Season 3 Episode 2

The Glass Ballerina

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2006 on ABC
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Jin, Sun and Sayid worry when Jack, Kate and Sawyer make no contact with them after they have lit the signal fire. Meanwhile, the Others realize that the survivors have acquired a sailboat.

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  • Development

    The title is the Glass Ballerina, which is for the glass ballerina that Sun broke when she was a little girl, when her father asks who broke his glass ballerina she blames the maid (typical rich kid) her father, Mr. Pak knows she is lieing but fires the maid anyway.

    One of the many common thems in Lost is Lieing and how it always blows up in your face (It does for me anyway), the title refers to the lies we tell and how to get around them to get to the truth.

    Lets start with whats going on at the Others camp. Sawyer and Kaite are forced to do jail house labor while being wathced by a bunch of Others. The head of securety Danny Pickett has an attitude problem with Sawyer (the feelings mutual) this gives Sawyer a brillent plan to gather Intel on these mysteries Others. Step one, his drop's what he's doing and kisses Kaite (Bold move Sawyer) which causes Danny to hit him, but Sawyer is ready for this and he has a little brawl with theOthers and which point henabs a gun and holds them at gunpoint--- only to be releved of it when Juilet holds Kaite to gun point. Sawyer gets beat up and he and Kaite are thrown back into their cells.It seems like a failedbreakout attempt to the naked eye-- but in fact it was to learnwhat the gaurds were capable of. Turns out that the Others aren't all so deadly strong or hard core fighters Like Ethan (the Other who infitrated their camp), most of them don't have any combatskills and those who do lack the experience thatSawyer(a con man)and Kaite(a fugitive)have. The only thing they have going for them is stregh in numbers and fire-arms. But they are aware that their are still problems in mounting any kind of full proff escape plan, they also reconize Juilet as a threat as Sawyer stated that she would have shoot Kaite in aheartbeatwith no problem. (I like it how they call Juliet'The Blonde Women', cause they haven'tdon't know her real name, I think its kinda a cool like a secret agent code name)It was also interesting to see Kaite's reaction to Sawyer's real name being 'James', now to recapshe was the first person to figure out that Sawyer wasn't his real name, in fact only the audiance and Mick have knowthis information untill now. Sawyer's plan gives hope that they have a chanse tobreakout--to bad he doesn't know their being watched by hidden cameras.Ben has a talk with Jack and promies him he can leave the island; he mainipulates him into doing this by useing the basic form of mainipulation---the truth. Because with lies they end up blowing in your face and causeing mistrust, but the truth can grant trust.Ben also orders a team to retreve the sail boat that he didn't was their before the flight 815 crew finds theirtrue base.

    Ifind it interesting that Ben or the Others don't have clue about Desmound or the boat he came in. This suggest that they don't know everything like they've claim to.

    Meanwhile back on the Sail boat, where Sayid, Jin and Sun are waiting for Jack, Sawyer, Kaite, Hurrley and Mick after their plan to ambush the Others has failed. This is were out story mainly takes place as a Jin/Sun centric episode. You at first I really didn't like these kind of episodes,I thought it would be best to have a Jin centric one that didn't have sun in it, or a Sun centric one that didn't have Jin in it. But Now their really starting to grow on me.Jin is becomeing worried for Sun's saftey, and her un-born baby. His anger is resonableeven toward Sayid who is reluctent to head back to camp. Sayid even go's so far as to set a trap for the Others without consolting the Kwon couple. Sun seem's to be taking Sayid's side even thou she dosen't what to fight with her husband, She even goes as far as to lie to him (again) that she doesn't know what Sayid is plaining or that it will put her in danger. From the begining of the show Jin has been a bit to over protective of his wife,but now his over protective-ness is justified as Sun is putting her self into real danger with no garentie that she'll come out of it alive. Jin shocks Sayid and Sun (and some of the viewers as well) that while he still cannot speack perfect english he can understand alot more of it then given credit for; He know'swhat Sayid is doing and heknow's Sun was covering for him.Now i sorry but i got a little ost after that, because so how Sun was in the boat while Sayid and Jin were gaurding the outside waiting to ambush the Others but some how a female Other sneaks on board the boat and find Sun with a gun in her hand. The Other Women does not seem to frightened ofSun.Sun tells her be quite and step back, she refuses. She (very confedently) tells Sun that she's not the enemy but if she shootsher then her people will be their enemywhich make things diffuclt for Sunand her people. the Other women also states that she knows Sun and knows she won't shoot an unarmed person, as she steps forward Sun shoot her. The look on that women's face was complete shock and many views may also be shocked but not me. That ladyhas thenerve to tell Sun that their not enemy and tries to get her to lower her gun, ifSun haden't shooten her she would have captured Sun and use her as a hostage. I am so sick of these Others acting like they know everything, and playing mind games with the crash victims. Also if that Other women knew so muchabout Sun she should have known that Sun is a good liar and grew up with a crime father so i thinkshe is capable of almost anything even it means shooting a person who have killed you or tortured you without a second thought.

