Season 3 Episode 19

The Brig

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 02, 2007 on ABC

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  • Wow. Did I not want that to happen.

    I wish Kate had never spoken. I wish none of this had happened. So do all who see this episode I suppose, but that is not for them to decide. That’s not to say I didn’t like this episode. Locke performances are always great. He is mystical and yet broken. I would have liked to see Locke give the Others one of his speeches instead of the choice he made. I believe he knows the island better than they do. I can't see that what happened will help John or Sawyer.
    I gave this episode a high score because this is the Lost I remember, where everyone one-ups everyone else. The Others find out about Sun and the Losties find Niome. The Others have a mole and the Losties have a mole. The Others devise a secret plan and the Losties discover it. Touché.
  • This is probably the last LOST season I am gonna watch. Season 1 and 2 had a story line, but now I don't see how writers will give us some reasonable explanation about the things that happen. ABS will bankrupt before we have a clue what is going on...

    The things are getting worse... The first two season there was a thrill, people could guess some things, they were making screen-shots to notice some small detail that give us a clue. But now I have the feeling that they don't even know how they will stick the mystery up. There are too much things to think about and there is no such a connection between them as the first two season had.

    I am really going to stop watching LOST if part of the things don't become clear till the end of the season. As it seems the producers are going to explore this story until they get $$$ from it, but probably they will loose one fan next season. I've red that some of the actors have contracts for 6 seasons, which means at LEAST 6 seasons. And most probably the events are not going to be 100% clear, because new come up and we don't get resolution for the old ones. The first 2 seasons were really good...
  • Season`s best so far!

    Really good episode..clearly this season`s best episode..so far! The episode was well plotted! The Sawyer-Locke stuff was awesome. I got pissed off with Kate. can`t she keep her mouth shut???? I hate jack..truly!!! He sucks!! I`m wondering what him and Juliete are hiding..is kate pregnant???? The fact that the crashed plane was found with all dead bodied is pretty confusing! Are they really in hell? or the governmentis just covering that! i love this show!
  • I can't agree!

    I don't know which side should I be! On lock's side or ... his losties friends!? I can't agree with what he did, by closing Sawyer and his dady together! If he wanned like his dad to be dead, then he should do that himself! But on the other site, his informations about Juliet, worth a lot, i hope Sawyer will get back quickly, before Juliet will do something bad, and to wake up Jack, cause since with Juliet, the producers forgot about Jack, i don't like how he plays now!

    One mistake from Kate, I toth she's smarter than looks, but i was wrong, she should't tell Jack about Naomi in front of Juliet! Now Juliet will tell that to Ben! One thing i bearly wait to see in the next episode. What does Juliet and Jack knows about Juliet, and they didn't want to tell her!
  • Pretty good! Season is getting better!

    You know, somewhere in the 2nd season we (my husband and I) had tossed around the idea that all the castaways were dead and this was purgatory, or limbo, between this world and the afterlife. Think about it.. The Others take some of the castaways and when we finally see them again they do not seem concerned about what happened to them. One of the others told Anna-Lucia she was not taken because she wasn't good enough... or not a good enough person. I can't remember. So the ones that didn't survive the crash probably went to the afterlife right away, the rest either were not good people or had to release something in this life to move on (like Locke holding on to the anger for his father)

    Anyway, that is just our opinion. It does sort of make sense. If not then that's ok, I hope the season ends with at least a few questions answered.

    It's definitely getting better, and next week's episode looks great!
  • If they turn out to be dead, I'm going to stop watching.

    While I will agree with Locke's father, that the island really does feel like a "hell" of sorts. But if it turns out that they are all really dead, I will just have to stop watching.

    Why? Well, it seems to me that the island is full of questions. Over three seasons, we've been provided with very few answers - even if there are a few. Even the answers we get are usually followed by twice the number of questions that it answered in the first place. If this turns out to be some sort of imaginary place - whether they're dead or if they're in a Matrix-like bio-chamber hooked up to drugs and tubes - those questions won't need to be answered, and we will be left hanging.

    Now, I realise that this is an unlikely storyline and it's only planted as an idea to give us a few more questions to ponder over. But it is frustrating all the same.
  • If they're all really dead, I'm going to stop watching.

