Season 4 Episode 5

The Constant

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2008 on ABC

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  • Desmond fastly becoming my favourite character!

    Another great installment of the worlds best show. Any Desmond centric episode delivers, and this was no different. Cleaverly plotted and very well organised. I find his sotry so interesting and we still do not know why he left the army right? Interesting. The interaction between Des and Penny was awesome and the Daniel Farraday character just gets better. Sayid continues to as good as ever, and with his current devlopment i cant wait to see how ends up going about with Ben. I thought the inserts of teasers concerning the black rock, hanso and more links that dharma are still alove and well came off very well. Im now starting to think perhaps Charles Widmore has more influence over the island happenings than ever. Theres been shouts that this was one of the best episodes ever, but my argument would be that currently season 4 has consistently delivered and you cant see that declining in the near future, with what looks like a very interesting Juliet centric episode next weeks (ORCHID??!) followed by what the writers say are two "finale" worthy episodes.
    Lost 4eva!
  • Desmond finds his 'constant'

    I said it last week and it looks like I'm saying it again. The best episode of lost so far. I'm adding that 'so far' because I know it's only getting better and with a Juliet-Centric (My favorite Character) next week its going to be a big one.

    Lost isn't known for great dramatic romance but If there's one romance on the show that sends a message of 'Love conquers all' It's Desmond and Penny. Desmond's journey back and fourth to fight for his life was incredibly moving.

    I'm finding the whole "Go Back" we're constantly hearing this season (and in the finale last year) a little interesting. I don't think it means what they're making it out to be. Bring on next week. Juliet = suspense.
  • Absolutely amazing episode...

    With Desmond being my favorite character, I'm a bit biased, but that being said, it was in my opinion the best episode this season. When you get into time travel it can be a bit dangerous for the continuity of the story...for example; you might need a DeLorean, a flux capacetor and 1.21 gigawatts! But Lost handled it a bit differently this time with Desmond jumping back and forth (in his mind?) from 1996 to 2004. And now that he has his "constant" in Penny, he seems alright for now. Also, now that Daniel now realizes that Desmond is his constant, how will he react?

    All in all I thought is was a great episode in full overdrive. I particularly love the scenes between Desmond and Penny, they are the most moving of the series. In the end, I'm hopeful that we'll see them reunited.
  • Des experiences a side affect which causes his consciencous to travel back and forth from past to present.

    Once again, a Desmond centric episode brings us something fresh, new and exciting! Not to mention so much heart and emotion that left many of us viewers in tears. We got a lot of answers but many questions as well, which is typical Lost I guess. Henry Ian Cusick once again blew me away with his pheonominal acting. Forget Skate and Jate, I'm completely for Dope! Desmond and Penny's story is one of my favorite side stories of this show. This episode was easily the best of the season so far and one of the top episodes of all time.
  • Lost still has it!

    Possibly even better than last season's "Flashes Before Your Eyes." This episode answers a lot of questons, sets up even more, and is an edge of your seat thriller. Brilliant episode without a doubt. Lost is so much better this season than every before. Instead of the first half of the season being second rate, we get thrown good episode after good episode. Is The Constant the best epsode of Lost yet? I don't know about that considering that "Live Together, Die Alone" and "Through the Looking Glass" are pretty hard to top. But it definitly has earned it's way among the best episodes yet, for me anyway.
  • One of the best LOST episodes ever.

    The Constant, a Desmond centric episode.

    Desmond begins to time travel (?) to and from 1996 and 2004 while flying towards the freighter. He experiences unusual side effects and forgets everything post 1996 and his time in the army. Daniel Faraday is probably the only man who can help him.

    Wow! Just wow! The Constant is one of the best episode ever written for TV, this is one superbly produced and edited episode of LOST. It is just that amazing. It just proves that LOST is one of the best shows ever to grace the small screens. The final five minutes, the telephone call, that scene ranks as one of the best scenes in LOST.

