is abruptly elbowed in the head by her when he talks about Alex as his daughter. This story is starting to confuse.

    The next scene takes place on the beach again. Hurley says he wants to do a cannonball into the ocean, to which Bernard says if he wants to do one he should. I expected Hurley to see Charlie's corpse when he jumped in, but he didn't. Rather, his small moment of happiness was interrupted by Desmond arriving back to the beach...without Charlie. After some arguing and confusion between Desmond, Sayid, Bernard and Juliet Hurley demands to know where he is. Desmond tells him the bad news. Hurley's reaction to the news wasn't exactly emotional, it was more a look of shock. This wasn't the reaction I expected. Back at the radio tower Jack receives another call from the freighter people. They say that they cant get a lock on the signal because there is interference and the settings need to be changed. The person insists that they put Naomi on but for obvious reasons (She is dead) they cant. Jack lies and says she has gone out for firewood, and thats when he notices she is actually missing. When I first saw her missing some inexplicable things went through my mind quickly, the first been that Locke had took Naomi's corpse. I have no idea why I thought this. Jack asks Ben where she went, to which Ben replies mockingly "Who?" These sarcastic jabs at Jack continue throughout the episode, and they are rather funny. Back on the beach there is a debate going on. Sawyer insists on calling Jack on the radio and warning him about Charlie's hand message, which it appears they have all been told about during the time since the last part. Sayid argues that the boat people may be monitoring there communications so it would be too risky. Sawyer decides that he is going to make the call anyway until Hurley takes control and snatches it off him, throwing it into the ocean. I liked this part because it signals a more serious and vengeful side to Hurley, which may show up in future episodes. At the radio tower, Jack, Danielle and Ben prepare to search for Naomi. Kate warns Jack that there may be a dummy trail, but Jack thinks nothing of it. They hug each other before they leave as Ben watches with a bizarre expression. This is explained further in the episode.

    At the beach Hurley still appears to be taking leadership. He makes it clear that they need to warn Jack as soon as possible. They all arm up and get ready to go. Sawyer makes the comment "Here I was thinking I was going to get a good nights sleep" The whooshing sound is heard as another Hurley flashforward begins.

    Hurley is playing connect 4 with an unknown patient at the mental hospital. As the nurse gives him his medication, she points out that he has a visitor. Matthew Abbadon, who claims to be a representative for oceanic airlines, seems a very interested character from the first look. His stare seems quite manic as he looks at Hurley and the music in the background during this scene gives us the impression that this man is quite an important character. He talks to Hurley about the incident which got him into the hospital and offers him a nicer place. Hurley turns him down, and says he is fine where he is. This is when Hurley starts to get suspicious, and the music changes. When Abbadon cant prove his identity, Hurley says that the conversation is over. Before Hurley leaves, however, Abbadon asks "Are they still alive?" This sentence sent shivers down my spine. The man appears to be threatening now, and Hurley quickly tries to get away from him. Abbadon leaves. The scene was very interesting, and the actor who plays Matthew Abbadon did a very good job in portraying the mysterious and menacing person. Whoever he is, I hope to see him in future episodes. Hurley and co are now walking through the jungle, on there way to meet with the rest of the camp and warn them. Hurley falls behind from the group and ends up on his own. This is when he runs into Jacobs Cabin. And important question is raised here, and that is "How did the cabin move from the other side of the island to there?" Danielle, Jack and a tied up Ben are still following the trail, Danielle claims that it ends and that they had actually followed a dummy trail. Ben doesn't look too surprised and sarcastically says to Jack "Better call the boat and tell them she is getting a really big bundle of firewood." This is another funny comment by Ben. Jack reaches for the phone and realizes it is missing, to which he questions Ben. Ben explains that Kate took the phone when they hugged and that she must be following the right trail. I like this clever trick by the writers and it raised tension.

    Meanwhile, Kate is walking through the jungle following the right trail, when she gets a call from the boat people. The man asks where Naomi is. Kate says that they are looking for her and puts the phone down to avoid suspicion. Suddenly a drop of blood hits Kate's shoulder and she looks up. I expected to see a corpse hanging in the tree, and again I didn't bother questioning why someone would feel the need to climb a tree and die in one, but I still thought that anyway. Naomi is infact, still alive, and she ambushes Kate, holding the knife, which she must have pulled out of her back, at Kate's neck. When Kate finally persuades her that it was not them who killed her she rings up her people and pretends that she had an accident parachuting in. She then dies after changing the settings on the phone, allowing the boat people to get a fix on there location. One thing which I found quite odd about this scene was that if Naomi had managed to make a dummy trail, walk across the jungle, climb in a tree and pull a knife out of her back, why did she suddenly die when Kate found her? Strange...