    The situation resolves itself with the Others getting the boat but their team captian (the Other women that Sun shoot) is dieing; Sayid, Jin and Sun are ok and are heading back to camp. the Kwon couple makes up and end scene.

    Back to what i said eariler about the title. When Sun broke the glass Ballerina and lied to her father it was in that moment that she stated the habbit of lieing. Of course we can all relate to young Sun, no kid whats to anger their parent so they lie to cover their tracks (and since Sun's dad is a crime boss, it's even more reason to avoid his wraith). Although this is the first and only time we see Sun's dad, Mr. Pak acting like a responsible father figure. Sun's lie's seem to be coming back to haunt her and she fears that more then anything. And there are a susprising amount of them. The main lie was that she could speak english, but she didn't tell anyone not even Jin. It was belived that she took a second langue to escape Jin, which charecters and fans would agree with since Jin wasn't acting like a good husband in season one. In Truth Sun was sleeping with her English teacher who may be the real father of her child.

    It all comes down to that first lie, what statrted this horrible habbit.

    all in all great episode!moreless
  • Awesome.

    Ben offers to take Jack off the island if he cooperates. Kate and Sawyer are let out to smash rocks and it is revealed that they are under video surveillance by Ben. On the sailboat, Sun, Jin and Sayid are ambushed by the Others. Sun shoots the Other Colleen and the boat is taken by the Others. Sun, Jin and Sayid make their way back to the survivors' camp. Flashbacks show Sun's father finding out about Sun's affair with Jae Lee. He orders Jin to kill Jae, but Jin threatens him instead and Jae subsequently commits suicide. We learn about Sun and Jin - which is a great storyline. I love the way the other are talking about Sayid and the boat. I love the scenes with Sawyer and Kate especially when they kiss. I love the man, Danny I think, I love the way he is bossing Kate and Sawyer around he is kind of cool. I love the scene on the boat with Sun and the others awesome. The Ben and Jack scene is awesome too, I love Lost!moreless
  • Answers from one side of the island, but more question

    Part of what may have frustrated the fans of Lost during the early part of Season 3 was that it wrapped up certain parts of the story very slowly. No doubt people wanted to know what had happened with the hatch; instead we get an episode focused on the people in the boat. But 'The glass Ballerina ' has some important revelations, if you know where to look.

    The story begins hours after the last episode . We're still not sure what the pecking order among the Others is, other than Ben seems to be at the top. However, Ben and Juliet have a talk with a woman named Colleen, who seems to view them with mild contempt. (Importantly, she is also the wife of Danny Picket, who we met in the last episodes of Season 2 and who we'll talk about) Ben seems worried to learn that the survivors have a boat; Juliet isn't seeming to believe they won't go anywhere. But Ben gives the order to get it by any means.

    Meanwhile, Sayid is carrying out a ruse of his own. He is certain that his friends have been captured, and has now changed his method to search and destroy--- they'll go to a dock, he'll build a fire that will attract the Others attention, he will capture two (using one to manipulate the other) and kill the rest. This is a pretty impressive project considering it took five men with guns just to bring down one of the Others, and how little Ethan or Ben was willing to share even after they had been subdued.. And he is outmaneuvered anyway. Somehow (we can't tell how because of the darkness) they manage to approach the dock out of sight of Sayid and Jin) and they land on the boat.

