Season 3 Episode 19

The Brig

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 02, 2007 on ABC

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  • Awesome! Awesome, awesome, awesome awsome!

    Everything is approaching a fever pitch. Why does Rousseau want explosives? Sawyer knows Juliet is a mole, and has the proof! Sawyer kills Cooper!!! Locke is going to learn everything! We're finally getting answers! It's a non-stop roller coaster ride to the finale! Jack and Juliet have a secret! Cooper confirms that flight 815 was found! It was a cover-up, I tell you! A cover-up! We get to see the Black Rock again! Richard Alpert is disillusioned with Ben! Kate and Sawyer keep having sex, despite knowing it could kill them! It's wonderful madness! I told you Naomi was sent by Penny!
  • One of the best episodes ever.

    Wow what an episode, i totally loved this one. This episode was all about Locke and the time he spent away from the camp. We learn a little more about what the others want him to do, kill his father but he is unable to. So Ben tells him that unless he murders his father and brings the body back with him, he will not be welcome to join them. Meanwhile one of the others tells Locke and Sawyer is capable of the murder becuase Cooper was responsible for his father and mothers murder. So John locks Sawyer in with Cooper at the black rock and they talk. Also the french woman turns up at the Black Rock looking for dinamite. So finally Saywer realises that Cooper was resposible for his parents deaths when he reveals that he used to con people for a living and often went by the name Sawyer. He also tells Sawyer that they are all dead and are in hell because he remembers being in a car crash and at the hospital then it all went black and he woke up in the others camp. Saywer dimisses what he is saying but are there truths to his words?

    Sawyer decided to murder him. John thanks him and tells Sawyer that Juliet is a trator. meanwhile John heads off back to the others with Cooper on his shoulders. Finally Kate talks to Jack and tells him that no one trusts him anymore and Juliet says to him that we shoudl tell Kate but Jack says no. They will not tell Kate what they are talking about. And the new islander tells us more aboutt eh plane crash and how there is a ship 80 miles away.

    Wow what an episode. Simply fantastic can't want for next week lets hope that it is even better than this week!
  • Excellent episode, but it's time to wake up and smell the BS.

    First things first. They’re not all dead and they’re not in hell. The writers are in touch with all the rumor buzz. If I was a writer on the show, I’d lead on some of the fans too. The whole objective is to make them think one way so that when they pull the rug out from under everyone’s feet, they’ll all be astounded. Don’t fall for it folks. Look at it more like this... Locke’s Dad knows he’s lived an evil sinister life. After his unknowingly deliberate accident, he wakes up confused, bound and gagged. He’s going through hell, so figuratively, he believes he is in hell. Or even more, he’s so worked up from being in the situation he’s in that his tactic is to rant on about how they’re all in hell. Put yourself in his shoes for a moment, they’re not all really in hell, it’s nothing more than his own personal hysterics. Furthermore, wake up and smell the BS already, the crash of 815 is nothing more then a cover up. Someone or some group on the outside does not want an investigation. How do you explain the disappearance to the public? Fake the crash, end of story.

    This episode really was fantastic. Through the seasons, the whole “real Sawyer” saga had gone from speculation to educated guesswork. After The Man From Tallahassee, it was pretty apparent who he was. I really hoped that when it came time for the truth to be revealed to all characters involved, that it would not be a let down. It wasn’t at all. I thought it was so well done, everything happened the way I hoped it would. Locke could not do it, and Sawyer needed closure. It felt very gratifying.

    Ben said (something to the effect of) that Locke really need to do this in order to be accepted as one of them. Am I alone in thinking that there’s got to be more to this? Did Ben want Cooper dead for other reasons? I don’t know. Well I guess this closes the chapter on Anthony Cooper so maybe Ben just needed to see what Locke was made of.

    By now we should realize that the writers like to set us up to distrust someone and trust someone else. So here we go. My 2 gut feelings...

    Okay so Jack knows something we don’t. I don’t believe Jack is an Other. He, like Juliette, do not have antagonistic motives here. They probably have a plan to get themselves off the island, or have struck a deal with Ben and are cooperating for the time being against their will. I believe when all is said and done, we will see that Jack and Juliette have good intentions.

