Season 3 Episode 19

The Brig

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 02, 2007 on ABC

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  • Wow...so wait this is...ummmm *Spoiler*

    Ok so everyone has seen this but for people like me that waited forever i just wanted to warn you. So this episode focuses on Locke and his father. Ben basically wants locke to kill him to show hes one of them...some stuff happens where a mysterious guy tell locke ben is trying to humiliate him and stuff. Locke goes and finds sawyer to get his help. locke finds out stuff and puts it together that his father is sawyer the one who drove sawyers parents to kill themselves. So this was a great twist. Sawyer ends up killing him and locke takes the body back to ben. Meanwhile at camp kates a stupid. She become so jealous of julliet and is just being dumb. Hurley jin charlie and desmond let sayid know about the girl with the phone and kates being noisey and finds out. she then tells jack because she still looks up to him and likes him. Him and julliet have a secret though and kate is now confused. We end just waiting for next week.
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