Season 4 Episode 1

The Beginning of the End

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2008 on ABC

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    We have to go back! We have to go back! The most famous words uttered in Lost history, possibly, and after all those months we finally got to see how things turn out. Well, it was a good way to start the season, but we have to hope that things improve from year 3 of Lost. They just did too many things (people in cages, seriously?) and deviated it too far from the plot. Season 4 needs to show us why these people are here and explain how they will get home, and why they have to go back.

    Good start, let's hope the season is great.
  • With "The Beginning Of The End", season four of LOST has started off with a loud bang; or is that a bump in the night? We all have our favorite moments from the episode, but for me, it would definitely have to be what I call "Hurley's Triple Nightmare!"

    Hurley's Triple Nightmare!

    With "The Beginning Of The End", season four of ABC's highly popular series "LOST" has definitely started off with a loud bang; or should I say a bump in the night? We all have our favorite moments from the episode, but for me personally, it would definitely have to be what I have come to refer to as "Hurley's Triple Nightmare!".

    The "nightmare" consists of three consecutive scenes which occur when dear Hurley gets lost while on a nighttime trek through the jungle with James Sawyer's team. After roaming around lost for a while, Hurley suddenly comes upon Jacob's cabin. What?! Hurley can now see it too?! What does this signify for Ben Linus and John Locke? Is Hurley now the Special One?

    It has become apparent that Ben can no longer hear Jacob's voice, or even find his cabin for that matter. As we saw in the season three episode, "The Man Behind The Curtain", Ben had his last conversation with Jacob the night that he, (Ben), took John Locke to see Jacob, and Jacob became extremely upset with Ben, even throwing him against the wall. All evidence seems to point to the fact that it was during that event that the mantle was passed to John Locke. Who can possibly forget Jacob's eerie plea to John of "Help me!"?

    Sadly, after being such a man of faith and wisdom, and a character who I have greatly enjoyed, it seems that John Locke has failed Jacob as well. Not only has John resorted to force and violence in order to promote his personal agenda, (all the while believing in his heart that he is doing what is best for everyone), but at the time when his strong faith was needed the most, he clearly doubted Jacob's presence. It seems that this failure on Locke's part has resulted in Jacob abandoning John, just as he did with Ben. This is evidenced by the fact that Locke can no longer find Jacob's cabin. Obviously realizing that he has been forsaken by Jacob, and feeling frustrated and humiliated at the same time, Locke has now resorted to even more force and violence in order to get his way, and I don't believe that Jacob condones this kind of behavior.

    But returning to dear Hurley, overcoming his initial fear, he decides to approach Jacob's cabin, and peers inside through a broken window; probably the very same window that Jacob broke in "The Man Behind The Curtain" episode. The last person that Hurley expected to see was Jack's father, Christian Shephard, yet there he is in Jacob's cabin, nonchalantly rocking away in a chair, half-obscured by the shadows.

    Barely over that shock, Hurley is totally freaked out when an unknown face suddenly peers right back at him through the broken window. Is it possible that Hurley has just had an unexpected encounter with Jacob himself? Folks, place your bets!

    Poor Hurley, totally spooked, decides that he has seen enough, and so he makes off like he is trying to break the world record for the fifty-yard dash. Fearful that he might be pursued, he turns around; but instead of seeing Jacob's cabin, he is met by a wall of jungle vegetation. Jacob's cabin has disappeared; or has it?

    Turning back around, Hurley can hardly believe his eyes. Jacob's cabin has reappeared right in front of him! Worse yet, as if the eerie whispering voices aren't nerve-racking enough, it seems that Hurley is being given a personal invitation to come in and join the nighttime party, as the front door of Jacob's cabin slowly creaks open, revealing a golden light within.

    "Thanks, but no thanks!" thinks Hurley. He wants it all to just be a bad dream; so he closes his eyes tightly and wishes it away. When he opens them again, the cabin is gone, and all he sees is an open field semi-obscured by the dark! Does this mean that Hurley too has failed his test of faith? If so, the question is, who will Jacob test next? Will he find a worthy partner to help him?

    That was one freaky episode, and the suspense level of the show continues to rise as we slowly make our way towards the season finale. Along the way, we are being introduced to new characters, new plot twists, and new dangers. We are also starting to get more answers, but along with those answers come more questions. But did we really expect any less? After all, that is the LOST tradition. -- Lostifyed
  • Lives up to its title, and then some

    Considering that all three previous seasons have been focused on Jack, it's somewhat surprising that Season 4 isn't centered around him. But then again, we're doing flashforwards now, and we know what Jack's future holds, so maybe there's some logic to in. (And it's not like this episode gives us nothing. In the opening teaser, we see Jack watching the news before going out. He has orange juice and spikes it with vodka. When he learns a minute before us whose involved in the high speed car chase that he's hearing about, he says: "Damn." Somehow, it doesn't sound like the voice of a concerned friend.)

    But even if the episode didn't focus on Jack, Hurley would not seem like the obvious choice for a follow up. But the writers again know exactly what they're doing. On the island, Hurley has taken on the role of everyman, but as the series has unfolded, his role seems to be more critical. The numbers that led him to Australia in the first place seemed meaningless--- until we saw that they were on the hatch door and were the numbers we entered prior to pushing the button. There was talk that everything that happened on this island might have been a hallucination until 'Dave' in Season 2, which would seem to have repudiated that idea. The VW van that he ended up repairing in Season 3's 'Tricia Tanaka is Dead' seemed to be something of a throwaway, but as we just saw, Hurley used the van to take care of the Others and emerge a hero. Add to this the fact that Hurley was closest to Charlie of everything else on the island, it makes a certain amount of sense that we focus on him.

