Season 3 Episode 19

The Brig

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 02, 2007 on ABC

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  • James and Locke get payback, thanks to James' anger and the real Sawyer being a complete jerk. Their story pushed the rest of the show into the background.

    This was, in my humble opinion, the best episode of the season (so far). People in the States who have seen the season finale tell me the rest are even better. If that's true, I can't wait!

    Josh Holloway proved in this episode that he is one fantastic actor. Since the episode has even aired here, there are no spoilers to be told about it anymore, so here goes. Josh's reaction after he killed the real Sawyer and running outside to be sick, the range of emotions he showed during those scenes - all absolutely fantastic. Of course, we know Terry O'Quinn is no slouch either, and he also put in a fantastic performance. The scene between the Locke and Rousseau characters was so deadpan - perfectly in character for both of them. I laughed out loud when James was locked in and screaming "let me out, let me out" when Rousseau came in for the dynamite. It may have been a short scene, but it was perfect.

    Those who know me and have read my posts on the site know that there is one thing I really can't stand, though. Jack has long ago outlived his usefullness. So people no longer trust him. Good. I can't wait to see what happens when Sawyer gets back to camp with the tape recorder Locke gave him as proof that Juliet is a "plant".

    This episode made me look forward to what is coming next, as well as featuring some fantastic writing and acting. This is exactly why I watch this show.