Season 4 Episode 5

The Constant

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2008 on ABC

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  • The constant was the best Lost produced, directed, and actors. It was a complete story, which can stand on it's own. Anyone could watch this one show and be satisfied with the results.

    The Constant binds the show together. It was the best Lost
    period. Anyone could enjoy the story. It's stands on it's
    own. It's really about "True Love" regardless of the years,
    trust and love won out. A simple phone call and holding on
    to someone through time made for the most solid performances
    and great story of Lost. Desmond and Penny story could stand
    the test of time. Hopefully the writers, producers, and powers that be, take notice of this and somehow keep them
    to the end. It would give the viewers who stuck with the
    show all this time to have the one thing all want in life,
    "Off the subject" - "Six Feet Under" made a terrible mistake in it's final season. They took the main character Nate and killed him off before the end and a guy who got it, suddenly became nothing but an **** The idiot writers and producers trivialized Nate's part to the point making him out to be mean, selfish man, and pointless. Nate was an anti-hero, but he spoke some of the best lines in the show and comforted people who dealt with death. I felt they totally ripped off by those writers, who made Nate fade to black, stupid idiots.
  • desmond centric and i admitted it,i got confused at first!

    okay,about this episode,we saw a little character in this episode.
    we just saw jack,juliet,sayid,desmond,charlotte and daniel.
    and this episode is all about desmond!
    at first,we saw desmond and sayid in helicopter,but after a couple minute,desmund suddenly going nuts because he doesn't remember sayid or the pilot guy.(i don't konow his name, i forgot,sorry)
    and at first,yeah i don't know what happened about desmond.(see another desmond centric episode,it's so beyond imagination because it's all about his supernatural)

    but after that,we learn that desmond was actually can go back to past and future at the same time.(and he going back between 1996 and 2004)

    and after daniel said that he must find the constant to keep him alive,desmond then try to find penelope because he thinks that she might be his constant.

    and after the thrilling moment,i'm glad that this was a happy ending episode because desmond and penelope can contact to each other.(the phone call between penelope and desmond is so cool!i love that moment!)

    and for this episode climax,we saw that daniel faraday can travel past and the future just like desmond,but his constant is desmond.weird,isn't it?
  • My favorite episode

    In this episodes there is a mix between the past of desmond and the present. Desmod travel though time, but not with his body he only travel's with his mind. Sayid and Desmod arrive to the boat, vut arter passing a storm desmond don't recoinise anyone. And then he talks with Daniel Faraday, and he tells desmond he needs to find him in the past. He do this and he explain that if Desmond don't find something in the future that is also in the past his Constand he contact Penny in the past and ask for her number then in the future talks woth her and he remembers everything and he is alrigth. The last thing is that Daniel finds his diary and say "If something goes wrong Desmond will be my contand" He writes this because the past Daniel was exposed to many radiation.
  • The best episode ever

    Again this was the best episode ver. The Constant is without a doubt the best episode of Lost ever aired to date. From the sheer mass confusion of Desmond's first flashback to the brilliance of Daniel Faraday to the raw emotion of Desmond's conversation with Penny, it was undeniably amazing from beginning to end.

    An episode like this is the reason many of my friends and I, along with so many others, tune in every week, shaking with anticipation and excitement. An episode like this is the reason I fell in love with this show.

    Kudos to the writers, actors and behind the scenes crew of Lost. And here's hoping that next week's episode is even better.
  • This episode made the season feel like Lost again.

    Season 4 had to start out dark and foreboding. We've moved to flashforwards. We know some people are getting off the island and most are staying and we know that a new set of sinister characters have arrived. The episodes of the season were necessary to set the tone and get the story rolling. But, up until "The Constant", Lost Season 4 was missing that sense of hope that has permeated the best episodes of the series. This episode brought it back with vigor. The writing of was top notch. Centering around Desmond, the Constant shows the true dangers of trying to get the Island. As Desmond shifts between two different times, his frustration, confusion and panic are real and relatable. But, the best part and the most important part of any Lost story is the payoff at the end of the episode: Hope. The ending of the episode added a poignant note to the Desmond-Penny story arc.
  • This episode is the best ever shown on TV this decade. Don't miss it for anything.

    This episode is the best one on TV this decade. Do not miss it.

    This episode is the best one on TV this decade. Do not miss it.

    This episode is the best one on TV this decade. Do not miss it.

    This episode is the best one on TV this decade. Do not miss it.

