Season 3 Episode 19

The Brig

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 02, 2007 on ABC

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  • Golly, I was really hoping Sawyer was going to kill Ben as advertised on the pre show promos. Too bad, I was going to celebrate on the Brooklyn Bridge I just purchased.

    I am amazed that some Lost viewers continue to praise the predictable writing on this show.My continual complain about the characters (Flight 815 castaways) is that they always seem to take other characters' motivation at face value. Desmond's point of not trusting Jack is well taken but the other castaways should have also taken in consideration : Do they trust Desmond? As we have seen with Michael and Sawyer, these folks can be manipulated to kill. Locke's claim that he's not really part of the Others is false. He was able to manipulate Sawyer into killing someone just as Ben was able to manipulate Michael into killing Ana Lucia.I have lost my empathy with these (Flight 815)characters because they 're either paper tigers or obedient sheep.Just once, I would like to see one character wipe the smirk off of Ben/Juliet's faces by doing something unexpected. Even Sawyer should have been angry enough at being manipulated by Locke to phyiscally assault Locke. I wish the Lost writers would take into account that unfortunely, in the real world, violence can occur unexpectedly and from the person you least expect.
  • Great to have Locke back, but this was a dull episode

    I was eagerly anticipating the return of Locke, and while his demeanor had changed noticeably, making him very intriguing, this episode did not really advance the plot at all. The writing lacked the crispness of traditional "Lost" episodes and there were no surprising cliffhangers or "A-HA!" revealing moments.

    It was pretty clear that Locke was taking Sawyer not to see Ben, but to see Locke's father. And the fact that he had conned Sawyer's mother was already a well-known fact. The brief reappearance of Rousseau was amusing since she always seems to come and go so suddenly! Where does she run off to, anyway?? And the "revenge" Sawyer took on his namesake sure reminded me a lot of Fayed's death on "24" a few weeks ago. It was pretty clear that Sawyer would kill him, too. As usual, Ben gets his way by manipulating people. Kate was her stupid-self as usual, ignoring her distrust in Juliette and blabbing all the island gossip to Jack. Why does he need to know anyway? I really don't like how everybody runs to Jack whenever they need advice or there is a problem. He's more flawed than all the rest put together. We get some more evidence to support the theory that the passengers are actually dead -- the parachuter claims to be from a rescue ship searching for the plane wreckage at the bottom of the ocean. Interesting theory, but I'm not buying into it until all is said and done. The writers have teased us with other theories before. Let's see how it all plays out.

    The most interesting part of the episode was the brief exchange between Jack and Juliette where they debate whether or not to tell Kate their secret (what is it?!?!). The teasers for next week's episode look mighty tempting, so I'm chalking this episode up to just advancing the plot a little bit and setting up some big moments next week.
  • Pretty interesting.

    "The Brig" is like a prison on a boat, ship or a vehicle. In this episode, Locke leads Sawyer to meet Anderson Cooper, the man who killed Sawyer's parents and Locke's daddy dearest.

    In this episode Locke tricks Sawyer into killing Anderson Cooper. Hurley, Desmond, Charlie and Jin's secret becomes well-known when they needed Sayid's help. Kate eventually found out and Jack was not far behind to finding out, and so was Juliet.

    This episode was a Locke-centric episode, meaning the flashbacks were centered on him. His flashbacks were on the island, telling us his story for the past 8 days he has been with the others. The others apparently wanted John to prove his worth and be able to join the others. To gain their trust though, John was asked to kill his own flesh and blood, his father. Locke being Locke did not kill his father. The others left him a trail to follow when he would eventually make the right decision. The flashback was good, but there wasn't really anything shocking or exciting to it.

    Locke goes back to camp and tries to lead Sawyer into the jungle, making him think that he has Ben in hostage. Sawyer follows John hesitantly to the black rock where Ben is supposedly being held hostage. Locke leaves Sawyer with "Ben" and he gets the shock of his life when he finds out who the man being held hostage is. This story was just OK for me. I just liked the fact that Sawyer managed to seek revenge once and for all.

    Sayid finds out about Naomi, the girl who Desmond and the others find in the jungle. Kate finds out when she sees Sayid testing out the radio. Kate goes and tells Jack and Juliet and sets him straight. This sub-plot was not at all intriguing. Overall a weaker Lost episode than most of them, but it wasn't all that bad.
  • This is probably the last LOST season I am gonna watch. Season 1 and 2 had a story line, but now I don't see how writers will give us some reasonable explanation about the things that happen. ABS will bankrupt before we have a clue what is going on...

    The things are getting worse... The first two season there was a thrill, people could guess some things, they were making screen-shots to notice some small detail that give us a clue. But now I have the feeling that they don't even know how they will stick the mystery up. There are too much things to think about and there is no such a connection between them as the first two season had.

