Season 4 Episode 1

The Beginning of the End

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2008 on ABC

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  • The castaways think that they're about to be rescued.

    Let me just start out by saying that I think that this episode was absolutely amazing and a great way to start out the fourth season. I thought that this episode was extremely action packed and exciting which is exactly what I love the most about Lost. I loved all of the flash forwards in this episode. They all very well done. When I watch this episode, I still can't believe that Charlie is dead, but I know that he is. Although, it was great seeing him in Hugo's hallucination. Claire's reaction to Charlie's death was very well written and very well acted. I loved Hugo in this episode. He was definitely my favorite aspect of this episode. All things considered, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I can't wait watch the rest of season four.
  • excellent

    At the end of season 3, the oceanic survivors thought they are about to be rescued. but something else is coming and they are not rescuers, they have something else in mind. the oceanic survivors are split in two groups. one small group will join jack and meet up with the rescuers. the other group lead by locke will hide at the barracks were the rescuers can't find them. it's a really awesome episode, we think it's going to end soon, but so much more is in store, the excitement continues. the writers really did a great episode, i can't wait for the next one.
  • Lost is back and this season starting really great!!

    okay,before i write my review,i just want to say that season 2 and 3 is not as great as season 1.
    (and yeah,season 2 is the most boring season ever!)

    but after i saw this season,i'm starting lo love this shows again!
    this season,finally,they getting high hopes to be rescue by naomi team.but it's just the beginning of the new mystery.
    jack believe that naomi really wants to rescue them,and on the other side,john locke didn't.he thinks that they should be on the island.
    so now they are two groups.one is the group that still want to get in the rescue with jack and the other group,lead by john,is the group that didn't want to be rescued.
    jack group : kate,juliet,sayid,bernard,rose,sun,jin.
    john group : hurley,sawyer (i can't believe he's on john side!),claire,ben,danielle,and alex.

    and finally jack finds daniel,one of the rescue team member.is he on the good side or bad side?let's just wait and see guys!
  • Charlie: (To Hurley) I am here, you're being a baby.

    As usual with my reviews I will start with a little recap. After learning Charlie's final message, part of the survivors start wondering if they should trust Naomi's associates or not and end up dividing from the other half. This episode of Lost passed my expectations t was absolutly brillint it gave us lots of new questions, Ben was really funny in the episode, Kate was great and up to her old tricks again, we see Charlie again which was great because I did not expect him to be back so soon, Locke and Jack fighting just like the old days, I was shocked when Jack pulled the trigger. Glad to see Niomi die again, and it was pretty sad the aftermath of Charlie's death. I liked this episode so much I watched it twice, cant wait to see next weeks episode. The Begining Of The End get 10 out of 10 in my opinion a great return. This episode proves why Lost is the best show on TV.
  • A great season premiere

    A fantastic premiere to best show on earth. I thought it was a good episode. Fantastic acting as usual, Hugo shone in this episode. It was quite a touching episode too, as the survivors found out about Charlies death.

    It had some stunning scenes and some important questions were brought up in the typical lost fashion keeping us at the edge of the seat and not wanting it to end. This is what tv shows are meant to do. I think the idea of flashforwards is also a good one. It sure took us by surprise in the 3rd season finale and its doing a good job so far this season.
  • perfect episode, beautful more i was think and sadness for charly

    that what i want from the first
    eposide what i will think on it all the night, try to know any thing new
    let me cry very cry for charly and claier
    its a perfect eposide what i can't forget
    and whae i try to think on the past and how was this island new for thim and in the end they was expact they know every thing but it still want thim and called them,
    and jac he is still don't have a bair, and long hair. now herliy think on the island , jac not
    and what was the secret?
    and why it was secret?
    and when we will know this secret?
    cus i learn from this series i won't know the answer , but i will know it in the next series but i can't wait to anther season!!!!
  • This was yet another great Lost episode I can tell this season is starting out stronger than last season. (contains spoilers)

    Last season started a little weak but finished with what was one of the best ever episode of Lost. This season has already started pretty good. We have a very Hurley centered episoded which was cool because we see him running from the cops in the flashfoward and later find out the reason was because he saw Charlie who is dead. The intersting thing was when he mentioned the "Oceanic 6" in the flash foward. We have seen Kate, Hurley, & Jack in the flash fowards so who will be the other 3 that live if that is the case. We also saw alot with Jacob and how Hurley can hear him like Locke, and some people said that they saw (Jack's Dad) Christan Shepard in the house with Locke and Jacob. Someone brought it to my attention that they mentioned ho-ho's when Hurley "saw" Charlie, and then when Jack was playing basketball Hurley said Jack had H-O the numbers correlating to them in the alphabet are 8 and 15 like as in Oceanic flight 815. I was told that I didn't catch it myself. It was a great episode and I can't wait to see were this season takes us and who will make it through.
  • This episode sets up one very important piece of information...

    There are still people on the island, and their safety is in the hands of those who made it off. As long as they can keep quiet.

    So yeah, it's been a long wait. All I wanted was to be sucked right back in. The first episode of this new season did that. There were no lulls and the hour flew. Sometimes when the wait is so long delusions of granduer can occur upon watching, just because it's feels good to finally get that fix. Well I taped it and watched it twice. I'm absolutely positive it was genuinely gratifying, warranting a sincere 10 rating. It was actually better than I thought it would be, and I certainly was sucked in from the get go.

