Season 6 Episode 14

The Candidate

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 04, 2010 on ABC

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  • The Lost Titanic

    Since the Titanic, never has the sinking of a ship made me so sad. It's hard not to draw parallels between the ill-fate Jack and Rose and the even more unfortunate Jin and Sun, who had only just reunited after almost two seasons (three years) apart.

    Yes, other things happened and other important characters died - here's to your sacrifice Sayid - but amidst the ever-complicating plot, the simplicity of Jin and Sun's love stood out. We've buried quite a few people on the island, but not like this. The Kwon's desire to spend their last moments together, their mutual acceptance of death, is a great precursor to what will likely happen next on the island and a reminder of what has already happened to several characters in the alternate reality. They've moved on.

    While I wish Jin could have met his daughter and the Kwon's could have had more time together after their long separation, their end was satisfying because they were finally together.
  • mustn't post links here..

    didn't realize that.. now reading the submission FAQ I removed it...

    I started watching lost when season 5 was aired and I watched all lost episodes from season 1 to 5 during about 2 weeks..
    I loved the show. I was also reading two books about quantum physics and string theory. Now I really found it great to have a relating phantasy story.

    Season 6 now actually doesn't impress me anymore. Maybe the first three episodes still were leaving something to hope for. But close to the end I am realizing that it's not gonna work out as I was hoping.

    Now that's a bit of a pity that there are people who don't want to hear negative opinions about their holy TV show.

    I shall think those are opinions- no trolling intended!
  • can any one ask for more !

    what an episode ( amazing , emotional , magnificent , outstanding , Breathtaking ) . and That's it Matthew Fox and Terry O Quin for best actors in 2010 Emmys that's for sure and MUST ! , there performance were the best of the series ! .

    so many things happened in this episode . 1) Sun and Jin died . maybe sayid ? 2) Evil Locke !! .
    3) Jack is back in the game . 4) Kate get shot . etc . and Yeah the last 30 Sec i Just Cried . one of the emotional scenes that Lost handles perfectly. with Jack looking at the beach and Hurly drop a tear and Kate Cry from Heart . Lost Deliver there best Yet in this season . 10/10
  • The race to the finish line begins, who will win Jack or MIB?

    First of all I was kind of pi$$ed off when I heard Lost was going to have a break after The Last Recruit but this episode is worth the wait. The episode was full of explosions, fire fights and sadly character deaths. How badass was MIB's double kill at the plane. The flash sideways where interesting with some good acting from Terry O'Quinn and Mathew Fox but it was a bit of a forgettable side story this week, playing second fiddle the action packed and emotional original timeline.

    The three deaths of Sayid, Sun and Jin where unexpected (I believe Frank is still alive) but the show was due some real drama this season, now it feels as if no one is safe. I can't wait to watch the final few episodes.
  • As we get close to the end Lost begins thinning the herd.

    Let's dive straight into the main event in this episode: the death of four main characters (although there is a slight question mark over Frank). I'm all for killing off main characters as, when handled right, it adds to the drama, can be very emotional and is a great way of provoking an emotional response from your audience. That is of course when it's handled right; here however it wasn't.

    I can't help feeling that the main reason for killing off these characters was simply to thin out the numbers so the other characters can be focused on in the last few episodes. This for me completely undermines the deaths. Sun and Jin had been mainly just sitting around this season with their main purpose being to find each other. So now that they have it seems the writing staff have no other ideas for them and so kill them off. They don't even get one full episode together before they're unceremoniously drowned. Of all the characters on Lost you really wanted these two to have a happy ending, especially after fake killing Jin about three times, to finally do it seems bad form. Of course you could argue that as I'm clearly so annoyed by this decision then it did its job in creating an emotional response. However after rewatching the episode and giving it a few days it still didn't work for me. Jin's decision to stay felt more than a structural thing than a character thing. By which I mean the logical thing would've been to leave her to survive for their child; but the two have been apart from each other and come back again so many times that doing it again would've been retreading old ground.

    Then there's Frank who (assuming he is dead) seems to have gone out the same way as Illana. He had no real contribution to the season and so it only seems like he was a main character because he would've been sitting around anyway. As a nice guy dragged into the plot killing him off in this manner was very poorly done as well as a waste of a good character. That said I will concede that Sayid's death was cool. After acting funny for most of the season to have him go out in a fireball of redemption was a good way to end his story.

