Season 3 Episode 19

The Brig

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 02, 2007 on ABC
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After abandoning the Others, Locke takes Sawyer on a trek through the jungle to help him eliminate a common enemy. Meanwhile, back at the beach, the parachutist Naomi has crucial information about flight 815.

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  • Sawyer and Locke connected

    This is one of my favorite episodes because it's interesting to see how one man, Locke's father, can affect two men, Sawyer and Locke, so differently. And yet, in the end, they both need him to die.

    This episode also introduces the idea that the survivors may in fact be dead, and that the island then must be some kind of afterlife/purgatory. I'm not too hip to this idea, but perhaps it's all just a lie. Back to Sawyer and Locke. It was really satisfying to see both men finally move on because we all really know they have much more greatness in them ready to be developed. This was a wonderful turning point in the series, and I'm looking forward to seeing how both men change.

    Three seasons of character arc come to an end here, and the payoff was spectacular.

    A final note, I usually see plot twists way ahead of time, but I never imagined that Sawyer and Locke's history could be so believably tied together.moreless
  • Two character's traumatic Backstories are laid to rest along with the culprit in spectacular fashion!

    And thus begins Lost's outstanding Season 3 wrap-up!

    Absolutely amazing episode, which I would agree with most people is the darkest hour of the series thus far!

    Once again it's all about the performances, which makes the episode so special. We all know that Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emmerson have considerable talent, that is made manifest by the complex characters they are playing. Up until now, Josh Holloway hasn't had much chance to dig deeper into his acting soul. Most of Josh Holloway's acting skills required for this series up to now, at least on-island, has been to play the bad ass, the cocky southerner with a penchant for nicknames. However, here we are witness to a different side to Josh Holloway, one which is very welcome and is sure to be embraced by most watching. In every line he roars at Anthony Cooper inside the Black Rock you can feel the emotional pain Holloway's character feels. Never before has an acting performance on Lost stopped my heart at places like when he screams "Finish it!", referring to his letter. Kevin Tigh's portrayal as Anthony Cooper is also worthy of praise and is enough to give Josh Holloway the incentive to deliver his own 100% performance. Josh Holloway only goes to prove how much every actor/actress on the show has improved.

    With performances like these who needs special effects, jungle chases, explosions, implosions and rampaging polar bears and smoke monsters to generate excitement.

    With Sawyer being so pivotal to this episode and Josh Holloway stealing the show literally it is easy to forget that this episode is actually Locke-centric. I still refer to it as a Locke-Sawyer centric episode because it concerns them both just as equally. It is Locke-centric because to be fair Locke gets more episode screen time, owing to his on-island flashbacks, which tracks him following the cliffhanger of "The Man from Tallahassee".

    Once again the concept of the "Magic Box" is raised and new light on this subject got my mind going back to Season 1. Ben tells Locke in this episode that Anthony Cooper came out of the box because Locke somehow willed it. In "The Man from Tallahassee" Ben says that the box holds what you imagine or hope would be in it, so, in essence, Locke imagined or hoped Cooper would be on the island. If Ben is telling the truth then this information relates directly to Walt in Season 1. As far back as the Pilot episode we were quickly introduced to Walt's powers. We saw him read a spanish comic with a Polar Bear in it, moments before a real one appears before several other castaways. Once again this connection was made more definitive in "Special" later that season when Walt's fury that his comic had been thrown in the fire by Michael on the Polar Bear page had been enough to imagine, hope and thus will the Polar Bear onto the island, maybe to seek revenge on Michael. However, the plan may not have turned out as hoped as Walt was trapped with the animal and Michael rescued Walt and himself from the attack. It is quite possible, thought, that Walt is unaware of his "Magic Box" abilities, just as Locke isn't. Locke can't understand how he could have used his "Magic Box" to bring Anthony Cooper to the island. Of course, even if Locke or Walt did imagine themselves up a Polar Bear or an Anthony Cooper or even when Charlie hoped his guitar would be on the island in one piece, it still doesn't explain how this all connects with how Cooper was actually brought to the island, which was supposedly by a car accident. The whole "Magic Box" issue does get us to wonder what things on the island are due to the imaginations of our characters and which are due to the Smoke Monster [see The Cost of Living, earlier this season]. At this time I believe that the manifestations of Dave, Christian Shepherd and Yemi are all creations of the monster, whereas Anthony Cooper [possibly], Walt's Polar Bear and Charlie's guitar came out of the magic box. The island is one large magic box where all your dreams can come true, physically or spiritually or both [Locke's legs and his faith].

    I think we have only just scratched the surface of the "Magic Box" and look forward to where that story goes from here.