    Now that this 34 year old man is done gushing like a 14 year old girl, let's review...

    Post-island Hurley's a pretty popular nutjob. He has lots of visitors. The creepy "attorney" who worked for Oceanic Airlines visits Hurley for one reason. He demands to know "are they still alive?".

    Hurley's next visitor reminds him of something seemingly very important. "You know that they need you Hurley!" insists an imaginary Charlie.

    In the end we see Jack checking up on Hugo after learning that he had been in trouble. Hurley sniffs out why Jack is really there. He's checking to see if Hurley "was gonna tell".

    So okay, it's important that he keeps a tight lip.

    The "rescuers" are bad people, involved in some high level conspiracy. Something must happen that gives the "Oceanic Six" leverage. They have the means to condemn this group of baddies, so an agreement is reached and their lives are spared.

    Hurley is on the verge of breaching this agreement by drawing to much attention to himself. In the flash forward we see two sides intervene (Abadon {the Attorney} and Jack), both acting in their own best interest. Two sides in the flashforward and two sides on the island, a subtle forshadowing worth noting.

    Locke tribe is still on the island, and they are in danger. Hurley is the first to realize this, and as we saw in last season's finale, Jack will come to realize this soon. Remember Jack's exclamation "We have to go back!", well as it turns out it was he who echoes Hurley sentiment.

    Some afterthoughts...

    I've always been a big supporter of Jack, but the scene where he tries to kill Locke left a sour taste in my mouth. It was actually nice to see Jack humbled in that scene after learning about Charlie.

    Jack did pay his respects in his own way though. It was a nice moment when he and Kate leaned and stared into the cockpit. She asks "You thinking about Charlie?". He responds "Feels like a hundred years ago that we came out here together". As happenstance would have it, being there caused them to reflect on their fallen comrade. Nice scene.

    Can't wait till next week.
  • Great episode

    "The Beginning of the End" was a solid season premiere, probably the best since the series began. Although it lacked a huge "WOW" moment comparable to the season 2 and 3 premieres, it was a fast-paced continuation of the events of last year's finale. Perhaps the biggest surprise was the decision to make this premiere a Hurley-centric episode, but it was a great gamble. Finally, anyone worried about the decision to introduce "flash-forwards" into the show's formula should be able to put their minds at ease, as that part of the show was at least as interesting, if not more so, than the on-Island action.

    In true LOST fashion, the action picked up right where it left off in the Island part of the story. A noticeable difference, however, is in the rapid pace at which the narrative began to move. Even in this first episode, it is obvious that the writers are using the freedom of a set end date to the show's advantage. There is no more need to stall or drag sub-plots out longer than need be. In stark contrast to this premiere, I remember when it took a full three episodes before all of the characters were accounted for in season 2, and six of the first nine episodes of season 3 focused entirely on Jack, Kate and Sawyer. This time, all of the players and simultaneous events are addressed in one hour.

    As Jack prepares to lead the survivors back to the beach camp to await rescue, Desmond returns to the people on the beach with news of Charlie's death and his final warning that the people on the "rescue" freighter aren't who they say they are. Both groups move to meet in the jungle, but a distraught Hurley becomes separated from the group and has a brief encounter with Jacob's cabin before meeting Locke. Both men, convinced that they need to stay away from the supposed "rescuers," make a plea to the other survivors, and ultimately two camps form-- Team Jack, which will go make contact with the Freighties in the hopes of being rescued, and Team Locke, which will go to the Barracks to hide from, and possibly defend themselves against this approaching party.

    Several events in the Island storyline deserve some analysis. First, Hurley's encounter with Jacob was an unexpected turn for a typically lighthearted character. Galvanized by the death of his friend, Hurley is no longer a beachside B-Teamer but an important player in the story. Ben said last season that Jacob is a man who "summons you," and by putting his magical moving cabin in Hurley's path more than once, it's clear that Jacob wanted to contact Hurley for some reason. Inside the cabin, Hurley sees not one but TWO figures (interesting, since Locke couldn't see ANYONE). The first is Christian Shephard (as shown in this picture from Sledgeweb's LOST Stuff), whose presence should come as less of a surprise to those who have been watching the LOST: Missing Pieces mobisodes. The second is a familiar eye, which was shown only briefly. Some believe it to be Locke's, but I am not convinced.

    Another question the encounter raises is this: if Jacob's cabin can move, how did Ben know exactly where to go to meet Jacob last season? Some speculation is that until just recently, Ben had confined Jacob with the circle of ash glimpsed briefly in "The Man Behind the Curtain," thus keeping the cabin in the same place. The theory is that between the time Locke saw a vision of Walt and his first appearance this season, he scattered the ash around the cabin, thus responding to Jacob's plea for help and "freeing" him to move again.

    To the character side of things, the rivalry between Jack and Locke reached a new level this episode when the survivors met at the wreckage of the front section of the plane. Things have been building for some time, with Jack doing everything in his power to find some form of rescue for the survivors and Locke desperately trying to prevent them from leaving. What I wasn't ready for was that Jack actually attempted to murder Locke with a gun that turned out to be unloaded. With that act, I feel a line has been crossed between the two now that will make any reconciliation nearly impossible.

