Season 4 Episode 1

The Beginning of the End

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2008 on ABC

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  • With "The Beginning Of The End", season four of LOST has started off with a loud bang; or is that a bump in the night? We all have our favorite moments from the episode, but for me, it would definitely have to be what I call "Hurley's Triple Nightmare!"

    Hurley's Triple Nightmare!

    With "The Beginning Of The End", season four of ABC's highly popular series "LOST" has definitely started off with a loud bang; or should I say a bump in the night? We all have our favorite moments from the episode, but for me personally, it would definitely have to be what I have come to refer to as "Hurley's Triple Nightmare!".

    The "nightmare" consists of three consecutive scenes which occur when dear Hurley gets lost while on a nighttime trek through the jungle with James Sawyer's team. After roaming around lost for a while, Hurley suddenly comes upon Jacob's cabin. What?! Hurley can now see it too?! What does this signify for Ben Linus and John Locke? Is Hurley now the Special One?

    It has become apparent that Ben can no longer hear Jacob's voice, or even find his cabin for that matter. As we saw in the season three episode, "The Man Behind The Curtain", Ben had his last conversation with Jacob the night that he, (Ben), took John Locke to see Jacob, and Jacob became extremely upset with Ben, even throwing him against the wall. All evidence seems to point to the fact that it was during that event that the mantle was passed to John Locke. Who can possibly forget Jacob's eerie plea to John of "Help me!"?

    Sadly, after being such a man of faith and wisdom, and a character who I have greatly enjoyed, it seems that John Locke has failed Jacob as well. Not only has John resorted to force and violence in order to promote his personal agenda, (all the while believing in his heart that he is doing what is best for everyone), but at the time when his strong faith was needed the most, he clearly doubted Jacob's presence. It seems that this failure on Locke's part has resulted in Jacob abandoning John, just as he did with Ben. This is evidenced by the fact that Locke can no longer find Jacob's cabin. Obviously realizing that he has been forsaken by Jacob, and feeling frustrated and humiliated at the same time, Locke has now resorted to even more force and violence in order to get his way, and I don't believe that Jacob condones this kind of behavior.

    But returning to dear Hurley, overcoming his initial fear, he decides to approach Jacob's cabin, and peers inside through a broken window; probably the very same window that Jacob broke in "The Man Behind The Curtain" episode. The last person that Hurley expected to see was Jack's father, Christian Shephard, yet there he is in Jacob's cabin, nonchalantly rocking away in a chair, half-obscured by the shadows.

    Barely over that shock, Hurley is totally freaked out when an unknown face suddenly peers right back at him through the broken window. Is it possible that Hurley has just had an unexpected encounter with Jacob himself? Folks, place your bets!

    Poor Hurley, totally spooked, decides that he has seen enough, and so he makes off like he is trying to break the world record for the fifty-yard dash. Fearful that he might be pursued, he turns around; but instead of seeing Jacob's cabin, he is met by a wall of jungle vegetation. Jacob's cabin has disappeared; or has it?

    Turning back around, Hurley can hardly believe his eyes. Jacob's cabin has reappeared right in front of him! Worse yet, as if the eerie whispering voices aren't nerve-racking enough, it seems that Hurley is being given a personal invitation to come in and join the nighttime party, as the front door of Jacob's cabin slowly creaks open, revealing a golden light within.

    "Thanks, but no thanks!" thinks Hurley. He wants it all to just be a bad dream; so he closes his eyes tightly and wishes it away. When he opens them again, the cabin is gone, and all he sees is an open field semi-obscured by the dark! Does this mean that Hurley too has failed his test of faith? If so, the question is, who will Jacob test next? Will he find a worthy partner to help him?

    That was one freaky episode, and the suspense level of the show continues to rise as we slowly make our way towards the season finale. Along the way, we are being introduced to new characters, new plot twists, and new dangers. We are also starting to get more answers, but along with those answers come more questions. But did we really expect any less? After all, that is the LOST tradition. -- Lostifyed