Season 3 Episode 19

The Brig

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 02, 2007 on ABC

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  • We have Locke discovering that it really is his father behind the tape and is tied to the chair, Locke gets Sawyers attention and wants him to do a favour and we see that Ben has a hidden agenda, not noticeable but there for sure.

    It starts with a mini flashback of Locke, from him giving his kidney, getting thrown out of the window, to the first day on the island and to his chats with Ben prior to blowing up the submarine and then the appearance of his father on the island. He is reading through a file, which he then burns.
    We then go to a series of "so many days ago", we see him taking the gag off of him and being warned not too and then being bitten by him.

    We also have Kate slipping out of Sawyers bed as she is unable to sleep apart from in her own bed, so that leaves Sawyer awake and in need of the gents, he sees Jin and Hurley by a shelter, when asked they are also going to the toilet. As Sawyer is indisposed, Locke appears, says he isnt working with the others, just infiltrated them, that a couple hours ago he snuck into Bens tent, tied him up and kidnapped him. Sawyer goes after Locke.

    We flashback a few days to where Locke has finished helping Cindy do up her tent, getting it all together before he is called away and asked to go and see Ben, he is still in a wheelchair but he explains that a week ago when Locke came into his presence, he then started to get feeling back into his legs, but that he isn't ready to accept the island as he still has hang ups with his father, only then can he be committed.

    Locke leads Sawyer through the jungle to take him to go and kill Ben, sawyer wants to know why its him, why he can't do it himself, because he's tried but he can't but he thinks Sawyer can. Sawyer has very mixed emotions regarding this.

    The boys are talking regarding letting Jack know that they have an injured parachutist, but Des thinks that he can not be trusted, that he has been in the company of the others for too long. The only person that they can trust is Sayid and they get more information, how Niomi was hired to find Desmond that her company were given a set of co-ordinates to the island, she said, no just co-ordinates to the middle of the ocean, that how she had been looking with her helicopter, then had mechanical issues, grabbed her parachute and bailed out.

    Locke leads Sawyer to the Black Rock, which he has not been to before, but Locke locks him in the brig with his tied up father, when Danielle comes into get some dynamite. Locke flashes back to meeting Richard and is told about Ben's motives for embarrassing Locke, he gives him a file and asks him to serve his purpose and gives him Sawyers file.

    Meanwhile back in the brig, sawyer is getting madder, but then ungags lockes father, he then finds out more about the situation and finds out about his past, then as he gets mocked about his own past, he finds the man who caused his family so much heartache, that he kills him as predicted.

    Back on the beach, having been told about the parachutist, Kate goes to get Jack for a private word, he insists that he can say what it is in front of Juliet as they have no secrets. She explains that they have an injured parachutist, Naomi, that they have a way to contact them by a radio phone. Juliet says to Jack that they should tell her, but Jack says no.

    Jack and Sawyer part ways at the end, but not before Locke tells Sawyer that he is going back to infiltrate them, but tells them that Juliet is a mole and was sent to find out about the women in their group, then hands him a cassette player. Sawyers sets off for the beach leaving Locke to carry his fathers body on his back to the others.
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