Season 4 Episode 1

The Beginning of the End

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2008 on ABC

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  • Finally, I feel like I am watching LOST again!

    With the third season, to me, being the weakest of them all, I have to say that I am very surprised and happy with the pilot episodes of season four. Last year's episode started with a bang and ended on a harsh sour note. This year, it started like any episode of LOST but filled us in a lot that was going on. With an easy to follow "lets reference back to last season" storyline, I felt very in the game and not really needing to stop and ask, "Wait, huh?" Every second. This is the first time the flash forward is really "used" in a regular episode and I am happy to say that it definitely does not disappoint (if thats the reason you wanted to see this season). Finally, I feel like I am watching LOST again!
  • Totally worth the 8 month wait!

    Since I watch this show alone, let me start off by finally saying to someone...Holy ****, Lost is back!

    I won't give anything away besides that they did a brilliant job with the flash forward. By far Hurley's best episode. Everything they did in that episode just flowed so well, big step up from Tale of Two Cities. As pumped as I am about today, it makes me a little bit angry that unless some miracle happens there will only be 7 more episodes...oh well

    Thank you Lost for finally giving me something to watch on TV.

    Lost is back...and better than ever!
  • A fast-paced, story-driven beginning of the season lives up to the hype.

    The whole hour was intense, the story was gripping, there were hardly any moments were the pace was slow. Not like before, Lost has been renewed and is looking to be better than ever. The best part about this episode, and probably the whole season, is how the present and future episodes tie so closely together. Every line is carefully structured to provide some kind of insight into what the future holds for the island's inhabitants, but not too much to give anything away. The opening sequence was great. Another character 180, this time it's Hurley, and now he's the one saying they need to go back to the island. Great start to the season, well-written, and reminds everyone of what Lost is all about, the characters, finding themselves.
  • Wow! (Don't read if you haven't seen the episode!)

    I know it's weird, but I felt completely tense through this whole thing! Maybe it was waiting for this episode for eight months, but watching it seemed almost surreal! I am thoroughly mad though, because my station just decided to have a weekly test of their emergency broadcast...right in the beginning...TWICE! Within two minutes of each other! I can't believe it, I totally did not even see the begninning! I shouldn't be so invested in televsion. Anyway. Onto the review.

    Are flashforwards going to be the theme now? I think that would be awesome. These flash forwards were very effective, leading you to believe that something totally awful is going to happen. And you know it will. The Oceanic 6? Does that mean only six get off?

    I can't wait to see what happens next. Every season premiere seems like a different show, but then I get used to it and end up loving it even more than the last season...this is without a doubt the best series on televison. Can't wait to enjoy eight straight, uninterupted weeks of it!
  • The survivors prepare to be rescued; flash forwards focus on Hurley.

    Yay, Lost is finally back. This episode was a little less than I thought it would be, but I was in no way let down.

    The episode started with a flash forward with Jack watching the news, which has someone leading the police on a wild chase, the car crashes, and out comes Hurley, saying he was one of the Oceanic 6. So now it seems like we know that only six will make it off of the island, Jack, Kate, Hurley...and 3 more.

    I thought all of the flash forwards were good, with Hurley in the mental institution and seeing Charlie (which is confusing), the best part was the end when Hurley told Jack that "they shouldn't have left".

    Back on the island, the survivors deal with the death of Charlie, and have to make choices about their future.

    After Desmond tells Sawyer, Sayid, Jin, Bernard, and Hurley about Charlie and the message he left, they seem to decide that the possible rescue isn't such a good idea. After Hurley gets lost in the forest, he ends up at Jacob's cabin, where he also runs into Locke, who I think was inside of Jacob's cabin. Speaking of Jacob, we also saw him in the rocking chair. Locke and Hurley agree that Jack should have never picked up that radio, and move along.

    On the other side, we have the rest of the group (excluding the ones I mentioned at the top of the last paragraph) happy about being rescued. After Naomi disappears, Jack, Rousseau, and Ben (who is dragged along) search for her. Jack told the guy on the radio that Naomi was gathering fire wood, which later led to Ben delivering my favorite line of the episode, "I guess you should tell him that she's gathering a huge load of fire wood". He gave a lot of good lines in this episode, as always. He also tell Jack of how Kate took his radio and went off to search for Naomi on her own. She finds her, and Naomi fixes a problem with the phone (after holding a knife to Kate's throat) and then dies.