    Of course there was 40 minutes of this episode before the killing spree, most of which was good. This week's flash-sideways was another Jack story. The twist being that it was really Locke's story just seen through Jack's eyes. The reveal of how Locke ended up in a wheelchair in this reality was nicely done. While it was a shame we didn't get to see the actual plane crash, seeing his catatonic father was a great and very sad visual. It gave enough without needing exposition that Locke could fill in the rest later and the fantastic performance from Terry O'Quinn was just the icing on the cake. Also it's interesting to note that Lost is such an impressive show that they can get a fairly big TV actor like Kevin Tighe to come to Hawaii just sit in a chair for a single scene. This is one of those times where being a big budget show really helps as using a body double for that scene really wouldn't have worked.

    On the island there was a lot to like too. Sun and Jin did get a couple of nice scenes together, even if they are undermined by their poorly executed deaths. Also we got a bit more black smoke action which, while not as impressive as some earlier actions scenes this season, was cool to see. And we now know Locke's end game is to find a way to kill all of the candidates. And then there was the shootout on the pier which had Kate get shot. It was probably meant to work as a way of showing that at this stage in the show no character is safe, although funnily enough I think actually showed that she'll survive. It'd be a bit daft to have her take a bullet that'll probably put her out of action for a while only to kill her shortly afterwards.

    And despite my extreme dislike of how the scene ended, the stuff on the sub was very tense and very well done. I knew Jack was right about the bomb, but you couldn't blame Sawyer for not trusting him. We have the benefit of having seen the dynamite scene with Richard from earlier this season, Sawyer's seen nothing like that to make him believe in the island. And just to bring the review full circle I'll finish with one last word on the deaths. I can see the argument that having Locke kill off three of the candidates shows how dangerous he is and ups the stakes for the final few episodes, but I don't buy that myself. He's the bloody smoke monster! We already knew how bad-ass he was without needing to get rid of Sun and Jin without any decent emotional pay off.
  • Jack and Locke butt heads just like old times.

    When you have the suspense that this show had, not only going into the episode, but throughout the entire duration... it had me on the edge of my seat and my head in my arms at some points. GREAT episode through and through. Now... lets talk about this Jack and Locke situation. I have said it once and said it again, these two guys are resembling the old pals... Jacob and MIB. Jack doubts MIB's ability to kill him and he refuses more than once that he is not leaving the island so that he cannot either. By the end of all this, you might as well spell Jack's name.... J, A, C, O, B. Now it is speculation on my behalf but that is what I think. The second I saw Sun pinned to the wall I knew that was the end of her and Jin. People were going to die and Sun and Jin, after being reunited, were set and ready to go out together, hence he was stubborn and stayed his death. Great scene, did anyone think about the whole "letting it go" theme of this tv series when their hands seperated? Hey Jack, whoop Locke's butt next week again like you did today for me will ya??!!Wish you would believe me John!!!
  • The end is near.

    Whatever I think of the plot...the ever confusing mystery that is Lost...no one can deny the fact that the end of this episode was very sad. We saw three characters who we've followed for six years die in the submarine. The scene between Sun and Jin was extremely emotional...but it was a fitting end for them. Sayid sacrificing himself was predictable but shocking all the same.

    What really hit me the most was the reaction to these deaths. Hurley, Kate and Jack all broke down into tears which was hard to watch. It showed us what these people mean to each other and that this show is truly about characters. The rest of the episode was still interesting with Locke really showing his evil side.

    The end is near.
  • When you watch an hour like this, it's hard for me to think of any show that is better than LOST at what it does.

    I don't really know what to say- this show has made my jaw drop dozens of times, but this might be the first time I am completely speechless. No spoilers, but needless to say I am shocked and heartbroken and the events that transpired. To go over the basics: this one is Jack-centric, there are a couple of cool twists, The Cages have one last hoorah, and in The alternate timeline, the tables are turned on the Locke-Jack dynamic. We say goodbye to some key characters (in some amazing ways) and the minute-by-minute suspence is absolutely stellar. Yes, another 10. [edit]

    ...and for those who weren't convinced MiB was evil:
    I. Told. You. So.

    Jack's Flash Sideways was my favorite so far - piecing together the 815 connections (Bernard!), his scenes with Locke (esp the last one) and a much more satisfying resolution with Claire ("we're family"). There was even an effort to make it seem like his "never let it go" character flaw was creeping back up again. But to see him and Locke have that exchange was a such a great reversal for the two, who's clashing ideologies have been a linchpin of the series. The most emotionally resonant Sideways story yet.

    This gave his comment about Locke as he shoved Smokey into the water, that much more impact.

    Wow. What a story! The moment Kate got shot, I knew the gloves were off for these final four episodes. The terror of survival was finally sinking in. We're so used to heroes winning out at the end of the day. But this is LOST...The discovery of the C4 in the plane was a cool element, (MiB didn't seem to plant it there- how do we know Whidmore is with Jacob?) and Smokey conning the Candidates into the sub was an even cooler twist.

