Season 3 Episode 19

The Brig

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 02, 2007 on ABC

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  • I predict...

    that we're finally going to find out that Locke's father is the original Sawyer. It makes sense since his father is a con man who has taken advantage of women in the past, he used his own son to get a kidney and is all in all no good. Hell, everyone else on the island is related so there might as well be a connection. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if Kate was somehow Jack's Great Grandmother.
  • FINALLY, Locke is back! Plus: Sawyer vs. Sawyer!

    Locke has returned, and as usual, he’s incredibly vague and mysterious.

    Let’s cut to the chase: the biggest development of this episode is one Anthony Cooper / Tom Sawyer / [insert fake name here]. Ever since his first appearance, the theory has been floating around that this man is the real Sawyer. And by golly, in this episode it’s confirmed that he is! The confrontation between Sawyer and Sawyer in the Black Rock was incredibly powerful. You could feel 30 years of pain and hatred just oozing out of Sawyer. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure if Sawyer was actually going to kill the man he’s been searching for his entire life. Some of the “novelty” had worn off, since 3 months earlier he had read the same letter and killed a man he believed was the one who ruined his life. But once Anthony ripped up that letter, the b*****d got what he deserved. The only unfortunate thing is that Sawyer was basically forced to become a murderer, again.

    Back on the beach, not much exciting happened. It’s interesting, though, that Kate decided to tell not only Jack, but Juliet too, about Naomi. As much as we love to hate Juliet, you know she’s going to report this right back to Ben.

    I absolutely loved the “hell” conversation between Anthony and Sawyer. Those writers sure love to play with us! If only he had of said “purgatory”…

    And finally, I was a tad grossed out when Locke was carrying his father back to Ben. Ben’s tactics, whatever his overall intent, just keep getting stranger and stranger. That said, the more Ben does, the more intriguing the Others become. I can’t wait for the rest of May Sweeps!
  • Locke returns to the camp in the middle of the night to coherse Sawyer into killing a common nemesis. Desmond and Company wonder if they can trust Jack with the secret of Noami.

    All I can say is WOW! I had high expectations coming in for this episode and it didn't disappoint me at all. Locke returns to find Sawyer and tells him he has kidnapped Ben and he wants him to come kill him. This episode is similar to last year's "Three Minutes" where the flashbacks occur on the island this time what has happened to Locke in the 8 days since he was shocked to walk into a room containing his father. Apparently Cooper was run off the road in Tallahassee and one would assume brought here by the Others. We see that the Others consider Locke someone special due to his recovery from being paralyzed however Ben feels to fully realize his potential and overcome who he used to be he needs to kill his father. However Locke is just not a murderer and cannot bring himself to kill Cooper. So after the others present him with Sawyer's file Locke realizes the connection and enlists Sawyer's help to do the dirty deed. Meanwhile back on the back Desmond and Company don't trust Jack with their secret so they instead go to Sayid who is suspicious of Noami before she presents him with her satellite phone. We learn she indeed was hired by Widmore Industries more specifically Penny to use coordinates to find and rescue Desmond. Kate oversees them trying to get the satellite phone to work. Later Kate informs Jack of what is going on and why no one has told him till now. Jack doesn't seem to care he was left in the dark and only wants to find out more about this. It would also appear him and Juliet are keeping a secret of their own from everyone else. Back to the Sawyer and Locke story as it turns out Locke brought Cooper to the Brig of the old abandoned ship. One small detail which will probably come into play later is that Rousseau shows and takes the dynamite. Interested to see where that is going. Anyway Locke locks Sawyer in the room with Cooper. Soon after talking to him Sawyer figures out who Cooper really is and why Locke has brought him here. In probably one of the most emotional scens on Lost for me personally and one of the moments you always waited for but weren't sure would ever happen Sawyer makes Cooper read the letter he wrote for him when he was just 9 years old. It takes until a bit into the letter for Cooper to realize who Sawyer is and why he gave himself that name. Cooper just laughs it off and gives off the impression he thinks Sawyer is pathetic and rips up the letter when Sawyer demands he finish it. This pushes Sawyer right over the edge and he chokes the living hec out of Cooper until he is finally dead. Following this Locke informs Sawyer that Juliet is a mole hired to infiltrate the camp to figure out who is pregnant and that they are coming in 3 days to raid the beach and take the women. Locke hands him the taperecorder containing Juliet's message to Ben. A very thrilling and exciting episode that launches things into full swing heading into the end of the season.
  • Review

