Season 3 Episode 2

The Glass Ballerina

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2006 on ABC

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  • Development


    The title is the Glass Ballerina, which is for the glass ballerina that Sun broke when she was a little girl, when her father asks who broke his glass ballerina she blames the maid (typical rich kid) her father, Mr. Pak knows she is lieing but fires the maid anyway.

    One of the many common thems in Lost is Lieing and how it always blows up in your face (It does for me anyway), the title refers to the lies we tell and how to get around them to get to the truth.

    Lets start with whats going on at the Others camp. Sawyer and Kaite are forced to do jail house labor while being wathced by a bunch of Others. The head of securety Danny Pickett has an attitude problem with Sawyer (the feelings mutual) this gives Sawyer a brillent plan to gather Intel on these mysteries Others. Step one, his drop's what he's doing and kisses Kaite (Bold move Sawyer) which causes Danny to hit him, but Sawyer is ready for this and he has a little brawl with theOthers and which point henabs a gun and holds them at gunpoint--- only to be releved of it when Juilet holds Kaite to gun point.
    Sawyer gets beat up and he and Kaite are thrown back into their cells.It seems like a failedbreakout attempt to the naked eye-- but in fact it was to learnwhat the gaurds were capable of. Turns out that the Others aren't all so deadly strong or hard core fighters Like Ethan (the Other who infitrated their camp), most of them don't have any combatskills and those who do lack the experience thatSawyer(a con man)and Kaite(a fugitive)have. The only thing they have going for them is stregh in numbers and fire-arms. But they are aware that their are still problems in mounting any kind of full proff escape plan, they also reconize Juilet as a threat as Sawyer stated that she would have shoot Kaite in aheartbeatwith no problem. (I like it how they call Juliet'The Blonde Women', cause they haven'tdon't know her real name, I think its kinda a cool like a secret agent code name)It was also interesting to see Kaite's reaction to Sawyer's real name being 'James', now to recapshe was the first person to figure out that Sawyer wasn't his real name, in fact only the audiance and Mick have knowthis information untill now. Sawyer's plan gives hope that they have a chanse tobreakout--to bad he doesn't know their being watched by hidden cameras.
    Ben has a talk with Jack and promies him he can leave the island; he mainipulates him into doing this by useing the basic form of mainipulation---the truth. Because with lies they end up blowing in your face and causeing mistrust, but the truth can grant trust.
    Ben also orders a team to retreve the sail boat that he didn't was their before the flight 815 crew finds theirtrue base.

    Ifind it interesting that Ben or the Others don't have clue about Desmound or the boat he came in. This suggest that they don't know everything like they've claim to.

    Meanwhile back on the Sail boat, where Sayid, Jin and Sun are waiting for Jack, Sawyer, Kaite, Hurrley and Mick after their plan to ambush the Others has failed. This is were out story mainly takes place as a Jin/Sun centric episode. You at first I really didn't like these kind of episodes,I thought it would be best to have a Jin centric one that didn't have sun in it, or a Sun centric one that didn't have Jin in it. But Now their really starting to grow on me.
    Jin is becomeing worried for Sun's saftey, and her un-born baby. His anger is resonableeven toward Sayid who is reluctent to head back to camp. Sayid even go's so far as to set a trap for the Others without consolting the Kwon couple. Sun seem's to be taking Sayid's side even thou she dosen't what to fight with her husband, She even goes as far as to lie to him (again) that she doesn't know what Sayid is plaining or that it will put her in danger. From the begining of the show Jin has been a bit to over protective of his wife,but now his over protective-ness is justified as Sun is putting her self into real danger with no garentie that she'll come out of it alive. Jin shocks Sayid and Sun (and some of the viewers as well) that while he still cannot speack perfect english he can understand alot more of it then given credit for; He know'swhat Sayid is doing and heknow's Sun was covering for him.
    Now i sorry but i got a little ost after that, because so how Sun was in the boat while Sayid and Jin were gaurding the outside waiting to ambush the Others but some how a female Other sneaks on board the boat and find Sun with a gun in her hand. The Other Women does not seem to frightened ofSun.
    Sun tells her be quite and step back, she refuses. She (very confedently) tells Sun that she's not the enemy but if she shootsher then her people will be their enemywhich make things diffuclt for Sunand her people. the Other women also states that she knows Sun and knows she won't shoot an unarmed person, as she steps forward Sun shoot her. The look on that women's face was complete shock and many views may also be shocked but not me. That ladyhas thenerve to tell Sun that their not enemy and tries to get her to lower her gun, ifSun haden't shooten her she would have captured Sun and use her as a hostage. I am so sick of these Others acting like they know everything, and playing mind games with the crash victims. Also if that Other women knew so muchabout Sun she should have known that Sun is a good liar and grew up with a crime father so i thinkshe is capable of almost anything even it means shooting a person who have killed you or tortured you without a second thought.

    The situation resolves itself with the Others getting the boat but their team captian (the Other women that Sun shoot) is dieing; Sayid, Jin and Sun are ok and are heading back to camp. the Kwon couple makes up and end scene.

