Season 6 Episode 17

The End

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

Flash-sideways timeline (2004)

Christian's coffin arrives at LAX.

Dr. Jack Shephard studies x-rays in his office as he prepares for surgery.

Ben Linus makes tea.

John Locke is taken on a gurney to theater as he looks at his wheelchair.

Christian Shephard's coffin is loaded on an Oceanic delivery truck.

James Ford readies for a day's work and sees the mirror he punched and broke.

Kate waits in Hurley's Camaro as the Oceanic truck arrives at Eloise's church. Desmond signs for the body and Bocklin takes it into the church. Desmond returns to the car and informs Kate that it was Christian Shephard. She remarks at the ironic combination of names in "Christian Shephard". When Kate asks why Desmond busted her out of jail and why they're going to a concert, Desmond responds that no one can tell her why she is here - not meaning the church, but rather this place. He tells her his name and that although she doesn't realize it, he is her friend and that what he wants is to leave. Kate asks where he wants to leave to and Desmond drives off to show her.

Hurley arrives at the Flightline Motel with Sayid, who appears nervous about what Hurley's plans are. Hurley tries to hand him a tranquilizer gun to remind him of their previous adventures at a motel with gun. Sayid refuses the gun and calls Hurley insane, to which he agrees and asks him to wait. When Sayid asks what if he doesn't wait, Hurley replies that it is his choice but that if he sticks with him he'll be happy he did. At Room 102, discombobulated rock star Charlie takes a swig from a bottle and rebuffs Hurley saying that he doesn't care about the concert. Hurley tries to persuade him by telling him the concert is the most important thing he will ever do, but after being told to go away, Hurley shoots a tranquilizer into Charlie's back, carries him to his Hummer, and dumps him in the back.

Hurley and Sayid arrive at the concert just as Miles does, who sees Sayid in the Hummer and calls Sawyer to inform him Sayid has escaped. Miles asks him to check that Sun Paik, one of the survivors at Jarrah's gun-fight, is alright at the Hospital.

At the Hospital, Jin is at Sun's bedside when Dr. Juliet Carlson comes in to give Sun an ultrasound. As soon as she starts the procedure, Sun flashes back to the last time Juliet gave Sun an ultrasound. Sun, now crying, tells Jin that she remembers, and once Juliet points out the baby on the monitor, he too remembers. Jin is literally floored as he drops to his knees and affirms to Sun that he too saw what she did. When Juliet tells them their baby is fine and asks if they want to know the sex of the baby, Sun responds that it's a girl, and Jin continues to say that her name is Ji Yeon.

Dr. Shephard talks to John Locke before his surgery where he jokingly tells John that there is a chance that he could kill him but that he is confident and will see him on the other side. John asks about Christian's coffin that the airline lost and Jack tells him it has been found. John says that he hopes it will bring him some peace. Jack says "If I can fix you, Mr. Locke, that's all the peace I'll need." John smiles.
Jack and Juliet meet as Jack readies for the operation and Juliet asks whether he has the tickets for the concert, which he does and gives them to her. David asks who will use Jack's ticket and Jack suggests Claire, Juliet says she would love to meet her, the sister he never mentioned the entire time they were married. Jack ensures that Juliet will love her because she is "extremely pregnant." As Juliet and David leave they pass Det. Ford who has arrived to check on Sun's safety.

Hurley and Sayid are waiting in the street at nighttime. Hurley says he can't tell Sayid what they're doing but that he just needs to trust him. Hurley adds that he trusts Sayid because he thinks he's a good guy, despite him coming to believe who people have told him he was. Two men emerge from the bar in a fist-fight, soon followed by a woman pushed to the ground. Sayid goes to her aid and as soon as they touch, remember each other. Meanwhile, Boone approaches Hurley's car and says it was a struggle to get Shannon here from Australia (implying they met previously and worked out this plan), but Hurley says that it was worth it. They allow Sayid and Shannon's kiss to last a little longer before they continue their trip.