    I thought it was a decent episode overall, but I dont consider it to be the amazing turning point of the series episode that Damon and Carlton made it seem like in there podcast leading up to this week. Anthony Cooper being Sawyer was one of the things we have all seen coming since season one, I was glad they finnaly made the connection and was happy to see Sawyer take revenge on the man for killing his father. I thought the flashback part of the episode was pretty cool and Im soooo happy they did that scene with Anthony, Locke, and Ben at night, I think night scenes make the show so much more fun to watch and I really missed them during the first half of this season. I thought the part about Naomi telling Sayid that Penny sent her was true to an extent and had Juliet not said "Should we tell them?" and then Jack saying "Not Yet", I would have thought that was the only reason Naomi crash landed here. There is a bigger picture to be painted here and I cant wait to see what the writers do with the story in the next episode. I thought this was a solid episode, but certainly not the blockbuster that a lot of people were hyping it up to be. John breaking away from the losties and going back to the others was another interesting devolopment, one I didnt see coming. Solid writing, solid flashback, solid episode, but nothing stood out as fantastic.
  • Phenomenal episode!

    A quick episode summary: A newly focused Locke breaks away from ‘The Others’ in an attempt to persuade Sawyer to help rid them of a great nemesis that has caused nothing but pain in both of their lives. Meanwhile, a new island inhabitant, the parachutist Naomi, reveals some shocking information about Oceanic Flight 815. In particular is that she says that her company was hired by Desmond’s beloved, wealthy Penelope to try and find Desmond and that supposedly 'people' have found the wreckage from flight 815, and that everyone on the flight had perished. The most prominent revelation in the episode: Locke indeed persuades Sawyer to kill 'The Man From Tallahassee,' also known as Locke's father, who is the same con man referred to below and why James Ford had taken on the name Sawyer:

    When James was eight years old, his mother, Brooke, lost a lot of money to a con man. His father killed his mother and, after being unable to find James, killed himself while James was in the room. James wrote a letter to "Frank Sawyer"; the con man whose scheme destroyed his family and his life. When James was nineteen, he was in trouble and needed money. He became a confidence man, the thing he hated most, and took the name Sawyer for himself. (Not to say ‘I told you so,’ but ‘I told you so!’ – Check out my blog!)

    John takes Sawyer (by tricking him into believing that John had captured Ben) to the brig, which John labels as a mid 19th century slave vessel. After Sawyer hears a man struggling inside the door, he goes inside, only to have John lock (the irony…) the door behind him. When Sawyer finally approaches the prisoner, it is revealed that the man John captured is not Ben, but the con man referred to above. At first, Sawyer doesn’t recognize the man and quickly says, ‘Who are you?’ The episode quickly cuts to commercial.

    Back on the island, Sayid has been entrusted with being introduced to Naomi, the parachutist, and on top of evaluating her ‘story,’ he also assesses the radio she had with her. Jack and Juliet are basically ‘tied to the hip’ and it is causing many of our base camp characters to no longer trust Jack.

    Rousseau appears out of nowhere while Sawyer is in the process of Killing 'The Man from Tallahassee.' John says, ‘What brings you to the black rock?’ ‘Dynamite’ she quickly replies. Seems many of the ‘Others’ are growing frustrated with Ben’s focus as of late. When John is first with the ‘Others,’ one of them says ‘we are all just very excited that you are here.’ Back to John’s dilemma: Ben and the ‘Others’ are leaving, but are going to leave a trail for John, which he is instructed, by Ben, to follow only after he kills his father and brings the dead body along. Sawyer kills ‘The Man From Tallahassee’ by suffocation. And it was magnificent. Phenomenal scene, phenomenal acting throughout (especially from Josh Holloway, Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn), phenomenal story, phenomenal episode!
  • Building to something BIG.