    Back to what i said eariler about the title. When Sun broke the glass Ballerina and lied to her father it was in that moment that she stated the habbit of lieing. Of course we can all relate to young Sun, no kid whats to anger their parent so they lie to cover their tracks (and since Sun's dad is a crime boss, it's even more reason to avoid his wraith). Although this is the first and only time we see Sun's dad, Mr. Pak acting like a responsible father figure.
    Sun's lie's seem to be coming back to haunt her and she fears that more then anything. And there are a susprising amount of them. The main lie was that she could speak english, but she didn't tell anyone not even Jin. It was belived that she took a second langue to escape Jin, which charecters and fans would agree with since Jin wasn't acting like a good husband in season one. In Truth Sun was sleeping with her English teacher who may be the real father of her child.

    It all comes down to that first lie, what statrted this horrible habbit.

    all in all great episode!

  • Awesome.

    Ben offers to take Jack off the island if he cooperates. Kate and Sawyer are let out to smash rocks and it is revealed that they are under video surveillance by Ben. On the sailboat, Sun, Jin and Sayid are ambushed by the Others. Sun shoots the Other Colleen and the boat is taken by the Others. Sun, Jin and Sayid make their way back to the survivors' camp. Flashbacks show Sun's father finding out about Sun's affair with Jae Lee. He orders Jin to kill Jae, but Jin threatens him instead and Jae subsequently commits suicide. We learn about Sun and Jin - which is a great storyline. I love the way the other are talking about Sayid and the boat. I love the scenes with Sawyer and Kate especially when they kiss. I love the man, Danny I think, I love the way he is bossing Kate and Sawyer around he is kind of cool. I love the scene on the boat with Sun and the others awesome. The Ben and Jack scene is awesome too, I love Lost!
  • Answers from one side of the island, but more question

    Part of what may have frustrated the fans of Lost during the early part of Season 3 was that it wrapped up certain parts of the story very slowly. No doubt people wanted to know what had happened with the hatch; instead we get an episode focused on the people in the boat. But 'The glass Ballerina ' has some important revelations, if you know where to look.
    The story begins hours after the last episode . We're still not sure what the pecking order among the Others is, other than Ben seems to be at the top. However, Ben and Juliet have a talk with a woman named Colleen, who seems to view them with mild contempt. (Importantly, she is also the wife of Danny Picket, who we met in the last episodes of Season 2 and who we'll talk about) Ben seems worried to learn that the survivors have a boat; Juliet isn't seeming to believe they won't go anywhere. But Ben gives the order to get it by any means.

    Meanwhile, Sayid is carrying out a ruse of his own. He is certain that his friends have been captured, and has now changed his method to search and destroy--- they'll go to a dock, he'll build a fire that will attract the Others attention, he will capture two (using one to manipulate the other) and kill the rest. This is a pretty impressive project considering it took five men with guns just to bring down one of the Others, and how little Ethan or Ben was willing to share even after they had been subdued.. And he is outmaneuvered anyway. Somehow (we can't tell how because of the darkness) they manage to approach the dock out of sight of Sayid and Jin) and they land on the boat.

    Furthermore, the Others seem to have mastered using the other technique. Sawyer and Kate are hauled out of their cages and made to work the equivalent of a chain gang breaking rocks and hauling them away. If they do anything to cause a problem, they will be tasered. Naturally, there are problems. Sawyer makes a mess of things causes a scene, and breaks Pickett's nose. (Given the way he does things; one gets the feeling he's been in jail before) But before things get back, Juliet puts a gun to Kate's head, and he surrenders. Threaten Sawyer; Kate will cooperate, and vice versa. It also seems clear that getting an edge on these people is going to be difficult. Not only are they super strong, but they have set up surveillance cameras almost everywhere. (We won't learn where the cameras came from until Season 5. By now, it seems that Jack is the one the Others wanted, and Kate and Sawyer are being put on ice. What the hell is going on here.?

    Some were no doubt surprised when the characters selected for the flashback of this episode were Sun and Jin, who are considered more second string than say, Sawyer and Sayid. But we always seem to get more fascinating revelation the further along in the story we get. So far, it has seemed that Sun has kept a blind eye to what her father has been doing. Now, in the very early flashback, it seems that she has always had some idea of what he has working on. Therefore, perhaps it didn't some as a huge shock when he learned a bigger secret. Turns out that Sun actually was having an affair with Jae Lee , the man she was taking English lessons from (though we don't know for how long). and his reaction was perhaps inevitable. He wanted the man killed. In a twisted sense of honor, he ordered Jin to commit the murder, but would not tell him why Jin couldn't find it in himself to do the deed, even though he delivered a pretty substantial beating to him. (It does beg the question, who killed him? Did he commit suicide? Did Paik make sure the job was finished? If yes, why didn't he turn on Jin for failing?)

    In this episode, Jin once again tries to protect his wife from the danger of Others, but they end up going after her. But once again Sun surprises us. Her husband may not have been capable of murder, and the Others clearly didn't think she was, but she does, and Colleen ends up paying the price (though we won't learn what the cost is for a few episodes)

    But the biggest involves someone who almost completely on the sidelines for this episode--- Jack. Ben clearly wants to win Jack over, and tries to tell him 'the truth'--- his name is Benjamin Linus, and he's lived on this island all his life, and that this island is special Jack doesn't believe any of this, and is convinced that they are separated from the outside world. Then Ben relates things that have happened in the outside world in the 69 days since they've been on the island (From this point on, there is a certain calendar as to how these things take place) including that the Boston Red Sox have won the world series. Jack refuses to believe it(and lets face it, when it happened in the outside world a lot of people didn't buy it either), and we know why The Red Sox had a certain reference to his father's live. (we learned about that particular link in 'Outlaws'. The Red Sox clearly were a representation of fate versus free will, an argument for which Jack was on the former side--- or so he said. But when Ben brings in the television feed of the Red Sox celebrating their championship, its clear that some part of him always believed it There is a lock of shock on his face that has nothing to do with seeing a live television feed on a tropical island. A critical part of his foundation has been shaken, and it will effect his journey for the rest of he series.

