Season 3 Episode 19

The Brig

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 02, 2007 on ABC

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  • John Locke is reunited with his father and Saywer finally find the man responsible for the deaths of his mother and father.

    When John Locke is challenged by Ben and the Others to prove to them that he is indeed special, by killing his own father, he cannot. Ben and the rest are disappointed, but Richard, unbeknownst to Ben, suggests a solution. Find someone else to kill him, and he's got just the man who just happens to have been on the island all along: Sawyer.

    John Locke tricks Sawyer in coming with him by tellin him he's captured Ben but when they arrive at the remains of the slave ship, John locks his father and Sawyer in a cabin. Saywer has no intention of killing the man, that is, until he discovers who the man is. The admitted con man who used the name he has taken for his own.

    An excellent script and well-acted by Holloway. His almost life-long desire to avenge the death of his parents comes to fruition, yet after the deed is done, he does not seem happy.

    Sayid, Charlie, Desmond and Hurly are still hiding the woman who parachuted out of a helicopter, alledgedly. When Kate discovers Sayid with the sat phone and is told the truth, she goes to confront Jack and tells him people no longer trust him, that's why he wasn't told about the woman.

    The script and actors combine to make the saying 'divide and conquer' come to life.

    At the end of the episode, John Locke drops the hint and provides proof to Sawyer that Juliet is a mole. A nice teaser for next week's episode.
  • This episode took my breath away.

    When watching season 1, I became totally obsessed with this show. I would try to solve the mysteries and find other people to talk to about my theories. Lost consumed my conversations; it's all I could talk about.

    Then season 2 came around. It was still good, but I felt myself losing that connection. By the second half of Season 3, I would miss episodes and not really care all that much. I'd go up to 3 weeks without watching Lost at all.

    But with this episode, I've become obsessed again.

    This was the first episode that had me actually shouting at the TV screen in a long time. There were so many "WTF?" moments, it's hard to keep track of them all. The truth about Locke's dad was a shocker to say the least, and the scene between him and Sawyer was phenominal. Seeing the Others crowd around Locke when he was supposed to kill his father was just plain disturbing (in a good way). I was also incredibly pleased to see the Black Rock again.

    But so many questions have come up. What is Danielle doing with the dynamite? What could the Others have in store for Locke? What is it that Jack and Juliette aren't telling Kate? And of course, we once again find ourselves repeating the words of Charlie (from the pilot): "Guys, where are we?"

    All in all, this was one of the best episodes I've ever seen.
  • Sawyer finally confronts the man responsible for his parent's deaths, only to find it is in fact...Locke's father.

    Well, this moment has been a long time coming. Since early on in the first season, we have known of the sad fate of sawyers parents, and of his childhood vow to have his vengeance upon the man responsible. However, never in a million years would I have imagined that in was John Lockes father! I suppose in retrospect, it was not too much of a suprise, considering the multiple con games Cooper has played on his estranged son in past episodes. Howeve, I didn't see this one coming, and that is the mark of great writing. I don't want to spoil any more for anyone, so if you haven't seen the episode, stop now. For the rest of you...Wow! Honestly, I did not expect Sawyer to actually kill him. I thought that after murdering the wrong guy in Sydney, his conscience would get the best of him. Not so. However, I predict that after this moment, Sawyer will be having serious psychological issues with it, especially because he himself is guilty of the same con games many times over. In my opinion, Sawyer has now fulfilled his destiny, as far as this show is concerned. That being said, I don't expect him to live much longer on this island. And that is sad for me, because I did so love his bad boy appeal.
  • Sawyer gets something, he's been waiting a long time for...

    Now who really thought Locke kidnapped Ben, raise your hands....That's what I thought...Nobody really thought that he did...At least I hope so. It was good to see that Sawyer finally got what he wanted for what happened to his parents, and Locke's father is just the nicest person ever, it couldn't have happened to a better guy. That guy was just an out and out, I can't say the word because I'd get a TOS violation, but good riddance he's gone, and will more than likely only show up in flashbacks. Also, what does Jack and Juliette have to tell everyone?...I bet it's a something big...But, I'm just enjoying the ride.
  • Not that this was a bad episode, but it just felt...disappointing.

