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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2008 on ABC

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  • Another fun flashforward reveals Sayid is up to his old tricks again, this time on and off the island. Drama ensues.

    This episode had me hooked from the start until the end. For some reason, I just find Sayid to be an interesting character. In this episode, we learned that our favorite torturist is back at it, this time hunting down people on a list at the whim of a mystery man who turns out to be (drum roll please)...Ben.

    Not only does this shoot down the Ben in the casket theory, it also points to more than just six getting off the Island. I highly doubt Ben managed to grab one of the six spots off, but hey, who knows, right?

    Anyhoo, back to the main point. This episode did for me what last week's couldn't and that is, in a nutshell, advance the story and introduce new elements/new mysteries. My love for Miles has subsided a bit and the four newbies are still throwaway characters IMO, but I love where things are going and can't wait to see the next installment.
  • Woah, please slow down!

    With season four rolling around, Lost becomes more confusing then it ever was. With GREAT episodes, and by great I really do mean great. Each one holds your attention and really gets you confused. This episode moves extremely fast paced and I would say it definitely requires two viewings. The flash-forwards really are fun but at the same time, they are extremely headachey and confusing and really makes you add more questions to the already piled up stack we have. I'd definitely recommend this episode for people who are truly loyal followers of the show. But for the "here-and-there" viewer...I'd abandon the fourth season right away.
  • I give up!

    Ok, I am a huge Lost fan. I love the show. I love the characters. I have been always one to watch shows that has a bit of mystery to it & I try to figure it out before anything is revealed.

    I have now officially given up trying to figure out where Lost is going. Last week I was majorly confused with the flashbacks of the new guys. This week? Sayid working for Ben? Killing a bunch of people probably to protect the other survivors? Huh? No pun intended...I'm officially lost watching Lost. Which is the way I like it.

    Can't wait for next week.
  • Great episode with a big shocker.

    Another look at the future on this episode. We learn that Sayid is one of the six survivors of the plane crash that makes it off the island.

    Sayid is back to killing again. They hinted that something tragic happened to push him into the career choice. I freaked when I realized he was working for Ben who I see as sort of an anti-christ. I wonder what on earth would put Sayid on Ben's side.

    Hugo betrayed Sayid and Kate. He lied to them about him being left behind. I wasn't sure Hugo was capable of such deceit. This is probably part of the reason Hugo regrets siding with Locke in the future.
  • Oceanic 6 - Jack, Kate, Hurley and now.....Sayid.

    O.K. I will not even pretend NOT to be confused. This season is moving so fast, if you get up to use the bathroom you may have to start back at the beginning! Last week had flashbacks of the new players and this week had flash forwards of Sayid as a cold blooded assasin. I can tell it's confusing for other viewers as well. In one review I read someone thought Sayid knew Ben before because they thought the flash forward was a flash back. In another review, someone thinks Ben may have one of the six spots. But Ben can't have one of the six spots because they are the OCEANIC six. Ben wasn't on the plane. Ben, Juliet, Desmond weren't on Oceanic 815, so if they get off the island they wouldn't be part of the Oceanic 6. Also, it seems from the passports Sayid found and the photo the new people have, Ben must be coming and going from the island. He initially came as a child but the passports and the photo have him as an adult. What's the deal? I do not pretend to be an expert. I'm still wondering what happened to the rest of the Others. Did they ALL get killed off while I was in the bathroom???? I only see Ben, his daughter and her boyfriend. That's it, no more bathroom breaks for me!
  • Forget everything else, Lost is the king of the hill.

    Lost once again gives us another excellent episode. If Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, who are supposedly the weakest writer duo on the crew can pull off something like this, then I wonder what the rest of the episodes will be like?!

    This episode was simply mindblowing. Surely, the island storyline started a bit slow, but by the end you just couldn't blink! Sayid never gets enough screentime, so it was great that in this episode he's featured in basically every scene. Naveen Andrews is a very talented actor, I must say.

    Two particularly interesting things concerning the island:

    -- Dan's experiement. If this doesn't proove that the time passes different on the island, nothing does. I had goosebumps! I bet Dan did too.

    -- The two groups. Very odd. Locke's group acting like the others now. It's really creepy, but it's just something (in my opinion) was coming. I predicted it around season 2, and here it is. Our survivors taking the place of the others...

    It was good to see Desmond, and even better for him to question why Naomi had a photo of him and Penny. Looks like very soon we'll be getting some answers now that Des and Sayid is on their way to the freighter.