    The climax of the episode was the split of the survivors into two camps. This split had been rumored since the middle of season 3 and speculation began on who would side with Jack or Locke. Charlie's death added another factor into this decision, and his warning about the Freighties was what ultimately led Hurley and Claire to side with Locke. Desmond probably had the most difficult choice to make, having been there when Charlie warned him about the Freighties but also knowing that he was somehow connected to them, since they had his picture; ultimately, he decided to stay with Jack.

    It looks like the Island story will become a dual narrative for the next couple episodes, as Team Jack meets the Freighties and Team Locke returns to the barracks with Ben in tow. I believe that ultimately Locke will decide to have Ben lead them to the Temple, where the Others have gone. Thus, while Jack's storyline will give us some clues as to who these new people are, and what their real purpose on the Island is, Locke's storyline will hopefully cast some more light on the history of the Island and its mysteries.

    Concurrent with all these Island happenings, we see a flash-forward in which Hurley returns to the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute after visions of Charlie cause him to get in some trouble with the law. The final appearance of Dominic Monaghan as a vision of Charlie does a good job of wrapping up the character. In fact, I have to say that, on-Island and off, the death of Charlie was handled very well. Hurley and Claire are given time to express an appropriate amount of grief. I can't speak highly enough of Jorge Garcia's performance in this episode, showing grief, determination, fear and joviality with such range in an hour-long time span.

    The flash-forwards appear to be just the breath of fresh air that LOST needed to rejuvenate itself halfway through the series. The flashbacks were always a crapshoot; after the first round that introduced each of the original characters in season 1, fans began to either anticipate or dread the flashbacks based on whose they were. The term "Jackback," for example, was coined to belittle the disproportionate number of Jack flashbacks that all but the most ardent of Matthew Fox groupies began to find tiresome. By the time we reached season 3, some of the flashbacks became as much of a chore to labor through as the commercials. Forget Cassidy and Kate's mom! Let's see the smoke monster again!

    The flash-forwards, however, are brilliantly designed to reveal not just more about the characters, whom we all know pretty well by now, but an entirely new storyline to run concurrently with the Island action. The remainder of the season, and perhaps the series, now appears to be a puzzle in which pieces of the chronology will slowly go into place. By the end of the series we will be able to connect the dots and understand Hurley's fear of the man named Abbadon who asks him, "Are they still alive?" We'll know what Charlie meant when he said "They still need you."

    Even bigger, we'll come to learn just what Jack, Hurley and the other flash-forward characters are so afraid of, and what they've been lying about. Jack made a special trip to see Hurley just to make sure he wouldn't tell anyone what he knows. That combined with his fierce rebuttal of Hurley's cryptic warning, "It wants us to come back," is a stark contrast to the shattered man in last year's finale who would come to acknowledge that "we have to go back." It seems that eventually, even the most stubborn "man of science" will have to admit that the Island is special and calls for their return, to finish whatever secretive business was started there.

    As in previous season premieres, the seeds have now been sown for the narratives that will drive this chapter of LOST. On the Island, we will see a meeting and confrontation with the Freighties, and as Team Jack and Team Locke go their seperate ways they will each forge new paths into the larger mythology of the series. In the flash-forwards, we will likely learn who the Oceanic 6 are, and perhaps begin to uncover just what has got them so afraid. What are they lying about, and why do they eventually become convinced that they need to return to the Island? We probably won't know in just seven more episodes, but if the season proceeds at the pace of this premiere, they should still be a filling dose of LOST.
  • Charlie: (To Hurley) I am here, you're being a baby.

    As usual with my reviews I will start with a little recap. After learning Charlie's final message, part of the survivors start wondering if they should trust Naomi's associates or not and end up dividing from the other half. This episode of Lost passed my expectations t was absolutly brillint it gave us lots of new questions, Ben was really funny in the episode, Kate was great and up to her old tricks again, we see Charlie again which was great because I did not expect him to be back so soon, Locke and Jack fighting just like the old days, I was shocked when Jack pulled the trigger. Glad to see Niomi die again, and it was pretty sad the aftermath of Charlie's death. I liked this episode so much I watched it twice, cant wait to see next weeks episode. The Begining Of The End get 10 out of 10 in my opinion a great return. This episode proves why Lost is the best show on TV.
  • This episode was Amazing!

    I had to wait 8 months for this episode. And it was Awesome!
    It was well worth the wait! :D I am so excited for the episodes to come.
    I don't think the writers could have done a better job.

    It was and an interesting, exciting start to this new season. In true LOST fashion it created even more questions while answering very few, if any. But that's why I love this show. It's not for the simpleminded.
    The story was gripping, there were hardly any moments were the pace was slow. Not like before, Lost has been renewed and is looking to be better than ever.!
  • There were high expectations for the follow up to the perfect lost episode, This delivers everything you could ask for: fast pace, emotion, some already classic scenes and mostly more revelations.

    I had been waiting for this episode of Lost to come up for what seemed like an eternity!
    Months of waiting created much speculation amongst fans about what could possibly happen next?

    This episode ends the drought miraculously delivering what I feel is all we could ever want and more.

    The opening scene was fantastic, a car chase which looks in its self very "Movie like" and expensive! the almost instant reveal of Jack watching it all unfold on TV and the immediate suggestion that it is a flash forward because he is drinking alcohol in what is probably first thing in the morning! This is the start of the "wreck" we see in Through the looking glass.