    The acting was well below what I've grown used to on Lost. Especially the beginning. And though I hate to say it, its my least favorite Locke episode and in the top 5 least favorite of season 3 episodes. Personally, the episode moved very slowly and they spent an episode doing what could have been done in a couple minutes. Now, being a Locke episode, it was very overhyped. But the reason I gave it as high a score as I did is just because of a few things.
    1. The Beach Scenes.
    2. The Sawyer/Cooper Scenes. (Very greatly written)
    3. Richard Alpert's gay!
    and, 4. "If they arent on Purgatory, they must be................ in hell."
  • Possible turning point of the series, as it moves from Problem to Conflict to Resolution...

    For those who expected the Anthony Cooper/original Sawyer connection, that revelation wasn't shocking, though I imagine for those who didn't, it was amazing. But there was so much more to this episode than that, and it may turn out to be the beginning of a pivotal transition of the series (explained further down in the review). Still, questions and revelations abound here:

    1. Locke's father is the original Sawyer. Not a surprise to many, but still exciting to see play out. There was so much character exposition in this part of the story. Locke creating the scenario for his father to die, but not actually doing the deed, likely, on some level, makes Locke feel like a better person than Sawyer, who acutally did the deed. But even though Sawyer did kill Anthony Cooper, his doing so was purely an emotional response to the moment, and Sawyer's reaction afterwards, of throwing up and asking Locke why he "made him to it" shows that Sawyer is perhaps the better person, and not comfortable with what he did. He did not premeditate this murder, even if he had in the past, but Locke did. And Locke seems to represent the ethos of the Others--doing bad things, but justifying them in some strange way, whereas many of the suvivors do bad things, but may regret them. The story of Locke and Sawyer here represented the story of the Others and the survivors so far in the series, even to the extent of Locke lying and manipulating Sawyer, as the Oters have to the survivors.

    2. What is the big mystery box that brings you whatever you want? Ben clarifies it is indeed metaphor, but in what way exactly? Did the Others literally grab Cooper, and why him and not other survivors' key people, or did they?

    3. What is Jack and Juliet's secret that Jack insists on not telling Kate yet? It seems that it may be possible Juliet is a double-agent, and Jack already knows she's communicating to Ben, and they may be a step ahead. This one is still a big mystery.

    4. No one trusts Jack. This was hinted at way back when Jack first returned, as he had to ask the group and Charlie if they trusted him then, and they all expressed some level of trepidation.

    5. Was Naomi lying, and if so, how much? It seems at least likely that she's telling the truth about Penny's search for the island and Desmond. We saw last season that Penny had apparently located the coordinates of the island, something no one on the island knew, so there was no reason for Naomi to lie about that. As well, since Penny located the island, none of the Others have been able to communicate with the outside world, as Penny located the island because of the hatch explosion, which caused communications from the island to cease. So Naomi's story seems at least pretty likely.

    6. Are they all dead? Another theory suggested by many fans, so the introduction of the concept wasn't new to all, but how it was done was very exciting. Naomi indicated that all the dead bodies were acounted for, and Locke's father believed they were all dead as well. However, the producers have been adamant this isn't purgatory, and since the series isn't ending in a couple weeks, this seems extremely unlikely. So who were the bodies? Clones? That would tie in with the "twin theme" hinted at periphally, but has no solid basis beyond that.

    7. What was Russeau doing with dynamite? Her scene did absolutely nothing for the story, so it had to have been put in there for a reason, one I'm sure we'll find out about later.