    We're still not clear about a lot of things by the end of this episode --- why Ben wanted the boat so badly, what is it they want Jack to do, who this other enemy that Colleen referred to, and as a side note, what Alex had to do with Karl, the boy we saw yesterday--- but we are sure that whatever war has begun between the Losties and the Others has begun--- and as soon as they find Colleen, its only going to escalate.
    My score:8.8
  • Better than the Season Premiere.

    Logic/Details - » Now I think I understand the picture. This season, Lost producers decided to reveal crucial information about some of our favorites characters, that may be shocking, regarding Locke, Sun and even Jack. Information about some action they had taken in the past. This is exactly what happens with Sun flashbacks here.

    It make all the sense in the world shift the focus to Sayid, Sun and Jin. Like the last episode, this could be dangerous because of all the hype, but the producers take their chances. After all, this show is about you being "Lost" and revealing little by little, exploring the depths, and not about instant gratification. Speaking of, this episode can easily can compared with "Adrift", but this time, the producers did their homework.

    Had the episode focused entirely on Jin and Sun, it would not have worked very well.

    Progress -» As usual, is all about information on Sayid, Jin and Sun, even Sawyer got some information from the Other. The end is informative too. This episode contains enough information to keep anyone satisfied for now.

    Emotions/Stimulation/Highlights -» This episode contains various good scenes. From knowing the truth about Sun affair, to the unexpected suicide of Jae, Ben and Jack interaction, Sawyer and his little plan. Overall is all about tension, knowing the truth and some nice surprises on the way. The best Scenes were when Jin was looking for Sun in the sea and when Ben talks to Jack.

    Ending - » Exactly the type of ending expected from a Show like LosT.

    Overall - » You have here a better episode than the season premiere, that don´t make the mistake to only focus on Sun and Jin. Also there are great scenes to see and this Time Sun and Jin have their best Flashback to date. The end is exactly what Lost producers can deliver.
  • मेरी पूरी ज़िंदगी यहाँ

    Mmmm... no sé... no sé... La verdad estoy viendo Lost (al menos esta temporada) sin ninguna expectativa, creyendo que ya nada me va a sorprender para bien.
    Qué es de Hurley? Se lo extraña. De Locke, de Charlie, de Mr. Eko, de Desmond, de la escotilla, del magnetismo. Ya lo quiero saber, porque la verdad esto de la ciudad y de Benjamin que nunca salí de esta isla y tenemos contacto con el mundo exterior no me divierte.
    Aparte: 1. Sun te quiero, aunque ese pelado era horrible.
    2. Qué bien se ve esa glass ballerina en LCD.

    Lost, Season 3, Episode 2, The Glass Ballerina: Toda mi vida aquí, 8.7
  • A Jin/Sun-centric episode.

    Let me just start out this review by saying that as a whole, I really liked this episode, but then again, this a Jin and Sun-centric episode, and I have come to love their flashback episodes very much. In my opinion, the flashbacks in this episode were great. I also loved Sawyer in this episode. I can't believe that he kissed Kate. That part was really surprising to me. That was definitely my favorite part of the episode. All things considered, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I'm really looking forward to watching the rest of my Lost: Season Three DVD set.
  • The most exciting Sun and Jin episode to date!

    This was the best Sun and Jin episodefor momentum, at least. Usually their episodes are rather slow and uneventful but this one is against type.
    Again the focus on the characters is rather narrow. The sailboat group and the Others world group are only covered but this is not that bad. Life for Sawyer and Kate is worsening. Sawyer seems to be getting the worst treatment of all of them. It seems that the Others are manipulating Kate, torturing Sawyer and negotiating with Jack. The Sun/Jin backstory doesn't offer that much that we haven't seen or known before. We have all seen Jin delivering his messages in his own special way.
    Sun actually shows some violence as well and looks like she has killed someone. How will this affect her?
    The best scene of the episode, however, was the last one, where Ben introduces himself to Jack and lets him know that Home exists and that he can return there if he follows orders. The moment when Ben shows Jack the TV footage of the Red Sox winning the World Series sends chills down my spine, for some reason. This confirms that the Others have contact with the Outside world which answers alot of questions like why there were food and other stuff in the Hatch and the supply drop, as well as all the stuff that the Others have in their own homes. We know that the Others and the island have been getting stuff from the outside world but who is supplying this stuff? The DHARMA Initiative, who are now working off-island, manipulating the Others?
    Anyway, this was another great episode.
  • It starts of by showing us a flashback of Sun, as a child a breaking a glass ballerina, being confronted about it and lying, knowing that the lie would cost the career of one of the maids she does it anyhow.

    But then again we also find out that it's not just english that Jae Lee was teaching Sun ;), so it is clear that she is not the prime and proper little housewifey than Jin would want her to be.

    We see the prisoner trio have been seperated for good reasons, to break them, they are obviously intent on breaking Jack first by keeping him isolated in the hydra bunker, where studies were done on sharks and dolphins. Whilst Sawyer and Kate are being held in the old bear cages.