    "I'm one of the Oceanic Six", so we immediately know 6 people make it off the Island, we know 3 of them already!

    There are several reoccuring themes in this episode, Hurley denies all knowledge of knowing Ana Lucia, even though we know and he knows he very much knew her...
    Hurley was being pursued by a barage of Police cars for knocking over a stack of snacks in a store? He and the other 5 are obviously under tight and close watch, perhaps because they don't want them to reveal the islands secrets to the public?
    "I'm sick of lying" Jack said in the season 3 finale, clearly there is an immediate cover up involved.

    The events on the Island happen wonderfully, lots of pace means that events arent drawn out and stretched over many episodes.
    The first 10 minutes involving Hurley were great, he goes from pure happiness at the thought of going home to utter dispair when he learns of Charlie's fate within the space of one minute.

    "Abbadul" in the mental institution who came to visit Hurley, I believe was not real... maybe it was the smoke monster or Jacob himself...

    Speaking of Jacob, he is revealed fully in this episode to Hurley and is none other than Christian Shepherd who almost everyone suspected it was from the brief glimpse we saw in season 3 of him. The fact is this confirms he isn't manifested as who you want him to be, he is Christian because Locke and Hurley both saw him after never having met Jack's father.

    My Theory: I now believe that there are 2 "Monsters", the smoke monster who manifests itself as evil people who try to break or even kill characters and are wholy negative.
    And, a second monster that shows itself to bring up peoples spirits and show them the way in which they have to go (Charlie in Hurleys flash forward for example and Walt in season 3). Maybe these 2 monsters also made it off the Island, because I believe they both appear in this episode in some shape or form.

    The camp splitting up into two groups could prove very interesting, it will be nice to see how this pans out.

    The final Flash Forward scene involving Jack visiting Hurley was a broad image of thinks to come:
    "I've been thinking about growing a beard" - This gives us indication that the episode takes place a few months before Through the looking glass as Jack is just going to grow his beard!
    Jack missing at basketball seems a bit odd, perhaps he was so affected by the alcohol that he couldnt even aim, he's on the path to the dark side already!
    "I'm sorry I went with Locke, I should have stayed with you" - this shows us immediately that Jack is both right and wrong, we know the people are not there to rescue them but somehow Locke's decision ended up being wrong, I'm sure there will be a more complicated turn of events leading to this.

    "It wants us to go back, It's going to do everything it can..." - It? The monster? Jacob? I'm thinking Jacob, because "it" doing "Everything it can" was obviously Charlie or the manifestation of Charlie trying to pursuade that his friends need him on the Island.

    What could possibly happen to make Jack change his mind so suddenly and want to go back after this episode? Who knows!

    I'm looking forward to what is coming, not just for Season 4 but for 5 & 6 as well, I believe that the flash forwards and the events on the Island will eventually collide to form some sort of "Island Return" to retrieve those they left behind... We'll find out in a few months or years I guess.
  • Great return for LOST. Can't wait for more.

    I have been anticipating this episode for a very long time. I was so worried the entire time I waited, though. I was worried that this new season wouldn't measure up. Worried that this new flash forward technique wouldn't be as good as the flashbacks were. Well it turns out I had nothing to worry about.

    This was one of my favorite episodes to date, and an interesting, exciting start to this new season. In true LOST fashion it created even more questions while answering very few, if any. But that's why I love this show. It's not for the simpleminded. Great Episode here.
  • The episode starts with a guy getting himself a glass of orange juice (and maybe vodka!) and for a couple of minutes we're left wondering who this guy is...

    ...then it zooms in on him, and it's JACK! I couldn't help thinking "Oh no, not ANOTHER Jack episode!". He's a great character and all, but the two hour season three finale was a Jack episode too and I thought it was about time someone else got the attention.

    Well my dissapointment was shortlived as we actually have a Hurley episode! Jack was watching the news and it was showing a police chase and after recognising the car Jack knew who they were chasing… camera zoomed in on the chase and it was Hurley! When the police arrested him he shouted out "Don't you know who I am, I'm one of the Oceanic 6!" - This was clearly a flash forward, (and it's pretty clear to me that flash forwards are the way to go in the future of Lost episodes!) but Oceanic 6?! These leaves me wondering, who are the 6 who left the Island and why couldn't they all leave?! This is obviously going to be unanswered for a good while yet… Anyway, Hurley had began seeing visions of his dead friend Charlie, who we all know drowned trying to save the Losties. When Charlie was speaking to him at the Mental Hospital I couldn't help wondering if Charlie was really dead and that some time-looping stuff had gone on in between the Island and now… but when Hurley counted to five and Charlie dissapeared it became clear it was a figment of Hurley's imagination. Although the last message Charlie told Hurley was something about saving "them".

    Later on in the episode Jack comes to visit Hurley in the Mental Hospital and Jack mentioned that he might grow a beard, this clearly suggests that these events happened before the Jack flash forward in Through the Looking Glass. Clearly sane in this episode, just what has happened to Jack to turn him into the alcholic, drug-addicted mess, need-to-go-back mess between this episode and the Season three finale?

