Season 6 Episode 17

The End

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2010 on ABC

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  • I Can't LET IT GO

    Its been almost 2 years..Lost writers you will never read this..Abrams/Lindlehof others you have moved on..I sadly cant..not yet..Not when i see the Season 6 DVD in stores..I still cant bring myself to get it...Let be clear..Lost is one the best TV Shows i have ever seen..Even with the S3 slowdown...It was really all about the JOURNEY/CHARACTERS..,,I GET IT..BUT THIS last episode...YOU CANt TELL ME what ive seen the last 5 yrs.. all the mysteries/secrets/suspense that you've built up DOESNT MATTER..Not when you've taken the time to build up stories/developments/factors so detailed you have college professors/students writng papers/thesis abut your belief vs faith quandry.... I know it was just a TV show..bu so many shows dont get to end..Especially shows as complex as LOST..they just get cancelled or never make it past pilot stage..This whole season was built around this final show....and while yeah it was emotional to the core...The "Answers" never came!!.. Sideways World=Cool Concept...but even that was mocked in the end...Yeah i know i'm on a long list of people that wanted those answers.being i wasnt on TV.com at the time..i needed to get that off my chest...anyway my grading scale two parts...Emotional=A Answers-F Final grade=C..Lost The Series=A- 4th on my alltime list