    Sawyer and Kate are put out to work, Sawyer tries to break the rules, later on we find that he was testing the men with the weapons, which he relayed to Kate later on and we find out that they have good cctv with audio on them too.

    Meanwhile we see that Sayid, Jin and Sun have been on the boat for 24 hours more than the expected rendevous time, Sayid fears that they have been captured but want to move the boat and light another fire, which they agree upon. We have lots of flashbacks regarding Sun and Jae, them getting caught in the act, Sun father telling Jin that an example must be made, a permanent example and he gives him the Jae Lee file and a 9mm.

    The 3 set up the trap for the others, Sayid's plan was to kill all but 2 and then work one against the other, but they went for the boat and Sun first rather than falling for the trap, Sun is cornered, threatens to shoot but the lady said she doesn't have it in her, she was dead wrong.

    The 3 of them face along walk back to the camp, nearly all the way across the island. Will they manage it without incident???
  • Better

    Ben offers to take Jack off the island if he cooperates. Kate and Sawyer are let out to smash rocks and it is revealed that they are under video surveillance by Ben. On the sailboat, Sun, Jin and Sayid are ambushed by the Others. Sun shoots the Other Colleen and the boat is taken by the Others. Sun, Jin and Sayid make their way back to the survivors' camp. Flashbacks show Sun's father finding out about Sun's affair with Jae Lee. He orders Jin to kill Jae, but Jin threatens him instead and Jae subsequently commits suicide. This Episode was better than the prevous but still not great, I was expecting much better for the start of season three.
  • Sun rocks !!! Kate and Sayer kiss !!! Great stuff !!

    Very good episode. Sayid lies to Sun and Jin about making a fire for Kate,Jack and Sawyer so they can know where they should come to but makes it to ambush the others. Things go wrong when the others goto the boat straight away instead of going trhough Sayid and Jin but wait Sun is in that boat !!! So Sun shoots one of them and escapes but the boat is taken. Very exciting scene I have to say. Sun and Jin have flashbacks. Looks like Sun was actaully having an affair which made me super mad since I was pretty sure she was loyal to her husband. Kate and Sawyer are forced to work but Sawyer takes a little break to kiss Kate which was sweet. Very powerful episode. The writing, the acting and the setting out of scenes was just fantastic. Great stuff. Favorite character from this episode : Sun !!! I have never seen the brave side of her but then again I have never seen her take such an exciting storyline. Sun rocks !!!
  • Interesting

    Sun has flashbacks to when she lied to her father and had an affair with Jae. Jin has flashbacks of when he tried to quit from Sun's father and "delivered a message" to Jae, but he doesn't know about the affair.

    Sayid, Sun and Jin are still on the boat waiting for Jack and the others. Sayid wants to try and trap the Others. The Others make Sawyer and Kate work. Sawyer plans to do something about the Others. Kate meets Alex and she asks about Karl. The Others take over the boat with Sun inside. She shoots one of them and escapes. Sayid, Sun and Jin head back. Sawyer kisses Kate.

    This episode was great! I can't believe Sun had an affair. I lost some respect for her. This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • First 38 minutes = Solid. Last 5 minutes = amazing.

    Many people complained that this episode got priority over the hatch situation, but that's not this episode's fault, rather, the scheduling's. I've to say, this episode was very surprising. Sun/Jin episodes in season 2 have been really tame compared to their season 1 episodes. I thought the trend will continue, and this episode will be average at best... yet...

    This episode is probably the best Sun/Jin episode yet. I've to admit, the writers did their REALLY best for spending a WHOLE episode resolving such a small cliffhanger(what happens to the boaties) It didn't feel stretched out at all, in fact, this episode was a step up compared to the first one, which was revolving around a much bigger cliffhanger.

    The flashback plot picked up right where the previous one left off. Sun had an affair with Jae-Lee, her english teacher. Sun's father finds out, he issues Jin to kill Jae, but Jin doesn't - so Jae commits suicide. Sun's father doesn't tell Jin the truth. In nutshell - that's it. Long story told short: it had much more plot than the usual Sun/Jin episodes, although, yes, it still felt awkward to have a Sun/Jin episode so early in the season.

    On the island, the plot isn't as narrow as in the previous episode, and we get seeds from the other's camp, but mainly, it's about the "boaties". The episode's pretty straightforward, and even if somewhat predictable, it definitely makes your head spin. The others have a sub? Sun actually shooting someone? The dialouge was pretty sharp, and some of the jokes were absolutely spot on. Sawyer's "How dare you?!" and Kate bending over are two really memorable moments of Lost. The ending, with Jack and Ben... woah. Ben showing recorded TV feed from the outside world(Red Sox winning) was a very creative twist. Especially if you remember how it was an inside joke between Jack and his father, Christian(The Red Sox will never win). Plus, now that Jack realizes how powerful and "connected" the others are, he might just start to cooperate with them... maybe even betray the survivors, so he can get off the island?

    Overall, this episode suffered from slow pacing(SunJin...) although it was still healthier than the premiere. The show needs a punch to make people confident that season 3 will live up to expectations. In season 1 and 2 we had the amazing premiere, but in season 3, we still have yet to see an amazing episode like that.
  • I feel like such a child...