    I can't help wondering if Lost is opening a whole load of new questions and forgetting to answer the ones we've been waiting three years to find out - BUT that being said, that's what I love about Lost and this episode was pure genious! I can't wait until next weeks episode!

    My review and more can be found at www.lost-isle.net
  • This episode yet again raises more questions.

    So this was a really great season opener but i feel that it did not answer as many questions as i had hoped. Well at least we know a little bit more about the future, but what is all of this about someone being after the oceanic 6? and "He wants us"...who? Jacob? Well this episodes definately takes the biscuit for being the weirdest so far.

    So by the end of the episode it appears that rescue is at had but i cannot help but wonder that it is not going to be as easy as that to escape. But why are the losties seperating? I understand that Locke and Ben want to stay but not everyone else... So what i want to know in the future is when will Micheal be back? Who wants the Oceanic 6 to come back? and also to learn a little bit more about Jacob.

    Now what exactly was all that with Hurley seeing Jacob in his cabin...then Locke turning up mysteriously? Well very strange but i am as hooked as ever and cannot wait till next week. Lets just hope the rest of the season stays at this high standard.
  • It's back and it's awesome!

    Lost is back with it's 4th season,and guess what! It's AWESOME! In my opinion,this episode was one of the best and after all these months that we have been waiting for,i can say that i am so satisfied and impressed!
    Summary of this brilliant episode:
    Most of the losties get ready to leave the island, dreaming about the life outside and making plans for their lives. Meanwhile Desmond arrives at the beach where he finds Juliet,Hurley,Sawyer,Sayid and Bernand. He announces Charlie's death and tells them about the "Not Penny's boat" that Charlie wrote on his hand when he died. Hurley feels obligated to go warn the rest of the survivors about this so they all start going to where Jack is. While they are on their way Hurley gets lost and encounters Jacob's shack where there strange things happen. Hurley sees Jacob on his chair and an eye pops up in-front of him scaring the hell out of him! He starts running but suddenly Jacob's shack appears in-front of him again! He closes his eyes and eventually the shack disappears, but someone else appears,Locke. Meanwhile at the radio tower Kate goes after Naomi's trails since she disappeared without anyone noticing except Ben. When Kate is in the woods, Naomi attacks her but she eventually let her go when Kate explains to her that they would never hurt her. Naomi communicates with the rest of her group and tells them that everything is alright but she is injured and that she is about to die.
    After a while all the survivors meet each other and Hurley announces the death of Charlie. Claire cries and she grieves about her loss. Then Hurley tells everyone about the Charlie's warning and two groups are formed. Jack's group-which includes the survivors that want to get off the island, and Locke's group-which includes the survivors who feel more safe to stay. Claire,Sawyer,Hurley follow Locke's team while Kate,Juliet,Sun and Jin remain with Jack.
    Throughout the episode, we see Hurley's Flashforward, which is one of the greatest moments on lost ever. I loved every second of it,it was so interesting,so shocking and atmospheric. We see that Hurley is being chased by the police and that later on he is put in the mental institution after his will. Bizarre things happens in this freaky Flashforward since Hurley sees Charlie! Charlie appears to be alive in Hurley's mind, but was it the black smoke? Plus, another person meets Hurley in the mental clinic asking him information about the other survivors. At the end of the Flashforward Jack meets Hurley and Hurley apologises to him for choosing to follow Locke's team. Jack tells him that it doesn't matter anymore and that they will never go back to the island.
    In the very last scene of this episode a man parachutes onto the island and Jack approaches him. The man asks him if he is Jack.
    That was the beginning of the end. Emotional, adventurous, shocking, atmospheric. 10/10 .
  • I am alive

    It has been over half a year since I had my dose of Lost and quite frankly, it sucks that it took so long. Well, the past is the past and I can now have weekly 40-minutes just me and my Losties moment without any disturbances. It's just me and my Losties, ah yes.

    There is nothing sweeter than a mango, unless it is a bunch of mangoes that have been run down by a Lostie in a car chase. So by that time, we are still unsure if it was a flashback or a fast-forward, but by the time Hugo starts shouting, "I'm one of the Oceanic Six!," I'm pretty sure it is quite evident that it is a fast-forward. I won't spoil much of the fast-forward, but it was really great seeing Hugo going crazy, and let's just say he's right back from where he started in his flashbacks.

    What do you do when a weird stranger lady who has a knife in her back and who you really need suddenly walks away? Well of course, you steal the walkie talkie from some guy who wants you to love him and go after the girl yourself because you know he was going to fail. But what do you do when this girl you chased suddenly jumps you from a tree? Well, you convince her that you just want to help her and the psycho who stabbed her in the back was kicked out of your tribe because he went nuts and blew up a submarine, one chance to leave the island.