    The scene changes back to Hurley, who is still standing before Jacobs Cabin. He looks very uneasy, and approaches it very slowly. For some reason when he looks through the window, he sees Christian sat down in the rocking chair, then Jacob. Then suddenly man pops up in front of the window, causing Hurley to turn and run. When he finally thinks he has got away he turns round to walk again when suddenly he is face to face with the same cabin again. Hurley steps away and closes his eye, telling himself that nothing is there, 4 times might I add (Another number). The cabin does disappear and Hurley falls over on the ground, almost afraid to move. He is then scared by John Locke, who appears above him. I loved this scene because it showed the darker route that the series is heading to, and it was very bizarre. I also loved Locke's entrance, which came at a perfect time. Locke and Hurley talk about the call Jack made, and both agree that he shouldn't have done it. Locke also appears to know about Charlie's hand message, despite not been told. I assumed that the scene of Hurley telling Locke about what happened was simply edited out to save time. They then catch up to Sayid and everyone else. No one seems to be happy to see John again, and Sayid demands that Locke tell him why he destroyed the submarine before he has any chance of support from him. They are interrupted as the survivors who went to the radio tower arrive. I didn't quite understand how they knew to go to the cockpit or how they knew Sayid and co would be there but I didn't bother questioning it. The happy scene of Sun and Jin and Rose and Bernard reuniting is quickly overshadowed by Hurley informing Claire of Charlie's death. They both begin to cry and comfort each other. This is the kind of reaction I expected from Hurley at first. The scene changes to a flashforward. Hurley sits in a park, painting a picture of an Eskimo beside an igloo. The person who he played connect 4 with in the other flashforward comes over to him and tells him that someone is staring at him. Hurley turns round to see Charlie. I remained confused about this part for quite a bit, because whilst I would have just said Hurley was hallucinating, he clearly wasn't because someone else saw Charlie. But I also knew that Charlie wasn't alive so I eventually thought that it must be his ghost. Charlie tells Hurley that he wants to talk and asks him not to do what he did in the store, showing that Charlie was who Hurley was running from in the first flashforward. Hurley doesn't believe that he is there, but Charlie slaps him, just like Dave did in season 2. Hurley reluctantly agrees to sit down and talk to Charlie. He says "They need you" to which Hurley refuses to listen and tries to ignore him. I am assuming that "they" are the castaways who don't get rescued but I could be wrong, you never know. The flashforward ends and Hurley and Claire are still crying. Claire eventually tries to control herself and asks how Charlie died. Hurley says he was trying to save everyone. She starts crying again. The mournful silence is interrupted when Jack comes out of nowhere and hits John in the face, knocking him to the ground. Again, how did Jack, Danielle and Ben know that everyone was at the cockpit? Jack wrestles Locke for his gun and eventually gets it, pointing it at his head. Jack pulls the trigger but the gun isn't loaded. The great thing about this part was that even though Jack didn't kill Locke, he was going to and would have if the gun had been loaded, which shows how much his character has changed. He proceeds to beat Locke up instead, until he is forced away by Sayid and Sawyer. An argument ensues between Locke and the other castaways. Locke claims that he only did everything he did in the best interests of everyone else. Jack thinks Locke is insane. Kate arrives back and tells them that Naomi is dead. Locke tries to get people to come with him, claiming that the boat people aren't who they say they are. Hurley agrees, reminding everyone that Charlie died warning them that the people on the boat aren't who they say they are. He goes with John. More people follow Hurley and the first divide in the camp since season 1 happens. The scene ends as the rain begins to fall, which creates a really dark and grim effect. This reflects the mood of the scene. There is another flashforward, and this time Hurley is playing basketball in a gym. Jack arrives and greets Hurley, who seems surprised to see him. After a brief conversation Hurley questions why Jack is really there and asks if it is because Jack was worried he would tell. Jack confirms this by saying "Are you?" This is yet another mystery. Another interesting part of this flashforward is when Hurley apologizes for going with Locke. What could this mean? Only time will tell. The flashforward ends and Jack and Kate now stand before the cockpit, looking inside it. Jack recalls how He, Kate and Charlie had come up here and he says "How did this happen?" This scene is a nice one because it reflects back on how far the survivors have come since the Pilot episode. This moment is interrupted by the sound of a helicopter rotor. Jack and Kate turn away from the cockpit and look up to the sky, seeing a parachutist just like Naomi dropping down onto the island. They run towards him and watch as he takes his suit off. The man, who has a beard, says "Are you Jack?" The screen then fades to Lost. I wouldn't say that this cliffhanger was too spectacular, simply because it was quite obvious it was coming. I still look forward to next week though, because just because the cliffhanger wasn't a surprise, doesn't mean it wasn't good. Overall, the episode did everything a premiere should do. It followed up on the previous season and its finale, aswel as introducing the main story arcs for the new season. It included every character at some point and the flashforwards where great. From this episode, I can confidently say that Lost has got back on track again and the third season, which was plagued with problems, will hopefully have all been fixed this season. So far I can say they have. Also, on a final note, I see a few reviews saying that this episode was over hyped. To those people, I must say that this premiere was never supposed to be revealing, it was supposed to set up the new season, and thats exactly what it did. I think the hype is centered more around the full season on a whole, not just the premiere. I am sure that we wont be disappointed with this season, and it could make for some of the most entertaining episodes of the show ever.
  • What i like the most about this ep is the fact that..

    What i like the most about this ep is the fact that they don't concentrate on love triangle (finally!) and start concantrating on the sence of the show. And it does make show much more interesting, stronger and better. So thanks a lot to creators of LOST - i had a great time wathing this episode.. just like long time ago.. watching 1st and 2nd seasons:-).
    And i'm beginning to like the idea of flashforwards - it's getting more intereting for me)
    And from my wish-list things i'd like to see a bit more: scenes with Juliet, Ben, Locke.
    Keep working - you're on a right way in filming!
  • The episode starts with a guy getting himself a glass of orange juice (and maybe vodka!) and for a couple of minutes we're left wondering who this guy is...