    Furthermore, the Others seem to have mastered using the other technique. Sawyer and Kate are hauled out of their cages and made to work the equivalent of a chain gang breaking rocks and hauling them away. If they do anything to cause a problem, they will be tasered. Naturally, there are problems. Sawyer makes a mess of things causes a scene, and breaks Pickett's nose. (Given the way he does things; one gets the feeling he's been in jail before) But before things get back, Juliet puts a gun to Kate's head, and he surrenders. Threaten Sawyer; Kate will cooperate, and vice versa. It also seems clear that getting an edge on these people is going to be difficult. Not only are they super strong, but they have set up surveillance cameras almost everywhere. (We won't learn where the cameras came from until Season 5. By now, it seems that Jack is the one the Others wanted, and Kate and Sawyer are being put on ice. What the hell is going on here.?

    Some were no doubt surprised when the characters selected for the flashback of this episode were Sun and Jin, who are considered more second string than say, Sawyer and Sayid. But we always seem to get more fascinating revelation the further along in the story we get. So far, it has seemed that Sun has kept a blind eye to what her father has been doing. Now, in the very early flashback, it seems that she has always had some idea of what he has working on. Therefore, perhaps it didn't some as a huge shock when he learned a bigger secret. Turns out that Sun actually was having an affair with Jae Lee , the man she was taking English lessons from (though we don't know for how long). and his reaction was perhaps inevitable. He wanted the man killed. In a twisted sense of honor, he ordered Jin to commit the murder, but would not tell him why Jin couldn't find it in himself to do the deed, even though he delivered a pretty substantial beating to him. (It does beg the question, who killed him? Did he commit suicide? Did Paik make sure the job was finished? If yes, why didn't he turn on Jin for failing?)

    In this episode, Jin once again tries to protect his wife from the danger of Others, but they end up going after her. But once again Sun surprises us. Her husband may not have been capable of murder, and the Others clearly didn't think she was, but she does, and Colleen ends up paying the price (though we won't learn what the cost is for a few episodes)

    But the biggest involves someone who almost completely on the sidelines for this episode--- Jack. Ben clearly wants to win Jack over, and tries to tell him 'the truth'--- his name is Benjamin Linus, and he's lived on this island all his life, and that this island is special Jack doesn't believe any of this, and is convinced that they are separated from the outside world. Then Ben relates things that have happened in the outside world in the 69 days since they've been on the island (From this point on, there is a certain calendar as to how these things take place) including that the Boston Red Sox have won the world series. Jack refuses to believe it(and lets face it, when it happened in the outside world a lot of people didn't buy it either), and we know why The Red Sox had a certain reference to his father's live. (we learned about that particular link in 'Outlaws'. The Red Sox clearly were a representation of fate versus free will, an argument for which Jack was on the former side--- or so he said. But when Ben brings in the television feed of the Red Sox celebrating their championship, its clear that some part of him always believed it There is a lock of shock on his face that has nothing to do with seeing a live television feed on a tropical island. A critical part of his foundation has been shaken, and it will effect his journey for the rest of he series.

    We're still not clear about a lot of things by the end of this episode --- why Ben wanted the boat so badly, what is it they want Jack to do, who this other enemy that Colleen referred to, and as a side note, what Alex had to do with Karl, the boy we saw yesterday--- but we are sure that whatever war has begun between the Losties and the Others has begun--- and as soon as they find Colleen, its only going to escalate.

    My score:8.8moreless
  • Better than the Season Premiere.

    Logic/Details - » Now I think I understand the picture. This season, Lost producers decided to reveal crucial information about some of our favorites characters, that may be shocking, regarding Locke, Sun and even Jack. Information about some action they had taken in the past. This is exactly what happens with Sun flashbacks here.

    It make all the sense in the world shift the focus to Sayid, Sun and Jin. Like the last episode, this could be dangerous because of all the hype, but the producers take their chances. After all, this show is about you being "Lost" and revealing little by little, exploring the depths, and not about instant gratification. Speaking of, this episode can easily can compared with "Adrift", but this time, the producers did their homework.