    If you are not watching this show, you are really missing something. Forget Heroes, Prison Break, CSI, Grey's Anatomy, forget everything, this decade is going to be remembered for one TV show, and that is LOST.
  • Did you notice the Black Rock Reference???

    Bet you didn't notice the Black Rock tie in.... Loved this episode. By far the best episode of the series. Revealed more about the entire series than any other episode. By the way did anyone notice that when Desmond goes to the auction they are selling a portrait of the Black Rock, the ship that ran ashore on the island. Coincidence? I think not.

    This series is only getting better. It has so many levels that it exists on and it really make you think. Although it did get just a little bit "Back to the Future (Flux capacitor) when Desmond goes to the university to talk to the Past Faraday (you gotta love that name, what an ultimate inside joke, or is it???)

    Too bad there aren't any other shows on TV that even come close to LOST. Oh, well, at least we can still be lost for another 20 or so episodes.

    Amazing! Gave it a 9.9 because I only saw one iffy edit, other than that, what a job they did putting this one together. Outstanding!!!
  • Possibly my most favorite episode yet.

    It's not going to be easy writing this review because, to be frank, the episode left me speechless. I happen to be a physicist myself so I always find Daniel Faraday's (named after the great Michael Faraday of course!) shenanigans interesting. Desmond is also one of my favourite characters so this episode was destined to be enjoyable with these characteristics alone. Although the whole time travel mess has been hinted at before in previous episodes, this was the first one where the anomaly was explored in depth. I felt, this made the plot quite fascinating. The whole "Back to the Future" sort of thing always interest me regardless of how ridiculous the time travelling devices and mechanisms and effects seem to be. All in all it was just a very entertaining episode.
  • Very good filler episode.

    If this episode was a full length movie (which I believe it was), I'd be glued to my seat. The whole jumping back and forth through time thing is all good. This was a very good episode, but... That having been said, I was a little dissapointed in the lack of plot advancement. After three seasons, and going into a very shortened 4th, I'm not really satisfied with filler episodes anymore. If this were the only episode of Lost that I've ever seen, I wouldn't need any explanation of what was going on, It was totally disconnected from the story line. Yes yes we all know now that there's some kind of time warp thing going on, for anybody who needed to be hit in the head with it. It just didn't need to go on for a whole hour. But had it been on last season, I may have enjoyed it more, but who knows.
  • Excellent episode with a lot of answers

    This episode was one of the best episodes ever. Better than any of the finale episodes. so far i've been reading other reviews and i've noticed that people are so excited that they forgot to mention one of the most important answer of the entire episode. We now know that Penny's Dad is the one financing the people who recently came to the Island. ("So Called Others"). He bought the journal from the auction in order to know where the black rock is.

    This is somehow connected to the reason why he gave Desmond the sailing boat. Somehow Desmond has altered Daniels future with the code he gave him in 96.

    I'm now looking forward to lockes episode. ooh 1 more thing i heard micheal will be back on one of the upcoming episodes
  • How to break the boundaries of our reality while still having the engaging restraints of another, Lost makes sense of the island and one of it's main couples by creating a tour-de-force which justified it's own lack of sense.

    Which, by the way, is replaced with consistency and a big 'woah.' This episode compares very favourably with 'Flashes before your eyes, justifying the time element with the eponymous 'constant' giving the flashback something to work towards, it's far more watchable than most. And since it's not a flashforward, there's no dancing around nouns that haven't been revealed yet.

    It's also nice to see an example of Sayid's virtue after his last appearance was rather dark, and Daniel Faraday, who we still don't know much about, is sublime and an immensely substantial characterization. I'd argue that he's exactly what Lost needed.

    The dialogue is great, and a few very fine performances compound on this. Centrally, that Desmond and Penny are in love is now believable, and therefore that they need to get back together is imperative. Handy, seeing as we're supposed to care about it. There is a section where they are torn apart and it manages that wonderful dramatic combination of uplifting and heartbreaking. Penny's more incredulous scenes towards Desmond also give her a lot more weight that she didn't have.

    I'd also like to give kudos to Henry Ian Cusick and the editing team for making the jump between timelines seem that bit more tangible. The move between scenes looks and feels connected.