    And let’s not be so quick to trust that Naomi is there to rescue anybody. Things are never what they seem on this show.
  • Great acting!!

    This episode was great! both the flashbacks and "real" episode were awsome, when we experienced what lockes been up to while he were with the others.
    First i must say that josh halloway as plays sawyer acted brilliant, as locke.
    And the best actor on the isalnd according to me must be Michel emmersson who plays Ben.
    He always look so evil and i think the fact that he is so smart and his mindgames scares me the most.
    In the episode locke gets sawyer to kill his own father "sawyer" so that locke may go with the others.

    On the beach des, chalie, jin and hurley consider who they should tell about the girl they found, as they dont trust Jack.

    Ive watshed next weeks promo and it looks like it will be even better than this episode.
  • This is the episode that all the Locke/Sawyer fans have been waiting for, and LOST truely delivers.

    Wow... if this episode were any better, it would probably have made my brain explode.

    While, I do admit that the flashback is a little on the short side... it is very important, and we get a good look at the inner-other politics.
    And... hopefully we will see why Richard wears so much Mascara.

    We see more Sawyer... and Kate stuff... but frankly I'm getting a little tired of it... cause, you know where it will lead right? Baby city! Come on, Sawyer is 5 times more likely to get Kate pregnant.

    The acting in this episode is flawless... and the final showdown between Sawyer and Tom Sawyer (aka Anthony Cooper) filled me with so much rage, I could have killed Anthony myself had I been there.

    Jack is being mysterious, I still don't trust him.

    For once, Sayid's suspicions turn out to be innaccurate.
    Just this once though...

    And parachute girl told her story about everyone being dead... I smell a conspiracy.

    All in all, this episode was in complete control of my emotions, and is by far, one of the best episodes of the series.
    I hope lost keeps this up. And if they do... I can die happy.
  • gosh!

    if i were allowed to write a one word review, this only word would be "gosh!" because i don't really know what more to say. this episode was so very weird again and so very exciting i still can't believe what i've just seen. i'm sticking with my remark from last week: "who wants to get answers when the questions are so much more interesting?"

    what worries me though is that i don't see a satisfying way out of all of these mysteries and i'm prepared to be very much disappointed by the final explanations given in the very end.
  • Locke Must Kill his father to become one of the others.

    The producers love to hint at purgatory but then immediately squash the thought of them all being dead. This was evident in this episode once again as Cooper presumed he was in hell.

    The obvious was revealed in this episode that Cooper is the real Sawyer and Sawyer finally got his revenge. It might be that im a twisted individual but I wanted Sawyer to make him suffer. He deserves it. Naomi reveals how she got onto the Island and its a bit of a mind bender, why was Penelope looking for a electromagnetic thing, im presuming she is looking for Desmond but how has she got so close? Im guessing we will see Penelope reach the Island in the season finale. The losties mistrust of Jack is understandable. Jack and Julliets reaction to the arrival of someone new is kind of strange. Im guessing we will find out what they know next week along with Julliets secret revealed by Sawyer. Should be interesting.
  • this is how all lost episodes should be

    locke has always been my favourite lost character with sawyer running at a very close second and putting them together the way they did in this episode was pure genius. their interaction was brilliant and the final moments of the episode really gave the impression that they were finally putting a massive issue to rest. it was totally fitting that sawyer be the one to kill lockes dad and the shows producers could have really screwed up the sawyer - sawyer scenes, but they didn't it was all put together perfectly. i also quite like the fact that a lot of the others are in awe of locke. i can't wait to see bens face when locke shows up in the next epsiode carrying that body. danielles cameo was priceless and i can't wait to see what she's gonna do with that dynamite.
  • Sawyer vs. Sawyer

    This episode was yet another great installment to season 3. The best season so far! The scene with Sawyer vs. Sawyer was excellent and brought back some past events. Even though I had previously thought that John's father was the same man that conned Sawyers parents, It was great to see it actually play out. And what do Juliet and Jack need to tell Kate! I have a feeling its something to do with Naomi as the second they heard about her Juliet said they should tell her. I cant wait for next week's "The Man Behind The Curtain" too see whats going to happen when Sawyer shows the group the tape with Juliet.... unless its not the actual tape and Locke just screwed them. And I cant wait to see who the man behind the curtain is!!!
  • 1 death, 2 people at peace.

