Season 3 Episode 19

The Brig

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 02, 2007 on ABC

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  • One man's crusade.

    This episode was very, very good. It had what I most like in Lost, plot twists and developments that lead the characters through roads full of tension for both audience and characters. And the consequences of the characters' choices are always full of costs, most yet unknown.

    Take Locke, for instance. He's shown with the Others in his flashbacks and Ben plays him to kill his father whilst what he really wants is to Locke to fail since if he suceeds, Ben's position will certainly be in danger. Important, though, is to realise some of the Others may have their allegiances to Ben in check (Alpert, e.g.). Also, I get the feeling a part of the Others isn't in that camp. Where is the "Sheriff" and Alex, e.g.? Plus, is the task to kill someone a part of an Other's initiation?

    In the camp, everyone is hiding Naomi from Jack. And Sayid likes this when he's presented to her in order to try to make the satallite phone work. But the story Naomi says about Oceanic Flight 815 had alredy been found is what catches our attention, with its passengers' bodies and stuff. Which brings us to the other side of the Island, where the same story is told by Locke's father, which brings us then to the old argument Cooper names: "Are the survivors on Hell?" The producers say no, but is this only a mislead? Perhaps. In the worst case scenario in 2010 we'll find out.

    Locke, finding himself abandoned by the Others because he didn't kill his father considers his options and probably remembered all the prices he paid since crashing in the Island (Boone and Mr. Eko's death just to begin with) and decided his path returning to the camp to make Sawyer kill Cooper.

    The dialogue between Cooper and Sawyer is a very good one, by the way. The developments it's going to bring to the Sawyer character are unlimited and unpredictable for sure. Sawyer kills Cooper, although mostly only because Cooper himself apparently tries to enrage him all the time. Having his dead father's body, Locke initiates his come back to the Others' camp as if the body was his crox (a possible allusion to Jesus Christ's sacrifice?). Sawyer can't tell anyone he found Locke because one thing leads to another and he is hindered by what he did, but at the same time he has the tape with Ben and Juliet's "dialogue" to play for the other survivors. Though choices for him.

    Back to the camp, Kate tells Jack about Naomi, and Jack is most worried about something only he and Juliet knows and Juliet is the one that wants the secret to be shared with Kate, but Jack doesn't.

    All in all, the band is certainly rotting from inside out. Why can't they just put aside some things and work together. They have enemies to fight and an Island full of mysterys to survive after all and only themselves to count on.

    Questions to the next episodes: what Rousseau will do with a crate full of dynamite? What's the secret Jack and Juliet have? Will Sawyer tell about his encounter with Locke? And what are the secrets Locke will know after being initiated in the "Otherhood"?

    Stay tuned!!!
    Lost is not only back on track, it's intense and tense and in its highest point!
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