    ... giving the first two episodes tens while practically none of the reviews I see did. The Sun/Jin flashbacks have been in my top 5 favorites, because there so amazing and everything. The whole episode was great, we saw the plan about the whole boat and when Sun was sleeping with Jae but her dad found out and told Jin to kill him... I don't know why, but Sun seems really complex with the lying part at the beggining, and I really didn't think she was going to shoot the blond girl... nice. Now they are going to march to the camp. I thought it was foolish of Sayid to put all his hope in that one ambush and just leave Sun with one gun knowing how powerful these "Others" are. Well either way I loved the episode and it was perfect!
  • Review

    After such a great way to bring back the show, this one wasn't all that good. Jin and Sun have to have the most boring backstory of all of the Lost characters and this one shows that. Even with the death the story wasnt even that exciting. We once again didnt get any information about the hatch, which is a little much. The first week was fine, but two weeks without the hatch is a little insane. This episode has been the worst of season 3 so far (6 episodes) and the writers need to be careful with Jin and Suns backstorys in the future.

    Edit: I don't know why I didnt like this episode all that much when I watched it the first time. I thought the back story was actually very good in this episode and the island stuff as also pretty solid as well. The ending was a blockbuster, with Ben showing Jack that they do have information that will allow them to see the outside world. I don't know why I hated on this epsiode so much the first go around, it may have been frustration for not getting to see enough of Desmond/Locke/Eko. I think this is much better then the primeire, which I also liked.
  • It was like the first episode but not as good

    The first episode gave us some of the answers that we've been wanting for a long time And we got them!
    This episode started with a flashback sequence of Sun as a little girl and how she broke the glass balerina and lied to her father. I thought the flashbacks were probably better than the episode. Viewers also got to see what happened to Sayid, Sun and Jin as they sailed on Desmond's boat to confront the others which turned into disaster when Sun killed one of them and had their boat taken away by the others. I think that Ben is one of the funniest characters on Lost! That's why I chose him as my logo! He told jack that they had communication with Earth. How??? That day Sawyer and Kate were forced to work otherwise they'd be shocked or beaten! I hate those others! I liked this episode but I kinda thought that the first one was better and I'm still waiting on answers about the hatch. The Flashback at the end was terrible how the guy that Jin beat up had killed himself! Overall I liked this episode but It probably wasn't as good as other ones.
    Next week's episode finally reveals about what happened to Locke, Eko and Desmond down in the hatch! With more action.
  • Better than Tale of two cities but still not great.

    Ben offers to take Jack off the island if he cooperates. Kate and Sawyer are let out to smash rocks and it is revealed that they are under video surveillance by Ben. On the sailboat, Sun, Jin and Sayid are ambushed by the Others. Sun shoots the Other Colleen and the boat is taken by the Others. Sun, Jin and Sayid make their way back to the survivors' camp. Flashbacks show Sun's father finding out about Sun's affair with Jae Lee. He orders Jin to kill Jae, but Jin threatens him instead and Jae subsequently commits suicide. This Episode was better than the prevous but still not great, I was expecting much better for the start of season three.
  • The excitment is thrilled up and real motion is starting.

    When I was little disappointed about the last episode, then this one.. it makes me thing all the opposite. All the things I remembered what was good in Lost are back - hard and complicated character relations, intrigue, dilemmas, mysteries, people doing what not expected. Sun and Jin - their story.. the way they both seemed to under estimate each other. Sun flashback - how much new things we learned about them. I did enjoy that. Maybe because they are characters who have not get so much attention and in this point - they were more open to us. Anyway, I have always enjoyed their storyline and did that this time too. Sayid with all his conspiracies and plans... it was enjoyable.
  • Sun and Jin are having flashback in this interesting episode...

    This is the second episode of the third season of the popular drama, Lost. It's an interesting installment to the previous episode. In the first one, we saw how the others live and we saw what hsppened with Jack, Kate and Sawyer. In this episode we're still not going to see the guys on the other side of the island, but we'll see Said, Sun and Jin, getting close to the others, trying to get Jack, Sawyer and Kate back. Things won't go that easy but they'll still be saved. The others give Sawyer and Kate orders to work, while Jack is trying to get out when he finds out that the place he's in is an aquarium.

    Sun and Jin are having flashbacks from what happened before they got into the island... Sun remembers of her old love...

    Average episode of Lost
  • sweet kiss

    I like this episode because of the kiss the Sawyer gave Kate. But the whole episode was about... nothing! Oh, maybe about Jin and Sun, but I'm more interested in lofe of mysterious Others. I would like to watch their life but not about Sun's affairs. But for kiss... great!
  • OK episode, but shouldn't have had priority over what happened at the hatch.

    Like last season, these opening episodes serve to update us on the status of the castaways, who were dispersed more than ever. Considering the cliffhangers, it would make sense that the trio in the hatch would be the focus of the second episode instead of the trio on the Elizabeth. Originally, this episode was produced third, but was shown second. Sun, Jin and Sayid weren’t in any mortal peril like the raft pack last year. It’s interesting that the programmers made that decision. Months later, no reason’s been given to why this was given priority, so we can only speculate.

    Last time we saw them, the crew of Elizabeth was planning to ambush The Others before they could take the rescue crew. A few days have passed, so it’s safe for Sayid to presume that something has gone wrong. It’s possible he could tie that to the discharge of The Swan station since he has no idea they weren’t related. This drawback could easily send them back to the beach, but before they do, they find the Pala Ferry pier, and suddenly the game plan changes.

