Season 3 Episode 2

The Glass Ballerina

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2006 on ABC

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    The title is the Glass Ballerina, which is for the glass ballerina that Sun broke when she was a little girl, when her father asks who broke his glass ballerina she blames the maid (typical rich kid) her father, Mr. Pak knows she is lieing but fires the maid anyway.

    One of the many common thems in Lost is Lieing and how it always blows up in your face (It does for me anyway), the title refers to the lies we tell and how to get around them to get to the truth.

    Lets start with whats going on at the Others camp. Sawyer and Kaite are forced to do jail house labor while being wathced by a bunch of Others. The head of securety Danny Pickett has an attitude problem with Sawyer (the feelings mutual) this gives Sawyer a brillent plan to gather Intel on these mysteries Others. Step one, his drop's what he's doing and kisses Kaite (Bold move Sawyer) which causes Danny to hit him, but Sawyer is ready for this and he has a little brawl with theOthers and which point henabs a gun and holds them at gunpoint--- only to be releved of it when Juilet holds Kaite to gun point.
    Sawyer gets beat up and he and Kaite are thrown back into their cells.It seems like a failedbreakout attempt to the naked eye-- but in fact it was to learnwhat the gaurds were capable of. Turns out that the Others aren't all so deadly strong or hard core fighters Like Ethan (the Other who infitrated their camp), most of them don't have any combatskills and those who do lack the experience thatSawyer(a con man)and Kaite(a fugitive)have. The only thing they have going for them is stregh in numbers and fire-arms. But they are aware that their are still problems in mounting any kind of full proff escape plan, they also reconize Juilet as a threat as Sawyer stated that she would have shoot Kaite in aheartbeatwith no problem. (I like it how they call Juliet'The Blonde Women', cause they haven'tdon't know her real name, I think its kinda a cool like a secret agent code name)It was also interesting to see Kaite's reaction to Sawyer's real name being 'James', now to recapshe was the first person to figure out that Sawyer wasn't his real name, in fact only the audiance and Mick have knowthis information untill now. Sawyer's plan gives hope that they have a chanse tobreakout--to bad he doesn't know their being watched by hidden cameras.
    Ben has a talk with Jack and promies him he can leave the island; he mainipulates him into doing this by useing the basic form of mainipulation---the truth. Because with lies they end up blowing in your face and causeing mistrust, but the truth can grant trust.
    Ben also orders a team to retreve the sail boat that he didn't was their before the flight 815 crew finds theirtrue base.

    Ifind it interesting that Ben or the Others don't have clue about Desmound or the boat he came in. This suggest that they don't know everything like they've claim to.

    Meanwhile back on the Sail boat, where Sayid, Jin and Sun are waiting for Jack, Sawyer, Kaite, Hurrley and Mick after their plan to ambush the Others has failed. This is were out story mainly takes place as a Jin/Sun centric episode. You at first I really didn't like these kind of episodes,I thought it would be best to have a Jin centric one that didn't have sun in it, or a Sun centric one that didn't have Jin in it. But Now their really starting to grow on me.
    Jin is becomeing worried for Sun's saftey, and her un-born baby. His anger is resonableeven toward Sayid who is reluctent to head back to camp. Sayid even go's so far as to set a trap for the Others without consolting the Kwon couple. Sun seem's to be taking Sayid's side even thou she dosen't what to fight with her husband, She even goes as far as to lie to him (again) that she doesn't know what Sayid is plaining or that it will put her in danger. From the begining of the show Jin has been a bit to over protective of his wife,but now his over protective-ness is justified as Sun is putting her self into real danger with no garentie that she'll come out of it alive. Jin shocks Sayid and Sun (and some of the viewers as well) that while he still cannot speack perfect english he can understand alot more of it then given credit for; He know'swhat Sayid is doing and heknow's Sun was covering for him.
    Now i sorry but i got a little ost after that, because so how Sun was in the boat while Sayid and Jin were gaurding the outside waiting to ambush the Others but some how a female Other sneaks on board the boat and find Sun with a gun in her hand. The Other Women does not seem to frightened ofSun.
    Sun tells her be quite and step back, she refuses. She (very confedently) tells Sun that she's not the enemy but if she shootsher then her people will be their enemywhich make things diffuclt for Sunand her people. the Other women also states that she knows Sun and knows she won't shoot an unarmed person, as she steps forward Sun shoot her. The look on that women's face was complete shock and many views may also be shocked but not me. That ladyhas thenerve to tell Sun that their not enemy and tries to get her to lower her gun, ifSun haden't shooten her she would have captured Sun and use her as a hostage. I am so sick of these Others acting like they know everything, and playing mind games with the crash victims. Also if that Other women knew so muchabout Sun she should have known that Sun is a good liar and grew up with a crime father so i thinkshe is capable of almost anything even it means shooting a person who have killed you or tortured you without a second thought.

    The situation resolves itself with the Others getting the boat but their team captian (the Other women that Sun shoot) is dieing; Sayid, Jin and Sun are ok and are heading back to camp. the Kwon couple makes up and end scene.

    Back to what i said eariler about the title. When Sun broke the glass Ballerina and lied to her father it was in that moment that she stated the habbit of lieing. Of course we can all relate to young Sun, no kid whats to anger their parent so they lie to cover their tracks (and since Sun's dad is a crime boss, it's even more reason to avoid his wraith). Although this is the first and only time we see Sun's dad, Mr. Pak acting like a responsible father figure.
    Sun's lie's seem to be coming back to haunt her and she fears that more then anything. And there are a susprising amount of them. The main lie was that she could speak english, but she didn't tell anyone not even Jin. It was belived that she took a second langue to escape Jin, which charecters and fans would agree with since Jin wasn't acting like a good husband in season one. In Truth Sun was sleeping with her English teacher who may be the real father of her child.

    It all comes down to that first lie, what statrted this horrible habbit.

    all in all great episode!

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