    ...then it zooms in on him, and it's JACK! I couldn't help thinking "Oh no, not ANOTHER Jack episode!". He's a great character and all, but the two hour season three finale was a Jack episode too and I thought it was about time someone else got the attention.

    Well my dissapointment was shortlived as we actually have a Hurley episode! Jack was watching the news and it was showing a police chase and after recognising the car Jack knew who they were chasing… camera zoomed in on the chase and it was Hurley! When the police arrested him he shouted out "Don't you know who I am, I'm one of the Oceanic 6!" - This was clearly a flash forward, (and it's pretty clear to me that flash forwards are the way to go in the future of Lost episodes!) but Oceanic 6?! These leaves me wondering, who are the 6 who left the Island and why couldn't they all leave?! This is obviously going to be unanswered for a good while yet… Anyway, Hurley had began seeing visions of his dead friend Charlie, who we all know drowned trying to save the Losties. When Charlie was speaking to him at the Mental Hospital I couldn't help wondering if Charlie was really dead and that some time-looping stuff had gone on in between the Island and now… but when Hurley counted to five and Charlie dissapeared it became clear it was a figment of Hurley's imagination. Although the last message Charlie told Hurley was something about saving "them".

    Later on in the episode Jack comes to visit Hurley in the Mental Hospital and Jack mentioned that he might grow a beard, this clearly suggests that these events happened before the Jack flash forward in Through the Looking Glass. Clearly sane in this episode, just what has happened to Jack to turn him into the alcholic, drug-addicted mess, need-to-go-back mess between this episode and the Season three finale?

    I can't help wondering if Lost is opening a whole load of new questions and forgetting to answer the ones we've been waiting three years to find out - BUT that being said, that's what I love about Lost and this episode was pure genious! I can't wait until next weeks episode!

    My review and more can be found at www.lost-isle.net
  • Was good, but I was expecting more...

    Finally Lost came back, after all this time of waiting and wondering, and dreaming about it, we all got to see what was next to the survivors or the oceanic flight 815.

    I was very happy with this episode, but i have to say i was expecting WAY more, specially now that i heard that there is going to be only 8 episodes, they better had done a great job on the next ones or i will be dissapointed with Lost.

    So, i was really hoping that Charlie would somehow survive, and i still hope, coz in that island you never know, right ? :)

    The whole foward part was good, so there was 6 that got off, Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Hurley and 2 more.... who would they be.... Lock and Claire, perhaps ?? And the others survivors stayed in the island ? Why ??? Till next episode :)
  • This didn't live up to the hype.

    I was hoping that the season premiere would be good but this episode was okay. I don't know what I think about the flash forwards yet. I want to find out who all of the Oceanic six are. The audience already knows that Kate, Jack and Hugo are three of them. I am curious to find out who the other three are. One of the most far fetched parts of this episode involved Naomi. She had a knife thrown into her back by Locke but she was still able to create a false trail and climb up a tree to jump on Kate. The most emotional scene of the episode was when Hugo told Claire that Charley was dead. I thought that scene was very well done. Hopefully next week's episode will be better but I doubt it. The only reason why I continue to watch this show is to find out how it will end up ending.
  • Finally rescue???

    This was an alright episode of Lost. My friends and I who watched the show, felt like this episode was kind of a set-up episode for things that are going to come. Nothing much really happened in the actual episode except for the whole division between the people on the beach whether to go with Locke or Jack, and the flash forward. Other than that I felt like nothing really happened. The flash forward revealed a lot though, a little too much so I can't put anything here about it just in case no one else yet has watched it. However I would like to say the ending for Hurley in the flash forward was pretty clever, and I really liked seeing how everything kind of meshed together with that. Not too bad of an episode but I wouldn't say the best.
  • The Champ Has Returned

    The second half of the third season of Lost was one of the greatest sets of episodes I have ever watched. There were no fillers, every episode was satisfying and revealed plenty of compelling new details. After watching Thursday night's season premiere, I'm happy to say that the show has kept up the good work with a well written episode which nicely sets up the rest of the season, while exploring the new grounds of the "flash-forward".

    Rescue finally seems imminent for the castaways, but Charlie's warning before his death that it is "Not Penny's Boat" divides them into two camps: those who believe that they should try to leave with their rescuers, and those who believe they should stay on the island. While the island plot does not get too far, Hurley's flash-forward is much more interesting. Lost has always kept viewers guessing, but trying to fill in the holes between the events on the island and the events in the future are sure to have us voracious. Who else is in the "Oceanic Six"? Why does everyone keep bothering Hurley to make sure he doesn't "tell them"? Only time will tell us.

    All in all, this episode is a good start to Season 4: it kept up the phenomenal writing of the Season 3, while giving Lost-starved viewers a nice shot of the old intensity. Hopefully, the Lost train will keep on rolling.
  • After an excruciating eight-month wait, the return of Lost did not disappoint!

    I like how this season started only moments after season three ended, as a bit of time was lost between seasons one & two and two & three.