    Sayid’s plan, to ambush The Others Elizabeth and kill all but two to interrogate, makes a Sayid episode a possible better fit for this episode’s focus. Sayid has had vengeance on his mind since Shannon died, and planning to get payback would’ve worked well to parallel against a prior time Sayid did something like that in Iraq.

    However, they decide to focus on Sun and Jin’s relationship, further showing its dark side. The affair some speculated in “The Whole Truth” has been confirmed with Sun and Jae in bed. This also makes him a candidate for the father of Sun’s baby. Some still hold on to the belief that they didn’t get that far, but that is naïve. Obviously ABC can’t show explicit sex, so some things have to be implied, which can be tough considering “Lost’s” nature.

    This nature not to spell everything out leads to some speculation that shouldn’t be bothered. In this episode, it is whether Jae Lee committed suicide or if someone threw him out. Lindelof and Cuse confirmed that Jae’s death was suicide. This piece has to make someone wonder what else is just made into something it isn’t.

    Jin implies that he knows more English than the rest are led on to, which is a long running theory fans have had about Jin. Although Jin isn’t fluent, the way the other characters act and inflect their speech can give him the gist of what they’re saying. This kind of theorizing can be tricky because Daniel Dae Kim is fluent in English, so some of his actions may be accidents in his performance (that is not to say Daniel Dae Kim doesn’t do great work on Lost, he does).

    Jin implies that he knows of Sun’s affair, and the scene where he confronts Jae could be seen as his confirmation. I’m not sure how that works, considering previously he has no other reason to believe that, especially with the scene in “The Whole Truth”. However, this could be the controlling side of Jin rearing its ugly head again.

    One thing worth noting; I believe this is the first time on “Lost” where Sun and Jin’s conversations are subtitled when in presence of a non-Korean speaker. Perhaps this is symbolic of how integrated they have become with the castaways.

    The boat showed the trio the four-toed statue and the pier. Any more information they can find can seriously jeopardize The Others’ operation. Therefore, the Others’ operation to usurp Elizabeth makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is how easily they did it, without Jin and Sayid noticing. Just where were they looking? The Others were on the pier!

    Because of the seizure, Sun shoots Colleen. Unfortunately, Colleen fails to realize that Sun has no reason to trust The Others. Since she’s tight lipped about their operations, she can’t explain to Sun why they behave as they do either. This can certainly be frustrating to viewers, as Colleen could be withholding simply because the story needs her to get shot in the gut. Considering Colleen deemed Sun not the enemy, how would that affect what happened to Ethan? Do they even know what happened? Would The Others only deem those who killed one of their own the enemy? What does Colleen’s shooting mean to the castaways?

    As the premiere was the trio’s introduction into The Others’ society, this episode felt like the first ordinary day, in the case of Kate and Sawyer, a day working at a rock quarry. Unless manual labor is meant to break their spirits, is there something underneath this rock that The Others hope to find?

    It’s odd that they would have Kate working in the quarry wearing a flimsy sun dress as opposed to work clothes like every one else. They are using the allure of Kate bending over and getting sweaty as a way to bait Sawyer. Obviously there is chemistry there, and this dynamic is pushed to an extreme, possibly on purpose by The Others. This could explain why Pickett is so antagonistic towards them. Is this behavior a part of some experiment to create a stronger bond between Kate and Sawyer?

    Considering Ben watches Sawyer as he expresses his plan to turn the table against The Others, the possibility that The Others were pretending to be inexperienced as part of the con is now a possibility. However, considering we know nothing about what The Others are planning to do, anything can be considered part of an elaborate con. In this game, The Others are further ahead than the trio may realize. Alex’s cameo offers some further insight into the dynamics between The Others. In “Maternity Leave”, Alex broke rank to break Claire out of captivity. She also showed interest in Claire when she asked Michael about her in “Three Minutes”. These moments add to the bond she’s creating with some of the castaways, so it would make sense that she would engage with one of the captives, albeit covertly. The schism between The Others is given some concrete foundation with the reveal that Karl wasn’t a plant.

    For Jack, who Juliet broke last episode, Ben is coaxing him into an unknown future project, with the reward being a trip home. There is still some resilience because Jack has no reason to trust Ben or The Others, but Ben tries to rebuild that by showing Jack a tape (which couldn’t be directly shown because it was a Fox broadcast) of The Boston Red Sox’s historic World Series win a few years ago. Being from New England, although I’m apathetic to the team, I did get a kick out of this. It recalls Christian’s expression “That’s why the Red Sox will never win the World Series”, his resignation that fate ultimately decided his life, not free will. The Red Sox “breaking the curse” as many fans call it offers a strong argument for free will. And such an argument would be a great motivator for Jack to get on board with what The Others want him to do.

    Recalling “Live Together, Die Alone”, we’re reminded that little time has passed since Ben’s captivity to the present, which is easy to forget with weekly installments and hiatuses, unless there is a constant reminder like on “24”. There are only a few weeks on the island until the terrible tsunami that hit the day after Christmas. That could certainly affect what’s happening on the island, but hopefully they won’t explain that something on the island triggered it, which would be in bad taste.

    Considering the events we left off with on the various characters on the island, this didn’t feel like the logical second step. Technically it wasn’t. Of course, the technique of only covering a few people per episode is still a little frustrating the second time around, but it did work out as the second season gelled.
  • Great episode.