    I really enjoyed how this episode was plotted. The stories of Sawyer and Locke coming together was very well done. Anyone who watches this show knows about both of their pasts, and when they came together over the same person, wham, what a surprise. At first I thought, 'Sawyer won't kill anyone just like that', until we found out who it was. Then it was like 'Sawyer, kill him'. This is what he has been waiting for ever since his parents died. His whole life was based on this man who destroyed his. Locke has also been held emotionally captive by his father, but isn't the guy to kill him, he was always just waiting for his dad to say he loves him or is proud of him. And that would never happen. Now Locke is going back to the Others, interesting, and Sawyer will now be at peace, hopefully. I was totally agreeing with Desmond and his gang on bringing Sayid in, I would of done that since the beginning. Jack is not himself, and I'm torn between liking him anymore. I used to love his character, but he's strange and quiet now.
  • ? Now the quesion is Lockes dad really dead?

    Very good episode, drawing us closer and closer to the much anticipated season finale. Seems like every episode were locke is the main plot seems to be a homerun. I love how sayid has the feeling everyone is bad...and untrusting.
    Hmm and i wonder what the BIG secret is? Maybe jack is gonna pop the question to juliette...or maybe they are giggling because they know that kate is knocked up with another of sawyers babys...
    well looks like the season finale is gonna be a war on the beach trying to get the pregnant women....i hope dessy is there to save our charlie.

    cant wait to see how it unfolds.
  • I love this show!!!

    Sawyer against Sawyer. I think I like Sawyer more and more, he´s strong and sarcastic but romantic and sensitive at the same time. The confrontation between the Sawyers was good and I like to see him working with Locke. I loved Sawyer´s scene with Kate and I think they are so damn cute/hot together. I feel sorry for Jack because all women have betrayed him, I can´t wait till next week when Sawyer is bringing Juliet´s tape. I still think she´s good but I don´t think Jack will agree with that anymore.
  • They told us even more secrets and it's still not enough.

    They told us even more secrets and it's still not enough. In the beginning, for a long time they barely told us anything and it started to bug me. After that they started to tell us some small secrets, which turned out to be not useful enough to reveal something of the big picture, and it's still the case. Like we know now that they want to cure pregant women, but why, and why here? The parachute girl said that they found the wrecks and the bodies, which is cool, but she said nothing about whether those bodies have been identified or not, and without that, those corpses on the bottom of the ocean could be anyones, so we're not closer to really knowing anything. So what is this island? :) I'm really hoping that this is going to change, and they're gonna tell us bigger and bigger things every episode because that's what makes it interesting. By the way, I was kinda sure that Sawyer's not gonna kill the guy either, so it was a big surprise.
  • Probably one of the episodes that people will think about 20 years down the road when they talk about LOST.

    Wow. That was my first reaction after watching The Brig. It was a much darker hour of LOST, just like many sources reaveled before the episode aired. And we finaly got the confermation that we've been waiting for for a long while, Anthony Cooper is the real Mr. Sawyer. Josh did an amazing job in the scenes with Cooper. I think the scene when James gives his letter to Cooper is now my favorite scene from this season, or possibly all the series. And I can not think of any better name to give the episode other then, The Brig.

    As for back on the beach, we find out that Neomi was in fact sent by Penny, at least that's what she's saying. I believe her though, after that scene at the end of LTDA I think it could be very possible that Penny sent a search patry to find Desmonde. She tells us that her helicopter took off from a boat about 80 miles away. They decide not to tell Jack about Neomi, because they don't trust him. They do get Sayid to talk to her though. Up until tonights episode I really thought Jack knew nothing about what Juliet was ordered to do, but know I think that he does know. Its killing me to know what Juliet wanted to tell Kate, and for godness sake, no, she is NOT pregnant! It would take at least a month to find out your pregnant, its only been like 2 weeks since her and Sawyer first got togther. So it is impossible for the Others to know if she was pregnant.