    As a Hurley-centric episode, the big guy went through a lot of changes. He's one of the "Oceanic Six" (!) …and keeping a pretty big secret. I really liked his flash forwards. (And I should add that I totally guessed it was Hurley in the car chase!) I wonder how after the rescue these events take place. It was before Jack goes dunk-suicidal, but that doesn't help much as a reference point.

    There were some things that I knew already from the preview: that Naomi wasn't dead, that Charlie would make an appearance, and that Hurley finds Jacob. So I wasn't completely surprised when these things happened. But they were still all amazing to watch, especially Hurley and Jacob. That was scary! I don't even know what happened, with the Jacob-Locke-Christian craziness going on. I can't wait to see who else discovers Jacob, though.

    Charlie (Dom) was so good! (And he was 10x hotter than season 1 – 3 :D) What he said, "they need you" – does that mean everyone else is still alive? I hope so! It would be incredibly depressing and disappointing if only the six survived.

    Ben was hilarious in this episode! It was witty remark after witty remark, once he realised that there was nothing he could do. Too bad he wasn't always like this!

    And Sawyer was being so sweet! "Holler if you need me"… aww! If only he was always that nice.

    The saddest part of the episode was definitely when Hurley told Claire about Charlie. It was a very touching scene and it will be interesting to see how Claire deals.

    As excited as I am about Lost's return, unfortunately there are only eight episodes to air, until the strike ends. ("Eight" episodes isn't a coincidence either). Anyway, it's hard to complain when this season looks very promising. I don't think it's too soon to call season 3 – 4 a major shift in the focus of the show. Who will get rescued, when, and by whom? What happens to everyone else, and the Locke / Jack groups? What / who the heck is Jacob? Hopefully these questions will be answered or addressed in the upcoming episodes!!
  • This episode yet again raises more questions.

    So this was a really great season opener but i feel that it did not answer as many questions as i had hoped. Well at least we know a little bit more about the future, but what is all of this about someone being after the oceanic 6? and "He wants us"...who? Jacob? Well this episodes definately takes the biscuit for being the weirdest so far.

    So by the end of the episode it appears that rescue is at had but i cannot help but wonder that it is not going to be as easy as that to escape. But why are the losties seperating? I understand that Locke and Ben want to stay but not everyone else... So what i want to know in the future is when will Micheal be back? Who wants the Oceanic 6 to come back? and also to learn a little bit more about Jacob.

    Now what exactly was all that with Hurley seeing Jacob in his cabin...then Locke turning up mysteriously? Well very strange but i am as hooked as ever and cannot wait till next week. Lets just hope the rest of the season stays at this high standard.
  • I was expecting a bit more excitement with it being the series pilot.

    A good, not excellent start to the series. Despite it seeming like it was one of those episodes you'd find in the middle of a series I thought it was pretty good and brought the usual confusing, jumpy feeling that we have grown to expect from the Lost writers. Once again, more questions were brought up and few answers if any were given. It was good to see a few more flashforwards into the life of Hurley after the get off the island however it seems that they're all slowly becoming more and more crazy.

    It'll be interesting to see how the rescuers story line develops, and whether they do intend to rescue the lost passengers.

    I feel something was missing - Charlie. The show just doesn't seem the same without him, although he was present in Hurley's flashforward I enjoy it much more with him as a survivors.
  • The name of the episode refers to Ben's observation, this when he said to Jack " Already there will no be reverse, Jack. I assure you that if you do this call, it will be the beginning of the end." And have interesting Flashfoward...

    The chapter be not been so good as the first previous chapters of season...

    And what characterizes it is that generate many mas questions of which aswer...
    for example;
    oceanic's six: ¿how are we? jack, kate, hurley, .... and sawyer??
    Jacob's house: the one who was with jacob??

    And many mas you ask in the air...
    Those who are still alive(vivacious)??
    That must not count hurley??
    Those who need help??

    I have many desires of seeing the near(next) chapter, but basically for that I want that empiese to clarifying all this riot...

    Bye :) PD: Excuse my English, but i speak Spanish.

    But Lost is the better show of the history.
  • Really ? I did i just saw that.

    Lost is getting every day more Lost.
    Now things are getting starting more weird than ever.
    This episode was very nice, I am really curious to see this season.
    It is just a pity that the real Charlie is probably dead, I did really like him. So what, they kill people than clone then ?
    Or they fought that they were all dead, because somehow they couldn't find the island and they had already cloned every one ?
    Will the two groups not sees it other ?
    Will they became enemies ?
    Will Jack stop been bossing around ?
    When someone will bit Sawyer again ?

    See ya !
  • Good start for a new season

    Yeiiiiihhh Lost is back finally after so long. I waited so much for this episode and it was totally worth it. The group is divided as the castaways choose between Locke's theory about the rescuers supported by Charlie's sacrifice and Jack's determination to finally get off the island . Everyone finds out what happened to Charlie and Hugo seems more crashed that Claire. Flashforwards indicate us that Hugo is another one that returns along with Jack and Kate.Hurley is quickly sent to a mental institution where strange things happens including the presence of a dead Charlie. Anyway I am so glad Lost is back le's wait for next episode to find out what is deal with the rescuers.
  • The season 4 Premiere was definitely one of the best premiere's ever, and continues on the amazing season 3 finale.

    The season 4 Premiere was definitely one of the best premiere's ever, and continues on the amazing season 3 finale.