    Had the episode focused entirely on Jin and Sun, it would not have worked very well.

    Progress -» As usual, is all about information on Sayid, Jin and Sun, even Sawyer got some information from the Other. The end is informative too. This episode contains enough information to keep anyone satisfied for now.

    Emotions/Stimulation/Highlights -» This episode contains various good scenes. From knowing the truth about Sun affair, to the unexpected suicide of Jae, Ben and Jack interaction, Sawyer and his little plan. Overall is all about tension, knowing the truth and some nice surprises on the way. The best Scenes were when Jin was looking for Sun in the sea and when Ben talks to Jack.

    Ending - » Exactly the type of ending expected from a Show like LosT.

    Overall - » You have here a better episode than the season premiere, that don´t make the mistake to only focus on Sun and Jin. Also there are great scenes to see and this Time Sun and Jin have their best Flashback to date. The end is exactly what Lost producers can deliver.moreless
  • मेरी पूरी ज़िंदगी यहाँ

    Mmmm... no sé... no sé... La verdad estoy viendo Lost (al menos esta temporada) sin ninguna expectativa, creyendo que ya nada me va a sorprender para bien.

    Qué es de Hurley? Se lo extraña. De Locke, de Charlie, de Mr. Eko, de Desmond, de la escotilla, del magnetismo. Ya lo quiero saber, porque la verdad esto de la ciudad y de Benjamin que nunca salí de esta isla y tenemos contacto con el mundo exterior no me divierte.

    Aparte: 1. Sun te quiero, aunque ese pelado era horrible.

    2. Qué bien se ve esa glass ballerina en LCD.

    Lost, Season 3, Episode 2, The Glass Ballerina: Toda mi vida aquí, 8.7moreless
Byron Chung

Byron Chung

Mr. Paik

Guest Star

Tony Lee

Tony Lee

Jae Lee

Guest Star

Sophie Kim

Sophie Kim

Young Sun

Guest Star

Tania Raymonde

Tania Raymonde

Alex Rousseau

Recurring Role

M.C. Gainey

M.C. Gainey

Tom Friendly

Recurring Role

Michael Bowen

Michael Bowen

Danny Pickett

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • When Jae Lee falls, the hand holding the pearl necklace is at the top of the windshield. However, when Jin looks at it, his hand has moved down, closer to his head.

    • Numbers: The metronome that Young Sun is playing along with is set at a tempo of 108 BPM. 108 is the sum of the Numbers.

    • Island events in this episode take place on November 29th 2004.

    • When Jin and Sun are arguing in the dining room, a crew member is visible through the reflection from the cabinet mirror.

    • The canteen that Juliet offered to Sawyer appeared to have The Staff logo on it, just like Ethan's canteen did in "Maternity Leave".

    • Goof: When Sayid, Sun and Jin are disagreeing on the boat, the weather appears to change as the camera angle changes.

    • Goof: Jae Lee's hotel room number was 1516, although Jin appears to get off the elevator on the second floor.

    • In this episode Kate says to Sawyer as the victory music is playing, "Nice alarm clock." And he replies, "I've woken up to worse." This is referring to Sayid waking up Sawyer in his tent as he is taking a nap and promptly knocking him out there after in order to tie him to a tree to get tortured in the episode "Confidence Man".

    • The scene between Kate and Alex was originally a scene between Claire and Libby in season 2, but the scene was cut due to length so it was re-written and used here.

      The original scene can be seen in the season two special features section.

    • This episode takes place on a Tuesday.

    • The name of the Others' dock, where Jack, Kate & Sawyer were bound and gagged, is the Pala Ferry dock.

    • Jae Lee's hotel room number was 1516. 15 and 16 are two of the Numbers.

    • It seems as though a young Walt and young Sun lived in houses designed by the same architect. The location house for the young Sun flashbacks was also the location house for the young Walt flashbacks in "Special (1-14)"

    • Jack finally learns that the Boston Red Sox's "Curse of the Bambino" has finally lifted, because they won the 2004 world series, which them losing was a inside joke for him and his father.