    It's quite simply far more easy to be invested in this show when it's like this.
  • This episode centers around Desmond, is afflicted with something that causes his mind to jump from 1996 to 2004, and his quest to fix the problem, but he must count on Daniel Farraday, a scientist from the mysterious freighter...

    As I watched this episode, I got the feeling I got during the first season. I love not knowing exactly what's going on, it's why I started watching the show and couldn't stop. While several episodes so far this season have been revealing about some of the characters, I thought the show was losing some of it's mystical feeling. They were concentrating more on the people, and less on the island. I think it helps to have a good synergy between the two, it ups the speculation, and makes that characters all that more important. I have always loved the Desmond episodes, and this one did not disappoint! This one had a very emotional ending, one fo the best episodes of this season, perhaps any season!
  • Kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting more!!!

    I was tense throughout the entire episode. One of the best of the season. This didn't feature the flash forwards that tend to annoy the viewers, because it keeps adding onto what happened on the island. Instead, it entertained the reader with the actual mystery behind the island. A question that is finally getting answered, in a very unique and mysterious way. A lot is explained, but still leaves a wide array of questions which keeps you coming back to see the end result. I found Penny and Desmond's story well written and very satisfyingly cute. "Keep them coming," I say.
  • Lost is best when it is weird and this is arguably the weirdest episode of the lot and in my opinion, arguably the best episode ever.

    This episode was the epitome of Lost and what it brings to the viewer. As I said in the summary, Lost is best when it is weird and this episode created a whole new plethora of weird. From flashbacks and flashforwards to having to relate between the two or you're going to die...this episode has the lot. Unfortunately it's the man that always has his brain messed with stuck in the middle of it. Desmond Hume is one of the best characters in Lost in my opinion and this is a true statement to how strong his own storyline is, not to mention how everything that has happened to Desmond and is still happening ties in with all of the islanders' fate. The ending was phenomenal and the inclusion of Daniel Faraday in the story is excellent. He's the best character out of the new cast and quickly becoming one I hope to see more and more. Best episode of Lost since season 1 in my opinion. Truly what makes this show great.
  • In this stretch-of-an-episode, Desmond loses his sense of reality on the helicopter ride to the freighter. The then spend the entire episode jumping between his life in 1996 and the present on the freighter.

    Invisible man. Okay. Smoke monsters. Maybe... Time travel? What? Why doesn't everyone just fly off of the island? The writers of LOST told us in the beginning that there were scientific explanations for everything on the island. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know they meant "made-up science". This show got put in between a rock and a hard place and they decided to take the easy way out and either kill characters that complicated the plot too much for them or they decided they should introduce invisible men, or maybe, just for fun, they'd send character back and forth between 1996 and 2004 for a whole freaking episode. Did they steal this half-a**ed plot from the writers of the "Butterfly Effect"?

    And of course, of all of the possible characters to get put onto the freight, it just happened to be Sayid. The only person who can fix an entire communications system. Why did you fools all give this episode a '10'? I wait, I forgot, most people who watch the show don't care about crappy writing, crappy acting, and terrible continuity. AHHHH
  • Best episode this season (not ever because Des had some other great ones too).

    OMG what a great episode. For someone who wasn't a crash survivor, Des has proven to have the best storyline far exceeding any of the others. As a matter of fact, after this episode, if the others disappeared, I wouldn't miss them at all. Lets just make it about Des and Penny for the next couple years and they will do fine. I think unfortunately, it may be an inherent flaw in the series when episodss with these 2 get the best ratings and they weren't in at the beginning. Lets hope that everyone else can just tie in to this storyline and keep it going.
  • I Love You Penny...

    This entire season I have had to wait for the second viewing of an episode in order to give it a fair grade - there will be none of that for this epsiode. This episode is everything that you could ever want in Lost. It had everything that you could ever ask for so let us begin the breakdown.