    This episode is the best one on TV this decade. Do not miss it.

    This episode is the best one on TV this decade. Do not miss it.

    This episode is the best one on TV this decade. Do not miss it.

    This episode is the best one on TV this decade. Do not miss it.

    This episode is the best one on TV this decade. Do not miss it.
  • Best episode so far!

    Easily my favorite episode so far! It really felt like I was watching a great full length film, I can't wait for the rest of this story to fold out. A whole new development in the Lost story- who would have thought of this! I never really enjoyed the episodes revolving around Desmond Hume before, however this one is all about Desmond and it's amazing! Really well done! Just one episode like this is enough to build on to let them stretch lost out for a couple of extra seasons! Is this 100 words yet? Not quite, now it is, there you go.
  • great episode

    Sayid and Desmond are on the chopper, they finally make it to the freighter. but just before they get there, Desmond all of a sudden develops amnesia. His consciousness swaps from 2 years ago to the present every few minutes. When they reach the boat, Desmond is confined to the sick bay with another person who is experiencing the same thing. Desmond gets help from a physicist who recently parachuted on the island. The scientist tells Desmond to meet him at oxford university once he goes back to his old life. It's a really exciting episode, we get to see something supernatural, it's really cool. I can't wait for the next episode.
  • Awesome

    The Constant starts off with Desmond, Sayid and Frank going to the freighter and during it Desmond flashes back to being in the army he goes crazy and doesn't remember who or where he is. He is forced into the sick bay where he meets George Minkowski who is sufering from the same thing he is. sayid is able to get Desmoond the phone and Faraday tells him to go to Oxford in his flashes so that Dan can help him. Dan tells him that he needs a constant, "something familiar in both times" to stop it. He eventually goes and gets Penny's number in his Flashes and then calls her in the real world. And even I thought that it was touching.
  • "I love you Penny!, I've always loved you!"

    Jin... You were right. It's a girl. The delivery was hard on me... The doctor said I was calling out for you... I wish you could've been there. Jin... She's beautiful. Ji Yeon. I named her just like you wanted. I miss you so much. I miss you so muchJin... You were right. It's a girl. The delivery was hard on me... The doctor said I was calling out for you... I wish you could've been there. Jin... She's beautiful. Ji Yeon. I named her just like you wanted. I miss you so much. I miss you so muchJin... You were right. It's a girl. The delivery was hard on me... The doctor said I was calling out for you... I wish you could've been there. Jin... She's beautiful. Ji Yeon. I named her just like you wanted. I miss you so much. I miss you so much
  • Past and Present...what a mix.

    Desmond and Sayid finally leave the island, but things turn bad after crossing some weird dark clouds, Desmond wakes up in the year 1996 back when he was still a military cadet.

    This episode is constantly alternating from present to past and from past to present it might even be a bit confusing to some...as it involves time travel.

    Eventually Desmond talks to Daniel via radio, and he tells him that when he returns to the past that he most search for him (Daniel). And so Desmond finds a younger Daniel in the year of 1996, there he learns that he will eventually die if he does not find something that conects both his past and present/future. Desmond can only think of one person that can serve as his contact (his girlfriend Penny).

    After convicing Penny to give him his phone number in the past, Desmond succeeds calling her in the present time, telling her that he is on an island. Penny vows to find Desmond who recovers is memory.
  • fantastic! .. desmond is my favorite character and ths episode combines perfectly action suspense drama and love.

    P E R F E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E C T
  • awesome! no spoilfowards & a nice buildup to a great ending!

    more time-travelling. really, this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone as we saw desmond travelling into the past before in flashes before your eyes when the old lady told him he couldn't change the past. in this episode, he's unstuck from time & in order to avoid a time paradox (which daniel totally makes a sarcastic comment about before desmond tells him about eloise) they explain how he doesn't cover his head so he obviously forgot about their meeting & the settings for his flux capacitor! ;) but despite all this sci-fi goodness & ben's mole on the ship helping them out of the medical bay, the whole point of this episode is that penny didn't give up on desmond. despite his mistakes & failings, she loves him & kept that phone # even though she didn't want to speak to him at the time, when she changed her mind & decided to get him back, she kept that phone # & kept searching for him. it was such an emotional scene that even i cried for them. i know, corny, but of all the motivations that we've seen on this show, this is the only one i can respect. it well done & the best part of this episode. just that phone call at the end.
  • You should watch it........

