Season 4 Episode 1

The Beginning of the End

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2008 on ABC

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  • Great Return for Lost

    We start this episode in another flash forward. That"s right, kids -- it wasn"t just a gimmick for the finale. This one involves Hurley freaking out, leading the police in a high-speed chase through L.A., murdering a helpless pile of papayas and begging the police to throw him in back in the nuthouse (while also telling them, and us, that he"s one of the "Oceanic Six"). A creepy dude visits him in the nuthouse, pretending to be a lawyer for Oceanic, but actually trying to find out if "they" are still alive. And a while later, Charlie visits him, or Charlie"s ghost, or Charlie"s surprisingly well-preserved zombie, and tries to get him to acknowledge that "they" need him. Another creepy dude then visits him, except this time it"s just Jack. He"s apparently there to see if Hurley is going to tell...someone about something. Hurley thinks that "it" wants them back, but Jack thinks they"ll never go back.

    Back on the island, so much **** happens, I can"t even tell you. But here"s a small sample: at the radio tower, Naomi"s corpse has disappeared, and Jack (with Rousseau and Ben in tow) tries to track her down. Kate steals the satellite phone and takes off on what she"s sure is the real trail. She"s right, of course, and finds Naomi, who promptly holds a knife to her throat. But Naomi relents, and fixes the phone so the ship can track them down.

    On the beach, our victorious warriors celebrate their victory -- at least until Desmond shows up and passes on Charlie"s dying message about the boat. They decide to meet up with the rest of the Lostaways and pass on the warning. On the way, Hurley gets lost and finds Jacob"s cabin. He appropriately freaks out and runs away, only to run into Locke, who convinces him that they really don"t want to be rescued by the people on the boat. Everyone comes together, and after Jack tries to kill Locke (unsuccessfully, alas), the Lostaways end up splitting into two groups, with a bunch going off to the Barracks with Locke. (This group includes Claire, Hurley, Ben, and Sawyer, among others). At the very end, a helicopter drops off a parachutist, who asks Jack if he"s...Jack. The answer to which is apparently enough to be a cliffhanger.
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