    While I will agree with Locke's father, that the island really does feel like a "hell" of sorts. But if it turns out that they are all really dead, I will just have to stop watching.

    Why? Well, it seems to me that the island is full of questions. Over three seasons, we've been provided with very few answers - even if there are a few. Even the answers we get are usually followed by twice the number of questions that it answered in the first place. If this turns out to be some sort of imaginary place - whether they're dead or if they're in a Matrix-like bio-chamber hooked up to drugs and tubes - those questions won't need to be answered, and we will be left hanging.

    Now, I realise that this is an unlikely storyline and it's only planted as an idea to give us a few more questions to ponder over. But it is frustrating all the same.
  • Locke leads Sawyer to "Ben" claiming he wants Sawyer to kill him. We learn a little more about Naomi and Jack and Juliet seem to have a secret.

    This episode was okay. It suffered from Lost trying to be provocative and exciting by "telling us something," but that something is irrelevant or highly predictable. Was I shocked that Locke's father was "Sawyer"? Nope, not one bit at all, in fact if he had not been I would have been really surprised. Did we really learn anything this episode? Eh..not really. Is this season or show going anywhere? I am starting to wonder.... I am hopeful for the next few episodes. A Ben centric episode next week sounds exciting. I also am curious about the secret Juliet and Jack seem to be hiding.
  • Ammmaaaaaaziiing!

    We might want to have more flashback episodes. They completely worked for me. We got a bit out of every character and the show felt more of an ensemble today. Locke and Sawyer worked well together. Josh Holloway had some fantastic scenes this week and his scenes with Anthony Cooper just worked for me. I'm happy he's been killed though. He was really starting to piss me off and the writers did well to cut him out of the show. He was pure evil. He stook to his habits until the end. He didn't dare apologize to Sawyer or Locke. He was an evil man. The episode, all in all, just rocked. For my complete review, head to: http://www.thetvwatcher.com/lost3_19.html

  • Ammmaaaaaaziiing!

    We might want to have more flashback episodes. They completely worked for me. We got a bit out of every character and the show felt more of an ensemble today. Locke and Sawyer worked well together. Josh Holloway had some fantastic scenes this week and his scenes with Anthony Cooper just worked for me. I'm happy he's been killed though. He was really starting to piss me off and the writers did well to cut him out of the show. He was pure evil. He stook to his habits until the end. He didn't dare apologize to Sawyer or Locke. He was an evil man. The episode, all in all, just rocked. For my complete review, head to: http://www.thetvwatcher.com/lost3_19.html

  • Daddy Dearest...

    More Daddy issues!!! So now we find out Locke and Sawyer have quite a bit in common - a sadistic scum bag father. Now we know why both these guys are more than a little "off".

    One good thing was the flashback related to Lockes time with the others and offered insights into who they are and what their purpose is. We dont get ALL the answers; of course. Jack/Sawyers dad confirms the story Naomi told about the fate of Flight 815. Sawyer did the deed after Locke lured him to the Black Rock after telling him he had Ben tied up there. Will Daddy Dearest spring back to life like Patchy did? How many other Losties is he the father of? This could get creepy!!

    Naomi seems to indicate the Island is in a pocket of time/space outside the normal visible world as the Island is not visible from the perspective of the outside world. And Naomi was sent to search the area by Penny, Desmonds girlfriend. She was just flying along and the Island appeared out of nowhere. This goes a long way toward explaining things if you think about it long enough. But it doesnt explain who so many people on the plane just happened to be tied to each other as Ben and the others did not seem to be aware of the plane or the passengers of flight 815 before the crash; Patchy had to dig up the information after the crash.

    Episodes like this are almost enough to make me forget about Stranger in a Strange Land.
  • Another great episode.