    The infamous Cages made one last appearance, and I didn't mind that Whidmore didn't explain himself- it made for much better television. Plus, he still could be lying. If you're not used to this sort of behavior from villains by now, you're watching LOST the wrong way.

    But then you have Sayid...
    My favorite character...I have always been very vocal about my love for the Iraqi torture.
    Now I know how everyone felt when Locke Prime was axed. Jeez, it all happened so fast...I could hardly process it by the time Jin and Sun went under. Jack was having a "trust me" moment. Sawyer, understandably, did not. The timer ran down, Jarrah blurted something about Jack being the greatest hero in television, I think...He's running down the corridor, with the bomb...I'm yelling at the TV...BOOM!...I'm crying...my overactive imagination is seeing HD chunks of Jarrah raining down in the scene...the sub floods...I'm thinking about Claire, oddly, for some reason- poor kid wants none of this action...then I'm wondering if Jacob's touch is worth a damn. Why did Sayid blow up? Why is there suffering in the world? Why couldn't it have been just Mr. Expendable, Frank Lapidus or something?

    Then JinSun. This felt a little 'Titanic' for my taste, but I've always preferred this couple over even Desmond and Penny. This one stung. It was like getting kicked in the nuts. And then, while on the floor, I get spit on, and they kick me in the nuts a couple more times.
    Some might argue about Jin not fighting to live for Ji Yeon, and maybe that's true. But I think it would have been out of character for him to leave Sun again, which he promised he'd never do. Again. It worked for me.

    Hurley breaking down, the utter defeat of our heroes. It was pretty heavy. Obviously, these are the biggest events to happen on this great show thus far
  • Oh yeah, now this is Lost!

    One of the best episodes of the season so far. After freeing the others from the clutches of the Widmore folks, our "heroes" finally make it to the Ajira plane. If only things could be that simple. Unfortunately, nothing's simple when your walking around with a smoke monster. With the series dwindling to just a few episodes left,the creators are pulling out all the stops. Twists and turn riddled this episode and unexpected tragedies had me bawling like a freaking baby and I'm proud to say that Lost is the only show that has this kind of affect on me.
  • Action-wise, the best episode of the season. We finally feel the end coming as many characters die. Spoiler review ahead.

    Although their were no "big reveals" as to island secrets, we did get the most action of the season and we learned for certain smoke Loche is evil.

    We also got a confirmation (of sorts) that Smoke Locke does have rules. He cannot kill the canidates directly, but he can set in motion their deaths. He long-cons (Sawyer would be envious of his deviousness) the canidates by gaining their trust, but at the same time knowing they will double cross him. He wanted to kill them all in one big ka-pow, but he only suceeded in killing half of them. He switched the C-4 he found in the plane when the canidates went into the sub, hoping they all would die. Jack is growing into the canidate (hence the title) he tries to talk Sawyer into believeing, but I think Sawyer not believing is what caused the explosion.

    Lapedious (the pilot) got the funninest dying line before he was hit by an exploding door. His character was kinda an enigma, as he was in most episodes but we knew the least about him. If I remember correctly, he only had one episode featuring him, and he seemed to be a background character except he was in every episode. It is one of the biggest questions I have about the series is what was that characters point?

    The Kwons die sadly although we kinda got alot of foreshadowing (their reunion was like a horror movie, looking back we should have known they were going to get it) Sayid redeems himself in the end sacrificing himself for the others.

    I feel the the canidate will be Jack, with dark horse Hurley. Sawyer screwed up badly in this episode and he does not believe in the island, so he is out. Kate already is out.

    Finally, the side flash was Jack centered, as it reversed "the canidate" story on the island, as he believes Loche is a canidate for a surgical procedure to make him walk. However, Loche refuses because he is consumed with guilt over his father. (in this reality, he is paralyzed and his father is brain damaged and practically a vegetable because of him) This parallels Jack refusing the Jacob job up to now because of his issues and guilt. He asks Locke to do it first, and admits he cannot let go of the past either. Strongest clue yet that Jack is the guy for Jacobs job. He will learn to accept his fate and let go of the guilt of his father and marriage and betting Juliet killed.
  • That wasnt part of the Finale?

    I will very quickly write this review becuase I have plenty of other things I should be doing right now like studying for my finals that are next week; this episode was AWESOME and JAW DROPPING! I am still not ready to believe that those who died are gone in the island timeline for good, but man this is the high stakes, emotionally-packed, twisty-turny episode that I would expect as a part of a finale and we still have two more episodes before the finale. And to think that next week's episode named Across the Sea could possibly be better than this week as it is the centric episode we have been waiting for since last year's finale! Oh the answers and possibilites!
  • Well now you know...