    It is therefore somewhat sad when we the teaser ends and we see the man that has led LAPD through a high speed chase is Hurley, and the first words out of his mouth are "I'm one of the Oceanic 6!" (It's also a little hard to believe that Hurley's behavior was, by itself, enough to merit all the attention. Maybe there are answers we don't see.) Hurley then goes from the police to the mental institution again, convinced that he has gone crazy because he has seen Charlie again.

    But then maybe Hurley was always prepared for this. In the opening minutes, he feels free for the first time on this series. His money is gone, he's saved the day, Charlie's alive. So--- he does a cannonball right into the ocean. The expression on his face is one of pure joy, and it takes us a moment to place it because--- well, no one's ever really looked happy on this island. And the minute he emerges from the sea, everything goes straight to hell. Charlie is dead, the people on the freighter aren't there to save them, there's just more madness ahead. It's probably the most gut wrenching moment so far.

    Then we get signs that there's more to Hurley than meets the eye again. The people on the beach go to meet up with Jack, and as they hike through the woods, Hurley gets separated, and while he's away from them, he sees the cabin. He walks right up to it, understandably puzzled and sees everything Locke saw. Only this time, there's someone visible in the rocking chair, and though he doesn't know it, it's Christian Shephard. He sees something in the cabin, and runs screaming--- but he can't get away from it for some reason. In the flashforward, he has a bizarre encounter with Charlie, who seems to be telling him that he needs to go back to the island. We're still not sure why Hurley is seeing him, but this is the first of many dead people he will see in the second half of the series. Is it possible Hurley has a far greater connection to this island than even he know? That's one of the questions the series has to answer as it closes in on the end.

    As fascinating as this, there's more going on than just Hurley. When we left our friends at the radio tower, Jack had just made contact. Now Locke has disappeared into the underbrush, bad enough, but a few moments later Naomi, who we're pretty sure got killed, manages to stagger off into the jungle. Then it seems that Naomi has left behind a dummy trail, but Jack, continuing his path of denial, refuses to admit that this is a possibility. And once again demonstrating that she'll never be able to listen to him, Kate goes into the jungle after her, and takes the SAT phone with her. It's very telling that even though Jack has just led his people to what seems to be certain rescue, she still doesn't have faith that he's making the right choice. Eventually, the two groups end up meeting, and Locke reemerges.. Quite frankly, no one's happy to see him. But now Jack's rage again Locke goes to a whole new level. They've always been violent, but now Jack completely snaps, grabbing Locke's gun, and pulling the trigger---- only to find it's empty. Suddenly, it's a whole new ballgame. Locke may be a cold-blooded killer, but the only reason Jack isn't was is because there were no bullets left.

    All through his leadership, Jack has refused to accept that the island is anything other than an island. When the hatch was discovered, he refused to see pushing the button as anything other than an exercise--- he was wrong. He spent a good part of the first two seasons trying to defend the survivors against the Others, then in Season 3, he made a Faustian deal with Ben to get off the island--- Locke may have thwarted this attempt to escape, but he was wrong to trust Ben. And right now, it seems absurd to believe that the people on the freighter are anything other than their salvation. But given what we saw Charlie do in his last moments, there's a very good chance that's he wrong again. And now he refuses to believe that in extremis Naomi would do anything other than leave a false trail---- wrong again. Jack refuses to accept anything he can't understand, so Locke's idea that the island is so much more than an island repulses him. The irony is, we've seen Jack's future, and he now seems to have completely come around to Locke's point of view. We just don't know why yet.

    When the group reunites not far from the fuselage of the plane crash, Locke makes his case, and tells the people they have to find rescue, and that he's taking them back into the lion's den--- the barracks where the Others had holed up in Season 3. When he makes his pitch, Hurley then tells his reasons for going with Locke, and a real divide emerges. Claire and Aaron join them (she believes in Charlie) Rousseau, Alex and Karl follow (well, they have no reason to leave the island). Then Ben says he wants to with Locke (even though, theoretically he shouldn't have a choice, but then again, Jack wants to deal with him even less than Locke) The biggest shocker is Sawyer. Considering all the effort that eh put into this (and that he tried so hard to get off the island in Season 1), it's kind of astounding, but then again considering what we saw of him in the last couple of episodes, maybe Sawyer doesn't think there's anything out there worth it for him anymore.

    Equally surprising is who goes with Jack and Kate. Rose, who said she'd never leave the island, elects to go with Jack because Locke is a murderer. Bernard goes with her, so do Jin, Sun, and Sayid. But the most telling person is Desmond. He got the message from Charlie that Penny was not on the freighter, and yet he elects to go with them. Why? Probably for the same reason, Juliet goes with them--- she's been on this island far longer than she wanted to be, and right now, any escape looks good to her.

    We don't know yet what's going to happen, but it's pretty clear that it will be epic. And yet, in the final flash Hurley apologizes to Jack for electing to go with Locke. What happened in between? And what kind of story are the Oceanic 6 telling to the rest of the world? Hurley is interviewed by Mike, the cop we saw Ana Lucia partnered with in her flashbacks. He asks about Ana when he's interrogating her, and Hurley simply says he doesn't know her. What kind of facade are they putting up? And why is it serious enough for Jack to be worried? There are also a buttload more questions--- who is this Matthew Abaddon who comes to ask ever Hurley when he's institutionalized? Who are the other members of the Oceanic 6? And who is that mysterious man who jumps out of a helicopter onto the island asking for Jack?

    'The Beginning of the End' is both literally and figuratively an accurate title for this episode. If nothing else, it will be the beginning of the real brilliance of Jorge Garcia as an actor, as Hurley will be taken to his limits as a man. But for some of the characters on the island, this isn't even the beginning of the end, but really the end of the beginning.
    My score: 9
  • Strong Season Premiere!!!!!