    At the end of the episode we have everyone together, where they split up between Jack (who thinks the people on the boat will save them) and Locke (who thinks the people on the boat are coming to kill them). I really loved this part, and it will be great to see where it goes.

    Also, Hurley tells Jack at the end of the last flash forward that he was sorry for going with Locke, so this will probably not end well for them. Either way, this show is going to be great for us.
  • A great episode !

    I really enjoyed watching Lost. It had been a while and I was missing the plot. We had lot of surprises tonight including the group splitting half-Locke half-Jack. This is going to be interesting in the next few episodes. What about the supposedly Oceanic 6 ? Only 6 persons survive (including Jack)? How come ? I would have liked to have more info on those on the boat tought. The flash-forward are disturbing, we see different point of view of the future depending on who is the episode centered on. I hope we will discover more next week ! I can't wait for it !
  • Review

    The return of Lost Season Four did not dissapoint and I feel that it lived up to the hype. The storylines are fresh and leaving us with a lot of questions that are devoloping into a nice theme for the season - the chance of rescue. As always with every episode of Lost I will split the episode up into two parts - off the island and on the island. I thought the on island storyline really continued well off of "Through The Looking Glass" - though it had a much darker feeling to it. Let me also state that I love night scenes. Nothing makes me feel more in the "Lost" mode then when the torches are about to be lit. I loved Michael Emersons acting in this episode and to be honest without him in the episode I think this episode would have fallen way below my standards. Even being all tied up he still has that extreme confidence about him. The kind of arrogance that makes his character stand out sort of as a - "why exactly are they keeping this guy around". Some of the scenes with Hurley dragged on a little bit on the island. I did like the scene where he happened to stumble upon Jacob's cabin and then starting to go crazy on the island. Kind of gave you a nice transfer into what was going on in the flash-forward. They didn't do much with Jacob's cabin - the big question from me is did the Cabin find Hurley or did Hurley find the cabin? As far as Noami goes - she is now dead, by as she was dying she made a comment about letting her sister know that she loved her which leads me to believe we may be seeing her again in a flashback. We didn't really get to know any new characters on the island storyline - but something tells me we are going to be seeing a lot of them in the future. As far as the flash-forward goes, I thought that it was a very interesting way to start us off. We now know that this is a secret. No one is to know of anyone on the island. I dont know if we are going to get an even further beginning to the story, but I think it would fit to see a little more before this even. As always its interesting to see the way in they tell the story. Through the Looking Glass is clearly much deeper into the future then Beginning of the End and I will love seeing that storyline unfold. The only part to the episode I really didnt like was Charlie showing up at the menstal institution - I thought that was a little weird as far as the dialouge went. I will be rewtaching this tommorrow to get a better idea or what was going on there. I also realize how much I really love the show when I got really into the scene where Claire and Hurley cry over Charlies death. I didnt care last year, but watching the aftereffects just made it seem more human. And very real.

    Overall, fantasic way to start off the new season of LOST and I cannot wait to meet some of the new characters next week.
  • Lives up to the season finale.

    I was a bit afriad that the season premiere might not live up to the hype or the season finale like in season 3's case. But my fear was invalid.

    This episode was incredible. Very different from the first 3 premiers, but that doesn't mean that it's any worse. It's now my favourite season premiere. If an episode makes you have chills constantly you know it's pretty damn good.

    The opening wasn't as "WTF" as in S2 or S3, but it was definitely more revealant to the plot itself. And despite the fact it wasn't as shocking, it definitely was pretty damn surprising, and an excellent way to kick off the episode.

    Hurley's flashbacks were always either fillers or light hearted stories. But it seems that his flashforwards are right the opposite. He has hard time dealing with Charlie's death as he sees him in visions just like he did with Dave. It seems that he feels guilty for something. Probably has to do something with what Jack said to Kate in the season finale "I am sick of lying".

    It was also nice to see Jack in the flashforward all tidy and organized. I'm really looking forward finding out why'd he suddenly become so stressed out...