    As for the flashbacks, these were probably my favorite on-island flashbacks. I was a bit grossed out when Cooper bit Lockes hand though, that's just creepy. I wish we got to find out who Jacob is, but I guess we have to wait till next week, TMBTC looks so good!
  • Great episode!!!

    This episode was by far one of my favorite of this season thus far. The scene between Sawyer and Sawyer was awesome. It was a great performance by Josh Holloway. You could just feel how pissed off he was and then when the other Sawyer tore up his letter and laughed about his mom you knew he was just going to explode. Jack used to be my favorite character on the show but he has been a real jackass lately and frankly I am really sick of him and Juliet. Juliet always has this smug look on her face and it really bothers me. Kudos to the losties for standing up to Jack!
  • Another great episode but I must say...

    It's a bit of a shame for you guys who try to analyze and speculate so hard. I believe you are ruining your experience. I mean, I didn't see it coming that Locke's father was the man that conned Sawyer's mother until Locke came to get Sawyer and told him that he would want to kill Ben when he heard what he had to say(having already been shown that Locke's dad was held captive and knowing there was only ONE person that Sawyer had real reason to want to kill and not really believing Locke kidnapped Ben seeing how he's always protected-so we have Locke's dad tied up, and Locke coming ALL the way back to the Lostie's camp to get ONLY Sawyer to kill someone-but this was based on what's been revealed in the story not the guessing game). Not because I couldn't have suspected it but I don't try to suspect everyone and expect everything because first there's no REAL need and second I then would find myself like so many others being sometimes let down or not really appreciating a scene or revelation as much as I should have. I mean there was NO reason to suspect Locke's dad because we were never given any real evidence or clues that he was connected to Sawyer's mom in any way-only the fact that Sawyer's mom was conned, and Locke's dad was a con man. There are millions of con artists in the world, why would you suspect the two to be connected? Because you are just trying to anticipate the writers' decisions. While this may be a cool way to try to see if you can guess what happens, I feel it is more enjoyable and the experience is far greater if you just experience it as you go along. Yes some things are obvious or easy to ancicipate, especially when it's a matter of who to trust or not(which is mostly experienced in real-time based on actions, reactions, and attitude), but to guess based solely on the fact that this IS a tv show and they OF COURSE want to surprise us and connect some of the characters' stories is to me unneccesary. There was not one thing revealed about either party to connect Locke's dad's life to Sawyer's. Only that he too was a con man. But I guess if this is how you experience your tv or movies then that is just how it is-which is of course no big problem but you must admit-the fact that the guy who conned SAWYER'S mom was in fact LOCKE'S DAD is pretty amazing considering that they are both marooned on that island together. So if you didn't feel like WOW!! and really experience that whole scenerio for what it was because you already guessed it(or suspected it just to try to figure it out-not based on ANY clue) then dude!.....you kinda missed out. lol Some reviewers are even saying that this was OBVIOUS?!! based on what? You can't give me even ONE clue. Oh well, anyway...

    Excellent episode and I can't wait for the next installment.
  • What the Hell!

    What the Hell! Or should I see: Is the Hell?

    This episodes explores the hypothesis (suggested at the end of last episodes by Raoni, who has the name officially revealed in this episode) that they are all dead, and "not exactly in Heaven" (as noted by Locke's dad).

    Although I don't like the idea, it would explain a lot:

    - The Others knowing a lot about almost everything
    - sick characters getting cured
    - dead characters showing up

    OTOH, it would show some flows:

    - did all coincidences really happened when they were alive? For instance, Hurley really won the lottery using the cursed numbers?
    - what crashed the plane, the discharge?
    - if they are dead, how Penny could feel the second discharge?

    Well, I really hope that's not true, as it would throw the whole series originality down the toilette. In fact, I'm pretty sure it isn't, as the creators would not provide such lame explanation, specially so earlier in the series - I think it's a decoy, and maybe a tribute to the "last Dungeons & Dragons episode" hoax.
  • Identity.