    The MIB's true colors, that is. Take note that somehow he KNEW that there was a bomb already inside the plane, because he grabbed the watch FIRST. Also, I speculated that Richard's team might have rigged the plane already, but most likely not because it was under Widmore's guard. MIB always has a plan, and it is devious! He was smart in thinking that hey, if he presented a situation where a bomb would kill off all the potential candidates in an enclosed setting, it would in a sense filter out the people who were meant to survive and thus narrow his targets. At the very best, there would be only one guy left: the candidate (Jack), but we all know that didn't happen. Yay. Oh yeah, i guess water doesn't do much for smokey. Good pacing, showed alot of MIB's badassness and Jack's new resolve. The argument between Jack and Sawyer before Sawyer 'disarms' the bomb was classic. Shows how far Jack has come and that he even has to resort to a shouting match (compare that to back when he yelled "then what am I SUPPOSED to do???" to Locke).

    I'm sure people have talked about alot of the mirroring thats been going on in the alt-universe ("I wish you had believed me") comes to mind, but one that you might not have noticed is the "I never said it was easy" speech Jack had to Locke in the end. Back in the hatch, season 2, Jack says "Why do you find it so easy??" and Locke responds "It's never been easy!" Just wow.
  • What we could've been...

    How do you meassure love? honor? faith? Do you count them in tears, screams or sobs? And if you're done so, do you sigh of relief or sorrow? Because nothing is what it seems, nothing is really gained, nothing is really lost until this episode when we lost three beloved characters and so much more as the Man in Black reveals his true purpose.

    So, how do you meassure love? By the way Jin stood there with Sun, quietly, for as long as it took ...and it didn't take long. Do you meassure honor by that scream when Sayid blew himself up or by how many sobs after you realized that he sacrificed for his friends. I know I meassure faith in the knowledge that Sayid was not lost, that Smokey couldn't take him. Once this is done I don't know if the remaining candidates would sigh of relief or sorrow, I know I can't make up my mind yet and I'm not even one of them.
  • There is no Sayid!

    A powerful episode of Lost that shows this series is truly wrapping up. Some deaths, and near deaths, some unintentional humor courtesy of Frank Lapidus. All in a day's work for Lost.

    The flash sideways are annoying, but with these it looks like we are getting closer to actually finding out what they are.

    The scene on the submarine was excellent and showed that Lost can still create unbelievable drama and action when they want to. Great, great episode here. When Jack knocked "Locke" into the water I did not know whether to cheer, laugh or just stare at my TV. A great moment, that will most likely have ramifications.

    The only thing I did not like is that it looks like Claire will be a vital part of the finale, with the way Locke protected her. Does anybody actually like that character?
  • damn sub damn sub damn sub !!!

    Wow. Just wow. I have to confess, I've just watched the episode, and I can barely breathe, I don't know how I can keep myself from crying. Damn you writers ! Killing Sun and Jin right after they are finally reunited is probably the cruelest thing you've ever done in the whole show : you've managed to outdo the cruelty of Charlie's death, which I didn't think was possible. What more can I say ? That the flash-sideways were not as invasive as in other episodes, and they gave us great acting from both Matthew Fox and Terry O'Quinn, cleverly reversing the situation from the original timeline, with Locke being responsible for his father's predicament and not the other way round, and even correcting some of the mistakes from "The last recruit" ( this time, Jack and Claire scenes are way better ) ? That there are great one-liners ( "John Locke told me to stay." "There is no Sayid." "I wish you had believed me." "I'll finish what I started".) ? Before bursting into tears, I'll finish this review by saying that it's probably one of the best, one of the most emotional episodes ever. My faith in the writers had been flickering lately ... silly me. The ending will be gorgeous, I know that now. There's going to be hell to pay for the Man in Black.
  • It's nearly the end and if this heart-stomping tear jerker is anything to go by the next few episodes should be quite special. Some tense action the most emotional scene since the Charlie window-palm.

    Initially I was a little dissapointed with this episode, mainly because it made me realise that the deep mythology-centric episodes are gone and now the end is in sight and the plot is galloping towards the finish line. With a little time to reflect (gotta slip in a mirror reference) I realise that this is one of the most poignant episodes of the series so far and a fitting end to three of our favourite characters.

