Season 1 Episode 21

The Greater Good

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 04, 2005 on ABC

Episode Recap

Sayid sees Shannon grieving over the death of Boone. He tries to comfort her and asks if there is anything he can do for her. She shakes her head in silence. Kate goes to find Jack, who is out in the jungle searching for Locke. She says that everyone is scared and upset and they want him to come back. He does. The group gives Boone a proper burial. Jack asks Shannon if there is anything she wants to say. She can't build up the courage to say anything. Sayid speaks up and says that even though he didn't know Boone that well, he was a great guy and should be remembered for his courage.

Locke appears behind the group and takes the blame for Boone's death. He tells everyone about how they found the Beechcraft in the tree canopy and he was going to go up himself but his leg was hurt. He tells them that the plane had a radio that Boone was using when the weight shifted and the plane fell. "It happened because he was trying to help us – he was a hero." Jack doesn't buy this and go after Locke. He screams at him for lying and leaving Boone to die. Jack's exhaustion and emotion cause him to collapse.

Sayid and Kate help Jack up and walk him to a tent to try and calm him down. Jack is still convinced that Locke is hiding something. Sayid tells Jack that the last thing they need is accusations and he encourages Jack to get rest. Kate leads Jack away as Michael and Hurley approach Sayid to find out what is going on. Worried that Jack could do something rash, they remind Sayid that Jack has the key to the Halliburton case of guns. Sayid wants no part of it and asks "Why come to me?"

FLASHBACK: Sayid is being escorted through an airport. He is taken into a back room and is questioned by a member of the CIA and the ASIS. Sayid won't answer their questions; he uses his training from the Republican Guard to keep silent. The ASIS agent tells him that explosives have been stolen from one of their army bases and that the men responsible are terrorists. They want the explosives back. Sayid says he is "Iraqi, not a terrorist". The CIA agent tells him that he was taken into custody not because he was a terrorist, but because he knows a terrorist. His old college roommate, Essam Tazir, is a member of the cell responsible for stealing the explosives. Sayid is still reluctant and asks why this concerns him. The CIA agent takes out a photo of Nadia. If Sayid wants to know where she is then he is going to help them.

On the island, Charlie and Sun tell Claire to get some rest. Claire is hesitant, however, to hand over her baby. She hasn't even given him a name yet. Charlie tells her that nobody is going to take her baby because he won't let it happen. She leaves her son in the care of Charlie.

Kate sits by Jack's side as he recovers. Jack is determined to find Locke and talk to him, but he is barely able to stand right now. Kate crushes up sleeping pills and puts them in Jack's juice, without his knowing of course. She admits to him that she drugged his drink, as he drifts off into a very deep sleep.

Locke finds Shannon, who is sitting with Boone's bag. He tells her that he knows what it is like to lose a family member, even though he doesn't know exactly what she is feeling. He gives her a sincere apology. After he leaves, Shannon goes to Sayid and asks if he will still do her a favor. "You asked if you could do anything for me. John Locke killed my brother. Will you do something about that?"

At the caves, Walt sees Locke washing his clothes of Boone's blood. Walt is scared of his old friend. Sayid asks Locke if he would be willing to take him to the plane. He wants to find parts to use for the raft mission.

FLASHBACK: Sayid has accepted the deal and is praying in a mosque. Essam sees Sayid from across the room and catches up to him after prayer has finished. The friends embrace. Sayid asks about Essam's wife, Zahraa and he is shocked to learn that she died during a US bombing attack. Essam invites Sayid to his house to catch up. At the house, Sayid meets two other Arab men – Yusef and Haddad. He becomes distracted when he sees a fire alarm attached to the wall. Haddad is smoking a cigarette and Sayid takes it and brandishes it in front of the alarm. Nothing happens. Sayid takes apart the alarm and finds a bug. Haddad wonders how Sayid knew there was a bug in there. Sayid explains that he was a communications officer in the Republican Guard. Haddad decides that fate brought Sayid to them. Sayid has gained their trust.

In the woods, Sayid asks Locke a bunch of questions regarding the plane. Locke is smart and realizes that he is being interrogated. He respects Sayid for trying to get the truth himself.

On the beach, Charlie desperately tries to get the baby to stop crying. Nothing is working. Hurley does his best James Brown impersonation but that doesn't work either.

Sayid and Locke arrive and find the Beechcraft. Locke explains that the contents of the Virgin Mary statues lead him to conclude that the pilot and passenger were drug smugglers. Sayid asks Locke why he lied to Jack when he first brought Boone back. Locke only says that he made a mistake. When Locke asks Sayid why he doesn't trust him, Sayid points out that Locke is holding a gun in his waistband. Locke tells him that he got the gun off the body of one of the smugglers and gives it to Sayid to gain his trust. Sayid points out that all of Locke's actions have shown that he is quite capable of adapting to situations. Locke tries again to gain his trust by answering one of the questions that has bothered Sayid the most – Locke was the one who hit him over the head when he was setting off the transceiver.

Sayid aims the gun at Locke and demands to know why he did it. Locke defends himself by pointing out that wherever the distress call is coming from isn't a place you would want to lead people to. He didn't tell Sayid before because he was so focused on getting off the island that he wasn't seeing clearly. This is exactly what is happening with the raft. Their chances of rescue are slim. Locke says that they need to focus their energy on surviving on the island. It is hard to argue against Locke's logic. Sayid demands to know about the hatch. Locke says that Boone could have been referring to the forward or aft hatch on the Beechcraft.