    Plot Details/Objective - » The complication was Set in the Season Finale, so this time was about management Jack and Co timing. Take for Example the sudden Naomi revival, just a distraction for Jack and CO, until the climax arrived, When Jack and Locke get their fight and Everyone decide in which side they want to be. Hurley Flashback was a Smart Move by the writers, since Hurley was (besides Desmond) Charlie Best Friend. His Flash Forward's is the highlight of this episode, since only one thing happened with the tribe – Division. Now someone new Arrived in the Island.

    What I Like/Disliked -» Hurley Flashbacks was the Highlights of this episodes. The tribe division was nice and Hurley finding the Supposed Jacob Cabin was a nice Hint.


    Presentation -» (9/10))Strong, not has strong like Season 2 and 3 which was impressive, still, the presentation of this episode is like other season premiere of Lost, information and surprises.

    Action -» None. Wasn´t Really necessary. Maybe you can count Jack fight with Locke?

    Adventure -» (8/10). Hurley finding the Jacob Supposed Cabin.

    Drama/Emotions -» (9/10). Charlie Dead was more sad than this, but the reunion was great, even if they were separated for a little time. Hurley speech was beautiful. His way of Showing emotions was touching.

    Suspense/Tension -» (5/10). Hard to say, maybe when you want to Know what Jack will do with Locke.

    Surprise/Twists -» (7/10). There are the shocking Scene when Charlie appear to Hurley, simply shocking. The ending have a surprise, not unexpected.

    Complication Phase -» (7/10). Nothing bad here, very attractive since Charlie dead could change everything. What I didn´t like was Naomi unnecessary disappearance.

    Climax -» (8/10). Is always great to see when the tribe have their conflict and from which side they will choose.
    Cliffhanger/Ending -» (7/10). Nothing for other world, just something to feed the audience until the next episode.

    Mystery/Curiosity/Doubts/Hints -» (9/10). Hurley flash Forward´s was with some hints. Only six escaped from the Island. There is a strange Man after Hurley. Jack is ok in the future, so what happened to him later is unknown. Hurley regrets to join Locke? Hurley find Jacob Cabin with Jack´s Father inside and with someone that appear to be Locke?

    Thoughts Changer -» (9/10). The Jacob Cabin. What Hurley said to Jack in the Future. Time and Scenes Management -» (7/10). Naomi problem could be avoided. All Hurley Scenes was very well placed.

    Flash-forward's -» (10/10). I think that Hurley scenes in the future hade everything.

    Strong Season Premiere, but I don´t Rate it 9 yet, until I see the next episodes!!!
  • Three seasons past, three seasons future. The Beginning of the End of Lost starts here!

    After the game changing thrill ride that was the Season 3 finale, Through the Looking Glass, arguably the best episode the show has produced [at least of what I have seen so far, at the time of writing - I am still playing catch-up]. Unfortunately, for me, i am a huge spoiler junkie and I can't seem to shake it off. Season 5 has just reached its conclusion here in the UK and I promised myself that I wouldn't spoil the finale until I watched it. I went against my promise. Then again that could be said about the rest of Season 4 and 5 together. The interesting thing, however, when you know what essentially happens, in the future, is that you can watch the show calmly analysing how events led to things further down the line and how things would get even more complicated than they are right now. When "Through the Looking Glass" first aired the entire Lost community erupted onto the forums and message boards the world over, furiously speculating over the unexpected first flashforward device, not to mention Naomi's mysterious boat people, Charlie's death and the demise of the Others.
    It was a compelling chapter in the Lost saga, which couldn't have come at a better time. Halfway through Season 3 the series was in the doldrums, but somehow, the writers pulled it back, with some fantastic stories. The final four of the series, in particular, were arguably some of the best episodes the series had produced so far. Following that reboost of creative energy could have been a tough task, but "The Beginning of the End" does an admirable job of being the most appropriate continuation of the story. Some fans would grumble that it was a little low key, but remember, the very first episode aside, every premiere episode has been quite low key. In fact this Season 4 premiere reminds me alot like the Season 2 premiere, "Man of Science, Man of Faith". Much of the storyline was shot at night, flaming torches included and alot of the events were quite creepy. Instead of visions of Walt though you had Jacob's cabin and visions of Christian Shepherd and possibly the infamous Jacob himself, who gets a second of screen time as his eye pops into frame freaking out Hurley and the audience. Another nice parrallel between the Season 2 and Season 4 premiere is that two seasons on and nothing has really changed in the survivors camp, when things get tense. Locke and Jack continue to bivker, although in this episode it has escaulated into violence and murderous intent. All the survivors remain paranoid, yet at the same time, seemingly unprepared and clueless as to what to do or how to react to the problems that surround them.
    Another parrallel to times gone past was how the survivors camp was split, just like it was when some survivors went to live in the caves and the rest remained on the beach. Again this proves that the characters haven't changed too much. They may have changed as individuals but as a team they still resort to the same decisions. Surprisingly, the first centric episode of the season goes to Hurley. The first three seasons all began with Jack and we kind of got used to that fact, so much so as people immediately assumed it was to be a Jack episode during the months beforehand. Seeing as how the final episode of S3 was Jack-centric, it seemed unfair for Jack to have another one, unless they were to have only Jack and Kate leave the island. So now we know that others did survive and leave the Island, despite what ever danger awaits them from the offshore freighter. Some might find the flashforward device a bit like reading spoilers in a way. Now you know that Hurley gets off the island at some point, we cannot be allowed to get concerned if Hurley ends up in a "life and death" situation during the continuing island story. Prior to the end of Season 4 people were worried that the rest of the show would be about linking up the closing moments of Season 3's flashforward with the current island events of this episode and it would go roughly linear in both the island and the flashforwards. The writers would over time show us that that would not be the case and that the flashforwards would not be the intended conclusion of the show.
    If the flashforwards are spoilery to some extent they netherless allow for an interest on how events on the island lead to the rescue and that's how the enjoyment should remain. Hurley's flashforward tells us little more about the current psychology of the characters. Hurley, like Jack, later on, wants to return to the island, in order to save the remaining people on the island, who couldn't get off. The fact that not everyone leaves the island, is also a way to prove that the flashforward device will not become a spoiler. the question as to who will become a member of the so called "Oceanic Six" would be the hot debate for many during the first half of the season. On reflection it might have been nice if we didn't know who all of them were so soon, to keep the speculations up for the remainder of the season. One of the more interesting parts of Hurley's forward-story, was the introduction of the shadowy, Matthew Abbadon, whose identity and purpose would not be revealed until Season 5, although speculation would prove to be correct.
    Abbadon's presence, would seem to suggest that even off the island, the survivors are not safe, and that their celebrity status has warrented them unwanted attention. Though, not everyone was happy, I liked that we didn't get the Freighter Folk thrown at us from the get-go. We needed a set-up from the beginning of the season, an episode to get us back into the show gently, following such a mind-bending finale and an 8-month wait for new episodes. It felt like a good old fashioned Lost episode, something that was needed before things would evolve into something very different.
    A decent beginning to a show nearing closer to its conclusion.
  • The castaways think that they're about to be rescued.