    I am really going to stop watching LOST if part of the things don't become clear till the end of the season. As it seems the producers are going to explore this story until they get $$$ from it, but probably they will loose one fan next season. I've red that some of the actors have contracts for 6 seasons, which means at LEAST 6 seasons. And most probably the events are not going to be 100% clear, because new come up and we don't get resolution for the old ones. The first 2 seasons were really good...
  • A painfully contrived episode with very little development. The fact that this programme is going to be dragged on for another 2 seasons, suggests that the audience are simply puppets. Highly watchable and exciting, but to what avail exactly?

    This episode is a Locke flashback. It is another one of these episodes to feature flashbacks on the island. To the watcher and a cynic, it is like- Oh, so now they've decided to tell us where John has been gone all this time. And (*SPOILER*) Naomi landing on the island is downright bizarre. This programme is nevertheless as exciting as it is weird. The plane crashing with no survivours- Surely purgoratory(also discredited, is a fairly reasonable theory). The characters MUST be dead. I don't know, but apparently ABC are piping the next few episodes as a dramatic climax. I am really hoping so as i haven't been too impressed by the series so far and i would say this has got to have been one of the better ones.
  • I may be in a minority of one, but I didn't think that this episode was all that.

    Don't get me wrong it was a decent effort, but as far back as Hurley's episode was the last one I'd class as anything less than great. Although there were some great scenes, Sawyer killing Locke's dad was excellent, it felt that this episode should have been much more.

    The first flashback is said to be 8 days ago, and then there's a sudden jump to "3 days ago"! That's almost a week they left out. Fair enough there may not've been much that happened then, but surely showing all the others leave their home from Locke's view wasn't too much too ask.

    There was nothing really revolutionary about the flashbacks, nice too see Ben can walk again and how some of the others feel, but that was about it. As a side note the last time Ben was seen outwith a flashback was way back in "The man from Talahasse", since then he's only appeared in flashbacks of Paulo, Juliet and Locke. The main thing this week was still Locke and his dad, which isn't bad, but more info of the others would've been nice.

    Personally I was more interested in Naomi's story, which was, for obvious reasons, a B-story here. That was pretty cool, also confirmation from Cooper that she wasn't lying about the plane being found. Still, with the recent run of form the show's had I felt that they should've done better here.
  • If they're all really dead, I'm going to stop watching.

    While I will agree with Locke's father, that the island really does feel like a "hell" of sorts. But if it turns out that they are all really dead, I will just have to stop watching.

    Why? Well, it seems to me that the island is full of questions. Over three seasons, we've been provided with very few answers - even if there are a few. Even the answers we get are usually followed by twice the number of questions that it answered in the first place. If this turns out to be some sort of imaginary place - whether they're dead or if they're in a Matrix-like bio-chamber hooked up to drugs and tubes - those questions won't need to be answered, and we will be left hanging.

    Now, I realise that this is an unlikely storyline and it's only planted as an idea to give us a few more questions to ponder over. But it is frustrating all the same.
  • It was good, but doesn't deserve the hype it is receiving.

    The quality of this episode declined for me throughout the episode. Whether it was because I realized I was not going to receive any answers to my questions, or the fact they left us asking even more questions, "Should we tell her?"... what on Earth is that. Yes! Tell her!! Tell us! The storyline for this episode was very good, but I wouldn't go as far to say it was excellent. You could see the whole Sawyer-Anthony thing coming from a mile off. From the whole 'it's not really Ben it's Locke's dad' thing to 'I'm just gunna rip the letter up now' thing. I have absolutely nothing against this episode, I just think some people are hyping it way too much. I believe every single episode leading to the finale will be of this quality, leading into a perfect 10 from the finale.
  • Not that this was a bad episode, but it just felt...disappointing.

    The acting was well below what I've grown used to on Lost. Especially the beginning. And though I hate to say it, its my least favorite Locke episode and in the top 5 least favorite of season 3 episodes. Personally, the episode moved very slowly and they spent an episode doing what could have been done in a couple minutes. Now, being a Locke episode, it was very overhyped. But the reason I gave it as high a score as I did is just because of a few things.
    1. The Beach Scenes.
    2. The Sawyer/Cooper Scenes. (Very greatly written)
    3. Richard Alpert's gay!
    and, 4. "If they arent on Purgatory, they must be................ in hell."
  • Fair

    This episode is Locke centred and if you hate Locke it will make you hate him more and if you love him, you will love him more.

    I unfortunately don't like him and this episode didn't do anything to change that. I enjoyed that he got ripped apart by Ben but I hated that he, again, used other people. I can't see why if he wants something done he doesn't do it himself.

    The episode is not my favourite because it revealed almost nothing. There is somewhat of a glimmer that they are about to reveal something potentially huge but then the episode ends and we learn nothing.