    The flashforward overall was great. It introduced the "Oceanic 6" which most likely refers to the 6 people that survived. Obviously, Kate, Jack and Hurley is part of the 6. Who are the other 3, I've no idea.

    The island story was even better. I thought Jack and Locke coming face to face again was long awaited. The best scene for me was Jack shooting Locke with the empty gun: if it was loaded, he'd done it which in my opinion shows how desperate Jack is. I liked how Charlie turned out to be the impact character. His death literally split the survivors. LockeTribe and JackTribe. I really loved Hurley's speech about Charlie's sacrifice. While the episode was mostly strong adventure wise, we had some great mystery with Jacob... Hurley somehow gets lost and ends up in his shack. Well we saw Jacob's chair, and a dark figure in it who might just be Christian Shephard. I can't comment on this really, I'm not a big theorist.

    Naomi comes back from death just to confront Kate. It was interesting that even when Naomi was on her death she helped the survivors. Is she really evil? I don't think so... and who's her sister she was so worried about? The episode ends with one of the freighter people arriving on the island. Not a cliffhanger but definitely makes you want to watch the next episode RIGHT NOW. Overall, an exciting fast paced ride with alot of adventure and heart touching scenes. Lost season 4 is shaping up to be just as good as the first 3. Just let the strike end, please.
  • Jacob was now seen by Hurley; and future Hurley tells Jack he made a mistake by going with Locke....

    It's been a while since I've been able to write a review, and I'm glad LOST is up next. :) This episode I feel was very revealing... it not only shed some light on some features, it brought up more questions that are more mindblowing. The first future/past episode. We know it not to be the furture, furture simliar to what they left us with in season 3 with Jack/Kate; since Jack one, hasn't grown the beard yet, and two doesn't feel guilt for leaving the island. Charlie returns for a brief moment to warn Hurley on what he must do, course what should we believe when it comes to Charlie?? He says he's dead, Hurley as well, but someone else did point him out to Hurley, crazy or not Charlie was seen by someone else... another point, Jacob was now seen by Hurley; and future Hurley tells Jack he made a mistake by going with Locke. Could it be because Hurley saw Jacob Locke became more like Ben over protected over what should be his?? More was revealed in this episode as well, the new comers to the island who even Ben is afraid of. I feel this episode opened the door to more questions that seem to be slowly answering the old ones. Piece by piece. Looking forward to more coming next week on LOST...and remember, Jacob loves you!
  • Awesome!!!!

    As the classification says This is Exactly why I watch this series.... You have in this episode all that you'd expect from Lost: awesome writing, awesome acting, great flashbacks, or in this case Flashforwards.
    This episode sets up what its likely to be one hell of a season (as expected), it doesnt give almost anything away but you can see that the next episodes will be the base of the rest of the Show.
    Lost... as awesome as ever!!!!!!
    Watch it!!! NOW!!!!
    (In the start of the episode they credit Harold Perrineau (Michael) when in fact he doesnt appear, its good to sse that he is back though!!)
  • Getting overrated on the basis it's the opening of a new season

    Overall, good episode, decent opening, fairly lackluster ending, it seemed to lack any real punch, most people new from previews and so fourth that they would be landing on the island, that particular revelation, was not much of a revelation.

    The Hurley centric was average, nothing that will make you gasp, some clues as to the direction the show will be going, which was interesting, other than that, pretty unmemorable.

    In comparison to the opening to the season 1 or 2, it's a little underwhelming, it feels more like a mid-season episode than an opening, a few scenes feel forced and somewhat contrived (like loosing the group and the cabin suddenly making an appearance), still, good stuff all in all.
  • Season 4 Premiere

    Before I get into what I thought about the episode, I just want to say thank snickers LOST is BACK!!

    Anyway, the season 4 opener was exciting. You can feel the difference in the episode because they think "rescue" is indeed coming.

    Off island-
    It's a Hurley Flashforward. He's once again in a mental institute. He's being chased by the police after he runs out of a gas station after seeing CHARLIE. Future Jack sees the chase, but he does not have his beard. This FF takes place sometime before Jack is all crazed up about wanting to go back.