    Another great episode. Not as good as the last couple of episodes, but I still really enjoyed it. Jack just totally freaked me out at the end. What the hell do he and Juliet know that they won't even tell Kate? It really annoys me, there is definitely something weird about him. I've always suspected it since he came back to the beach, but yeah there's definitely something going on. At first I found it annoying that Charlie and co wouldn't tell Jack about Naomi, but after this I can see why. Jack what happened to you? The Locke flashbacks were awesome but very weird at the same time. Why did Locke need to kill his dad to continue with the others? Why did he go back to the camp afert he died? Why was Ben so willing to tell Locke things like Juliet being a spy when he knew that Locke could tell everyone on the beach? So many questions, so little answers! I'm not suprised that Sawyer killed whatever that guy's name is lol. I don't think he's a bad person for doing it. He was an evil person, he deserved to die. I don't really like Sawyer. but I actually really felt for him when he was telling him about his parents dying and when he was reading Sawyer's letter. How annoying was the guy when he kept saying that they weren't on the island? Did he really think they were in hell? LOL.
    Next week looks amazing! Looks like everyone finally finds out about Juliet being a spy. I'm hoping that this will make Jack come to his senses, but why do I have this horrible feeling he will stick up for her? I hope not.
  • Another perfect set up for the last few episodes. How can you not watch what's going to happen next?

    Honestly, the past few episodes have been some of the best, filled with a lot of plot, secrets, and questions. A lot of questions about Dharma, the others, and the island have been answered. Pasts have been revealed. Soon, more questions will be answered. This episode's purpose was to allow answers about the island next episode with Locke's excellent set up to kill his father, something he knows he can't do, but James/alias Sawyer so coincidentally must (it's fate!). There's an increasingly-suspenseful plot about some sort of "war" against the others in the final 2 episodes. Can't wait! What's gonna happen? I have no clue specifically, but the writers allow clear speculation. However, they twist the ending all the time, so don't bet on your theories yet.
  • Revelations on this island are not only surprising to the viewer, but also very emotional to the characters. The viewer goes on a quest to learn about the characters and the island’s mysteries, the same quest Sawyer and Locke embark upon in this episode.

    The destinies of two great characters intersect, which intersection is represented by the “Man from Tallahassee”, Locke’s cruel father and Sawyer’s eternal enemy. While Locke seems to have learnt the art of manipulation, he seeks his vengeance through a man who has gone through his same pain and suffering. Ben does not ask Locke’s father blood, but he demands it. His demand seems baffling to say the least, because there is always more to what Ben says. He puts it in a way of “giving something” but I believe there was manipulation behind his words and demand. While Sawyer learns who the chained person is, he is unable to control his instincts. The person who has made his life hell and who had turned his life into a series of cons, lies, and self-hatred, now reveals himself in the most unexpected way and unexpected place. The island’s redemption power is at this moment at full potential, and Sawyer relieves his and Locke’s, pain and suffering. The famous letter that was read in the beginning of season 1 is read light-heartedly and torn apart. With that attitude, which has kept Locke’s father surviving all those years, marks his end. One can only now pity Sawyer (or better James Ford as he now fully regains his identity) as he cannot help the feeling of having just murdered someone. If he is anything, James is not a murderer.

    On the other side of the island, tension is also escalating. The arrival of Naomi not only brought dark revelation, but also serious trust issues. Jack’s leadership has now been brought down completely, as the Losties clearly have proven their doubts. They decided unanimously to keep the new arrival a secret, until Kate decided to tell him. Juliette told Jack to tell Kate what they know, and Kate just stands their confused as Jack refuses. This is yet another point of speculation: is Jack another mole working with Juliette? Or maybe they still have hope of going off the island? And if this is so, will the new radio retrieved from Naomi make him change his mind?

    And what about Locke? He is made to believe that he is special, but will this mean he becomes one of them? What will happen with James’ proof of Juliette being a mole? Is there a possibility that the two communities will at some point unite to unravel together the island’s mysteries?
  • Locke shows up, Sawyer having a lead role, great script and great flashbacks.

    I always love it when the flashbacks are from time on the island, like when the plane just crashed or - like in this episode - 8 days ago. We "know" since last week that the survivors are dead. Theories about this have been going around some time, but I don't believe it just yet. It's great to see the series is playing around with this fact:
    Sayid: 'But we're not dead'
    Naomi: 'Obviously'.

    Locke and Sawyer must both be my two favorite Lost characters, so this episode is a series classic. Period. Also Ben has proved to be a very interesting reinforcement since season 2. Apart from the watertight script, there are funny dialogues everywhere. Like the one above, but calling Ben 'bugeye'... Perfect writing.
  • Locke makes a surprising return to the camp to bring Sawyer out to 'The Rock.' Thinking that he was meant to kill Ben, Sawyer instead comes face to face with the man who conned his family. On the beach more information about Naomi is revealed.