    Now, the flashforward. Oh. My. God. What an opening! I totally didn't see THAT coming! Sayid shooting a man in cold blood. Wow, wow. Sayid is working as a hitman? Even more wow. Sayid's "girlfriend"'s a hitwoman? Even more wow! For a few minutes it felt like I was watching Alias! Elsa's death scene was actually done the same way as one of the deaths in Alias in 2x13 which was also directed by Jack Bender.

    But of course, the very ending... finding out who Sayid's employer is. Ben. Even if I wanted to theorize, I wouldn't be able. I'm just so... shocked. I'm absolutely locked down. This is not a TV show, it's art. Bring on next week.
  • What is really going to happen?

    I adore the flash forwards. They add so much - you get those tiny little hints what will happen and they built up such a dark and mysterious future and you are lost not knowing the way they will get there.

    I enjoyed this episode. Somehow every Sayid centric episode had brought us one step closer what will happen but this one - all the revelations we learn that he is killing people on some list and working for Ben... I really like to learn how that will happen as Sayid say - when he starts trusting Ben, he will be selling his soul to devil. What will change that so much that he is ready to do that?

    And the really important thing - two of the survivors are out of the island. And... Locke really has it from that point but it looks like on one moment Ben will take over and where does it lead? Oh.. it was great episode.
  • An amazing episode, this season has really started in an excellent way.

    Wow, that was amazing. Lost continues to deliver the good.
    A Sayid centric episode, about time. I felt he was terribly underused last season but now a flash forward and him being one of the oceanic 6, that`s fantastic.
    The opener is shocking. I know he was a soldier and has killed before but just killing the guy he was playing golf with was really unexpected.
    The drama on the island remains excellent. Questions continue to arise on the "rescuers" and Dan may have proved that time does not pass as it should on the island, which could mean a lot.
    Kate goes with Sayid and decides to stay there. We had two episodes of Kate and Jack and it was meh but this one Kate-sawyer scene proves how much chemistry there is between these two. Kate staying is totally logic. Why the hell would she want to leave island? Nobody is waiting for her there and she is a fugitive. But I would`t be surprised if she stayed undercover there.
    The flash forward had bunch of shocking events but THE ultimate shocking moment was the end of episode cliffhanger. You can`t beat Ben! one of the smartest guy of tv!
    I like the reflective camera view of the island when they were leaving in the helicopter. Great Desmond too is going, I don`t even know what to expect on that boat.
    Lost was always well written but IMO the writing of this show has never been better than now.
    Been a great TV week. Amazing prison break and Lost episode. :D
  • We are shown Sayid's grim future, but for some reason I still don't feel that sorry for him.

    The writers of LOST must get so tied up in trying to remember which storyline was which that they forget to consider how they storyline would realistically happen in the real world. I'm not talking on the island things, but the flash forwards. Do they expect us to believe that no one in that hotel heard Sayid's gunshot? There were three shots fired in that room, but I guess all of the people around didn't hear it over the blenders that they were making margaritas in. I mean, come on. Someone would have heard the gunshot and gone to investigate, and then maybe they would have seen -gasp- a man with a gunshot hole in his arm, or the dead body left in his room! Other than that, the episode was alright. I loved the Hurley plotline where he set Sayid up, because I totally believed that he was left in the closet by Locke and that's why he was one of the Oceanic six. But I guess not. And the rescuers, except for Daniel and the pilot, are really annoying. Finish their storyline and get them off the island, please!

    At least this season has started off a lot better than the last season, I'm kind of enjoying this one!
  • This a Sayid flash-forward episode.

    This episode really made me want to like Sayid but I can't pull myself to it. Sayid in his flash-forwards was doing what he was doing best and that was killing people. That twist in the end (which I won't reveal here just in case somebody reading this hadn't seen it) is just so amazing that as soon as ABC puts this episode online I am going to rewatch the ending over and over again, I just can't believe it! I am also glad that Locke is starting to show some more leadership skills. That plan of his was awesome. It really had me convinced that they did leave Hurley behind. The writers did a great job on that one. It was almost like a Kansas City Shuffle (Lucky # Slevin reference; great movie by the way). I am also very happy to see that Kate joined with the team/side that I really care about. It gives hope at least some of them will survive when they finally get off the island. Also my prediction for next episode looks like we get a confirmation that Kate is one of the Oceanic Six. I figured that anyway just because of the flash forward we had at the end of season 3.
  • I'm still in shock! They're going to give me a heart attack! What's going on??? *Spoilers*

    This episode was reeealy great... so many things happened… from now I think I'll have to watch each episode three or four times in a row to get the whole of it!