    Still, at least it gives us something to look forward to next week
  • Another great episode.

    Another great episode. Not as good as the last couple of episodes, but I still really enjoyed it. Jack just totally freaked me out at the end. What the hell do he and Juliet know that they won't even tell Kate? It really annoys me, there is definitely something weird about him. I've always suspected it since he came back to the beach, but yeah there's definitely something going on. At first I found it annoying that Charlie and co wouldn't tell Jack about Naomi, but after this I can see why. Jack what happened to you? The Locke flashbacks were awesome but very weird at the same time. Why did Locke need to kill his dad to continue with the others? Why did he go back to the camp afert he died? Why was Ben so willing to tell Locke things like Juliet being a spy when he knew that Locke could tell everyone on the beach? So many questions, so little answers! I'm not suprised that Sawyer killed whatever that guy's name is lol. I don't think he's a bad person for doing it. He was an evil person, he deserved to die. I don't really like Sawyer. but I actually really felt for him when he was telling him about his parents dying and when he was reading Sawyer's letter. How annoying was the guy when he kept saying that they weren't on the island? Did he really think they were in hell? LOL.
    Next week looks amazing! Looks like everyone finally finds out about Juliet being a spy. I'm hoping that this will make Jack come to his senses, but why do I have this horrible feeling he will stick up for her? I hope not.
  • Just waiting for next week to learn more....

    I personally think they are in purgatory. I’m not sure though. People, like Juliet were alive when they brought her there but they put her to sleep for the journey. Did they kill her? Are the others Angles that can walk the island and also real world? I’m not sure. Is it a government project or a secrete government agency. I’m expecting the Smoking Man from X Files to walk out. I only say this because of the comments about the plane being found with everyone on board. Any insight would be great? I love how every episode tells you a bit more about each characters life before they were on the island. I’m still a bit confused about Locke’s father. I thought this before in the first time you meet him. He says, “You needed a father and I needed a kidney”. Is it his father or a con man that just knew that Locke had the same blood type? I will agree that the finale episode of the season is going to be big.
  • A Confrontation 3 Seasons in the Making

    So, this was finally it. Sawyer getting the "real" Sawyer. I, along with many others, have had the theory that Locke's dad was the conman of Sawyer's past for a while now, but that didn't take anything away from this meeting.

    Before I get into that, I must say the rest of the episode was quite good. Being the first non "true" flashback episode (only going back 8 days) made this episode unique. I was glad to finally see what had gone on with Locke. The other Losties hanging with the parachute chick was good too. I'm glad the castaways have turned on Jack, because I, along with many of the other fans, stopped liking him months ago.

    Back to the apex of the episode, and arguably one of the climaxes of the season. Josh Holloway was brilliant in this episode. His portrayal of Sawyer and his steady realization of Locke's Dad's true identity was the stuff of legends. His emotions when forcing Cooper/Seward/Sawyer to read the letter he's been carrying for so long sent chills up my spine. Amazing. As for Locke, he's getting a little weird for my tastes these days. I wish he'd get over his "special" complex and become good ole John Locke again.

    Anyway, I can't wait till next episode when Sawyer comes with the tape of that traitor Juliet. It'll really hit the fan then.
  • Locke leads Sawyer to "Ben" claiming he wants Sawyer to kill him. We learn a little more about Naomi and Jack and Juliet seem to have a secret.

    This episode was okay. It suffered from Lost trying to be provocative and exciting by "telling us something," but that something is irrelevant or highly predictable. Was I shocked that Locke's father was "Sawyer"? Nope, not one bit at all, in fact if he had not been I would have been really surprised. Did we really learn anything this episode? Eh..not really. Is this season or show going anywhere? I am starting to wonder.... I am hopeful for the next few episodes. A Ben centric episode next week sounds exciting. I also am curious about the secret Juliet and Jack seem to be hiding.
  • The connection is finally made between Locke's father and Sawyer's mysterious past conman-killed-my-parents when Locke is too chickensh*t to kill his own dad and makes Sawyer do it instead. Meanwhile, tension gathers on the home side of the island.

    More fuel to the fire for those who think this season of LOST is too violent. I've never been a fan of John Locke, that's no secret, however, this episode brought him to a new all-time low for me. Yes, Sawyer has been looking to kill this man his whole life. I understand that. But Locke used Sawyer's life purpose to get his own way, he did not overcome ANYTHING, which was the point of killing him to begin with, and now Locke can selfishly get his wish by forcing Sawyer's wish upon him. That sentence does make sense, even if it doesn't feel like it. Anyway, more twisted still is the idea that Ben wanted Locke to sacrifice him in front of everyone (or didn't want him to, to prove his weakness depending on where you are looking at it from). But what is abysmally clear is that Mr. Cooper/Sawyer/Seward needed to die for Locke to be in with them, and now he is dead. The Others can't possibly be good people. They just can't be. That's so twisted.