    Locke is back to seak Sawyer who is not happy to see him. Locke takes him on a trek through the jungle to the Black Rock where they encounter Roussaeu. Locke locked up his father in black rock and it turns out that his father is the real SAWYER and James to the deal by killing him. Through the series of flashbacks we see what happened with Locke and that he was suppoused to kill his fahter in order to become on of them, the others, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. Naomi has a crucial informations about the passengers and she can save them all while Jack and Juliet know something about Kate.
    Absoluely fabulosu episode.
  • It was good, but doesn't deserve the hype it is receiving.

    The quality of this episode declined for me throughout the episode. Whether it was because I realized I was not going to receive any answers to my questions, or the fact they left us asking even more questions, "Should we tell her?"... what on Earth is that. Yes! Tell her!! Tell us! The storyline for this episode was very good, but I wouldn't go as far to say it was excellent. You could see the whole Sawyer-Anthony thing coming from a mile off. From the whole 'it's not really Ben it's Locke's dad' thing to 'I'm just gunna rip the letter up now' thing. I have absolutely nothing against this episode, I just think some people are hyping it way too much. I believe every single episode leading to the finale will be of this quality, leading into a perfect 10 from the finale.
  • Anyone who says that Lost has lost it needs to wake up and feel Ole' Smokey ready to spelunk them.

    Lost just seems to get better and better with every week. Last night's installment definetly answered a few questions, mainly 1 linering since season one. We got a lot of Sawyer scenes, which is always good. And we FINALLY got to hear some nicknames again from Sawyer, mainly him calling Locke Tarzan(Tarzan, Mr. Clean, Daniel Boone, where does Sawyer come up with all these Locke names?). Locke's dad finally got what was coming to him, and after 2 seasons of him screwing Locke over time and time again, we almost were cheering Sawyer on. Definetly some setup coming and I have a feeling that the next 3 weeks are going to be some of the best episodes of Lost EVER!
  • lost at its best, perfect plot twists and set ups.

    this series is great! the way the plot thickens in every episode. the only thing i dont like is the writers or whoever prolongs the secrets being revealed. like what did jack and juliet want to tell kate? we'll probably find out in 2 episodes. yet, they seem to have KNOWN that lockes father was coming to the island.(setting up the Sawyer vs. Sawyer controversy)
    with the fact that locke's father caused James' parent's death. geniuses.
    im not very interested in the new chick though. neither am i impressed of the way "hide" the REAL reason the 'others' are on the island. I really hope jack isnt with the others.
    this episode is one of my favorites. purely perfect.
  • Another piece of the best-season-so-far puzzle.

    I'm just going to make this real simple and list the things I liked about this episode rather then write in conventional paragraphs.

    *I liked how some scenes, especially when Sawyer and Locke were walking in the jungle, it looked grittier somehow. The cinamatography or something, it looked so good.

    *I liked the scene with Naomi and Sayid. No real reason, just did. I also liked that Sayid said it was good that they hadn't told Jack about Naomi. Before he did that, I was getting annoyed about the whole "we don't trust Jack" bandwagon. But for some reason, just his casual reaction worked for me.

    *I liked that Danielle (The French Woman) was gettnig dynamite, and then we never saw her again for the rest of the episode. That's going to come back to bite someone in the butt! New mystery!

    *I liked that Locke's father kept saying they were in hell.

    *I liked that Jack's being a total jerk. He's angry that no one trusts him, even though they have a really good reason. But that he wont trust them by revealing his and Juliet's secret. Jack's always been too white bread. I like that he's being a jerk now, it makes him more real.

    *Juliet's eyes were really pretty. Random, I know.

    *I like that Sawyer is bringing back proof that Juliet is a double agent and that the survivors will have a chance to be ready before the Others come for Sun.

    *I wonder if Kate is going to get pregnant with Sawyer's baby soon, since the sperm count is so high on the island.

    *I loved loved loved that Locke's father was the real Sawyer. I realized it before the episode revealed it. In fact, I figured it out when the other gave Locke Sawyer's folder. (Another scene I liked, by the way.) But it was just awesome. And a great build, with Sawyer unfolding and handing over the letter, the man ripping it up, and finally, Sawyer having the revenge he's wanted for so very very long. The best acting we've ever seen from the already consistantly talented Josh Holloway.
  • Finally some answers to what has happened with Lock, yet are there ever really any answers?