    Let me just start out by saying that I think that this episode was absolutely amazing and a great way to start out the fourth season. I thought that this episode was extremely action packed and exciting which is exactly what I love the most about Lost. I loved all of the flash forwards in this episode. They all very well done. When I watch this episode, I still can't believe that Charlie is dead, but I know that he is. Although, it was great seeing him in Hugo's hallucination. Claire's reaction to Charlie's death was very well written and very well acted. I loved Hugo in this episode. He was definitely my favorite aspect of this episode. All things considered, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I can't wait watch the rest of season four.
  • A worthy follow-up to the brathe-taking finale that "Through the Looking Glass" was!

    "The Beginning of the End" (TBOTE) was a great episode. I just want to lay that out before I go into deep analysis. I was a bit sceptical about this episode. I figured, there's no way it could live up to it's hype and that it would be underwhelming.

    After all, we all remember the awesome season 2 finale and the season 3 premiere following it. It was good, but sort of a letdown.

    However, this episode was a pleasant surprise. Perhaps, the opening scene wasn't as spectacular as some people hoped for. In season 1 we got the realization that the show starts AFTER the crash. In season 2 we got the amazing hatch reveal, in season 3 we got the W-T-F otherville reveal - in season 4, we find out how many people got rescued, and the identity of another one besides Kate and Jack.

    Hurley is also off the island - and so are 5 others. They are referred to as the Oceanic Six.

    I loved the opening, and if you don't compare it to the first 3 season's opener, just simply look at it in itself, or, compare it with other shows, you'll love it too.

    The rest of the episode, however, was actually better than the first 3 premiere episodes' continuation after the cold opening.

    Loved that it was a direct continuation to the season 3 finale. Loved that the writers didn't instantly jump to "random people arriving on the island to rescue the survivors" storyline.

    Hurley's flashforwards were exciting. This was the first "traditional" flashforward so obviously it was very informative. Hurley going crazy again is definitely a very stressful fate for his character - just like how Jack became a drunk.

    It was interesting to see that at the time Hurley goes crazy, Jack is still normal. Hurley has his "we have to go back" scene, while Jack just claims he is crazy. Knowing how Jack's perspective will change, made the Jack/Hurley scenes very intriguing - gotta love the flashforward formula.

    Another high point was Charlie appearing to Hurley. Weather it was really him, or just Hurley visioning, or the island itself, well... I leave it to you to speculate. All I know is that I really enjoyed their scenes together. Nice brain teaser.

    Also - Lance Reddick's character (Matthew Abbaddon) visiting Hurley and claiming he is a lawyer when he's not - typical Lost creep-out moment.

    On the island, the two most important developments were the survivors splitting up and Hurley visiting Jacob. Well, sort of.

    I really didn't think the writers would go back to Jacob so soon, but oh boy, I don't mind. A freaky scene that showed Christian sitting in Jacob's cabin, but also, there was another person in the cabin - Jacob himself? Oh, and apparently, the cabin has the ability to move. I'm not a fan of speculating or anything, because, if I was, I would be very disappointed.

    The first time we met Jacob and his cabin, many people made up some really cool theories, and now, suddenly, with a 30 second scene, the writers destroyed them all. I love that, but if I was a "serious" theorists,I'd hate it. This also hints that Hurley is "Special". He made the cabin disappear the same way he made Charlie disappear. The survivors splitting up was the peak point of the episode. First of all, Jack had Locke at gunpoint, but he actually pulled the trigger, unlike Locke! And not only did Locke NOT pull the trigger in the finale, he never really loaded the gun. So this makes Locke look rather "innocent" and Jack, totally guilty - if the gun was loaded, he would've killed Locke. Amazing scene. Now the split up itself was great. Desmond brings the bad news and that's the final "nail in the coffin" for Jack: it seems that half of the group does believe Locke that the rescue party isn't exactly there to... rescue anyone.

    Hurley's speech about Charlie was touching, and it was an excellent way to re-experience his death. Claire's reaction was heart breaking, Emilie de Ravin did an outstanding job. Now, I was surprised to see Rose go with Jack's group. She is dying after all and she believes that staying on the island is the only way for her to live, right? However, it's strongly suggested that what Locke does is completetly against her morals, which means she'd rather choose death in a few months than living with a killer leading the rest of her live. Another surprise was Desmond going with Jack. Surely, he's all there for Penny but that really could've been explained by himself.

    I like that Lost leaves lots of things for us to figure out. But sometimes, they leave too much. This was definitely a negative point of this otherwise fantastic episode - there should've been a scene where Jack and Desmond have a brief dialouge that explains why he's with Jack not Locke, even though he was the one who delivered the news about the freighter.