    Finally, why the episode may be a critical turining point. The seasons of Lost have held to successful storytelling techniques, as early parts of each season have been introdution of the facts and problems for the protagonists to face, the middle parts have been devoted more to the conflict phase, as in the characters wrestling with the different aspects of the problems and approaching it from multpile directions, and the final phase has been the resolution phase, as many of the conflict elements are resolved, for good or bad. A good example of this is the hatch from season 2. It was first introduced, with many of its elements revealed, as well as the issue of pushing the button. Then the conflict evolved about whether or not to push the button and what it does, and the resolution concluded the conflict by the button ultimatelty not being pushed and the hatch exploding.

    Here, we may now be beginning the resolution phase not just of the season, but of the series. If season one and the beginning of season 2 were about introducing the mysteries of the island, and the second half of season 2 and most of season 3 were about the conflict, as the characters dealt with the mysteries (and mysterious people) of the island, then we may now be starting the resolution phase, as key characters and mysteries get resolved. Sawyer and Locke both dealt with their biggest demons in this episode. They still have some evolution as characters ahead of them (perhaps), hence the series being far from over. But a key source of conflict for both characters was removed in this episode. We'll likely still be existing in the conflict phase as we gradually transition into the resolution phase over the next few episodes and season 4, but I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Locke or Sawyer, esp. Locke, die before the season's over. Complete speculation on my part, but he seems to have taken the same wrong path that Eko and some others have, of not truly accounting for their weaknesses, but settling into an acceptance of their wrongdoings, and that did result in the end of Eko, as it did with other characters.

    It looks like even more mysteries get answered next week, furthering us to the final phase (which could last through a season 5). I loved this episode. Sawyer was fantastic, Locke was cold but releaved, and Jack was enigmatic. More and more, though, I do feel like Desmond may be the big key, not on the flight, premonitions, and the cause of possibly unplanned visitors/rescuers to the island. Great episode.
  • Fair

    This episode is Locke centred and if you hate Locke it will make you hate him more and if you love him, you will love him more.

    I unfortunately don't like him and this episode didn't do anything to change that. I enjoyed that he got ripped apart by Ben but I hated that he, again, used other people. I can't see why if he wants something done he doesn't do it himself.

    The episode is not my favourite because it revealed almost nothing. There is somewhat of a glimmer that they are about to reveal something potentially huge but then the episode ends and we learn nothing.

    Still, at least it gives us something to look forward to next week
  • Sawyer kills Sawyers and more secrets are teased

    Brilliant episode of Lost, i love how things are starting to build towards a very interesting and mysterious season finale.We finally learn who caused the death of Sawyer's parents and he gets revenge. I loved the tension in the brig between Lockes father and Sawyer (or should we call him James now?) It was interesting to see Lockes plan come all together. I liked how they wrote Locke's father speech about everyone being in hell, nice little nod a theory that lost fans had debated around at season 1.
    I found it a bit silly that Sayid could fix a highly advanced phone/radio (that even he hasnt see before) but apart from that the episode was great. I love/hate how they keep teasing about the islands secrets, i want to see some crazy things hopefully in The Man Behind the Curtain we start to see things also will we finally see the mysterious Jacob.
  • Sawyer, aka James, absorbs past emotional scars and heals.

    The viewers officially see Sawyer linked to the conman (John’s dad) who deceived Sawyer’s parents. Putting together flashbacks from previous Sawyer-centric episodes, we finally appreciate the psychological toll the conman’s actions placed on Sawyer.

    The random, or not (no data to support this view), nature of life brought the conman back to Sawyer. After the conman kill, mental closure is brought to Sawyer.

    Perhaps the message in this Sawyer-centric episode is the ability to live through life’s unpredictable nature, and appreciate the outcome. This message also resonates in the Danish movie Efter Brylluppet (After the Wedding).