    On the island, things are heating up and this episode centers around Flocke's plan to get to the plane, which turns out to be part of a long con, something which I totally didn't see coming. This relieved me in many ways, not only did it clear up the fact that Flocke wasn't going to fly off the island, but that he never wanted all the candidates together so he could escape, he wanted them to kill each other because he couldn't. It makes perfect sense and is one of the great Lost plot twists that is actually a complete surprise. The best bits in the sub had to be Jack's insisting to Sawyer that they weren't going to die and the emotional end to the Sun and Jin journey. I wasn't sure Lapedis got the end he deserved, but then we didn't see him die, which could mean a lot of things. As for Sayid he was already dead, so the emotional impact was less and Patchy seemed to die multiple times before finally dissapearing. However I'm not sure what would be gained by having Sayid come back, he's already redeemed himself and returned to the light side by sacrificing himself, which seems to be the point of the whole conflict between Jacob and MIB.

    The scenes in the alternate reality mainly focus around Locke and Jack, in some spine tingling moments where their roles are reversed, but both are still unable to let go. We also see Locke start to 'see' the original reality, murmuring things in his sleep. The scene between Jack and Claire was a little brief, but the significance of the music box is speculation worthy, and leads me to hope the Chrisitian will feature in the finale in some way. Also to add to the list of things that are different in this reality are that Bernard and Rose still get married, and Anthony Cooper and Locke had a normal relationship.
  • One of the most emotional and intense episodes of Lost you'll see.

    I've been saying that a lot this season, but what can I say about this episode to give it justice? Not very much. I really can't explain in words how great this episode was. I can honestly say there was not one dull or boring moment in it, much like a lot of the episodes in season six. This season is stellar in my opinion and I'm sure it will all pay off when we find out how the flash sideways work and the remaining answers we need to know about the "Candidates".

    I won't spoil the episode for you, but it cannot be missed. There were a lot of really emotional scenes that Lost handles perfectly. Performances by Matthew Fox and Terry O Quinn were outstanding, as this episode was really focused on them. Overall this was a must see episode, try not to read any spoilers going in.
  • Beginning to the end.Lost is a parallel universe

    I'm glad i didn't drop off at mid season of season 3.Season 3 ended with Jack saying to Kate that they weren't supposed to come back.From that moment,I knew I had to see the end of this fantastic show!
    I dont want Lost to end!Sad to see Jin and Sun die,will they also end up dead in the other universe?.Sun wasn't happy when she saw Lock at the hospital.I think Kate will be the last survivor,since she is not on the "list".Maybe she will die in the other universe?If she survive,what life does she come back to?
    My theory is that when Juliet detonated the hydrogen bomb,it somehow created a parallel universe.WE then started to see this another "flash" of what happened when the plain didn't crash.What surprised me was that there life was different.Lock and his father had a good relationship.It will be interesting to see what happens in the other parallel universe,cause we all know that almost everyone will die(Jack,Kate and Desmond the only survivor? )

    I'm already looking forward to a Lost marathon when it all comes to blue-ray

    Sorry for my English
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Strained and twisted story, extreme emotions, smart and intriguing character development, mesmerizing acting and I Found my brain… or not

    The Candidate is you ! You've been summoned to quickly read this very review and watch the episode right afterward. There's no escape, it's your destiny ! You should enjoy its strained story. Its unpredictable events should blow you away. A smile on your face, tears in your eyes the next second. The Substitute focused on John, Lighthouse on Jack. Well this one merged the best of both worlds and served us with one of the most wicked and heartbreaking relationship ever developed. Of course it felt like some parts were rushed because of the 40 something minutes dreadful limit but overall so many things happened that I already plan to watch it again. Matthew Fox and Terry O'Quinn performances were mesmerizing and I wished the close-up on Jack's face never ended. The romantic within also wouldn't mind if he shared more time with Freckles but I suppose the writers have decided to save our favorite love birds for the finale. Yes because it's coming. Sundown was dark and brutal and this installment was quite similar in a way. However its story was far much more twisted and the end should definitely puzzle you even if I sort of saw it coming. Indeed there were a few mistakes and one issue is the lack of planning and strategy some actions are designed with. But maybe we'll get some answers in the upcoming episode, yes I'm sure we will. Still reading like the coward you are ? Don't be afraid my friend because the world of Lost is dangerous but full of wonders and bare naked coconuts. Go now and only come back once your mission is accomplished ! Wait… were you on flight Oceanic 815 ?
  • Epic

    This is one of the episodes I will remember for ever , the image of the sub going down and the Kwon's hands drifting apart is now burned in my brain for ever. Wow what an episode , packed with action and a very touchy one too, this one was a perfect combination of what Lost stands for. Kate gets shooted , Sawyer gets hit in the head pretty bad Sayid sacrifies himself , Lapidus dead , Sun dead , Jin dead , Sayid dead? not a hundred percent sure about the last one. Smocke plan was to kill everyone ( except Claire and maybe Sayid) , question is ,what roll does the candidate plays and how is Smocke going to be stopped. It is safe to say that Jack is the candidate and maybe, according to what he says to Locke at the end of the episode , he will try to save John from Smocke im the island ( if he is still inside there somewhere) I hope the last remaining episodes are as good as this one cause this one was one hell of an epic episode
  • Worked out the twist.