    Another negative point was Naomi's resurrection. It was corny. And it definitely did damage the dramatic effect of the season 3 finale's last island scene. I have strong doubts that someone who gets stabbed like that has the ability to sneak away from a place full of people and then climb on a tree and manage to almost fight off a strong woman in perfect condition. That's just... too much.

    But other than that - no problems what so ever.

    At the end, Kate and Jack having a short moment of nostalgia at the fuselage was wonderful. Well written scene and I just loved how this entire episode revolved around Charlie's death. It was very subtle, but he was the central point all along.

    The last scene marks the true "beginning" of the season 4 arc - one of the freighties landing on the island. Overall, a superb premiere that was very adventurous and hit hard with the emotions, but it wasn't quite flawless. There were some mistakes in the writing here and there, but luckily, nothing too major.
  • Flashforward ep with Hurley in the center of attention.

    Until this ep I was soooo convinced that Charlie isn't dead, or at least I hoped so til today. But now I'm not that sure anymore. I cried a lot when Hurley told Claire about Charlies death. They were my fav couple at Lost and now Claire and Aaron are alone. I'm still confused about the whole "Locke is right, Jack is wrong"-thing. All the time it seemed like the people coming now on the island are the evil ones and then Hurley says in the Flashforward that he should have listen to Jack instead of Locke and that is confusing me totally. So I'm looking forward to see the next ep.
  • Lost returns for it's fourth season. This was well worth the wait, exciting premiere

    After so long of waiting, the new season finally arrived.

    This episode continued from where it left off with Jack and the survivors succeeding with contacting Naomi's boat, but she's definitely not who she said she was, so what exactly will happen when her boat lands onto the island?

    As for the flash forwards, I'm not too keen on them because we're getting answers that come directly from after they have been rescued and it does kind of feel weird. I'll probably get used to it soon. I just hope we get some more flashbacks soon.

    Each episode usually has a sad part and we all know what that was this time. It was Hugo having to tell Claire the awful truth about Charlie's death and by this stage, Locke and Jack were against each other forming groups to follow Locke or Jack. Somehow I don't know which one of the two was right but yeah, it's hard to figure out. The scene where Ana-Lucia was mentioned was silly as Hugo lied to the cop, but again, more suspense.

    What was more great was the fact that Naomi was still alive when the call came through. She decided to go with Kate and let them be rescued. Wonderful.

    Then Hugo's sights in the jungle, Jacob? Wow...

    By the time the episode ended, I couldn't believe it was over.. already. It was an instant classic, brilliant. Well, we have to wait until next week for the continuation.

    Overall, a fine beginning to the new season and it was definitely worth the wait.
  • The beginning of the end of a fine show.

    Well, that was a big letdown for my part at least.
    I'm getting seriously sick of not getting any real answers.
    The writers are always buying time, trusting that the strong fanbase will forgive them and keep eating up whatever crumbs they get.

    I've always loved this show, especially the first season, but it's going downhill fast. This episode was in parts hilarious for all the wrong reasons, and quite boring. We deserved better after waiting for such a long time. The last season finale promised more than this. Will I start to hate the characters soon? I hope not, since they are the show's greatest asset.

    Time to wrap it up guys, and I mean sooner rather than later.
  • The survivors of Oceanic flight 815 are split into two groups. Locke's side and Jack's side.

    Season four starts with a crash...litterally. No it's not another plane crash, this time it's a car crash and who was in that car ?...HUGO !!!. We see Hugo flashforwards.In these flashforwards : Hugo has a long car chase before he crashes in an alley and is taken by the police. He is questionned by a police man who says he knew Ana Lucia but when he asks Hurley if he knew her, Hurley answered with a no. Then the cop shows Hurley a tape of him in the supermarket where he saw something and ran off. Hurley does not want to say what that something was so the cop suggests that he is left alone to see the tape but when that happens, Hurley imagines that the glass in the police room area was breaking and the room was filling with water so Hugo starts screaming and then he is put in a mental institute again. There he is visited by a man who claims to be from the Oceanic company but Hugo doubts that and the man starts asking questions like "are they alive ?" so Hugo starts shouting and calling for help. The weird experiences continue when Hurley gets a visit from Charlie. Charlie also says wierd things like " They need you ! " but Hurley thinks its all in his head. The end of Hurley's flashforwards are of Jack visiting him in the mental institute and playing basketball with him and then Jack mentions something about telling them. Whatever that means. Hurley's flashforwards were filled wirth secrets and really mysterious things. When Hurley was captured by the police in the beggining of the episode he says something about him being part of the oceanic six. Hurley's flashforwards raised many questions which makes me more excited about watching the upcoming episode more than ever ! Now to the actual storyline : Everyone is happy that they are going to get rescued even though Naomi is dead but in a while Naomi isn't there laying on the floor anymore. Turns out she wan't dead and she escaped so Jack goes looking for her following the trail of blood she left from her injury but turns out she fooled him by leaving a fake trail. Kate also found a track which was the right traone ck which led her to Naomi. When Kate gets to where Naomi is, Naomi jumps of the tree and falls on Kate. Then Naomi fiercly gets a hold of Kate and has a knife put to her throat. Kate starts assuring Naomi that she would never hurt her so Naomi fixes the phone device and then dies. On the beach : Desmond arives. He tells everyone about the boat and everyone starts asking questions but Hurley interrupts with a scream " Where is Charlie ?! ". Desomond says he's sorry and that Charlie is dead. Everyone gets depressed and head towards the radio tower. Soon both groups meet right after Hurley gets lost and finds his way again with Locke right there with him. Then Locke and Hurley make a speech about the people on the boat. The scene where Hurley tells Claire about Charlie was really touching. Both groups split ways. We have Locke,Claire,Hurley,Alex,Ben,Karl and Saywer on one side. Jack,Kate,Rose,Burnard,Sun,Jin and Juliet on another side. Then a man jumps on to the island right infront of Kate and Jack and the episode ends. Brilliant,exciting, mysterious, emotional and everything else that makes Lost the best Drama show out there right now. Favortie character from this episode : Hurley !! I loved his flashforwards. Favorite scene from this episode : When Jack attacks Locke and actually tries to shoot him with the gun but the gun is unloaded. Best looking character in this episode : Claire !! Even when she's crying, she still looked fantastic. Great stuff !!
  • The Beginning of Season 4