    It was a really great episode, I couldn't start to believe how great it was. I was blown away with the flash-forward because it was just so different, it wasn't like the Season 3 finale's flash-forward where in it was really vague and not much details were given and now we figure out better what is going on and why things are happening.
  • Amazing first episode...maybe just because I had to wait 8 months for it. But it lives up to the hype! *Episode Spoilers*

    Well finally Lost is back. This was a Hurley episode and right away grabs your attention with Jack showing up too, a little less drunk (just a little considering the vodka with breakfast) and a little less willing to return to the island. The part I loved was mostly in the flash forwards where Hurley is feeling the guilt of Charlie's death as well as being the one to tell Jack they might need to go back to the island. "Never say never, dude", he says to Jack as apparently Jack is not ready to admit they made a mistake in leaving the island. Hopefully we will find out soon what pact the Oceanic Six made to lie about the existence of the island. Either way, the episode was great. It established two different groups on the island, a Jack group and a Locke group. The "rescue group" lands on the island, and we know they aren't exactly who they say they are. But if Hurley joins Locke's group, how exactly does he end up off the island with Jack and Kate? More mysteries... but I can't wait for the next epsidoe.
  • This is one of the best LOST chapters ever. If you are a fan and have watched the three previous seasons, you'll find this is a pivotal chapter, one that destroys everything you know about LOST.

    Great acting. Great writing. Great directing. Great cinematography. Great sound. Great editing. Great everything. This is one of the most complex and beautiful and painful LOST chapters. I want to watch it again. I loved the way the third season ended, and I love the way the fourth began. Among the best of the best: 1) The division scene, ending with John's group leaving Jack's group. The rain and the plane and the acting and the effects couldn't be better. 2) Hugo character development, specially the new script style with flash-forwards, I hope that remains for a long time. 3) Kate, she is prettier than ever!!!
  • LOST is back in a big way, the Seson 4 premiere starts off a bit slow, but picks up.

    The long awaited season premiere of LOST occurred last night, and it was well worth the wait. Though their could be hiccups due to the writers strike (get back to work!!) this season, or part of it, for that matter looks promising given the nature of this revealing and exciting premiere.

    The show started with Jack drinking a screwdriver while watching a high speed chase on the news. He is shocked when he recognizes the car, an old-school Camaro blazing down the freeway, LOST fans pretty much knew at this point who was driving...it was HURLEY! Another flash-forward! He is interrogated by Ana Lucia's former partner, and is sent back to a psychiatric Hospital where he talks with...CHARLIE!? Hurley thinks he's seeing things, but Charlie slaps him and shows he's really there. Charlie tells Hurley that he has to help his friends.

    The car chase was alright, nothing like watching fruit getting annihilated, but it was just ok. It was nothing mind blowing. To watch Hurley's emotions stemming from Charlie's death was heart-wrenching and some fine acting on the part of Jorge Garcia. Hurley was very close to Charlie and he kept that in mind when he left with Locke at the end...but judging by how he and Jack meet in the flash forward, he must come back somehow. Hurley also has a run in with Locke and apparently Jacob. He found the cabin and it made for a pretty intense moment. On the island, the survivors rejoice at their impending "rescue" and mourn the loss of Charlie, most notably Claire who grieves with Hurely. The folks on the boat want to talk to Naomi, but Jack lies and said she went to get firewood. When Jack turns to look at her corpse, she is gone, Ben witnessed it, but was being especially uncooperative. Jack, Rousseau, and a tied up Ben go after her, but Kate picks up another trail and follows it. Seems that Jack and crew were wrong and that Kate was right and she gets jumped by Naomi who then phones the boat and gives them a signal to trace. This part of the story was well done and rather exciting, it helped to build up on some more mystery.

    Finally Locke meets back up with the rest of the survivors and is attacked by Jack. He states that those who are coming are not going to help them, and that anyone who wants to be safe should come with him. This attracts several people to his side, and they set off for the barracks, the rest remain with Jack who finds another parachutist in the jungle. His name is George and he is with the people from the boat.

    This was a great episode and a great way to start the season. Some complain about having "too many mysteries" at once, whereas I think it's a good thing. It keeps the show fresh, exciting, and it really makes you want to tune in each week to see what happens next. From what was presented tonight, there are going to be some explosive character interactions and big twists in plot. Adding these people on the boat as a new factor should really liven things up.

    The acting was superb, especially from Jorge Garcia, you really could feel for the guy as he mourned his friend. The other actors were intense as usual given the stressful nature of the situation. Michael Emerson was brilliant as ever in his portrayal of Ben who seemed more conniving and angry this episode. The direction was excellent and the cinematography was great, it really fit the pace and mood of the show.

    10/10 hands down, if this is what LOST has to offer this season, it will be great. If this is just a teaser of what is to come, this could be one of the best seasons ever.
  • When rescue seems close at hand the castaways are reeling after the message Charlie sent before he died. The Islanders are split into 2 and friends become enemies and enemies become friends. Hurley's future is revealed in a flash forward.

    Exactly why I watch this series alot of people wonder why it's so addicting then I make them watch the seasons on DVD and they find out why. This year they are doing flash forwards which is a little dissapointing because I think it may ruin the ending but I will just have to wait and see. So sad that Charlie is actually dead so weird that Hurley keeps seeing him in the future. I wonder what happened that made Hurley want to go into a mental institute? So we know that Jack and Hurley survive but who else? I hope Sun doesn't die in child birth but I think she might :( Can't wait untill next time!
  • Upon learning that the freighter might not be here to rescue them, the island divides into two factions, lead by Jack and Locke. Hurley centric flash forwards revealed he is off the island and institutionalized.