    This episode, wonderfully constructed, combines the backstories of Locke and Sawyer, showing how each had been affected by the same man. It turns out that Locke's father is the same con man that ruined Sawyer's life by leading his father to kill his mother and then himself. The sense of tension in this episode was fantastic, and the use of both Locke's and Sawyer's personalities was really clever. Locke, showing his weak side once again, couldn't kill his father, so he used his newfound knowledge about Sawyer to "con" him into doing the job for him. Along with this, we learn more about the woman who crashed on the island, and we get an interesting little nugget that may show that Juliet and Jack know something about the island that will either help or hurt their attempts to get off the island (or hmmm, is it "hell?" Nice of the writers of the show to use another theory, long spread throughout the chatrooms, within the show).

    I think that the last few episodes are going to answer a lot of questions, leading to some sort of major battle next season. I can't wait.
  • Lockedown!!!!

    OH MY GOD!!!! So much great Lostness I don't know if I can take it all. Locke and Swayer have a common enemy, and a common element, or rather they did after tonight's episode. Everything is start to come ahead as there is only three episodes left of this season. The others are slowly becoming more revealed to us as it showed tonight with Locke's (flashbacks?). The Others seem not to be trusting Ben as much as they once have and it seems well at least with one of them that they want a new leader... I don't know what to make of this Naomi person. TO me I still smell an Other's plant, I mean they are planning a raid in a few days what better than to have not one but two people on the inside ready to help and snatch! There is more than meets the eye with the good guys on the island. Seems there are a lot of inner circles going on behind Jack's back because they can't trust him with his involvement of Juliet. It was awesome that the writers of the show got everyone involved tonight. I mean everyone that anyone liked was in the show tonight except for Clarie, but I mean no Claire is alright though.
  • Great to have Locke back, but this was a dull episode

    I was eagerly anticipating the return of Locke, and while his demeanor had changed noticeably, making him very intriguing, this episode did not really advance the plot at all. The writing lacked the crispness of traditional "Lost" episodes and there were no surprising cliffhangers or "A-HA!" revealing moments.

    It was pretty clear that Locke was taking Sawyer not to see Ben, but to see Locke's father. And the fact that he had conned Sawyer's mother was already a well-known fact. The brief reappearance of Rousseau was amusing since she always seems to come and go so suddenly! Where does she run off to, anyway?? And the "revenge" Sawyer took on his namesake sure reminded me a lot of Fayed's death on "24" a few weeks ago. It was pretty clear that Sawyer would kill him, too. As usual, Ben gets his way by manipulating people. Kate was her stupid-self as usual, ignoring her distrust in Juliette and blabbing all the island gossip to Jack. Why does he need to know anyway? I really don't like how everybody runs to Jack whenever they need advice or there is a problem. He's more flawed than all the rest put together. We get some more evidence to support the theory that the passengers are actually dead -- the parachuter claims to be from a rescue ship searching for the plane wreckage at the bottom of the ocean. Interesting theory, but I'm not buying into it until all is said and done. The writers have teased us with other theories before. Let's see how it all plays out.

    The most interesting part of the episode was the brief exchange between Jack and Juliette where they debate whether or not to tell Kate their secret (what is it?!?!). The teasers for next week's episode look mighty tempting, so I'm chalking this episode up to just advancing the plot a little bit and setting up some big moments next week.
  • Locke returns, but only to get Sawyer to confront a common enemy.

    Locke returns to the beach, but only to persuade James to follow him to kill Ben, who Locke claims to have kidnapped. But it turns out that the real victim is not only Locke's father, but the real Sawyer who James has been hunting down since the death of his parents. Meanwhile, Desmond, Charlie, Jin, and Hurley sneak Naomi back into a tent at the beach. Due to Juliet's presence at the beach, none of the guys would trust Jack to talk to her, so they call in Sayid. Naomi provides information that raises yet another intriquing mystery. Her team found Flight 815's plane, with no survivors.

    Flashbacks reveal the events that occured during the past eight days that Locke has spent with the Others after seeing his father in the "magic box". Ben tells Locke about Juliet's purpose on the beach, and also tries to convince him to kill his father to set himself "free". I thought that this is a very special and revealing episode. While one mystery ends, another begins. James finally comes face to face with the real Sawyer. It was a perfect moment when he takes out the letter he wrote and gives it to the real Sawyer to read, only to kill him when he "finished" reading it. Naomi sets up another mystery to the series that makes me wonder not only where the losties are, but exactly what they are if she claims to have found no survivors upon her team's discovery of Flight 815. Lastly, the episode sets up the next episode with Locke handing over the cassette recorder to James. It is the recorder with which Juliet recorded her examination of Sun's pregnancy.
  • WOW- thats all I can say!