    From the very beginning with Sayid killing that unknown man, acting all spyish, with a secret boss, and missions…. The phrase "The day I start trusting Ben will be the day I sell my soul" or something like that… they warned us and we didn't listen!!! The ending WOW!!! (Although at first I thought they used a different voice off to deceive us into believe it was someone else, but no... it was him... If you saw it, you know who...) Now… the flashforward wasn't the only interesting thing… what about the island happenings? Daniel's watch and rocket malfunction (Time problems there…loving it!), Hurley's deceive (How amazing was that?), Sayid's trade (I didn't see that coming either… where the hell is Miles?)… Did Kate really decide to stay or they took her? ¿Desmond on the helicopter?... I hope they explain better his last vision of "Claire and Aaron being rescued by the helicopter", because it's coming a little bit different than what he saw… maybe on his episode they shed some light on that… I really feel I have to watch it all over again… but if they keep up at this pace, I swear I'll get a heart attack! What a great show!
  • (contains spoilers) This was an intersting episode and it really makes me wonder about the direction of the show, but I'm sure it will pan out, the writers like to make you think, and things never seem to be what they appear on the show.

    I have to admit I was a little dissapointed that Sayid is one of the "Oceanic 6" his charcter just doesn't have much weight in the story anymore, but I'm sure that will change. I didn't care for what he became after leaving the island, because he was so against what he did and who he was with the Republican Guard and Saddam, and now he seems to be back to that guy again.

    I also don't like how they keep naming people in the "Oceanic 6" they said they are naming another one next week that means will we have 5 out of 6 already and they still have till 2010. I agree with one of the other reviews that Hurley being in that closet would have been a great way to have him get in the other group, and explain why he was in the "Oceanic 6' eventhough he went with Locke. I'm not too worried about that because I think maybe he will feel bad for tricking them, that they can write a believeable way of him switching groups and making it off of the island. OK now about Ben. I was wondering what the picture was of Ben because it looked to be off of the island and he was an adult but he lived on the island his whole life, did he leave at some point? Then he is off the island in the flash foward and some how Sayid works for Ben, what is that all about. I kind of hope Sayid gets killed in someone elses flash foward after he gets off the island same with Ben.

    I'm really looking foward to next weeks show as always, because it seems like the writers are either messing with us or hopefully they are making it so they don't give everything away already.
  • It's good to see they took the criticism from last season and made some great corrections. An excellent, revealing, and meaningful episode. I am enjoying watching lost again!

    We learn Syed is another of the Oceanic 6. We also see Ben got off the island also. Somehow that doesn't surprise me. Also, Syed is now an assassin, going after some shadowy people for still yet unrevealed reasons. Syed dates a lady who is the assistant of one of his targets. However, in the end, she ends up dead. This is one of the few times I was as interested, or more interested in the flash (forward in this case) than the island. However, the island was very revealing, if only for one thing, the delivery of the payload. There is a 20 minute time distortion. I've always figured the island was out of sync with normal time but this confirmed it. I'm curious to see what happens when they get back to the ship. My only regret is I can't wish Ben dead anymore, since his fate has been determined. However, I also have no doubt that several others are still on the island. Lost is finally moving along at the pace similar to seasons 1 and 2. It is revealing just enough while still keeping us guessing. I am looking forward to the rest of the episodes!
  • Lost continues it's fast start with an interesting and revealing episode with a tremendous ending that was most shocking.

    (Major Spoilers)

    This Sayid-centric episode begins with him golfing in the Seychelles when he is approached by a stranger. They make a friendly bet which the stranger wins. The stranger gets highly freaked out when Sayid tells him he is a member of the Oceanic six, Sayid then shoots the horrified man, as it is his job. The flash-forward continues with Sayid on another assignment in Germany. His objective is a lovely blonde woman whom Sayid begins a relationship with, his job is to kill her employer, and her job is to get info from Sayid and to kill him. She wounds him and he kills her, and with his injury he goes to his boss to get stitched up. His boss is none other than...Benjamin Linus! Earlier in the episode Sayid says he would neve trust Ben, judging by their conversation, he doesn't trust him now, but he is working for him to protect his friends.