    A strong opening, a lot to discuss, I guess it is best to start with Hurley's flash forward. So Hurley makes it off the island, and he begins seeign things. After a high speed case he is arrested and meets with Ana Lucia's former partner, who when he questions Hurley about her he lies and says he never knew her, and then after seeing a figure in the mirror, he asks to be put in an institution. While in the institution, he is a more happy resident then before, no Dave, he takes his meds, and plays games. Then a lawyer for Oceanic comes to visit and offers to put him in a nicer facility. Hurley refuses when he suspects the lawyer is not who he says he is, after asking him if they are still alive. Jack then comes to visit Hurley and they argue about whether they did the right thing, and that Hurley was sorry for going with Locke.

    On the island, the castaways make contact, and then search for Locke and Naomi, who mysterly disappearred. On the beach, Hurley alerts the others that they succeeded in protecting themselves from the Others. When Desmond returns and informs them on what happened to Charlie, and they differ in how to wardn Jack, and Sayid admits that all communications may now be monitored, Hurley though takes charge and leads them to the radio tower. As he heads through the jungle Sawyer tries to comfort him about losing his friend, and then he loses his way and finds Jacob's cottage, and is unable to get away until Locke finds him, and convinces him that maybe Jack is wrong, maybe they should not be rescued. When the two groups meet again, and learn about Charlie's death, they divide. Those who want to be rescued return to the beach, and those who do not trust the freighter go with Locke to the barracks. Then as Jack and Kate are making their way they meet their rescuer, when he parachutes down.

    So here is what I think after proclaiming that he is one of The Oceanic Six, only six people make it off, and we know three, and whomever they are they have all vowed to keep quiet about who was on the island, and what happened to them. That is why the lawyer asked if they were alive. Charlie is definately dead, but that doesn't mean he is not here, he visits Hurley and convinces him that he knows what he has to do. Then Jack comes to visit, since it is apparent he knew Hurley was in the chase. As they play horse they talk about what happened, and then the most puzzling moment, Hurley admits to Jack that he is sorry he went with Locke, and that they need to go back. Jack responds that they can't, a different tune from the Jack who met Kate with a full beard. So we now know that something happens to those that go with Locke, but the real question is, how does Hurley who went with Locke, get rescued with Jack?
  • Just Three Words, LOST IS BACK!

    WOW! Totally blew me away at how good this was. I never expected to get another Flash-Forward so soon. I'm even beginning to wonder if it is REALLY a Flash-Forward, or if the Island is a Flash-Back. Now I wonder what happened to the Locke group. How does Hurley still leave the Island despite siding with Locke?(This explains thought why Sawyer and Claire don't leave the Island) Now, why don't the nameless people leave the island, and what of Desmond? All these questions yet to be answered. But they don't seem so far out of reach like usual. Lost is back and better than ever. I so pity those who gave up on this series cause they got no clue the stellar episodes they are missing.
  • A tear jerker for me! I can calm down now that its back on.

    I knew that I would need the tissues for the recap of Charlie dying but I didnt think that I would need them throughout this episode. I cried so much, Im such sook. I cant stop thinking of how its all going to end, just when I think I have an idea, BOOM! something else gets thrown at us. Now the Losties are divided, hmmmm I wonder how long that will last? The flash fowards were great. I was shocked to see Charlie again too but I loved it. I wonder how long Charlie has been following Hurley? I wonder who else will visit Hurley in hospital?
    Its going to be interesting to see how Locke and Ben get along now, they hate each other with a passion.
    I cant wait until next weeks epsiode, how much more can I be sucked in?
  • Awesome!!!!

    As the classification says This is Exactly why I watch this series.... You have in this episode all that you'd expect from Lost: awesome writing, awesome acting, great flashbacks, or in this case Flashforwards.
    This episode sets up what its likely to be one hell of a season (as expected), it doesnt give almost anything away but you can see that the next episodes will be the base of the rest of the Show.
    Lost... as awesome as ever!!!!!!
    Watch it!!! NOW!!!!
    (In the start of the episode they credit Harold Perrineau (Michael) when in fact he doesnt appear, its good to sse that he is back though!!)
  • Totally worth the 8 month wait!

    Since I watch this show alone, let me start off by finally saying to someone...Holy ****, Lost is back!

    I won't give anything away besides that they did a brilliant job with the flash forward. By far Hurley's best episode. Everything they did in that episode just flowed so well, big step up from Tale of Two Cities. As pumped as I am about today, it makes me a little bit angry that unless some miracle happens there will only be 7 more episodes...oh well

    Thank you Lost for finally giving me something to watch on TV.

    Lost is back...and better than ever!
  • LOST is back it is out of character but it is LOST and it was perfect.

    This is my first ever review so if you wanted to read a good one i'd probably suggest not this one lol well anyways..........They thought they had met the enemy. They thought they had seen evil. They thought wrong. As the new season begins, the survivors feel that rescue is close at hand, but they don't know whether or not to believe Charlie's final message that the people claiming to liberate them are not who they seem to be. As unlikely alliances are formed, those they thought could be trusted may turn against them, as the enemy of their enemy becomes their friend. But who can be trusted? Is rescue really as close as it seems? LOST is back even though this episode to me seemed like a completely differnt show from LOST all together i really enjoyed it and thought that it was exactly what they needed to get the show back on track...... Why Hurley why count down and make Charlie disappear we want charlie bak we dont want him to vanish we want him back GO CHARLIE u legend...... My guess on the Oceanic 6 and it will be 100% correct is Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Jin & Sun also Desmond will probably get off but wont be counted in the oceanic 6 because he wasnt on the plane and thats all folks GO LOST CANT WAIT IT SHOULD BE ON EVERY NIGHT LOL
  • Amazing episode...loaded with story, and new perspective on how we'll learn more about our favorite characters, and good character exposition, especially...