    • The survivors have been on the Island for 69 days. Ben (Henry Gale) told Jack that "today" was November 29, 2004. Ben has lived on the island his entire life, and proves to Jack that they have access to the outside world when he shows Jack that the Red Sox won the World Series.

    • It has been over a day since the ending of "Live Together, Die Alone".

    • This episode confirms that Sayid did indeed light the signal fire that Jack and company witnessed during "Live Together, Die Alone". There was confusion since it was believed Michael was leading them to the fake camp.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Sun: I'm sorry, Jin. I shouldn't have disagreed with you. Not in front of Sayid.
      Jin: You shouldn't have disagreed with me. Period. Sun, why did you come with us?
      Sun: You know why I came. I didn't want to be without you.

    • Pickett: Hey! Shut up!
      Sawyer: Yes sir, boss.

    • Pickett: Now, if you need anything, raise your hand. You get ten minutes for lunch ...
      Sawyer: I got a question, Boss.
      Pickett: No questions!
      Sawyer: She got to ask a question.
      Pickett: If you try to run off, you will be shocked-
      Sawyer: Shot! What, we don't even get a warning?
      Pickett: Shocked. I said shocked. If you talk to each other, you're gonna be shocked. If you touch each other, you're gonna be shocked. If you're slacking, you're gonna get shocked. Matter of fact, if you do anything at all that pisses me off, you're gonna be shocked.

    • Colleen: They have a sail boat.
      Ben: How?
      Colleen: I have no idea.
      Juliet: So they have a boat? Sailing in circles should keep them busy.
      Colleen: They could find us... Ben?
      Ben: I'm thinking... How quickly can you put together a team?
      Colleen: Within the hour.
      Ben: Then don't waste time talking to us. (Colleen turns around to exit) And Colleen ... I want that boat.

    • Sun: (to Sayid) My husband thinks we have to do as he says because he's the only one who knows how to sail. But he's wrong. I can help you sail the boat.

    • Sawyer: Two of those guards got some real fight in them. The rest of them, I'm not so much worried about. That heavy-set guy - he packs a hell of a punch. The shaggy-haired kid's got some kind of martial arts training, but I think I could take him if I had to. Oh, FYI - those zapper things got a safety on them.
      Kate: (smiling) Did you see the look on their faces when you got a hold of that rifle?
      Sawyer: I'm guessing most of these boys have never seen any real action. But that blond who had a gun pointed at you? She would have shot you - no problem.
      Kate: Why'd she call you James?
      Sawyer: Because that's my name. I noticed something else, too. You taste like strawberries.
      Kate: You taste like fish biscuits. So what do we do now?
      Sawyer: Well, Shortcake, now we wait for these bastards to make a mistake.

    • Alex: Where'd you get that dress?
      Kate: They gave it to me.
      Alex: It's mine. You can keep it. It looks better on you anyway.

    • Kate: (To Pickett) I'm not doing anything until I see Jack.

    • Kate: (about Sawyer kissing her) What the hell were you thinking?
      Sawyer: I couldn't help myself. You just looked so damn cute swinging that pick axe. Chain gang looks good on you, Freckles.

    • Ben: Your fellow Americans have re-elected George W. Bush, Christopher Reeve has passed away... Boston Red Sox won the world series.
      Jack: (starts laughing)
      Ben: What?
      Jack: If you wanted me to believe this, you probably should have picked somebody else besides the Red Sox!

    • Ben: (to Jack) That´s home Jack. Right there on the other side of that glass. If you listen to me, if you trust me, if you do what I tell you when the time comes, I´ll take you there. I will take you home.

    • Colleen: Despite what you may think, I am not the enemy, we are not the enemy, but if you'll shoot me, that's exactly what we'll become.
      (Colleen starts walking towards Sun)
      Sun: Stop, I will, I'll shoot you. (Gunshot)

    • Sun: I want you to take me off this boat.
      Colleen: I can't do that.
      Sun: Why not?
      Colleen: It's not my decision to make.