    On the island, Sayid makes a deal with Frank that if he gets Charlotte back from Locke, Frank will take him to the freighter. Sayid leaves with Kate and Miles and is captured by Locke and Team after Locke used Hurley for bait. Sayid leaves Miles and Kate behind and takes Charlotte with him to keep his end of the bargain. Frank is not too upset with Miles being left behind and he states "Miles is a pain..." Sayid heads back to the freighter with Desmond and the Naomi's corpse.

    Daniel conducts a science experiment seemingly aimed at measuring time. He sets up some gear and radios into the freighter to launch something. According to the person on the radio, the payload should've arrived, but it didn't. It does arrive...31 minutes later, thus proving some sort of time distortion.

    This episode was great from start to finish, it had awesome acting, directing, dialogue, cinematography and the plot was very strong. Both the island story and the flash-forward were well done in all aspects. Terry O'Quinn put on a great display Locke's leadership and confusion when Jacob's cabin wasn't where it was supposed to be. Naveen Andrews stole the show with his amazing and diverse portrayal of Sayid. We saw many new sides to him tonight, intense, loving, sad, despairing, and focused. Whatever it is, it must be pretty serious to have him working for Ben.

    The end was amazing, seeing the eerie face of Ben as he instructed Sayid was chilling and stunning. It was a great end to a great episode and will set up some major developments down the road. Lost has been stellar thus far and hopefully it will stay that way, with episodes like this, it won't be hard.
  • A very revealing and shocking episode to say the least.

    A very revealing and shocking episode to say the least.

    From this episode we found out the 4th member of the Oceanic 6. After Jack, Kate and Hurley now we have Sayid. From what we have seen so far there is a difference between Jack and Hurley and Sayid. Whilst Jack and Hurley wants to go back to the island, Sayid is being forced to kill people off the "list" to save his friends. By his friends, is he meaning the others of the Oceanic 6?

    But the biggest shock of all was that Sayid is working and killing for Ben. Whilst on the island Sayid found loads of money from different countries and different Ben's passports. This shows that Ben has been leaving the island a lot. The question now is what is exactly Ben in the outside world? And what was is that Sayid listened to his heart and not his gun, that made him work for Ben? On the island Sayid had said that before trusting Ben he would need to sell his soul.
  • I wasn't that impressed by this episode, but I still liked what I saw.

    First are foremost, I really like the dramatic change in Sayid after leaving the island. Everyone seems to have gone through a radical change in character after becoming one of the Oceanic 6, and Sayid's story makes sense - retrogressing back to his warlike personality (then again, I guess on the island he wasn't the most peaceful person).

    Ben is getting stranger and stranger. And that's great because I think he's a fascinating character.

    I understand that it's the beginning of the season and we kinda gotta pick up pace a little bit, but I am just hoping it won't be completely story-driven. Even the flashbacks/forwards seem to be used for the sole purpose of creating complicating (if not interesting) storylines. Remember episodes like The 23rd Psalm, or ...And Found? These episodes didn't really add much to the story but were genuinely good ones because they were slower and great stories in themselves. I understand all the necessary characterization is mostly complete, but I would still like to see more episodes like those and hope season 4 has a few like that.
  • We've only had three and the flashforwards have already become mundane.

    This wasn't a bad episode, far from it, but Sayid's flashforward really annoyed me. First of all he's the kind of character who tends to get in tight spots, but with the revelation that he gets off the island we know now he's not gonna die. This'll remove the tension from any dangerous scenes he has from now on. Secondly I was hoping that the flashforwards would be used sparingly, only when there was a big piece of the larger picture in it. In fairness there was a pretty big reveal this week, but the fact that Sayid ended up working with Ben was obvious from when he had the line "The day I trust [Ben] is the day I sell my soul." The rest of Sayid's story felt like filler to be honest which was kind of reflected by the fact that there weren't really that many flashforward scenes.

    Although the off-island story wasn't particularly good, the stuff on it thankfully was, for the most part. Hurley seemed to be questioning Locke's decisions, which made perfect sense as old John does seem to have gone a little bit off the deep end. Although that did mean that him tying up Hurley in a house was believable which allowed for a better reveal that it was a set-up. Also I loved Hurley's line "Awesome, the ship sent us another Sawyer," fantastic! There were some good lines all round really from the likes of Ben and Sawyer. Something that annoyed me about the episode was that it would appear that time on the island is not quite the same as that off it as the rocket that was sent to Daniel took an extra half hour to get to him. Of course I could be completely off and it just somehow got lost on the way (which I hope is the case). If I am completely wrong then I'd rather that they'd been clearer about what the time difference implied.