    Like all the great episodes, this one answered many questions, and of course introduced many more. Anyone who tuned in to have all their questions answered in this episode doesn't really understand what Lost is about. In fact, this was probably the most eventful and revealing season premiere yet (with the exception of the pilot episode). Some episodes are more story driven, and some are more character driven, and this was clearly a "story" episode...still some character revelations, as well.

    Some Reveals: there's an "Oceanic 6": seemingly only 6 castaways who get off the island; there appears to be other castaways who were left behind on the island; the Oceanic 6 appear to be lying about themselves being the only survivors.

    New questions: who are the other three of the Oceanic 6? What could the "rescuers" (whoever they are, it's not yet 100% clear it's even the freighter people) have said/done to convince the 6 to leave behind their friends and lie about it? Could people's lives be at stake if they reveal the truth? And what happens with whoever is left on the island - do they join the others, or some new Locke "tribe"? And whose eye did Hurley see in Jacob's cabin? I've read that a couple people said they saw Christian Shephard in Jacob's cabin, but having watched it in slow motion a couple times, I have not seen anything even remotely resembling that? By the way, what's up with that picture of the dog in the cabin - that's twice they went out of the way to focus on it, even just briefly. Also, who visited the mental institution to see Hurley - he knows something about the poeple on the island, but has questions (so not with freighter people), and isn't with Oceanic?

    Character exposition: Hurley and Jack. The Hurley character exposition was straight-forward, as Hurley's character tends to be. For whatever reason, he agreed to lie about what happened on the island, and the guilt is getting to him, hence his Charlie visions. Back on the island, he had gotten more serious when finding out his good friend died. Several characters have lost friends on the island, but Hurley (arguably) has had the toughest losses - his love interest (Libby) and his best freind (Charlie), and within Lost's timeline, just a matter of weeks apart. But nothing shocking about Hurley's emotions/actions.

    Jack's evolution is interesting, though. Certainly, in the ff, it's interesting to see him trying to protect the secret, knowing he will eventually become so obsessed with unravelling it. But the on-island transitions are revealing. Jack is becoming more obsessive, and more absolute - both traits of Locke and Ben, perhaps moreso Ben. His willingness to shoot Locke in cold blood exposes a darker side, one even Sayid and Sawyer are uncomfrotable with (telling, considering their lack of credentials as "moral police"). But it appears more of Jack exposing his true self, less him changing. We've seen an obsessed Jack in the past, if not one committed to absolutism. Since the journey of the survivors has been so much about the opportunity for redemption, and either embracing it or rejecting it, Jack seems more and more in the category of someone not changing, not learning from the mistakes of his past. Sure, he learns tactical lessons about surviving on the island, but as a person, has he really changed for the better. He's been the one to make the tough decisions, perhaps eothers to explore their own evolution, but disallowing himself from true introspection. He was so obsessed with being the fixer and finding rescue that he just ignored Charlie's warning, and his unwillingness to "let it go", as his father would advise, fed his obsessive anger to want to kill Locke in cold blood. I am as intrigued as ever to see the journey of Jack's character - and what convices him to go from keeping the island secret in the future to being obsessed with getting back (could it be that he eventually finds out that one of the poeple he left behind was his sister Claire, perhaps the breaking point of his guilt?).

    Lost is back in a big way. With a patchwork of puzzle pieces from the present and future (and likely a spattering of the past still) being filled in piece by piece, the mystery of the island will probably unravel a good deal this season, and this episode was an exciting sign of things to come.
  • The new season is here, the long wait is over, and the time to choose has come.

    Man of Science or Man of Faith, Jack or Locke. In the moment of indecision Hurley makes a speech which convinces a good number of the group, Claire, Danielle and Ben among them to follow Locke. They leave the other survivors to their chosen fate, save Desmond and Sayid who stay with full knowledge of the newcomer's deceit. This is without a doubt my favorite Hurley-centric episode. He can always be counted upon to step up in the group, but only if no one else will. Hurley's encounter with Smokey/Jacob/island (or whatever you call it) was one of the best, next to Locke and Boone in my opinion. Kate and Danielle getting back in their element is worthy of mention. Following trails, getting ready for a fight. They have always seemed like kindred spirits to me. Jack behaved very Jack-like, no surprises there. Lastly, even though his appearance in this episode was very, very short, I got the feeling I am going to like the new guy. After many years and three seasons we have reached the beginning of the end. For me that idea is both sad and exciting, like this episode.
  • A fast-paced, story-driven beginning of the season lives up to the hype.

    The whole hour was intense, the story was gripping, there were hardly any moments were the pace was slow. Not like before, Lost has been renewed and is looking to be better than ever. The best part about this episode, and probably the whole season, is how the present and future episodes tie so closely together. Every line is carefully structured to provide some kind of insight into what the future holds for the island's inhabitants, but not too much to give anything away. The opening sequence was great. Another character 180, this time it's Hurley, and now he's the one saying they need to go back to the island. Great start to the season, well-written, and reminds everyone of what Lost is all about, the characters, finding themselves.
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