    To be honest, this season Lost has been faltering. The odd episode here and there has sparked a vague insterest but I find myself slowly drifting away. Then 'The Brig' comes along and reminds me why I love this series. Full of discoveries and yes, even some answers this episode was one of the best this season. The acting between Sawyer and 'Sawyer' is just spectacular. If it weren't for the acting of Josh Holloway that scene could have been completely wasted. Josh nails the part and we can feel murder in the air as he strangles the real Sawyer.

    Flashbacks this episode were also much better. Sometimes the back stories can seem somewhat lacking. Thankfully we only go back to when Locke was spending some time with the Others. This gave us a great insight, though sprung a few more questions.

    The beach plotline was also good. There wasn't much time spent there, but just enough to keep us interested. It gave us a nice lead up to the next episode where I'm sure the truth about Juliette will come out.
    As for me, I'll be waiting patiently as always.
  • The adventures of Huckleberry Locke and Tom Sawyer!

    The darkest episode of lost yet paves the way for a lot of differing character motivation and the feeling that a lot of the islands mysteries are on the verge of being revealed.

    Never has there been an episode where we are unsure of what the characters are up to? What is Locke's journey? How will Sawyer deal with killing the man he hates? What does Jack not want to tell Kate yet? What is Juliet really up to? Who is Naomi? What is Ben really planning? These answers will hopefully be answered in the season finale if not before. The last few episodes have certainly upped the quality of this season. It will be interesting to see if the answers make or break the series or if it will have anywhere to go in its fourth season.

    As for the island being purgatory or hell, i don't think this is likely, in fact, i believe that the answers will be much more interesting than that,i hope the writers prove me right.

    As for next week it sounds like the questions will be answered but since this is lost, im not holding my breath...
  • Next week is the make or break episode. They have built a lot questions up and if they go a certain direction the show with be great and if they don't I will stop watching.

    I loved the show. Give it a ten. This could be the best episode, yet if they go a certain way (the hell/purgatory route) this might have actually been the worst episode. It was a transition to something really interesting or a transition to the end of a bad cop out. I think Locke will be some kind of savior character (the Jacob they refer too). I feel, season 4 will deal with Locke's followers and their conflict against the non-believers from the survivor side (that are still focused with leaving "paradise.") We shall see. I think that "the others" faked the plane crash, which means that they have big connections. And I can see the power struggle between Ben and John beginning. I also think Jack is a big mole himself. I also think Walt and Michael will be back.
  • Golly, I was really hoping Sawyer was going to kill Ben as advertised on the pre show promos. Too bad, I was going to celebrate on the Brooklyn Bridge I just purchased.

    I am amazed that some Lost viewers continue to praise the predictable writing on this show.My continual complain about the characters (Flight 815 castaways) is that they always seem to take other characters' motivation at face value. Desmond's point of not trusting Jack is well taken but the other castaways should have also taken in consideration : Do they trust Desmond? As we have seen with Michael and Sawyer, these folks can be manipulated to kill. Locke's claim that he's not really part of the Others is false. He was able to manipulate Sawyer into killing someone just as Ben was able to manipulate Michael into killing Ana Lucia.I have lost my empathy with these (Flight 815)characters because they 're either paper tigers or obedient sheep.Just once, I would like to see one character wipe the smirk off of Ben/Juliet's faces by doing something unexpected. Even Sawyer should have been angry enough at being manipulated by Locke to phyiscally assault Locke. I wish the Lost writers would take into account that unfortunely, in the real world, violence can occur unexpectedly and from the person you least expect.
  • Excellent!A Lock-centric episode without flashbacks of his life.

    Locke returns to the beach and finds Sawyer. He takes him to the "black rock" where he had his father there.Lock wanted Sawyer to kill him.And he actually achieves that! Sawyer discovered that Cooper was the man that he had been searching all this time, he understood that Cooper was the man who destroyed his family when he was a child. As a result Sawyer kills him and Locke takes his father's body with him because Ben told him to return back only if he had his father's dead body.
    At the beach Desmond/Charlie/Hurley/Jin try to keep Naomi hidden but they tell Sayid what happened and then Kate finds out about it. She tells Jack and Juliet..
    The episode was incredible,one of the best!
  • For the first time ever I'm giving an episode a full 10.0! This was also clearly the most darkest Lost episode ever.