    So Jack is driving the wedge between himself and the Losties even further. Nobody seems to trust him and he's not helping his own case at all by alienating Kate, let alone everyone else. And what was Sayid thinking when he told Kate? Of course she was going to tell Jack. I love Jack, and I hope whatever he has up his sleeve is worth all of this because he's not making himself look so good right now. If he ends up in with the "bad guys" I will be severely disappointed. This better get good.

    Oh, and the Rousseau scene seemed pretty important. What is she planning on blowing up? That was definitely a set up for future events!
  • James shows a new side to him.

    Great episode. An hour of Lost is never enough for me. I began watching this episode and the next minute I see clips for next week. Like they say “time flies when you’re having fun” or something like that. I was mad when they said just three episodes left in the season. It seems like a short season since they took that two-month vacation or break in the December. The Brig was a special episode for Sawyer (James). Since Locke finds out he’s too weak to kill his father he gets Sawyer (James) to kill the real Sawyer. I really felt for James after he told Sawyer to read the letter James had and then Sawyer rips it up. I would have snuffed him. Anyways James takes matters into his hands and kills Sawyer since he has no way of getting out of the room Locke has put them both in. The part when Danielle Rousseau comes in out of nowhere was odd and kinda funny. How did she know about that place though? I know she’s been there for a while but I still ask because we know little about her. Overall we see a side of James (aka Sawyer) we have never seen before. The emotional mad and killer side of him. I would a have done the same if I was in his place though. On the beach we see Hurley, Desmond, Charlie, and Jin trying their best to keep Naomi a secret. Unfortunately it wasn’t a secret anymore right after Hurley tells Sayid. Sayid later tells Kate which was the dumbest idea since she’s close to Jack. Kate later tells Jack in front of Juliet which makes half the beach not smart and makes you wonder what they were smoking. Naomi also proves herself to the group keeping her a secret by explaining why and how she crashed on the Island. Sayid doesn’t believe her and so Naomi shows her communicator thing to Sayid and tells him to remind her not to save him. Overall The Brig was an episode with lots of stuff going on and the story should pick up next week now that Locke’s father is dead and James (Aka Sawyer) has a tape incriminating Juliet.
  • ? Now the quesion is Lockes dad really dead?

    Very good episode, drawing us closer and closer to the much anticipated season finale. Seems like every episode were locke is the main plot seems to be a homerun. I love how sayid has the feeling everyone is bad...and untrusting.
    Hmm and i wonder what the BIG secret is? Maybe jack is gonna pop the question to juliette...or maybe they are giggling because they know that kate is knocked up with another of sawyers babys...
    well looks like the season finale is gonna be a war on the beach trying to get the pregnant women....i hope dessy is there to save our charlie.

    cant wait to see how it unfolds.
  • gosh!

    if i were allowed to write a one word review, this only word would be "gosh!" because i don't really know what more to say. this episode was so very weird again and so very exciting i still can't believe what i've just seen. i'm sticking with my remark from last week: "who wants to get answers when the questions are so much more interesting?"

    what worries me though is that i don't see a satisfying way out of all of these mysteries and i'm prepared to be very much disappointed by the final explanations given in the very end.
  • Wow! Even if you saw it coming, is it not "Wow?" It's "wow" and you know it. Way to go Damon and Carlton! You pulled off another mind-blowing, heart-tugging, mythologically-dense hour of pure greatness. LOST is, without a doubt, better than life itself.


    This was a great episode. Everything about it was just pure greatness. Not only did we get the conclusion to a long standing "mystery," but we also get some great dialogue, the reappearance of the Black Rock, foreshadowing with Rousseau, more information about Naomi's show-shaking statement, some "WTF!?" Jack/Juliet moments, and, of course, the re-return of the awesome Sayid.