    To begin with - the only critism that the episode has gotten so far is that the beginning started off too out there and mysterious and the begining really dragged? It was because of the mystery and confusion at the beginning of the episode that made the pay off at the end so great. I really thought Desmond might die in this episode when he was calling Penny and Im so happy that I have stayed spioler free to this point. Loved the introduction to the boat - we get to meet two of the passengers on it and its clear that they do not want Oceanic 815 members on their plane at this point. There is alot more to be uncovered on this boat right now, but I loved the pacing of the boat portion of the episode. Everything in the episode mattered and I dont even think that I would consider this episode a flashback as a whole. I would consider it a time travel episode. I should also mention that Desmond episodes have yet to be bad. Live Together, Die Alone was among the top episode on everyones LOST list up until Through The Looking Glass. Flashes and Catch 22 were both amazing episodes in season three and now we have this one as well. Loved the way they really got the beach involved in this episode, I thought Locke and company needed a bit of a timeout anyways. Jack and Juliet were on the beach, but the main action was with Daniel Faraday who sends Desmond to see him at Oxford. There was a lot of scienece and time travel in this episode but Damon and Carlton were able to write it so well that I could understand the entire episode when it was all over with.

    I have never been a big fan of the "Happily Ever After" storyline, but I loved the entire scene when Desmond finnaly gets a hold of Penny in the present time. I have enjoyed watching that love story devolop and its so much better then anything Jack / Kate / Sawyer have ever given to the show. There is something so real about it that it really makes me anticipate them getting to see each other soon. Overall, one of the best episodes of Lost ever and after 135 votes it is being given the proper respect that it deserves. Flashes Before Your Eyes was a fantastic episode and is rated too low. Now that people understand whats going on I hope the constant settles down at the 9.65 range. Obviously I would want it to be a 10 but I don't think thats anything that could ever happen on this site. Amazing episode.
  • HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL Best episode of the season so far, definitely in my top ten episodes BY FAR. Maybe even one of my fav Des eps, wait that's all of them XD

    This episode was so amazing, I cannot even describe it. First I have to say this, the Boat people are creepy, and old Daniel hair was major LOL XD

    But everything with the time travel, the pressure, the loss, and It still made sense! The time jumps between Des's past and future was AMAZINGLY well done.

    DesxPen FOREVER This episode moved me to tears, definitely one of the best episodes ever. Henry Ian Cusick, for me, Is the best actor on LOST. His scenes are so real, so sad, so lost, so convincing.

    It really gets me.

    John Locke used to be one of the better characters, his stories always made me sad, but Dictator Locke isn't getting my vote.



    I can honestly say this may have been the best episode of LOST to date as I literally spent the entire hour on the edge of my seat. In my opinion, the final scene of "The Constant" was the emotional climax of of the show's 4-season run, and it leaves LOST fans with reason to hope.

    The structure of this episode breaks from the traditional "Flash-forward/ Flash-back" format and delves into the issue of time-travel. I don't want ruin the plot though so I'll simply end by saying if you only see one episode of LOST this season, make it "The Constant".
  • great episode...

    Yay, a Desmond-centric episode! Desmond is my favorite character so, naturally, I love episodes about him. Ok, so he experienced some side-effects from the flight to the freighter and starts seeing past and present and has trouble distinguishing them. It reminded me of an episode of Stargate when Teal'c was injured and had realistic hallucinations of him being a firefighter, but then went into realistic hallucinations of working at the SGC. He couldn't distinguish which was real and the two kept switching. Wow, off my rant about Stargate because not many people watch it and onto Lost. The random other guy that was 'sick' was pretty interesting. I really liked this episode. The story was great, the characterization was great. Just a great episode.
  • Best Episode Ever

    The Constant is without a doubt the best episode of Lost ever aired to date. From the sheer mass confusion of Desmond's first flashback to the brilliance of Daniel Faraday to the raw emotion of Desmond's conversation with Penny, it was undeniably amazing from beginning to end. An episode like this is the reason many of my friends and I, along with so many others, tune in every week, shaking with anticipation and excitement. An episode like this is the reason I fell in love with this show. Kudos to the writers, actors and behind the scenes crew of Lost. And here's hoping that next week's episode is even better!
  • The best episode of Lost to date. Brilliantly written, exciting, and emotional.

