Season 3 Episode 19

The Brig

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 02, 2007 on ABC

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  • Wow! Even if you saw it coming, is it not "Wow?" It's "wow" and you know it. Way to go Damon and Carlton! You pulled off another mind-blowing, heart-tugging, mythologically-dense hour of pure greatness. LOST is, without a doubt, better than life itself.


    This was a great episode. Everything about it was just pure greatness. Not only did we get the conclusion to a long standing "mystery," but we also get some great dialogue, the reappearance of the Black Rock, foreshadowing with Rousseau, more information about Naomi's show-shaking statement, some "WTF!?" Jack/Juliet moments, and, of course, the re-return of the awesome Sayid.

    Storyline A: After having some serious nookie with hottie-with-a-body, Kate, Sawyer runs into the recently returned Locke while peeing in the jungle. Locke tells Sawyer that he infiltrated the Others' camp and, earlier that night, he snuck into Ben's tent and kidnapped him so that Sawyer would kill him. Sawyer claims that he is not a murder, but Locke retorts, "Except for the man you killed in Sydney." After a dispute between the two about actually killing Ben, Sawyer finally agrees to at least follow Locke to where he has Ben "imprisoned." En route to the ship, Locke tells Sawyer that the Others have birth certificates, criminal reports, medical records, etc. in files on every survivor and even know that Sawyer's father pulled a murder-suicide on his wife, Sawyer's mother. At The Black Rock, Locke proceeds to shut Sawyer in a room with the kidnapped Ben. But, of course, in true LOST fashion, it's Ben. In fact, it is Anthony Cooper who we last saw tied up and gagged in a boiler room in Otherville. Sawyer bangs and bagns on the door, but Locke will not let him out. During this, Rousseau walks in, tells Locke she needs some dynamite, and leaves. Inside the brig, Cooper tells Sawyer that he is Locke's father. The conversation then leads to the fact that Cooper was once a conman and Sawyer asks Cooper what his name is. Cooper tells him that "a conman goes by many names," but he's been known, among other names, as Alan/Adam Seward, Ted MacLaren, Anthony Cooper, Tom Sawyer, and Louis Jackson. Sawyer puts two and two together and concludes that the man before him is the real Sawyer, the man who ruined his life. James asks him if he's ever been to Jasper, Alabama and after Cooper confirms that he has, Sawyer has no doubt in his mind that he's finally found his nemesis. Sawyer pulls the infamous letter out of his pocket and hands it to Cooper. Cooper, however, begins to read it, but immediately disregards it by finishing half of the letter by saying "blah, blah, blah, blah." Sawyer begins to yell at Cooper to finish the letter, but he just rips it up. Infuriated, Sawyer grabs a chain and strangles Cooper to death. Back outside the ship, Locke tells Sawyer that Juliet is a mole in the survivors' camp and hands him a tape recording to prove this to the others. The episode closes with Locke picking up the dead Cooper and, as Ben told him to, carrying him off towards the Others camp.

    This was an extremely satisfying conclusion to the Sawyer/Sawyer story. I don't think the writers could have handled the revelation any better and the writing, as well as Josh Holloway's acting, was superb. Getting to see the Black Rock again was awesome because, to me at least, it's the coolest and most interesting of the island's physical mysteries (the columns, the 4-toed statue, the radio tower, etc.)

    I also thought the foreshadowing with Rousseau was quite cool. There are a lot of things she could be doing with that dynamite, but I think we can all agree that it has something to do with Alex.

    I know I didn't talk much about Naomi's storyline, so I'll talk about that a little bit right here. First off, I'm thankful that the writers didn't postpone this story and actually went right a long and told us what happened next. Overall, I'm kind of pissed they (Charlie, Hurlye, Desmond, Sayid, Jin) didn't tell Jack, but I guess they had justification for not doing so. Personally, I think Jack is the only one of the survivors who actually knows what's going on with the Others and he isn't telling them for a reason. You just watch! Next week or the week after Jack is going to regain his credibility and you are all going to wallow in my awesomeness. Oh, how cool is that satphone?! It's like the iPhone x10! I know a lot of people are wondering what Sayid was digging but it was pretty obvious that he was in a garden. I'm pretty sure he was just working on his feminine mystique. Other points of revelation in this part of the episode include the knowledge that Naomi did in fact take off from a ship, no human has seen the "wreckage" of flight 815, and that Naomi was, as many speculated, sent by Penelope Widmore to find Desmond.

    Overall, the on-island stuff was amazing and I'm really eager to see the continuation of all three developments--Sawyer getting the tape, Jack and Juliet finding out about Naomi, and Locke heading back to Ben with his dead father.

    It was a great episode of LOST and the flashbacks made it even better.

    On-Island Flashbacks:

    The flashbacks were my favorite part of this episode. Yeah, there was great Cooper/Sawyer interaction and that was a 10/10, but something about these flashbacks really intrigued me. Maybe it was seeing that weird new column that seemed as if it predated the 4-toed statue or maybe it was seeing Ben, Richard, and Cindy and all the other creepy Others in their new tent-camp. Either way, these flashbacks were great because they filled in a lot of the holes in Locke's on-island story and they even gave us some new information. I'm not going to do a recap for this part of the episode, but I do have a lot too talk about.

    First off, why in Jacob's name did Cooper bite Locke's hand? The best reasoning I've heard is that Cooper was attempting a variation of the "pinch yourself to see if you're dreaming effect." As you know, Cooper believed that he had died in the car crash and was now in hell so maybe he bit Locke's hand to see if he was really there. I don't know, but something tells me that there's more to that than meets the eye. Or, it could be nothing. Who knows on this show!?

