Season 4 Episode 1

The Beginning of the End

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2008 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Locke: She didn't cover for anyone. She wants her people to come here. And trust me, when they go we had better be far away from here. I'm going to the Barracks. The Others abandoned them. It's the only place on the Island with any form of security right now. It'll have to do until I can think of something else. Until then, if you wanna live, you need to come with me.
      Jack: No-one's going anywhere with you, John. Because they're not crazy.
      Hurley: He's not crazy. What about Charlie? Charlie went down to that place so we could all be rescued. And whatever he did down there, it worked. But then something must have happened. He must have heard something before he... (Pauses) I don't know why, but he changed his mind ... Because the last thing he did was to warn us that the people on that boat are not who they said they were. So I'm not listening to you. I'm listening to my friend. I'm listening to Charlie.

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