Season 6 Episode 17

The End

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2010 on ABC

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  • Wow. What a total copout.

    Lost is one of my favorite shows EVER. Every episode, from the Pilot to the penultimate episode had a significance. Sure, there were ups and downs. There was the mysterious season 1, thought by many to be the best. There was season 2, which was far too slow and the new characters were far too annoying, at least until the ending. Season 3 had an amazing second half. Then there was the action packed and fast paced season 4, my favorite season to date, with every episode being important. Season 5 starts out interesting, then gets far too preachy for my liking, with the final episodes being good, not great.

    Season 6, up until the finale, was set for dethroning season 4 as my favorite. The flash-sideways was an interesting and thought provoking idea, which ultimately turned out to be a gigantic waste of time. The island story was awesome, with Jacob and Locke and the many many main character deaths.

    So what happened? Well, for me, it was too CHEESY. The happy/sad music, the church at the end, the way all the characters in the alternate reality somehow figured out that they were connected in the past and then proceeded to do...nothing. The final scene in the church had me facepalming. Since when was Lost a religious preachy show? I DON'T CARE IF THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER. LOST ISN'T A FAIRY TALE.

    Thanks to this ending, EVERYTHING is pointless. It's just a version of the "it was all a dream" ending, only instead it's a "We've been dead the entire time, the past 6 seasons and all the hours of sleep our viewers have LOST means nothing because they were dead!"

    I'm not even upset about the answers. We found out everything totally pressing in my mind, except for Walt and the Polar Bears. However I don't care really about the Polar Bears...it's just a polar bear. Walt can probably be answered if you analyze the show and figure out it, but I don't see the point of a rewatch knowing that none of it matters anyway. The writers decided to throw everything they've worked on for six years into a church, and apparently god was not with them, because they managed to produce the worst possible ending to one of the greatest shows in the history of television.

    So if you forget the alternate reality BS, the story of season 6 boils down to the Monster, AKA John Locke, trying to get off the island. To do this he needs to get all of the candidates together, put out some ***ed god light, and then they can fly off. Well what happens? That happens, only Locke dies. All the important people that survive (besdies Hugo, Jack, and Ben) leave the island. The End. Oh yeah, and Jack dies. But I don't really care about that, because he was dead to begin with, right?

    Even with the remaining questions, such as "What is the light?" "What is the island?" "Why are Polar Bears on the island?" and everything else that was never answered after the first season, all would have been better if the finale was actually EXCITING. Instead we get a bunch of cheesy music and laughter and smiling, when it should have been the most exciting edge-of-your-seat 2 hours ever filmed for television. Instead I found myself yawning and wanted to skip through the scenes.

    Do I hate the show? No. I love the show. Lost as a show gets a 10, easy. I'd give the entire show 11 if I could. But the ending? Well, too bad TV.com can't go less than 1, because a 0/10 is fitting enough. I could write a better Series Finale in my sleep. And even if they had just taken out the goddamned church scene, I would've been fine. But that scene ruined everything in the show for me. All the characters that died, that lived, ALL OF THEM, what is the point? And why a church? Since when was Lost a religious show? There's been some religious episodes here and there, but the show was ultimately about science and fate and friendship. The finale was just an anti-climactic montage of people remembering stuff that happened on the island for the past 5 seasons and 16 episodes.

    And I remember that stuff too. Because I was fascinated by it. I was glued to my seat. I ignored important phone calls just so I could finish it. I had to watch "one more episode" until I was falling asleep in my chair, yet even then I would go to the fridge and drink a caffeinated soda just to finish the episode.

    So all of that dedication...just to find out that they were dead. Is this supposed to be a bitter-sweet ending? Because for me the only sweet is everything before this episode.

    Hell, at least 24 had a good ending.