    Wow. Wow!! What an episode. A true classic.

    Very revealing - but on the same time very puzzling in the best possible Lost style. This episode kept in full grasp from the start till end. This was also clearly the most darkest and grimmest Lost episode ever...

    Are they dead? Are they in hell? I doubt it, especially as the series' creators have denied that scenario before. On the other hand - what else could they say? :)

    Many things revealed; both to viewers and to the characters in the story. Still many more mysteries arising. Magnificent!

    I'm calculating minutes until the next episode...
  • Just waiting for next week to learn more....

    I personally think they are in purgatory. I’m not sure though. People, like Juliet were alive when they brought her there but they put her to sleep for the journey. Did they kill her? Are the others Angles that can walk the island and also real world? I’m not sure. Is it a government project or a secrete government agency. I’m expecting the Smoking Man from X Files to walk out. I only say this because of the comments about the plane being found with everyone on board. Any insight would be great? I love how every episode tells you a bit more about each characters life before they were on the island. I’m still a bit confused about Locke’s father. I thought this before in the first time you meet him. He says, “You needed a father and I needed a kidney”. Is it his father or a con man that just knew that Locke had the same blood type? I will agree that the finale episode of the season is going to be big.
  • Overall, this episode continues to resolve long-standing issues by focusing on character exploration.

    Since the beginning of the series, “Lost” has been dominated by the theme of personal redemption. Those who seek to shed the burden of the past and grow beyond psychological and emotional barriers survive and prosper. Those who reject such an opportunity tend to meet a disturbing and painful end. Most of the characters hover in-between the two extremes, challenged time and again by past and “present”.

    Several episodes this season have returned to this theme, even as the season arc explores another important theme: the meaning of the Other. This episode actually tackles both themes with equal effectiveness. Two characters take a major step in their respective redemptive paths, and the JackLocke tribe threatens to fragment under suspicion.

    Locke’s path has been a difficult and long one, filled with self-delusion and an endless desire for validation. His “daddy issues” have robbed him of any sense of self-worth, and he constantly seeks some special purpose to justify his struggles. For Locke, it’s all about destiny, and he’ll listen to anyone who feeds that hunger.

    On the face of it, this episode appears to give Locke the opportunity to overcome that weakness. Ben sets the stage for Locke to do more than metaphorically kill his parent to become a man; he orders Locke to murder his father in front of a crowd to prove that he’s ready to assume his destined role. This is a particularly interesting order, because it may not be as clear cut as it seems.

    If one takes the order at face value, what does this say about the Others? Ben does say that it’s about expressing free will and growing beyond personal limitations, and with so little information about the Others in hand, that’s certainly possible. As noted in this episode, it’s about more than the fertility issue, and Ben could see Locke as someone suited to some other purpose.

    On the other hand, given Ben’s mastery over psychological manipulation, he must understand Locke well enough to know how to play into his assumptions of destiny. Ben wants something out of Locke, and for that to happen, Ben needs to convince Locke that he wants to provide it. He can’t appear weak in front of his own people, either, and looking to Locke as someone “special” undermines his own primacy. All that being the case, Ben could be manipulating Locke to ensure his own control over the situation.

    The effect on Locke is relatively predictable. Locke wants to feel special, and with some prompting, he realizes that if he can’t kill someone in cold blood, someone else could do it for him. And so he makes the choice to manipulate Sawyer into killing his father, so he can win Ben’s continued approval. Whatever Locke might believe, this is not a step forward towards personal transformation. He’s simply replacing the need for his father’s approval with the need for Ben’s approval. (Something that adds to the overall suspicion, going back to Eko’s dying words in “The Cost of Living”, that Locke’s inability to evolve is leading to a bad end.)

    Sawyer, on the other hand, has the opportunity to move past his search for the original Sawyer and work on what his life might be without that burden on his shoulders. This particular aspect of the episode is the near-perfect payoff to a possibility raised in the first season, one mentioned several times in previous reviews. Now it’s confirmed that Locke’s father was the original Sawyer, and Sawyer had the opportunity to face down the man who destroyed his life.