    The candidate is Desmond. He is able to travel through time, help other people, get hit by electromagnetic etc and so I am thinking it will be him. Do not forget he was able to talk Sayid into not killing him. I think the choice of Jack is just to obvious. To give something a total twist perhaps Locke is actually the good guy.. he know that if these people die on the island that they go back to their normal (parallel universe) lives. It would be sad to see Locke as the bad guy. Cannot wait for next week..
  • Felt like a season finale. Havnt had that much action since Through the Looking Glass.

    Lost, a show that has gripped so many people worldwide. Expertly written, directed and acted. This episode was classic Lost. To me i could sense that it was near the end. The actors are performing their hearts out ready for their final Horrah.

    The name of the title "The Candidate" suggests that the candidate to become the new Jacob is revealed. Yet in typical Lost fashion despite the apparent reveal of such an important role in the whole storyline, i still dout that Jack is destined to become the new Jacob. The writers are notiorious for not revealing such major answers. The mannor in which it was revealed seemed typical for a twist. Yes i admit that if i was a betting man, and if any betting shop would have odds on such a thing, i would bet on Jack as new Jacob. However deep in my mind i have a hunch it isnt. What made this episode for me wasn't the epic submarine scenes, in which such long serving Characters died, it was the Jack Locke flash sideways scenes. In these scenes i felt that Jack of old was back and back for good. It also confirmed to me that the flash sideways are not just episode fillers like they felt at the start of the season. Overall the episode was filled with enough to keep me on the edge of my seat as well as keeping my mind at work over the overall arch of the show. The end is near and i cannot wait!
  • Pissed Smokey = Multiple Fatalities

    Okay… so wow some key characters are dead, all courtesy of Smokey. The dude's a real killer when he's pissed. Thankfully their deaths were not in vain. Jack was finally able to figure out how Smokey can leave the Island and what he must do to make that happen. Too bad Sawyer didn't trust him. What if he had, would things be different?

    You know what really struck me odd was that how Jin and Sun suddenly started conversing English. I mean these two are Korean, they have always spoken Korean with each other but now insist on speaking English…what's up with that?

    I am also struggling with the whole side-verse idea. All the people who were on the Oceanic flight keep bumping into each other and we know from previous episodes that they are starting to see glimpses of their lives on the Island. Does this work the other way around; those on the Island will see glimpses of their lives on the side-verse? I am going to go out on a limb here and say that only one of them can exist and so people dying on either side is the Universe's way of balancing things out. So if Jack is indeed the candidate, his side-verse must die…sad.

    Anyway, this was quite a thrilling episode and really laid the path for what's going to happen next; mostly likely a confrontation between Jack, Smokey and Whitmore.
  • Brutal. Just brutal.

    With the season and series rapidly drawing to a close, there was little doubt that the casualty list would continue to rise. It has been abundantly clear that elimination of the Candidates was part and parcel of the plan by Jacob's rival to escape the island. What wasn't clear was how many of the beloved characters would end up victims of that plan, and how hard the tragedy would hit.

    Since the end of the episode, a single word has repeatedly come to mind: brutal. Because that it what the episode was for the longtime fans of the story. A true endgame is never bloodless or painless, but it's still hard to watch pieces removed from the board in such a rapid and heart-wrenching fashion.

    The brutality begins at the very start of the episode, with the revelation that most of those who joined Jacob's rival were either killed or scattered back into the island. This doesn't bode well for Cindy or the children who were abducted by the Others. In fact, at this point, the vast majority of the island's population has been wiped out, which is hard to reconcile after so long.

    But in a way, they served their purpose. Jacob's rival only needed the Others and non-Candidates for presentation purposes. He had to convince the Candidates that his goals, while perhaps questionable, were reasonable enough for people to follow him. By dangling out the carrot of leaving the island once and for all, he overcame whatever fear and terror his attack on the Temple and other actions might have generated.

    Jacob's rival finally triggers his plan for the Candidates in this episode, and to some, it might smack of convenience. But it is entirely in keeping with his contention that humans will always fall victim to their own self-interest and corruption. While Jacob's rival didn't take every action to bring the Candidates together, he eventually was able to manipulate enough of them to get them all in the same place and plant the idea of leaving the island by any means necessary. Planting the idea that they were "his" people now, and thus tainted, was a ruse to prevent them from considering rejoining Jacob.