    The next flashback starts off with Locke helping Cindy, the stewardess that gave Jack the mini bottles of Vodka, build a tent. Cindy tells Locke that the reason everyone is looking at him strangely is because they are excited he's here. In the LOST forums, I have a small theory, which I don't fully stand behind as of recent developments, that Jacob is dead and that Locke is a "second-coming" of a Jacob. I believe that something happened to Jacob, maybe as profound as recovering from paralysis or maybe something les, on the island that led to everyone around him worshipping him. Then, after he died, Ben took over as leader of the Others. But, as Alpert told Locke on the hill, Ben is/was to caught up in things like pregnancy problems that the other Others have forgotten why really came to the island in the first place. Locke is their new leader. Hey, I could be way off or totally correct, but it's my theory so respect it! Personally, as I said over at the forums, I would prefer that Jacob is still alive, but I trust that the writers know what they're doing and that it could go either way and still be satisfying.

    Part of this flashback also includes a converation between Locke and Ben in which Ben states that he can't wait to show Locke what the island can do, but he first must kill his father to show his devotion to the island.
    Ben also convinces Locke that there is something about him that heals people, but I think it has more to do with where the Others are located on the island. The ruins maybe?

    The rest of the flashback, although filling in plot-points about why Locke brought Cooper to Sawyer in the first place, don't provide much to speculate about. They were, however, very revealing and I really enjoyed the scene between Richard and Locke on the hilltop. Richard's such a creepy guy, don't you think? I would LOVE to see a flashback of him. Something tells me that I'll partly get my wish in the next episode. :D

    Things I Noticed/Easter Eggs:

    --Locke is Yoda again. For all of you who thought Locke became a bumbling buffoon in the last few episodes, I think we can somewhat agree that he is back to his awesome, awesome self. Even though he kind of chickened out on killing his father

    --Rousseau likes to foreshadow. Seriously, what was up with that? What do you think Rousseau needs dynamite for? It definitely has something to do with Alex, in my opinion.

    --The Black Rock is the coolest ship in the world.

    --Cindy is special. I really think that everyone person the Others have taken are either special or pregnant.

    --The lower Others are infatuated with Locke. Did you see the way those people were looking at him? They worshipped him as if he was Jacob!

    --Ancient columns! How cool was that? I think we call agree it is definitely related to the four toed statue. Damon and Carlton even said that next year is going to focus on the ruins.

    --Kate's pregnant. Duh!

    --Sawyer's file had a French police report in it. Rousseau, Sayid, and Shannon all spent time in France.

    --Alpert told Locke to get Sawyer to kill Cooper on my 13th birthday! Ah! Yay!

    --Ben had a copy of The Oath on his bookshelf.

    --I think Ben was right about Locke healing people. (He picked up Rose's medicine (not dead), he's spent time with Ben (walking), he ditched Boone (dead), he killed Mikhail (alive), he's himself (walking), he built Claire that crib with her (didn't die from pregnancy)) Someone should tell Sun to hang with Locke. If Locke can heal people, is he Jacob's equivalent.

    --The ruins (colum, foot statue) are a sacred place that can heal people. I only think this if Ben is wrong about Locke healing people. And, if so, the island can easily heal a strangulation death.

    --Fulfilling his life-long mission of killing the real Sawyer and deivering the letter did nothing for James and the interaction DEFINITELY didn't go as planned. He was not supposed to rip up that letter, but that was great writing.

    --Cooper thinks he's dead and I loved that. "It's a litte too hot for heaven?" Cooper's names: Alan/Adam Seward, Anthony Cooper, Ted MacLaren, Tom Sawyer, Louis Jackson, and Paul.


    -How did Cooper get to the island?
    -Why did Rousseau need dynamite?
    -How did Penny know to look for the island?
    -Who built the ruins?
    -How did they find all the bodies!?
    -Whose covering up the crash?
    -Does Jack know that Juliet is still working for the Others?
    -What are Jack and Juliet hiding?
    -Can Locke really heal people?


    Are you kidding me? The episode was written by Damon and Carlton, of course it had amazing dialouge! For serious, this week's writing was just pure, pure awesomeness. There were so many great lines and the scene between Sawyer vs. Sawyer and Cooper reading the letter was brilliant and totally unexpected (The ripping up the letter and how Cooper was a d**k until the end). I also really liked that Sawyer and Locke got some time together; they are both really great characters. Here are some of the great one-liners:

    -Cooper calling Ben "bug-eye"
    -Sawyer: Sawyer's my name too.
    -Cooper: Little hot for heaven, isn't it?
    -Naomi: Remind me not to rescue you, Sayid.
    -The scene between Ben and Locke in the tent.
    -All the flashbacks
    -Pretty much everything.

    Next Week/Season on LOST:

    Okay, I'm going on record right now saying that next week's LOST is going to blow everyone's mind. Not only is it written by my 1st and 3rd favorite non Damon or Carlton writers, but it's a FARKING BEN FLASHBACK! Do you understand how epic that it is?! Who would've thought back in season 2 that we would one day get a Henry Gale flashback? I sure didn't. Anyway, because of these reasons, it's going to be awesome: it's a Ben flashback; it's co-written by Drew Goddard; more Locke; Sawyer now knows Juliet is a mole; the coolest episode title for any episode of LOST ever; did I mention it's a Ben flashback? I'm guessing that the overall review will be between 9.4 and 9.6. Hopefully, though, people will like it more than that and it will be a 9.7 or 9.8. I mean, I misjudged this week's episode by +.2; so, you never know.

    Can you believe there are only 3 (4 really) episodes left in the season!!!! Ahh!!!!! I can't believe it! It's been such a great season and I want more! I need more! 7 months, people! 7 painful months!

    Season 4 is going to rock your world. I'm telling you, it's going to be all about the island. The Ruins galore.

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