    Unlike Locke, Sawyer has taken steps towards change, assuming more of a leadership role in Jack’s absence. If he no longer has to live for his old life, with his personal quest now fulfilled, what kind of person will Sawyer choose to be? Will the true James Ford emerge, or will he find it impossible to let go of the trappings of the past?

    Moving to the second theme for the series, the nature of the Other, tensions at the camp are at an all time high. Desmond and his band of merry men have managed to bring Naomi back to the camp, and Desmond (once again playing Locke’s role as opposing force) convinces the rest of the gang to keep her existence a secret. They believe that Jack is too close to Juliet, and could now be one of the Others.

    One could argue that the plot progression for this thread doesn’t make much sense. The gang decides to bring Sayid in on the secret, and he manages to get some detailed information about Naomi’s apparent purpose. As suspected, she’s connected to Penny Widmore’s attempt to find Desmond, and her unusual experience in finding the island matches nearly everything else mentioned about it since the inception. Even so, it’s hard to know if Noami’s story can be trusted.

    All of that makes sense enough, but Sayid proceeds to work on the satellite phone in plain sight. Kate stumbles upon them, and is quickly given the full story. Not long after that, Kate gets angry when Jack refuse to speak with her privately, and she blurts out everything without a hint of hesitation. Desmond is likely to pissed, especially since it should have been simple enough to keep things quiet for a little while longer.

    This does, however, lead to an interesting revelation. Apparently Jack and Juliet have a plan of their own, and Desmond’s new friend could complicate whatever that plan is. The most obvious speculation would be that Jack is aware of Juliet’s supposed “mole” status, and has been working with her to undermine Ben’s plan from the beginning. While it sounds a bit overly complicated to be viable, in this case, it makes sense in terms of their personal context.

    The divisions aren’t confined to the JackLocke tribe. Apparently things are far from rosy among the Others as well. While it’s not the same as Alex’s overt rebellion earlier in the season, Richard’s discussion with Locke could be a sign that factions continually press for advantage among the Others. This would explain why Ben is constantly concerned with maintaining a sense of absolute control.

    Amidst all the thematically satisfying elements, there’s more time devoted to the discovery, confirmed by Cooper in this episode, of a remains of Oceanic 815. According to Naomi, the plane wreckage was discovered at the bottom of an ocean trench with the bodies still aboard. This may seem to indicate that the passengers are really dead, but there’s no detail on whether or not the bodies were positively identified or assumed to be the passengers on the manifest.

    What matters is that the world believes them to be dead, which will immediately destroy any false hope of a rescue just over the horizon. Beyond the Others and their worldwide network, there’s only Penny Widmore’s mission, and they’ve all but come up empty. Claire’s message will now likely be ignored, if it’s ever discovered. The potential is for a massive change in the survivors’ mindset; with rescue a near-impossibility, the tribe may be forced to take on the Others in a bid for their own long-term survival.
  • Finally this show is getting back to what made it great.

    After Lost came back in February I felt like it was just going through the motions. The episodes were boring and it felt like all the mystery was gone. But these last few episodes have finally gotten back to old form and I couldn't be happier and can't wait to see what happens next.
  • Secrets, lies and Murder. James Finally meets his Sawyer In an insteresting place. Jack and Juliet have a secret Desmond wants to keep his secret. And Juliet's personal secret is now revealed. This episode all leads up the crazy finalie.

    Everything that happened in the Brig is all leading up to the finalie. I enjoyed everybodys mistrust in Jack its finally come, and Im glad he didint really care are at least have his holy moment. Does Kate really expect for everyone to like her when she becomes a snitch, I found this to be just annoying but her love for Jack is blind by the blue eyed Juliet. At first I thought Jack and Juliets secret was that they were dating. Sawyer meets Locke and Locke manipulates Sawyer into thinking its Ben. I understand why he couldnt kill Cooper. It almost made me cry the way Cooper was so Ignorant and mean to Sawyer I felt for James so much. Sawyer kills Cooper in a gruesome attemt to do what Locke wants. How Random was it that Danielle was there shes up to somthing? The Flashbacks were in Micheal format as it reveals Lockes struggles. It didint really reveal much other then the Others seem so jungle/sacrificial esk to me. Yet they still have files on everybody? I dont know we all have our outrageous Theries. Okay Naomi tells them which I already speculated. Shes there to find Desmond hired by Penny since Penny found the location of when the Hatch exploded It reminds me of the Bermuda Triange are like the Lost City of Atlantis. Overall an emontional episode with many confrontations I enjoyed very much Untill the next episode.
  • That was amazing I don't know how it can get much better in the last few episodes of the season but I think somehow it will. (Contains Spoilers)