    Another interesting plot point concerns the Others. We have been led to believe that there exists a great leader on the island, who is in control of the Others and quite possibly in charge of everything that goes on on the island. We will get clarification in the following episode that his name is "Jacob", a name that has been referenced numerous times this season. Beneath Jacob in the Others hierarchy there stands Ben as the sub-leader of the Others, the physical presence of a leader, against Jacob who seems to be at this stage of the game an unseen force of the island.

    Ben seems to have taken on this responsibility for some time but it is becoming quite clear that his methods of leadership are not going down too well with the rest of the community. Certainly, Richard hints at this to Locke when he tells him that Ben has been wasting their time on fertility problems instead of seeking their true potential on the island. This makes Juliet's actions to Jack in the early part of the season much clearer. Juliet informed Jack that the community are unhappy with Ben and want him gone. Of course Juliet would later deny this but even Tom, when he finds out has an understanding expression on his face. Richard Alpert also tells Locke that, Ben aside, everyone in the community thinks Locke is special and important to the island, hinting that they believe they have found their new sub-leader to replace Ben. This would explain why, as Richard explains, that Locke doesn't want anyone to think Locke is special and wanted to see him fail to embarrass Locke and to boost Ben's self-esteem. Ben doesn't guess that Locke would return with the Others with Anthony Cooper on his back. Ben, obviously realises that Locke is somehow special and has a irrefutable communion with the island, due in part to his sudden ability to walk again and also his ability to somehow speed up Ben's healing process just by being in his company. But Ben is also aware that Locke could be his successor and tries to put Locke in situations that he knows he will fail in, just to prove to the Others that Locke is not what they think he is. Ben can't handle the fact that Locke would be leading Ben rather than Ben leading Locke, which is getting near to happening. The whole "sacrifice" at the Ruins was very creepy and many have speculated that the Ruins are connected to the four-toed statue seen last season. Back on the beach Naomi expands on her story teased at the climax of the previous episode. She tells a disbelieving Sayid that they found the wreckage of Oceanic 815 and all the dead passengers in a trench near Bali. Sayid is suspicious, as am I. We saw halfway in Season 1 that the tide was coming in to wash up the wreckage of the plane and the survivors camp so they had to relocate further down shore. Okay, it is possible that the tide could flush pieces of the wreckage out to sea but that far out and in one piece enough to be identified by people. It is just as likely for someone to go back down to their original camp and try to find any part of the wreckage. We also know that part of the wreckage was nowhere near the shoreline as some of it was found further inland in the jungle and also in the Caves. Rewatching "White Rabbit" from Season 1 when Jack first discovers the caves only confirms this. So this is a blatant lie by Naomi, one that should be picked up by more than just Sayid [assuming that this is not an inconsistency in writing! I sure hope not!]. Why anyone has not already investigated back at their original camp is unclear. The tide may have pulled back out again making investigations that much easier. So I am pretty convinced at this point [without revealing what I know in Season 4] that this is a lie from Naomi.

    Anyhow, speculations aside this was a thoroughly entertaining episode, the darkest yet. In fact I would go as far as saying that Lost has produced a Film Noir episode.The moment when "Sawyer" strangles "Sawyer" with the chain is brutal and quite possibly the most violent thing we have seen up to this point.

    It will be interesting now to see where Locke and Ford's journeys go now. Sawyer, now taht he has killed the very man that ruined his life by conning his parents and resulting in their deaths, will probably be much more relaxed and looser on the island and may be more content to become one of the team. Locke, now that the man that was responsible for his paralysis as well as one less kidney and subsequent misery in his life, will probably have the freedom to choose his destiny now, even if that means joining the "enemy" as Sawyer calls them. Locke is not choosing to join the Others out of spite for his fellow survivors, rather than as an outlet to gain a better understanding of the island and to prove or disprove in what he secretly believes. That belief would be sorely tested once again in the following episode.

    "The Brig" was one of the best episodes of the season and the standard had once again been raised. Things would only get even better!moreless
  • A defining for two characters ends in death

    Ever since he landed on the island, Locke has been on a journey that has been becoming increasingly solitary, and it seemed pretty clear that the survivors weren't going to see him again, especially after he blew up the sub. So when he shows up in the teaser of 'The Brig' and tells Sawyer that he has kidnapped Ben, and has brought him back, we are instantly doubtful, especially when he tells him that he wants to kill Ben. This is particularly suspicious considering that he's barely exchanged two words with him since Sawyer humiliated him by tricking him into taking guns. His behavior isn't that of a vengeful man, though; he seems more detached calmly reciting the list of all the wrongs that Sawyer had committed before he came to the island. To be perfectly honest, he now sounds a lot like one of the Others, and we can soon see why.