    That episode could not have been any better. It started off with the amazing point where we finally travel off the island with an Oceanic 815 survivor. Absolutely amazing. And then, Desmond has side affects where his 2004 self starts imagining himself in 1996, and his 1996 self imagines himself in 2004. And now, he must figure out how to stop the flashes, and prevent his mind from being short circuited. So he must use his past self to get information to the present self, and present self to get information to the past self, culminating in an superb emotional scene where he finally figures out "The Constant" he must find to save himself. Interaction with Dan Faraday was also great, and very revealing about the nature of the Island...

    Best Episode Ever.
  • Great episode! One of my favorites!! Loved the timetravelingflashbacksforwards.

    What an amazing episode!!! One of my top 5. and Desmond what a great job by Henry Ian Cusick it was amazing. I really enjoyed all the science involved and how Mr. Widmore was buying the black rock ledger, i wanna know if it was for penny because she was doing research on the black rock. I loved how there needed to be the constant in the future and the past to stay anchored somewhere and how for Dan it could be Desmond. very good episode!!!! i have this episode a 10 because it had everything you look for in LOST. Time travel, penny, cool science stuff, Sayid!!! and of we finally got onto this ship!!

  • Amazing Every minute of this episode had me in lost zone. This episode was so good that i would even consider it finale worthy!

    Every minute of this episode had me in lost zone.
    This episode was so good that i would even consider it finale worthy!
    What i like about this most was that the episode actually had an end.
    They usually end Lost with a cliff hanger, and dont get me wrong thats not always a bad thing, but i have to admit was was getting a little frustrating. Although the concept of the whole time traveling thing was quite confusing, i actually understood it! And the end summed everything up. For once in lost they didn't start something and never finish it. I thought the part when Desmond told Penny to call him in 2004 was fascinating! Thank you Lost Writes for a Great EPISODE!!!!
  • Holy moly, what a boss episode!

    First of all, this episode managed to creep me out in a big way. It's the first time an episode's done this for me since Exodus, Part II, where the Others are introduced. Lost often spectularly introduces new characters, but does have mixed results delivering on their original airs of mystery; hopefully the creators will keep it up for these new freighter people. That guy, Keane, especially...what a strange, mean, and intense way of delivering that dialogue.

    This season, which I've very much enjoyed so far, SO needed a powerhouse episode like this that combined the best elements of the show: sci-fi...
  • What an episode! ***spoiler alert****

    It was a little confusing at first trying to figure out if Desmond had a future off the island only to then realize that he had been traveling back in time. I had just gotten use to all these flash forward episodes of this new season when LOST took us for another spin with Desmond. Not only that but he couldn't recognize Sayid and anybody else in the present. To figure out his way out of this weird time loop he had to focus on the one constant in his life, his true love, in PENELOPE and to try and reach her both in the past but also in the present was at times a bit of a stretch, but the ending was just too perfect! Like two star crossed lovers in Romeo and Juliet, that final phone call between the two brought tears to my eyes as I was rooting for him to succeed. To see them both vow to continue to search each other out because of their love was awesome.
  • its got some of the most intelligent interesting subjects ever mentioned in lost. but it actually makes sense to me.

    this is the kind of lost episode i love its so good. hit has all the the things great in lost twists,love, penny.

    but the thing that gets me is that desmond can travel time and who was that new guy? the man who had the same thing desmond had. this episode had so much science in it.

    it made the episode so much better. i want to hear more about that new guy who wrote if anything hapens to me demond is my constant. he seems so frekaing interesting. well anyways the episode was the best ive seen in life and makes up 5X in advance for the **** eggtown. this is the lost i want to see more of. that kick ass twist. i cant get enough but they need to explain one out of the 4 to 8 to 15 to 16 to 23 to 42 mysteries in this brilliant show besides that.

    god bless LOST.
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