    This episode is a total break through among the mystries of LOST and the Island but the victim under stress is one of our favourites. Yeah one of our favourites, I bet. You should watch your self and discover the insight of the season. Like usual episodes the writers and the directors were really kind for that character and did not discontinue the episode. I really moved for him and was so emotionally in that I was on the verge to shed tears for their love. you should watch it in a quiet room to understand the feelings of lost and found real love.
  • I was hoping, after Flashes Before Your Eyes, there wouldn't be any real time travel....

    Unfortunately, to me, the writers went exactly where I was hoping they wouldn't, into the realm of time travel.
    I know it's not actual time travel, but the principle still applies.
    I must say, as much as this episode disappointed me, it was still good.
    Seeing some of the 'freighter' action was nice. Who are these people? Where do they come from? Etc.....
    And all the back and forth, between Penny and Desmond at the end, it was intense and even at times, heart wrenching. I'm quite happy they finally made contact.
    I would have given this episode a lower rating, but I admit, that the worst episodes of Lost, which I consider this one of, are still better than the sludge the networks want to feed us.
  • After leaving the island for the freighter, Desmond gets affected by the island's mysterious forces and becomes unstuck in time. Only Daniel can help him, and only if Desmond can find someone very special in time.

    This is probably the best episode of the entire series. In particular, it is easily the most philosophically rich episode to date.

    WARNING: Technical content
    In any calculus which involves variables, we will find constants. This is true of formal logic, as well as many branches of physics, such as what we see Daniel working on when Desmond finds him at Oxford. Part of working with variables and constants involves appeal to what we call quantifiers, which are just the operators that allow for existence-type claims like "there exists an x" or "for all x...". In a sense, you can see how that is something that consciousness must do as well, or else how can we make sense of all the particular stimuli which bombard us throughout our daily experience? We need to say that, for example, a red ball is round (all balls are round) or that seeing a red ball entails that there exists something red, and so on. However, to do this, we need a domain into which we can quantify our beliefs. Formally, a domain is the range of objects available for quantification. In terms of the analogy I'm proposing, a domain is the context of your own existence, and that is almost always defined by time. When he's unstuck in time, Desmond has begun to lose his domain, and as he becomes more and more aware of his situation, this develops further and further, moving towards the eventual state where his mind can no longer quantify into anything, at which point he will die. The notion of the constant, then, defines a domain of quantification which halts the process of psychic disintegration. Once he has a constant, he is able to locate himself and his place in time (or outside it).

    As an academic philosopher myself, I was beside myself about this episode. There is a treatment of the concepts I outlined which is not only metaphysically engaging, but has a poetic structure, mashing the ideas of love and logic into each other without the faintest whiff of anything trite or cheesy. Quite possibly the perfect episode.
  • Desmond's mind travels from the past to the present, and makes him forget everything about the island. If he's not going to die, he needs to make contact with a constant: Penelope Widmore.

    This episode was really confusing! At first, I thought it was crazy that Desmond could just forget everything that had happened for eight years. But there was that time thing with Daniel in the last episode, so I guess we just need some more explaining. The people on the boat began to tick me off after a while. They kept telling Desmond that they were going to help, and then they just lock him in a room with another loon. I didn't quite understand the whole thing with Eloise and the maze. Daniel made me kind of peeved when he just said, "Oh, her brain short-circuited," and didn't realize that Desmond was going though the exact the same thing. I have no idea how Sayid would be able to fix somethig with all of the wires messed up, but hey. The Penny/Des scene was so romantic! I really hope he gets off the island now. All in all, I don't know how this episode is going to help the plot, but I guess we're just going to have to wait and see.
  • Desmond has unique flashes in this perfect episode

    I was only spoiled by the sneak peeks for this episode, and that didn't even give anything away about the episode except the fact that they actually made it to the freighter. Desmond episodes are my favorite - especially Flashes Before Your Eyes, Live Together, Die Alone - and to a lesser extent Catch-22. They did a good job keeping Penny out of the opening credits in this one. I don't think anyone expected him to actually call her in this incredibly odd and heartbreaking scene. I cannot wait for the next Desmond episode, even though I don't think we'll be getting another one this season.
  • One of the better episodes this season.