    Sounds like there was some kind of pact by the "Oceanic 6" to act like they don't know anything about any other survivors. They don't want people to find out what happened on the island, so they "lie" about stuff....case in point Hurley saying he doesn't know a Ana-Lucia.... also when Jack in his FF episode said "I'm sick of lying".

    Hurley sees Charlie at the mental institute. Charlie says that they need him back. Guessing he means the rest of the survivors..

    Jack sees Hurley at the end....Jack asks him if he's "going to tell"...so there's interesting stuff going on.

    On Island-
    A LOT of stuff happens...geez I don't even know where to start..

    Hurley sees Jacobs cabin....we see Jacob again, and it appears to be CHRISTIAN, Jacks dad.

    Hurley finds out Charlie is dead. It's a very emotional scene when he tells Claire.

    Naomi pulls a Mikhail by not being dead....she ends up dying though after fixing the location on the satellite phone. Her death is pretty gruesome....she's a GREAT actor. kudos to her!

    Jack whoops on Locke...even pulls the trigger on Lockes gun...but there's no ammo left.

    Locke along with Hurley make a speech about the "rescuers" not being who they said they are because of the stuff with Charlie in the Looking Glass. Locke convinces people to come with him to the barracks. Others stay with Jack.

    In the final scene Jack and Kate finally meet one of the "rescuers" after he jumps out of a plane.


    Great episode. Awesome FF and on-island stuff. It was a very emotional episode. Great way to start of Season 4 of LOST.
  • Brilliant episode.

    After waiting almost a year for a new episode, I was worried that Lost wouldn't live up to expectations, but I was wrong. This episode was amazing in every way.
    10 times better than the season 3 opener, and it looks like Lost is back at its best.
    The flashforwards were brilliant, with all this talk about the Oceanic 6.
    Charlie made another appearance, even if he was just a figure of Hurley's imagination... or was he?
    The scene between Hurley & Claire created a lump in my throat. I dont know what else to say, this episode was a classic. Brilliant, and exactly why I watch this show.
  • Promising...

    I most say - like every season start with this show - they will turn the things upside down. Not that we did not knew that the ones who are coming, will not be the ones first thought but the way it was done. And more flashfowards. They will give us little hints about what is coming but not say much and leave us so much to wander - the one thing we can be sure - what is coming, is not too good. And the way the slipped into two groups - inner tension too. And the whole dynamic and motion of this episode. Really nerve-wracking...

    Cannot wait to see what comes next.
  • A tear jerker for me! I can calm down now that its back on.

    I knew that I would need the tissues for the recap of Charlie dying but I didnt think that I would need them throughout this episode. I cried so much, Im such sook. I cant stop thinking of how its all going to end, just when I think I have an idea, BOOM! something else gets thrown at us. Now the Losties are divided, hmmmm I wonder how long that will last? The flash fowards were great. I was shocked to see Charlie again too but I loved it. I wonder how long Charlie has been following Hurley? I wonder who else will visit Hurley in hospital?
    Its going to be interesting to see how Locke and Ben get along now, they hate each other with a passion.
    I cant wait until next weeks epsiode, how much more can I be sucked in?
  • Just Three Words, LOST IS BACK!

    WOW! Totally blew me away at how good this was. I never expected to get another Flash-Forward so soon. I'm even beginning to wonder if it is REALLY a Flash-Forward, or if the Island is a Flash-Back. Now I wonder what happened to the Locke group. How does Hurley still leave the Island despite siding with Locke?(This explains thought why Sawyer and Claire don't leave the Island) Now, why don't the nameless people leave the island, and what of Desmond? All these questions yet to be answered. But they don't seem so far out of reach like usual. Lost is back and better than ever. I so pity those who gave up on this series cause they got no clue the stellar episodes they are missing.
  • Over-hyped

    Sure it's back, but the episode was sub-par. Only a couple minutes of worthwhile watching and it tended to be in the last 10 minutes of the episode. Am I the only one who feels you could have got the gist of the episode by watching the 2 minute trailer that had been playing incessantly in the week and a half leading up to this episode?

    Most of the reviews seem to be a little generous, but maybe it's because it's the first episode back after 8 months. Hoping this show gets better really soon...otherwise not a lot of point in continuing to watch.
  • An Average episode in more then one way.

