Season 3 Episode 2

The Glass Ballerina

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2006 on ABC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Sayid putting both Jin and Sun's lives in danger. He wants to try and ambush the Others and get them to take the trio to their camp, so that Jack, Kate and Sawyer can be rescued. He lies to the Koreans and Jin says they should turn around and go back, but Sayid demands they do what he says. They set up an ambush with Jin and Sayid in the trees waiting for the Others, and Sun on the boat. "If the others get past us there is a gun under the tarp", states Sayid. Sun replies "If the Others get past you and my husband, I won't care anymore."
The Others manage to get past, successfully getting to the boat. One of the Others, a woman named Colleen, goes below deck and finds Sun – who holds the woman at gunpoint. Colleen tells Sun that they are not the enemy, but if Sun kills her that's what they'll become – Sun shoot her in the gut and tries to escape. The Others begin shooting trying to kill Sun, while Sayid and Jin come running to save her a gun fight breaks out. The Others take control of the boat and take off, Sun manages to jump from the boat before they got too far.
The flashbacks start off with Sun as a little girl; it shows her breaking a glass ballerina. Her father asks if she broke it. Sun says she didn't break it, that the maid did.
The flashback then goes to when she is older and is sleeping with Jea – telling him that she cannot do this any more.
Sun's dad tells Jin to go kill Jea because he has dishonored his family. Jin goes home to eat but leaves during the meal and goes to Jea's hotel room to "deliver the message." He starts to beat Jea and tells him to leave this country and never come back or Jin will kill him. Jin leaves and goes back to his car and then Jea falls onto Jin's car.
At Jea's funeral, Sun and her father are talking. She asks her father if he will tell Jin that she slept with Jea. He says "No, it's not my place to tell him."
Sawyer and Kate begin their task, breaking and hauling rocks for the Others. Kate breaks them with the pick-axe; Sawyer carries them. The Others have a shocker and shock them if they do anything other then what they are told to do. Sawyer can't help but watch Kate and walks over to her and kisses her. The Others, annoyed, try to shock Sawyer but he retaliates acquiring a rifle. All would be well, but Juliet has a gun pointed to Kate. Later, when back in the cages, Sawyer tells Kate that at the right time he will be able to take on the Others and get a gun and they will get out of there. But Ben is watching them on a video and knows Sawyers plan. Ben comes to Jack and says he will get him out of the island if he helps him but Jack doesn't believe him and thinks he and his people are also stuck on the island. Ben affirms he is telling the truth and say they know whats happening the outside world, He then starts telling Jack some events that happened during his time on the island finalizing with Red Sox winning the World Series. Jack expression changes when he sees a tape of the World Series with The Red Sox being victorious.