    Now, we wait for this to happen with more characters.
  • Not bad

    This episode was ok. We got to see the death of Locke's dad who was the man that was indirectly responsible for the death of Sawyer's parents. As other people have mentioned I didn't like that Sawyer actually killed him. Sawyer's character has been built up recently with him taking on the role of leader while Jack was away. This has set the character back a bit now which is annoying as he is one of my favourite characters. Don't know why Locke wants to live with the others though. According to them your only special if you murder someone. It's like hey you used to be paralysed before you came to the island that's great but if you really want to impress us kill your daddy. Kate shows where her loyalties lie in this episode as she tells Jack about Naomi behind the others back. She shows her trust for Jack. He then immediately throws this back in her face by not telling her a secret that he and Juliet have. Still not sure whose side Juliet is on. Is she with Ben even though she hates him so he can somehow get her off the island or is she planning a double cross with Jack.
  • Mystery returns to Lost in a major fashion. Lock fails a test to prove that he is a savior to the others, only to prove that he is driven enough to get another character to do his dirty work for him. Also, the return of the Black Rock!

    The Others show that they are not so concerned with the value of everyday life. When they gather round to watch Locke kill Cooper, they show that a commitment to the group and the ability to conquer your past is more important than every life. Or is this only because Cooper came from "the box?" The most interesting part of the show was to watch the Others in the background looking up to Locke, supposedly looking for a new leader. "Unless you're carrying your father's body on your back, don't bother." Why do they want to follow a murderer? Is this a strength they look for?

    Cooper's story of how he arrived on the island and how he believes it is hell is intriguing and adds a whole new element of mystery and fantasy to the show. Though I feel that this is "jumping the shark," I think the writers are smarter than this and are just giving us a false lead.

    Cooper's character, dialogue, and acting were perfect. Locke did great too. Ben's manipulation, and Robert's too, is brilliant, I love this show. I can't wait until next week and the island flashbacks. I have a feeling though that the others are going to go through a doorway to another place, somewhere off island.
  • Sawyer gets his revenge

    We finally got the clarity that Locke's dad is actually the conman that Sawyer got his name from. But I never thought that he'd actually get so angry that he would kill him. I'm a bit disappointed, because I thought the character had evolved a little.
    Why would John wanna join the others? The only good thing about this is that the campers will finally know the truth about Juliet! And with John now living with the others, we'll find out more about the others and the island.
    About the island: I read a lot of times now that the writers have once again stressed that the characters are not dead and that the island is not some kind of hell. But it seems a little like it right now and with everything John's dad said, I don't know... seems likely!
  • Excellent

    This episode was really exciting and return all of the faces to Locke&Sawyer. I'm glad that the orijinal Mr. Sawyer was dead. But this story remember me somethinds, all characters connected with each other some way. claire with jack, sawyer and locke, sawyer's girl friend and kate... Maybe more. I think they will connect the story like that to somewhere, and thats make more curiosity and fun
  • Classic

    I thought this was a fine example of a Lost episode. It was nice to see how Locke spend his few days with the Losties. Its nice to see how Ben tried to manipulate Locke by digging at a weakness of his-his father Anthony Cooper. It is to be expected of Ben. I didn't expect Sawyer to actually kill Cooper. I thought that he would have had a change of heart after all he has been through since being on the island. Especially after all his internal struggle since being on the island. I was rather upset when Kate decided to go behing Sayid, Charlie, Desmond and Jin's back just to tell Jack about Naomi. That scene just in my mind tells me that Jack knows something the rest of the Losties don't and is not willing to share. This was a great episode. It is one of the more memorable ones that has aired in the past few months.
  • excellent

    Locke heads back to the camp to meet up with Sawyer. They head to the forest to deal with something. Hurley, Jinn, Desmond and Charlie are hiding Naomi from the other survivors since they stopped trusting Jack ever since he returned. This is a really exciting episode, a chapter of Locke's life ended but another begins. He's new journey with the others is beginning. So much is shown in this episode, there are multiple storylines, it's so exciting, within the 42 minute episode, we see so much stuff. I really can't wait for the next one, I want more lost.
  • I am so glad that bastard died!

