Season 4 Episode 1

The Beginning of the End

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2008 on ABC

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  • The survivors of Oceanic flight 815 are split into two groups. Locke's side and Jack's side.

    Season four starts with a crash...litterally. No it's not another plane crash, this time it's a car crash and who was in that car ?...HUGO !!!. We see Hugo flashforwards.In these flashforwards : Hugo has a long car chase before he crashes in an alley and is taken by the police. He is questionned by a police man who says he knew Ana Lucia but when he asks Hurley if he knew her, Hurley answered with a no. Then the cop shows Hurley a tape of him in the supermarket where he saw something and ran off. Hurley does not want to say what that something was so the cop suggests that he is left alone to see the tape but when that happens, Hurley imagines that the glass in the police room area was breaking and the room was filling with water so Hugo starts screaming and then he is put in a mental institute again. There he is visited by a man who claims to be from the Oceanic company but Hugo doubts that and the man starts asking questions like "are they alive ?" so Hugo starts shouting and calling for help. The weird experiences continue when Hurley gets a visit from Charlie. Charlie also says wierd things like " They need you ! " but Hurley thinks its all in his head. The end of Hurley's flashforwards are of Jack visiting him in the mental institute and playing basketball with him and then Jack mentions something about telling them. Whatever that means. Hurley's flashforwards were filled wirth secrets and really mysterious things. When Hurley was captured by the police in the beggining of the episode he says something about him being part of the oceanic six. Hurley's flashforwards raised many questions which makes me more excited about watching the upcoming episode more than ever ! Now to the actual storyline : Everyone is happy that they are going to get rescued even though Naomi is dead but in a while Naomi isn't there laying on the floor anymore. Turns out she wan't dead and she escaped so Jack goes looking for her following the trail of blood she left from her injury but turns out she fooled him by leaving a fake trail. Kate also found a track which was the right traone ck which led her to Naomi. When Kate gets to where Naomi is, Naomi jumps of the tree and falls on Kate. Then Naomi fiercly gets a hold of Kate and has a knife put to her throat. Kate starts assuring Naomi that she would never hurt her so Naomi fixes the phone device and then dies. On the beach : Desmond arives. He tells everyone about the boat and everyone starts asking questions but Hurley interrupts with a scream " Where is Charlie ?! ". Desomond says he's sorry and that Charlie is dead. Everyone gets depressed and head towards the radio tower. Soon both groups meet right after Hurley gets lost and finds his way again with Locke right there with him. Then Locke and Hurley make a speech about the people on the boat. The scene where Hurley tells Claire about Charlie was really touching. Both groups split ways. We have Locke,Claire,Hurley,Alex,Ben,Karl and Saywer on one side. Jack,Kate,Rose,Burnard,Sun,Jin and Juliet on another side. Then a man jumps on to the island right infront of Kate and Jack and the episode ends. Brilliant,exciting, mysterious, emotional and everything else that makes Lost the best Drama show out there right now. Favortie character from this episode : Hurley !! I loved his flashforwards. Favorite scene from this episode : When Jack attacks Locke and actually tries to shoot him with the gun but the gun is unloaded. Best looking character in this episode : Claire !! Even when she's crying, she still looked fantastic. Great stuff !!
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