    Just an average episode of Lost, average as in not the greatest episode and going at a steady pace (the usual more questions, less answers blah blah blah). Glad it wasn't a Jack flash-forward story but Hurley's wasn't all that great, was hoping it was Sawyer stepping out of the car causing mayhem with his "Celebrity status", I would've prefered Sawyer doing something Paris Hilton would do to get attention then Hurley going 'Britney'.

    The Jack/Locke feud can only get better since Jack prepared to shoot him, well shoot him with a unloaded gun at least.

    Hope it gets better and that some loose-ends are tied up before they trip over them or before we all get bored.
  • This is realy average episode

    Story (4.2):
    The story once again just reise more questions snd didn't provide many answers.
    This story is preaty much about Hugo.
    Through the story we are watching flashback of what happend back on the island before they got rescued.
    We don't realy know jet what happend, but the story is sugesting that some people stay on the island, so for now it is not clear who get of that island and who didn't.

    Production (3.8):
    I always like lost episodes because they are filmed in so many diferent places, with so many diferent characters.

    I hoped fore more answers, but mabe next episodes will reveal more.
    I hope that this serie don't det spun out.
  • Upon learning that the freighter might not be here to rescue them, the island divides into two factions, lead by Jack and Locke. Hurley centric flash forwards revealed he is off the island and institutionalized.

    A strong opening, a lot to discuss, I guess it is best to start with Hurley's flash forward. So Hurley makes it off the island, and he begins seeign things. After a high speed case he is arrested and meets with Ana Lucia's former partner, who when he questions Hurley about her he lies and says he never knew her, and then after seeing a figure in the mirror, he asks to be put in an institution. While in the institution, he is a more happy resident then before, no Dave, he takes his meds, and plays games. Then a lawyer for Oceanic comes to visit and offers to put him in a nicer facility. Hurley refuses when he suspects the lawyer is not who he says he is, after asking him if they are still alive. Jack then comes to visit Hurley and they argue about whether they did the right thing, and that Hurley was sorry for going with Locke.

    On the island, the castaways make contact, and then search for Locke and Naomi, who mysterly disappearred. On the beach, Hurley alerts the others that they succeeded in protecting themselves from the Others. When Desmond returns and informs them on what happened to Charlie, and they differ in how to wardn Jack, and Sayid admits that all communications may now be monitored, Hurley though takes charge and leads them to the radio tower. As he heads through the jungle Sawyer tries to comfort him about losing his friend, and then he loses his way and finds Jacob's cottage, and is unable to get away until Locke finds him, and convinces him that maybe Jack is wrong, maybe they should not be rescued. When the two groups meet again, and learn about Charlie's death, they divide. Those who want to be rescued return to the beach, and those who do not trust the freighter go with Locke to the barracks. Then as Jack and Kate are making their way they meet their rescuer, when he parachutes down.

    So here is what I think after proclaiming that he is one of The Oceanic Six, only six people make it off, and we know three, and whomever they are they have all vowed to keep quiet about who was on the island, and what happened to them. That is why the lawyer asked if they were alive. Charlie is definately dead, but that doesn't mean he is not here, he visits Hurley and convinces him that he knows what he has to do. Then Jack comes to visit, since it is apparent he knew Hurley was in the chase. As they play horse they talk about what happened, and then the most puzzling moment, Hurley admits to Jack that he is sorry he went with Locke, and that they need to go back. Jack responds that they can't, a different tune from the Jack who met Kate with a full beard. So we now know that something happens to those that go with Locke, but the real question is, how does Hurley who went with Locke, get rescued with Jack?
  • When rescue seems close at hand the castaways are reeling after the message Charlie sent before he died. The Islanders are split into 2 and friends become enemies and enemies become friends. Hurley's future is revealed in a flash forward.

    Exactly why I watch this series alot of people wonder why it's so addicting then I make them watch the seasons on DVD and they find out why. This year they are doing flash forwards which is a little dissapointing because I think it may ruin the ending but I will just have to wait and see. So sad that Charlie is actually dead so weird that Hurley keeps seeing him in the future. I wonder what happened that made Hurley want to go into a mental institute? So we know that Jack and Hurley survive but who else? I hope Sun doesn't die in child birth but I think she might :( Can't wait untill next time!
  • Lost finds it's roots again.

