Season 4 Episode 1

The Beginning of the End

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2008 on ABC

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  • A worthy follow-up to the brathe-taking finale that "Through the Looking Glass" was!

    "The Beginning of the End" (TBOTE) was a great episode. I just want to lay that out before I go into deep analysis. I was a bit sceptical about this episode. I figured, there's no way it could live up to it's hype and that it would be underwhelming.

    After all, we all remember the awesome season 2 finale and the season 3 premiere following it. It was good, but sort of a letdown.

    However, this episode was a pleasant surprise. Perhaps, the opening scene wasn't as spectacular as some people hoped for. In season 1 we got the realization that the show starts AFTER the crash. In season 2 we got the amazing hatch reveal, in season 3 we got the W-T-F otherville reveal - in season 4, we find out how many people got rescued, and the identity of another one besides Kate and Jack.

    Hurley is also off the island - and so are 5 others. They are referred to as the Oceanic Six.

    I loved the opening, and if you don't compare it to the first 3 season's opener, just simply look at it in itself, or, compare it with other shows, you'll love it too.

    The rest of the episode, however, was actually better than the first 3 premiere episodes' continuation after the cold opening.

    Loved that it was a direct continuation to the season 3 finale. Loved that the writers didn't instantly jump to "random people arriving on the island to rescue the survivors" storyline.

    Hurley's flashforwards were exciting. This was the first "traditional" flashforward so obviously it was very informative. Hurley going crazy again is definitely a very stressful fate for his character - just like how Jack became a drunk.

    It was interesting to see that at the time Hurley goes crazy, Jack is still normal. Hurley has his "we have to go back" scene, while Jack just claims he is crazy. Knowing how Jack's perspective will change, made the Jack/Hurley scenes very intriguing - gotta love the flashforward formula.

    Another high point was Charlie appearing to Hurley. Weather it was really him, or just Hurley visioning, or the island itself, well... I leave it to you to speculate. All I know is that I really enjoyed their scenes together. Nice brain teaser.

    Also - Lance Reddick's character (Matthew Abbaddon) visiting Hurley and claiming he is a lawyer when he's not - typical Lost creep-out moment.

    On the island, the two most important developments were the survivors splitting up and Hurley visiting Jacob. Well, sort of.

    I really didn't think the writers would go back to Jacob so soon, but oh boy, I don't mind. A freaky scene that showed Christian sitting in Jacob's cabin, but also, there was another person in the cabin - Jacob himself? Oh, and apparently, the cabin has the ability to move. I'm not a fan of speculating or anything, because, if I was, I would be very disappointed.

    The first time we met Jacob and his cabin, many people made up some really cool theories, and now, suddenly, with a 30 second scene, the writers destroyed them all. I love that, but if I was a "serious" theorists,I'd hate it. This also hints that Hurley is "Special". He made the cabin disappear the same way he made Charlie disappear. The survivors splitting up was the peak point of the episode. First of all, Jack had Locke at gunpoint, but he actually pulled the trigger, unlike Locke! And not only did Locke NOT pull the trigger in the finale, he never really loaded the gun. So this makes Locke look rather "innocent" and Jack, totally guilty - if the gun was loaded, he would've killed Locke. Amazing scene. Now the split up itself was great. Desmond brings the bad news and that's the final "nail in the coffin" for Jack: it seems that half of the group does believe Locke that the rescue party isn't exactly there to... rescue anyone.

    Hurley's speech about Charlie was touching, and it was an excellent way to re-experience his death. Claire's reaction was heart breaking, Emilie de Ravin did an outstanding job. Now, I was surprised to see Rose go with Jack's group. She is dying after all and she believes that staying on the island is the only way for her to live, right? However, it's strongly suggested that what Locke does is completetly against her morals, which means she'd rather choose death in a few months than living with a killer leading the rest of her live. Another surprise was Desmond going with Jack. Surely, he's all there for Penny but that really could've been explained by himself.

    I like that Lost leaves lots of things for us to figure out. But sometimes, they leave too much. This was definitely a negative point of this otherwise fantastic episode - there should've been a scene where Jack and Desmond have a brief dialouge that explains why he's with Jack not Locke, even though he was the one who delivered the news about the freighter.

    Another negative point was Naomi's resurrection. It was corny. And it definitely did damage the dramatic effect of the season 3 finale's last island scene. I have strong doubts that someone who gets stabbed like that has the ability to sneak away from a place full of people and then climb on a tree and manage to almost fight off a strong woman in perfect condition. That's just... too much.

    But other than that - no problems what so ever.

    At the end, Kate and Jack having a short moment of nostalgia at the fuselage was wonderful. Well written scene and I just loved how this entire episode revolved around Charlie's death. It was very subtle, but he was the central point all along.

    The last scene marks the true "beginning" of the season 4 arc - one of the freighties landing on the island. Overall, a superb premiere that was very adventurous and hit hard with the emotions, but it wasn't quite flawless. There were some mistakes in the writing here and there, but luckily, nothing too major.
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