    Awesome episode!! If I was Locke I would of killed Anothney easy! He pushed Locke out a window for god sake! It is true that he is the real Sawyer and I am so glad Sawyer(James) strangled him. Everyone is saying how some of the Others want Ben dead and some thought Richard because he did give Locke that file and told him he should get someone else to kill Anothney but if I was Locke I could kill perfectly. So I bet Jack is in with the Juilet plan because they had a sercret(both of them)! And in a future episode it says something about Jack getting away with the others for good.
  • Wow. Some real skeletons leap out of the closet, Sawyer has done a favor for both himself and Locke, Ben's jealousy towards Locke is plain as day, and a 'secret' between Jack and Juliet is exposed...

    This episode was. the. BOMB. Would you like to know why? Because I am a Sawyer FANGIRL. I know, I know, so are a lot of you women LOST-fans out there, but out of everything I know about the other characters (habits, traits, personalities, secrets, etc.), I probably know Sawyer's the best. I could get some kind of College Degree on him, though I doubt that's possible to attain. Continuity wise (pertaining to him), it kept true to the fact that he doesn't like to kill people just for the fun of it. If he's gonna kill, there's got to be a good enough reason. This is probably because Damon and Carlton wrote this episode (no offense to the other amazing staff writers). Now Anthony's big mouth was indoubtedly the reason for his demise. That guy wouldn't stop talking, and his ego was at least twice the size of his mouth. If I were in Sawyer's position, I probably would've done the same thing.

    Now I'm sure all you LOST bloggers out there will go rabid over the old 'purgatory' theories everyone floated around way back in the golden years of Season 1, since Anthony kept talking about how they really WERE in Hell (my mom also brought the 'spirit world' theory to me), I went ahead and thought (and told my mom) that if they were dead, how do you die again? I thought life after death would be eternal. Now, the whole "Jack and Juliet have a secret" thing took me by surprise, and as did the whole "Locke will join the Others: thing as well. But let me tell you this, the last few episodes before 322 Through the Looking Glass will set the stage for some massive war that will happen, in which lives will be lost on each side and people like Kate and Sun will be taken, from what the magazine and the online sources are hinting at. Whatever the case may be (*coughepisode12cough*), I am excited to find out what the Snake in the Mailbox actually is. (The episode was awesome, I have pretty much no major gripes over it.)
    Until 320 The Man Behind the Curtain (Ben and/or DHARMA flash)!
  • A painfully contrived episode with very little development. The fact that this programme is going to be dragged on for another 2 seasons, suggests that the audience are simply puppets. Highly watchable and exciting, but to what avail exactly?

    This episode is a Locke flashback. It is another one of these episodes to feature flashbacks on the island. To the watcher and a cynic, it is like- Oh, so now they've decided to tell us where John has been gone all this time. And (*SPOILER*) Naomi landing on the island is downright bizarre. This programme is nevertheless as exciting as it is weird. The plane crashing with no survivours- Surely purgoratory(also discredited, is a fairly reasonable theory). The characters MUST be dead. I don't know, but apparently ABC are piping the next few episodes as a dramatic climax. I am really hoping so as i haven't been too impressed by the series so far and i would say this has got to have been one of the better ones.
  • The best episode thus far this season

    We've seen Locke paralleled with Jack, Echo, and Sayid before, but never really with Sawyer. This was only the tip of the iceberg in this great episode. While there were no central flashbacks, the writers achieved even more depth with Locke and Sawyer's characters than they could have with two seperate episodes.
    Since we know that Lost is going to be a five season show now, I'm guessing that we will start to see a few more like "The Brig" - episodes at a faster than norm pace, dedicated to the central story of the Losties and the Others. Like always, the writers left us with some questions:
    - What do Juliet and Jack know?
    - Is Locke really acting on his own now?
    - Will Sawyer be able to "go back"

    Of course, the list is seemingly endless, but that is one of the things to love about this show. You get a few questions answered, a conflict resolved, and are left with a few more questions for the future. Brilliant stuff, can't wait for next week.
  • Interesting to see where this goes. They leave breadcrumbs in episodes and sometime they are eaten by seagulls and sometimes they build into the plot.