    Storyline A: After having some serious nookie with hottie-with-a-body, Kate, Sawyer runs into the recently returned Locke while peeing in the jungle. Locke tells Sawyer that he infiltrated the Others' camp and, earlier that night, he snuck into Ben's tent and kidnapped him so that Sawyer would kill him. Sawyer claims that he is not a murder, but Locke retorts, "Except for the man you killed in Sydney." After a dispute between the two about actually killing Ben, Sawyer finally agrees to at least follow Locke to where he has Ben "imprisoned." En route to the ship, Locke tells Sawyer that the Others have birth certificates, criminal reports, medical records, etc. in files on every survivor and even know that Sawyer's father pulled a murder-suicide on his wife, Sawyer's mother. At The Black Rock, Locke proceeds to shut Sawyer in a room with the kidnapped Ben. But, of course, in true LOST fashion, it's Ben. In fact, it is Anthony Cooper who we last saw tied up and gagged in a boiler room in Otherville. Sawyer bangs and bagns on the door, but Locke will not let him out. During this, Rousseau walks in, tells Locke she needs some dynamite, and leaves. Inside the brig, Cooper tells Sawyer that he is Locke's father. The conversation then leads to the fact that Cooper was once a conman and Sawyer asks Cooper what his name is. Cooper tells him that "a conman goes by many names," but he's been known, among other names, as Alan/Adam Seward, Ted MacLaren, Anthony Cooper, Tom Sawyer, and Louis Jackson. Sawyer puts two and two together and concludes that the man before him is the real Sawyer, the man who ruined his life. James asks him if he's ever been to Jasper, Alabama and after Cooper confirms that he has, Sawyer has no doubt in his mind that he's finally found his nemesis. Sawyer pulls the infamous letter out of his pocket and hands it to Cooper. Cooper, however, begins to read it, but immediately disregards it by finishing half of the letter by saying "blah, blah, blah, blah." Sawyer begins to yell at Cooper to finish the letter, but he just rips it up. Infuriated, Sawyer grabs a chain and strangles Cooper to death. Back outside the ship, Locke tells Sawyer that Juliet is a mole in the survivors' camp and hands him a tape recording to prove this to the others. The episode closes with Locke picking up the dead Cooper and, as Ben told him to, carrying him off towards the Others camp.

    This was an extremely satisfying conclusion to the Sawyer/Sawyer story. I don't think the writers could have handled the revelation any better and the writing, as well as Josh Holloway's acting, was superb. Getting to see the Black Rock again was awesome because, to me at least, it's the coolest and most interesting of the island's physical mysteries (the columns, the 4-toed statue, the radio tower, etc.)

    I also thought the foreshadowing with Rousseau was quite cool. There are a lot of things she could be doing with that dynamite, but I think we can all agree that it has something to do with Alex.

    I know I didn't talk much about Naomi's storyline, so I'll talk about that a little bit right here. First off, I'm thankful that the writers didn't postpone this story and actually went right a long and told us what happened next. Overall, I'm kind of pissed they (Charlie, Hurlye, Desmond, Sayid, Jin) didn't tell Jack, but I guess they had justification for not doing so. Personally, I think Jack is the only one of the survivors who actually knows what's going on with the Others and he isn't telling them for a reason. You just watch! Next week or the week after Jack is going to regain his credibility and you are all going to wallow in my awesomeness. Oh, how cool is that satphone?! It's like the iPhone x10! I know a lot of people are wondering what Sayid was digging but it was pretty obvious that he was in a garden. I'm pretty sure he was just working on his feminine mystique. Other points of revelation in this part of the episode include the knowledge that Naomi did in fact take off from a ship, no human has seen the "wreckage" of flight 815, and that Naomi was, as many speculated, sent by Penelope Widmore to find Desmond.

    Overall, the on-island stuff was amazing and I'm really eager to see the continuation of all three developments--Sawyer getting the tape, Jack and Juliet finding out about Naomi, and Locke heading back to Ben with his dead father.

    It was a great episode of LOST and the flashbacks made it even better.

    On-Island Flashbacks:

    The flashbacks were my favorite part of this episode. Yeah, there was great Cooper/Sawyer interaction and that was a 10/10, but something about these flashbacks really intrigued me. Maybe it was seeing that weird new column that seemed as if it predated the 4-toed statue or maybe it was seeing Ben, Richard, and Cindy and all the other creepy Others in their new tent-camp. Either way, these flashbacks were great because they filled in a lot of the holes in Locke's on-island story and they even gave us some new information. I'm not going to do a recap for this part of the episode, but I do have a lot too talk about.

    First off, why in Jacob's name did Cooper bite Locke's hand? The best reasoning I've heard is that Cooper was attempting a variation of the "pinch yourself to see if you're dreaming effect." As you know, Cooper believed that he had died in the car crash and was now in hell so maybe he bit Locke's hand to see if he was really there. I don't know, but something tells me that there's more to that than meets the eye. Or, it could be nothing. Who knows on this show!?

    The next flashback starts off with Locke helping Cindy, the stewardess that gave Jack the mini bottles of Vodka, build a tent. Cindy tells Locke that the reason everyone is looking at him strangely is because they are excited he's here. In the LOST forums, I have a small theory, which I don't fully stand behind as of recent developments, that Jacob is dead and that Locke is a "second-coming" of a Jacob. I believe that something happened to Jacob, maybe as profound as recovering from paralysis or maybe something les, on the island that led to everyone around him worshipping him. Then, after he died, Ben took over as leader of the Others. But, as Alpert told Locke on the hill, Ben is/was to caught up in things like pregnancy problems that the other Others have forgotten why really came to the island in the first place. Locke is their new leader. Hey, I could be way off or totally correct, but it's my theory so respect it! Personally, as I said over at the forums, I would prefer that Jacob is still alive, but I trust that the writers know what they're doing and that it could go either way and still be satisfying.