    What made this special for me, was how much it both continued the style of the S3 finale, with the flashforward and the epic atmosphere of close danger, it in the same way felt nostalgic and really reminded me of a seasen 1 episode.

    Lost keeps on creating these mysteries, but i have a feeling that they will from now on only build on those mysteries and solve them for us one by one. For instance they didn't split the stories into different episodes and waste a couple of episodes, they instead showed us the complete story and they quickly united the team(though they splitted again). I'm quite certain that there wont be time for stupid fillers.

    Another great thing was the choise of the centric. Instead of going with the same old more "important" characters, they choose to take a semi character like Hurley and make an incredible flashforward out of it. This shows that Lost is a character driven show and is not about Jack being a leader for example. Not all of the characters had their moments but there were bits and pieces for each person. I hope that it stays with the idea of every people having equal shine.

    The one thing i liked the most in the flashforward wasn't Hurley being crazy or Jack's visit, nor Charlies visit, but Matthew Abbadon visit. I dont know the actor, but he really pulled off the term creppy and mysterius. I hope we see a lot more to him.

    And then the episode ended with the most nostalgic, memoriable scene of Lost history, not the Jeremy Davies scene, but the one right before. Seing Jack and Kate there were their first adventure took place made me so happy. Now all i gotta say is Lost is back, and cant wait for the upcoming thursdays.
  • Solid return of Lost!

    Finally..I mean FFS finally Lost returns. After some 10 months of waiting, the hype was big. The episode was solid, great (felt it was too short) definitly hinting we are on for another crazy Lost season.
    The opener was great. A Hurley flash forward...Yet I don`t think it was as mind blowing as the 3 other season openers of the show.
    I felt there was too much of Hurley sometimes but the Jacob-Hurley scene was the moment of the episode. It was fantastic stuff, classic Lost stuff. It did appear to me there were two persons/whatever in there.
    Jack is still the most annoying character on the show...Mr Perfect. I would have love to see more of the other characters. But all in due time.
    Sp I guess 6 are getting out of the island and they will always want to go back...but for what? Save the other losties? Why would they left them behind in the first place? Speculations can start again, lost is back.
    I like the new dynamic between the losties and it all ends with a nice cliffhanger. Can`t wait to see more.
  • LOST is back in a big way, the Seson 4 premiere starts off a bit slow, but picks up.

    The long awaited season premiere of LOST occurred last night, and it was well worth the wait. Though their could be hiccups due to the writers strike (get back to work!!) this season, or part of it, for that matter looks promising given the nature of this revealing and exciting premiere.

    The show started with Jack drinking a screwdriver while watching a high speed chase on the news. He is shocked when he recognizes the car, an old-school Camaro blazing down the freeway, LOST fans pretty much knew at this point who was driving...it was HURLEY! Another flash-forward! He is interrogated by Ana Lucia's former partner, and is sent back to a psychiatric Hospital where he talks with...CHARLIE!? Hurley thinks he's seeing things, but Charlie slaps him and shows he's really there. Charlie tells Hurley that he has to help his friends.

    The car chase was alright, nothing like watching fruit getting annihilated, but it was just ok. It was nothing mind blowing. To watch Hurley's emotions stemming from Charlie's death was heart-wrenching and some fine acting on the part of Jorge Garcia. Hurley was very close to Charlie and he kept that in mind when he left with Locke at the end...but judging by how he and Jack meet in the flash forward, he must come back somehow. Hurley also has a run in with Locke and apparently Jacob. He found the cabin and it made for a pretty intense moment. On the island, the survivors rejoice at their impending "rescue" and mourn the loss of Charlie, most notably Claire who grieves with Hurely. The folks on the boat want to talk to Naomi, but Jack lies and said she went to get firewood. When Jack turns to look at her corpse, she is gone, Ben witnessed it, but was being especially uncooperative. Jack, Rousseau, and a tied up Ben go after her, but Kate picks up another trail and follows it. Seems that Jack and crew were wrong and that Kate was right and she gets jumped by Naomi who then phones the boat and gives them a signal to trace. This part of the story was well done and rather exciting, it helped to build up on some more mystery.