    Hurley has flashfowards to when he goes crazy seeing Charlie. He goes to the mental institution and Charlie shows up again. He tells him that "They need you." Jack visits Hurley and Hurley says he should've gone with Jack and not Locke. Jack also asks if he's going to tell anybody.

    Jack has called for help. Locke and Ben are against it. Desmond returns and tells Sayid, Jin, Hurley, Sawyer and Juliet the news. They go to Jack and Hurley gets lost. He meets Locke then. Hurley, Locke and others do not want to meet these rescue people. Naomi runs off. Kate takes the phone from Jack and follows, while Jack, Ben and Danielle follow a fake trail to Naomi. Kate watches Naomi die after Naomi contacts her crew member. Locke takes some of the survivors to the baraks in hope of safety from the rescue people. A helicopter comes to Jack and Kate and a man comes out.

    This was a great episode! The flashfowards are interesting and really confusing. It was nice to see Charlie after he died! I'm still sort of sad about his death. I think Locke is right, even though Hurley said he shouldn't have gone with him. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10 from me!
  • Lost is back; after shooting up the Others, capturing Ben and making contact with the Boat in last season's finale. Welcome Back Lost!

    In it; with rescue looming, the lines are drawn between those who choose to believe Charlie's last words that the people on the boat are bad and those who want to be rescued. After successfully overpowering the Others; the people stationed on the beach meet up with the group who proceeded to the Radio Tower. The episode is centered on Hurley whose future looks dark as he's somehow freed from the island but is sent to a mental asylum as he sees Charlie everywhere; on the island his mental health is not much better. As opposed to the opener for the previous season which was a lot more subdued; this one starts with a bang. The scenes are often put in a weird order with suspenseful, dramatic and funny scenes being put together but this just adds to the unpredictability of the show. The Flash-forward's prove a lot more engaging than the flashbacks as they show that everything on the island really does happen for a reason but they're also quite confusing as they tie together threads that haven't been introduced yet.

    There isn't much humour in this episode even though the blood - soaked Ben has his moments, the death of Charlie has muted both Sawyer and Hurley's sense of humour. Throughout the episode you get the sense that something scary will happen as there's a strong undertone of suspense and there is a climax that takes place in the spooky Cabin of Jacob but sadly it relies on the lazy "boo" tactic.

    The drama is the most solid theme of the episode and once you see Hurley burst into tears while informing Claire of the news it'll take a heart of stone not to be moved.

    The acting is first - rate but the episode really belongs to Jorge Garcia who flexes his funny, dramatic and unstable muscle and is worth every square inch of an Emmy nomination. All of the main characters appear in this episode whether it's a major or minor role, the only character who doesn't appear is Harold Perrineau who is still credited even though he left the island almost two seasons ago. This episode is a perfect Lost instalment; funny, sad, mysterious, gripping and overall winning and with it's semi - cliffhanger ending; it looks like this is going to be the best season yet.
  • excellent

    At the end of season 3, the oceanic survivors thought they are about to be rescued. but something else is coming and they are not rescuers, they have something else in mind. the oceanic survivors are split in two groups. one small group will join jack and meet up with the rescuers. the other group lead by locke will hide at the barracks were the rescuers can't find them. it's a really awesome episode, we think it's going to end soon, but so much more is in store, the excitement continues. the writers really did a great episode, i can't wait for the next one.
  • The season 4 premiere shows Hurley's racing through LA like a madman as he is thrown into the nuthouse again. He begins to face many ghosts of his past that we are familiar and unfamiliar with. Especially a face we never thought we'd see again.

    Lost came back strong in it's opening. Many new ideas and storylines for this season were introduced as we find that only six people get off the island. This will probably be the main storyline for the season. The question is who are the rest? The surprise visit from Charlie really freaked me out because I didnt expect him to come out this early as a guest. It is a good surprise by the lost writers. The other surprise is now the group is in two now. This may also answer who stays and who goes on the island. The end scene with Jack and Hurley had may stuttle remarks, like Hurley saying to Jack, "You wanted to come and see if I would tell. If I had gone crazy." Jack's reply that we are never going back is that his change of heart come earlier in time than from the previous episode where he says what Hurley is saying. "We've gotta go back." Overall good way to start the season and this opens up a lot of doors for this new season.
  • Do you really believe what Hugo sees. He cares a lot for Charlie but he might not be dead.

    Charlie a singer and a good heroic character among cast of LOST. I know that every one feels for his sudden death. But there is one thing that is quiet not clear. What if he is not dead? What Dez has been seeing was not for him. What if it was like Charlie had to embrace the situation and face the spot of survival in the event of almost death? What I mean to say is that he might be alive. That Russian guy, who exploded the grenade might have let Charlie live and took him with himself. He might be in a new chamber under the surveillance of Ben. So look ahead and find out how much I am right. We all know that Hugo sees things what he wants to see. So that is what he wanted to see. Look for yourself, go ahead....... I wonder, what the six of them are trying to hiding.
  • Welcome to Season 4

    After a very long wait LOST is back, the creators promised us more answer, but hold your horses, as we're accustomened, LOST reveals it's answers in such a way that us the views have grown to be so patient for and fond of. This episode lets you know a few more details then the season 3 finale. Overal well written, leaves you wanting more of season 4, oh what a season it's going to be. Nice performances and *spoiler aler* we find out that Hurley regrets going with Locke, ends up back in a psychward, some crazy black man is out to get him, and nice little appearance by Charlie (RIP). Great starter for season 4...
  • On the island, our Losties have to picksides. Off the island, Hurley's going crazy again. A fine example who to do a good season opener.