    Are they alive or dead? What will happen next week? Finally something to look ahead to, other episodes have been plot development and continuity to get from one situation to another.
    Now I am excited to watch. I tape the show because I am busy at that time of night every night, and sometimes it would take me a few weeks to catch up on the back episodes, that will not be the case next week. I will watch it before I go to bed.
    They did set us up when he tells Sawyer that he has Ben in the brig. We all wanted to see that.
    As for Sawyer finding out that Locke's father was also Tom Sawyer that brought him his misery in life, I should have put 2 and 2 together but didn't, but then it all came back to me.
    What is going to happen next week, who knows, but I will definitely watch.
  • Quite good! It's been a long time since the last my score was high like this.

    This one was good and it opens a door and a window to some good resolutions to come for Lost. We will finally see (on next episode, I hope) if Jack is capable of facing the truth about Juliet (Sawyer comes back to the losties with the tape).

    I would like to see what Locke will decide to do (I hope also, conclusion will come soon). Will he go back to the others and begin a dispute for the leadership of the gang? Well I am not quite sure if he is not being once more manipulated by them!!! About Sawyer and Kate, I like them together. Jack has never been my favorite character in the show, so I really don't mind him being alone (Juliet, GET OFF, I don' trust her and hope Jack will finally find it out by himself on next episode).

    Finally, the girl, that came down from the skies, will hopefully give us some more concrete answers about the "other reality" ??.

    What I sincerely hope for the future of "Lost"is that the writers give us some good answers and endings to the many plots they've created so far and, if for that it is necessary that this season be the last one. Please do so. Do not try to push your lucks for a next season if you do not have convincing plots to give to the audience.
  • This is one of the best episodes in the entire series. Therefore, I eagerly watch the show every week.

    Lock’s father is a piece of work, a scumbag would uses everyone for his own profit and when he has nothing more to gain from them he decamps. He even tried to kill Lock and was still uncaught by justice. He thought it could go on forever until he met Sawyer who was driven by vendetta (for his parents). Sawyer might not have wanted to kill Lock’s father at first (the first time, he thought that he killed the con man, found out that he killed someone else…it is hard for him to deal with that), but when Lock’s father revealed his mind to Sawyer there was no change he would let him stay alive. Lock gets two points for finishing the Ben’s task and for freeing himself from the pain and fear. Sawyer’s vengeance path ends and I wonder if he changes his way of life or will follow the footsteps of Lock’s father.

    No wonder nobody trusts Jack when made friends with Juliet. She could never be trusted! Naomi crashed on the island while looking for Desmond. Which raises a questing, does Penny know where Desmond is? And what is with the plane wreck, the whole plane wreck in the sea? If all of the bodies were there, but there are survivors on the island than the mysterious island could so how bring them to life again. The island changed after the explosion, no signal can leave the island and most of electronics don’t work there anymore.
  • Locke takes Sawyer on a journey to the Black Rock where Sawyer meets his long sought rival face to face. Locke's on island flashback showed what he has been doing for the last few days. Naomi says she was working for Penelope Widmore.No one trusts Jack

    One of the best episodes of LOST on the season. Very revealing with what the others want to do with Locke, however next weeks looks to top it. Locke is the most bizarre little bald headed man I have ever met, while I am so glad that his dad was killed my Sawyer. As far as Danielle goes....dynamite...crazy French lady.....bad combo? Locke's flashback was confusing and it really makes you wonder what the hell is going on here. Is Locke a christ-figure? Are they dead? (No) The whole Naomi and Penny thing was like...Yeah, OK, well how come no one has come looking for you? And regardless of what anyone says, especially Sayid, I trust Jack. Not so much Juliet, but I have faith in Jack. Oh and Kate needs to stop sleeping with Sawyer. Also it must be mentioned that Sawyer walked through the jungle barefoot, much like Tom Sawyer did in Mark Twain's novel, and Anthony Cooper, who Sawyer killed, used the alias Tom Sawyer. LOST is so good. It's that simple.
  • Pretty interesting.