    We see a flash forward about Hurley and as time passes by, I realise that the flash forward is before the one in season 3 finale. It reveals that there were 6 who left the Island. Kate, Jack and Hurley are 3 of them but who are the others? It seems that Hurley is the one who lost his mind first. He wanted to be institutionalized. Jack seems to be back to his normal self. But what made me realise it is before the flash forward in season 3 finale is that Jack told Hurley that they will never go back to the island and that he might grow a bear. In the season 3 finale flash forward Jack has a beard and wants to do everything he can to go back to the island.

    On the Island Hurley sees Jacob. We get a clear view of him and I have a strong idea of who Jacob is. The survivors are split in two ... some go with Jack to be "rescued" and others believe Locke that the rescuers aren't what they say they are.
  • Probably the best premiere since season 1.

    Looking back over this exciting episode I can't help think that there is going to be so much to talk about. We are started off with the new flash forward mechanic that proves to be even more exciting when you know what is going on from the start. Even in the opening scene we are given a huge sense of mystery from this though and by the end you are left with so many questions, but still strangely satisfied with the answers you are given. "Who are the last 3 of the Oceanic 6?" "How do they, and only they, escape?" "Why does everyone start to regret their desicion to leave?" "Why can Hurley see Jacob, even better than John Locke himself?" "Who are the "rescuers"?" While none of these massive questions seem even close to being answered, you aren't left feeling irritaed and impatient for the answers as you did at the start of season 3. Overall, outstanding episode and hopefully a glimpse of what is to come!
  • It's back and it's awesome!

    Lost is back with it's 4th season,and guess what! It's AWESOME! In my opinion,this episode was one of the best and after all these months that we have been waiting for,i can say that i am so satisfied and impressed!
    Summary of this brilliant episode:
    Most of the losties get ready to leave the island, dreaming about the life outside and making plans for their lives. Meanwhile Desmond arrives at the beach where he finds Juliet,Hurley,Sawyer,Sayid and Bernand. He announces Charlie's death and tells them about the "Not Penny's boat" that Charlie wrote on his hand when he died. Hurley feels obligated to go warn the rest of the survivors about this so they all start going to where Jack is. While they are on their way Hurley gets lost and encounters Jacob's shack where there strange things happen. Hurley sees Jacob on his chair and an eye pops up in-front of him scaring the hell out of him! He starts running but suddenly Jacob's shack appears in-front of him again! He closes his eyes and eventually the shack disappears, but someone else appears,Locke. Meanwhile at the radio tower Kate goes after Naomi's trails since she disappeared without anyone noticing except Ben. When Kate is in the woods, Naomi attacks her but she eventually let her go when Kate explains to her that they would never hurt her. Naomi communicates with the rest of her group and tells them that everything is alright but she is injured and that she is about to die.
    After a while all the survivors meet each other and Hurley announces the death of Charlie. Claire cries and she grieves about her loss. Then Hurley tells everyone about the Charlie's warning and two groups are formed. Jack's group-which includes the survivors that want to get off the island, and Locke's group-which includes the survivors who feel more safe to stay. Claire,Sawyer,Hurley follow Locke's team while Kate,Juliet,Sun and Jin remain with Jack.
    Throughout the episode, we see Hurley's Flashforward, which is one of the greatest moments on lost ever. I loved every second of it,it was so interesting,so shocking and atmospheric. We see that Hurley is being chased by the police and that later on he is put in the mental institution after his will. Bizarre things happens in this freaky Flashforward since Hurley sees Charlie! Charlie appears to be alive in Hurley's mind, but was it the black smoke? Plus, another person meets Hurley in the mental clinic asking him information about the other survivors. At the end of the Flashforward Jack meets Hurley and Hurley apologises to him for choosing to follow Locke's team. Jack tells him that it doesn't matter anymore and that they will never go back to the island.
    In the very last scene of this episode a man parachutes onto the island and Jack approaches him. The man asks him if he is Jack.
    That was the beginning of the end. Emotional, adventurous, shocking, atmospheric. 10/10 .
  • Great episode. Def LOST cameback stronger! We can hope a better season

    Well finally Lost is back. This was a Hurley episode and right away grabs your attention with Jack showing up too, a little less drunk ç and a little less willing to return to the island. The part I loved was mostly in the flash forwards where Hurley is feeling the guilt of Charlie's death as well as being the one to tell Jack they might need to go back to the island. "Never say never, dude", he says to Jack as apparently Jack is not ready to admit they made a mistake in leaving the island. Hopefully we will find out soon what pact the Oceanic Six made to lie about the existence of the island. Either way, the episode was great. It established two different groups on the island, a Jack group and a Locke group. The "rescue group" lands on the island, and we know they aren't exactly who they say they are. But if Hurley joins Locke's group, how exactly does he end up off the island with Jack and Kate?
  • I am alive

    It has been over half a year since I had my dose of Lost and quite frankly, it sucks that it took so long. Well, the past is the past and I can now have weekly 40-minutes just me and my Losties moment without any disturbances. It's just me and my Losties, ah yes.

    There is nothing sweeter than a mango, unless it is a bunch of mangoes that have been run down by a Lostie in a car chase. So by that time, we are still unsure if it was a flashback or a fast-forward, but by the time Hugo starts shouting, "I'm one of the Oceanic Six!," I'm pretty sure it is quite evident that it is a fast-forward. I won't spoil much of the fast-forward, but it was really great seeing Hugo going crazy, and let's just say he's right back from where he started in his flashbacks.