As Guests arrive at the concert, Juliet is paged by the hospital and leaves David to escort Claire inside. In the band room, Charlie has passed out and is woken up by Charlotte. Also in the band room, is Daniel who introduces himself to Charlotte. Outside, David and Claire take their seat at table 23. Claire recognizes Kate from her heist of the taxicab at LAX. Pierre Chang welcomes his guests to the Benefit Concert for the Golden State Natural History Museum and introduces Mr. Daniel Widmore accompanied by Drive Shaft. As Daniel starts on the piano, Charlie looks into the audience and sees Claire, staring longingly at her. Claire has a contraction and excuses herself with Kate following her as she goes into labor. Back at the table, Eloise Hawking joins Desmond saying that she thought she made it clear that Desmond should stop what he's been doing. Desmond says she did indeed, but that he chose to ignore her. She asks, "And once they know, what then?" and Desmond answers, "Then, we're leaving." Prompting her to then ask if they are going to take her son and Desmond reassures her, "Not with me, no."

Charlie arrives backstage and Kate sends him for water and blankets. As Claire begins to push, Kate remembers birthing Aaron on the Island. Charlie arrives with the blanket and Kate steps back to let he give them to Claire, so as to help him remember just as she just did. Claire takes Charlie's hand and he flashes their lives on the Island. Desmond arrives and asks Kate whether she understands. Kate gestures that she does and asks Desmond, "So now, what?".

John Locke is brought out of surgery. The orderly wheeling Locke's gurney asks Jack about his neck which is bleeding again. He's about to leave for the concert when he's called to Locke's side. He is unexpectedly coming out of anesthesia. His first words are: "It worked." He moves his feet and can feel his legs. He flashes his arrival on the Island. He asks Jack whether he remembers, Jack has a momentary flash but resists. Locke is ready to go, as Jack, confused tells Locke that he needs to see his son. John tells him: "You don't have a son." Jack now just wants to leave but John tells him that he hopes someone shows him what is going on just like Jack just showed him.

Sawyer finds Sun and Jin. They grin at him and when he shows them a mug shot of Sayid they go to leave saying that they don't need protection from Sayid. Sawyer says it is his job to keep them safe but Sun says that it is OK as they are safe. Jin adds "We'll see you there" as they leave.

Sawyer passes Jack and asks where he can get something to eat, Jack sends him to a vending machine and Sawyer thanks him, calling him "Doc". James selects the Apolo bar but the machine jams. Juliet tells him that if you unplug it and then plug it back in again the candy just drops straight down. James turns the power off and the lights short but Juliet hands him the Apollo bar. As they touch they flash, and Juliet tells Sawyer that they should take coffee sometime. They remember everything and embrace.

Jack arrives at the concert. Kate is there and tells her that he is looking for his son. He recognizes Kate and asks where he remembers her from. she tells him that she stole his pen on Oceanic 815. Jack is confused, he says "and that's how I know you", but Kate says that is not how you know me. She goes up to him and takes his face in her hands saying how much she has missed him. Jack flashes, but still resists. She tells him that if he comes with her he will understand.

Locke arrives at the church. The taxi driver helps him into a wheelchair. Ben is seated outside. John greets him. Ben confirms that most of "them" are inside. As John wheels off Ben says he is sorry for what he did to him. He says he was selfish, jealous and wanted everything John had. He says that John was special and that he wasn't, John says he forgives him. Ben tells him how much that matters to hear that. He tells John that he has things to work out and will stay "here" for a while. He tells John that he doesn't need to be in the wheelchair anymore. John gets up and walks into the church.

Hugo finds Ben outside. Ben tells him he's not coming in. Hugo says that Ben was a real good Number Two. Ben tells Hugo he was a great Number One. Jack and Kate arrive. Jack tells Kate that this is where he was going to have his Father's funeral. He asks Kate why she brought him here. She says "Because this is where you were going to have your father's funeral." She goes to leave and she says that they will be waiting for him, once he's ready. Jack asks "Ready for what." Kate tells him "To leave."

Jack goes into the church. He finds Christian's coffin and as he touches it he wakes to the memories. He opens the coffin but it is empty. His father is in the room. Jack tells him he doesn't understand because Christian died and how can he be here now. Christian simply asks "How are you here?" Jack realizes that he died too. They embrace tearfully and say they love each other. Christian explains the they are real, Jack's life was real, the people in the church are real. Jack realizes they are all dead because as Christian points out, "everyone dies sometime kiddo. Some before you son, some long after you." Christian explains they are all here now because there is no now or here. This is just the place they all made together to find each other, because the most important part of his life was the time spent with these people. It is for them to remember and to let go and to "move on". The flash sideways timeline has shown that their purpose was always the island and to do what they did there. Even if they had altered history with the detonation of Jughead, their destiny could never be escaped.

Jack joins the Losties.

They are all there. Jack is welcomed as the group embrace and enjoy their reunion.