    I am amazed by how spectacular this episode was! I really wasn't expecting much out of it, and I had no idea what the episode was about. I was so suprised by how excellent this episode truly was. It is my favorite episode from season three! The story was absolutely great. That was some powerful acting by Josh Holloway (SAWYER). It looks so much like it will end up being purgatory. However, I'm taking the producers' word, and I'm not going to believe that it is. I really can't believe how good this episode was! It answered so many questions, and somehow managed to ask 10 times more! AHH! This is truly why I love LOST!
  • Locke's dad has his fate decided, Naomi spills the beans, the creators tease us with the whole "everyone's dead" gig, and the Others gain back the mysterious side to them. Just a great episode that worked on many levels!

    The Brig was an episode I wasn't too sure about at first. I thought it'd be good, but a whole episode that is pretty much going to be Locke's dad dying didn't seem too awesome to me. That's the thing about LOST. It took this episode that had an decent idea behind it and made it into one of the best of the season. Definitely one of my favorite episodes, quite possibly in my top 10!

    I think the thing that's interesting about this episode is how it gives us something new and awesome about characters that have been on the show since day one. Sawyer and Locke were never the best of a character group. They never really got along and were never really interacting with one another. Then, the link that some saw coming brings them together in what could be the ripple that starts a tidal wave.

    You see, Anthony Cooper factors into this episode in a huge way. He shows his sinister side and doesn't hold anything back. Talking nasty to Locke as Locke holds the knife to his neck, speaking back to Ben as Ben tries to convince Locke to kill him, and them trash talking Sawyer's parents as Sawyer finally realizes who this guy really is. Yes, it is no secret that Anthony Cooper is the real Sawyer, the one that caused Sawyer's parents to end the way they did.

    On another note, Locke shows the weaker side of him, as he has to use Sawyer to end his father. Ben tests him several times in the on-island flashback, humiliating him in front of many of the surviving tailies and Others. We see him as he does his own manipulation with Ben, and eventually talks with Richard Alpert, a man we thought may not even be on the island. Then, we learn that pregnancy problems are just a needle in a haystack of mythology surrounding the Others both hinted by Richard and Ben himself.

    And then we have Sawyer. Sawyer just brings the emotion of the show back to season one, where emotional areas were abound. The way he breaks down under the relentless trash-talking of Cooper, the way he plays along hesitantly as Locke leads him to what he believes to be Ben, and then watching him as he finally gets his revenge when strangling Anthony Cooper back on the Black Rock, in the Brig. His role in the episode is very touching, sad, and leaves him to bring bigger things as he returns with the recordings that Juliet made about the pregnant women.

    Back on the beach, tension arises over Naomi. Charlie and company lose faith in Jack due to Juliet, and they have a right to do so. The weird thing is, Jack has been very weird lately. He isn't the leader anymore and isn't willing to help out nearly as much. His defense for Juliet is tearing him apart from everyone, and people are trying to hide Naomi from him. This whole part of the episode was very good and interesting. Naomi also has a key role as she reveals who she is and confirms that Desmond is the one she is looking for and that she has been sent by Penelope. She also gives the losties hope as she tells her ship is only 80 miles from the island and that her satellite phone may be able to contact them. This whole part of the story is growing more and more important, and I can't wait to see where it takes the show.

    All in all, you can't help but love The Brig. It has most everything this season needs. In fact, this may be the episode where I declare that I may just like Season 3 more than I do Season 2. It's a hard decision, but the next upcoming episodes will probably only confirm it.
  • ... Everything is about to change.

    This episode was awesome. So many different plot developments took place. Most notable: Jack's peculiar behavior, Locke re-joining of the Others, Danielle & the dynamite, and Sawyer's possession of Juliet's recording. These next few episodes are going to be big. The best scene of the episode has to be Sawyer's revenge. We've been waiting over 50 episodes for that moment. And on the beach, Sayid tried to repair the satphone. Then Kate walked in and got the news of Naomi. Stupid Kate then felt the urge to tell her ex-boyfriend Jack everything she's just heard. Jack's reaction was interesting. It seems apparent that he IS working with the Others. Anyways, great episode, next week's looks incredible.

