Season 4 Episode 3

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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2008 on ABC

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  • We are shown Sayid's grim future, but for some reason I still don't feel that sorry for him.

    The writers of LOST must get so tied up in trying to remember which storyline was which that they forget to consider how they storyline would realistically happen in the real world. I'm not talking on the island things, but the flash forwards. Do they expect us to believe that no one in that hotel heard Sayid's gunshot? There were three shots fired in that room, but I guess all of the people around didn't hear it over the blenders that they were making margaritas in. I mean, come on. Someone would have heard the gunshot and gone to investigate, and then maybe they would have seen -gasp- a man with a gunshot hole in his arm, or the dead body left in his room! Other than that, the episode was alright. I loved the Hurley plotline where he set Sayid up, because I totally believed that he was left in the closet by Locke and that's why he was one of the Oceanic six. But I guess not. And the rescuers, except for Daniel and the pilot, are really annoying. Finish their storyline and get them off the island, please!

    At least this season has started off a lot better than the last season, I'm kind of enjoying this one!
  • An amazing episode, this season has really started in an excellent way.

    Wow, that was amazing. Lost continues to deliver the good.
    A Sayid centric episode, about time. I felt he was terribly underused last season but now a flash forward and him being one of the oceanic 6, that`s fantastic.
    The opener is shocking. I know he was a soldier and has killed before but just killing the guy he was playing golf with was really unexpected.
    The drama on the island remains excellent. Questions continue to arise on the "rescuers" and Dan may have proved that time does not pass as it should on the island, which could mean a lot.
    Kate goes with Sayid and decides to stay there. We had two episodes of Kate and Jack and it was meh but this one Kate-sawyer scene proves how much chemistry there is between these two. Kate staying is totally logic. Why the hell would she want to leave island? Nobody is waiting for her there and she is a fugitive. But I would`t be surprised if she stayed undercover there.
    The flash forward had bunch of shocking events but THE ultimate shocking moment was the end of episode cliffhanger. You can`t beat Ben! one of the smartest guy of tv!
    I like the reflective camera view of the island when they were leaving in the helicopter. Great Desmond too is going, I don`t even know what to expect on that boat.
    Lost was always well written but IMO the writing of this show has never been better than now.
    Been a great TV week. Amazing prison break and Lost episode. :D
  • What is really going to happen?

    I adore the flash forwards. They add so much - you get those tiny little hints what will happen and they built up such a dark and mysterious future and you are lost not knowing the way they will get there.

    I enjoyed this episode. Somehow every Sayid centric episode had brought us one step closer what will happen but this one - all the revelations we learn that he is killing people on some list and working for Ben... I really like to learn how that will happen as Sayid say - when he starts trusting Ben, he will be selling his soul to devil. What will change that so much that he is ready to do that?

    And the really important thing - two of the survivors are out of the island. And... Locke really has it from that point but it looks like on one moment Ben will take over and where does it lead? Oh.. it was great episode.
  • Forget everything else, Lost is the king of the hill.

    Lost once again gives us another excellent episode. If Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, who are supposedly the weakest writer duo on the crew can pull off something like this, then I wonder what the rest of the episodes will be like?!

    This episode was simply mindblowing. Surely, the island storyline started a bit slow, but by the end you just couldn't blink! Sayid never gets enough screentime, so it was great that in this episode he's featured in basically every scene. Naveen Andrews is a very talented actor, I must say.

    Two particularly interesting things concerning the island:

    -- Dan's experiement. If this doesn't proove that the time passes different on the island, nothing does. I had goosebumps! I bet Dan did too.

    -- The two groups. Very odd. Locke's group acting like the others now. It's really creepy, but it's just something (in my opinion) was coming. I predicted it around season 2, and here it is. Our survivors taking the place of the others...

    It was good to see Desmond, and even better for him to question why Naomi had a photo of him and Penny. Looks like very soon we'll be getting some answers now that Des and Sayid is on their way to the freighter.