Christian opens the doors of the church and the glowing light washes over the Losties.

Original timeline (2007)

Jack washes in the river and looks at his hands.

Ben loads a magazine and looks up to see Locke packing rope.

Sawyer walks over to Kate to care for her wound.

Kate observes Jack as he wades in the creek taking in the beauty around him and what has just happened. Sawyer joins him and asks if he's okay and asks what's going on. When Sawyer asks if Jack feels any different now that he's the "new Jacob," Jack says "not really." Jack tells Kate, Hurley and Sawyer about the Heart of the Island that Jacob told him they needed to protect. Hurley asks if the Man in Black wants to put out the light at the source and Jack explains that, if he does, it would be the end of all of them. Sawyer guesses that Locke hasn't yet put out the light because he doesn't have what he needs: Desmond. After Sawyer suggests that "Jacob didn't really say anything about anything," he goes to get Desmond out of the well while the others go to the Source. Sawyer and Kate banter about whether or not she would come with or follow him. Hurley adds, "I have a bad feeling about this."

As they walk Jack explains to Kate that he took the job because he was supposed to, and because the Island is all he has left, that it's the only thing he hasn't managed to ruin. Kate stops him and reassures him that he hasn't ruined anything because nothing is irreversible. Hurley thinks their conversation would be sweet if they weren't all about to die.

Sawyer covertly watches Locke at the well. Ben comes up from behind him, points a cocked rifle at him and invites him to join them. Sawyer tells Locke he came to get Desmond out of the well, but looking down the well notes that they were both beaten to the punch. When Locke asks, Sawyer guesses that Locke wants Desmond so that he can destroy the Island. Locke confirms that is his plan, but says he does not intend go down with the ship, instead Sawyer and the rest of "Jacob's little candidates" absolutely are. Sawyer says that they are not candidates anymore. With a confused look on Locke's face, Sawyer punches Ben and takes his rifle and leaves. After Locke makes no effort to go after him, Ben says he thought Locke was speaking figuratively when he said he was going to destroy the Island. Locke say he left out the bit about the Island being at the bottom of the sea. Now he offers Ben a place on the boat he is going to take to get off the Island. Locke notices paw prints near the well.

At Rose and Bernard's cabin, Vincent runs to Desmond and licks his face. Rose greets him and Bernard goes to check the traps for fish. Rose says they built their camp in '75 but since the sky lit up again she doesn't know when they are now. She tells Desmond he must move on after he eats because their rule is not to get involved with the Island's dramas. However, Vincent and Bernard return with Locke and Ben in tow. Bernard apologizes. Locke draws his knife and threateningly tells Desmond to come with him and do his bidding or he will kill Rose and Bernard, even that he'll make it hurt. Desmond agrees only after receiving Locke's word that he won't touch them, ever. When asked by Locke, Desmond says he must be taking him to a place where there is a bright light, increasing Locke's surprise at how much the survivors seem to know. When Miles tries to get through to Ben via the walkie talkie, Ben quickly turns it off. On the other end of the walkie is Miles. He was trying to tell Ben that he has found Richard. Richard wakes and asks Miles,whether the smoke monster is still there to which Miles says no. Richard checks that Miles still has the C-4 as he wants to go to Hydra Island to finish what they started: to blow up the plane.

Sawyer meets up with Jack, Kate and Hurley and tells them Locke plans to destroy the island and how important it is to find Desmond before Locke and Ben do. Jack tells him it doesn't matter who finds Desmond because they are all going to the same place anyway. Sawyer asks what happens then. Jack answers, "And then it ends."

Richard and Miles rush from DHARMAville and ready an outrigger. Richard comments on the ominous storm clouds forming and Miles pauses to pluck a single gray hair from Richard's head. Richard smiles and tells Miles of his renewed desire to live. The two begin paddling. They pass through the debris of the sub, including the dead captain, and find Frank Lapidus hanging on to wreckage in the water. They haul him onto the outrigger and catch him up on the plan to blow up the plane. Frank asks why'd they do that when they could use the plane to escape the island, reminding them that he's a pilot.