    Part of this flashback also includes a converation between Locke and Ben in which Ben states that he can't wait to show Locke what the island can do, but he first must kill his father to show his devotion to the island.
    Ben also convinces Locke that there is something about him that heals people, but I think it has more to do with where the Others are located on the island. The ruins maybe?

    The rest of the flashback, although filling in plot-points about why Locke brought Cooper to Sawyer in the first place, don't provide much to speculate about. They were, however, very revealing and I really enjoyed the scene between Richard and Locke on the hilltop. Richard's such a creepy guy, don't you think? I would LOVE to see a flashback of him. Something tells me that I'll partly get my wish in the next episode. :D

    Things I Noticed/Easter Eggs:

    --Locke is Yoda again. For all of you who thought Locke became a bumbling buffoon in the last few episodes, I think we can somewhat agree that he is back to his awesome, awesome self. Even though he kind of chickened out on killing his father

    --Rousseau likes to foreshadow. Seriously, what was up with that? What do you think Rousseau needs dynamite for? It definitely has something to do with Alex, in my opinion.

    --The Black Rock is the coolest ship in the world.

    --Cindy is special. I really think that everyone person the Others have taken are either special or pregnant.

    --The lower Others are infatuated with Locke. Did you see the way those people were looking at him? They worshipped him as if he was Jacob!

    --Ancient columns! How cool was that? I think we call agree it is definitely related to the four toed statue. Damon and Carlton even said that next year is going to focus on the ruins.

    --Kate's pregnant. Duh!

    --Sawyer's file had a French police report in it. Rousseau, Sayid, and Shannon all spent time in France.

    --Alpert told Locke to get Sawyer to kill Cooper on my 13th birthday! Ah! Yay!

    --Ben had a copy of The Oath on his bookshelf.

    --I think Ben was right about Locke healing people. (He picked up Rose's medicine (not dead), he's spent time with Ben (walking), he ditched Boone (dead), he killed Mikhail (alive), he's himself (walking), he built Claire that crib with her (didn't die from pregnancy)) Someone should tell Sun to hang with Locke. If Locke can heal people, is he Jacob's equivalent.

    --The ruins (colum, foot statue) are a sacred place that can heal people. I only think this if Ben is wrong about Locke healing people. And, if so, the island can easily heal a strangulation death.

    --Fulfilling his life-long mission of killing the real Sawyer and deivering the letter did nothing for James and the interaction DEFINITELY didn't go as planned. He was not supposed to rip up that letter, but that was great writing.

    --Cooper thinks he's dead and I loved that. "It's a litte too hot for heaven?" Cooper's names: Alan/Adam Seward, Anthony Cooper, Ted MacLaren, Tom Sawyer, Louis Jackson, and Paul.


    -How did Cooper get to the island?
    -Why did Rousseau need dynamite?
    -How did Penny know to look for the island?
    -Who built the ruins?
    -How did they find all the bodies!?
    -Whose covering up the crash?
    -Does Jack know that Juliet is still working for the Others?
    -What are Jack and Juliet hiding?
    -Can Locke really heal people?


    Are you kidding me? The episode was written by Damon and Carlton, of course it had amazing dialouge! For serious, this week's writing was just pure, pure awesomeness. There were so many great lines and the scene between Sawyer vs. Sawyer and Cooper reading the letter was brilliant and totally unexpected (The ripping up the letter and how Cooper was a d**k until the end). I also really liked that Sawyer and Locke got some time together; they are both really great characters. Here are some of the great one-liners:

    -Cooper calling Ben "bug-eye"
    -Sawyer: Sawyer's my name too.
    -Cooper: Little hot for heaven, isn't it?
    -Naomi: Remind me not to rescue you, Sayid.
    -The scene between Ben and Locke in the tent.
    -All the flashbacks
    -Pretty much everything.

    Next Week/Season on LOST:

    Okay, I'm going on record right now saying that next week's LOST is going to blow everyone's mind. Not only is it written by my 1st and 3rd favorite non Damon or Carlton writers, but it's a FARKING BEN FLASHBACK! Do you understand how epic that it is?! Who would've thought back in season 2 that we would one day get a Henry Gale flashback? I sure didn't. Anyway, because of these reasons, it's going to be awesome: it's a Ben flashback; it's co-written by Drew Goddard; more Locke; Sawyer now knows Juliet is a mole; the coolest episode title for any episode of LOST ever; did I mention it's a Ben flashback? I'm guessing that the overall review will be between 9.4 and 9.6. Hopefully, though, people will like it more than that and it will be a 9.7 or 9.8. I mean, I misjudged this week's episode by +.2; so, you never know.