    In the first flashback to an island event since Michael's encounter with the Others in Season 2's 'Three Minutes', we see that Locke was offered by Ben a chance to have the keys to the kingdom. However, Ben has been setting up Locke for his own special revenge, because of what we see. Everybody on the Others looks upon Locke with reverence, and it's clear they all think Locke is special. So Ben sets him up by telling him he has to make an offering--- the murder of his father. Considering all of the hell that we've seen Anthony Cooper put Locke through in his flashbacks, you would think that the man would jump at the chance to do him in. But as always, Locke has trouble following through. Cooper has a hold on him that he can't break, even when he truly does have all the power.

    What Locke hasn't realized is that Ben's power is waning. Even though for the first time since his operation earlier this season, he is now able to walk, it's pretty clear that people don't trust him as much. This becomes obvious when Richard hands over Sawyer's file, all while reinforcing how special he is. Since Richard up until now has been seen as Ben's inferior, it's hard to believe he'd give in. We shall eventually learn that Richard has a longer history with Locke than he knows about--- mainly because it hasn't happened yet. (Confused? It will make sense--- sort of--- by Season 5.)

    So Locke goes to see Sawyer and takes him to the Black Rock, which we haven't visited (though there've been a couple of trips there in Season 2) since 'Exodus' when they came to get the dynamite to open the hatch. Locke explains to him that this is a slaving ship, but doesn't bother to tell him how it ended up in the middle of the island, and Sawyer doesn't think to ask. (This just goes to prove how none of the survivors of this plane crash really seem to want an explanation for all the strange things that are happening on this island.) He then proceeds to lock Sawyer in the brig with Cooper, and then just sits there as Rousseau--- who we haven't seen since 'The Man From Tallahassee'--- comes to pick up dynamite. She doesn't ask about the noise; he doesn't ask what she wants the explosives for. Does anybody communicate around here?

    Meanwhile, back on the beach, Hurley has persuaded his little group to bring Sayid in to their confidence about the woman who they saved. Her name is Naomi Dorrit, and she tells an interesting tale of what has happened to Oceanic 815, that she came hear to rescue Desmond because she was hired by Penelope Widmore, that there is a freighter roughly eighty nautical miles away, and that she may bring rescue if they can just fix her sat phone. They do fix it, but the signal is still being jammed. The secret doesn't stay secret for long because Kate finds out about it. No sooner does she learn about that then she runs straight to Jack and tells him everything. And Jack goes right back to the holier-than-thou man we had to endure for the last couple of seasons, especially in regard to Kate. And when she tells him that nobody trusts him any more, he doesn't seem to care much about that either. Have they gotten to Jack? They haven't, but his attitude sure seems that way.

    Back in the brig, a critical confrontation is building. Cooper then proceeds to do something Locke has not seen fit to tell anyone--- something about their history together. He also tells Sawyer that he's pretty sure that he's gone to hell--- especially since he was rear ended on the I-10. (Did the Others have something to do with it? I think so, but my guess is we'll never know for sure.) Then the minute Sawyer hears how Cooper conned Locke out of a kidney, he realizes something that some other fans had theorized the minute they heard Cooper was a con man--- he's the man who conned Sawyer's parents out of $38,000 and indirectly caused both their deaths. The second he realizes he's face to face with his lifelong nemesis, he hands Cooper the letter that he's been carrying for almost thirty years. Only Cooper refuses to play along. He doesn't read the letter all the way through, he insults Sawyer's mother and Sawyer himself. It is the act of ripping the letter Sawyer has carried all this time--- that survived the island, the raft blowing up, the Others,--- that throws him into a blind rage. But the moment it's over---he realizes that his pain isn't gone. His parents are still dead, and he got no satisfaction from the kill. We see that when he reels out of the brig, vomiting and sick. His life has been for nothing. It's brilliant work, and Josh Holloway should have gotten an Emmy nomination for that scene alone.

    Locke, in the meantime, is filled with peace. He has finally triumphed over Cooper, even if he didn't deal the final blow himself. And his revenge has left him satisfied. When he puts Cooper's body on his back, he doesn't seem to feel the weight of it, because the burden of his father has been lifted from his shoulder at last.

    Admittedly, this episode is a bit of marking time before we go into the final stretch. But two of the major characters have fulfilled their lifelong goals. Before he leaves Sawyer, Locke hands him the tape that Juliet left for Ben in 'D.O.C.' and reveals his plans. However, he then sets off after the Others. He has no interest in schemes, and definitely doesn't want to be rescued. But he doesn't know just where this journey will take him.

    My score: 9moreless
  • Epic Storyline and Great Setups!!!1

    Objective - » With the last five episodes, it was time to setup all the events and to make another revelation and mysteries. Who is the most appropriated person for this? John Locke, the loved one. Locke is the focus, with both his situation on the Island and the flashback from the Island too. One nice Detail is how the old flashbacks details gain more importance and value when they are used to create a great episode like this. Another focus is Naomi, the new character.