    (While strangling Cooper) Sawyer: You wanna go to hell?! You wanna go to hell?!
  • Absolutely one of the best episodes!!!

    Where do I begin? This episode kept me glued to the televison screen!! It was awesome with outstanding writing. The writers have such talent at weaving a complex multi-level storyline. The survivor's dynamics started to really come together. Some questions were answered and of course some new questions surfaced. Locke's complexity is explored and Sawyer's true anger about his mother and father come full circle. The others become somewhat more intriguing. I am still wondering about why they were all watching Ben, Locke and Locke's father. It reminded me of a hanging or a burning at the stake. A public killing... I was surprised by this portion of the show. Over all it was clearly one of the best episodes to date.
  • One of the best of season 3

    What else can I say about this episode but wow. Some nice details with a few more dangling storylines answered in one of the best episodes of the year.

    This was a Locke-centric episode, but the flashbacks were not pre-island this time around. They only went back a few days, beginning with the revelation that Locke's father is now on the island with them, and then moving on through eight days leading up to the present. We haven't seen Locke for a few episodes, and it was incredible how the writers brought him back. Sawyer also has a stake in this episode, and this episode answers a question that many people have been wondering about since season 1. I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure they'll know right away once they watch it. A nice little plot twist that works well.

    Not quite the perfect episode, but it sure comes close. And why in the world is the French woman Rosseau returning to the boat that she so feared in earlier seasons in order to get dynamite? What is she planning? I'm sure will find this out soon, most likely in the season finale. A lot is about to happen on Lost, and I'm going to be there to watch it all take place. Hope everybody else agrees.
  • Brillaint Episode

    No spiolz

    Extremely enjoyable also well written, pretty much always look forward to a Locke episode, in this one, you cant help but get the sense after this episode that something major is going to happen, even after the revelations and progression of this episode.

    The flashbacks in this episode are not pre-island, non the less, the intertwine with the real time pretty much perfectly, as one door closes, another opens to keep you further engrossed, even though this is a locke centric, it feels pretty balanced out.

    Excellent episode and a fine example of why not to give up on lost, one of the best of season 3 thus far, delivered the goods.
  • Wow!

    Man, who'd thunk that Sawyer & Locke had some connection. Is there no one in this rag-tag group of survivors who are not connected? This was a very interesting episode. Some revelations & more coming next week as we discover more about Dharma & the Island's history. I do have on intersting idea:

    Juliet seemed to be playing the Survivors by feeding Ben information about them.

    What if Jack & Juliet are the ones playing Ben? What if she's feeding him false information about the Survivors to draw the Others to them? Its been hinted at the finale would have a big battle between the Survivors & the Others. What if Jack & Juliet planned the whole thing to draw them out & take them out?

    Just a thought. Maybe I'll start a thread in the forums.
  • One of the best episodes of the season, if not the whole show.

    Some character's flashbacks are great, others not quite as good. But I've never been disappointed by Locke's flashbacks.
    This episode just drives home his sense of abandonment, from his father, to his girlfriend, now from The Others. Or at least Ben. Unfortunately it also reminds us that he's easily duped as well. We'll have to wait for the outcome of him bringing his dead father to Ben to see how much Ben is really manipulating Locke.
    On the other side, I was glad it was Sawyer who finally got to do "Cooper" in. Both Sawyer's and Locke's lives were ruined by this man, both had the motive, and maybe even right, to kill this man, both were obsessed with him. Locke, however, wanted to better himself after Cooper, while Sawyer went on a dark, obsessive, quest for him. So I think the death by Sawyer was much more emotional and dramatic than it could ever have been at Locke's hands. But both were definitely vindicated. The pay off for these story lines was pretty big to me.
    By the end of this episode, I'm completely convinced.... I don't trust Jack anymore. The whole "We should/shouldn't tell them." Doesn't he remember his own speech? "Live together or die alone."
    This is by far one of the best Lost episodes I've seen in awhile.
  • Season's best!