    Now, the flashforward. Oh. My. God. What an opening! I totally didn't see THAT coming! Sayid shooting a man in cold blood. Wow, wow. Sayid is working as a hitman? Even more wow. Sayid's "girlfriend"'s a hitwoman? Even more wow! For a few minutes it felt like I was watching Alias! Elsa's death scene was actually done the same way as one of the deaths in Alias in 2x13 which was also directed by Jack Bender.

    But of course, the very ending... finding out who Sayid's employer is. Ben. Even if I wanted to theorize, I wouldn't be able. I'm just so... shocked. I'm absolutely locked down. This is not a TV show, it's art. Bring on next week.
  • Oceanic 6 - Jack, Kate, Hurley and now.....Sayid.

    O.K. I will not even pretend NOT to be confused. This season is moving so fast, if you get up to use the bathroom you may have to start back at the beginning! Last week had flashbacks of the new players and this week had flash forwards of Sayid as a cold blooded assasin. I can tell it's confusing for other viewers as well. In one review I read someone thought Sayid knew Ben before because they thought the flash forward was a flash back. In another review, someone thinks Ben may have one of the six spots. But Ben can't have one of the six spots because they are the OCEANIC six. Ben wasn't on the plane. Ben, Juliet, Desmond weren't on Oceanic 815, so if they get off the island they wouldn't be part of the Oceanic 6. Also, it seems from the passports Sayid found and the photo the new people have, Ben must be coming and going from the island. He initially came as a child but the passports and the photo have him as an adult. What's the deal? I do not pretend to be an expert. I'm still wondering what happened to the rest of the Others. Did they ALL get killed off while I was in the bathroom???? I only see Ben, his daughter and her boyfriend. That's it, no more bathroom breaks for me!
  • Great episode with a big shocker.

    Another look at the future on this episode. We learn that Sayid is one of the six survivors of the plane crash that makes it off the island.

    Sayid is back to killing again. They hinted that something tragic happened to push him into the career choice. I freaked when I realized he was working for Ben who I see as sort of an anti-christ. I wonder what on earth would put Sayid on Ben's side.

    Hugo betrayed Sayid and Kate. He lied to them about him being left behind. I wasn't sure Hugo was capable of such deceit. This is probably part of the reason Hugo regrets siding with Locke in the future.
  • I give up!

    Ok, I am a huge Lost fan. I love the show. I love the characters. I have been always one to watch shows that has a bit of mystery to it & I try to figure it out before anything is revealed.

    I have now officially given up trying to figure out where Lost is going. Last week I was majorly confused with the flashbacks of the new guys. This week? Sayid working for Ben? Killing a bunch of people probably to protect the other survivors? Huh? No pun intended...I'm officially lost watching Lost. Which is the way I like it.

    Can't wait for next week.
  • Woah, please slow down!

    With season four rolling around, Lost becomes more confusing then it ever was. With GREAT episodes, and by great I really do mean great. Each one holds your attention and really gets you confused. This episode moves extremely fast paced and I would say it definitely requires two viewings. The flash-forwards really are fun but at the same time, they are extremely headachey and confusing and really makes you add more questions to the already piled up stack we have. I'd definitely recommend this episode for people who are truly loyal followers of the show. But for the "here-and-there" viewer...I'd abandon the fourth season right away.
  • Another fun flashforward reveals Sayid is up to his old tricks again, this time on and off the island. Drama ensues.

    This episode had me hooked from the start until the end. For some reason, I just find Sayid to be an interesting character. In this episode, we learned that our favorite torturist is back at it, this time hunting down people on a list at the whim of a mystery man who turns out to be (drum roll please)...Ben.

    Not only does this shoot down the Ben in the casket theory, it also points to more than just six getting off the Island. I highly doubt Ben managed to grab one of the six spots off, but hey, who knows, right?

    Anyhoo, back to the main point. This episode did for me what last week's couldn't and that is, in a nutshell, advance the story and introduce new elements/new mysteries. My love for Miles has subsided a bit and the four newbies are still throwaway characters IMO, but I love where things are going and can't wait to see the next installment.
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