    I've gotta say that like the start of season 3, I'm missing the beach again. Because of the very different split in the camp this time around I think there's only a couple of main characters who are at the beach, but I hope that despite everything they do get back to it before long. The fact that there doesn't seem to be a place that grounds the show at the moment because everyone's moving around is a bit unnerving for me. Of course that's probably preferable to the story not going anywhere, the fact things are actually taking shape for the overall storyline is certainly a great thing so far this season. Speaking of, our first two main characters have now made it off the island. Okay, so Desmond and Sayid are just on a helicopter at the moment but it's a start. Hopefully we'll get to see the freighter before too long, as well as who Ben's man on it is.

    If the flashforwards do become as prevalent on the show as the flashbacks then I'm not sure I'm on board with them. It's probably just because Jack's was so fantastic last season that I'm expecting the same kind of excitement from each of them. Either way I still think that they should be kept to a minimum. That said the story on the island is moving forward at a brisk pace and is continuing to be exciting.
  • Ben is so creepy!

    I love Ben! He is such an amazing character I would just like to applaude the Lost writers! :) :) He isn't quite so omnicient feeling anymore now that hes tied up to a rope and yet he's still able to affect and influence people around him. (For some reason im not sure if what im about to mention was in THIS episode or not but i will say it anyway)

    Hurley and the Cabin and Jacob. I think is so cool that Hurley can SEE Jacob when Locke can only hear him. And when he said "I thought the cabin was back that way?" and John goes "what?!" Hurley: "oh umm.. i thought you meant the ... Pilot Cabin...." Also when John was saying how he was the leader and everyone had to listen to him and getting all defensive/aggressive. It made me think of when John will find out that Hurley has seen the Cabin and Jacob and how it moves.

    I hate the flashforward's! With Jack suicidal/drunk and Sayid working for Ben hitman style and Hurley in the Institution 'cause Charlies appearing. I wonder whats happend to Kate? The only way that i can even watch them is by hoping that they wont come true somehow.... I just wonder what they have to protect the others on the island about? that no one will/can talk about really.

    I wonder what happend with the rocket and it being late. At first i thought it was because of some time difference with the island and the world but then it couldn't be because they talk on their phones to the people onthe ship... so it must have been from something else? i am a little L O S T to be corny! :P
  • It seems to me that season four is going to happen between the others and the anti-others. But who are they?

    It seems to me that season four is going to happen between the others and the anti-others who hired the freighter people. Our losties are already split between those two groups. The ones who want to stay on the island under leadership of Locke and those who want to leave the island, the oceanic six.
    Benjamin Linus, wanting to keep the island secret, has started a head hunting on the anti-others off the island. Sayid as forced assassin has already killed Mr. Avellino(the golfer) from the list and is after the economist. Mr. Abbadon who visited Hurley in the hospital, and who has put the freighter team together is working for the anti-others. But what is their mission and whom they are working for? Is there any connection to Penelope or her father Charles Widmore? Remember he was the manufacturer of pregnancy tests used by Sun, Kate and Rachel. Is this all about life and death, heaven or hell?
    Oh... I'm lost again in questions. So better wait for next episode, which I hope will reveal another person from the oceanic six. I hope to see Sawyer in Kate's flash forward episode...
  • Ben Linus is Jason Bourne?

    A very strong episode where the main twists and turns seem to be coming from the Flash-Forwards rather then the island storyline. Let's talk about the episode into the two parts that every episode is broken down into. The FF was amazing, from the beginning to the end. This is classic JJ Abrams type of stuff - showing us the change in characters over time. I remember way back in season one when Jack said to Kate "It doesnt matter who we were, all that matters is who we are." I think this quote is so significant when you look at it from the view of the future. I love this new path the shwo is taking and to be honest I love the storytelling thats going on in the FF stories. I was one of the few who thought they were going to be using a lot of FF's to tell the story and I'm very glad to see that being the case. The opening scene with Sayid killing a seemingly random man at the golf course was very much so unexpected. The man seemed to know who Sayid was - and seemed very much so afraid. He tried to leave after winning the bet, which makes me wonder if there is anythign deeper then that. Im sure if he was working for Dharma he would have all ready known Sayid, but once Syaid said he was from Oceanic 815 the man seemed scared for his life. Very powerful way to begin. Sayids connection was Elsa was perfect - for a one episode kind of thing anyway. He being a spy was a little weird, as the two of them actually seemed to like each other. It seems that Elsa had a mission to get the name of Ben, and Sayid had to get the name of her employer. I didnt think about that last night, but that does make sense as to why she suddenly was able to flip out of character like that. Obviously the ending was amazing, one of the most powerful endings in the history of Lost. Emerson still deserves his Emmy, other then his zombie eyes in the beginning of the episode. Not sure what that was all about. Lol.