    Flashbacks -» Nice details there and the beginning was nice and mysterious. But since he is with tem, it is easy to create mystery, this also happens in the set of the complication phase, Ben really knows how to manipulate people and why the Others were expecting Locke is something to be revealed later in this episode. Ben makes Locke life more difficult to humiliate Locke and make is leadership strong. Also, I noticed that this flashback only sets the complication phase, so this is a setup. His conversation with Richard was nicely done too.

    Locke Event on The Island -» This begins to be strong, when Locke appear only to James. This already set one of complication phase (more for James) when Locke says that he is infiltrated and he have Ben, so he want James to come with him and kill Ben, but we already know that his is not the case here. How he manipulates James was nicely done. The interaction between Sawyer and Locke is priceless. The climax for this James Complication Phase was is interaction with the Man responsible for his dark childhood, and again, is something priceless. The ending it is was you expect and this already set the next event on the Island

    Sub Plot -» It is about the strange woman and everybody already saw the presentation, so this was about to set the complications, since the audience want to Know what this unknown woman until now knows about our survivors. Even Jack is not Trusted because of Juliet presence and this set the first complication, who they trust and the best person for this? Sayid, the torturer. This make his interaction with Naomi was another priceless interaction that only Lost can Provide. Things get more complicated since Jack and Juliet are sharing secrets


    1 - Plot Holes: Gold. Didn´t Notice.

    2 - Time and Scenes Management: Gold. Even if two storylines are a setup, all the scenes seems very important.

    3 - Surprises/Twist/Shocks/Cliffhangers: Gold. There are a surprise, that make this episode a epic one. No cliffhanger this time.

    4 - Action: Wasn´t necessary.

    5 - Funny: Bronze. Maybe Hugo lines

    6 - Drama: Gold. Sawyer and Locke stole the moment.

    7 - Tension/Fear: Exactly what the climax offers when Sawyer is applying is payback.

    8 - Excitement Level (curiosity/Mystery/Doubt/Revelations: Gold. You want to discover more about the Others and their plan? Want to Know who is Naomi? Want to Know how Sawyer will apply his Payback? This episode is obligatory.

    This episode is a setup, which has a storyline inside that has to be ended. However, what could be a normal setup, created a strong episode, one of the Best in this Season. Locke is an Character that the audience love to see, and Sawyer Vengeance which seemed impossible to be successful, could be done in this episode. The events in the bleach continue to be a setup too, but an interesting one. So, there is a 93% probability that you will like this epic episode.moreless
  • Despite Lost being a great show all round, there are still some episodes that make you realise just how amazing this show is. This is one of them.

    I have to say that when Lost is over there will be a handful of episodes that I will look back on with the most fondness. The Brig is one them.

    This episode had everything: mythology, mysteries revealed, action, character development and alot of terrific acting. I will start with the terrific acting. When it comes to awards on this show, the writers tend to give the most emotional performances to the main cast members such as Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly and Terry O Quinn. However Josh Holloway proved in this episode that he is a world class actor with a lot more vesatility than giving Kate some alluring looks. The entire scene between Josh Holloway and Kevin Tighe was simply genious. In this episode we discover that Ben wants Locke to kill his father or he will never be able to join the others. Locke soon realises even though Cooper ruined his life he is not able to kill him and Ben seems happy with this. Until Richard Alpert gives Locke a way out...Locke should get Sawyer to kill Cooper. And that's when the mystery that has plagued fans of Sawyer since the season 1 episode, "Confidence Man," is finally revealed...Anthony Cooper is the real Mr. Sawyer and he is the reason that Sawyer's parents are dead. At the beginning of the scene were Locke has Cooper and Sawyer locked in the Black Rock (Also amazing!!) we see the utter shock and unrealisation that Josh Holloway is putting across when Sawyer realises what is going on. The man that he has dedicated his life to killing is finally at his mercy and he begins to play out his fantasy in much the way he imagined it. Kevin Tighe's comical quibs throughout the scene are both hilarious and cruel but it is still Holloway's screams of rage and looks of pure sadness that make me want to watch this episode again and again. If Holloway didn't win an emmy for this episode, then he should have. But whilst there was good acting in this episode the character development was also relevent. Locke finally let go of Cooper and is beginning his journey to find more answers, Sawyer is finally able to move forward in his life instead of hanging in this self hating limbo and there was even development going on at the beach.