    What a freaking crazy episode. It was Locke madness, so Iguess I will start with that. We finally came back to Lockes's Dad who is the guy that was a fireman man on that show Emergency, I remember it used to be on TV Land, because it was on before our time. I was a good show. Anyways, as Locke's dad he is a real **** This was another pretty dark episode, but well written. I wasn't sure at first when Locke came back because he has taken so much **** from his Dad, I didn't think he would even have someone else kill him like Ben wanted. I thought when he 1st came to the camp before we knew and he told Sawyer that he had Ben that something was up but I thought maybe they brainwashed him and he was going to setup Sawyer. I'm glad that wasn't the case. Well he sort of setup Sawyer but differently. I thought it was well written with Locke's Dad was the one that pretty much screwed over Sawyers family. I again thought that was out of character to get someone to kill somebody especially his Dad he has so many reasons to want him dead but he is so afraid of him it seemed weird that he would do that, a little out of character. I think he finally was fed up maybe. Sawyer had to relive alot of crap in his childhood, and now has to deal with killing another person. I personally am glad his Dad is gone. I also didn't realize Locke's Dad had something to do with the tour Locke wasn't allowed on, they mentioned something about that last night. I'm still wondering because he is taking his Dad's dead body back to Ben if he is trying to become an other or really infultrating them. I believe the latter, because he gave Sawyer the proof about that **** Juliette. That will be interesting, according to the previews what happens with her and how the camp get ready if they find out the part about the others are going to raid them. To back track a little, I know things are never as they seem on this show and they kept pushing the hell part which obviously isn't true because if he they dead he couldn't have killed Lockes Dad, because he would have already been dead. I think the fact they are trying to make you think one thing, is some sort of diversion, to surprise everyone. I still am not sure what to say about the whol;e thing last week when the lady from the chopper, (who I now think might be the chick that was on Las Vegas) said about the remains of the reckage was found with no survivors, that's very weird and I'm sure will come about later. I'm not so sure about her either even though Penny sent her for Desmond supposedly.

    I loved this episode it really had me questioning alot of things and alot of the characters. It's hard to say what is what and who is on the level or not, but something seems fishy about that episode with alot of different people. Jack & Locke are now not as trustworthy characters possibly, or at least it may seem that way for the moment.
  • The connection is finally made between Locke's father and Sawyer's mysterious past conman-killed-my-parents when Locke is too chickensh*t to kill his own dad and makes Sawyer do it instead. Meanwhile, tension gathers on the home side of the island.

    More fuel to the fire for those who think this season of LOST is too violent. I've never been a fan of John Locke, that's no secret, however, this episode brought him to a new all-time low for me. Yes, Sawyer has been looking to kill this man his whole life. I understand that. But Locke used Sawyer's life purpose to get his own way, he did not overcome ANYTHING, which was the point of killing him to begin with, and now Locke can selfishly get his wish by forcing Sawyer's wish upon him. That sentence does make sense, even if it doesn't feel like it. Anyway, more twisted still is the idea that Ben wanted Locke to sacrifice him in front of everyone (or didn't want him to, to prove his weakness depending on where you are looking at it from). But what is abysmally clear is that Mr. Cooper/Sawyer/Seward needed to die for Locke to be in with them, and now he is dead. The Others can't possibly be good people. They just can't be. That's so twisted.

    So Jack is driving the wedge between himself and the Losties even further. Nobody seems to trust him and he's not helping his own case at all by alienating Kate, let alone everyone else. And what was Sayid thinking when he told Kate? Of course she was going to tell Jack. I love Jack, and I hope whatever he has up his sleeve is worth all of this because he's not making himself look so good right now. If he ends up in with the "bad guys" I will be severely disappointed. This better get good.