    The island portion is where the episode was a little slower - Jin, Sun, Rose, Benard, and Desmond just kind of chilling back at the beach is kind of weird consdiering everything that is going on right now on the island. I know why they arent trying to overcrowd the scenes, but I would like to see them get a little more involved. The braclet was a fun new mystery to debate about on the forums and I did like how Ben is apprently Jason Bourne in disguise with all the passports. Ben should have a very informative FB coming up in the second part of the season. Like I said, the island scenes were a little slow at times, but the FF was able to more then make up for it. I am going to go ahead and classify this as the "worst" season four episode - but thats a fantastic think given how many great things I have had to say about it.
  • A strong turn for a character begging for the spotlight

    Now that the writers' strike is over, there's less concern that the fourth season will be chopped in half. It will be shorter than intended, but the producers will tell the same season arc as originally planned. That will mean compressing the story in the second half of the season. If the first few episodes are any indication, that will be quite a difficult task. The story is already progressing at an unexpectedly accelerated rate. Of course, that was the promise made by the producers in the first place. Now that the endpoint for the series has been set in stone, they no longer have to stretch out the story. The current plans allow them to maintain forward momentum while taking the time to continue the strong character exploration at the heart of the series. In this case, Sayid is the center of attention, and this is easily one of his best episodes. In particular, the flashforward takes Sayid in an unexpected direction, giving the audience a reason to anticipate his character progression in the future. While it's unclear how much time has passed, or where this flashforward fits in relation to Hurley's experience in "The Beginning of the End" and Jack's meltdown in "Through the Looking Glass", the circumstances continue to flesh out the impending conflict. Sayid has the skill and experience necessary to be a competent assassin, so as surprising as his alliance with Ben might be, it makes a certain amount of sense. Thus far, it appears that the theory regarding the "Oceanic 6" is correct. They seem to have kept the existence of the remaining survivors a secret on purpose, pretending to be the only survivors themselves, to protect them from Matthew Abaddon's organization. Now we learn that Ben also escaped the island, presumably independent of the "Oceanic 6", and that he has been waging war against his enemies. Sayid's experience with Elsa indicates that the war is escalating, and Ben is more than happy about it. The implication is that at least some of the "Oceanic 6" were chosen to help mitigate or eliminate Abaddon's organization, because until that happens, the rest of the survivors and the island will be in jeopardy. In any such arrangement, one would expect Ben to have the upper hand. It's certainly not clear why Sayid feels beholden to Ben, enough so to kill, but that's part of the fun. Back on the island, Sayid asserts some of his leadership ability by imposing his will upon Jack, who knows enough to trust Sayid's instincts. Sayid's strategy regarding the "rescue party" is quite intelligent, and while Jack seems more eager for rescue, he's not stupid enough to trust them. Sayid knows that Team Shepherd is more exposed at this point, and his tactics are developed accordingly. It's good to see Jack learning to trust Kate, because in the past, he's been unable to accept the possibility of her competence. Of course, he's also recognized that she'll do what she wants to do, as the eternal wild card, so he uses that to his apparent advantage. This puts her in the position for a reunion with Sawyer, who displays quite a bit of growth since the events of "The Brig". Sawyer was once the leader of the faction unwilling to let go of the past; now he is embracing the possibilities of the island nearly as much as Locke, though for different reasons. Speaking of Locke, his inability to find Jacob again puts him in a bad psychological space. Ben is quick to recognize that Locke claims his leadership role through the mechanism of mysticism and visions, something he knows about all too well. (Perhaps this is the beginning of Ben's slow return to power, with Team Locke as his new "Others".) Hurley tries to assert more influence over Locke, but in this instance, it doesn't quite work. Still, the stage is set for Hurley's eventual break from Team Locke. Sayid's swap, substituting Miles for Charlotte, puts Miles into an interesting position. While he was staying with Team Shepherd, his unique skills might have been wasted. By throwing him in with Team Locke, there's a much higher chance of running into Jacob. It would be interesting to see Miles interact with Ben, and it would definitely be interesting to see his reactions around the barracks, where so many of the Dharma Initiative died. For that matter, it looks like the rest of the "rescue party" is sliding into the right place at the right time. Sayid would be able to direct Charlotte to the location of the "four-toed statue", for example, which is likely connected to her expertise. Daniel is already running some interesting experiments, shedding light on the unusual properties of the island, and since the remnants of the Swan Station are on the way to the beach, he's not far from the motherlode (from his perspective). While this is still the introductory phase of the season arc, and the pieces are still moving into position on the board, the use of flashforwards has given the writing staff the ability to tell the "Lost" story on more than one level. That breaks the series out of any sense of monotony, and allows for revelation in unexpected places. It certainly appears that the patience of "Lost" fans is being rewarded.
  • Sayid becomes Jason Bourne/007. Ben becomes even more of a mastermind.