    Wow, I absolutely loved this episode. The beginning started off a little slow, but about a quarter of the way in it really kicked into gear. The early flashbacks were average, but the last 2 flashbacks are great. Jae falling on the car was very shocking. Then there was the Others stealing the boat. That was a very good scene, especially when Sun shoots Colleen! I was yelling, "Come on just shoot her!" And she did! Then my favorite part of the episode was when Ben shows Jack the video of the Red Sox winning the World Series. That was a great scene. -

    Sun: My husband believes we have to do what he says because he's the only one that knows how to sail. But he's wrong. I can help you sail the boat.
  • I love learning about Sun and Jin

    I have always been interested in Sun and Jin's backstory. It is so interesting to learn about Korean culture. That is why I like this episode. Plus the suspense that Sun might get killed. That would not have been good...at all jeez. I have to say that Sun is the person with the least amount of flaws on the island. She is also very beautiful. I am happy to know that they got back safe, but now that their boat's gone, I don't know what they're going to do. Oh well, I hope the show get's more interesting...because it's becoming ver slow.
  • Nothing new really........

    This episode was quite good, although, not as good as the first one of the season. We see what happened to Sun, Jin and Sayid on their mission to infiltrate the others. We see that they fail. The others are nowhere to be found, but they spot a shore where they plan to make a fire to attract the others. Sun must lie to Jin, but he finds out about the plan anyway. We see good flashbacks which show Sun sleeping with Jae and then caught doing so by her father. He is ashamed and tells Jin another story so Jin can go kill Jae. Jin go's to him and beats him up, telling him to leave the country. Seconds later Jin is in his car and Jae lands on the car dead. He had killed himself. Back at the others, they tell Jack more about themselves and Ben introduces himself. He also tells Jack that they can contact the outside world. Eventually the others come to Sayid and the co. and they want the boat. Sun is alone on the boat when Colleen comes into her. Sun reacts and shoots her. She dodges some bullets and jumps off the boat into the water, where Jin finds her. We really see the love the two have in this episode. In the end they decide to walk back to the beach.
  • LOST, where are you?!?

    I am starting to say that Lost was My favourite show and now agreeing with those of my friends who diss it. Season 1 was the best because we knew nothing and out imaginations were massive and we had alot to talk about like the thoeories. I also LOVED how it was ALL in the jungle and mostly about survival. Season 2 was pretty bad now that I think of it because too much of it was in the hatch and the storylines wern't going anywhere. I am hoping that season 3 will be better than season 1 but it better not all be like this. I hope that when the 3rd episode comes out, Lost will be back because we will finally see the others. I know that all good things do come to an end but Lost is still in it's primetime...I hope!
  • Sun/Jin backstory. Sayid and Sun and Jin are still on the boat. Others manage to get the boat.

    It was just an okay episode for me. I was glad I got to see what was going on with those on the boat, but was still missing the beach scene. I'm glad to see that Jin is catching on with the English language. I feel as though the best aspect of this particular episode is the fact that we really truly learned that Sun was not the girl we all thought she was. Previous seasons it looked as though she had only used Jae for his English lessons. However, now we see that it evolved into a full-fledged affair. Apparently Jin wasn't the only one making mistakes within the marriage. It gives Sun a more defined charactered, and yet it takes away from that "feel bad for the poor Korean woman with her abusive husband and father". The sympathy level goes down a bit.
  • What the Hell Sun !? Why

    This episode was pretty good.

    The Bad - I didn't like the Sun and Jin flashback storyline.That was the worse thing about this episode.

    Sun was sleeping with another man. And when Sun's dad found out he sent Jin to go and Kill him.

    I wish we were told this backstory about Sun long ago. !!

    We do learn about Sun. she is a big lair. evern at a early age. her father and Jin both know. but they still love her.

    She lied to Jin and said - she never cheated on him. (In Season 2 - Episode 16.) I really don't like Sun at all now. To be honest, i never really cared for her. But now i have a good reason why.

    And poor Jin. He knows, and he still loves her. at least now we know that the way he treats his wife are justified.

    The Good -

    The best thing about this Episode was seeing what was happening to sawyer, kate and jack. We got to see Alex again. That was good. The Others made them work outside.just what are they doing.??????

    Sawyer kissed kate. _great)

    Jack got to see the red sox winning the world series.

    Sun Killed one of The Others. I like her for that alone.


    I am still waiting to see what happened to Locke, Eko and Desmond.

    I Hope we find out soon.

    Overall it was an OK episode.
  • Lost continues to impress - season 3 is shaping up pretty well.

    Sun and Jin centric episodes are not the most popular episodes of Lost.

    It's understandable: their past doesn't have starling revealations, nor shocking twists. Their past, is all based on love.

    Jin, the fisherman's boy fell in love with the multi-billionaire dad's daughter, Sun.

    Their story is complicated, and full of emotions.

    In this episode, we continue where the previous Sun and Jin centric left off(The Whole Truth).

    Sun wanted to escape from Jin to america since Jin was doing dirty work for Sun's dad - Mr. Paik. And unfortunately, Jin brought the dirty work home by not threating Sun like when they were a fresh couple.

    However, Sun needed to learn some english before leaving. That's why she goes to Jae Lee - a good friend of her, who knows english pretty well.

    But here's the twist: Jae Lee has been dumped by his american girlfriend in the past few weeks, and Sun has a weak moment: they kiss... and even more.