    The beach story I have to admit took a back seat but it was still fascinating to learn more about the mysterious Naomi Dorrit and why she is on the island. Sayid soon begins to distrust her when he asks Desmond whether he actually saw her helicopter but soon changes his mind when Naomi reveals she has a radio that they can use to contact her freighter. However Sayid is still refusing to tell Jack, still not being able to trust him since he brought Juliet back to the camp. When Kate finds out that no-one plans on telling him she does it herself but Jack's answer is extremely ambiguous. It seems he and Juliet know something we don't and this plays out leading up to the season finale. It seems that it was Evangeline Lilly's performance that was the pinacle of the beach scenes. The way she looks at Jack when he is sitting with Juliet is heartbreaking, simply because he seems not to be the man that she left behind at the others camp. He is becoming less and less the focal point of the group and she realises that he is becoming more involved with Juliet for it. If Jack and Kate will ever work things out seems to be something that will carry on throughout the next three seasons and lets hope its just as bumpy and emotional as it has been so far. All in all this episode was a winner and definately my favourite of season 3 so far. Anthony Cooper is finally dead, Jack and Juliet are planning something mysterious and Locke is off to join the others and learn more answers about the island. Most certainly an episode that defines this season.moreless
Mira Furlan

Mira Furlan

Danielle Rousseau

Recurring Role

M.C. Gainey

M.C. Gainey

Tom Friendly

Recurring Role

Kevin Tighe

Kevin Tighe

Anthony Cooper

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Anthony Cooper says he believes the island is hell. All theories that the island is some form of afterlife have been denied by the producers.

    • When Sayid is digging, the bandage on his arm is small. In the next scene when he visits Naomi, it is bigger, but in the scene following that when he is fixing the satellite phone it goes back to being a smaller bandage again.

    • Numbers:
      -According to Naomi, the wreckage of Flight 815 was found in an ocean trench 4 miles deep.
      -According to Cooper, he conned Sawyer's father and took $38,000 from him. 38=15+23.

    • Island events in this episode take place on 18th December, 19th December, 20th December and 21st December 2004.

    • On Naomi's satellite phone it shows its position as being on the West Coast of North America.

    • Among the pages in the file Richard gives to Locke, there is one written in French from the French Military Police (Gendarmerie Nationale) saying "Ford, James (aka Sawyer)".

    • Locke's line "Don't tell me what I can't do" is once again used in this episode. This time it is said by Ben.

    • Continuity: In the episode "Outlaws", the name of Sawyer's mother was Brooke Ford (per credits), but in this episode her name is now Mary.

    • With this episode Sawyer has crossed paths with the parents of four of his fellow flight 815 survivors. (Kate, Locke, Jack, and Claire) He's met one in each Season.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • (Kate trying to sneak out of Sawyer's tent after they spent the night together)
      Sawyer: Where are you going?
      Kate: I can't sleep if I'm not in my own tent.
      Sawyer: Fine. Let's go to your tent.
      Kate: It's nothing personal...old habits, you know?

    • (Locke wakes up and everybody is packing)
      Locke: Ben! What's going on?
      Ben: We're moving.
      Locke: Moving? Where are we going?
      Ben: We are not going anywhere, John. You are going to stay behind. You both are going to stay behind.
      Locke: What? You're not taking him? (Pointing at Cooper)
      Ben: It's your own mess John, why would we clean it up?
      John: Ben if you're trying to put me in my place or embarrass me...
      Ben: Where did you get a ridiculous idea like that?
      Locke: Well you can't leave me. After everything you can't...
      Ben: Don't tell me what I can't do, John.

    • (Rousseau enters the Black Rock, where Locke is sitting outside the brig)
      Locke: Rousseau!
      Rousseau: Locke.

    • (Cooper is tied to a column. Ben hands John a knife)
      Cooper: You're kidding me, right? You expect him to kill me?
      Ben: John, the hesitation that you're feeling is just the part of you that still feels like he has a perfectly good explanation for stealing your kidney, throwing you out of an eight story window. Don't you wanna be free from him?

    • Cooper: You're wasting your time, bug eye. Me and him have been through all this. All he wants is his daddy.
      Locke: "Shut up," I said! Shut up!
      Cooper: You really haven't figured it out yet, have you?
      Ben: Let go of him, John.
      Locke: Why are you doing this to me?
      Ben: You're doing this to yourself. As long as he's still breathing, you'll still be that same sad, pathetic little man that was kicked off his walkabout tour because you couldn't walk.
      (Locke puts the knife to Cooper's neck but pulls it away)
      Cooper: I'll be here the rest of the week, John, if you change your mind.