Locke's group and Jack's group meet. Kate reacts by snatching Sawyer's gun and shooting at Locke, but to no effect. Locke responds by telling Kate "to save her bullets" and continues to Jack saying "So it's you," continuing that he's somewhat surprised that Jacob chose Jack, as he is sort of the obvious choice. Jack corrects him and says he wasn't chosen, but that he volunteered. Locke assumes Jack is going to try and stop him but Jack admits that he can't and will instead go with him. Locke then thinks Jack doesn't understand what he plans to do, but Jack asserts that he indeed does, that he's going to the light, the place Jack has sworn to protect, and where he thinks he's going to destroy the island. Jack says Locke won't destroy the island and instead he will kill him and that he'll have to wait to find out how.

Sawyer asks Jack how he is going to kill Locke. Jack simply answers, "Desmond" but that he's not yet sure exactly how it's going to work but that he's sure Jacob brought him back not as bait but as a weapon. As the group approaches the Source, Locke draws his knife and says it should just be him, Jack and Desmond from here on. Hurley steps up to Jack and says "I believe in you, dude." Locke comments on the bad storm approaching. Once there, Locke ties a rope to a tree while Jack ties the other end around Desmond. Desmond tells Jack that this doesn't matter - meaning killing Locke and destroying the Island - because once he goes into the cave, he'll go to the other reality where they can be with the ones they love, where they never have to see the island again, and where a happier version of Jack exists. After saying that maybe there's a way he could bring Jack there too, Jack says he already tried that and that he found there are no shortcuts or do-overs; that whatever happened, happened and that all of this matters. The three men enter the cave.

The outrigger has reached Hydra island, Miles calls Ben who's sitting with Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley. Miles informs him they're going to fly off the Island and that they should get to Hydra Island now. Claire emerges from the bushes and holds the group at gunpoint and shoots into the sand. Through the walkie talkie, Kate hears that Claire is there. Claire assumes Locke has sent them there to kill her. To convince her this isn't the case, Richard tells her they can go home and be free of Locke. He invites Claire to join them but she refuses and leaves.

Jack and Locke enter the cave and begin to lower Desmond into the brilliant abyss. The Man in Black remembers John Locke's memories of Jack and he looking at Desmond down in a hole in the ground, lightheartedly commented on their bickering on whether or not to push the button. Jack cuts him short. "You're not John Locke, you disrespect his memory by wearing his face, but you are nothing like him." Jack insists that John was right about almost everything. Locke says John wasn't right about anything and that when the Island drops into the ocean and Jack drops with it, then Jack will realize it. As Jack says "we'll just have to see which one of us is right" the two look down the waterfall now that Desmond has reached the bottom.

Desmond reaches a chamber below after passing skeletons. He finds the Source, a glowing pool, filled by a small waterfall, with an elongated stone at its center. He enters the water as electromagnetic energy emanates from the source. Jack and Locke hear his screams. Desmond reaches the center stone and lifts it, like removing a giant stopper in the center of the pool. The stream from the waterfall stops, the electromagnetic force recedes, the light goes out, the pool dries up. Desmond screams "No!" Locke says to a very worried Jack: "It looks like you were wrong." Locke says goodbye and leaves as earthquakes begin to wrack the Island.

In a fit of fury Jack chases Locke out, sucker punches him in the mouth and jumps on him when he falls. Locke is injured and bleeds. Jack says "It looks like you were wrong too." Jack's hands move towards Locke's throat as they struggle. Locke finds a rock and hits Jack over the back of the head with it, and gets up and runs off.

The predicted wild storm arrives and the earthquakes continue. A large tree falls and traps Ben, pinning him. Sawyer, Hurley and Kate can't lift it. Sawyer says Locke was right, the Island is going down. Miles radios Ben. Kate finds Ben's walkie in the mud. Miles tells Kate that Frank is fixing the plane and they should get over there quick smart. He also tells Kate that Claire is around but won't come. Ben says he knows how they can get to Hydra Island - that Locke has a boat. Sawyer is using a fallen tree branch as a lever to free Ben.

Locke stands on the cliff above the cave with the names on the walls. The Elizabeth is anchored a short distance offshore. He smiles. Jack arrives yells "Locke!" and they run at each other, Locke with his knife drawn. Jack leaps at Locke and they fight as the storm rages and cliffs disintegrate. Locke at first drops his knife, then finds it and runs Jack through under the rib cage. He is about to finish Jack off by pushing the knife through his neck, but waits so he can tell Jack that he died for nothing. The point of the blade enters Jack's neck. There is a single shot. Locke falls off Jack. Kate stands in the rain and screams "I saved you a bullet." Locke is fatally injured but as the quakes continue he says that they are too late. Jack struggles to his feet and kicks Locke off the edge of the cliff. Locke falls dead on a ledge below.