    Meanwhile, on the island, Sayid is beginning to think that their friends have been captured by the others, since they're not showing up.

    Therefore, he comes up with a plan to confront the others, using the boat as a bait.

    In Sun's flashback, Jae and Sun are sharing the same bed, when suddenly, Mr. Paik, Sun's enters the room. Although Mr. Paik promises he won't tell Jin about it - he has something big coming up.

    He hires Jin to take out Jae - but he doesn't tell the reason why.

    Jin goes to Jae's appatmant, where he gets beaten up, and Jin makes him promise that he'll leave the country and never come back - Jin is simply not able to kill an innocent man - or at least, he thinks he's innocent.

    Meanwhile, on the island, Kate and Sawyer are given a job - one of them has to chop some rocks loose, and the other one has to take the rocks away. Probably one of the most humorous part of the episode is this: Sawyer out of nowhere decides to kiss Kate to confuse the others - Sawyer, as he sees everyone got confused, tries to save the day by fighting, however, Kate gets captured, and is held at gunpoint - Sawyer's plan didn't work...

    Ben gathers knowledge about the boat Sayid's team have: he wants it, so he sends off a small team.

    Unfortunately, what Sayid didn't except is, that, the others have a sub - so instead of going through the well-armed Sayid and Jin, they go directly to the boat. To the boat which Sun is in.

    It's too late - by the time Sayid and Jin realize that the others invaded the boat, the boat is already sailing away - with Sun on it.

    However, Sun finds a gun, and... shoots one of the others - a woman. Called Colleen.

    In the flashbacks, we learn how Jae Lee died - not by Jin. Jin left the hotel, and a few seconds later Jae jumped out - or was forced to jump out - this is yet unknown.

    After Sun shot the 'other', she could rush out the boat, barely, but successfully survived the attack - however, the others got their hands on the boat.

    Closing flashbacks with the cemetery scene, where Mr. Paik explains why he never told Jin the truth...

    Meanwhile, Jack and Ben are having an interesting conversation. Ben introduces himself - like a gentleman. and he's asking for something huge: Trust.

    Because, according to him, Jack could get off the island, if he did everything he was asked for. Jack, of course, isn't quite optimistic, so he doesn't believe a word of him - however, when Ben brings in a TV and a VCR with the Red Sox winning the championship on it in 2004 november - a month later the plane crashed - It's clear for Jack - the others are capable of gathering information from the outside world - they have connections... so perhaps, they can get off the island!

    Overally, very satisfying episode. The pacing was much faster than the premiere. Also, the ending was just as shocking as the first 5 minutes of Tale of Two Cities. This is probably the best Sun and Jin episode right now.

    Ultimately, people may have found this episode disappointing, because we - again - didn't see anything about the beach - the hatch situation. But I can only repeat what Ben said: Patience, patience.
  • We continue the story with a fist look of Sun, Jin and Sayid as they take “The Elizabeth” in order to find their friends.

    Just like when she got the maid fired for a transgression she committed as a child, Sun manages to take control of the situation thanks to her deceptive ways (and Jin lack of understanding of the English language), that have them follow Sayid’s plan, a plan Jin never intended to follow.

    More details of the others dynamic are revealed as we meet married couple of security officers Daniel Pickett and Colleen but while the husband stays with their prisoners, the wife goes to inform Ben about the upcoming incursion of Desmond’s boat, before she leaves to take the boat there’s the first hint of a more-than-professional relationship between Juliet and Ben, however the present situation takes priority so we can not know for sure how close they really are/were.

    Sun’s past lover Jae takes over her flashback as they are surprised by Sun’s father who doesn’t tell Jin by Sun’s request. He does, however order Jin to deliver a message to Jae for he has disgraced both his honor as well as his family, calling him “son” for the first time he sends Jin to the man who has in fact disgraced Jin, but even though Sun asks him not to go this time Jin manages to preserve his honor in a rather unique way: by letting go the very man who could be the father of the baby Sun is expecting. Alas Jae mysteriously “jumps” to his death after Jin leaves the building.

    Although, like Sun’s father, we’re supposed to believe Jae felt shame for what he did and couldn’t help to take his own life, we can’t help but wonder if Sun just got away with it once again, especially after she shots Colleen Pickett in cold blood when both Jin and Sayid were nowhere around to see her.
  • Great episode.

    This is a nice episode, we're shown a flashback of Sun and Jin. Sayid, Sun and Jin are the central focus on this episode. We're shown more about their past lives. Things they went through. We get to know them a lot better. The way the details are thrown in are done so well, it feels like they are naturally connected with the past episodes. This episode is well directed, the characters play out really well. They look really interesting. This episode is fun to watch. The flashbacks are great, I'm looking forward to the next episode. I really love this show.
  • MY FAVORITE SHOW IS BACK... ...But its rubbish

    What's happening. The last few minutes was good with the red socks from series 1 but then a whole hour of the writers giving Sun meaningfull lines that somehow always seem to loose their significance in her accent. And we've found out that she was sleeping with the english teacher, like wow I never saw that coming.

    A very dissapointing second half to the premier. And I had a real feeling of "do i really care" while it was on. I want to see Locke, the hatch, Mr Eko, Desmond. I think I'd even smile at the not-so-exciting Claire and Charlie but sadly no. Juliet and Ben, the Hydra station, blah blah...
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