    • Alpert: Ben knew you weren't gonna kill your own father. He put you in front of everyone in our camp just so they could all watch you fail.
      Locke: Why?
      Alpert: Cause, when word got back here that there was a man with a broken spine on the plane who could suddenly walk again, well, people here began to get very excited because that, that could only happen to someone who was extremely special. But Ben doesn't want anyone to think you're special, John.
      Locke: And why are you telling me this?
      Alpert: Ben has been wasting our time with novelties like fertility problems. We're looking for someone to remind us that we're here for more important reasons.
      Locke: What do you want from me?
      Alpert: I want for you to find your purpose. And, to do that, your father has to go, John. And since you're not gonna do it, I'm gonna suggest someone else. (He hands Locke a folder and Locke opens it)
      Locke: Sawyer! Why would Sawyer kill my father? He doesn't even know him.
      Alpert: Keep reading.

    • Cooper: (Reading the letter) "You don't know who I am, but I know who you are and I know what you done. You had sex with my mother, and then you stole my dad's money all away, so he got angry and he killed my mother, and then he killed himself-" Blah, blah, blah, blah. So, what? Is this supposed to be you? You wrote this letter? Hey, wait a second. Did you take my name because you were on some kind of revenge kick?
      Sawyer: Keep reading.
      Cooper: Easy, easy, don't get all worked up. Look, I ran that con two dozen times. If your mother was one of the-
      Sawyer: Mary. Her name was Mary.
      Cooper: Mary from Jasper, Alabama. Yeah, I remember her. She practically begged me to take her $38,000 and to rescue her from her sorry little life.
      Sawyer: You finish the letter.

    • Sawyer: You ever been to Jasper, Alabama?
      Cooper: Why?
      Sawyer: Have you, or haven't you?
      Cooper: Yeah I been to Jasper. Don't tell me I'm your daddy.
      Sawyer: No... you killed my daddy. (Sawyer pulls the letter out of his pocket and hands it to Cooper) Read it.

    • Kate: Yeah, you know what, [Juliet] should stay. Seems only fair considering that she's the reason that no one wants to tell you that there's a woman in Hurley's tent who parachuted onto the island yesterday.
      Jack: What!?
      Kate: A woman. She jumped from her chopper before it crashed, she says that the boat that she took off from is about eighty miles off the coast and that, if she can find a way to contact it, we'll all be rescued.
      Jack: Why didn't anyone tell me this?
      Kate: Nobody told you, because they don't trust you.

    • Sawyer: Why did you throw Locke out a window?
      Cooper: He was becoming a nuisance. I conned him into giving me one of his kidneys. He never got over it.
      Sawyer: Conned?
      Cooper: Yes, sir. Conned.
      Sawyer: What's your name?
      Cooper: Hmm?
      Sawyer: Your name.
      Cooper: A con man goes by many names, friend. I've been Alan Seward, Anthony Cooper, Ted MacLaren, Tom Sawyer, Louis Jackson, Paul--
      Sawyer: Tom Sawyer?
      Cooper: I was young and Huck Finn was taken. And the ladies loved that one. Made me charming.
      Sawyer: Well how 'bout that.
      Cooper: How 'bout what?
      Sawyer: Sawyer's my name too.

    • Hurley: What about the other part? The part about they found the plane and we're all dead?
      Sayid: One thing at a time.

    • Naomi: My company was hired by a woman named Penelope Widmore. I don't know why, I never met her. She gave us a set of coordinates. We've been conducting a differential GPS grid-search ever since.
      Sayid: You knew about the island?
      Naomi: Island? We were given coordinates in the middle of the bloody ocean. We thought it was a fool's errand... 'til three days ago. I was flying back for the ship when all of the sudden the clouds cleared and I saw land. The instruments started spinning, I realized I was going down, so I grabbed my chute and I bailed.

    • Sayid: Naomi, from where, exactly, did you take off?
      Naomi: A ship, a freighter, about 80 nautical miles west of here. I'm part of a search and recovery team.
      Sayid: You told my friends the wreckage of flight 815 was discovered; did you mean the partial wreckage?
      Naomi: No, they found the entire plane off the coast of Bali in an ocean trench four miles deep. They sent down cameras in these little robots to survey the wreck. The bodies were all there.
      Sayid: Well, obviously we're not dead.
      Naomi: Obviously.

    • Sawyer: (to Locke) How stupid do you think I am? I already been conned by Ben once. Maybe you heard about it, "Bunny With a Number Painted On It?" You think I'm just gonna follow you through the jungle?

    • Sawyer: So what else is in it?
      Locke: In what?
      Sawyer: The file they got on me.
      Locke: Not much. That your parents died when you were very young. But, it doesn't say why your father shot your mother or why he turned the gun on himself. That must've been hard for you.
      Sawyer: What else?
      Locke: High school transcripts, a criminal record, all the con jobs you were arrested for. I guess that's why you use an alias, huh?