    "The Brig" is like a prison on a boat, ship or a vehicle. In this episode, Locke leads Sawyer to meet Anderson Cooper, the man who killed Sawyer's parents and Locke's daddy dearest.

    In this episode Locke tricks Sawyer into killing Anderson Cooper. Hurley, Desmond, Charlie and Jin's secret becomes well-known when they needed Sayid's help. Kate eventually found out and Jack was not far behind to finding out, and so was Juliet.

    This episode was a Locke-centric episode, meaning the flashbacks were centered on him. His flashbacks were on the island, telling us his story for the past 8 days he has been with the others. The others apparently wanted John to prove his worth and be able to join the others. To gain their trust though, John was asked to kill his own flesh and blood, his father. Locke being Locke did not kill his father. The others left him a trail to follow when he would eventually make the right decision. The flashback was good, but there wasn't really anything shocking or exciting to it.

    Locke goes back to camp and tries to lead Sawyer into the jungle, making him think that he has Ben in hostage. Sawyer follows John hesitantly to the black rock where Ben is supposedly being held hostage. Locke leaves Sawyer with "Ben" and he gets the shock of his life when he finds out who the man being held hostage is. This story was just OK for me. I just liked the fact that Sawyer managed to seek revenge once and for all.

    Sayid finds out about Naomi, the girl who Desmond and the others find in the jungle. Kate finds out when she sees Sayid testing out the radio. Kate goes and tells Jack and Juliet and sets him straight. This sub-plot was not at all intriguing. Overall a weaker Lost episode than most of them, but it wasn't all that bad.
  • Locke conning a con-man, that's just priceless.

    Now, I may be alone when i say this but i believe this was the best episode ever written or directed on the whole series of lost. A question wasn't just partially answered in this episode but it was concluded. Where had Locke gone? And what was to become of his father? Of course before Locke's father bit the bazooka or shall i say met his maker, he gave us another question to think about. "Are we in hell" or should i say are the castaways? Anything is possible in a show that brings people back from the dead and has a security system that can take the form of almost anything it chooses to be. Who's read Lord of the Flies? Most likely everyone at some point or another. For those who haven't, the book depicts the "beast within" and how all humans are savages if brought away from society. The book was based on kids stranded on an island and united as one they separated and started taking sides and killing their once friends. This is just like what has happened with James or shall i say Sawyer. James is the normal civilized person of the two alter egos, and Sawyer is the sociopath and the cold blooded murderer. His first "hit" was the wrong guy, but whats that old saying "third times a charm", in his case it was second. Of course Locke's father and Sawyer have to be interconnected just like everyone else on the island. They are all brought together for a reason which we will soon find out. Plus, the writers dont even have to cramp it into one season, they have 2 years left, so what is left to say....oh yes this shall do just fine..

    To Be Concluded in the year of 2009...
  • Intense, climactic and satisfying execution of a confrontation we've been waiting 3 seasons for!

    Amazing episode. Just phenomenal. Just phenomenal!!! Sure, a lot of us could see the Cooper/Sawyer angle coming a mile off, but the way it was handled couldn't really have been done better. Josh Hollaway was breathtaking in this episode - Such incredible intensity! I loved Locke walking into the jungle, alone, at the end -- a moment that will go down int he LOST mythos as classic! It'll be interesting to see what happens next with him -- he's absolutely one of my favourite characters.

    Even though Jack/Juliet are now obviously in cahoots, I still think they are working against the Others. It looks suspicious now but whatever they're up to, it's for the good of the 815ers. Just one of the very best episodes of the season and the series as a whole!
  • I may be in a minority of one, but I didn't think that this episode was all that.

    Don't get me wrong it was a decent effort, but as far back as Hurley's episode was the last one I'd class as anything less than great. Although there were some great scenes, Sawyer killing Locke's dad was excellent, it felt that this episode should have been much more.