FLASHBACK: Sayid is playing soccer with Essam, who tells him that he doesn't know where the explosives are or what is to be attacked. He only knows that he is going to be the martyr. Sayid stops and looks into Essam's eyes, realizing that he is to deliver the explosives. Essam admits that he doesn't think he is capable of doing it. Sayid meets with the agents and tells that that Essam is in over his head. He thinks that he can get Essam to turn himself in. They tell Sayid that he must talk Essam into being the martyr so that he will lead them to the explosives. Sayid refuses and the agents threaten to arrest Nadia as an enemy combatant living abroad with a terrorist record. They tell Sayid that if he wants to see Nadia again, he will talk Essam into blowing himself up.

On the island, Sayid tells Shannon that he believes that Boone's death was an accident. Shannon doesn't understand why Locke would lie but Sayid assures her that Locke wasn't trying to hurt her brother. Shannon is angry at Sayid for not doing anything to Locke and she walks away.

On the beach, Walt fears leaving on the raft. "What if we die?" Michael tries to sound confident and tell his son that they won't die. Walt points out that Boone died and Michael has no response. Charlie is looking for Sun to see if she knows how to get the baby to stop crying. He notices that whenever Sawyer speaks, the baby stops crying. Charlie starts to follow Sawyer around.

Jack wakes up with Kate by his side. She offers him soup and he declines. He doesn't want to be drugged to sleep again. He reaches for his neck and finds that the key to the gun case is gone. Jack runs out of the tent and thinks that Locke is the one who took it. Sayid knows it wasn't Locke who took it.

FLASHBACK: Sayid is sitting with Essam, who is having serious doubts about killing innocent people in the attack. Sayid does what he is ordered to and convinces his friend to commit suicide. He tells Essam that it is for the greater good. He reminds Essam about Zahraa and reminds him of his own loss. He says that by doing this they can honor their loved ones who are gone. Essam buys it and is convinced that Haddad was right – they were brought together by fate. He asks Sayid to join him on the mission and he accepts.

On the island, Sayid, Kate and Jack race off into the jungle. Jack is weak and stumbles, which prompts Kate to go back for him. Sayid finds Locke kneeling on the ground, his hands in the air. He turns and sees Shannon aiming a gun at Locke's head. Shannon screams over the rain and is convinced that Locke killed Boone. Sayid tells her that she is not thinking rationally and begs her to put down the gun. She cocks it instead. Sayid tells her that she has never fired a gun before. Shannon shoots a tree to show that she is capable. Sayid tells Shannon that if she kills Locke she will never be able to take it back…

FLASHBACK: Sayid is pulled into a van. He sits with Essam and Haddad. Haddad says the time has come. The van takes them to a garage. Haddad gets out and opens the back of a truck. The truck has an office supply store logo on the side and is filled with explosives. Haddad gives Sayid and Essam two company work suits and guns. He tells them they are heroes and wishes them luck. Sayid and Essam get into the truck with Essam in the driver's seat. Essam begins to pray when Sayid tells him that he is working with the CIA. He offers Essam a 10 minute head start before he calls them. Essam is shocked and hurt. He can't believe that he used him… and Zahraa. Sayid tells Essam about Nadia and the deal he made to find her. Essam pulls his gun on Sayid. He can't believe his friend would do this to him for a woman. He is about to shoot Sayid when he turns the gun on himself, places it under his chin and pulls the trigger. The gunshot brings us back to the jungle…

Shannon isn't backing down and still has the gun aimed at Locke. She demands to know what really happened to her brother. Jack and Kate arrive. Shannon tells Locke that he hopes he suffers as much as Boone did as she pulls the trigger. At the same moment, Sayid dives on top of her and knocks the gun from her hand. Locke falls to the ground as the bullet grazes his forehead. Jack stands completely frozen as Kate rushes to Locke's side. It looks like he is dead until he sits up with blood on his head and locks eyes with Jack, who didn't even make a move to help him.

On the beach, Sawyer is reading a car magazine to the baby. Claire approaches and can't believe the affect Sawyer's voice is having on her baby. She is also amused by his reading glasses. Further down the beach, Kate is talking to Sayid. She tells him that Shannon will be fine but she needs some time. Sayid thinks he made a mistake and Kate argues that he had no choice. Sayid responds, "There's always a choice."…

FLASHBACK: Sayid is meeting with the CIA and ASIS agents. They give him info on where to find Nadia and a plane ticket to Los Angeles. They tell Sayid that, though what he did was hard, he saved hundreds of lives. Sayid ask about what will happen to Essam's body. Since nobody will claim it, he will be cremated. Sayid says that Muslims have to be buried and says that he will claim the body himself. The ASIS agent says that he will be on a flight to LA by the time they are done with the paperwork. Sayid demands to be put on another flight so that he can claim Essam's body. He is booked on Oceanic Flight 815 instead.

On the island, Locke thanks Sayid for helping him despite what it cost him. Sayid tells Locke that he did it because he thinks Locke is their best hope of surviving on the island. That doesn't mean, however, that he trusts him. To gain his trust, he asks Locke to take him to the hatch. Locke tries to explain to him that he's already shown him the plane hatches... but Sayid responds: "No more lies".