    • Ben: Could you pass me that, please? (Locke hands him the cane and Ben stands straight up) I believe I have you to thank for this, John.
      Locke: Me?
      Ben: A week ago, I couldn't move my toes, but the minute you showed up, I started to feel pins and needles.

    • (Locke sees some people staring at him)
      Cindy: Don't mind them. They're just excited you're here.
      Locke: Excited?
      Cindy: We've been waiting for you.

    • Sawyer: You want [Ben] dead, you kill him.
      Locke: I'm not a murderer.
      Sawyer: Neither am I!
      Locke: Except for the man you killed in Sydney. They got files on us, James. All of us.
      Sawyer: Yeah, well, their files got their facts wrong.
      Locke: Then I made a mistake coming to you. Please don't tell anyone that I was here.

    • Sawyer: Hey. Is it true?
      Locke: Is what true?
      Sawyer: That he threw you out a window. That you were a cripple.
      Locke: Not anymore.

    • Charlie: We have to tell Jack [about Naomi].
      Hurley: Yeah, I mean, shouldn't he check out her wound?
      Desmond: Can you give me your word that Jack can be trusted, that he spent ten days with those people and that nothing happened to him? And that woman he's spending all this time with?
      Charlie: Juliet?
      Desmond: Aye, Juliet. Two weeks ago, she had your friends in cages. Naomi, I mean you heard everything that she said. If we keep her safe, she's our way off this Island. So given that, do you trust Jack or don't you? (pause) Right. So, we better bring in someone we can trust.

    • Sawyer: What the hell are you doing here?
      Locke: Looking for you, actually.
      Sawyer: Okay, Tarzan. So, now that you're back from your "Blow Up Everything That Could Get Us Off the Island Tour," how bout you tell me why you joined up with the damn enemy?
      Locke: I didn't join 'em. I infiltrated 'em.
      Sawyer: (Sarcastically) You're undercover with the Others?
      Locke: That's right.
      Sawyer: But how 'bout you give me one reason to believe that?
      Locke: Because a few hours ago I snuck into Ben's tent and kidnapped him. I tied him up, dragged him off into the jungle.
      Sawyer: And you came all the way back here to tell me this because?
      Locke: Because this is the same man who tortured you, beat you, humiliated you. And I want you to kill him.

    • Locke: Dad? What is this?
      Ben: You tell me. You brought him here.
      Locke: I didn't bring him here.
      Ben: I'd be careful about getting too close to him, John.

    • Ben: No, John, you're not [ready]. You're still crippled by the memories of the man you used to be before you came to this island, and you'll never be free until you release the hold that your father has over you. Why do you think you brought him here?
      Locke: Oh, oh, oh, the magic box. Okay Ben, how about you show me the-
      Ben: "Magic box" is a metaphor, John. I can't show you anything until you can show me that you're ready and willing to be one of us. When people join us here on this island, they need to make a gesture of free will, of commitment. That's why you're gonna have to kill your father.

    • Locke: What's that? (indicates tape recorder)
      Ben: Juliet is gathering information for us at your former camp. She determining if any of the women are pregnant. Then we're gonna go in and ... take them.
      Locke: Take them?
      Ben: This is not the first time we've done this, John. Trust me, no one will get hurt.

    • Sawyer: How did you get here, to the Island?
      Cooper: Island? Okay. I'm driving down I-10 through Tallahassee when bam, somebody slams into the back of my car. I go right into the divider at seventy miles an hour. The next thing I know, the paramedics are strapping me to a gurney, stuffing me into the back of an ambulance and one of them actually smiles at me as he pops the I.V. in my arm. And then, nothing. Just black. And the next thing I know, I wake up in a dark room tied up, gag in my mouth, and when the door opens, I'm looking up at the same man I threw out a window, John Locke. My dead son.
      Sawyer: And he's dead cause you threw him out a window?
      Cooper: No, he survived that, but it paralyzed him - permanently. He's dead because the plane he was flying on crashed in the Pacific.
      Sawyer: Well I got bad news for ya pops, cause I was on that plane with your son. He sure as hell wasn't crippled. And we didn't crash in the Pacific, we crashed here on this island.
      Cooper: You sure it's an island?
      Sawyer: Well, what else is it?
      Cooper: Little hot for heaven isn't it?
      Sawyer: (Sarcastically) Oh, okay, so we're dead?
      Cooper: They found your plane on the bottom of the ocean. One minute I'm in a car wreck and the next minute I'm in a pirate ship in the middle of the jungle. If this isn't hell, friend, then where are we?