    I was a little disappointed with the fourth season... until now. Some things were explained: like why Daniel is so "strange" and the "boat people" were shown for the first time. Also I noticed that genre of LOST might slowly be changing from mystery to sci-fi, because now we have physics and time-traveling (it was already shown once in the third season) involved in LOST. The best part was the end of the episode - I really loved the scene where Desmond finally had a chance to talk to Penny. Let's hope that all will end well and Penny will find him (and other lost'ies of course).
  • This episode concerns Desmond and how he has this time travelling ability. It's cleverly plotted, well written and the acting is so refreshing. The best episode of season 4 so far. Desmond has flashbacks about his life before coming to the island

    The best episode so far. While it doesn't provide any additional information to the whole Lost ark it provides us a very original plot, that reminds me of the very good Lost days. It proves that Lost has a lot to offer.

    It gives you a really great feeling and at some point you track of where you are. This episode also marks the first time where an islander (Desmond) is linked with one of the rescuers Daniel Faraday. I'm not going to provide any additional plot information cause it will just ruin the magnificence of this episode. Words can't describe it. Believe. Enjoy every moment of this episode and pray that there will be more form where this came from by the end of season 4.
  • Best. Episode. Ever. Or at least the best one in a loooong time.

    Oh god. This episode was insanely marvellous.

    It's not just the fact that we have answers; it's the fact that it's interesting, well written, plot development is genius and the fact that Desmond's love for Penny is his constant… it's just beautiful.

    I remember how confuse I was while watching "flashes before your eyes" last season… but now we have a response. Desmond's conscience was travelling through time… but the time-space elapsed was short so we thought he had visions and he could change the future.

    But, as faraday says in this episode, future can't be change and Charlie did die. Now that Desmond is off the island, this flashes are stronger and his conscience travels 8 years back (not 7 or 9 :p). Is this too crazy even for Lost? Absolutely not. They've been preparing the show, the plot, for this!!!

    Now we know why electromagnetism (and the button) is so important… now we know one of the most ambitious Dharma's Investigations. Oh god. I just loved this episode…

    And that scene with Desmond and Penny phone call... It's just beautiful. The music, the dialog, the editing… everything is just perfect.
  • The best of this season so far.

    This episode has all the ingredients for "Lost" at its best: a script by Lindelof and Cuse, direction by Jack Bender and focus on one of the more compelling characters. In a season where even the episodes considered misfires are still really good, this episode shines even more. Although a flash forward with Desmond would've been at least interesting, his back story still has plenty of life in it, not to mention his time travels allow the creative team to divert from the standard flashback formula.

    Desmond's story since gaining his power has earned comparisons to the Kurt Vonnegut masterpiece "Slaughterhouse Five". In that, the protagonist becomes "unstuck in time" (a phrase dropped in this episode), catapulting through various events in his life with no seeming logic or progression. Desmond experiences similar phenomena, although it jumps back and forth from a linear 1996 storyline to the present action. "Lost" also incorporates another level of tension, where the conscience bouncing back and forth needs to find a constant to hang on to or else face deadly consequences.

    Desmond's unstuck travels through time are terrifically put together. The abrupt changes mid-sentence (or mid-word) to dead silence or vice versa really nailed the disorientation Desmond suffered throughout the episode. While the director, writers and cast deserve high marks, the editing deserves it as well (hopefully they'll get Emmy recognition).

    Since Charlie's death, some have wondered what that meant for Desmond's flashes. Presumably he would have flashes of other events, but this episode gives Desmond something new and interesting. Assuming the flashes were similar to the unsticking (the flashes were presumably incomplete as the future isn't written), Desmond avoided major problems because Charlie was his constant through most of them. Although he avoided death in this episode, it's still possible that this could happen again, maybe when Penny comes close to the island. Penelope and Desmond's love story is everything the Kate/Jack/Sawyer triangle wants to be but isn't. Look no further than that gut wrenching phone call on the boat. None of the love triangle moments even comes close to this one. Even multiple viewings hasn't diminished how moving this scene is. Unlikely the triangle, Desmond and Penny's love and separation are at the heart of the "Lost" story. I couldn't care who Kate ultimately picks, but if Desmond and Penny don't end up together, I'll be seriously upset.

    While I initially was puzzled over Desmond's decision to stay behind, his reasoning is obvious: he wants to know their connection to Penny. Naomi had their photo when she parachuted on island and used that to gain the trust of the survivors, but what exactly was their reasoning for this strategy unless they knew they had contact with Ben and assuming he is their target? Minkowski explains that Penelope contacted the freighter. This could imply that the freighter was originally sent by her after all, but Abaddon's people changed the agenda. That could explain why she didn't know Naomi.