    What do you do when a weird stranger lady who has a knife in her back and who you really need suddenly walks away? Well of course, you steal the walkie talkie from some guy who wants you to love him and go after the girl yourself because you know he was going to fail. But what do you do when this girl you chased suddenly jumps you from a tree? Well, you convince her that you just want to help her and the psycho who stabbed her in the back was kicked out of your tribe because he went nuts and blew up a submarine, one chance to leave the island.

    It was a really great episode, I couldn't start to believe how great it was. I was blown away with the flash-forward because it was just so different, it wasn't like the Season 3 finale's flash-forward where in it was really vague and not much details were given and now we figure out better what is going on and why things are happening.
  • After many months of waiting Lost had a lot to live up to. Fortunately for the most part it did.

    Last season's opening scene annoyed me as it was pretty much the same as the opening of season 2. Someone we hadn't yet met doing relatively mundane tasks whilst listening to music all in an attempt to make you think it wasn't on the island when it was perfectly describes both openings. This episode didn't do that thankfully. It did trick us into thinking we were on the island, but only for a few seconds, and they were brilliant! The shot held on the pile of fruit just long enough to make me say "what's with the fruit" just as it exploded to give the reveal that it was off island. It was actually quite similar to the start of "The Other 48 days" when they held on the shot of the beach just long enough that the shock of the tail of the plane crashing into the water really hit home. But I mean that as a compliment, not a complaint.

    So not only were we off island, but it was a flashforward. This was quickly clarified by Jack recognising who was in the car. I didn't like the fact that the first main character we saw was Jack, as that made me think it was going to be a Jack episode. Regardless of the usual standard of Jack's flashbacks (I know his flashforward was different class) it would've meant that he'd get two episodes in a row, which I didn't like the idea of. Of course it wasn't about him, but about the person in the car who I was certain was going to be Kate. In fact the first shot we got of them was a ponytail and so it kept up the illusion, allowing for the great reveal of it actually being Hurley.

    Back on the island everyone was celebrating as they thought they were about to be rescued. This allowed for some very happy and funny scenes, which is always nice. Claire's joke with Sun and her shock at Rose were both nice little moments, as was Hurley saying he'll be free. That was before everything started going wrong! This was where the episode lost me a little. Don't get me wrong, it was all still good and very enthralling, but there's something about where the show's going that's a bit unnerving.

    I'm really glad the story's moving forward but I hope it's not at the expense of the characterisation. In the flashforward Hurley chooses to go back into the mental institution. I can see the logic, sort of, but as he seemed so happy when he got out before it seems odd that he'd go right back in. There's most likely a lot more too it, but that's kind of the problem. Now that we've had three full seasons it's gotten to the point where we know these characters really well as well as what they've been through. The flashforwards should be more about who they've become after their experiences on the island, but here it just felt like there was too much missing and Hurley isn't the same guy we knew.

    I'm also not a huge fan of how Locke seems to be turning out. I can fully understand why he wants to stay on the island, but as one of the heroes of the show this episode made him seem more like a villain to me. He seemed to manipulate Hurley into going with him by playing on his friendship with Charlie, which is more Ben-like than Locke. Also at the end of season three he didn't shoot Jack; the reason for this I thought was that he couldn't bring himself to kill a good person despite the danger it meant for the island. Here however this is shown not to be the case. It would appear that he didn't shoot Jack simply because there were no bullets in the gun, implying he would've killed him if he could have (although it does explain why he threw a knife at Naomi instead of shot her). Also is no one going to ask about how he survived being shot in the gut?

    There was still plenty of great stuff here too though. Charlie appearing to Hurley was great for several reasons. It was a great scene and, although he's technically not missed an episode, it was great to see Charlie back. I was genuinely surprised to see him because I really didn't think he'd be back so soon! Also his name wasn't in the guest star credits (on second viewing I noticed he was still credited as a regular). So was he some aberration of the island or made up by Hurley? Either way it was Dominic Monaghan and he was great!

    There's also the issue of Hurley seeming to find Jacob's hut. From the few seconds of screentime it got, regardless of anything else it told me one thing: the weird s**t that happens on the island will probably be a big part of season 4. That's all good; a season premiere is meant to be about setting up the new season so that all worked great! Also I liked the way the helicopter was clearly being affected by the island's magnetism as it dropped the newcomer off. All very cool.

    This episode felt a lot like a transitional episode to me in a thematic sense. It main purpose seemed to be to fully get people used to the idea of flashforwards as a staple of the show. I feel that despite a few discomforts it succeeded task. Overall it was a quality ode that was well written and has me very excited about the rest of the season.
  • A thrilling return!

    It's been several months since the end of the third season, and much has happened in the meantime. "Lost" is still meant to be completed over the course of 48 remaining episodes, but the writers' strike has thrown a wrench in the scheduling and production. Even so, there is reason to be pleased. The story will be completed, one way or another.

    This episode is clearly the beginning of a new phase for the story, building off the surprising flash-forward in the third season finale "Through the Looking Glass", one of the shining moments of the series to date. By virtue of its placement in the scheme of things, there were high expectations. The situation appeared to be straightforward: rescue was on the way, and it was not a good thing for everyone.