    Finally Locke meets back up with the rest of the survivors and is attacked by Jack. He states that those who are coming are not going to help them, and that anyone who wants to be safe should come with him. This attracts several people to his side, and they set off for the barracks, the rest remain with Jack who finds another parachutist in the jungle. His name is George and he is with the people from the boat.

    This was a great episode and a great way to start the season. Some complain about having "too many mysteries" at once, whereas I think it's a good thing. It keeps the show fresh, exciting, and it really makes you want to tune in each week to see what happens next. From what was presented tonight, there are going to be some explosive character interactions and big twists in plot. Adding these people on the boat as a new factor should really liven things up.

    The acting was superb, especially from Jorge Garcia, you really could feel for the guy as he mourned his friend. The other actors were intense as usual given the stressful nature of the situation. Michael Emerson was brilliant as ever in his portrayal of Ben who seemed more conniving and angry this episode. The direction was excellent and the cinematography was great, it really fit the pace and mood of the show.

    10/10 hands down, if this is what LOST has to offer this season, it will be great. If this is just a teaser of what is to come, this could be one of the best seasons ever.
  • What? No eye shot? No insane character introduction? Really caught ME off guard!

    I was expecting so much for the season premiere, and I can't help but feel a little robbed. But just a little.

    I mean, hey, the good news is these flashforwards have SUCH potential! They are opening up doors for some great storylines - who are these people that want the Oceanic 6 to stay quiet and why?. Great way to introduce what the rest of the season - and series - will be like. Instead of looking to flashbacks for answers about characters, FFs can answer questions about the island.

    I guess my only real stiff is that I'm used to feeling completely shocked after the opening sequence. The Hatch, the Other's neighborhood, and starting with someone we have no clue about. Seems like the writers really fooled us by making us exect that!

    But, I liked the episode overall. Hurley finds Jacob. Naomi is far more suspicious. And Jack actually went to kill Locke. Can't wait until next week.
  • We are back, my friends. I miss writing these silly little reviews, so here we go.

    What I am most impressed with is how the show with such a basic premise can be so drastically different from one season to another. The first season was about adjusting to life on the island, the second was about the hatch and Dharma, the third was about the Others, and now we have some other Others coming from helicopters. Everybody wondered if the flash-forward gimmick from the end of last season would continue on, and it has. The biggest revelation of the episode was the "Oceanic 6" that Hurley referred to, obviously meaning only six Losties made it back from the island. Was this because only six survived, or did the rest remain behind? And what could have possibly changed Jack's mind between this episode and the further future episode to make him want to go back so badly? I have a feeling we're going to have to start writing down the timeline on sheets of paper if we don't want to get confused about exactly "when" a particular flash-back or flash-forward takes place.

    The on-island action was only average to me, the biggest shock coming of course during Hugo's solo trek through the jungle, culminating at the arrival of Jacob's cabin. He seems to have a visitor, reminiscent of when Locke saw Mikhail on a video screen early last season. I'm beginning to wonder if Hurley really is the key to what's going on on the island, since he was having island-like visions even when he returned. I knew Charlie was in the episode since his name was still included in the opening credits, but eagle-eyed viewers might also have noticed Harold Perrineau, AKA Michael, whose name has been re-inserted, foreshadowing his impending arrival back to our TVs. Very exciting stuff! Whether he'll show up before the 8-episode strike arc is up is unknown, but it's good to know that Mike will be back soon, hopefully with some answers.

    Regarding these new visitors, is it on purpose that the guy who parachuted in at the end of the episode looks a lot like Charlie? I guess we'll learn more next week. And big props to Michael Emerson, who, although his part this week wasn't big, once again played Ben absolutely brilliantly. I sincerely hope he sticks around to the end of the series.

    In all, it was a solid episode, not on par with the shocking revelations of the last 2 season premieres, which remain in my mind some of the best episodes of TV ever produced, but for those of you who stuck around to watch the premiere of Eli Stone at 10, you'll agree with me when I say we gottta have faith.
  • I have been waiting for this episode for almost 9 months and overall, it lived up to the hype.