    It all came down to using Sawyer. Sawyer was the one who ultimately came up with the idea of using Jacob's rival to get everyone off the island. It seems rather clear at this point that the mission to get intel on Widmore's group on Hydra Island was a pretext. Jacob's rival needed Sawyer to get fixated on leaving the island so that he could focus on making sure all the Candidates were eventually on board with the idea.

    Widmore appears to know just enough, perhaps due to communication with Jacob in the past and present, to attempt keeping the Candidates safe and secure until the situation is resolved. His reasoning was ultimately sound, but his methods were foolish. Unless there is a rule that prevents Widmore from telling the Candidates the plain truth, it would have made more sense to explain everything once he had everyone secured. After all, Widmore was doing everything in his power to keep Jacob's Candidates from Jacob's rival, and didn't anticipate Jack and Sayid sabotaging the plan so efficiently.

    Jacob's rival adjusted to the circumstances perfectly. Why Widmore would have rigged the plane is not entirely clear; it might be a gap in his knowledge regarding Jacob's rival. Either that, or an explosion in a confined space would disperse Jacob's rival long enough for one of the Candidates to take over Jacob's role and end the threat. As Jacob's rival said, however, it was too obvious a set-up. And it gave him the perfect scenario to manipulate the Candidates even further.

    By telling them that Widmore was trying to kill them with explosives in close quarters on the plane, it disarmed any suspicions they might have had about the sub. Logically, there would be no reason for the Candidates to take the sub by force. If it was about taking the sub to leave the island, Jacob's rival could have walked up, killed anyone showing resistance, and then let Widmore's snipers take out the Candidates in the meantime.

    Jacob's rival let the Candidates do all the work, and then seem to prevent him from getting on the sub, because the fight could have gotten some of the Candidates killed and the struggle would convince them that the escape was genuine. As Jack says, he cannot directly kill the Candidates through their own actions, and Candidates are protected.

    So once again, Jacob's rival set up the Candidates perfectly, using Sawyer's lingering anger towards Jack as the catalyst. Had the bomb gone unnoticed, it wouldn't have exploded. Had Sawyer listened to Jack, the bomb wouldn't have exploded. Even if someone had taken a minute to run to another part of the sub, dropping off the bomb, and then shutting every door behind them on the way back, the bomb probably wouldn't have exploded. (And if it had, it would have been because the Candidates would have survived.) But this is where Jack's strident assurances leading up to the Incident come back to haunt everyone. When Jack insists that Sawyer trust his judgment, Sawyer has every reason not to listen.

    And therefore, by attempting to disarm the bomb, Sawyer becomes the direct agent of action. The bomb is in play, and events unfold in their brutal fashion. Sayid gets his moment of redemption, sacrificing himself for the wrongs he has done. He gets to point the remaining Candidates to Desmond, which is clearly important to the resolution of the endgame. Jin and Sun get to be together in their last moments, completing the process that began at the very beginning of the story. (It would have been better if they could have left and been reunited with their daughter, but this is more in keeping with the darkness of "Lost".)

    One can also assume that Frank is dead, given how hard he was hit by the door. This is unfortunate, considering that the Ajira plane is still intact and could, presumably, be used to leave the island. (Otherwise, why would Widmore rig it to explode?) Granted, this could become a moot point if Richard, Ben, and Miles come along and disable it before the very end. They are still active piece on the board, after all.

    By the end of the episode, only four Candidates remain. This assumes that Kate remains a Candidate, since her name was still "active" in the Lighthouse, despite being crossed off in the cave. In fact, the outcome of the sub disaster falls completely in line with the prediction that Jack, Kate, and Hurley will end up being the new triumvirate on the island. As noted in reviews for previous episodes, there are arguments for all three of those Candidates being the replacement for Jacob.

    Since Jacob's rival wasn't ever intending to follow-up on his tempting promises to the Candidates, one can then conclude that the "Lost X" timeline will not be presented to the remaining survivors as a choice as part of any grand plan. Yet "Lost X" must have some profound meaning in the story, or all the time used to cover it (especially in this episode) would be ridiculous. Add to that the notion that Desmond is seen by Jacob's rival as a dangerous wild card, and Desmond was able to see "Lost X" as a viable reality, and it has to serve a specific function within the context of the solution to the current crisis.