    Surprisingly, the premiere doesn't focus on Jack, but in retrospect, that makes sense. Jack was the focus of "Through the Looking Glass", and while the writers could have continued with his story in the flash-forward, it wouldn't have been the right move. This was about the division in the tribe and the man who gives Locke enough credibility to make that division happen. Finally, Hurley gets the chance to shine at a critical moment.

    Hurley has never been the leader, but his support has always been meaningful. Hurley has never broken trust with anyone else in the tribe, and he always seems to have everyone's best interests at heart. That could be why he ultimately feels guilty about his role in the division. Clearly his choice to follow Locke has unforeseen consequences, and he carries that burden in the future.

    Based on Hurley's flash-forward, a general scenario for the rescue emerges. Out of all the survivors, only six make it off the island. They have agreed, probably prior to leaving the island, not to reveal that anyone else survived. There are a few possible reasons for that. The most unlikely reason is that everyone else is, in fact, now dead. More likely is the possibility that some of the survivors were killed, prompting the decision to claim the rest were dead for their own protection. However, the high percentage play is the notion that the vast majority of the remaining survivors were led into hiding, with the "Oceanic 6" pledging to protect them.

    Of course, it's far more complicated than that. Hurley legitimized Locke as a separatist leader, the "man of faith" willing to give up everything for the interests of the island. It's not support for Locke's pseudo-religious fanaticism, but a bid for survival. Several of the survivors remain with Jack in the hopes of being rescued. Hurley later regrets going with Locke, which suggests some tragic turn of events soon after the division. Obviously, if Hurley is later in the "Oceanic 6", the current division is not maintained as a long-term status quo.

    This helps to place Jack's decline, as seen in "Through the Looking Glass", in context. Hurley's breakdown must take place relatively soon after the rescue. Jack is more or less stable; it probably takes a while for the guilt and self-loathing to take its toll. It's reasonable to assume that one of the other "Oceanic 6" was the "man in the coffin", but it's too early to predict who else will leave the island beyond Jack, Kate, and Hurley.

    The focus on Hurley also serves to remind the audience that nothing on the island is what it seems. Hurley finds Jacob's cabin, with Locke inside, and the effect seems to confirm that time and space don't quite work the same there. (That could very well be related to the intense electromagnetic field around the island.) Jacob appears to be similar to Jack's father, which connects very nicely with episodes like "White Rabbit".

    This leads to more of the usual conjecture. People have seen apparitions on the island since the beginning. It seems to be related to the Cerberus security system ("the smoke monster"). They could be one and the same, but what if Cerberus is something that was wild and uncontrolled, and Jacob found a way to harness it? Perhaps the apparitions have always been Jacob, and Cerberus is related but distinct from it. That would certainly start connecting the dots. There's even a possibility that Charlie's "ghost" was related as well.

    As important as Hurley has become, especially in the wake of Charlie's death, Sayid is also stepping back out of the background into prominence. It's sometimes hard to remember that Sayid was once a viable leader for the entire group, or that his influence was vital during the original struggle between Jack and Sawyer during the first season. For one of the iconic figures within the leadership (essentially, the tribal sheriff), he's been remarkably silent.

    Now, by taking sides with Jack, he takes on a new role. The sides are interesting, to say the least. Locke, the tribal shaman priest, has the support of "natives" Danielle and Ben, Sawyer, the occasional merchant prince, and Hurley, who might as well be mayor and leads the "We Believe Charlie" faction. It's no wonder most of the survivors took Locke's side. The real question is how long the pro-Charlie faction will remain on Locke's side, when they see how Ben pulls his strings. However one puts it, Locke remains the religious leader, focused on survival and destiny, and he holds most of the cards.

    Jack, the warrior chief, is backed by Sayid, the aforementioned sheriff, and they lead the more pragmatic faction. As such, they have no mystical reason to stay on the island, and no reason to fear the rescue. Desmond serves as the group's analogue to Locke, which explains why the third season was building him up as a potential Locke replacement, and his devotion to getting back to Penny makes his inclusion with this group logical. They also have the bulk of the medical staff in Jack and Juliet. Kate has never been well-defined in terms of her role, so it's hard to say what she brings to the table. This is a much smaller group at the moment, but that could quickly change if the pro-Charlie faction gets squirrelly about Locke's motivations.

    For now, the rescuers could be Hanso, the Widmores, the heirs of Dharma, or all of the above. Naomi has a sister, which will likely become important. The rescuers are still having trouble getting personnel on the island (as evidenced by the wobbly helicopter), so events will have time to unfold. How Jack and the rest of the "Oceanic 6" come to the conclusion that they need to claim they were the only survivors of the crash itself is clearly the arc for the season.
  • Amazing first episode...maybe just because I had to wait 8 months for it. But it lives up to the hype! *Episode Spoilers*

    Well finally Lost is back. This was a Hurley episode and right away grabs your attention with Jack showing up too, a little less drunk (just a little considering the vodka with breakfast) and a little less willing to return to the island. The part I loved was mostly in the flash forwards where Hurley is feeling the guilt of Charlie's death as well as being the one to tell Jack they might need to go back to the island. "Never say never, dude", he says to Jack as apparently Jack is not ready to admit they made a mistake in leaving the island. Hopefully we will find out soon what pact the Oceanic Six made to lie about the existence of the island. Either way, the episode was great. It established two different groups on the island, a Jack group and a Locke group. The "rescue group" lands on the island, and we know they aren't exactly who they say they are. But if Hurley joins Locke's group, how exactly does he end up off the island with Jack and Kate? More mysteries... but I can't wait for the next epsidoe.
  • This is one of the best LOST chapters ever. If you are a fan and have watched the three previous seasons, you'll find this is a pivotal chapter, one that destroys everything you know about LOST.

