Season 3 Episode 19

The Brig

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 02, 2007 on ABC

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  • Epic Storyline and Great Setups!!!1

    Objective - » With the last five episodes, it was time to setup all the events and to make another revelation and mysteries. Who is the most appropriated person for this? John Locke, the loved one. Locke is the focus, with both his situation on the Island and the flashback from the Island too. One nice Detail is how the old flashbacks details gain more importance and value when they are used to create a great episode like this. Another focus is Naomi, the new character.

    Flashbacks -» Nice details there and the beginning was nice and mysterious. But since he is with tem, it is easy to create mystery, this also happens in the set of the complication phase, Ben really knows how to manipulate people and why the Others were expecting Locke is something to be revealed later in this episode. Ben makes Locke life more difficult to humiliate Locke and make is leadership strong. Also, I noticed that this flashback only sets the complication phase, so this is a setup. His conversation with Richard was nicely done too.

    Locke Event on The Island -» This begins to be strong, when Locke appear only to James. This already set one of complication phase (more for James) when Locke says that he is infiltrated and he have Ben, so he want James to come with him and kill Ben, but we already know that his is not the case here. How he manipulates James was nicely done. The interaction between Sawyer and Locke is priceless. The climax for this James Complication Phase was is interaction with the Man responsible for his dark childhood, and again, is something priceless. The ending it is was you expect and this already set the next event on the Island

    Sub Plot -» It is about the strange woman and everybody already saw the presentation, so this was about to set the complications, since the audience want to Know what this unknown woman until now knows about our survivors. Even Jack is not Trusted because of Juliet presence and this set the first complication, who they trust and the best person for this? Sayid, the torturer. This make his interaction with Naomi was another priceless interaction that only Lost can Provide. Things get more complicated since Jack and Juliet are sharing secrets


    1 - Plot Holes: Gold. Didn´t Notice.

    2 - Time and Scenes Management: Gold. Even if two storylines are a setup, all the scenes seems very important.

    3 - Surprises/Twist/Shocks/Cliffhangers: Gold. There are a surprise, that make this episode a epic one. No cliffhanger this time.

    4 - Action: Wasn´t necessary.

    5 - Funny: Bronze. Maybe Hugo lines

    6 - Drama: Gold. Sawyer and Locke stole the moment.

    7 - Tension/Fear: Exactly what the climax offers when Sawyer is applying is payback.

    8 - Excitement Level (curiosity/Mystery/Doubt/Revelations: Gold. You want to discover more about the Others and their plan? Want to Know who is Naomi? Want to Know how Sawyer will apply his Payback? This episode is obligatory.

    This episode is a setup, which has a storyline inside that has to be ended. However, what could be a normal setup, created a strong episode, one of the Best in this Season. Locke is an Character that the audience love to see, and Sawyer Vengeance which seemed impossible to be successful, could be done in this episode. The events in the bleach continue to be a setup too, but an interesting one. So, there is a 93% probability that you will like this epic episode.
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