Frank, Miles and Richard are in the cockpit of the plane. Frank turns on the electronics, to find that everything is working except for the hydraulics in the front. He turns to Miles and Richard and asks if either of them has mechanical experience. Richard looks bewildered; Miles says he worked for a contractor for a couple of summers renovating apartments. The island and the plane continue to shake terribly. Frank rips a page from his manual, throwing it and a roll of duct tape at Miles and tells him and Richard to get down there and make sure everything is together.

Kate holds Jack who looks at the knife wound in his abdomen. Sawyer, Hugo and Ben arrive and as Kate tells them that it's over the Island shakes with a violent earthquake.

Miles wraps a wad of duct tape around a metal hydraulic hose. Richard is helping and asks if it is going to work. Miles says that he doesn't have faith in a lot of things but that he believes in duct tape and thinks they will have things together soon. Frank is trying to get things squared away in the cockpit. He hears Ben's voice on the radio. Frank tells Ben to leave him alone and throws the radio aside to continues working.

Ben tells the group that Frank and the rest are leaving and if they are going to catch up they had better climb down the ladders on the cliff face, get to the boat, sail to Hydra island, get on the plane, and fast. Jack says that whatever Desmond turned off he needs to turn it back on again. But he says that if people are going to leave they need to get on that plane. Kate tells him that he doesn't need to do this but Jack is adamant that he does. Jack wishes "James" good luck. Ben passes Sawyer the walkie saying that if the Island is going down then he is going down with it. Hugo refuses to climb the rickety wooden ladders and tells Jack that he is with him. Kate and Jack share a tearful goodbye - they have a final kiss and declare their love for each other. The island continues to shake uncontrollably. Sawyer calls "Chesty" who tells them he is going to leave while there is still ground to leave on. Sawyer follows Kate as she jumps off the cliff into the sea. They swim out to the Elizabeth.

Hurley helps Jack as they return with Ben to the Source. Jack tells them he is going down alone and makes it clear that he knows he is will not survive. Jack explains to an overwrought Hurley that this is what is supposed to happen. Jack tells Hugo that it is he who the Island needs, that this job was to fix the source but after that it should be Hugo. Jack tells Hugo that he believes in him. Hugo agrees, but only till Jack returns. Ben finds an Oceanic bottle and Jack fills it from the stream and gives it to Hurley. After Hurley drinks Jack tells him "Now you are like me". Ben and Hugo lower Jack into the Source. Jack finds Desmond and carries him back to the rope. Desmond wants to return the plug but Jack tells him he has done enough and he needs to go home to be with his wife and son. Desmond asks Jack what will happen to him. Jack says that he'll see him in another life, "Brother".

Frank fires the plane up. Kate and Sawyer swim ashore to Hydra Island and find a disconsolate Claire sitting on the beach. The Island continues to disintegrate. They hear the Ajira warming up. Claire says to Kate that she won't come because "the Island has made her crazy". Kate offers to help her and they all run for the plane. Lepidus prepares for takeoff and doesn't hear Sawyer's plea on the walkie for him to wait. Just then they make it to the runway, and Kate, Sawyer and Claire climb aboard.

Jack finds the plug and drops it into the Source.

Ajira takes off as the runway disintegrates. Tears all round on board.

Jack lies exhausted in the empty pool but a trickle of water starts flowing and then the light starts to return. Hugo and Ben haul on the rope and find Desmond on the end of it. Below, Jack sobs with relief as he is engulfed in the light.

Ben and Hugo are with Desmond. Hugo takes in the idea that Jack has gone. Ben comforts him by telling Hugo that he did his job. Ben tells a frightened Hugo that he can do his job by doing what he does best: taking care of people. Hugo asks how he can do things like helping Desmond to go home when people can't leave the Island. Ben says that that is how Jacob ran things and that maybe there is a better way. Hugo asks Ben for his help, saying he needs someone with experience. Ben says he would be honored.

Jack comes to, he is now in the creek outside of the Source. Getting up, he stumbles into the bamboo grove, passing by the white tennis shoe which still hangs from a branch. He finds his place in the bamboo grove and falls to the ground at the same spot where he awoke for the first time on the Island. He hears a bark and sees Vincent running toward him. Jack smiles as Vincent licks his face and rests beside him. Looking at the sky, Jack sees the Ajira plane taking his friends off of the Island. Jack smiles and closes his eyes, and dies.


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