    • Ben: (to Jack) You know what's crazy, Jack? A week ago you and I were exactly in the opposite situation. I was the one locked up and you were the one coming in for visits.

    • Jin: (to Jae) You will leave this country! Do you understand me? You will leave and never come back. Start a new life. And if I hear you've returned....if I hear you have any contact at all...I will finish this. Am I clear? You don't exist.

    • Sayid: Sun, if by chance they get past us, there's another gun. It's inside the blue tarp beneath the galley counter.
      Sun: If they get past you, that means my husband is dead and I won't care anymore.
      Sayid: As I said, the gun is inside the tarp.

    • Sun: Why are you lying to me, Sayid?
      Sayid: And what would you know about lying, Sun?

    • Mr. Paik: (to Jin about Jae) This man has shamed me. You married my daughter, Jin, that makes you my son. My shame is your shame. I need you to restore our family's honor.

    • Kate: Do you expect me to work in this dress?
      Pickett: That's up to you, you can take it off if you want.
      Sawyer: (Kate glances at him, he smirks. To Pickett) How dare you.

    • Jae: What's wrong?
      Sun: What's wrong is I'm married.
      Jae: Right, that.

    • Kate: Nice alarm clock.
      Sawyer: I've woken up to worse.

    • Sawyer: Havin' fun yet, Freckles?
      Kate: Quit staring at my ass
      Sawyer: Well give me something else to stare at!

    • Sayid: I'm fairly certain our friends have been captured. There are tracks all over the dock. They're fresh, as recent as yesterday.
      Sun: You said this dock was abandoned!
      Sayid: That would be part of the lying you mentioned.

    • Henry: (to Jack) My name is Benjamin Linus. And I have lived on this island my whole life.

    • Sayid: I'll take two of them hostage, and kill the rest.
      Sun: Two?
      Sayid: One to make the other cooperate.
      Sun: What do you need me to do?
      Sayid: I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to lie to Jin for another 20 minutes.
      Sun: Why?
      Sayid: Because once that fire is lit, it will be too late to go back.

  • NOTES (7)

    • Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim submitted this episode for consideration on their behalves in the categories of "Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series" and "Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series" respectively at the 2007 Emmy Awards.

    • A deleted scene where Jin speaks with Jae Lee's mother at the funeral is presented as an extra in the "Flashbacks" section of the "Lost: The Complete Third Season" DVD.

    • This episode was originally planned to air as the third of season three, but it was switched with "Further Instructions" for unknown reasons.

    • International air dates:
      Portugal - March 25, 2007 on RTP 1
      Finland - August 23, 2007 on Nelonen
      The Czech Republic - September 9, 2007 on TV Nova
      Spain - Monday September 10, 2007 on FOX TV Spain
      Denmark - Wednesday December 13, 2006 on Kanal 5
      Germany - Monday October 22, 2007 on Pro7
      Macedonia - Thursday October 4, 2007 on A1
      The Middle East - Sunday October 19, 2008 on MBC Action

    • Michael Bowen (Danny Pickett) appeared in the 1999 Paul Thomas Anderson film Magnolia along with April Grace, who played another "Other," Mrs. Klugh, in Season Two. Like Lost, Magnolia is about strangers with interconnected lives, and the number 8 plays a significant role in Magnolia, while it's one of The Numbers on Lost. Also in both Magnolia and Lost, Bowen and Grace played people who antagonize some of the main characters/protagonists.

    • The music that plays in Sawyer's cell is John Philip Sousa's march, "The Thunderer" (1889).

    • A Sun/Jin-centric episode.


    • Sawyer telling Kate she tastes like strawberries is an indirect reference to Buffy: The Vampire Slayers episodes "Wrecked" and "Two to Go." This line is said by Rack to Willow. This episode was written by Drew Goddard who was a writer on Buffy with David Fury, who is also the Co-Executive Producer on Lost.

    • Sawyer mentions how Kate tastes like strawberries then he calls her "Shortcake."

      Strawberry Shortcake is both the name of a dessert and the name of a popular children's doll.

    • Ben mentions George Bush's re-election, Christopher Reeves' death, and Boston winning the World Series, all events that happened in late 2004.

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