    After a season of ho-hum episodes, this one blew me away! It was exciting and suspenseful. I was never sure how it would end. Most of the characters were incredibly engaging. Obviously, Sawyer and Locke were the most egaging. It's funny that though the back-story was about Locke, the episode was as much about him as it was about Sawyer. Both men were finally rid of the demon that had plagued them for so long, and I can't wait to see the full effects. The beach story was also good, although I am very frustrated with Jack and Kate. Kate should just have listened to Sayid. I don't think she trusts Jack any more than the rest of them trust him, but she's trying to stay in his good graces. Hopefully, pride will come before the fall for Jack.
  • A Confrontation 3 Seasons in the Making

    So, this was finally it. Sawyer getting the "real" Sawyer. I, along with many others, have had the theory that Locke's dad was the conman of Sawyer's past for a while now, but that didn't take anything away from this meeting.

    Before I get into that, I must say the rest of the episode was quite good. Being the first non "true" flashback episode (only going back 8 days) made this episode unique. I was glad to finally see what had gone on with Locke. The other Losties hanging with the parachute chick was good too. I'm glad the castaways have turned on Jack, because I, along with many of the other fans, stopped liking him months ago.

    Back to the apex of the episode, and arguably one of the climaxes of the season. Josh Holloway was brilliant in this episode. His portrayal of Sawyer and his steady realization of Locke's Dad's true identity was the stuff of legends. His emotions when forcing Cooper/Seward/Sawyer to read the letter he's been carrying for so long sent chills up my spine. Amazing. As for Locke, he's getting a little weird for my tastes these days. I wish he'd get over his "special" complex and become good ole John Locke again.

    Anyway, I can't wait till next episode when Sawyer comes with the tape of that traitor Juliet. It'll really hit the fan then.

    Lost always makes me jump out of my seat and squeal with excitement but this is the most I have ever! This was by far the best of the season...and a pretty high ranker for best of the series. I knew that it wouldnt be Ben, of course he would only get Sawyer if it was...Sawyer. Sawyer vs. Sawyer was incredible! He definatly deserved it. Just by ripping up that letter, the letter Sawyer takes EVERYWHERE holy crap! That was perfect. I cant even say how much I loved this episode lol. Maybe I should write this review when Im not all jittery and hyped up on the plot. Jack is by far the most annoying person on this island, or any island anywhere. I hate him so much. Him and Juliet disgust me so much. I'm just so glad that everyone else in the camp is getting the fact that he can't be trusted and that he isnt the leader of them all. GO LOSTIES! Now Locke, still as crazy as ever and I love it. I really want to see him when he really connects with the island and see what will happen! Oh and some small things: Kate and Sawyer were so damn cute at the begining, and Russeau! what chu doin with that dynamite? lol
  • Locke secretly approaches Sawyer in an effort to get Sawyer to kill the man that ruined both their lives.

    One of the best in the series. If not THE best(Though I think it is). It had me in tears and shaking with wide eyes at the end. THIS is Lost!!! Props to Josh Holloway for his superb acting skills. He has a knack to completely draw the audience into Sawyer's perspective. The thoughts and emotions of the character are almost tangible. (Very good thing for me as I am a rabid Sawyer fan) This episode had a wonderful build-up and resolution of the central plot. All the while setting up for some nice some nice conflict in the last few episodes of the season. The writers really out did themselves. Two thumbs up and a giant chocolate cake! ^_^
  • The episode that has singlehandedly reaffirmed my devotion to the series.

    Years from now people will look back at the first season of Lost as a pivotal moment in television history. ABC fronted the money necessary (it was the most expensive pilot ever) and bought itself the most cinematic, engrossing, and anti-formulaic seventeen hours to grace the medium. NBC even jumped on the bandwagon with its own version of such a series in Heroes (another spectacular cinematic show). Unfortunately, the next season and a half were good, and kept the show profitable, but have clearly had their glaring, frustrating difficulties. Most obviously, the fact that questions are raised and never answered, cliffhangers rarely ever felt really resolved, and that many characters seemed to get soft, complacent, and just plain dull.

    This episode looks like it could be the turning point the series needed to reestablish itself as the juggernaut it was only a little over a year ago.

