Season 4 Episode 3

The Economist

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2008 on ABC

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  • Desmond and Sayid leaving the island on the helicopter, possibly my favourite LOST scene ever. Overall a superb episode with a shocker of an ending.

    I'll start by discussing the events off the Island: Sayid's Flash Forward.
    The flash forwards were pretty dam good in my opinion, the first scene at the golf course has to be amongst Sayid's best scenes, when he shoots "Mr Avellino" and walks away and the sprinkler system comes on it feels like an exquisit and very artistic shot in the way it has been done.
    What Sayid says seems slightly chilling in this scene, in a way: Mr Avallino: What do you do for a living?
    Sayid: I do nothing.
    It kind of hits you at this moment that something isn't quite right and that theory proves correct moments later.

    It was obvious that Sayid meant to meet up with Elsa in the coffee shop and the events following were a set up to gain information, I was even shocked by Sayid being double crossed by her, I did not see that coming when he got shot.
    The lurking question is who is The Economist she worked for? there are all sorts of theories circulating around the internet from Sun's dad to Charles Widmore, I wouldn't put it passed the writers if one of these was actually true.

    The final revelation came in the closing moments when we found out that Ben not only got off the island, but that Sayid works for him!
    Ben utters some words that give us a taste of whats to come "remember what happened the last time you thought with your heart instead of your gun?" and "do you want to protect your friends or not?"

    The on-island events were also incredibly revealing and interesting.
    We now have confirmation that some sort of time distortion exisits on the island in some shape or form, the exact nature of this im sure will be revealed at another time, maybe in Desmond's episode?

    Sayid stumbled upon Ben's secret closet of joy! A room full of various suits, shirts and outfits and drawers full of different passports and currency!
    Surely this means Ben has been able to travel to and from the island for many years and with great ease it would seem.

    Something else that a lot of people seem to have missed, probably because so much else happened is that clearly "Team Freighter" know exactly who Penelope Widmore is judging by their reactions when Desmond asked them, seeing as she knew nothing about the boat it makes me think again of her father...

    The final on-island scene when Sayid and Desmond left the island was in one word "Beautiful", the music was sublime and the shots as the helipcopter took off and left and flew away from the island were tear-jerkingly good! Keeping in mind this is the first time we see people leave the island with real hope this time of finding rescue, the other times were the raft in season 1 and Michael's departure in season 2.

    The fast paced season continues with events being propelled forward at a rate never expected by not even myself!