    Having some choice or event in "Lost X" factor into the resolution of the "Lost Prime" conflict would be a bit of a cheat. On the other hand, given how much happier (or, at least, better adjusted) the characters are in "Lost X", right down to everyone still living, and it may be that the reward for stopping the end of the world in "Lost Prime" is the right to replace "Lost Prime" with "Lost X". But they would still have a bit of work to do within the story to make such a resolution to the story palatable, given the lack of any hint that such a thing would be possible.

    Speaking of "Lost X", with so much pain and suffering in the "Lost Prime" plot thread, Jack's hunt for the truth about Locke's medical condition seemed a bit disconnected and unnecessary. It did follow up on the notion that the various Oceanic 815 passengers were becoming more and more interconnected, and there were tons of callbacks to earlier episodes in the dialogue, but it really didn't seem to point to some upcoming subsequent event of import. Perhaps the point was simply to show that in both timelines, Jack turns out to have a central importance.

    Overall, this episode delivered a massive punch to the gut, bringing much of the season into focus and revealing the full manipulative powers of Jacob's rival. With the loss of so many beloved characters, it is very clear that the endgame of "Lost" may be rewarding to the faithful, but also heart-wrenching.
  • Little bit too much?

    To be honest.. I sadly read before watching the episode that Jin and Sun will get killed, so I was expecting it.. and I was expecting moving episode, but sorry.. noone prepared me for that... Yes, much happened. I can say that. It was tense and it had action and it looked promised.. and everything looked brilliant to the moment they got to the sub. I mean.. we have had char deaths before and they have always been powerful scenes.. very emotional and they have given us time to accept it. It maybe worked on Sun and Jin.. they had really Titanic-like moment and it was weird to end their story like that.. but it was beautiful and emotional and tearful etc. But about Sayid? He just turns up to the good side again and then dies? Again? (Maybe the whole already dead thing will have some point and he comes back like so many other dead people.. or it's just end).. But ok.. he at least had one sentence before boom.. but what about Lapidus? Maybe he is alive.. I really hope as I do not like the selection of chars being killed. But if he is dead.. there was nothing.. just one second and then moving on.. :S I did not liked that. Maybe they were going on shocking. Maybe.. Maybe they wanted just to get rid of some people and concentrate on those few whose stories they still have to tell. I am not sure. But I would have liked more time spent on that kind of decision.. more emotion..
  • Truly a great episode that speeds up the show and gives a taste of what we can expect in the finale. The writers show they're not afraid of any controversial decisions and it pays off.

    Lost is not a show that's been known for its consistent quality. There are several fans who still long for Lost to be like the first two seasons. Others love the new science fiction route the show has taken. Whatever the case may be for you, it's hard not to adore the latest episode, "The Candidate". Not only does the episode make clear that the Man in Black is someone you do not mess with, it also shows us that now the series is coming to an end, really EVERYONE can get offed by the writers. We lose (at least) three major characters in this episode and even though there is a different timeline in which they are alive, it still has a huge impact. These are people we've been watching on screen for some six years now and it's not easy to watch them go like this. The whole situation does make you ponder as to how the show is going to end though: will the timelines merge, will one completely replace the other? As of now, we still do not know what to expect and it's up to Lindelof and Cuse not to disappoint. Let's hope this show will end with a bang: if The Candidate is anything to go by, this must be inevitable.
  • And then there was only one...

    "The Candidate" felt like a countdown for the final battle. Death was lurking behind every corner and at the end we got a moving and tearful moment when the world of Lost changed forever. I wasn't aware of it before but when Sun and Jin died I realized that I had counted on them to stay alive, to be happy and together with their little daughter who is now alone and will probably be raised by her evil grandfather or some strangers and never know the love of her parents. I am grieving but on the other hand it was TV at its best, because it's moments like these where TV gives us a picture of real life, where there is no real happiness without a tear. Because in this life happiness must end and love cannot avert death. We must all die and those are fortunate who have known real love when they die. RIP Sun and Jin - you died knowing you were loved and this makes me kind of happy. (Minor flaw: How could they not think of their daughter, who is now an orphan?)
    Sayid's death came suddenly but not surprising, he has been a shadow of himself anyway. He did however have the most important line in this episode when he told Jack, that it was going to be him. I assume that he meant that Jack was the last candidate. Jack will decide fate. He will have to find Desmond, who is the key, though I still don't know to which door. Hurley and Sawyer will play important roles and somehow Ben and Richard will be a part of it all. I must confess I almost forgot about them in the last episode, when our four losties where crying at the beach. It felt as though they were the only ones left, but luckily I remembered that they won't be alone.
    In the parallel world things are speeding along and all the important people are gathering - the hospital seems to be the central meeting point, I suppose they will be all together in one spot when Armageddon is hitting the island. Maybe in the end the worlds will collide and a new world will emerge...