    Sawyer retakes his place as the haunted antihero who wants to love but just can't because of his deep-seeded criminal adaptation to the world. Locke simultaneously regains his mantle of the solitary spiritual badass AND adds to his repertoire of badassery by manipulating one man to kill another by simply locking him in a room and patiently whittling time away. Jack adds depth to his character from being the annoying, holier-than-thou, "reluctant" leader by truly not caring that everyone doesn't look up to and trust him anymore.

    What's more, it's set itself up to FINALLY answer some of those enormous questions they've been dancing around. Ben must tell Locke about his understanding of the Island and the mysterious role of the Dharma Initiative. Jack must unload something on the survivors about the imbalanced equation involving their apparently discovered bodies elsewhere, or at least his comparatively greater knowledge of their situation.

    If you loved Lost a while ago, but became disillusioned with it after the first season ended, find a friend with a TiVo and watch the last three episodes. You'll tune in with me next week.
  • Dude...I was waiting for something and it never happened.

    Sawyer never got to take a whizz. So Locke makes Sawyer zip up his pants, then they take a long hike without stopping (Locke makes that pretty obvious), and then what? When they do stop we don't see Sawyer doing his deed. No. He has to kill cooper first. Pee on his face dangit. Otherwise I found this quite revealing. Jack is still the knucklehead ever since he decided to become a football star, ben still as insidious as ever, locke gullible as always playing right into ben's hands, kate still unsure of her relationship. and yes, relationships do happen. especially to wary guys like sawyer :/ who can't stand being far from civilization for long.
  • More and More questions are coming and yet, I'm more excited this episode was a....

    Mind Blowing episode…leaving us with questions unanswered and new questions as well. Locke needs to find a way to stay with the group, to find out more secrets of the island, in order to do that he needs to kill his father, knowing that will never happen. As much as Locke hates, despises, curses, dislikes the living soul of his father; he is still his father. An other comes to help Locke, going the easy way out…by giving him the file to James known to everyone on the island to be Sawyer. Showing his whole past, background the story of his life so to say. Locke in a way kidnaps Sawyer, by not telling him what he needs him for, finding out that James and Locke have a past relationship with the same person. Leading up to the death of Tom Sawyer, murdered by James. Leaving us then with a new surprise, Kate trying to help Jack see that he is not being trusted by his closest friends…trying to show that she still does…until he back fires by showing he has a little secret of his own…
  • "Dear Mr. Sawyer..."

    Sorry about the english...

    Sometimes You let emotion take over. When that happens, you need to be realy carefull. I'll probably regret the score I gave to this episode in the future, afterwall, nothing is perfect right? Well, f*ck it. After watch this, I just can't give it less than a round 10. I rate 10, looks like you're one of those fanatic freaks that loves every single episode and never found any flaws or week points. I'm sure this episode is not "perfect". Must have something not so good. I just can't see that right now.

    But, no matter what, to me it's a series classic, now and ever, no doubt about it. From the moment Locke reapeared on the beach till the more than expected face-to-face between "Sawyer" and "Sawyer" (c'mon, who didn't saw that coming since "TMFT"?) it was an amazing episode. The moment when Anthony "Sawyer" Cooper starts to read the letter is one of those to be remembered 4ever.

    This was more a Locke/Sawyer centric than just a Locke centric to me. Sawyer (now more than ever, I'll never be able to call him James), played a centric role here.

    And usualy, at the same time some questions are answered (and buried), others arrive: What Locke is up to? The flashback didn't gave us enough information to figure that out. He's with the others or he's just using them to know more about the island? Or something else? What about the 815 wreck that Naomi found (I believe that's a fact since Anthony Cooper said that too)? It was planted by Dharma/Others/whatever? If that's true, the 815 survivors were really selected to get to that place?

    Well the only thing I do know is that I wanna watch "The Brig" again. Worthed every single minute.
  • Finally some answers to what has happened with Lock, yet are there ever really any answers?

    Last time I saw Locke, I was disappointed by the sudden mysterious arrival of his father. Having just shown up out of nowhere, his father believes he knows where they really are, and old bug-eye silences him before he reveals anything. Locke sneaks back to camp for Sawyer, and some old stories come together with some old fashioned revenge. It's good to see some things tied up, yet why must Locke lie to acheive his goal? Why does he really care what the others think?