    I am biased because I can't stand the sniffling Jack, (or ever the loser Charlie). My favorite characters on the show are 1# Sayid, 2# Ben, and #3 Locke. Sayid always gets pushed to the back. I can't see how people thought this was an unoriginal eposide. We get a lot of clues to the future. Why do people not like the fastforwards? Why do people that want all the answers watch the show? The whole idea is for them to give you clues. Season 2 was a waste because none of the clues really led to a payoff. Last year was a wash because they have seemed to turn arc after that development, but it does seem that the "others" goals (Ben's goals) will be tied to the conclusion of the series. It reminded me of the movie Munich last night. Sayid had a list and he was tracking down people. No surprise they did the killings in East Berlin (a very 007 thing to do). It should be fun to see who Ben real is at some point. I just hope this all does not end up in Hurley's head. They have got this angle going again. Last night with the cabin disappearing from Locke and two weeks ago it had been blinked away by Hurley. Add that to the Dave eposide in season one and the Charlie cameo two weeks ago. We shall see, but right now I am enjoying Lost again.
  • The episode marks the End of "Lost" Part One!

    In my opinion we saw "Lost" from day Zero and got fans of the story and the Two Main Questions were:

    1- Will they ever going to get out of the island?

    2- Wo will get out?

    I know that we knew the answer to question 1 already, but this episode marks the 100% response mark to both questions.

    We now know that 6 of them actually got out of the island and who they are: Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hugo, Ben and Sawyer.

    So there it is, the questions are answered. Plot solved.

    New stories came along and now everything can be written. Let's keep watching all the fun, and see How Will They Escape and Why The Other Survivors Don't!

    So new questions are now written on the canvas:

    1- Who are these freight people and what do they represent, and what's Penelope go to do with it?

    2- What's with the Island stange occorrencies and every mistery that goes with it?

    3- What will happen in the future's future :) Will Sayid get away with his job? Will Ben survive? Will Hugo stay in the hospice? Will Kate end up with Jack?
  • Another overrated episode

    The main problem with this episode, for the most part, it's pretty static or at the most like a boat slowly blowing in the wind, there is alot of sitting around, eating up episode time, only a small portion of it was the good stuff.

    Almost all of the flash forward is exceedingly boring, the plot twist at the end (I wont reveal it for you but I'm pretty sure people reviewing other episode will quite happily flash a spoiler in your face without permission) was almost obvious from the start of the final scene, however, it does hint to the future of lost, or what might become of them, which was interesting.

    Pretty weak in comparison to the last two episodes, Naveen Andrews though, even around weak scenes, is terrific, it's a shame his centric episode only had a small portion of content to it and a cheap twist at the end.
  • did that just happen?

    Wow! I'm in shock...the ending...wow...well, let's start at the beginning. Sayid, Miles, and Kate go try to get the female captive and Sayid negotiates her release. Therefore, he gets a spot of the helicopter, along with Desmond and the dead Naomi. Now the ending...WHAT! Sayid works for Ben in the future! He was working for him! WHAT! I'm shocked...Anyways, Sayid is my favorite character (and so is Desmond) it's interesting seeing his future. He's so interesting. I'm excited to see what happens next when he and Desmond go on the helicopter. Overall, great episode. This looks like it's going to be a great season.
  • Much better than previous episode, the "Oceanic 6" story moves along with Sayid's future (present day? It's still early 2005 in Lost-time I guess...) Some clever dialogues and twists and turns. This one will have you coming back for more.