    Last time I saw Locke, I was disappointed by the sudden mysterious arrival of his father. Having just shown up out of nowhere, his father believes he knows where they really are, and old bug-eye silences him before he reveals anything. Locke sneaks back to camp for Sawyer, and some old stories come together with some old fashioned revenge. It's good to see some things tied up, yet why must Locke lie to acheive his goal? Why does he really care what the others think?

    Doc and Juliet have some sort of secret as well, and they find out about the new girl, who came from a ship not far from shore. People on the show are really getting spooked that they are dead, but how could they be? If Sawyer is able to get revenge shortly after getting some Kate action, he's surely not in hell! I still love this show, but I'm afraid for the ratings. It almost feels like they are getting close to ending it, just in case the plug gets pulled, but I'm not ready. I need at least one more season of the show, so keep up the good writing and suspense people, and I'll keep coming!
  • "Dear Mr. Sawyer..."

    Sorry about the english...

    Sometimes You let emotion take over. When that happens, you need to be realy carefull. I'll probably regret the score I gave to this episode in the future, afterwall, nothing is perfect right? Well, f*ck it. After watch this, I just can't give it less than a round 10. I rate 10, looks like you're one of those fanatic freaks that loves every single episode and never found any flaws or week points. I'm sure this episode is not "perfect". Must have something not so good. I just can't see that right now.

    But, no matter what, to me it's a series classic, now and ever, no doubt about it. From the moment Locke reapeared on the beach till the more than expected face-to-face between "Sawyer" and "Sawyer" (c'mon, who didn't saw that coming since "TMFT"?) it was an amazing episode. The moment when Anthony "Sawyer" Cooper starts to read the letter is one of those to be remembered 4ever.

    This was more a Locke/Sawyer centric than just a Locke centric to me. Sawyer (now more than ever, I'll never be able to call him James), played a centric role here.

    And usualy, at the same time some questions are answered (and buried), others arrive: What Locke is up to? The flashback didn't gave us enough information to figure that out. He's with the others or he's just using them to know more about the island? Or something else? What about the 815 wreck that Naomi found (I believe that's a fact since Anthony Cooper said that too)? It was planted by Dharma/Others/whatever? If that's true, the 815 survivors were really selected to get to that place?

    Well the only thing I do know is that I wanna watch "The Brig" again. Worthed every single minute.
  • More and More questions are coming and yet, I'm more excited this episode was a....

    Mind Blowing episode…leaving us with questions unanswered and new questions as well. Locke needs to find a way to stay with the group, to find out more secrets of the island, in order to do that he needs to kill his father, knowing that will never happen. As much as Locke hates, despises, curses, dislikes the living soul of his father; he is still his father. An other comes to help Locke, going the easy way out…by giving him the file to James known to everyone on the island to be Sawyer. Showing his whole past, background the story of his life so to say. Locke in a way kidnaps Sawyer, by not telling him what he needs him for, finding out that James and Locke have a past relationship with the same person. Leading up to the death of Tom Sawyer, murdered by James. Leaving us then with a new surprise, Kate trying to help Jack see that he is not being trusted by his closest friends…trying to show that she still does…until he back fires by showing he has a little secret of his own…
  • Dude...I was waiting for something and it never happened.

    Sawyer never got to take a whizz. So Locke makes Sawyer zip up his pants, then they take a long hike without stopping (Locke makes that pretty obvious), and then what? When they do stop we don't see Sawyer doing his deed. No. He has to kill cooper first. Pee on his face dangit. Otherwise I found this quite revealing. Jack is still the knucklehead ever since he decided to become a football star, ben still as insidious as ever, locke gullible as always playing right into ben's hands, kate still unsure of her relationship. and yes, relationships do happen. especially to wary guys like sawyer :/ who can't stand being far from civilization for long.
  • The episode that has singlehandedly reaffirmed my devotion to the series.