    Every season of Lost starts with a bang. There was the plane crash in the pilot, the look inside the hatch in season two, and of course the first look into the camp of the others in the premiere of the third season. Season four starts off with Hurley, a character who hardly seemed to be a key to the events in Lost, revealing how many survivors will get off the island. His "flashes" in this eisode are throughout exciting and keep you glued to the screen. After watching this episode, I'm sure Hurleys days as a sidekick of the main characters are gone.
    On the island we get right back into the action. While Jack tries everything to contact the rescue-team, Locke is convinced that they will bring no good to the island. After two season of disagreement the two leaders finally part the Losties into two camps.

    "the beginning of the end" is how e season opener should be done. When you're finished watching it, you know Lost is back....and it's better than ever!
  • this episode is about hurley and the falsh forwards reveals something about the oceanic six more people tog et of the island??? so far jack,kate and hurley.... maybe sawyer in the coffin??

    this episode is a good way to start the series as people have been waiting so long for this series shame for only 13 eps . hurley is well acted in this but why was charlie in the episode?? weird.. i liked the bit at the end were they split into two groups that was chilling are the rescuers good or bad?? we'll haveto see one thign i noticed was that why was no one sad about charlie apart frm hurley? niaomi was a crap actress.i am glad they killed her. cant wait for next episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hope it reaveal sum more stuff.
  • awsome.. that is all

    It has been over half a year since I had my dose of Lost and quite frankly, it sucks that it took so long. Well, the past is the past and I can now have weekly 40-minutes just me and my Losties moment without any disturbances. It's just me and my Losties, ah yes.

    There is nothing sweeter than a mango, unless it is a bunch of mangoes that have been run down by a Lostie in a car chase. So by that time, we are still unsure if it was a flashback or a fast-forward, but by the time Hugo starts shouting, "I'm one of the Oceanic Six!," I'm pretty sure it is quite evident that it is a fast-forward. I won't spoil much of the fast-forward, but it was really great seeing Hugo going crazy, and let's just say he's right back from where he started in his flashbacks.

    What do you do when a weird stranger lady who has a knife in her back and who you really need suddenly walks away? Well of course, you steal the walkie talkie from some guy who wants you to love him and go after the girl yourself because you know he was going to fail. But what do you do when this girl you chased suddenly jumps you from a tree? Well, you convince her that you just want to help her and the psycho who stabbed her in the back was kicked out of your tribe because he went nuts and blew up a submarine, one chance to leave the island.

    It was a really great episode, I couldn't start to believe how great it was. I was blown away with the flash-forward because it was just so different, it wasn't like the Season 3 finale's flash-forward where in it was really vague and not much details were given and now we figure out better what is going on and why things are happening.
  • Lost is back and this season starting really great!!

    okay,before i write my review,i just want to say that season 2 and 3 is not as great as season 1.
    (and yeah,season 2 is the most boring season ever!)

    but after i saw this season,i'm starting lo love this shows again!
    this season,finally,they getting high hopes to be rescue by naomi team.but it's just the beginning of the new mystery.
    jack believe that naomi really wants to rescue them,and on the other side,john locke didn't.he thinks that they should be on the island.
    so now they are two groups.one is the group that still want to get in the rescue with jack and the other group,lead by john,is the group that didn't want to be rescued.
    jack group : kate,juliet,sayid,bernard,rose,sun,jin.
    john group : hurley,sawyer (i can't believe he's on john side!),claire,ben,danielle,and alex.

    and finally jack finds daniel,one of the rescue team member.is he on the good side or bad side?let's just wait and see guys!
  • Charlie: (To Hurley) I am here, you're being a baby.

    As usual with my reviews I will start with a little recap. After learning Charlie's final message, part of the survivors start wondering if they should trust Naomi's associates or not and end up dividing from the other half. This episode of Lost passed my expectations t was absolutly brillint it gave us lots of new questions, Ben was really funny in the episode, Kate was great and up to her old tricks again, we see Charlie again which was great because I did not expect him to be back so soon, Locke and Jack fighting just like the old days, I was shocked when Jack pulled the trigger. Glad to see Niomi die again, and it was pretty sad the aftermath of Charlie's death. I liked this episode so much I watched it twice, cant wait to see next weeks episode. The Begining Of The End get 10 out of 10 in my opinion a great return. This episode proves why Lost is the best show on TV.
  • Decent start

    n the future, Hurley is scared and questioning his own sanity. After a police chase to his Mustang, the paranoid Hurley, who is a celebrity and called one of the Oceanic Six, is arrested and sent to an asylum, where he has a vision of Charlie and is visited by Jack. Meanwhile in the island, when Desmond informs that Charlie had advised that it was not Penny's boat and the rescue team has actually other intentions but rescuing the survivors, the group splits between the leaderships of Jack and Locke.

    Eight months and eight days after the last episode, in a complete lack of respect of the producers with the fans and viewers of this series, the fourth season begins without any answer to the many questions in the previous seasons, and raises more questions showing the future of Hurley and Jack. I am really afraid that the writers are lost and expecting that the fans forget the countless questions left open along these three years. In my opinion, it would be better off resolving the mysteries instead of raising more. With regard to "The Beginning of the End", it is intriguing as usual, but I honestly would rather see the answers
  • LOST is back it is out of character but it is LOST and it was perfect.