    Can you believe there are only 3 (4 really) episodes left in the season!!!! Ahh!!!!! I can't believe it! It's been such a great season and I want more! I need more! 7 months, people! 7 painful months!

    Season 4 is going to rock your world. I'm telling you, it's going to be all about the island. The Ruins galore.

    Top 10 Episodes Update:

    1. The Man From Tallhassee
    2. Live Together, Die Alone
    3. The Brig
    4. Deus ex Machina
    5. One of Us
    6. Lockdown
    7. Walkabout
    8. Man of Science, Man of Faith
    9. Enter 77
    10. All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
  • I love this show!!!

    Sawyer against Sawyer. I think I like Sawyer more and more, he´s strong and sarcastic but romantic and sensitive at the same time. The confrontation between the Sawyers was good and I like to see him working with Locke. I loved Sawyer´s scene with Kate and I think they are so damn cute/hot together. I feel sorry for Jack because all women have betrayed him, I can´t wait till next week when Sawyer is bringing Juliet´s tape. I still think she´s good but I don´t think Jack will agree with that anymore.
  • They told us even more secrets and it's still not enough.

    They told us even more secrets and it's still not enough. In the beginning, for a long time they barely told us anything and it started to bug me. After that they started to tell us some small secrets, which turned out to be not useful enough to reveal something of the big picture, and it's still the case. Like we know now that they want to cure pregant women, but why, and why here? The parachute girl said that they found the wrecks and the bodies, which is cool, but she said nothing about whether those bodies have been identified or not, and without that, those corpses on the bottom of the ocean could be anyones, so we're not closer to really knowing anything. So what is this island? :) I'm really hoping that this is going to change, and they're gonna tell us bigger and bigger things every episode because that's what makes it interesting. By the way, I was kinda sure that Sawyer's not gonna kill the guy either, so it was a big surprise.
  • Sawyer finally gets his revenge.

    -Once again, Ben proves that he is not one of "the good guys”. Trying to make Locke kill his father? I guess Richard is right, Ben knew Locke couldn't do it. (otherwise, his knowledge of human nature sucks. Even Cooper knew he couldn't do it)
    -I liked Kevin Tighe's character in this episode, every time you think he can't be a bigger jerk, he proves you wrong ;)
    -My personal highlight was of course Coopers death. Josh Holloway did a great job in this scene (“You wanna go to hell?!!” ;))
    -I think this will have a great impact on Sawyer, he finally killed the man who ruined his life and made him what he is
    -Fortunately Locke told Sawyer about the Others' plan
    -If Ben was telling the truth about Coopers abduction, who it was then? Hanso? Whidmore? imo, think Ben was lying again
    -I'm glad about Richards statement, that the fertility problem is just a side issue. I hope there is a much bigger mystery about the Others
  • Sawyer finally confronts the man responsible for his parent's deaths, only to find it is in fact...Locke's father.

    Well, this moment has been a long time coming. Since early on in the first season, we have known of the sad fate of sawyers parents, and of his childhood vow to have his vengeance upon the man responsible. However, never in a million years would I have imagined that in was John Lockes father! I suppose in retrospect, it was not too much of a suprise, considering the multiple con games Cooper has played on his estranged son in past episodes. Howeve, I didn't see this one coming, and that is the mark of great writing. I don't want to spoil any more for anyone, so if you haven't seen the episode, stop now. For the rest of you...Wow! Honestly, I did not expect Sawyer to actually kill him. I thought that after murdering the wrong guy in Sydney, his conscience would get the best of him. Not so. However, I predict that after this moment, Sawyer will be having serious psychological issues with it, especially because he himself is guilty of the same con games many times over. In my opinion, Sawyer has now fulfilled his destiny, as far as this show is concerned. That being said, I don't expect him to live much longer on this island. And that is sad for me, because I did so love his bad boy appeal.
  • Interesting to see where this goes. They leave breadcrumbs in episodes and sometime they are eaten by seagulls and sometimes they build into the plot.

    Are they alive or dead? What will happen next week? Finally something to look ahead to, other episodes have been plot development and continuity to get from one situation to another.
    Now I am excited to watch. I tape the show because I am busy at that time of night every night, and sometimes it would take me a few weeks to catch up on the back episodes, that will not be the case next week. I will watch it before I go to bed.
    They did set us up when he tells Sawyer that he has Ben in the brig. We all wanted to see that.
    As for Sawyer finding out that Locke's father was also Tom Sawyer that brought him his misery in life, I should have put 2 and 2 together but didn't, but then it all came back to me.
    What is going to happen next week, who knows, but I will definitely watch.
  • Quite good! It's been a long time since the last my score was high like this.

    This one was good and it opens a door and a window to some good resolutions to come for Lost. We will finally see (on next episode, I hope) if Jack is capable of facing the truth about Juliet (Sawyer comes back to the losties with the tape).