    Ok well I was pretty sad that I did not get to watch this because I am outside the U.S. right know. But I found a website where you could watch it right after the next day. I have to tell you that Lost: Past, Present, and future was not as good as last seasons recap, but still very good. Ok to start of I think the opening scene was done amazingly, especially when Hurley yells ¨Don´t you know who I am, I am one of the Oceanic six!¨ that was just incredible. All the flash forward sequences were excellent and I loved the way they brought Charlie back. More good stuff was when they divided up the group, some people went with Jack and some with Locke. The bad, well there was not too much bad stuff in this episode, maybe the cliff hanger wasn't that great like when the freighter guy comes and he says ¨Are you Jack?¨ I think it could have been better but still very good. Also I wish they had a beginning like the first 3 seasons with eye and you are somewhere unknown but it was cool. Overall I think this is in my top five episodes.
    1. The Brig
    2. Walkabout
    3. The Beginning of the End
    4. Exodus
    5. Through the Looking Glass
  • Nothing happened?

    Absolutely nothing happened in this episode that we didn't knew/saw already.
    Yey we got few "flash forwards" explaining absolutely nothing,
    and rest were the scened on the island where nothing happened, this is the actual reconstruction of the whole episode omitting the flash forwards: Jack is full of crap as usual > People walk around on the beach> oh no, Charlie is dead > more walking around > Naomi runs to the forest > more walking > Naomi dead > Lock comes back > half of people go with Lock half stay with Jack > Jack sad > some bearded guy from the ship para shoots on the island > Fin.
  • Well... they're finally back, my fever is down but I can't help but feeling something is missing... *May contain spoilers*

    It's Lost, so it's good, but this episode felt like a regular episode from another tv series.... I didn't feel it as the Lost we're used to... I missed the eye shot at the beginning... it's a trade mark!!!

    How did Desmond get back to the surface so quick? Didn't he use the oxygen tanks? what happened there?; Naomi "waking up" just to reconfigure the satellite thingy?; Jack again trusting Kate and making mistakes!... The most entertaining moments were Hurley's hallucinations (Jacob's cabin, CHARLIE!!!, the fish tank -or whatever that was- on the police station...) I guess I'll have to watch it again, to find some traces of the Lost I love, full of mysteries and surprises... It felt a little bit predictable and customized to non regular viewers... rating pressure? I hope they don't sacrifice the story for some of those who so desperately want answers... I can wait them until 2010 if they still give me the Lost I fell in love with...
  • Another brilliant episode from the best show currently on television, though it didn't have the feel of a season opener. *SPOILERS*

    Since May I had been trying to work out whose eye would open the season, and where we would be, and what device would play the opening song. I can't help but feel a little disappointed it didn't happen. Having said that the opening scene was brilliant, from Jack's "Damn it" to Hurley's reveal - which was perfectly shot.

    On island it was great to see how quickly everything changed within five minutes, from Hurley's uncontrollable glee to be going home - complete with cannonball - to complete despair following news of both Charlie's death and origins of those coming to 'rescue' them.

    The scenes with Rose, Sun and Claire talking about Charlie were emotional, and Hurley going to Claire was touching and sad.

    Since the Jack flash-forward I was extremely worried about the direction the series was going in. I didn't want to know that Jack and Kate had made it off. However, having now seen the Hurley flash-forward, I have now completely changed my opinion. These scenes were the best part of the episode and some of the best off-island scenes on the show. And they just ask so many questions - "Why are they lying to everyone else" (Jack not wanting Hurley to blab and Hurley's denial of knowing Ana-Lucia), "What do they think happened to those who weren't rescued?" (Hurley didn't want to hear that they could be alive) and "Why was Hurley wrong for choosing to go with Locke?"

    The flashforwards have achived greater mystery and intrigue to the on-island scenes, and it will be great to see where the show goes from here, though I don't want to see flash-forwards every week.

    As stated above this episode doesn't feel like a season opener, and I would consider it the worst season opener for the show. I don't know, but I was just expecting something more out of it - maybe it had something to do with the long wait between episodes, but I felt a little let-down by the time it reached the end, and I didn't think that the 'cliffhanger' was that good - I was expecting another little shock, not a line of dialogue we had seen in the trailers to the episode.
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