    Doc and Juliet have some sort of secret as well, and they find out about the new girl, who came from a ship not far from shore. People on the show are really getting spooked that they are dead, but how could they be? If Sawyer is able to get revenge shortly after getting some Kate action, he's surely not in hell! I still love this show, but I'm afraid for the ratings. It almost feels like they are getting close to ending it, just in case the plug gets pulled, but I'm not ready. I need at least one more season of the show, so keep up the good writing and suspense people, and I'll keep coming!
  • Another piece of the best-season-so-far puzzle.

    I'm just going to make this real simple and list the things I liked about this episode rather then write in conventional paragraphs.

    *I liked how some scenes, especially when Sawyer and Locke were walking in the jungle, it looked grittier somehow. The cinamatography or something, it looked so good.

    *I liked the scene with Naomi and Sayid. No real reason, just did. I also liked that Sayid said it was good that they hadn't told Jack about Naomi. Before he did that, I was getting annoyed about the whole "we don't trust Jack" bandwagon. But for some reason, just his casual reaction worked for me.

    *I liked that Danielle (The French Woman) was gettnig dynamite, and then we never saw her again for the rest of the episode. That's going to come back to bite someone in the butt! New mystery!

    *I liked that Locke's father kept saying they were in hell.

    *I liked that Jack's being a total jerk. He's angry that no one trusts him, even though they have a really good reason. But that he wont trust them by revealing his and Juliet's secret. Jack's always been too white bread. I like that he's being a jerk now, it makes him more real.

    *Juliet's eyes were really pretty. Random, I know.

    *I like that Sawyer is bringing back proof that Juliet is a double agent and that the survivors will have a chance to be ready before the Others come for Sun.

    *I wonder if Kate is going to get pregnant with Sawyer's baby soon, since the sperm count is so high on the island.

    *I loved loved loved that Locke's father was the real Sawyer. I realized it before the episode revealed it. In fact, I figured it out when the other gave Locke Sawyer's folder. (Another scene I liked, by the way.) But it was just awesome. And a great build, with Sawyer unfolding and handing over the letter, the man ripping it up, and finally, Sawyer having the revenge he's wanted for so very very long. The best acting we've ever seen from the already consistantly talented Josh Holloway.
  • lost at its best, perfect plot twists and set ups.

    this series is great! the way the plot thickens in every episode. the only thing i dont like is the writers or whoever prolongs the secrets being revealed. like what did jack and juliet want to tell kate? we'll probably find out in 2 episodes. yet, they seem to have KNOWN that lockes father was coming to the island.(setting up the Sawyer vs. Sawyer controversy)
    with the fact that locke's father caused James' parent's death. geniuses.
    im not very interested in the new chick though. neither am i impressed of the way "hide" the REAL reason the 'others' are on the island. I really hope jack isnt with the others.
    this episode is one of my favorites. purely perfect.
  • Anyone who says that Lost has lost it needs to wake up and feel Ole' Smokey ready to spelunk them.

    Lost just seems to get better and better with every week. Last night's installment definetly answered a few questions, mainly 1 linering since season one. We got a lot of Sawyer scenes, which is always good. And we FINALLY got to hear some nicknames again from Sawyer, mainly him calling Locke Tarzan(Tarzan, Mr. Clean, Daniel Boone, where does Sawyer come up with all these Locke names?). Locke's dad finally got what was coming to him, and after 2 seasons of him screwing Locke over time and time again, we almost were cheering Sawyer on. Definetly some setup coming and I have a feeling that the next 3 weeks are going to be some of the best episodes of Lost EVER!
  • It was good, but doesn't deserve the hype it is receiving.

    The quality of this episode declined for me throughout the episode. Whether it was because I realized I was not going to receive any answers to my questions, or the fact they left us asking even more questions, "Should we tell her?"... what on Earth is that. Yes! Tell her!! Tell us! The storyline for this episode was very good, but I wouldn't go as far to say it was excellent. You could see the whole Sawyer-Anthony thing coming from a mile off. From the whole 'it's not really Ben it's Locke's dad' thing to 'I'm just gunna rip the letter up now' thing. I have absolutely nothing against this episode, I just think some people are hyping it way too much. I believe every single episode leading to the finale will be of this quality, leading into a perfect 10 from the finale.
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