    The freighter's a lot smaller than it was made out to be. It was probably unrealistic to have a big freighter on a TV budget. The crew, therefore, must be small. Originally there were at least 11 people (the freighties on island, the doctor, Minkoswki, Omar, Keamy, the Captain & Regina), but there are likely more.

    It's been theorized for weeks that Michael and presumably Walt are on the boat as well, with Michael being Ben's inside man. If that's the case, it wouldn't be a far stretch to presume that Michael is Sayid and Desmond's "friend", unlocking the sick bay door so they can go to the communication center. It would also make sense that Walt sabotaged the equipment. This ties in with him setting the original raft on fire. He never wanted to get off the island, so now that he is he's going to do everything in his power to keep the freighter from going forward.

    Between Minkowski and Desmond, this episode may begin to explain the "sickness" Rousseau alluded to back in the eighth episode. It should also be noted that the substance Minkowski was injected with looks like the vaccine Desmond took while in The Swan. Since The Swan was on top of all the electromagnetic activity, it would make sense to protect the inhabitants from "side effects". There is also the question of whether the rest of the crew will be subject to it, since Brendan and Minkowski went on a solo mission to see the island. Frank make it there and back and he appears fine.

    There's also the question of how it'll affect Locke. He's the only other person who was close to The Swan when it im/exploded who is still alive, but the only effects he's had was a renewed sense that the island's power was real. It'll be interesting to see if he becomes "sick" should he leave, perhaps as a reluctant member of the Oceanic Six.

    Daniel's character gets some major development, explaining some of his odd behavior. Considering his exposure to radiation and electromagnetism, they are setting him up as a possible counter to Desmond. This may explain Charlotte's card game and his inexplicable crying when learning of 815's "fate" in his flashback. He may be in an upcoming event that was upsetting (not hard to believe with all the harbingers of doom) and hurled back with no memory. This may ultimately be what motivated him to join the freighter crew.

    It seems that Widmore may know a bit about the island's mythology. At the point where Desmond jumped back his journey may be getting started, as he's first obtaining a potential piece of island mythology: a journal, owned by a member of the Hanso family, by the first mate of the Black Rock (some of whom theorized was forever young Richard). Buying it for such a high price shows he'll go far to learn about the island. He may also know the truth about what's happening to Desmond and that, combined with his distaste for those lower in class than he is, fuels his animosity. That could be why he left the water running, which was a pretty odd behavior.

    The time discrepancy between on-island and off-island is revealed and it turns out that it wasn't too far off. The island is only a few days ahead according to Lostpedia, although official sources appear to be retconning that unfortunately. However, it should be noted that the bearing Frank followed was 305, 20 less than Michael's. Veering slightly off was likely that catalyst for Desmond's problems. It's possible that going at the bearing Ben advised will ultimately explain Walt's aging.

    Otherwise, the show's focus is only on a few other characters. Sayid proves to be a strong support for Desmond, likely because he's in a similar situation with his long lost love Nadia (not explaining her in Sayid's flash forward may be telling). It's interesting to see him as compassionate compared to the cold blooded killer he'll become at Ben's service. Frank also has some good scenes as the castaways ally (possibly the "friend") on the boat. It's certainly interesting to see that the freighties on island, besides Miles, have been sympathetic, considering what happens to the Oceanic Six.

    Overall, this was the best episode yet from a season that has been hitting all the right marks. The A-Team (as TV Guide calls them) of Bender, Lindelof and Cuse crank out another superb episode and Henry Ian Cusick (one of the many gifted performers on "Lost") knocks it out of the park. While it was a self-contained episode, no Oceanic Six reveals, it still moved the story forward with some great character development between Desmond and Daniel. The stage is certainly set for even more amazing stuff down the road.
  • Wow

    Another bloody awesome episode brother! This episode was amazing! Desmond was amazing the whole 50 minutes was amazing! I really cant put it in words how good this episode was. I got to say, I think this was one of the best episodes in the whole of Lost. And it is one of my favourite Desmond epiode, if not it is my favourite one! Everything about this episode was brilliant! I just cant put it into words. I want to watch it again and again! Desmond was awesome and Dan was awesome too, just everything about it rocked! Well, I loved every second of every minute of this episode! I cant wait to see more!

    For so long have we heard a little bit about Penny here and there and been completely thrown back by Desmonds weird time travel but now we get answers!

    This was a true Lost classic! He made the call to Penny and she had been looking for him for three years and the love between them was amazing! This was an amazing episode! I'm also so glad that Desmond came back to reality in the end.

