Season 4 Episode 3

The Economist

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2008 on ABC

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  • more stupid spoilfowards. the only good thing about it was seeing sayid's long luxurious hair. he must have been glad to use conditioner again once he left the island! ;)

    despite the spoilforard there were a bunch of good things in this episode: it's great to see little things like jack's face when he says "because sawyer won't let him" to kate when she asks how jack knows locke won't throw a knife in to her, as she goes with sayid to the others camp. i was tricked when hurley pretended to be left behind, so that was good. it's great to see locke be in charge finally. (of course he should have realized that with all those people around he wouldn't find jacob's cabin.) it was also great when kate asked sawyer how long they could play house & he goes "why don't we find out"? it was romantic really & showed how, now that he killed locke's dad, he can see a future for himself. unlike kate, he's finally ready for taco night. & more importantly, he realizes that back in america they are both criminals. sawyer was right when he asked kate why she wanted to leave the island. of course, he sounded like ben did when he was arguing with jack! lol. the trade for charlotte was great. they really did a good job of making miles unlikable. the problem with these spoilfowards is that they aren't helping at all & just ruining the island scenes. now we know that sayid is 1 of the 6. great. so much 4 putting him in danger now. of course, now it seems that the 6 will be returning to the island. so there's comfort in that. the twist ending & the bracelet that naomi & elsa wore just create new questions for the law&order fans who don't understand this show. i'm more concernced with the time difference on the clocks.
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