    I would like to see what Locke will decide to do (I hope also, conclusion will come soon). Will he go back to the others and begin a dispute for the leadership of the gang? Well I am not quite sure if he is not being once more manipulated by them!!! About Sawyer and Kate, I like them together. Jack has never been my favorite character in the show, so I really don't mind him being alone (Juliet, GET OFF, I don' trust her and hope Jack will finally find it out by himself on next episode).

    Finally, the girl, that came down from the skies, will hopefully give us some more concrete answers about the "other reality" ??.

    What I sincerely hope for the future of "Lost"is that the writers give us some good answers and endings to the many plots they've created so far and, if for that it is necessary that this season be the last one. Please do so. Do not try to push your lucks for a next season if you do not have convincing plots to give to the audience.
  • Pretty good! Season is getting better!

    You know, somewhere in the 2nd season we (my husband and I) had tossed around the idea that all the castaways were dead and this was purgatory, or limbo, between this world and the afterlife. Think about it.. The Others take some of the castaways and when we finally see them again they do not seem concerned about what happened to them. One of the others told Anna-Lucia she was not taken because she wasn't good enough... or not a good enough person. I can't remember. So the ones that didn't survive the crash probably went to the afterlife right away, the rest either were not good people or had to release something in this life to move on (like Locke holding on to the anger for his father)

    Anyway, that is just our opinion. It does sort of make sense. If not then that's ok, I hope the season ends with at least a few questions answered.

    It's definitely getting better, and next week's episode looks great!
  • Secrets, lies and Murder. James Finally meets his Sawyer In an insteresting place. Jack and Juliet have a secret Desmond wants to keep his secret. And Juliet's personal secret is now revealed. This episode all leads up the crazy finalie.

    Everything that happened in the Brig is all leading up to the finalie. I enjoyed everybodys mistrust in Jack its finally come, and Im glad he didint really care are at least have his holy moment. Does Kate really expect for everyone to like her when she becomes a snitch, I found this to be just annoying but her love for Jack is blind by the blue eyed Juliet. At first I thought Jack and Juliets secret was that they were dating. Sawyer meets Locke and Locke manipulates Sawyer into thinking its Ben. I understand why he couldnt kill Cooper. It almost made me cry the way Cooper was so Ignorant and mean to Sawyer I felt for James so much. Sawyer kills Cooper in a gruesome attemt to do what Locke wants. How Random was it that Danielle was there shes up to somthing? The Flashbacks were in Micheal format as it reveals Lockes struggles. It didint really reveal much other then the Others seem so jungle/sacrificial esk to me. Yet they still have files on everybody? I dont know we all have our outrageous Theries. Okay Naomi tells them which I already speculated. Shes there to find Desmond hired by Penny since Penny found the location of when the Hatch exploded It reminds me of the Bermuda Triange are like the Lost City of Atlantis. Overall an emontional episode with many confrontations I enjoyed very much Untill the next episode.
  • Sawyer gets his revenge

    We finally got the clarity that Locke's dad is actually the conman that Sawyer got his name from. But I never thought that he'd actually get so angry that he would kill him. I'm a bit disappointed, because I thought the character had evolved a little.
    Why would John wanna join the others? The only good thing about this is that the campers will finally know the truth about Juliet! And with John now living with the others, we'll find out more about the others and the island.
    About the island: I read a lot of times now that the writers have once again stressed that the characters are not dead and that the island is not some kind of hell. But it seems a little like it right now and with everything John's dad said, I don't know... seems likely!
  • Good episode Jack is up to something locke and sawyer are relieved after there pasts are put behind them (thats literally in loches case :P )

    After watching the preview, i knew that it was a little too convenient for it to be Ben. However, this revealing conclusive way this was produced was pretty well done. Its intriguing how such a small inclusion can make a big impact. Such as, the french woman ( spelling of name is beyond me :P ) appearing for a split second hints for a bigger thing. Same with the tape recorder and other smalll points throughout. I think this was a good episode, but intrigued for further continuation of the story line. I knew Jack was up to something !!!!! grrrr! lol
  • Wow. Did I not want that to happen.

    I wish Kate had never spoken. I wish none of this had happened. So do all who see this episode I suppose, but that is not for them to decide. That’s not to say I didn’t like this episode. Locke performances are always great. He is mystical and yet broken. I would have liked to see Locke give the Others one of his speeches instead of the choice he made. I believe he knows the island better than they do. I can't see that what happened will help John or Sawyer.
    I gave this episode a high score because this is the Lost I remember, where everyone one-ups everyone else. The Others find out about Sun and the Losties find Niome. The Others have a mole and the Losties have a mole. The Others devise a secret plan and the Losties discover it. Touché.
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