    As sad as it is, Lost is coming to end and things will be revealed on a mass scale. This is just the begining. LOST! .
  • While on the way to the boat, Desmond experiences something strange.....

    This is a instant series classic for Lost. I loved everything about this episode. There wasn't anything I didn't dislike about this episode to be honest. Faraday showed some genius this episode too, I was afraid he was starting to become like a horrible Charlie rip-off or something. I just really can't believe that he sent Desmond on a wild-goose chase like that just to ensure that nothing will happen to him. If you think about it, Jack is safe as well because he meet Desmond before he came to the island, so he should have no problem if something like that happens. I can't wait to the next one bring it on!
  • weird but good....... was this desmond centric episode realli needed?>

    sometimes in this episode you didn't know what was going on!!!! oh my gosh. this episode was alright at first i dint know what was goin on but i still don't get it excactly !! what with the time difference?? perhaps the island got a different time ya know???? mmmmmm good i won't reveal to much as ive already been reported for spoilers!!! oh my gosh no way!! anyway this lost episode hasn't been the best last episode was better and it was obvious that desmond wasnt gonna die i think there could be some1 they know on the boat.... and i think it is some1 begging with 'M' well well.... till next episode can't wait looks awesome with juliet ya know.... :)
  • Desmond and Sayiid have not made contact with Jack back at the island, and he starts to wonder what happened to them. Faraday begins to explain to Jack and Juliet about their perception of time. Meanwhile, on the way to the freighter, something odd begins

    I was glad to have a current episode and not a flashback or forward, although I do enjoy those as well. Desmond and Penelope's relationship is finally given some attention and I found it to be rather emotional. Ever since Charlie died and saw Penny on the console, I wondered when she would emerge again. The whole idea of a "constant" and then "desmond hume is my constant if anything goes wrong" in the diary at the end, brilliant. I couldn't help but tear up when she answered the phone though, I felt so sorry for him by that time, i only prayed she answered. Up to this point Desmond hasn't been a prominent character and this episode definitely attached me to him more. This show continues to amaze me!
  • ...

    I was hoping for a Desmond episode but little could I have imagined just what I was in for. Once again it has been proved that Desmond gets the most complex, intricate storylines, with the actor able to act terifically while the character is charismatic enough to lead a whole episode. Normally an episode focuses on a character but we still see plenty of the islands' other inhabitants. However, notably in this episode other characters only took up about 5 minutes screentime and Desmond carried the whole episode himself.
    The episode was superb, once again introducing loaded ideas about time travel and fate etc. It's quite an interesting follow-up storyline after Des' flash-forwards, as the purpose of those revolved around Charlie, who is now dead which makes the flash-forwards somewhat redundant. However this could be even more exciting as we can see that other characters may also be affected.
    At the beginning of the episode I was somewhat lost, but by the end everything had been well explained. It may also have helped that I read The Time Traveller's Wife! It was great to see all the aside clues, such as Des in the army, following scenes which showed him passing by the recruiting station in earlier episodes.
    Also a lovely end to the episode, with Penny and Desmond making contact. Those two are the key couple behind Lost, so I always enjoy Penny/Desmond screen-time.
    It was also a good idea to have Sayid there with Desmond, as their relationship is largely unexplored but quite solid, so obviously Sayid was an ideal person to have on that boat.
    Daniel's ending was also thought-provoking.
  • It was an overall masterpiece.

    'The Constant', is undoubtedely the best episode I have ever seen of the show. It had every conventional aspect that made an ideal Drama masterpiece. It was unbelieveable. The one pinnacle factor that Lost has apart from any other show on television is the connectivity that we as an audience have in relation to the characters. It allows you to empathise, especially with Desmond and the phone call, it really did draw me in and play with my emotions. Lost is a solid, consistent and unique show that is just going to get better and better and I can't wait for the next episode.
  • This was a wow episode. Every bit had me on the edge of what was gonna happen next. THANK GOD FOR LOST!

    This episode was amazing. The way it was done was excellent. The ending when Desmond and Penny were speaking word after word then it ended with an i love you was awesome! I'm starting to wonder if Desmond will get off the island, not as an Oceanic 6 because he didn't crash the plane with the rest of the 815ers. But i think Penny will find him and he and maybe some other people will be rescued... hmm. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Hopefully another Desmond epsiode will come up soon. This was a amzing episode .
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