    Years from now people will look back at the first season of Lost as a pivotal moment in television history. ABC fronted the money necessary (it was the most expensive pilot ever) and bought itself the most cinematic, engrossing, and anti-formulaic seventeen hours to grace the medium. NBC even jumped on the bandwagon with its own version of such a series in Heroes (another spectacular cinematic show). Unfortunately, the next season and a half were good, and kept the show profitable, but have clearly had their glaring, frustrating difficulties. Most obviously, the fact that questions are raised and never answered, cliffhangers rarely ever felt really resolved, and that many characters seemed to get soft, complacent, and just plain dull.

    This episode looks like it could be the turning point the series needed to reestablish itself as the juggernaut it was only a little over a year ago.

    Sawyer retakes his place as the haunted antihero who wants to love but just can't because of his deep-seeded criminal adaptation to the world. Locke simultaneously regains his mantle of the solitary spiritual badass AND adds to his repertoire of badassery by manipulating one man to kill another by simply locking him in a room and patiently whittling time away. Jack adds depth to his character from being the annoying, holier-than-thou, "reluctant" leader by truly not caring that everyone doesn't look up to and trust him anymore.

    What's more, it's set itself up to FINALLY answer some of those enormous questions they've been dancing around. Ben must tell Locke about his understanding of the Island and the mysterious role of the Dharma Initiative. Jack must unload something on the survivors about the imbalanced equation involving their apparently discovered bodies elsewhere, or at least his comparatively greater knowledge of their situation.

    If you loved Lost a while ago, but became disillusioned with it after the first season ended, find a friend with a TiVo and watch the last three episodes. You'll tune in with me next week.
  • Locke secretly approaches Sawyer in an effort to get Sawyer to kill the man that ruined both their lives.

    One of the best in the series. If not THE best(Though I think it is). It had me in tears and shaking with wide eyes at the end. THIS is Lost!!! Props to Josh Holloway for his superb acting skills. He has a knack to completely draw the audience into Sawyer's perspective. The thoughts and emotions of the character are almost tangible. (Very good thing for me as I am a rabid Sawyer fan) This episode had a wonderful build-up and resolution of the central plot. All the while setting up for some nice some nice conflict in the last few episodes of the season. The writers really out did themselves. Two thumbs up and a giant chocolate cake! ^_^

    Lost always makes me jump out of my seat and squeal with excitement but this is the most I have ever! This was by far the best of the season...and a pretty high ranker for best of the series. I knew that it wouldnt be Ben, of course he would only get Sawyer if it was...Sawyer. Sawyer vs. Sawyer was incredible! He definatly deserved it. Just by ripping up that letter, the letter Sawyer takes EVERYWHERE holy crap! That was perfect. I cant even say how much I loved this episode lol. Maybe I should write this review when Im not all jittery and hyped up on the plot. Jack is by far the most annoying person on this island, or any island anywhere. I hate him so much. Him and Juliet disgust me so much. I'm just so glad that everyone else in the camp is getting the fact that he can't be trusted and that he isnt the leader of them all. GO LOSTIES! Now Locke, still as crazy as ever and I love it. I really want to see him when he really connects with the island and see what will happen! Oh and some small things: Kate and Sawyer were so damn cute at the begining, and Russeau! what chu doin with that dynamite? lol
  • A Confrontation 3 Seasons in the Making

    So, this was finally it. Sawyer getting the "real" Sawyer. I, along with many others, have had the theory that Locke's dad was the conman of Sawyer's past for a while now, but that didn't take anything away from this meeting.

    Before I get into that, I must say the rest of the episode was quite good. Being the first non "true" flashback episode (only going back 8 days) made this episode unique. I was glad to finally see what had gone on with Locke. The other Losties hanging with the parachute chick was good too. I'm glad the castaways have turned on Jack, because I, along with many of the other fans, stopped liking him months ago.

    Back to the apex of the episode, and arguably one of the climaxes of the season. Josh Holloway was brilliant in this episode. His portrayal of Sawyer and his steady realization of Locke's Dad's true identity was the stuff of legends. His emotions when forcing Cooper/Seward/Sawyer to read the letter he's been carrying for so long sent chills up my spine. Amazing. As for Locke, he's getting a little weird for my tastes these days. I wish he'd get over his "special" complex and become good ole John Locke again.

    Anyway, I can't wait till next episode when Sawyer comes with the tape of that traitor Juliet. It'll really hit the fan then.
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