    Oh, and the Rousseau scene seemed pretty important. What is she planning on blowing up? That was definitely a set up for future events!
  • Another stunning episode. [SPOILERS]

    Sometimes I write full reviews, but this one is more of a random collection of thoughts from my head...


    That was one of the best of the season - heck, of the whole series.

    Shame that some people on the Net figured it out in advance, so it wasn't as much of a surprise for me. But still, a very tense episode. I wasn't sure if Sawyer was gonna go through with it or not. Of course, with Eyepatch Guy coming back to life, who knows? I hope Locke's dad isn't still alive, though.

    Still, how could it possibly have inspired the whole group if Locke had killed his own dad? All the adults and kids are standing out there watching, then Locke slits his own dad's throat - then what? They all start cheering? Pretty twisted. Locke made the right decision in not killing his dad himself. And he even should have let Sawyer know about it, though forcing Sawyer into a murderous situation was not exactly the best idea, to say the least. And why would Locke want to rejoin the Others when he gets treated like this? I wouldn't want to rejoin a group that gets disappointed in me if I don't kill my dad. Anyway...I'm rambling.

    The monster doesn't look too kindly on killing. I wonder if it will come after Sawyer now...or Locke?

    And what is Rousseau doing with that dynamite? That was hilarious when she and Locke had that moment in the Black Rock. They were both trying to be oh-so-casual about the strange things they were doing.

    The writers are really playing up this whole they're-all-dead thing. Both the crashlanded pilot and Locke's dad seemed to think so. But I'm not buying it. The writers flatly said they're not dead right from the first episode. But I'm enjoying the ride.

    And why were Jack and Juliet not surprised about the crashlanded pilot? What did they mean, "it's not the right time to tell" Kate?

    This is the first episode in a while where I'm already DESPERATE to see next week's episode. :)
  • One of the best.

    Is Locke a bumbling idiot any more? Heck no. After attempting to regain former greatness in S.O.S. and Further Instructions, Locke is back full swing in this episode. I actually got some chills when he said "I'm on my own journey now." And the scene with Sawyer and... well, Sawyer was fantastic. I couldn't have asked for a better way for Anthony Cooper to die. He really was the epitome of evil. I'm surprised they brought up the concept of hell in this episode. Now people are going to go around spreading rumors of Purgatory again. But at least it was explicitly stated that the 'magic box' is a metaphor. I was tired of people talking about that.
  • James shows a new side to him.

    Great episode. An hour of Lost is never enough for me. I began watching this episode and the next minute I see clips for next week. Like they say “time flies when you’re having fun” or something like that. I was mad when they said just three episodes left in the season. It seems like a short season since they took that two-month vacation or break in the December. The Brig was a special episode for Sawyer (James). Since Locke finds out he’s too weak to kill his father he gets Sawyer (James) to kill the real Sawyer. I really felt for James after he told Sawyer to read the letter James had and then Sawyer rips it up. I would have snuffed him. Anyways James takes matters into his hands and kills Sawyer since he has no way of getting out of the room Locke has put them both in. The part when Danielle Rousseau comes in out of nowhere was odd and kinda funny. How did she know about that place though? I know she’s been there for a while but I still ask because we know little about her. Overall we see a side of James (aka Sawyer) we have never seen before. The emotional mad and killer side of him. I would a have done the same if I was in his place though. On the beach we see Hurley, Desmond, Charlie, and Jin trying their best to keep Naomi a secret. Unfortunately it wasn’t a secret anymore right after Hurley tells Sayid. Sayid later tells Kate which was the dumbest idea since she’s close to Jack. Kate later tells Jack in front of Juliet which makes half the beach not smart and makes you wonder what they were smoking. Naomi also proves herself to the group keeping her a secret by explaining why and how she crashed on the Island. Sayid doesn’t believe her and so Naomi shows her communicator thing to Sayid and tells him to remind her not to save him. Overall The Brig was an episode with lots of stuff going on and the story should pick up next week now that Locke’s father is dead and James (Aka Sawyer) has a tape incriminating Juliet.
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