    This is my first ever review so if you wanted to read a good one i'd probably suggest not this one lol well anyways..........They thought they had met the enemy. They thought they had seen evil. They thought wrong. As the new season begins, the survivors feel that rescue is close at hand, but they don't know whether or not to believe Charlie's final message that the people claiming to liberate them are not who they seem to be. As unlikely alliances are formed, those they thought could be trusted may turn against them, as the enemy of their enemy becomes their friend. But who can be trusted? Is rescue really as close as it seems? LOST is back even though this episode to me seemed like a completely differnt show from LOST all together i really enjoyed it and thought that it was exactly what they needed to get the show back on track...... Why Hurley why count down and make Charlie disappear we want charlie bak we dont want him to vanish we want him back GO CHARLIE u legend...... My guess on the Oceanic 6 and it will be 100% correct is Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Jin & Sun also Desmond will probably get off but wont be counted in the oceanic 6 because he wasnt on the plane and thats all folks GO LOST CANT WAIT IT SHOULD BE ON EVERY NIGHT LOL
  • Great Return for Lost

    We start this episode in another flash forward. That"s right, kids -- it wasn"t just a gimmick for the finale. This one involves Hurley freaking out, leading the police in a high-speed chase through L.A., murdering a helpless pile of papayas and begging the police to throw him in back in the nuthouse (while also telling them, and us, that he"s one of the "Oceanic Six"). A creepy dude visits him in the nuthouse, pretending to be a lawyer for Oceanic, but actually trying to find out if "they" are still alive. And a while later, Charlie visits him, or Charlie"s ghost, or Charlie"s surprisingly well-preserved zombie, and tries to get him to acknowledge that "they" need him. Another creepy dude then visits him, except this time it"s just Jack. He"s apparently there to see if Hurley is going to tell...someone about something. Hurley thinks that "it" wants them back, but Jack thinks they"ll never go back.

    Back on the island, so much **** happens, I can"t even tell you. But here"s a small sample: at the radio tower, Naomi"s corpse has disappeared, and Jack (with Rousseau and Ben in tow) tries to track her down. Kate steals the satellite phone and takes off on what she"s sure is the real trail. She"s right, of course, and finds Naomi, who promptly holds a knife to her throat. But Naomi relents, and fixes the phone so the ship can track them down.

    On the beach, our victorious warriors celebrate their victory -- at least until Desmond shows up and passes on Charlie"s dying message about the boat. They decide to meet up with the rest of the Lostaways and pass on the warning. On the way, Hurley gets lost and finds Jacob"s cabin. He appropriately freaks out and runs away, only to run into Locke, who convinces him that they really don"t want to be rescued by the people on the boat. Everyone comes together, and after Jack tries to kill Locke (unsuccessfully, alas), the Lostaways end up splitting into two groups, with a bunch going off to the Barracks with Locke. (This group includes Claire, Hurley, Ben, and Sawyer, among others). At the very end, a helicopter drops off a parachutist, who asks Jack if he"s...Jack. The answer to which is apparently enough to be a cliffhanger.
  • Season start off, not bad.

    I am reviewing this episode waay late. Oh well. I thought this was a solid pilot episode for this season. It was a first that Hurley got a flashback (correction, flashforward) episode for the first episode in the season. For the entire flashforward I thought the dialogue was a bit awkward at moments, escpecially when Charlie comes back from the dead, but, the dialogue between Jack and Hurley was... good. Escpecially when he shows his remorse for joining Locke's side. On the island the Losties split between Jack and Locke. The best part in this episode was when Hurley tells Claire of Charlies death, very good acting emotionally. Lost does not dissapoint!
  • Lost is back.

    One word to describe the beginning of the fourth season: Wow.

    I love all these unanswered questions that Lost leaves you with. I wonder how both Hugo and Jack made it back, when they originally took off in separate directions. I wonder what six got off the island, and what secret are they keeping.

    It looks like Hugo is seeing Charlie and the singer wants him to return to the island. This scene effectively puts an end to my wishful thinking that Charlie was in fact alive.

    If we believe Hugo and going with Locke was a mistake, it would appear if Chrlie died for nothing. His warning was useless. I'd hate for that to be the case.

    First Hugo, and then Jack come to realize they should not have left the island. I wonder if Kate and the rest of the survivers will eventually come to the same conclusion.
  • A great season premiere

    A fantastic premiere to best show on earth. I thought it was a good episode. Fantastic acting as usual, Hugo shone in this episode. It was quite a touching episode too, as the survivors found out about Charlies death.

    It had some stunning scenes and some important questions were brought up in the typical lost fashion keeping us at the edge of the seat and not wanting it to end. This is what tv shows are meant to do. I think the idea of flashforwards is also a good one. It sure took us by surprise in the 3rd season finale and its doing a good job so far this season.
  • perfect episode, beautful more i was think and sadness for charly

    that what i want from the first
    eposide what i will think on it all the night, try to know any thing new
    let me cry very cry for charly and claier
    its a perfect eposide what i can't forget
    and whae i try to think on the past and how was this island new for thim and in the end they was expact they know every thing but it still want thim and called them,
    and jac he is still don't have a bair, and long hair. now herliy think on the island , jac not
    and what was the secret?
    and why it was secret?
    and when we will know this secret?
    cus i learn from this series i won't know the answer , but i will know it in the next series but i can't wait to anther season!!!!
  • Simple nerve wracking and it was great.

    A great begining of the season.

    Now the flash backs continue to show us more of the future of the survivors that get of the island. This time is with Hurley and we also see Jack and it seems to be earlier then Jack's flash back of the future.

    This episode like any episode of lost answers one question with many more appering. Simply making you wanting to see more and more episodes.

    Rescue comes to island in the end of the episode but some of the survivors had alright departed with john locke because of charlie's warning.

    The big revelation his that hurley in the future calls himself one of the oceanic 6. Telling that only 6 got of the island.
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