    • Sawyer: I'm pointing my gun at you John-boy. You got three seconds to open this door!
      Locke: You're not gonna shoot anyone, James.
      Sawyer: One! Two!
      Locke: If there were any bullets in that gun, why would you hold a knife to my throat?
      Sawyer: Aargh! Son of a bitch!
      Cooper: Guess I didn't raise no dummies.
      Sawyer: What the hell does that mean?
      Cooper: It means that bald-headed bastard outside the door is my son.
      Sawyer: Come again?
      Cooper: My son. As in I'm his father. You do speak English?

    • Locke: Ben, if you're trying to put me in my place, or embarrass me -
      Ben: Where would you get a ridiculous idea like that?
      Locke: Well, you can't leave me. After everything, you can't just -
      Ben: Don't tell me what I can't do, John.
      Locke: But I thought I was special?
      Ben: Well, everyone makes mistakes. We're leaving now. We'll leave a trail, one you can track. And John, unless you're carrying your father's body on your back, don't bother.

    • Sawyer: You want me to walk you home?
      Kate: It's five tents, I think I'll make it.
      Sawyer: You sure? I gotta pee anyway.
      Kate: That is so romantic.

    • Cooper: (About the island) Don't you know, John? Don't you know where we are?
      Locke: What did he mean?
      Ben: I'm afraid we don't have time to deal with that right now, John. We're leaving first thing in the morning. All of us.
      Locke: Where are you going?
      Ben: We're going to a new place. Well, an old place, actually. Would you like to come with us?
      Locke: Yes.
      Ben: Good. We're holding Kate a few buildings over from here; maybe, you'd like to say goodbye.

  • NOTES (8)

    • This episode was nominated for the 2008 DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Dramatic Series' - Night.

    • Although they are credited, Yunjin Kim (Sun) and Emilie de Ravin (Claire) do not appear in this episode.

    • International Air Dates:
      The Netherlands: November 2, 2007 on Net 5
      Belgium: November 5, 2007 on VT4
      Spain: Monday November 19, 2007 on FOX TV Spain
      Finland: Thursday, December 20, 2007 on Nelonen
      Macedonia: Thursday, January 10, 2008 on A1
      The Czech Republic: Sunday, January 13, 2008 on TV Nova
      Germany: Monday, January 28 2008, on Pro7
      Denmark: May 30, 2007 on Kanal 5
      Middle East: Feruary 15, 2009 on MBC action

    • Naomi's name is revealed on screen in this episode, although ABC had placed it in press releases for the previous two episodes. She even mentions her full name as being Naomi Dorrit.

    • Locke is the third character to get three flashback episodes on a single season. Both Jack and Kate got three in season one.

    • This is the fourth episode to have all events occur on the island. The previous three are "The Other 48 Days," "Maternity Leave" and "Three Minutes". It is also the first of only two episodes of Lost not to feature any new characters, the other one being "This Place Is Death".

    • Episode Title: A brig is a military jail or prison aboard a ship. The title refers to the brig on the Black Rock, the slave ship found in the jungle, and also where this episode's climactic scene takes place.

    • A Locke-centric episode.


    • Tom Sawyer: Anthony Cooper used the alias Tom Sawyer, a reference to the fictional character in several books by Samuel Clemens (pen name Mark Twain). Cooper jokes that he took the name because "Huckleberry Finn" was already taken.

      Also, Sawyer leaves with Locke without putting his shoes on, most likely an homage to the fictional character who was almost always barefoot.
      One of the best-known episodes from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is the scene where Tom tricks other people into doing his work for him (painting a fence). Appropriately, in this episode Locke is the one playing the same kind of trick on Sawyer.

    • Little Dorrit: The helicopter pilot's name is revealed to be Naomi Dorrit. Amy Dorrit is the name of the protagonist of this serial novel by Charles Dickens published originally between 1855 and 1857. It is a work of satire on the shortcomings of the society, government and corrupt patent offices of the period.

      This is the fourth reference to Dickens in the series. The others are Our Mutual Friend, A Tale of Two Cities and Oliver Twist.

    • The Waltons: Sawyer calls Locke "John Boy" after the very sensitive young man in this American television series (1971-1981). John-Boy is a bit of a wimp, very family orientated but stubborn enough to do what he feels is right.

    • Sawyer strangles Anthony Cooper with a chain, the same way Princess Leia kills Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi. Producer Damon Lindelof is known to be an avid fan of that series of films.
      Also, Ben pushing John to kill his own father was reminiscent of the Emperor taunting Luke Skywalker to kill Darth Vader (his father) in the same film. The aim was the same, to turn Luke/John over to the 'Dark Side'/'Other side'.

    • There is a book in Ben's tent called The Oath.

      The Oath is about a doctor who murders seriously ill patients for financial gain.

    • When Locke emerges from the jungle, Sawyer calls him "Tarzan". Tarzan is a fictional character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, first appeared in the 1912 novel Tarzan of the Apes, and then in twenty-three sequels.