    A fine progressive episode. The flash forward for "double oh"- Jarrah; Sayid Jarrah; shows him to be survivor with a healthy settlement but also a debt to pay. The Locke group has some dissension but come together. Another of the Losties seems to start thinking that retirement to a secluded South Pacific isle may not be too bad after all. Can he convince the fugitive? More silly techno babble with the new guy Faraday doing an experiment of sorts - interesting long distance projectile delivery system there - how far away is the ship offshore again ? to get 3 to 6 foot accuracy! All in good fun.
  • An incredible episode with a lot of sorprises coming of the sky (with a delay of 31 minutes) hahaha..

    One big episode...a really big one.. When the people thinks that lost dont have much more life they do it again..Now we have a jason "sayid" Bourne, we have a Ben out of island fighting with another BOSS (could be the father of Sun) :o
    we have a problem with the island and the real world (look it the experiment of Dan)
    We have a Sayier looking for happyness hahaha
    We have to watch this episode again and then we will understand all the things.
    im from argentina, im sorry for my language if i dont speak 100% good.

    Greetings from here!!
    bye losties
  • Not all that

    I thought the last episode was much better, this one moves a bit slow for me. The good part was when we saw Sayid's Future. but still we know nothing about Ben, the Others, the Island.. there are still so much questions left and they just keep creating new ones... I hope next one will be a bit better. i like the creepy stuff like in the previous episode, when they keep bringing in new plot-twists and other really weard situations, but this last episode was a bit less. and I really want to know more about the people on the boat, and Ben. this is my opinion, I'm going to keep watching, that's for sure.
  • I'm disapponted in this ep..

    Honest.. it did bring more new fresh details but this kind of pessimistic, actually boring way of story line isn't that good. People on the Island are lost and trying to find ways to be better or at least to be different than the've been before. And as i'd thought Sayid realsed that killing and torturing people is a wrong way and he was getting better in this understanding. But now we can only see him as a sick man who's doing thing that other people tell him.. no matter what kind of things they are.. where's the logic? it's just my IMHO
  • We may be on for the best Lost season yet.

    As the episode begins, Sayid investigates Naomi's dead body and discovers an inscribed bracelet. He makes a deal with Lapidus that he will return Charlotte to safety in exchange for a flight to the boat. Sayid flashes forward to a day on a golf course where he shoots a man. Later, he meets a girl named Elsa in a Berlin restaurant and asks her out to dinner. After leaving the restaurant, Sayid calls a mystery person, saying that he "made contact." Back on the island, Sayid tells Jack not to come with him to get Charlotte. He takes Kate and Miles. Locke's gang gets to the location where Jacob's cabin should be, but the building has mysteriously vanished, so he leads the group to the barracks. Hurley protests the holding of Charlotte, but Locke insists. At the helicopter, Faraday decides to do an experiment with a locating device. Through the experiment, he discovers that the island appears to be in a different time than the outside world - about 31 minutes different. Sayid, Kate, and Miles discover Hurley tied up in the barracks. They go to Ben's house and discover a secret room of Ben's, just before Locke and Sawyer burst in on them. It turns out they were set up, and Hurley was the trap. They lock Sayid up with Ben. Kate asks Sawyer why he doesn't want to get off the island, and he explains that there's nothing for him in the real world. He asks why she would want to go off the island when she knows she'll just get arrested anyway. Locke and Sayid talk, and Sayid trades Miles for Charlotte. In another flash forward, Sayid and Elsa are in bed together, professing their love. Sayid is about to share his secret with her when her pager goes off. Sayid tells her to leave Berlin. She figures out that Sayid used her to get to her boss, and he reveals his plans to kill the man. She pulls out a gun and shoots him in the chest. Then she calls someone and tells him that Sayid wouldn't give up the name of his boss. It appears she was using him as well. Sayid, still alive, reaches for his gun and kills her. She is wearing the same bracelet as Naomi. Back on the island Desmond asks Lapidus why Naomi had the picture of him and Penny. When he won't say, Desmond insists on going on the helicopter to the freighter with Sayid. Sayid returns with Charlotte and tells Jack that Kate decided to stay behind. While Lapidus prepares the helicopter, Faraday warns him that he needs to follow the exact same course when leaving the island. Lapidus, Sayid, Desmond, and Naomi's body leave on the helicopter. In the last flash forward, Sayid walks into a dog kennel to get his bullet removed. The man who is removing the bullet asks if Elsa is dead, and Sayid tells him that she is. The man, who also appears to be Sayid's boss, is Ben. Ben says that they're doing this to protect Sayid's friends. Ben has another person he needs eliminated, and he thinks Sayid is just the man for the job.
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