    Great acting. Great writing. Great directing. Great cinematography. Great sound. Great editing. Great everything. This is one of the most complex and beautiful and painful LOST chapters. I want to watch it again. I loved the way the third season ended, and I love the way the fourth began. Among the best of the best: 1) The division scene, ending with John's group leaving Jack's group. The rain and the plane and the acting and the effects couldn't be better. 2) Hugo character development, specially the new script style with flash-forwards, I hope that remains for a long time. 3) Kate, she is prettier than ever!!!
  • Another brilliant episode from the best show currently on television, though it didn't have the feel of a season opener. *SPOILERS*

    Since May I had been trying to work out whose eye would open the season, and where we would be, and what device would play the opening song. I can't help but feel a little disappointed it didn't happen. Having said that the opening scene was brilliant, from Jack's "Damn it" to Hurley's reveal - which was perfectly shot.

    On island it was great to see how quickly everything changed within five minutes, from Hurley's uncontrollable glee to be going home - complete with cannonball - to complete despair following news of both Charlie's death and origins of those coming to 'rescue' them.

    The scenes with Rose, Sun and Claire talking about Charlie were emotional, and Hurley going to Claire was touching and sad.

    Since the Jack flash-forward I was extremely worried about the direction the series was going in. I didn't want to know that Jack and Kate had made it off. However, having now seen the Hurley flash-forward, I have now completely changed my opinion. These scenes were the best part of the episode and some of the best off-island scenes on the show. And they just ask so many questions - "Why are they lying to everyone else" (Jack not wanting Hurley to blab and Hurley's denial of knowing Ana-Lucia), "What do they think happened to those who weren't rescued?" (Hurley didn't want to hear that they could be alive) and "Why was Hurley wrong for choosing to go with Locke?"

    The flashforwards have achived greater mystery and intrigue to the on-island scenes, and it will be great to see where the show goes from here, though I don't want to see flash-forwards every week.

    As stated above this episode doesn't feel like a season opener, and I would consider it the worst season opener for the show. I don't know, but I was just expecting something more out of it - maybe it had something to do with the long wait between episodes, but I felt a little let-down by the time it reached the end, and I didn't think that the 'cliffhanger' was that good - I was expecting another little shock, not a line of dialogue we had seen in the trailers to the episode.
  • Well... they're finally back, my fever is down but I can't help but feeling something is missing... *May contain spoilers*

    It's Lost, so it's good, but this episode felt like a regular episode from another tv series.... I didn't feel it as the Lost we're used to... I missed the eye shot at the beginning... it's a trade mark!!!

    How did Desmond get back to the surface so quick? Didn't he use the oxygen tanks? what happened there?; Naomi "waking up" just to reconfigure the satellite thingy?; Jack again trusting Kate and making mistakes!... The most entertaining moments were Hurley's hallucinations (Jacob's cabin, CHARLIE!!!, the fish tank -or whatever that was- on the police station...) I guess I'll have to watch it again, to find some traces of the Lost I love, full of mysteries and surprises... It felt a little bit predictable and customized to non regular viewers... rating pressure? I hope they don't sacrifice the story for some of those who so desperately want answers... I can wait them until 2010 if they still give me the Lost I fell in love with...
  • Nothing happened?

    Absolutely nothing happened in this episode that we didn't knew/saw already.
    Yey we got few "flash forwards" explaining absolutely nothing,
    and rest were the scened on the island where nothing happened, this is the actual reconstruction of the whole episode omitting the flash forwards: Jack is full of crap as usual > People walk around on the beach> oh no, Charlie is dead > more walking around > Naomi runs to the forest > more walking > Naomi dead > Lock comes back > half of people go with Lock half stay with Jack > Jack sad > some bearded guy from the ship para shoots on the island > Fin.
  • I have been waiting for this episode for almost 9 months and overall, it lived up to the hype.

    Ok well I was pretty sad that I did not get to watch this because I am outside the U.S. right know. But I found a website where you could watch it right after the next day. I have to tell you that Lost: Past, Present, and future was not as good as last seasons recap, but still very good. Ok to start of I think the opening scene was done amazingly, especially when Hurley yells ¨Don´t you know who I am, I am one of the Oceanic six!¨ that was just incredible. All the flash forward sequences were excellent and I loved the way they brought Charlie back. More good stuff was when they divided up the group, some people went with Jack and some with Locke. The bad, well there was not too much bad stuff in this episode, maybe the cliff hanger wasn't that great like when the freighter guy comes and he says ¨Are you Jack?¨ I think it could have been better but still very good. Also I wish they had a beginning like the first 3 seasons with eye and you are somewhere unknown but it was cool. Overall I think this is in my top five episodes.
    1. The Brig
    2. Walkabout
    3. The Beginning of the End
    4. Exodus
    5. Through the Looking Glass
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