    The first flashback is said to be 8 days ago, and then there's a sudden jump to "3 days ago"! That's almost a week they left out. Fair enough there may not've been much that happened then, but surely showing all the others leave their home from Locke's view wasn't too much too ask.

    There was nothing really revolutionary about the flashbacks, nice too see Ben can walk again and how some of the others feel, but that was about it. As a side note the last time Ben was seen outwith a flashback was way back in "The man from Talahasse", since then he's only appeared in flashbacks of Paulo, Juliet and Locke. The main thing this week was still Locke and his dad, which isn't bad, but more info of the others would've been nice.

    Personally I was more interested in Naomi's story, which was, for obvious reasons, a B-story here. That was pretty cool, also confirmation from Cooper that she wasn't lying about the plane being found. Still, with the recent run of form the show's had I felt that they should've done better here.
  • Good episode Jack is up to something locke and sawyer are relieved after there pasts are put behind them (thats literally in loches case :P )

    After watching the preview, i knew that it was a little too convenient for it to be Ben. However, this revealing conclusive way this was produced was pretty well done. Its intriguing how such a small inclusion can make a big impact. Such as, the french woman ( spelling of name is beyond me :P ) appearing for a split second hints for a bigger thing. Same with the tape recorder and other smalll points throughout. I think this was a good episode, but intrigued for further continuation of the story line. I knew Jack was up to something !!!!! grrrr! lol
  • Plot: Locke reappears and gives Sawyer an opportunity for revenge. Hurley and Kate really suck at keeping a secret. Jack and Juliet become the couple everyone loves to hate. TV reviews at www.lifereviewed.com

    Plot: Locke reappears and gives Sawyer an opportunity for revenge. Hurley and Kate really suck at keeping a secret. Jack and Juliet become the couple everyone loves to hate.

    Finally, we get a little redemption after last week’s adventure in Chinatown. For the first time ever, the flashbacks focus on ongoing events as opposed to illuminating the chosen character’s life before landing on the island. While I enjoy seeing character development and having interesting things revealed through the lives of the castaways before coming to the island, I found this new method refreshing and enjoyable. After coupling with his new gf, Sawyer goes to take a leak and runs into an old friend. John Locke is back and he has an important mission to fulfill. In order for the others to trust him he must kill his father. Beyond a simple issue of trust, killing his father will free Locke from his own view of himself as a hapless cripple. Locke isn’t a killer though, but luckily the others happen to know someone who is. Richard Alpert (you should recognize him from his captivating role as the gay photographer in Suddenly Susan), explains to Locke that there are factions within the others, and many are growing tired of Ben’s leadership. Locke is special and Ben wants to discredit him and control him to solidify his leadership. Richard gives Locke a file that sheds light on Sawyer’s past.

    Locke is able to manipulate Sawyer into believing he is taking him to kill Ben. It isn’t a big surprise for us that he is really being lead to kill the real Sawyer. Locke’s dad isn’t afraid of death since he falsely believes he is already in hell and Sawyer is quick to make his beliefs into a reality. After channeling Jack Bauer by chocking him to death with a metal chain, Sawyer and Locke go their separate ways, both freed from their past

    Meanwhile, Naomi reveals that she was hired by Penelope to find Desmond. I have to get a millionaire girlfriend to become completely obsessed with me! What won’t this chick do for him? The satellite phone isn’t working due to the magnetic interference so Sayid must be included into the secret group in order to work on the phone. Like any good gossip, word soon spreads and Kate and Jack find out about Naomi. Even though Kate was willing to share with Jack, he won’t reveal his own secrets to her. Parting thought: Juliet’s smug smile is out of control.
  • Superb, it's going from strength to strength, week by week

    Another perfect episode, setting up another blinding episode next week im sure. Locke and Sawyer totally awesome again, great acting in those scenes. The Naomi storyline cranks things up even more, and paints a perfect picture, and the " We should tell her line" fitted in perfect.
    Hats off, superb, perfect, keep it coming :)
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